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20 December 2018
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Principal's Report

From the Principal


As we come to the conclusion of yet another school year, it is with a sense of deep satisfaction to be able to reflect that 2018 has been another successful, rewarding year at East Doncaster Secondary College.


Yet again, our students have had a vast array of opportunities to embrace the diverse and exciting life of learning experienced at our College.


With the release of 2018 VCE results last Friday I am proud to say that our students again performed very well.

Four of our students achieved a study score of 50 – Christine Chen in Business Management and Jayden Zhang, Firas Hadeed and Elmarie Kock, all in their Further Maths subjects.


Our mean VCE study score was 32.

37% of our students received an ATAR over 80.

Indeed, twenty of our students achieved an ATAR of 95 or higher. 


This strongly reinforces the direction we are taking to seek continual improvement in student learning outcomes at our College and is a credit to students and teachers alike.

Our Dux of the College in 2018 was Christine Chen who gained an ATAR of 99.55. Christine worked extremely well during the year and it was great to see that her effort, application and maturity towards her studies was so richly rewarded. In accepting an award as Dux of the College at our Presentation Evening on Monday night, Christine (who was unable to attend on the evening) wrote a sincere, heartfelt speech that was delivered by our Year 12 Coordinator, Lynette Smith. Christine’s words captured the attitude that she has so consistently displayed in her classes and gave an insight into her considerable intelligence and maturity.
(please refer below to a copy of this speech)


I would also like to both acknowledge and thank our School Captains, Cassie Leong and Josh Sist, Vice Captains, Angelique Panagiotou and Dan Wildsmith, our International Student Captains, Rain Li, Solida Poly and Jay Nguyen  and our Middle School Captains, Esha Serai and Oscar Lee and Vice Captains, Elina Vlahos and Siward Sivayoganathan for their untiring efforts as student leaders.


All of our student leaders can reflect upon their year with a real confidence that they have had an impact upon our College. Their roles have ensured that the student body’s voice is a strong and influential component of College life here at EDSC.


I would further like to express my appreciation of the outstanding leadership provided by our Assistant Principals, Karen Boyle, Cameron Campbell and Jas Kaur, our School Council led by Stefan Kezakis, and Parent and Friends Association led by Christine Merrick who have all provided enormous support and guidance for our school.


I would also like to sincerely thank all members of our staff for their commitment to making East Doncaster Secondary College an environment that provides support and learning growth to our students.


At our Presentation Evening on Wednesday, I concluded my reflections of the year with the following comments that in some measure reflect upon our successes of this year, whilst addressing the challenges we face moving forward:


At East Doncaster Secondary College, I believe we achieve excellent outcomes across such a wide range of pursuits because of the outstanding attitudes of our students, the consistent, enthusiastic support from parents and our deep commitment to teaching and learning.

We believe that these characteristics not only prepare students for VCE examination success but also seeks to develop well-rounded, resilient, skilled young people, capable of forging their own path and making positive contributions to our society.


Our focus, therefore, continues to be on improving the things that matter the most!


We will continue to seek improvement in teacher practice. Our emphasis will remain on developing positive relationships, establishing and sustaining high expectations, and creating a culture of being curious in learning.


I feel confident, should we live up to these worthy aspirations, that East Doncaster will have succeeded in preparing our students to have such skill sets and that our collective journey will be one that is compassionate, successful and personally rewarding.


This is what great schools do.


This, I believe, should be a benchmark for us as we reflect upon the efforts and deeds of 2018 and set our sights and dreams upon the new horizons of 2019 and beyond.

Speech from the Dux of our College – Christine Chen

I apologise for not being able to attend our Presentation Night and share such an honourable moment with all of you. Congratulations to all of our achievers this year, great work and you deserve it!


I am truly honoured to become the Dux of 2018, but more importantly, it is my fortune and honour to achieve this as a member of EDSC - an inspiring school with the values of curiosity, excellence, fairness, respect, resilience, care and compassion.


I would like to thank all of my Year 11 and Year 12 teachers for your support and patience during our learning at EDSC. I would also like to thank our Principal, Senior School Coordinators and school leaders for leading us and providing us with such a loving and friendly environment. In addition, to our amazing 2018 Year 12 cohort, “Together, we can, and we will”, now, we did. I cannot express how lucky I feel for having all of you in my life.


To my family, I could never have enough gratitude. Your expectation, trust and support motivate me to always challenge and conquer the challenges. I am also really proud and excited to share my success with my teachers and my friends. Although I have only studied at EDSC for two years, you have always supported me with your care and family-like warmth. I never would have been able to achieve my results without any of you. 


To the students of East Doncaster, I cannot give you any advice, because I believe that all of you are capable and deserve to find the way that suits you the best. Yet I want to share some of my ideas as I have this opportunity.


Year 12 is often about three things; denial, avoidance and adversity. Yet it is not fully the truth.


I deny that I cannot overcome failures or defeats, but I accept that sometimes things don’t work the way as you expect. I avoid my disadvantages, but I also dare to challenge my weaknesses. I try to keep calm and rational in facing adversities, but I also know that these can also become my greatest motivation to conquer the challenges and fight for what I want.


These held me through my achievements, setbacks and the stress from Year 12 tasks. I sincerely hope that you can also find your own method to energise you, to sustain you, to keep yourselves together, and motivate you to work hard and succeed.


To our future Year 12’s, I have to admit that Year 12 is not easy for anyone. It takes courage, resilience and strength to not be resigned to the stress, the pressure and the challenging tasks. However, I still hope that you do not stress out, because when you have climbed over the mountain of Year 12, you might see the Himalayas in front of you - there are always new and harder challenges in our life.  So take it easy, have faith in yourselves and enjoy your Year 12 at EDSC, because it could be the time that you find your passion of life and enjoy the best friendship as you work and achieve together.


Finally, congratulations to the class of 2018, and I wish you all a prosperous and bright future. I would like to end my address to you all with a quote from Churchill that “as long as we have faith in our cause and that unconquerable willpower, salvation will not be denied us”.


Thank you

Christine Chen

Outstanding Student Achievement

As we reflect upon a wonderful year of individual and collective achievement on the sporting field, it is perhaps fitting that we conclude our final Newsletter of the year by recognising the efforts of three very talented young athletes.


At the recent Victorian Age State Long-Course Swimming Championships, three of our students performed with great merit.  Misha Wierzbowski (Year 8) and Kayla Kosta (Year 11) both won a number of individual Gold Medals and qualified for National Championships in April of next year and Daniel Bray (Year 9) made a State Final and also qualified for the National Titles.


A great effort from Misha, Kayla and Daniel – well done!

College Mobile Devices Policy

At our final School Council meeting of the year on December 12, the Council endorsed a revised Mobile Devices Policy. The amendments to the existing policy reflect concerns that teachers, parents and even students have expressed regarding the use of mobile phones and mp3 players in the classroom. There is little doubt that we are seeing a public debate playing out across our society regarding the pros and cons of mobile devices. There also appears to be a shift of momentum towards greater regulation and self-regulation of these devices by our adolescents.

Our revised policy acknowledges some of this debate and attempts to capture some of the concerns we are seeing within our community on the unregulated use of devices in all settings. As of the start of 2019, we, as a College, want it to be clear to our students that mobile devices (apart from sanctioned iPads) are not to be taken into or used in our classrooms. Please see below for an edited version of this policy:



East Doncaster Secondary College recognises that many students feel the need to carry a mobile device and accepts that there are genuine reasons for their use (for example to contact parents after music, sports practice, or whilst travelling to and from the College). However, they can be disruptive to the learning environment and require rules to govern their use.


Mobile devices* refer to hand held electronic devices and includes, without limitation, mobile phones, music players, cameras and associated accessories (e.g. earbuds and battery chargers).



To provide clear guidelines to students, parents and staff regarding the responsible and appropriate use of mobile electronic devices by students at the College and to ensure that electronic device usage does not cause disruption to the learning environment.


To manage the use of mobile devices the following guidelines apply:


1. Mobile devices are not to be brought to class, study periods, College Assemblies or detentions; they are to be kept in the student lockers throughout the day.

2. Mobile devices must not be taken into any examination or assessment room, in line with VCAA policy.

3. Mobile devices are not to be used during excursions, sporting events or overnight camps unless approved by the excursion/camp leader. In such circumstances, approval will be communicated in the information available in the event details on COMPASS.

4. Students who become unwell during the day must not use a mobile phone to contact their parent/guardian to collect them. Students should follow the correct procedure of reporting to the General Office where necessary arrangements will be made.

5. If there is a need for contact with students by parents during the day, calls should be made to the school office on 9842 2244. Students may see their Year Level Coordinators in instances of urgent contact to family members.

6. Responsible use of mobile devices is permissible at recess and lunchtimes.

7. Students must not use a mobile device to take images or record conversations of other students or staff without consent. Written consent must be obtained if a picture is to be shared in any form.

8. Students must follow the Bullying and Harassment Policy and avoid inappropriate use of mobile devices that may include harassing others through SMS, social media, voice or picture.

9. Parents and students should ensure that these devices are properly and adequately insured as personal property.

10. The College will not accept any responsibility for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) resulting from mobile device use.


We hope that all parents and our students will be able to support us in this regard.

Farewell to Staff

This is the last week of service to East Doncaster for a number of staff who have been a part of our community for either a short period ranging to well over ten years. On behalf of our community I would like to publicly acknowledge their commitment and contributions to our College and wish them all the very best for their future. These staff include Brodie King, John Rorke, Meg Bonsema, Terri Vincent, Lisa Walsh, Yang Zhou, Shuonan Zhou, Severino Fele, Marnie Wadsworth, Stuart McLay, Peter Signorini, Errin Wilson.

Sarah Joyner, Andrea McDonald and Sally McCutcheon will be taking extended leave for part or the duration of 2019.


Can I also take this last opportunity to wish all members of our College community a very Merry Christmas and a safe, relaxing holiday period with family and loved ones.

John Roberts


Upper Courtyard redevelopment

Celebrating the opening of our redeveloped Upper Courtyard.


1 to 1 Digital Learning Policy 2019


Creating a Culture of Curiosity

Our school’s purpose is to develop passionate learners who are critical thinkers with the confidence and capability to engage in the global community.


Care and Compassion, Curiosity, Excellence, Fairness, Resilience, Respect and Teamwork are the core values that underpin the culture of our school as we embrace the challenges of 21st Century learning.

Important Dates

Important School Term Dates 2019

Term 1 2019

Wednesday 30 January – Year 7 & Year 12 students return

Thursday 31 January – Year 8 - 11 students return (All students on Campus)

Friday 1 February - Official School Photo day

Monday 18 February – School Photo catch up day

Monday-Wednesday 25-27 February - Year 7 Angelsea Camp 7G,7H,7I,7J,7K

Wednesday-Friday 27 February-1 March - Year 7 Anglesea Camp 7A,7B,7C,7D,7E,7F

Friday 5 April – Last day Term 1

Term 2 2019

Tuesday 23 April – First day of Term 2

Friday 28 June – Last day of Term 2

Term 3 2019

Monday 15 July – First day of Term 3

Friday 20 September  – Last day of Term 3

Term 4 2019

Monday 7 October – First day of Term 4

Friday 20 December  – Last day of Term 4


From the Office

Student Accident Insurance

Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not provide personal accident insurance for students while at school or during any school related activity including camps and excursions.


Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Student accident insurance policies are available from some commercial insurers. These cover a range of medical expenses not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. It is also highly recommended that families have Ambulance Victoria Membership Cover if it is not included in your private health cover. Ambulance costs are very expensive and are not covered by Medicare

CSEF - allocation reminder

If you have already applied for the Camps, Sports and Excursions (CSEF) Fund at the College, please remember to advise us to allocate these funds against the next Camp, Sport or Excursion event that your child is required to pay for.


CSEF funds will not automatically be allocated. You  need to advise us which events you would like these funds to be allocated against.


Please call the General Office on 9842 2244 if you require any more information.

Payments to the College

Students can make payments at the following times: 8:00am-8:45am, recess, lunch and after school. Parents may make payments from 8:00am-4:00pm.


When making payments in cash please ensure that the correct money is enclosed in the payment envelope, as many students do not come to collect their change.


All payments for excursions must also include the permission form in the payment envelope and be returned to the General Office prior to the excursion payment due date.


Parents are reminded that receipts for payments are no longer being issued.  A statement showing payments made will be provided upon request from the General Office. For payments that are tax deductable, receipts will be posted home.


If a parent requires a printed receipt, this must be requested in writing on the payment envelope. Receipts will be posted within 14 days of the transaction.


All cheque payments are to be made out to ‘East Doncaster Secondary College’  and not ‘EDSC’.  The bank will no longer accept cheques made out to EDSC.


Do not hesitate to contact the General Office if you have any enquires regarding the College Charges or if your account details have changed.

Student Absences

If a student is unable to attend school, is going to be late or needs to leave early, the school must be informed of ALL absences, whether it be illness, appointments, holidays or any other reason.  You can do this via the following options: 


The easiest way is to Login to Compass with your Parent Login and  ADD A PARENT APPROVAL .

Click here for Compass Login


Calling the absence line BEFORE 8:30am on the day of the absence. Phone:  9842 2244 (dial option  1)


Sending a note with the student for early departures.  Teachers will not allow students out of class without a note or an approval on Compass.


For an extended time of absence, including holidays, the attached 'Student Absence Notification' form needs to be filled in and returned to the General Office.


 Any unexplained absences will be followed up with an SMS notification if their child/ren are absent without an explanation. Please do not reply to this SMS as this service is not available.


Phone messages from students will not be accepted.


Unwell Student Reminder

Please remind your child to ask their teacher if they can visit the school Nurse in the Sick Bay if they are feeling very unwell during school time and need to go home.  Students are not to contact parents directly.  Our Nurse will contact parents and ensure that correct protocols are followed.

Late Passes/Leaving Early

Students arriving late must go straight to the General Office to sign themselves in via the Compass Kiosk otherwise they will be recorded as absent and a text message will be sent out.


Students must carry their EDSC Compass Student Card with them at all times. It is necessary to use this card to sign in and out via the Compass Kiosk. If a student has lost/misplaced their card they must replace it by placing an order online through Compass.


Students will not be permitted to leave class and sign out without having an approval on Compass or presenting a note from a parent/guardian to their teacher.


This note needs to be put in the box beside the Kiosk in the General Office when the student signs out.  An approval can be loaded on Compass instead of providing a note, however this must be loaded before the time of the student’s departure.

Excursion/Sporting Reminder

Please be reminded that all students in Years 7-10 are required to attend classes if they return from an Excursion/Sporting event early.  They are required to attend classes even if the event has finished earlier than expected.  They are required to stay until 3:15pm.

Student Lunches

Just a reminder to parents that we are unable to deliver lunches to students during school time.  If your student has forgotten their lunch, it can be left at the General Office but it is the student’s responsibility to come and collect it. 


Hot food is not suitable to be left at the office.  PLEASE NOTE:- Take-away food is not allowed during school hours.

Student/Library Cards

Please remind all students that they must carry their Student/Library Cards with them at all times.


ALL students must sign in/out with their card at the General Office when they are arriving late or leaving early for any reason.


The cards are also used for any student photocopying that is done at school.

Student Locker Security

We would like to remind Parents and Students that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their locker is securely locked at all times.


Students who have not arranged to supply a suitable padlock for their locker will be asked to purchase one from the General Office.


All students from Year 7 to 12 have an iPad or laptop for school work that must be kept secure.  Please refer to the 1-to-1 Learning Program policy for further information on Caring for 1-to-1 devices. Replacement combination padlocks are for sale throughout the year from the General Office for $20.


The school will not be held responsible for items that are not properly secured in lockers.

Parent Details

Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?

If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form. A form can also be collected from the General Office.  Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information including student attendance alerts.


School Jumper/Jackets

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to name your students’ jumpers/jackets!


If a student loses their jumper/jacket and it has their FULL name CLEARLY marked, if it is found it will be returned directly to the student during class. 


These jumpers are expensive and there are many left around the College grounds after sport and after lunch.  Wherever possible, they will be returned if they are labelled with the student’s full name.

Changes to Secondhand Uniform Sales

East Doncaster Secondary College has been successfully utilising the company Sustainable School Shop for the sale of secondhand books for several years.  Second hand uniforms are now also sold via the Sustainable School Shop. 


For information on how to sell your uniforms through the Sustainable School Shop, please see the attached flyer or go to www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

Please note that the College will continue to accept good quality uniforms for donation to Student Wellbeing.

Music News

Congratulations to AMEB Exam Graduates

Well done to the following students who have passed Australian Music Examinations this year. These exams are comprehensive external assessments of set pieces, technical work, aural tests, sight reading and general knowledge. Students receive a certificate for each grade passed:



Cameron Roper - Grade 5



Jully Han - Grade 5 (Credit)

Louie Hsiao - Grade 2 (Credit)

Peter Karagiannis - Grade 2 (Credit)

Matthew Li - Grade 2 (Credit)

Oscar McNamara - Grade 1 (Credit)

Benjamin Xiang - Grade 2 (Honours),


Classical Guitar

Tim Botuyan - Grade 4 (Credit)

Aarya Hatkhambkar - Grade 3 (Credit) & Grade 4 (Credit)

Joshua Loke - Preliminary (Honours) & Grade 1 (Credit)

Evan Nomikos - Grade 2 (Honours)

Krystal Siow - Grade 2 (Honours)

Jia Jie Ye - Grade 3 (Honours)



Aineesh Anandarej - Grade 1 (Honours)

Amy De Rango - Grade 1 (Honours)


French Horn

Danny Zhang - Grade 4 (Honours)



Amelia Drew - Grade 2 (Honours)



Tintin Cao - Grade 3 (Honours)

Jonathon Divitcos - Grade 2 (Credit)

Banula Godellewatte - Grade 1 (Credit)

Matthew Ma - Grade 1 (Honours)

Hoe Mun Wong - Grade 4 & Grade 5 (Credit)

Gary Zhao - Grade 1 (Honours)



Samantha Chin - Grade 7 (Credit)

Nicole Liew - Grade 7 (Credit)

Felix Poon - Grade 7 (Credit)

Hoe Mun Wong – Grade 2 (Credit)

Musical Instrument Purchasing

Our EDSC hire instruments are prioritised for new beginner students in their first year of learning. We strongly recommend that advancing students purchase or otherwise source their own instruments, and buying is financially more viable longer term.


Remember, musical instruments make great Christmas presents! Please don’t purchase an instrument from a non-preferred supplier before speaking to the Music staff. It’s very discouraging for a student to own an instrument that is substandard and difficult to play and tune.


Our preferred suppliers are Fine Music for band instruments, and Bows for Strings or Whitehorse Music for orchestral string instruments.

Instrumental Music Lesson Re-enrolment 2019

Re-enrolment is now open for students who have been learning an instrument at EDSC this year. As always, places are limited on most instruments and we encourage you to re-enrol as early as possible to reserve a place before our new Year 7s begin.

Re-enrolment can be made:

  • Directly through the Compass Parent Portal (surcharge applies)
  • Using the re-enrolment form and paying at the General office. Forms are available from the Music office.

Any students wishing to start learning an instrument should enrol in February at Music Information Night. More details available first thing next year.

Upcoming Events

Monday 11 Feb – Music Information Night


Carl Williams

Instrumental Music Administrator


VCAL Industry Awards​

At EDSC, VCAL students undertake School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs). Students attend school on Monday and Tuesday to complete their VCAL certificate, and complete their TAFE and paid employment for the rest of the week. Each year, the atEAST consortium that oversees SBATs from 10 schools in the area awards students who have been outstanding in their industry. I was very proud to see our students receive many of these awards during the awards ceremony earlier this month.


The following students were nominated for awards in their industry areas:


Cameron Robinson – Landscaping

Cody Burns – Electrical

Daniel Botica – Electrical

Iliana Melios – Beauty Services

Isabella Hu – Hairdressing

Jake Davies – Electrical

Justin Mortimer – Technical Production

Kiara Zaccardi – Early Childhood Education and Care

Max Matana – Automotive

Nathan Smith – Commercial Cookery

Toby Notsis – Warehousing

Corey King – Companion Animal Studies

Konner Landouris – Hospitality – Front of House

The following students won the award for the best student from the atEAST consortium in that industry.


Iliana Melois – 2nd Year Beauty Services

Jake Davies – 2nd Year Electrotechnology Electrician

Justin Mortimer – 2nd Year Technical Production Music Industry

Kiara Zaccardi – 2nd Year Early Childhood Education and Care

Max Matanas – 1st Year Automotive

Konner Landouros – 2nd Year Hospitality Front of House


A huge congratulations to all of these students.


We wish our Year 12 VCAL students all the best as they continue their apprenticeships, or transition to full time work and further studies in their industries. It has been a privilege working with our VCAL students this year, hearing about their progress in training and work, and watching them develop as highly skilled and competent workers in the school community and in their industry.

VCAL Donation to Wesley Mission Crisis Centre Ringwood

This year, our VCAL students undertook a project that aimed to raise awareness around, and assist, a community organisation that works with people experiencing homelessness.


Our students undertook an integrated project that met outcomes across their Numeracy, Literacy, Work Related Skills, and Personal Development Skills school based subjects.


After gaining their food handling certificate earlier in their VCAL studies, and visiting commercial kitchens in the city, our students planned and delivered a pop-up café that operated out of our John Landy Centre for two days in November, serving coffees, scones, bubble tea and jaffles to Year 12 students and staff. This required a huge amount of organisation, negotiation, communication and teamwork from all of our VCAL students. It was a massive undertaking, and the students learnt an enormous amount about the complexity of running a business.

Money raised went to providing the Welsey Mission Crisis and Homelessness Services Centre in Ringwood with foods to provide to people accessing their services.


I had the privilege of delivering these goods on Monday and they were very much appreciated.


Well done to our Senior VCAL students, staff members Craig Carpenter, Evan Jones and the many staff who helped get this project off the ground. Many thanks also to David Ricardo, Head Chef at the Mariner Group, who kindly mentored the students in this project.

Kelly Kingham

VCAL Coordinator

College Events

Interact Changeover Dinner - Student Report

On 6 December, we organised the Interact Changeover Dinner to pass on the legacy of our current board of executives to the new members by introducing the Board of Executives for 2019 including our President, Elmarie Kock.


This was also an opportunity for the current Interact leaders to show their outstanding

achievements with fundraisers  and events this year. We discussed the Wheelchairs for Kids fundraiser, where our school raised enough money to buy 14 wheelchairs for disabled children in developing countries. Not only that, Interact members also helped organise a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings, a Trivia night, and many other activities that, if written down, would be a long list!


We also heard from Tania, who went to Canberra on a Rotary Scholarship and Lachlan and Elmarie, who talked about their time at the Mock United Nations Assembly – representing Israel.

Additionally, the dinner allowed new members of Interact to learn about the program and of course, enjoy some delicious pizza!


By Tehnan Syed 9C

Changemakers - Wellbeing Week - Student Report

Community service and philanthropy are both examples of selflessness of the heart. When a person decides that their time and money can be better spent on helping others who may be in a difficult situation in life, they display a true dedication to kindness and making the world a better place.


This year, our local Bendigo bank ran a program with a group of Year 9s called the “Changemakers Program”. During our meetings and sessions with a Bendigo Bank representative, we planned and organised an event that would aid our chosen cause. They generously gave us a grant of $600 to assist with expenses. As a collective group, we decided to focus on the cause of mental health and wellbeing. With the help of Ms Murray, the Year 9 coordinators and other teaching staff we ran a Year 9 wellbeing activity session, and a whole school Wellbeing Week during Week 8 of Term 4.


The Year 9s participated in a double period of fun activities targeted towards improving connectivity and a sense of wellbeing in our own cohort. These activities included drama, jigsaw art mural, Karate, chance choreography, literature activities, hockey games, LEGO building, bridge building and yoga/meditation. All of these activities had one key factor in common. Participating in each promotes a healthy growth mindset, and a learning experience shared with other people.


The week was packed with fundraisers and activities to further enhance wellbeing in our school. On Monday we had our local Headspace representatives come and run a stall to promote their mental health services to our community. We also ran a positive poster board activity. On Wednesday we had a very successful sausage sizzle and pot painting fundraiser. On Thursday we ran face painting and another sausage sizzle. And on Friday we ran a second pot painting session and a bake sale.

We raised nearly $480 in total. All of which was donated to Reach Out Australia, a mental health organisation based in Sydney.


Again, the Changemakers team would like to thank Bendigo Bank for this wonderful opportunity!


If you ever feel like you need help, our school has wellbeing staff that are always available to help you. Their office is located behind the library in the upper courtyard.

By Esha Serai 9C

On behalf of the Changemakers Team

Middle School News

Date change for 2019 Year 7 Anglesea Camp

Mon-Wed 25-27 February - 7G,7H,7I,7J,7K

Wed-Fri 27 February-1 March - 7A,7B,7C,7D,7E,7F

1 to 1 Digital Learning Program 2019

In 2019 we will continue with our whole school 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students. Our Year 7 students will be required to purchase a laptop and our Year 8 and 9 students will continue to use an iPad.


The purchase of these devices is crucial to the learning program as students will access eBooks rather than an extensive number of expensive textbooks. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students require a laptop.


Details of the 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students and important information regarding suitable devices are detailed in the attached policy.


Middle School Study Sessions - Years 7-9

Students from Year 7 to 9 are invited to join the 'Study Sessions' on Tuesday nights from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in the 400 block.


Please fill in and return the attached Permission Slip if you want your child to attend.

If you have any questions about these sessions please speak to Kate Leaumont.

Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning at 8:00am in The John Landy Centre.  **WILL BE HELD IN THE 400 OPEN AREA FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS DUE TO EXAMS**


Hot drinks and food provided, games played and an opportunity to meet students from other year levels.


See you there!


Middle School Staff


Head of Middle School

Kate Leaumont

[email protected]





Year 9 Coordinator

Craig Carpenter

[email protected]






Year 9 Coordinator

Naomi Creelman

[email protected]













Year 8 Coordinator

Brigid Fahey

[email protected]





Year 8 Coordinator

Clare Hartley

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Haydn Bethune

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Emily Mathews

[email protected]





Year 7 Coordinator

Georgina Walter

[email protected]





Transition Coordinator

Tina Marchant

[email protected]




Middle School Secretary

Lin Dalben

[email protected]


Senior School News

Year 11 Funfields​

Thanks to all students who participated in the Year 11 Concluding Program in Week 8. The students received exam feedback from their teachers, and prepared for Year 12 by participating in a number of workshops.

A large number of our Year 11 students celebrated the last day of the Concluding Program by attending Funfields near Whittlesea. Fortunately the weather was on our side, and the students made good use of the waterslides and all of the other rides.

Sally Polidano

Year 11 Coordinator


1 to 1 Digital Learning Program 2019

In 2019 we will continue with our whole school 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students. Our Year 7 students will be required to purchase a laptop and our Year 8 and 9 students will continue to use an iPad.


The purchase of these devices is crucial to the learning program as students will access eBooks rather than an extensive number of expensive textbooks. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students require a laptop.


Details of the 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students and important information regarding suitable devices are detailed in the attached policy.


Senior School Staff


Head of Senior School

Jarrod Sturnieks

[email protected]




Year 10 Coordinator

Errin Wilson

[email protected]





Year 10 Coordinator

Mark Glover

[email protected]






Year 11 Coordinator

Paul Basford

[email protected]





Year 11 Coordinator

Sally Polidano

[email protected]






Year 12 Coordinator

Lynette Smith

[email protected]





Year 12 Coordinator

Jonathan Davies

[email protected]





Senior School Secretary

Toni Willoughby

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Parents and Friends Association

EDSC Parents and Friends Association

The PFA would like to thank everyone who has supported the group during the year, including those from the school community, John Roberts and the staff at the College.


As President, I would also like to pay tribute to the wonderful group of people who make up the PFA Committee.  These people are enthusiastic, supportive and hardworking, who have contributed behind the scenes at many events throughout the year.


We wish the whole school community a very happy and safe Christmas.

Christine Merrick

President Parents and Friends Association


Canteen Menu


Students are reminded that the College Canteen is open before school from 8:30am until 8:45am, then again at Recess and Lunchtime only.

Community Announcements/Events

Shoes with a Purpose - from State Schools' Relief

State Schools' Relief are now selling great priced, quality 'Student's Choice' leather shoes from as little as $45.00.  See flyer attached.  (PLEASE NOTE: Sneaker Skate Shoe is not a part of the EDSC Uniform)

Available online now and in store at 16 outlets across Victoria, including our Dandenong South site.


These shoes are perfect for both Primary and Secondary students and come in a huge range of sizes.  

East Doncaster Secondary College Newsletter
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2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
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2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
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