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26 August 2016
Issue Six
Gold Medalist Alicia Quirk
Oscar Romero PRAYER
Children’s Book Week 2016: STORY COUNTRY
Year 9 & Year 11 Excursion
Year 7 Art Classes
Science Critters Project
Instrumental Ensembles
Year 7 Dance Combo-Sport
U14's Cochrane Cup
NSWCCC Netball
Hana Sawal wins bronze
Whats Happening
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Gold Medalist Alicia Quirk

Hello everyone,


Thank you for the messages of support received during a tough week.


We were very lucky that the week coincided with our planned farewell assembly for Bishop Hanna. He spoke beautifully about family, school community, Catholic community, courage, forgiveness and discernment of right action from wrong action. Bishop Hanna’s gentle, yet authoritative manner and tone were exactly what we needed as we farewelled him and thanked him for his 14 years of outstanding leadership of, and service to, the Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga.

On Wednesday evening we held a wonderful Boarders’ Graduation Mass and Dinner. Kildare and Mater Dei students and parents met to celebrate the stories, experiences and life-long friendships membership of the Mt Erin Boarding House community brings.

Thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support over the remainder of the Term.


Oscar Romero PRAYER

The reflection from Mt Erin Boarding House Graduation Mass

We plant the seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise.
We lay foundations that will need further development.
We provide yeast that produces far beyond our capabilities.
We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that.
This enables us to do something, and to do it very well.
It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an
opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter and do the rest.
We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker.
We are workers, not master builders; ministers, not messiahs.
We are prophets of a future not our own. Amen


KCC Prayer Web page HERE

John Nielsen |  Leader of Mission


Thanks to the Year 8 students and parents who attended the Year 9 2017 Information Evening. It was great to meet with you and engage in conversations around choice and learning in Stage 5. A reminder that the Electives googleform will be sent on Friday to student emails.


Year 11 have Yearly Exams approaching. They have been advised to do the necessary preparation so that they succeed. Time spent now should help with consolidation of learning.  Click here to view PDF


Lastly, students in Years 7 and 9 should have received their Naplan results this week by mail. Should you wish to discuss your son/ daughter's results, please feel free to contact the College.


Across is a snapshot of the 2016 Results. We note an improvement in the data and we will use this information along with our more frequent testing to plan the way forward.


The percentages of achievement below represent the bottom band of achievement reported for NAPLAN. For example in Year 7 it is Band 4 and in Year 9 it is Band 5.


The % at proficiency tab shows achievement for the top 2 bands reported for NAPLAN testing.



A Resume (pronounced REZ-ew-may ) is a document used by individuals to present their background and skillsets. Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons but most often to secure new employment.


A typical resume contains a summary of relevant job experience and education. The resume is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and sometimes job application package, that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants.


A resume is a marketing document that sells a product, in this case, the school leaver and so it is important that it includes skills, attributes and strengths as well as previous experience that will appeal to a future employer.



There are different sections of a Resume


Contact Details - A resume should have a full name, address and contact number, usually a mobile so that the person can be traced fast, and an email address.


Skills & Abilities (Employability Skills) - Employers are interested in the qualities of people. Counting cash at the footy club shows you're trustworthy and honest and would be good experience for retail. Bring up skills such as writing minutes, allocating tasks or correspondence you had to undertake for a club or group.


Qualifications/Certificates - There are a limited number of qualifications or certificates that a School Student can possess. Here are a few examples

  •  First Aid (What Level is yours?)
  • [email protected] OH&S Certificate – General
  • [email protected] OH&S Certificate – Industry Specific (eg Plumbing or Hospitality)
  • General Construction Induction Training (Formerly known as White Card)
  • Probationary/Learner’s Drivers Permit
  • Food Handlers Certificate
  • Barista – coffee making course
  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)
  • Active After School Qualification
  • Umpiring or Coaching Qualifications

Note that the qualifications are listed from the most recently acquired (ie 2016 first, then 2015, then 2014).


Qualifications and Certificates

2016  General Construction Induction Training

2016  [email protected] OH&S Certificate – General

2015  Learner’s Drivers Permit (working towards Provisional Licence)

2015   Senior First Aid


Education & Training - include the dates you started and finished school as well as the names of the schools you attended. Make sure you put down any important exams or subjects you have taken and awards you may have received.


Work History/Work Experience - List any work experience including jobs like babysitting and any community work, volunteer work or club involvement. With bullet points highlight what the position entailed and what was learned or gained from doing it.


Other Achievements - Document your extra curricular activities and hobbies. Whether you were a member of a school team, part of an acting group or in the orchestra it is all evidence of being able to work as part of a team or your creativity, dedication and reliability.


Referees - should be the last thing on the resume and should be listed with a mobile number. If they are not from another part time job they will be "personal" referees such as people you know well in the community, someone who can assess your character.


Finally make sure the resume is no longer than two pages, does not contain a ridiculous email address that might put off an employer and most importantly there are no spelling mistakes.


Click HERE to view 4 Sample Resumes

Children’s Book Week 2016: STORY COUNTRY

Children’s Book Week is being celebrated Saturday August 20 – Friday August 26. The Resource Centre has started celebrating with a match the book to the Staff Member competition in which students from all year levels are able to participate. We are extending Book Week by another week to give our community every opportunity to participate in our Book Week competition. We are looking forward to celebrating books and reading and invite all of our students and staff to participate in the fun. As part of the Book Week theme STORY COUNTRY the Resource Centre has a wonderful display of Indigenous artefacts and literature for all members of our College community to see and appreciate.

Dr Sandra Cox-Townend | Teacher Librarian

Year 9 & Year 11 Excursion

Mt Sewlyn & Falls Creek  Excursions

Three lucky Year 9 PASS classes journeyed to Mt Selwyn last week for their skiing/snowboarding excursion. The Year 11 PDHPE and SLR classes travelled to Falls Creek the previous week. These students had a valuable experience participating in structured coaching sessions in which they learnt new skills with many students, if not all, progressing from the beginner/cognitive stage to the intermediate/associative stage of development. Although the snow conditions at Mt Selwyn could have been better, the weather was fantastic and our students gained much from the experience.

Apart from learning and developing new skills, the students were required to prepare properly for the trip, organise the appropriate gear, complete all required documentation and arrive on time. They all managed to complete these tasks, which helped the days run smoothly from 4.00am to 4.30am until we returned at 7.30pm to 9.00pm. I would like to thank the students for their fantastic behaviour, manners and participation on the day. A big thank you to Mr McNamara, Mr Price, Mr McPherson, Miss Cowled, Mr Morton and Mrs Kenny for your willingness to provide this invaluable experience for these classes.   A great day was had by all.


Peter Gaffney | ACWC


During Term 3, Year 9 Child Studies students have been planning and organising two playgroup sessions for children aged between 0 and 6. Our first playgroup was a huge success with over 30 children attending. Our students created a variety of fun activities including art, craft, face painting, play dough, slime, puzzles and physical activity. We would like to thank all the parents, carers and children who attended. Our next playgroup will be held on Tuesday August 30 in the College Hall between 9:30am and 10:45am with a variety of new activities on offer. Anyone with young children is welcome to attend.

Jacqueline Byrne | Organiser

Year 7 Art Classes

During the week Year 7 students visited the Resource Centre to view the exhibition of paintings, lino prints and digitally manipulated artworks created by Year 7 and Year 8 students last semester. We discussed and wrote about the student’s use of colour, line and texture.   Year 7 were impressed by the work created by their fellow students and are looking forward to creating their own artworks in the future. When you are next visiting the College come to the Resource Centre and see the exhibition.


Susan Todd | Art Teacher


Science Critters Project

This Term Year 7 have been studying ecology in science.  As part of that unit, the assessment task included the design of a crazy critter that was a cross between two different organisms.

Some of the ideas the students came up with were a pendog - a cross between a penguin and a dog; an octofly - a cross between an octopus and a fly and a blobiptia - a cross between a butterfly and a blobfish. The blobiptia evolves into a buttablob. These models were presented as a poster or a 3-D model and many amazing creations were designed or made.  As a class, they were cooperative and supportive of each other, sharing resources and ideas which resulted in these amazing critters.


Audrey Taylor | Science Teacher

Instrumental Ensembles

Albury Eisteddfod

On Tuesday 26 July, the Instrumental Ensembles of Kildare went to Albury to compete in the Albury Eisteddfod. After Dark, our self- directed Year 11 rock band was placed first in their section against some 10 bands from around the region. The Orchestra and Woodwind Ensemble placed 2nd in their respective sections with Scratch receiving a Highly Commended. Overall this was a really successful day giving the students a unique opportunity to see what other students are doing around the region.

Leeton Eisteddfod

On Sunday 14 August, Groove, Scratch, Woodwind Ensemble and the KCC Orchestra travelled to Leeton to perform at the Leeton Eisteddfod. They were commended for their controlled and supportive ensemble playing and rhythmic fluency. In other words, they were awesome. In the “Band with Vocalist” section, Scratch were awarded first place, while Groove made it a Kildare one-two with a solid second place in this section. The Woodwind Ensemble won the “Jazz, Swing, Rock or Pop Ensemble” section, and the Orchestra placed first in the High School Instrumental sections. Congratulations to all the students for this achievement, and for the fine way they represented the college.

David Chaston | Creative & Performing Arts


Held at Kildare Catholic College Wagga Wagga on 29 July Australian Curriculum – Digital Tech (Primary & Sec) – Computing Studies – STEM – Leadership

ICT Educators NSW, the Professional Teachers’ Association is designed to support Technology education in NSW, a professional development workshop day was held on Friday 29 July in Wagga at Kildare Catholic College.

BOSTES recently announced the review of all NSW Technology curriculum documents K-10 and time was spent finding out what this means for those schools in attendance by accessing the latest information from ACARA and BOSTES. Also representatives from RoboCup and industry representatives provided the latest advice, resources and ideas for teaching Technology Subjects, at both Primary and Secondary levels. WIN TV & PRIME TV were there and we all had a really productive day. The Year 9 and 10 Kildare students explored circuits and robotics.  The Primary students who came along for the day also explored robotics and also had some fun building Rube Goldberg machines.

Extract from | ICT Educators NSW

Year 7 Dance Combo-Sport

Southern Cross
Dance Academy

This group of Year 7 girls has attended Southern Cross Dance Academy three times this term. They are building fitness, enhancing brain function while having plenty of fun. Other sports that are available this term include: PCYC indoor games, indoor sports, basketball coaching, gymnastics and Workout.

Anne Samuelson | Sport Coordinator

U14's Cochrane Cup

On Thursday 11 August the  Kildare Under 14 Cochrane Cup Rugby League team travelled to Goulburn to play Aquinas Catholic College from Menai in the state semi final. The game was always going to be a tough one with Aquinas recently winning the NSW 14 years rugby league all schools B final.

The boys stepped up and performed well to win a close, but sometimes scrappy game 16 to 10. The Kildare boys put it together when it counted and we look forward to the state final at St Mary's on Thursday 8 September.

Congratulations to all the boys who should be very proud of their achievements.

A huge thank you to all the parents who are a great support to the team and to Mr McNamara for driving the bus.

Matthew Conn | Coach

NSWCCC Netball

On Tuesday 16 August the KCC junior and intermediate netball teams competed in the CCC Netball Championships after both qualifying for the championship division. Both teams played 7 games.


The juniors went down to Xavier High School, Albury, by 2 points and had a draw with Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, North Sydney. They were evenly matched in the remainder of the games where they fought hard to win their next 5 games. The girls managed to finish second in their pool. The girls deserve to be commended for displaying outstanding sportsmanship and skill throughout the carnival.


The intermediate team started the day well with a tough game against Xavier. They came away with a 4 goal win but unfortunately lost the following match to Campbelltown. A range of injuries limited rotations, however, the team was still a chance of finishing pool winners going into the second last match. This game against Loreto, Kirribilli, resulted in a 3 goal loss and Loreto eventuated as pool winners. The team was a credit to themselves and their on court display, never say die attitude and support of each other was extremely pleasing.


Monique Cowled and Natalie Jackson | Coaches


Hana Sawal wins bronze

Wagga's Hana Sawal wins bronze medal at Australian Karate Federation National Championships

WAGGA junior karate competitor Hana Sawal has won a bronze medal at the Australian Karate Federation National Championships in Melbourne.

Sawal, 13, claimed bronze in the female children kara event.

The Kildare Catholic College student bowed out in the semi-finals, but maintained her composure to refocus her attention to the repechage round, where she won bronze.

Wagga’s Shinwa-Kai Karate Club coach Sensei Sawal said Alicia Quirk proved Hana’s inspiration. 

“Hana is inspired by the Olympic gold medallist Alicia Quirk, who is a former student of Kildare and Henschke,” Sawal said.

“With karate making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Hana will be training ever more diligently and hoping that one day she would represent Australia in the Olympic Games.”

The kata competition is a non-contact category where competitors show judges various combination of traditional karate moves.


Extract fromThe Daily Advertiser  Wagga 



Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and return to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Applcation For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.

Download Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE.


 The Northrop Grumman, ViaSat & Optus Country Scholarship for ANU’s Burgmann College was officially launch by the Federal Member for Riverina, The Hon Michael McCormack MP earlier in the year.


Applications for this scholarship are now open and I am reaching out to you to help promote this scholarship to your current Year 12 students.


Please find attached an information flyer about the scholarship


I also wanted to advise you that The Australian National University and Burgmann College will be holding their Open Day, Saturday 27 August 9:00 to 4:00pm. It would be a wonderful opportunity for students to visit the campus in Canberra and learn more about the university. You can find out more information about the Open Day in the following link: HERE


For further information about the scholarship please visit: HERE


Media release: HERE


Country Scholarship for Burgmann College brochure: HERE







This brochure is designed to make parents of schoolgirls aware of the outward signs of scoliosis. From time to time all government and nongovernment schools in Australia will be asked to download this brochure from and to distribute it to girls in Years 7 and 9 (11 and 13 years of age in most states and

If after reading this brochure you or your parents think you may have this condition, please consult your family doctor.


Download brochure: HERE


Would you like an opportunity to volunteer?

Are you interested in getting more involved in your community?

Are you interested in agriculture?

The Wagga Wagga Show Society is seeking expressions of interest for members of a next generation sub group. Young people aged 17-35 are encouraged to express interest. At the show this year you will have the opportunity to volunteer and then to come up with ideas for the 2017 Show. If you are interested in taking up this great opprtunity please contact Emma Ball - [email protected]



Wagga Junior Tennis
Season 2016-17

Saturday Morning Inter-Club Junior Competition​

Commences- 8.30am Saturday October 15

(Dates Oct 15- Dec 10 2016 & Feb 4- Mar 25 2017)


Registration Fee $120 per player

By Post : Wagga Junior Tennis PO Box 8054 Kooringal NSW 2650

( Cheques to be made payable to Wagga Junior Tennis)
Please leave


Registration Days - at Bolton Park Tennis Centre

Saturday August 27 - 9.00am-12 Midday

Saturday September 3 - 9.00am -12 Midday


All registration Fees to be paid by September 3.

Phone: Howard Hocking 6922 3212 or Andrew Phillips 0403 081 463

Note that teams will be based at local tennis clubs (allocated by Wagga Junior
Tennis randomly) and play the season on a home and away basis.

Teams and Draws will be posted on the Wagga Junior Tennis Website in early October at:


Check for washouts and extreme heat cancellations on website or 2WG 7am Sat Mornings.

Dependant on number of teams there may be 2 timeslots - 8.30am & 10.30am

Download Registration Form 2016-17 HERE

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