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02 November 2018
Issue Fifteen
Principal's Report
Year Prep - Year 2 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 3 - Year 5 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 6 Assistant Principal's Report
Upcoming Events
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Learning in J06
Learning in S31
Public Speaking
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Inclusive Schools Grant

We are delighted to announce that Pakenham Springs has received an Inclusive Schools grant of $130,000. Jane King, Crystal Hollow, Mara Goncalves and Katrina Spooner completed the application to enhance the 'garden area' and make it a truly inclusive space for the students to enjoy. We will be assigned an architect to work with us, the project is expected to take approximately 6 months.  We will keep you updated on developments. 

Super Graduates

Last week we celebrated with our graduate teachers as they all completed their assessments with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.  Each Graduate teacher has worked hard on a project this year to enhance their teaching skills.  They each presented to a panel from the leadership team.  We are so impressed with our high-quality teachers and we are delighted to see them complete this section of their career. 

Walk to School Day

On Wednesday we took part in the Walk to School day.  Thankfully we had beautiful weather and a great turn out of staff, students and families walking together.  This is a great incentive to get active and avoid the traffic!!   Thank you to our families who joined us. 


Bunnings BBQ Thankyou

Thankyou to all our staff, parents and students who assisted at the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 20th October.  We managed to raise close to $1000.00 which will be used for playground and ground maintenance.

School-Wide Positive Behaviour

Our new school values and expectations are still going strong with students striving to be acknowledged for displaying Respect, Responsibility and Resilience throughout the school day.  Hopefully your children are arriving home with news of  'Frogger Dollars' they may have received. 


What a fabulous time we all had keeping fit in our Zumba lesson last week.  It was great to have so many parent community members join us and participate. 


Kerryn Baillie


Year Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Junior School News

Hello again and welcome to Week Four!  There really is a sense of summer in the air at the moment, with the warmer weather we have been having of late.  It is fantastic to see all students wearing hats in the playground, as per our Sun Smart policy, and the playgrounds really are looking immaculate at the moment.  This past week has been exciting as we have commenced our Early Years Evaluations with 2019 Prep students.  It has been wonderful to see the levels of excitement among these incoming students, and even some proudly wearing their Pakenham Springs 'Step into Prep' T-shirts!


Meanwhile, our current Preps are looking more and more like Year Ones by the day!  Teachers have been busy completing assessments to inform their student reports, and incredibly proud of the growth that students have made across the year!  Certainly, the  Writing displays are a testament to this, just moving through the corridor.  Our Preps are currently learning all about persuasive writing.  This involves stating their opinion and providing supporting arguments in an attempt to persuade the reader.


Year One students are eagerly awaiting their Starlab 'Space Dome' incursion on Monday, November 19th.  In readiness, students have commenced learning about our earth, sky, moon and stars and how these affect patterns on earth such as the length of the day.  In Numeracy, our big focus so far this term has been on division, and starting next week, they will start to learn all about fractions and discuss how these concepts link together. 


In Year Two, students are also learning about our planet, but with an emphasis on our natural resources such as water, where these come from, why these are important for our survival and what we can do to preserve them.   This is certainly important learning in light of the current droughts and the flow-on effect of this. 


All Junior School students are excited about our upcoming Prep-Two athletics carnival on Friday, November 9th and I'm sure that this will be a fun day for all involved!  Our upcoming Book Fair running from November 15th to November 21st is another cause of much excitement school-wide, and I would encourage all families to come along and have a look after school one evening.


Until next time, take care.


Danny Forster

Assistant Principal in Junior School


Year 3 - Year 5
Assistant Principal's Report

Middle School News

Are we really heading into Week 5 of Term 4 already?   Whilst time is flying and preparation for 2019 has begun, I could not be more proud of the focus in our 2018 Year 3/4/5 teaching teams and students.


All Year 5 students are preparing leadership speeches, however,  students will ‘self-select’ themselves to present these next Wednesday in front of teachers and school leadership.  It has been wonderful to read and hear some snippets of the speeches that students are preparing to present along with the respect and support students are giving each other.


During this fortnight, I have had the pleasure of reading out the ‘Springer’ Awards at the Friday Springers celebration.  These awards spotlight the effort and achievements of our students and are a nice reminder of all the great things happening in and around our school.  I have been to all classrooms to engage in the learning and I have enjoyed many conversations about what matters to our students and generally how they are feeling. A large portion of an Assistant Principal’s role is to ensure children are safe and happy so that can learn and achieve high levels of success.  At Pakenham Springs we aim to be the best school.


Our whole school ‘Recount Writing’ is coming to a close with some truly amazing pieces ready to be shared on the writing display boards very soon.  In week 6, our whole school writing focus will shift to either free choice or persuasive structures, depending on your child’s year level.  Since the introduction of a whole school writing model, our student’s growth both in writing confidence and writing academic outcomes has grown.  This was evident in our school reports and NAPLAN data.

In numeracy, students continue to learn key curriculum concepts appropriate for their year level and personal capabilities.  Alongside this, all students in Year 3, 4 and 5 are completing numeracy assessments that will summarise their learning and support a targeted approach in 2019.  This is a new online system that will support, monitor and track our students learning.  When speaking to the students in Years 3, 4 and 5, they are really enjoying the new system and tell me they feel better about their numeracy learning.


Our senior school SPRAY PAINTING has been a huge hit. If your child has not come home talking about this, I recommend asking them to explain.  The completed pieces will be a part of the Spring Fest and highlight another example of how at Pakenham Springs we are listening and engaging our students in learning.


Have a very safe weekend.


Kindest Regards

Jane King

Assistant Principal in Middle School

Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Senior School News

Another super busy week in the Senior School at Pakenham Springs! It seems like we're flying towards the middle of term - it'll be camp week before we know it!


We've had a massive few weeks of sporting participation in a number of varied tournaments - from our first ever time competing in the Casey Netball Challenge, to our Hoop Time finals appearances, Regional Track and Field finals and our District Lightning Premiership competition.  Something that has been truly evident throughout these events is the ability of our Pakenham Springs senior students to show our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience at all times when out in the community.  It makes me so proud to be a member of the Pakenham Springs community when I see the encouragement and sportsmanship on show towards teammates and other competitors at these events, as it does when I witness the resilience of our students when results don't always go our way.  Our Physical Education department, headed up by Mr Scott Holmes do a fabulous job of encouraging our students to get involved in as many different sporting events as possible - we are able to do this because we trust in our students to always represent our school in a positive manner when out in the community.  Good luck to our T20 Blast teams who will compete this Friday! 


Well done also to our Senior Students in being such great role models at our first ever whole school Zumba session last week - your participation and positive attitude (and willingness to look a little silly at times!!) really provided a great example of what an active student at Pakenham Springs really looks like.

We have an especially busy time ahead of us in the Year 6 area.  Our annual Canberra Tour is coming up in week 6 and when we get back it will be full-steam ahead into our Graduation plans and transitions into Secondary School.   We want all Year 6 students to enjoy their last term at Pakenham Springs - please have a chat with your child and discuss the way in which they want to finish Primary School.  A positive attitude, focused manner and the understanding that our Positive Behaviour expectations apply right up until the very last day will help them in becoming successful graduates of Pakenham Springs Primary School in 2018.


Have a great week!

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal 

Upcoming Events

Term 4:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:



Tuesday 6th November:

Melbourne Cup Day holiday


Wednesday 7th November:

  • Step Into Prep - Both groups - 9.00am-10.00am
  • Year 3 Bunjil Place excursion - 8.45am-3.00pm

Thursday 8th November:

  • Casey Safety Village excursion - J03, J05 & J06

Friday 9th November:

  • Junior School (Prep, Year 1 and Year 2) Athletics Carnival
  • Springers Awards - Staffroom - 2.30pm

Monday 12th November - Friday 16th November:

  • Year 6 Camp to Canberra 

Thursday 15th November - Wednesday 21st November:

  • Book Fair

Friday 16th November:

  • Year 3 and Year 4 T20 Blast Cricket
  • Springers Awards - Staffroom - 2.30pm




Tuesday 9th October 2018 (Students return)— Friday 21st December 2018

Upcoming Fundraising Activities:

To continue to add to our fundraising efforts this year (funds going towards playground updates and additional outdoor activity options for all students) we currently have the following fundraising activities happening:

  • Entertainment Book Sales - Books can be purchased for $70 and have over $22,000 value in discount vouchers, special offers, etc.  Display book is up at the office if you wish to view.  Digital or hardcopy books can be purchased online through:     



School Wide Positive Behaviour



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here


Junior School


Middle School


Senior School

  • Year 5 - Uniform order for Year 6 students (2019) - Printed polo shirts and hooded jackets. Order through Beleza direct.
  • Year 6 Celebration Evening - Ticket orders

Whole School

  • Trivia Night - CANCELLED
  • Book Fair



Payments can be made for your 4th Term instalment either by cash or EFTPOS at the school office.



The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

Please remember to write CSEF on the bottom of your permission form for any camps, incursions, excursions coming up for the remainder of 2018.   The office girls can print your permission notices at the office if you are wishing to pay using the CSEF funding.




Community News


School Crossing Supervisor - Relievers

Job No: CSC559
Location: Various locations around Cardinia
Employment Status: Casual
No. of Vacancies: 6
Closing Date: 3 Nov 2018
Cardinia Shire Council is putting out an expression of interest to recruit for enthusiastic and reliable School Crossing Supervisors to fill gaps at crossings around the Cardinia Shire. 
If you:

  • Are physically fit;
  • Can work school days between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am and 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Enjoy dealing with school aged children and families
  • Want to make a positive contribution to your local community
  • Are willing to work in all weather

Please apply today - we would love to hear from you!
There will be a group information / interview session held on 8th November starting at 2.20pm at the Cardinia Shire Council Office (20 Siding Avenue, Officer 3809)
During this session, we will provide you with details about the role, and what to expect. We will also conduct short one on one interviews with candidates that are wishing to pursue their application at this point.
To learn more about our school crossing service, you can visit
Applications can be submitted by completing the online form at, by emailing a resume and cover letter to [email protected] or mailing a resume and cover letter to Jess Fruend, PO Box 7, Pakenham, 3810. The closing date of the advertised position is 2nd November 2018. 
All successful applicants will be required to undertake a National Police Check, pre-employment medical and obtain or hold a valid Working With Children Check
For further information, please contact Jess Fruend on 1300 787 624.
Cardinia Shire Council is an Equal Opportunity and Child Safe employer who supports inclusiveness and diversity. We welcome applications from people from a diverse background, including but not limited to, those identifying as LGBTIQ, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, people from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and people with a disability.





Learning in J06

Junior School J06 MacDonald is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

In J06, we have started the term learning about the concept of Subtraction.

We met Andy Addition’s friend, Susie Subtraction, who has taught us how to take numbers away to find the difference.


We have been learning various strategies such as counting backwards, using counters to take away from given amounts, crossing out pictures to work out ‘how many’ remaining and using number lines.

The students enjoyed conducting a hands-on ‘playdough smash’ subtraction activity, where they had to roll up a particular number of playdough balls, then squash the balls that they were taking away. They conducted this activity in pairs which encouraged wonderful team work and cooperation.

During our current Science Inquiry Unit we have been learning about the concept of Seasons and Time.  The students have taken part in some involved discussions surrounding ‘What creates day and night?’ and ‘What we might see that is the same and/or different during the day time and night time? They created some wonderful day/night collages and drew lovely detailed pictures of day and night time scenes.

J06 have also enjoyed spending time with their Grade Four buddies. During week two they spent time together outdoors conducting a Scavenger Hunt in the Garden Area.

The groups were given a list of items to find and were asked to tick them off their list as they found them.  It was fantastic watching the Grade Four students support and guide their buddies through the activity, allowing them to feel a sense of achievement and partnership throughout the learning process. Well done!

Learning in S31

Senior School S31 Patterson is sharing the learning taking place in their class...

With leadership speeches coming up in the near future for our year 5’s, S31 have been learning about the personal attributes that make a good leader.  During our lessons, we have researched information on people we look up to and who we think demonstrate the values that make a great leader.

It has been interesting to learn that our school values in respect, responsibility and resilience, align closely with the same qualities we expect from a role model.

We all chose a single word we thought related best to us and we created a poster to hang up and remind us to always stay true to our own values.

We have also had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Kids Helpline on how to become a resilient person and bounce back when things don’t quite work out our way.  We learnt some new strategies to release stress and tension (which made us laugh lots).

Squeeze your shoulders to your neck really tight and release it 5 times! Feel better already. 

Public Speaking

Year 6 Public Speaking Competition!

One of mankind’s greatest fears is public speaking.  Whether it's forgetting your lines or realising you have a tail of toilet paper hanging out of your pants, fear of public speaking really boils down to fear of being ridiculed, rejected, and publicly humiliated.


A brave group of eager Year 6 students from Pakenham Springs Primary School recently took on the challenges of public speaking in the lead up to the annual Rotary Public Speaking competition held on (Tuesday night) the 23rd October.  The intensive course enabled the students to explore creating and presenting an effective and exciting speech that communicated their point of view with the greatest of impact.

The main focus of the course was to discover how to handle the nerves and to present with a clear, strong voice, using body language to enhance the message in their speeches.


Even though the competition only allows two representatives from each school to compete on the night, the skills gained prove incredibly valuable as the students move through their education.  Not only can they use their new speaking and leadership skills in the school environment; such as in class or in front of assembly, but also at home, in secondary school and later in their chosen field of work.


Vicky, Shaylan, Mason, Grace, Hayden, Senitha, Hayley, Isis, Jemma, Jess, Kai, Olivia and Evelyn all rose to the challenge and presented engaging speeches on topics ranging from Technological advancements to stepping outside your comfort zone, to the effects of plastic pollution on the environment.   Each student presented in front of a group of parents and an independent judge to decide who would represent the school in the competition.  A beautiful tale about the love of reading and an impassioned speech about goals and aspirations of becoming a dancer saw Grace and Shaylan heading on to the competition.

Held at the Pakenham Golf Course, 23 students from 12 local schools presented their three-minute speeches in front of over 100 people on the night.  The level of, not only the subject of the speeches but also the delivery,  was astounding and both Pakenham Springs students stood proud and held their own. 


A huge congratulations to both Grace and Shaylan on doing an amazing job on the night.


The entire staff and students of the school congratulate you both and are immensely proud of your achievements.

Teague Rook

Media Arts Teacher

OSHClub News


Hello All, 

OSHClub Pakenham Springs is excited to welcome another staff member to our team - Queen Monika.  Queen has transferred from another service and brings a wealth of experience with her.  


We have had an exciting start to term 4 with our children getting involved in our theme selections. We have a brand-new collection of music equipment which the children have loved getting their hands on.  


Few reminders... 

Term 4 means hats are mandatory (our service will supply sunscreen). 

If your child is picked up early due to illness or an appointment and they are booked for our care, please call or text 0438 564 038 to inform the staff and avoid any additional fees.  


Remember if your child is at school before 8.30am, you need to be attending Before School Care, it costs nothing to enrol your child - please go to and get the process started.  

OSHClub has now launched a Facebook page, to keep up with what is going on in your area - go over and have a browse, 


Thank you 

We look forward to seeing you all this term. 

Coordinator: Kristen Askew
Assistants: Caillie McFarlane, Debbie Stone, Lovernie Evangelista, Patricia Ililo and Queen Monika.
OSHClub head office: 03 8564 9000

Phone- 0498 564 038

Email- [email protected]



All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free to enrol!   Please create an account online at - all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via

your online account.   For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the service.












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