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07 September 2017
Issue Fourteen
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Important Dates


19th September: Parent, Student Teacher Conferences 12.30-8pm

22nd September: Term 3 Ends


9th October: Term 4 Begins

25th October: P.A. Raffle Drawn at Whole School Assembly

Principal's Report 

Proposed Performing Arts and STEAM Centre

On 25th August and 31st August School Council members Geoff Coates, Paul Webber, Brent Houghton, Nancy Sandilands, Andrew Arney, Lindy Mumme and I visited East Doncaster Secondary College, Wellington Secondary College, Gladstone Park Secondary College and Quantum Victoria. Quantum is one of the six State Science Centres and the design innovations lead by Director Soula Bennett will certainly inform our thinking for the new facility. We will provide architects with a brief for the proposed MGC Performing Arts and STEAM Centre based on providing spaces for combinations of approaches including collaboration, problem based learning and individual study.



There is a collective buzz in the STEAM area of the school as students finalise their VCE School Assessment Tasks. The tasks currently requiring a great deal of energy, thought and design are evolving in the Technology, Visual Art, Media and Visual Communication areas of the school.


Each project is ably taught and mentored by Jo Jepsen, Harriet Turnbull, Roger Dunscombe, Fiona Storrie and Oliver Hull.


Of course the other buzz in the world of S.T.E.A.M. is the upcoming Space Camp to NASA in Huntsville, Alabama, USA which is less than two weeks away.


On Wednesday Catherine Walkear alerted the girls to a great opportunity at the Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Road, Clayton on Sunday 8 October , 9:30 am – 5:00 pm. Free bookings are available at


The Synchrotron shines an intensely bright light on objects so humans can see them in atomic detail. “The light created at the Australian Synchrotron is about a million times brighter than the sun. This brilliant light can be used to assemble tiny machines that would fit into the eye of a needle, improve cancer detection, and develop new drugs to fight malaria.”


Our collaboration with the National Australia Bank Women in Technology project continues with Year 9 students supported by Mella Pescos and Emily Shaw attending immersion sessions, led by a female NAB “champion” in Security / cybercrime; Business analysis / CX design; innovating with technology and pitching ideas; agile software development / user testing and data analytics.


Critical and Creative Thinking

We are working towards incorporating Victorian Curriculum Capabilities into our work with students at Melbourne Girls’ College. The Critical and Creative Thinking Capability is one where our students refine and build upon understanding in their time with us. The skill of responding effectively to environmental, social and economic challenges requires creativity, innovation, enterprise, adaptability, motivation and confidence. These skills have always been central to the MGC ethos. The capability also demands explicit attention to and application of thinking skills so students “develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the processes they can employ whenever they encounter both the familiar and unfamiliar, to break ineffective habits and build on successful ones, building a capacity to manage their thinking.​” Our Strategic Plan work on student agency for their own learning is encapsulated in the goal,

  • To establish a consistent level of excellence in teaching and learning across the college
  • “That the college teaching and learning framework has whole school agreement of its essential elements, including the use of data, to be implemented consistently in all classrooms”
  • To ensure we are equipping Global Citizens with the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to appreciate and respect cultural diversity and to be able to fully contribute and lead locally and globally.


As always thank you for your support in the important work we do with your daughters every day.

Kind regards,

Karen Money

 School News

Intentions for Enrolment at MGC in 2018


Dear Year 7-11 Parents/Carers,


It is that time of year when we need to find out if your daughter/s will be staying with us at MGC in 2018.


You will find an Insights questionnaire alert on your Compass dashboard (one for each daughter) and we ask you to complete this over the next two weeks, prior to Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday 19th September. We hope that your daughter/s will continue to stay on with us at MGC, however, if you have other plans it would assist us to know this. We have many students who apply each year for a place at our college and we interview for these positions in the first few weeks of Term 4.


Kind regards,


Brent Houghton
Assistant Principal


Progress Reports & Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday 19th September

Dear Families,


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place on Tuesday 19th of September 2017 from 12.30pm to 8pm (staff break bewteen 4.30pm to 5pm). 


           - Progress Reports will be available from Monday 11th September at 9am.
        - Bookings for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will open at 9am on Monday 11th September also. Bookings will close at 10.30am on Monday 18th September (one day prior to the conferences). There is a new function when you make your bookings where teachers can indicate whether an interview is 'Welcome' or 'Required' with you. We would appreciate it if you prioritise interviews that are designated as 'Required'. 
        - Interpreters can be booked when you make your appointments with teachers. If you require an interpreter, it would be appreciated if you can make your bookings by Thursday 14th September so these can be arranged by the school. Interpreters will be available from the Library/IT area on Level 1 on the day.
            - The MGC Cafe will be open until 5.00pm on this day.
There will be no classes on this day. Students are expected to attend the conferences with their parents/carers.


Kind regards,


Brent Houghton
Assistant Principal

Performing Arts News 

Thank you to our Parents Association from the Performing Arts.


The Performing Arts would like to thank our Parents Association for their continued support of the Music Program at MGC- notably their grants for musical instruments and a new PA system for the Music room.


We have been able to purchase a new cello, a new soprano saxophone, a new marimba and a new electric vibraphone for our band to use.


The music room now has 4 permanent microphones set up to a mixer for our music students to use for rehearsals and performances.


Thank you also to Trevor Howlett for applying for the PA system, purchasing it and setting it up.



Year 7 News

Year 7 Astrotours at Swinburne University


In late August, all the year 7 classes went on an excursion to Swinburne University to attend the acclaimed ‘Astro-tours.’ The presentation was held in a theatre, utilizing 3D technology. A series of short movies introduced the science of space to the audience.


The first movie explained the features of telescopes, that lets us gaze deep into space. They allow scientists to explore our own galaxy, as well as stars millions of light years away. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, they have capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago.


A short-animated movie featured a plot about two competing news anchors, chasing a story about an asteroid blowing up in space. An astronomist then revealed that the entire story was a hoax by presenting scientific evidence.


Another feature of the presentation was an insight into the planet Mars. It taught us about the dynamics of how Mars was shaped and what the planet looks like. The fact that these films were made in 3D helped to keep us engaged. I think we can all agree that we learnt more than what we expected.


The excursion was an interesting and exciting experience, and we all learnt new facts about space and the solar system we live in. I think each of us took something away from this experience!


Sonia Van Der Stam




Confucius Classroom News

Chinese Culture Day

Number eight is considered to be a lucky number in China, because eight in Chinese sounds like the word fortune in Chinese. This year, on 08.08 (8th of August) the annual Chinese Culture Day was held at MGC. We had three sessions — opening, performance and activities.


In the opening session, guest speaker Miss Puksand made an inspirational speech which focused on how her career opportunities had expanded because she learnt Chinese as a second language . As one of our Chinese students mentioned in her reflection: ‘The guest speaker gave me a lot of ideas about what I want to do. She also inspired me about the future and what I would like to do. '


There were many performances by our Chinese students this year.  We had the fan dance by Year 11 student Maxine Wong, year 8, 10 and 11 students sang Chinese songs, year 11 student Matilda Smithers played Cello and year 12 students Madison Firman and Mia Richter recited their end of year oral examination stories. Students were really thrilled by their performances. Year 10 Chinese students were invited by the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne to perform their song in Melbourne Town Hall on the 23rd of August in front of 1,750 Victorian Secondary School Chinese students. Also, Miss Bao our Chinese Language assistant showed her brilliant talent in Kun Opera astonishing the students.


After the performance, most Chinese students partcipated in a variety of activities. These activities are popular in Chinese schools. Tug of the war is a team-effort activity, followed by other activities such as paper cutting, pin the nose on Panda and kick shuttlecock. Everyone had a wonderful day


Mrs. PingPing Elliott

Confucius Classroom Leader

Melbourne Girls College




French Film Excursion

ACMI French Film Excursion

On Tuesday 22nd August fifty-two Year 10 students went to ACMI in Federation Square to see a French film. Here are some of their comments :


 Mardi le 22 août 52 élèves d’année 10 qui étudient le français sont allées à ACMI à la place de Fédération pour voir un film français. Voici quelques commentaires : Le film était un bon film. Un homme court et une grande femme amoureuse. Je pense que c'était bon, mais certaines parties ne l'étaient pas. Certains thèmes explorés étaient l'amour, la société, l'image. C'était bon mais il y avait des défauts. Certaines parties ont négligé les choses. Mémorable.

Zara Coppel


Je pense que le film était bon. Le scénario du film était amusant et un peu mignon. Je ne regarde pas souvent les films de romance, mais « Un homme à la hauteur » était bon. Bref, un bon divertissement !

Lucy Xu


Le film « Un homme à la hauteur » était très amusant et mignon. Mais, c’était un peu long et un peu cliché. Mémorable.

Saskia Richardson



Year 8 News

Mana - The Spirit of Polynesia

On Monday 28th August the Year 8s had the opportunity to be a part of the Humanities incursion "Mana-the spirit of Polynesia" with Bernard Mangakahia. Bernard shared his family story and showed the students the important need of having the knowledge about our family tree and background. He also taught us Maori dances and the meaning of the haka. Bernard’s inspirational Native American hoop-dance was a performance representing the necessity to face up to our challenges in our lives and “dance” to find ways to overcome these challenges. He encouraged everyone to express our feelings and to talk to someone about our problems. It was a very motivational incursion that made me and other students contemplate our views about life and family.


Rida Karim



Last STEAM Segment for Term 3

As the STEAM Team prepares to head off to Space Camp on Saturday 16th September, this will be the last STEAM segment of the MGC newsletter this term. Space Campers will be assembling at 5 am, on Saturday 16th at Melbourne Airport for the 25-hour flight to NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama, US.



Follow along during the two week trip on Twitter by following #mgcspacecamp


Integrate 2017

Last week, Mr Pretlove and students from the Year 10 Event Management class visited the Integrate 2017 conference. A three-day Audio Visual trade show which encompasses local and global brands such as Samsung, Ricoh and LG Electronics among many others. These companies highlighted their latest products in Audio Visual which allowed visits onto the show floor of the Exhibition Building to showcasing some of their latest technology such as OLED wallpapers, holographic displays or the drone volt.


[email protected]


First Lego League: Hydrodynamics

MGC is launching two teams into this year’s First Lego League competition. Every year, teams of up to 10 students build, program and compete with a robot, while also learning about a modern problem in science and engineering and developing solutions for it. The event is split into three elements :


  1. Robot - Students design, build and program a Lego robot to complete a series of challenges
  2. Project - Teams study this years theme and develop solutions they've identified in society
  3. Core Values - Throughout the competition, teams are judged on their adherence to the Lego League core values of Teamwork, Cooperation and Gracious Professionalism


Four staff members attended the launch of the Victorian event at Glendal Primary School last Saturday to understand how the event works, gain ideas for the various phases of the event and learn strategies from other teams. This year, there are 48 teams in Victoria who will compete for the chance to go to the national finals in Sydney and then to the international finals in the US.



HYDRO DYNAMICS is the theme for this year. We will be learning all about water how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. In the challenge, students from 80 countries will make a splash with HYDRO DYNAMICS. What might become possible when we understand what happens to our water?



Year 10 Term 3 STEAM Program

During our regular STEAM sessions during Term 3, year 10 students have been designing sustainable, self-contained islands for a family of 4 to live on. Students need to consider food, water and energy requirements in their prototype and then make a model of what they propose. We have seen some very interesting and creative designs that utilise renewable energy sources, sustainable food sources and innovative approaches to providing water.



Maths News

Maths Games Day 2017

Last Wednesday we held our annual Maths Games Day and it was an absolute success. Teams from schools such as Melbourne High, Albert Park College, University High and Nossal High all competed in a series of problem solving and strategy maths games. The day was started with a wonderful introduction by Mr Arney who noted the importance of maths in our society and our future. We then went on to play a multitude of challenging maths games. The real favourite for most of the schools was the relay, a combination of running and maths may sound odd but it’s always the most fun competition of the day. At lunch time when all the schools were enjoying the sausage sizzle, our wonderful helpers were scoring, helping cook and ensuring the day was running smoothly, so I’d like to thank all the girls who helped out on the day we really appreciated your help. The overall winner was Melbourne High, a big congratulations to them. To all the MGC girls who participated, well done, and you’ll get ‘em next time.


Sarah ST

STEAM Co-Captain

Environment News

High School Environment Conference

Last Thursday 6 representatives from the MGC Environment team (Daisy Batten, Lilith Stewart, Lucy Skelton, Sam Kintanar, Polly Jane Decker and Audrey Habib) attended the first ever Mac Robertson Girls’ High School Environment Conference. The conference ran for the whole day and was organised by the Mac Robertson Environment team. The day started with an introduction for the purpose of the conference, which was to raise awareness for environmental issues and bring together likeminded students who were passionate about the environment.


Throughout the day we participated in fun and engaging activities in small groups with people from a mix of other schools. We learnt about food wastage, proper ways to recycle, how to make rubbish into art and how to create handy things out of second hand items. All the activities were fun and educational and it was great to have the chance to interact with passionate students from other schools. On the day there were also two guest speakers, Karen Jones from The Port Phillip Eco Centre who talked to us about food wastage and food distribution in different parts of the world. It was an interesting talk and it got us all thinking about the kinds of food we eat and the impacts that our dietary choices can have on the environment. The second guest speaker was Tamara DiMattina from The New Joneses which is a not for profit organisation that focuses on how to live in a way that is sustainable and has minimal negative impacts on the environment. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does inspired us all to change a few small things in our daily lives and help in whatever way we can.


Another great thing about the conference was that we were able to talk to students and teachers from other schools about what their school is doing to be more environmentally friendly and get some ideas from them as well as share the amazing things we do at our school and hopefully inspire them to carry out similar projects.


Overall the day was a fantastic learning and sharing experience and we all enjoyed being there.


Lilith Stewart

Year 9 Enviro Rep



2018 France Study Tour

2018 France Study Tour- REMINDER
Info Night – Monday, 11 September
(Lyceum 6pm)

Just a reminder to students and families who are interested in knowing more about the 2018 MGC French Trip, there is an information meeting next Monday in the Lyceum at 6pm. Many families have already expressed interest – merci! But if you’d like to know more or your daughter is interested in a going, then please come along or send in your expression of interest.


During the last week of term 3 2018 and the first week of the term holidays, the girls will spend a week in Paris (Note the tour is still subject to DET Risk Assessment and School Council approval) and the second week in Montpelier in a Homestay environment with language schooling to give the girls a day-to-day experience of living in a French family (and sharing this special time with their chosen MGC buddy).


Expression of interest:


If your family is interested in knowing more and would like to attend an information evening session on Monday 11 September at 6pm in the Lyceum then please register your interest by email detailing your daughter’s name/year level (see below).

Key facts:
      -  We are looking ideally at a group of around 25 with 3 supervising teachers accompanying the group
      -  Final numbers will be determined by demand and seniority with a ballot if required
      -  Indicative cost for nearly all inclusive (excl. some meals/lunches/spending money) is aiming to be              at $6,000 approx but is subject to exchange rate fluctuations, final itinerary etc.
      -  Positions are secured by a non-refundable deposit to be lodged at this point in November - actual           date to be advised at the Info Evening (a staged payment plan will follow).

A taste of France!
Some of the things we have included are a week in Paris in a 2 star hotel with breakfast and dinner included

  • Return airfares to Paris with airport transfers
  • Sightseeing of key monuments and galleries
  • Visite Paris card for metro/RER transport
  • River cruise on the Bateaux Mouches
  • Visit to Versailles and surrounding gardens
  • Visits to markets and key ‘places’/squares and gardens
  • Opportunities for shopping in les Grands Magasins (Galleries Lafayette/Printemps etc. and in vintage stores
  • TGV/High Speed Train to Montpelier
  • Daily language/cultural courses while living with family for a week
  • Return to Paris for overnight and transfer to CDG airport

Register your interest before Friday 8 September 
by emailing [email protected] with your daughter’s name, student number and current year level and the key parent/guardian contact email and mobile number. If you can’t make the Info Evening, don’t worry, we will still keep you informed – just let us know if you’re interested in receiving more details.

À lundi/Until Monday
Tim Macdougall
French Teacher and France Trip Planner


Parents' Association

MGC Second Hand Uniform Shop:
Attention 2017 Year 12 Students

The MGC Second Hand Uniform Shop is a service provided by the MGC Parents Association.  We are willing to sell your old uniform for you!


We are coming up to our busiest time of year for uniform sales.  With the Year 7 2018 Orientation Day Sale early December, we are looking for more stock, including rowing items.


Please consider selling or donating your uniforms that are in good order and we will make a one off payment via EFT or Cheque, no waiting for your items to sell!


Please complete the form below and return it at any time to the office or to the uniform shop on a Thursday between 1pm and 2pm.



Please Note: Items will be priced according to condition and we retain 30% of the buying price, which the Parents Association then utilise towards further MGC PA projects and grants.



Father's Day Breakfast

Fathers Day Breakfast


A big thank you to Happy Valley and Jalna Yoghurts for supporting our Father’s Day brekky again. Jalna has provided us with delicious pots of yoghurts for almost 10 years in a row!


For the last 4 years Happy Valley have provided us with a great voucher for a lucky Dad to spend at the store.


The breakfast was a huge success!


Happy Valley

294 Smith st 

Collingwood Victoria



Earn and Learn

Woolworths Earn and Learn Program

We are excited to be taking part in the 2017 Woolworths Earn & Learn program.


During the previous campaign, we were able to purchase some great resources with the points we earned, thanks to you.


From now until September 19th 2017, you can collect stickers at Wooloworths that go towards Earn & Learn points. For every $10 you spend at Woolworths  you will receive a sticker. These stickers can then be given to your children to collect on a special sticker card. Once it is completed, they can simply bring it back here to school.


We are grateful for your support and look forward to a successful program. If you have any questions, please contact Zack Pretlove ([email protected])


Student News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?   NEW TIME of 3:20-4:20 Mondays and Thursday
Where?  Room 112 


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


Melbourne Girls' College
yr 12 uniformshop flyer.pdf