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01 November 2019
Issue Two


Inspired by St Joseph, we strive to be an inclusive faith community that challenges and supports each individual, ignites a passion for learning and empowers each to be a steward of creation.

Let Us Work Together.


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of this land.  We pay respect to their elders, both past and present.

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Message from the Principal

November 2019

Dear Parents and Friends,


Students are enjoying a great term so far with fantastic learning happening across all levels. The students are very settled and are really focused on their learning. We have been busy with Socktober, bike education, change and transformation, cyber safety, local community walks and interschool sports. 


Launch of our new school uniform

Thank you to our parents and friends who supported at our recent uniform launch. It was great to see so many of our current and new families at this important event. Special thanks to our wonderful models who did a fantastic job wearing our new uniforms so proudly on the catwalk.  


World Teachers' Day

This day is a great opportunity for everyone to recognise and appreciate teachers and the important role they play in shaping the next generation of young minds. I would like to thank our teachers for all the work they do in educating, nurturing, protecting, supporting and growing the mind and spirit of our children at St Joseph the Worker. Last week we had a special morning tea to recognise, celebrate and thank our staff. 


Prep Information 2020

We welcomed all of our 2020 Prep families at orientation last Friday, 25th October. Students worked with teachers in the classroom and parents met with leaders and were provided with information to support the smooth transition to their child’s first year of school. We welcome our new Preps and their parents back to our school on Friday, 15th November.


School Uniform
Thank you for ensuring that your child is wearing the correct Summer school uniform.  Students are required to wear their school hats in Term 4 while at school, and are strongly encouraged to wear them when walking to and from school. Students without a school hat will be required to sit in a shaded area during breaks. With the UV index much higher this term, parents are encouraged to ensure that their child also wears sunscreen. A friendly reminder that students are only permitted to wear their sneakers on PE or Interschool Sports Days.


Term Four School Closure Days

Please note that there will be no school for students on the following days:

  • Monday November 4th and Tuesday November 5th due to the Melbourne Cup Public holiday.

Our school year finishes on Wednesday, 18th December at 1:15 p.m.


School Fees

Thank you to the majority of families who have finalised school fees. It is an enrolment requirement that fees be paid in full by the end of October. If you still have not finalised your account, I ask that you do so early next week. Any outstanding accounts may be forwarded to our fees collection agency and will incur additional charges. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your account.


Q & A

Question: Are we allowed to take photos and videos of other students at St Joseph the Worker Primary School?

Answer: Under our child safety requirements parents are only allowed to take photos of their own children. We kindly ask all members of our community to respect our legal obligations.

Important Dates & Information



Monday 4th - School Closure Day - Report Writing Day 

Tuesday 5th - School Closure Day - Melbourne Cup Day  

Wednesday 6th - School Sports Day @ Meadowglen Athletics Track

Friday 8th - Commonwealth Bank Incursion (Prep & JLA) 

Monday 11th - Commonwealth Bank Incursion (MLA & SLA) 

Wednesday 13th - School Advisory Board Meeting, 7:30 pm

Thursday 14th - Assembly, 2:45 pm 

Friday 15th - 2020 Prep Orientation (Session 2)

Friday 22nd - Prep Science Incursion

Monday 25th - Student's Voting for 2020 Leaders 

Thursday 28th - Assembly, 2:45 pm 

Wednesday 27th - SLA Incursion - Leadership & Transition


Monday 2nd - Carols Evening 

Thursday 5th - Parent Helper Morning Tea 

Monday 9th - Surf Life Saving Visit (MLA & SLA)

Thursday 12th - Assembly, 2:45 pm

                                 - Year 6 Graduation Mass 

                                 - Semester 2 Reports Go Home

Friday 13th - 2020 Years 1 - 6 Orientation (11:15 am - 1:00 pm)

Monday 16th - Year 6 Big Day Out 

Wednesday 18th - Mass @ 12:15 pm 

                                         -Final Day of Term for Students 

Thursday 19th - Staff PD Day 

Learning Life Faith

Farewell to Father Yu

Fr Yu gave the parish of St Joseph the Worker 32 years of dedicated and loving service. His gentle and prayerful style of leadership is remembered by all, in particular, his natural ability of getting various groups of people ‘working together’. 

Last Year our Maestros wrote a song about our school. The lyrics included Father Yu's connection to our school.

Saint Joseph the Worker School Song

'It was a long time ago, in history,  

Our church was built by Father Yu,

Then we had a community, and our community grew and grew


St Joseph the Worker let us work together 

We learn and play each and every day.


Father Yu knew exactly what to do,

He would build a community.

Hall, school and Church were built

With the love and support of our families.'


We thank God for the gift of Father Yu.

May he rest in eternal peace.

W.E.S.T Wall of Fame

Recently we introduced four new faces to the W.E.S.T Wall of Fame. The four new students who have made Jesus real to others through their words and actions are: Grace Defazio in grade Prep, Erin Lee in JLA, George Tragas in MLA and Renee Koutsadontis in SLA. These students were four of many students who were nominated by others because their wonderful actions did not go unnoticed. Congratulations for living out God’s message which is shared with through Jesus.

October- The Month of Our Lady of the Rosary

As October is the Month of Our Lady of the Rosary the students have been learning about the Holy Rosary. The word Rosary means "Crown of Roses". Each time we say a Hail Mary it is like we are giving Mary a beautiful rose and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses. The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because within it lies the story of Mary. With the Rosary we pray the mysteries of joy, of sorrow and the glory of Jesus and Mary. The Rosary is a prayer we can all say together with Mary, the Mother of God. When we pray the Hail Mary we ask her to pray for us because she is close to Jesus and Jesus always listened to his mother.  The whole Rosary is composed of twenty decades. Each decade is recited in honour of a mystery in Jesus’ and that of His Blessed Mother, Mary. It is customary to recite five decades at a time while meditating on one set of mysteries. There is simple and shorter version of the Rosary that you can pray with your children. This version is called the Joey Rosary.



This term we participated in the Socktober challenge coordinated by Catholic Mission Australia. Socktober gave our school an opportunity to engage with the Catholic mission. Students at St Joseph the Worker were able to experience how children in Ghana play the game of soccer, they learnt about life in Ghana and were moved to action.

As part of Socktober, the students built a recycled ‘Sockball’ using the socks which were donated by you. The ‘Sockball’ is a replica of the type of ball thousands of children throughout the world use each day. 

On Crazy Sock day, Monday October 28th, all students participated in a school kick off. Each class was given a ‘Sockball’ and 15 minutes to kick as many goals as possible. Prep 2 were the winners as they kicked the most goals and were presented with the Socktober Trophy. The gold coin donations will be given to Catholic Mission Australia and passed on to the children of Ghana to purchase sporting equipment. The students had a great afternoon and the event was a success. Thank you to all families for their donations of old socks and gold coins.



Around the Classes:

October has seen all students at SJW complete PAT testing in both Reading and Mathematics.

PAT stands for Progressive Achievement Test. PAT-R (Progressive Achievement Test Reading) is used in thousands of schools in Australia and around the world. The approach focuses on assessing and monitoring student growth over time and is underpinned by an understanding that students of the same age and in the same year of school can be at very different points in their learning and development.

The students at SJW undertake the PAT-R online. All students have an individual log in and password. The test is set by your child's teacher.  Our aim as teachers' administering the PAT-R is to 
tailor teaching to the needs of the individual learner. That is, to advance the progress of every student, regardless of their starting point. This means that not all students will receive the same test but, instead will sit the test that best reflects their current level of Reading Comprehension.

The teachers will be working in collaboration with both the Literacy (Jessica Milesi) and Numeracy (Jill Marr) Leaders in the coming weeks to analyse all PAT results and plan learning for all students at their point of need.

If you would like any further information about the PAT testing, please come and speak to either Jill or myself or send us an email with your questions.

Jessica Milesi

What's Happening in SLA?

The SLA students have recently started to read the novel "Black Cockatoo" by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler. This book was shortlisted for the Book of the Year Awards in 2019 by the Children's Book Council of Australia.  

The students have been responding to the text during Writing and so far have looked at the author's use of emotive language and dilemmas within the text. Have a read of some student responses below: 


The author uses the emotive language in the sentence "...the dirrarn lay sprawled amongst the other smaller birds he'd been using for target practise." This makes me feel sorry for the young dirrarn that just got hit by a rock because he did not deserve it. Jy didn't plan on eating it and was just using it as target practise, in a normal world we use objects not living things. In Aboriginal culture, they kill to eat and not for target practise, which Jy should know but he decides not to listen. - Jacob A


I agree with this dilemma because in Aboriginal culture, killing for food is OK. But for fun and games not so much. I also feel Jy is treating his Jawiji very poorly by dismissing him and saying  "Nah I'm just practicing" p6. - Sophia M


When the author uses emotive language in the sentence "...scooped up the dirrarn, cradled to her chest..." it makes me feel sad and upset that someone would really do that to a living animal, but it also makes me think that there is still hope in the world because there are people who will cradle a helpless animal. It really brings me joy when Mia is treating it like it was her own child. - Jaxon H 


He should not be killing the birds because it is part of the Aboriginal culture that you should not kill any animal for fun.  - Alessia B


CBA Incursions

Friday 8th November: Prep - Grade 2
Monday 11th November: Grade 3 -Grade 6


All children will participate in this valuable incursion offered by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Please take this opportunity to discuss with your children the value of money and how we use money on a daily basis in different contexts. 

If you have currency from different countries compare these to our Australian coins and notes. Also, you may consider discussing saving, spending on needs and wants, budgeting etc


Discussions and investigations following the incursion will take place in classrooms to reinforce and consolidate children's understanding of Money.


It was great to see our Prep children collecting data during the Socktober Kick Off and creating graphs from their scores in the classroom.

Making these connections in learning are very powerful.

PAT M Testing

As mentioned by Jess on the Literacy Page, SJW students have been busy completing our PAT tests, including PAT Maths.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call the school office to make an appointment. 


Jill Marr 


Cybersafety Workshop - MLA & SLA

On Monday 28th October MLA and SLA students took part in the Alannah and Madeline Foundation's Cybersafety Workshop '3 C's of Cybersafety'. (Contact, Conduct and Content).  This workshop gave students the opportunity to discuss how to be safe online and ensure a consistent approach to keeping safe online.


What the students had to say:

On Monday the 28th of October, all the MLA’s and SLA's went into the library to discuss CyberSafety with the presenter. We had the opportunity to learn how to be safe when using devices such as iPads, computers and apps on a phone. We learned about the 3 C’s of being online, which are Contact, Content, Conduct. Contact means interacting with someone online without being face to face, Content means all the things you share and post online, and Conduct is all the rules we should follow when we are online. We also learned that everything we post online can be found through a Google search. Everyone was involved in a discussion where we looked at the difference between private information and personal information. Private information includes details such as your full name, address and phone number, and personal information includes facts about yourself that you can share with others, for example, your favourite food.

Here are some posters that some SLA students created during eSmart week on how you can be safe online.


What is SEL ?

Here is a great video that beautifully explores the parent-school partnership in teaching Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). In this video, it demonstrates how parents and teachers may explore the same SEL concepts at home and school and how, holistically, they may model and explore the contexts for SEL application and deep understanding. 



SLA CAMP @ Coastal Forest Lodge 

  • "I think the most important part of camp was the activities because we worked together and that is our school motto." - Radhika D
  • "Camp is different to school because you don't have to do work and you get to explore places you've never been to before" - Jacob A
  • "At the end of each camp day, I felt excited, delighted and tired because I accomplished some things I thought I couldn’t do. I felt tired from all the activities we did during the day. I also felt excited because I couldn’t wait for the next day." - Sofia T
  • "At camp, I connected with my friends because in every free time I was playing with them." - Daniel S
  • "At the end of each day, I was excited and extremely tired. I was excited because I couldn't wait for the next activities. The activities were so fun and energetic but I got so tired by the end of the day." - Natalie B
  • "Camp is different from school because you are in a different environment, we sleep there and do different activities every day." - Alessia F
  • "I think my greatest strength at camp was problem-solving because in the initiative activities I was helpful in getting people through the activities." -  Sam P

  • "I really enjoyed holding a wild blue tongue."  - Sam C

  • "I really enjoyed the archery."  - Kade

  • "The most important part of the day at camp is probably before dinner when we played with our friends outside having fun." - Stella

  • "I wouldn’t change anything about camp because I had a go at everything."  - Miarose

  • "I learnt that I don’t give up and I like to finish what I started. Even if things were a bit hard I persevered."  - Annaliese

  • "At camp I really connected with Sophia M because late at night we both had an active imagination and saw that the smoke alarm that we later named ‘WAK”, was changing into a cowboy, a chef, a knight, a bee, a creepy person, and many more characters..but each time it had an afro! We both think we genuinely saw these things and it strengthened our relationship." - Rose

  • "I fed a donkey for the first time." -  Alessio

  • "It was so interesting because there were lots of cool places to go and lots of different animals."  - Amelia

  • "What I miss most about camp is having the time to do things with people I would not normally work with." - Anthony

  • 3 Things I Learnt at Camp - "1. I didn’t know that the boys were cheeky to the level they were at compared to school. 2. I didn’t know that I could ever use a bow .3. I didn’t know that Harry was a VERY deep sleeper!" - Ekin 


School Athletics Carnival 

St Joseph the Worker Athletics Carnival

As you will be well aware by now, our Athletics Carnival will be held at Meadowglen Athletics Track in Epping on Wednesday 6th November, due to track maintenance at our local track at Edwardes Lake.  Students have been practicing their athletics events such as sprints, relays and field events or games during their PE lessons for the past 4 weeks, so they will be well prepared for the day.  All students can win extra points at the athletics carnival for their teams by being SunSmart (wearing a hat and sunscreen, but NOT coloured zinc), having excellent displays of positive sportsmanship, and simply having a go and giving their best effort!


Please ensure that your permission slips and bus money is returned to school by this Friday.  Please also be at school by 8:30 am on Wednesday so that you do not miss the bus to the track!  As a reminder, please do not bring money or valuables in your bag, bring enough water and food to last you for the day, and don’t forget your hat, sports uniform and trainers.


Timetable for the Day

  • 8.55 am Buses leave for Meadowglen in Epping 
  • 9.30 am March past in sports colours and warm up in teams
  • 10.00 am Sprint races (60 m - 100m)
  • 10.45 am Snack break
  • 11.00 am Field events rotations (20 mins each)
  • 12.40 pm  Lunch / cheer on longer races ie. 200 m  (*** if a hot day, we will head home now)
  • 1.30 pm  800 m
  • 2.00 pm Team relays ( 4 x 60 - 4 x 100 shuttle relays)
  • 2.30 pm Presentation of points
  • 2.45pm  Travel back to school


In our school’s spirit of “Working Together”, families are invited to come and watch at our Athletics Carnival, but please display positive sporting behaviour at all times: cheer for all students and encourage “having a go” and “doing your best”, before winning.  This is a FUN day to be had by all.

We look forward to seeing you all there! 


Cara Boustead

PE Teacher

School Advisory Board

St Joseph the Worker Uniform Journey

It's hard to believe that nearly two years ago we embarked on journey to investigate a change to our school uniform. This journey hasn’t just been about our school colours but about our school’s vision and the type of school we thrive to be in the future.


St Joseph the Worker is proud of its school vision, working together and through this journey we ensured that all members of our community provided input into this historical change.


Behind the scenes, the School Advisory Board played a significant role in the uniform tender process ensuring we selected the best supplier for our school and furthermore committed to over 30 meetings to ensure decisions were  made in the best interest of our school.  The project implementation phase took approximately a year before we even began the design phase of the project.  During the design phase, we ensured collaboration with our school community and were transient in communication as decisions were being made.


For me personally, one of the most significant moments on this journey was at the dress rehearsal for our uniform launch.  Seeing twelve students wearing the new uniform for the first time and l couldn't believe how amazing they all looked!


At that rehearsal a student said to me, "Vanessa, l just love everything about this uniform, the way it looks, the way it feels on, I feel great." Another student asked, "Can l wear this uniform to school tomorrow?" It was in that moment that l felt proud that we had achieved something remarkable for our children.  To see our students embrace and wear the new uniform with such pride is exactly what we set out to achieve.


I became a member of our School Advisory Board two years ago as I wanted to contribute to our school however found it difficult to assist during school hours due to work commitment. Joining our School Advisory Board allowed me to bring my professional skills in project implementation to the table and in turn has assisted in a positive impact for our school.

The School Advisory Board is looking for passionate, energetic people who aren’t afraid to bring new ideas to the table and give things a try. If you would like to know more about our School Advisory Board or considering becoming a member, I encourage you to attend our AGM on Wednesday 13th November.


Vanessa Rendina
School Advisory Board Member


P & F News



Please see the following Program Flyer: 


For more information about Before and After School Care or assistance in making a booking please call 0437 492 917 during 7-9 am and 3-6 pm. TheirCare support is available during office hours on 1300 072 410.

Parish of
St Joseph the Worker

Mass Timetable: 

Saturday – 8.30 am English, 6.00 pm English (1st Saturday Maltese Mass at 6 pm)
Sunday – 9.00 am Italian, 10.30am English

Monday – 9.10 am Communion Service
Tuesday – 10.00 am Italian
Wednesday – 9.10 am English
Thursday – 9.10 am English
Friday – 9.10 am English

St Joseph the Worker Primary School
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