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10 October 2019
Issue Thirty
Principal's Update
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2020 Booklists
Year 7 Project Expo Invitation
Mordi Idol 2019
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Welcome back for Term 4. Thanks to Marina Walsh who was Acting Principal over the last two weeks of Term 3 while I was on Long Service Leave.


Future Facility Development

I am pleased to announce that MINX Architects have been appointed to deliver our $8.5 million project. We held the start-up meeting with them on Thursday 29 August with a timeline presented for the project. Given our revised student number for design (1100 students) we need to work through a process of redoing our masterplan. The first step was to run a workshop day for staff and students to contribute their ideas. They spoke to representatives from the Year 7 & 8 team, VCE team, Art/Tech team, and some Year 7 & 8 students and VCE students. Even though the key deliverables can’t change (Year 8 LC and Year 12 Study/Learning Centre), how we go about them can. We have the first planning meeting this Friday, where the architects will present their initial ideas from the feedback regarding our new masterplan and possible staging of this project. Given the architects were appointed at the end of August, at best if we get the funding in the 2020 May State budget, we will be ready to start construction around the same time next year. I will provide regular updates in the newsletter.


NAPLAN results

Prior to release of the results I was interviewed by one of the Education journalists for The Age. They were wanting to speak to schools who have performed well in NAPLAN in recent years, thus going against the state trend of declining NAPLAN results in Year 9. This story appeared in The Age on Thursday 29 August. I spoke about many actions that have resulted in our improved results, however, he just focused on our intervention program. He also spoke to one of our students from Year 9 last year, Aaliyah Zaph, who did a great job.

The results for this year were available to schools via the NAPLAN website in early September. Overall our results are again very positive, especially for writing which has been our whole school focus. In comparison to last year we have increased the percentage of students in the top two bands in Year 9 writing and decreased the percentage in the bottom two bands. We have also improved the percentage of students achieving high growth and decreased the percentage of low growth for writing in Year 9.

Individual reports have been sent home to each student in Year 7 and 9 with their results. The teacher teams within the Middle School have received copies of the results for our Year 7 and 9 students to utilise in conjunction with the On Demand (English) and Maths Essential testing program that already exists within the College, and other assessment data, in their planning for their respective classes over the rest of the year and into 2020.


Staffing Term 4

Tracey Bastin, currently a Leading Teacher at Dromana SC, has been appointed to the Assistant Principal position beginning from Headstart, November 18. As previously mentioned, with our significant growth in student numbers we are moving to three APs and portfolios have been revised. Tracey is currently the Leading Teacher for Senior School at Dromana. She has fifteen years’ experience across a number of leading teacher responsibilities so will bring a wealth of knowledge to the role. Tracey (like Marina last year) has also recently completed the Department's Principal Preparation Program through BASTOW.

We have two additions to the Wellbeing Team this term which is very exciting. I have appointed social worker Annette Matov to our full time Mental Health Practitioner role. As previously reported, every Victorian government secondary school is receiving funding to recruit a mental health practitioner. Bayside Peninsula have been selected to go through the process of recruitment first. We were allocated funding for 0.8 and I increased this to fulltime using school funds. We also have a new Adolescent Health nurse starting with us this term, Carly Schreiber. Carly will be working with the Wellbeing team and supporting students and teachers on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

Sharonne Crossley is taking family leave from early Term 4 and we have appointed Sarah Robinson to this 0.6 Food/Health teacher position. Sarah is already well known to the College through her previous work here as a casual relief teacher.

Dominic Newsome is relocating to the other side of town and has taken a position at Collingwood SC in their Language Centre. I am pleased to announce we have appointed Jenny Tran from Glen Waverley SC to lead our Language Centre, a very important position at the College.


Principal for a Day Program 

This is an annual program run by ACER and I have participated in it each year, hosting a range of people from business over the years. On Wednesday 4 September I hosted Tim Richardson, local MP and Parliamentary Secretary for Schools. I first spoke to Tim about our areas of success and where we have been recognised by the Department. He was really interested in the literacy intervention program and the extra support program we run for students who may be vulnerable in transitioning from primary to secondary school. I also updated Tim on the recent architect interviews and the timeline we are now following for all of the required planning documentation. I did ask him if he could guarantee that the rest of the capital works funding would be announced next May and I got a definite YES! Tim spoke to all Year 10 students during My Mentor about his own career path and challenges and key learnings along the way. We held a morning tea for all staff to have the opportunity to speak to Tim. He then spent time meeting with the Wellbeing Team to hear about the challenges in this area and what extra support the government could provide; and then with Emma White to learn a bit more about the pathways role in secondary schools. Tim also had the opportunity to speak to a Year 11 Legal Studies class and the Year 7 SEAL class. He thoroughly enjoyed his time here and was most impressed. 


Focused on achieving Personal Best

Thanks to our Director of Senior School, Joanne Greenhalgh, Year 12 Coordinator, Tim Randell, and all Year 12 staff for the timely completion of Unit 4 content to enable our practice exams in all subjects to be completed during the last week of Term 3. This has provided more focused time on targeted revision in the lead up to the important final Year 12 exams starting on Wednesday 30 October with English. My thanks to all teachers who assisted with the supervision of these revision exams and their speedy marking of the papers, to provide students with valuable feedback to assist their preparation for their final exams at the College.

All students in Years 9-12 will be completing final assessments and continuing the rigorous planning and preparation for their final exam weeks that are fast approaching. It is so important for all students to remain focused and use class and home study time effectively. VCE students should seek help from their teachers to work on any identified weaknesses, complete unit summaries and continue to work on exam performance by completing past exam papers under the exam time constraints. Students in the Senior School had the opportunity to participate in workshops with Elevate held at the school, focusing on study techniques during the year. I encourage students to also be fully utilising their key learnings from participating in these sessions in the lead up to the exams.

Students in Years 7-9 will also be completing assessments throughout the term leading into the final reporting period. All students in Year 7-9 also need to present a Student Led Conference to celebrate their achievements for this year before moving up to the next year level in our Headstart program. More information will follow about the arrangements for Student Led Conferences to be held at the start of Week 7. It is our clearly stated expectation that everyone strives to achieve their personal best in everything they do.


Progressive Reporting

A reminder to all parents and students to be checking the learning task section on the Compass portal to receive regular feedback on the progress of your child/children. We are in our third year of progressive reporting on all key benchmark tasks (common tasks completed by all students in all subjects) and SACs for VCE. For all core subjects you can expect to see two benchmark tasks per term reported on and at least one for elective/specialist classes. This method of reporting  allows you to receive up to date feedback on your child’s progress and results throughout the semester, rather than waiting for the end of semester report.


Mental Health Week

Thanks to the Wellbeing Team and some of our senior VCAL students who have run a number of activities throughout the week for students and staff to promote Mental Health Week e.g. Zumba at lunchtime, make your own stress ball, Kingston Youth activities, flower gift etc.


Year 7 2020 BYOD information night

On Thursday 10 October we are holding our BYOD information night for the new cohort of Year 7 students coming to us next year. We are expecting a high attendance rate on the night and I thank Director of eLearning Justin Wischusen, Laura Gorman and Julia Hockey – our Year 7 Coordinators in 2020 and Daniel Williams - Director of Middle School, for their organisation of this night and also to all the staff who will be attending to meet our new families. There will be a very detailed information pack distributed on the night. We look forward to welcoming all our new students officially to the school on Orientation Day  (Tuesday  10 December). At this stage, with 250 students expected, we are planning for ten form groups in Year 7 in 2020.



All students should be wearing the summer uniform this term. Just a reminder that ALL boys must be wearing the short sleeved business shirt with College logo in summer. Also to our current Year 9 students, a reminder that you will need to purchase the grey Senior School jumper for 2020 Headstart as you will be entering Year 10 and the Senior School.



Ms. Michelle Roberts



Important Dates


Friday 11

  • Year 9 War Poetry In Action Incursion
  • Chinese FL VCE Oral Exam
  • Great Debate Students vs Teachers in the gym 11:52am - 1:09 pm
  • Year 8 Words that Changed the World
  • ILC (International Learning Centre) Food Excursion to Mordialloc

Monday 14

  • MEX 9F Looking Around Data Collection
  • VCAL Showcase

Tuesday 15

  • College Art Show 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in the EZ

Wednesday 16

  • Year 10 Advance Grampians Hike returns Friday 18
  • VCE Drama Solo Exam

Thursday 17

  • Year 11 Geography Tourism Excursion
  • MEX 9C & 9D Aware Drug and Alcohol Incursion
  • MEX 9B Southland Looking Around Data Collection
  • VCE PE Revision Incursion

Friday 18

  • Year 10 Advance Grampians Hike returns


2020 Booklists

Ordering Booklists

Dear Parents & Guardians,

2020 Booklists are now available on the Mordialloc College website:

Orders must be placed with Campion by Friday 18 October for students to have their resources by Headstart commencement on Monday 18 November. These orders can be delivered to the College.

After this date, orders can still be placed, but resources will not arrive in time for the commencement of Headstart and cannot be delivered to the College.

Thank you.

Year 7 Project Expo Invitation

Dear Mordialloc College Parents, Guardians and Staff,

You are cordially invited to join us for the Term 4 Year 7 7A-7G Project Expo.

Term 4 - Expo

Event details: During Week 2 of Term 4, students will have the opportunity to apply what they have been learning in History to an application project. 7A-7G students have been studying Ancient Mediterranean civilisations. In Week 3, students will get the chance to present and share their projects with the wider Mordialloc College community.

When: Wednesday 23 October 9:10-9:40am

Where: Year 7 Learning Centre (please sign in at the General Office)


We look forward to you joining us to celebrate the amazing work of our students.


From the Year 7 team at Mordialloc College

Mordi Idol 2019

Each year the very talented students of Mordialloc College start preparing their voices, instruments, dance moves, jokes and exceptional selves for the event that every student looks forward to…Mordi Idol!

This year we had a phenomenal turn out of contestants with a record twenty talented students performing in thirteen thrilling acts to an adoring audience of the entire College community.

Courageously treading the boards of the gymnasium were: Adnan Abdul Mutalib, Albert Alegre, Levi Burns, Charles (Semi) Danford, Georgia Dorrity, Kaan Dyke, Liam Canavan, Sarah Carey, Thomas Carter, Olivia Cohen, Lilly Fruitman, Tomas Graves, Luke Holland, Celina Lum, Hunter Owen, Damian Pimpinella, Vitaliy Rostov, Bronte Taylor, Alex Unwin and Laetitia Young.

From soaring ballads to dynamic drumming, from individual efforts to entire band ensembles, every contestant gave their heart and soul and surprised the College yet again with their awesome talent, courage and commitment to the performing arts.


Judging was an extremely difficult affair and our three judges - Marina Walsh, Kathryn Bevan and Dylan Piubello - had the unenviable task of choosing only three winners from thirteen outstanding acts.

 Third place was awarded to the very talented Kaan Dyke who performed Bohemian Rhapsody on drums, runner up was awarded to Celina Lum who played keyboard and sang a beautifully composed song and the Mordi Idol winner for 2019 was the Hip Hopping Charles (Semi) Danford from Year 8 who blew us all away with his silky dance moves!

A great time was had by the whole College community and I would like to personally thank all the staff, students and parents who make this event the complete success that it is each year. In particular a huge debt of gratitude goes out to our very talented music director, Mr Danoudis, who worked tirelessly (often through his lunch break) with each contestant perfecting their acts and giving them immeasurable support and encouragement.


Miss Sears

Performing Arts Coordinator


On Tuesday 17 September, our Year 8 SEAL class travelled down to Mount Erin College for the annual SEAL HUB Day. This day provides students with an opportunity to interact and get to know SEAL students from other schools. On the day, students were able to put in preferences about the different workshops they would like to attend. 

A big thank you to Ms Lowe for running the Maths workshop and Ms Rhodes for running the Global Politics session.


Alice Leppin

SEAL Coordinator


Please see some student highlights from the day below.


Maths workshop


'I did the mathematics workshop. We completed many different activities such as decrypting andcompleting a quiz. I achieved my best result by working with a partner so we could complete our activities more efficiently. I gained lots of new knowledge including learning what the golden ratio is and how to measure it, or learning how to decrypt codes. Overall, I had a fun time and it was a great experience.'


'Today we completed a number of mathematical tasks. I enjoyed the golden ratio task the most. I learnt about the mathematical relationships found within nature. The hands on tasks we engaged in led me to a further understanding of ratios in nature. I enjoyed this very much!'


STEM Workshop


'Today at Mount Erin College I did the STEM Program. We watched videos describing how we use wind power. It is 10,000 times more effective than solar power. Then we made wind turbines with a CD. The more wind it picked up, the more power it got. The day was fun and I found it interesting.'


Global Politics


'I did the Global Politics workshop where we learnt about the Syrian conflict. We were assigned to be UN representatives for different countries. As a group, we researched our role in the conflict and then participated in a UN summit discussion. I had fun learning about something I had no prior knowledge of. I enjoyed pretending to have a say in global politics.'


Year 8 SEAL Sovereign Hill Excursion 2019


Recently, the Year 8 SEAL students had the opportunity to venture to Sovereign Hill to see all things Industrial Revolution in action. Students participated in a range of learning activities across the day, including:


  • Gold pouring demonstration

  • Rush Around the Hill - Scavenger Hunt

  • Underground mine tour

  • Gold panning

  • Exploring Sovereign Hill (and eating lots of lollies from the lolly shop)

  • Watching the brand new ‘Aura’ sound and light show


A big thank you to Mr. Haber for driving the minibus to and from Sovereign Hill. Also, a big thank you to Miss Rhodes, Miss Leppin and Mr. Haber for donating their personal time to make this incredible 14 hour excursion possible.


Student snapshots from the day


“I enjoyed the whole day, everything was absolutely amazing! However, the thing I enjoyed the most was the sound and light show at night time. Thank you for this learning opportunity, I learned a lot.”

 Lana Selthofer


“I really liked how we were able to experience the lives of people during the Industrial Revolution. It was a  great way to learn about different experiences and perspectives during this period in history.” 

Anna Kuppe


“I enjoyed Sovereign Hill thoroughly. It was a great learning opportunity that was fun. I would recommend this excursion as it aided my knowledge of the Industrial Revolution.”

Reema Ababneh


Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2019

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 a

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Dobson's currently have a 'Buy Early and Save' offer available. Please see the attached document for further details.

Dobsons will be offering some extended opening hours over the coming weeks. Please see below for dates and times.

Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website for information and pricing 'Click and Collect' is available.


* Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Student Exchange Opportunities


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 
We would like to inform you, that our deadline for Scholarships and Early Bird Discounts in 2019 is Sunday, 31st October.

We offer fourteen partial scholarships each year, for year and semester applicants only. Short program applicants are not eligible for a scholarship. 
All scholarships are valued at either A$2,500 (semester program) or A$3,500 (year program) each. The categories for entry are:

Students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn more about our scholarships and discounts on offer by attending a local information session, or a LIVE online information session on Thursday, 26th September at 8.30pm - 9.30pm AEDT or Thursday, 17th October at 5.30pm AEDT. Students can register here.



Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd

PO Box 1420, Mona Vale  NSW 1660 Australia
T: (02) 9997 0700 F: (02) 9997 0701

Suite 2590, PO Box 83000,
Wellington 6440 New Zealand
T: 0800 440079 F: 0800 440077

ABN: 49 101 489 356


Volunteer Information Session


Mordialloc Sailing Club


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