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From the Principal

The only way is up

I have a confession to make. I am not good with heights. Flying in an aeroplane is fine but standing on the edge of a cliff or even on a high balcony is not my idea of fun. Recently, on an interstate flight, I watched a documentary on Alex Hannold, an American climber, as he attempted to scale ‘El Capitan’, a vertical rock face in Yosemite National Park, California.


Some years ago, I stayed a few nights in this national park with my family. It is very picturesque and beautiful and a popular site for tourists and climbers. Only the best climbers with full safety gear would attempt this challenge. Hannold’s attempt was even more treacherous as he sought to become the first climber to scale the rock face without using ropes.


His preparation for the climb was meticulous. He was accompanied by a film crew and they followed his every move. Much of the planning was to become familiar with the dangerous parts of the climb. He would be harnessed as he practiced some of the more precarious moves. Even some members of the film crew needed to be expert climbers to enable them to be close enough to film the action. The crew member I related to the most was the cameraman on the ground who had to turn away at the dangerous sections!


His first attempt at climbing was cancelled as he was not feeling sufficiently comfortable. Given weather conditions needed to be perfect it was a further 12 months before the next attempt was made. The documentary focused on the superb preparation and skill required. He ultimately became the first person to complete the 3000 feet (914 metres) climb.


Fortunately, our daily tasks are not literally about life and death. However, in this instance the climber needed to undertake perfect preparation. It is a good message for all of us when we approach significant events. Secondly, Hannold did not lose sight of his goal and was happy to learn from his mistakes and proceed with future attempts.


Many of our students have just completed assessments. We celebrate your every success. However, we don’t always succeed at the first attempt. We can remember the wise words of Winston Churchill:

‘Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’

Best wishes to all students for the remainder of the term.


Robert Henderson


Email phishing attack

It has come to the attention of the College that an email phishing attack has been circulating through Catholic Education Western Australia. If you or your child should receive any email from a Catholic Education email address ( which doesn't look right or seems to solicit information (like password or personal details) do not engage with the email in any way, for example, by clicking on links in the email or entering details. Should you receive any suspicious emails from the College or any other CEWA email address please notify the College IT help desk via email on or by phoning 9383 0447.

Expressions of Interest

The College Council's Finance and Risk Committee

Risk Management and Law Skills

The College Council is currently seeking expressions of interest from parents to join the College’s Finance and Risk Committee with professional expertise and skills in:

  • risk management; and / or
  • corporate and commercial law.

We encourage all parents with a Catholic ethos, commercial acumen and experience in these fields to express their interest.


Finance and Risk Committee Responsibilities

The Committee's responsibilities are to provide support to the Council and College Principal in overseeing the development and approval of the College budget, monitoring financial reports against budget, reviewing annual accounts and capital expenditure and overseeing financial and risk management. The Committee meets seven times per year in school terms (usually on Wednesday mornings, 7.00am - 9.00am).  Further information on the Committee can be found at:


Expression of interest

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the governance of the College.  To express your interest, please send an email by Thursday 20 June 2019 to John Cumming, Business Manager John XXIII College:

  • outlining why are you interested in joining this Committee and summarising your relevant skills and experience; and
  • attaching your curriculum vitae.

John Cumming’s contact details are:


Telephone: (08) 9383 0402


Year 10 Japanese make Sushi

Last week, our Year 10 students of Japanese delved into the fine art of making sushi and misoshiro soup as part of their exploration of Japanese cuisine and home life. In true Japanese fashion, the students rolled a combination of their favourite ingredients into perfect sushi rolls. Before starting their meal they said “Itadakimasu” (we are about to receive) and after the meal “gochisoo sama deshita” (that was a banquet). Food is a great gateway into learning about another country.

Arigatoo to Ms Helen Aghdasi and Ms Eri MacDonald for preparing all the ingredients so that the sushi was really “oishii.”

Ms Shane Glass
Head of Learning Area (Languages)

Open your heart and home to hosting a student from Japan

Many thanks to the families that have so generously offered to host one of your young Japanese students for two weeks in Term 3.


We still require another 20 families, so if your family is able to host a female student from Japan from 28 July to the 10 August, then please do not hesitate to click this link for further information. Please complete the attached Host Family Application Form and return it to me at at your earliest convenience.


Opening your heart and home to someone from another country is a wonderful opportunity to expose your family to understanding another culture.


This will be our 21st exchange with Fujimi High School! The length of our relationship reflects the loyalty, strength and success of the program.


Ms Shane Glass

Head of Learning Area (Languages)


Outdoor Education Camps

The Year 9 and 10 Outdoor Education students were battered with cold, wet conditions on their recent camps, however, all participants thrived in the challenging conditions.


The Year 9 students learnt many valuable lessons on their one-night camp in Byford last week. With over 30mm of rain falling overnight those that didn’t set-up their tent perfectly spent the night damp and uncomfortable. However, there was a real sense of community displayed with the whole group rallying together to support each other and succeed at each of the programmed activities.


With severe weather warnings in place for the beginning of the newly extended Year 10 expedition there was a tangible level of apprehension as the group departed for Margaret River on Tuesday this week. The Year 10 students enjoyed the opportunity to spend time in the bush environment straight after their Semester One exams and with the weather clearing across the week, the group loved the lengthened journey-based program. Each of the students learnt new skills, formed new friendships and gained a new appreciation for their own ability to face challenges and show resilience.


Despite the wet conditions, the recent Outdoor Education camps highlighted why the subject area is so beneficial to the development of transferable life skills and personal growth. Thank you so much to the staff that volunteered to assist on these experiences. It was fantastic to see familiar faces and also a few new staff prepared to give up their time.


Cameron Tremayne
HOLA - Health & Physical Education

Year 11 ‘Id Quod Volo’ Day

On Monday 10 June all Year 11 students participated in ‘Id Quod Volo’, which translates in English to ‘that which I desire’. The day was focused on exploring different leadership models, while developing the ability to collaborate and form stronger bonds within their Homerooms. The Houses were spread across Perth at varying locations, including Ronald McDonald House, Kings Park, Majella Catholic Primary School, University of Notre Dame and Mercy Place Mont Clare Aged Care Facility.


The students also received an introduction to the leadership opportunities on the Student Representative Council in 2020. Thank you to the House Coordinators and Homeroom teachers for their organisation and facilitation on the day in testing weather conditions. Below are some student accounts from the day.


James McLaughlin

Year 11 Assistant Deputy Principal



On the Campion Id Quod Volo experience we visited Mercy Place Mont Clare Aged Care Facility. When we arrived we were introduced to care takers who gave us an introduction to Mont Clare and informed us on how the Aged Care Facility works. Most of us then made coffees and talked to the residents at the coffee club. Everyone got the chance to interact with and get to know the residents of Mont Clare. We had the opportunity to get insight on how Perth was different and their stories on moving to Perth. After lunch we broke up and moved into different pods of the facility where some played chess, painted nails and played games with the residents. Through the Campion experience at Mont Clare we learned how to be men and women for others and grew our leadership skills in interaction with the residents.

Gabby Smith



For Id Quod Volo, the Loreto house went to the Majella Catholic Primary School in Balga. Eighty percent of the students were not born in Australia, and varied greatly in cultural backgrounds including children from Niger, Sudan, Afghanistan and Burma, just to name a few. We helped out by running activities for the kids, with our goal being to make them smile and have fun. We learnt that people so different in ethnicity, religion, culture and nationality can all come together and share experiences, whilst learning from each other and coming together as a collective unit. This experience opened our eyes and widened our horizons to the lives of people from many corners of the world, and in whole, made our homeroom realise how lucky we all are and we became more grateful for our opportunities and lifestyle.

Aneka Johnston



During Id Quod Volo the Koolyangarra Homeroom learnt to be grateful for what we have and the importance of helping and learning from others. Half the homeroom got to cook dinner for Shopfront feeding those who are not as fortunate as us, the other half of the homeroom was lucky enough to travel off campus to Ronald McDonald House, where they learnt about the amazing work they do and cooked morning tea for the residents. The whole Homeroom then met together for lunch at Kings Park, where we would spend the rest of the day reflecting, building on the strong relationships within our Homeroom and learning the importance of leadership.

Laura Hopkyns & Adam Smith



Id Quod Volo was an awesome day spent in Kings Park, starting at the War Memorial and then exploring the Kokoda Track Memorial. Later in the day we worked in teams to complete a treasure hunt. Having that time with our homeroom brought us closer together and even despite the extreme weather conditions, the activities worked out to be great fun. The activities involved teamwork and leadership skills that everyone benefitted from. 

Tiala Slatter & Harry Seah


St Louis

The St Louis Homeroom practiced key leadership and team building skills through a range of various activities spread throughout the day. The whole homeroom took a bus to Allen Park Pavilion, where we spent the entire day engaging in fun activities that were designed to build interpersonal and important leadership skills. Ones we will need as we transition into the senior most year of high school. Such activities included riddle solving, blindfolded team activities and group competitions that all helped create stronger relationships within our homeroom and provided an opportunity for those who aspire to hold leadership positions next year to demonstrate their leadership skills. To conclude the day the whole homeroom participated in an individual reflection and learnt about the process of becoming a school community leader next year.

Reuben Patchett



For Ward the day began at Norte Dame University in Fremantle. We had a talk by Associate Professor Dr Shane Lavery, who told us some tips on how to be a good leader. He did this in a fun and interesting way through activities. We then went on to do an amazing race style type of activity around Fremantle in groups of five. We concluded the day with a member from each group going fishing, this decided who won the race. Overall it was a really fun day and we learnt lots about how to be a good leader, not only for next year, but forever.

Emily Harcourt


Year 12 Coaching

The next stage of the Year 12 Coaching program will commence next week with students attending their second coaching session. The focus of this meeting will be to identify and celebrate the student’s progress towards their own goals set earlier this term. The meeting will also enable students to goal set for the next six weeks of school by either elaborating on their existing goals or developing new goals, if they have been successful in the achievement of their existing goals.


Students are asked to complete the personal reflection in the Goals tab of SEQTA prior to their scheduled meeting. It is a good opportunity for parents to view the goals their son/daughter had set and to engage in the reflection and goal setting with their child.

Years 10-12 Examinations

Congratulations to our Years 10-12 students on their conduct during the recent examination period. External invigilators for the Years 11-12 examinations commented on the positive behaviour and work ethic displayed by our students. Whilst examinations can be a source of apprehension for some students, they are a valuable learning experience as they enable students to evolve their time management and organisational skills as well as develop strategies to cope with the changing schedule and atmosphere of the examinations.


After receiving examination results it is important for all students to take the time to reflect on their academic progress. The value of feedback for future learning as well as the basis for reflection is well researched. Teachers have devoted considerable time and effort to provide substantial feedback to students both in written and verbal form. Students can complete an individual reflective activity such as the one available in SEQTA Documents or simply journal comments regarding their preparation, satisfaction with their results and goals for future academic progress. It is ideal if these reflections are made visual by students in their study area as a motivation for future efforts.


It is also relevant for students to remember that it is okay to be dissatisfied with their results and that success is not always linear. As many famous people have experienced, success generally comes as a result of learning from previous mistakes. The learning that can occur at this time of the academic year is incredibly meaningful for future success. Now is an opportune time for students to establish realistic study routines for second semester.

Around The Primary

Dear Parents

Another great week in the Primary school and Kindy interviews for 2021 are now in full swing.  It is always quite delightful meeting with families to talk about their little treasures.  So far so good ….. my office is still intact and I have met with many lovely families all wanting the very best for their children and it is always a pleasure to reassure them they have arrived at an excellent Catholic school.  Sibling Interviews for Kindy 2021 will occur next term.


Year 6B have had a busy week preparing for today’s Assembly.  The students enjoyed sharing their many highlights of their time in our Nation’s Capital.  I know the Year 6 students are now busily applying their learning to many subject areas.    I hope you enjoy reading a sample of their reflections written about their recent trip to Canberra.


Congratulations to the Years 5 and Year 6 students who participated in the team sports, namely netball, soccer, AFL and hockey and played yesterday at the College against Newman College.  Thank you to all the students for their participation and commitment to their teams.


Ms Moore, our Special Needs teacher commenced her Maternity Leave today.  We wish Carly and Brendan every blessing as they look forward to the birth of their first child. Mrs Chiaroni (an experienced Special Needs teacher from Mary Ward Secondary) will be joining our Primary Team.


I look forward to seeing many families at the Music Eisteddfod Winner Concert on Sunday afternoon commencing at 5:30pm in the GBLT.  Everyone is welcome to come along and see our talented students perform.


Kind regards, 


Antoinette De Pinto

Head of Primary

Dates to Remember

Sunday 16 June Music Eisteddfod Winners' Concert
Wednesday 19 June

Year 1 Minibeasts Incursion

Friday 21 June

Primary Mass hosted by 5G

Merit Certificate Winners

Well done to all the students who received a certificate for their fantastic achievements.



Giselle D’Souza

Anaja Jukic

Ryan Kelly



Zach Grainger

Daisy Hewer

Kieren Ridley



Rosanna O’Toole

Zara Polini

Noah Wibrow



Eloise Manifis

Luke Watson




Niamh Jennings

Olive Reside




Vivienne Barley

Angus Perera




Zoe Hipoliti

Zara Zidar

Gianmarco Bergomi



Samuel Jukic

Gus Lennon

Ruby Scott

Amelia Wibrow


Madisen Markey

Liam McNamara

Luka O’Gorman



Sophia Edgley

Charlie Lennon

Anashe Marerwa



Daniel Edmondson

Elizabeth Levey

Sophia Negus



Devan Finn

Luca Robson

Cate Thomasz

Raphael Zidar


Jackson Bosnich

Oliver Grant Smith

Thalia Kurniawan

Emily Litic


Luke Green

Bridget Owen

Bianca Petsos



Music Eisteddfod

We are very proud of all our young musicians who performed in the annual Music Eisteddfod. The external adjudicators were impressed with the students’ performances and confident attitude.


Congratulations to our Outstanding Performers in each category and also to the student who received Special Mention from the adjudicators.


The Winners’ Concert will be held this Sunday 16 June at 5:30pm in the GBLT.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



Outstanding Performer

Special Mentions

Primary Strings

Elise Kwei

Nicholas Skerratt & Kate Wagner

Junior Guitar

Devan Finn

Christopher Henderson

Primary Winds & Brass

Jennifer Ong

Madison Pruiti & Jackson Bosnich

Year 1-2 Piano

Oliver Byrne

Sienna D’Alessandro & Mia Kwei

Year 3-4 Piano

Kiran Finn

Campbell Tonkin & Zack Barley

Year 5-6 Piano

Gracie Byrne

Devan Finn, Elise Kwei & Jennifer Ong


Canberra Reflections

Tilly Laver (6B)

During our trip to the Australian National War Memorial we visited the Discovery Zone where we were encouraged to touch real machinery and objects used in the numerous wars Australia was involved in. We learnt many stories about individual soldiers who fought and died for Australia. The Last Post ceremony truly made me feel sympathy and sadness for the families who had to find out that their relative would never be coming home. I hope that the next generations of Year Sixes who visit Canberra can appreciate the astounding experience that the War Memorial offers.


Emily Litic (6B)

As soon as we stepped into the huge Questacon building I knew I was going to have an awesome time. It was amazing to lay on the ground in the shaking earthquake room and feel what a real earthquake would be like, especially after we had learnt about earthquakes in class last term. I loved watching the caged lightning and racing planets too. My personal favourite experience was the 6 metre slide. I loved zooming down it at top speed and it was all over with in less than three seconds. I learnt a lot at Questacon and I think future students will too when they are in Year 6.


George Griffiths (6B)

Parliament House was an enormous standout for me on my Canberra trip. From the moment I stepped into it, I felt beyond privileged. The colours, materials and geometry were spectacular - everything seemed to have a meaning. We were greeted by a lovely tour guide that accompanied us as we walked around Parliament House. As an artist, I appreciated the portraits of all of the Prime Ministers. It was like a journey of time, not only of Prime Ministers, but the style of painting as well. I thought that it was very interesting about how one of our former Prime Ministers, Julia Gillard - the first female Prime Minister- said that she wanted her portrait to show her exactly as she is, wrinkles and all! Overall, Parliament House was not only informative, but they made it fun! Yes, you heard correctly, learning about politics was fun for an eleven-year-old! The last thing I would like to add that really stuck with me, was when the tour guide talked about how Parliament House was built from the tax payers’ money. She made it very clear that we are all encouraged to visit Parliament House, and that it is just as much ours as the politicians who work there.


Bridget Owen (6G)

I really enjoyed the Canberra camp, but there were two major highlights for me. I loved the Australian War Memorial. It helped me realise what war is and how much all those soldiers had to go through just to protect us and keep us safe. It made me realise that life is short and we should go and live it to the fullest. It also made me feel that I can do good in this world. I also loved being in Canberra with all my friends. They were so kind to me and helped me solve problems. The Year 6 Canberra camp was amazing!


Callum de Andrade (6G)

The Year 6 Canberra camp is probably the best camp out of the entire school curriculum since it’s not every day that you get to travel to the capital of your nation! My most favourite parts of Canberra were the Lake Burley Griffin cruise and visiting Questacon.


Amelia Hennessy (6G)

My experience in Canberra was phenomenal! Not only did I get to share every activity with all of my peers, I also got to learn amazing facts that I didn’t already know. One of the many sensational places we went to was Parliament House. In HASS, we had already learnt so much about this special place and what happens inside it so when we actually went there and saw it, it was astounding. After every jam packed day of learning and fun, we got to go back to the AIS where we were guaranteed a good night’s sleep with our dorm buddy. While we were going about exploring in Canberra, we were also learning many life skills. Overall, the 2019 Canberra camp was a great success which no one will forget!


Stavros Karafilakis (6G)

Canberra was a great experience for all of us and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Even through the wet and cold, we had fun doing the activities. I think our favourite part would have been when we went to Questacon. My personal highlight of this trip would be rolling down the hill at the National Arboretum.


Thomas Townsend (6G)

One of the best experiences of my life was going to Canberra. This is because Canberra is home to a multitude of places like Questacon, the Australian War Memorial, the AIS and Parliament House. These educational places are the home to much information and I hope lots of future generations can enjoy it. I have learnt lots and I am glad to have been fortunate enough to go to Canberra.




A Cultural Experience

On Wednesday, 5G had the privilege to go to a Japanese restaurant in Myaree. When we arrived at Ohnamiya, the Japanese restaurant, after a half an hour drive, we were greeted by joyful staff. As a starter, we enjoyed a warm bowl of miso soup and sushi for us to enjoy. I found the sushi extremely delectable and the miso soup mouthwatering. We even got our own bottle of juice! For our mains, we got a full bento box that included: pieces of luscious katsu chicken, rice and an assortment of divine pickles. We’ve been so lucky to get to experience eating Japanese food. We thank Sensei Aghdasi for organizing this amazing experience!

Elise Kwei (5G)



Science in the Classroom

There is no better classroom experience for children than watching chicks emerge from their shells.

The Pre-Primary children have watched with wonder and awe as the eggs hatched and have been fascinated by the antics of the newly hatched chicks ever since.


The children are so excited to come into the classroom each day to see their fluffy friends and to make new observations.  They have learnt so much about life-cycle from egg to chicken.



Sacramental Certificates

As your children celebrate receiving the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, please email copies of these Certificates to for College records.

Can you help?

The Catholic LifeLink Agency, ‘The Shop Front’ provides meals for those in need who call in and has shower facilities for those who are homeless.


Once again we are collecting travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, as well as, tooth brushes, toothpaste and combs/brushes. Many of these items are often provided by hotels and are a suitable size for distribution by the volunteers at The Shop Front. Donations can be placed in the basket in the front office. The Shop Front is a special place of hospitality and sharing and would also greatly appreciate any donations of blankets or sleeping bags (new or pre-loved).


Sports News 

Years 5 and 6 Interschool Sport

This week JTC hosted Newman College on Thursday afternoon and thankfully the weather cleared for us.  Next week we play Carmel School which will be our final matches before the Winter Carnival on Thursday 27 June.  Information regarding the Winter Carnival will be coming out next week.


Cross Country 

Some pretty terrible weather saw the dedicated cross country runners pushing their limits with the beep test on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  With the aim of learning the test and improving their scores pacing and endurance were the big challenges.  A massive congratulations to all the runners for doing their best but especially those who reached over level 8!  Vivienne Barley (2G) and Olivia Negus (2G) 8.1, Ruby Verleg (6G) 9.1,  Ben Arundell (4B) 9.8 and Finn O’Donnell (6G) with a huge 10.1!!!


Please note, students in choir must attend choir practice on Thursday mornings instead of Cross-Country.




Steve Williams

0477 970 099

Music - Week 17

Music Eisteddfod 

Congratulations to over 350 young musicians who performed in the annual Music Eisteddfod. Our external adjudicators made specific comments about, not only the students’ fantastic level of musicianship and polished performances but, also their friendly and confident attitude. After a highly successful two days, we are pleased to announce that the winning house of the annual Music Shield is Loreto House. Congratulations!

From amongst the huge number of entries, the adjudicators highlighted several students deserving Special Mentions and, some as Outstanding Performers in their category. Congratulations to these students (listed below).


A Winner’s Concert will be held this Sunday 16 June at 5:30pm in the GBLT, where trophies and medals will be awarded to Outstanding Performer and Special Mention students. All are welcome to attend.



Outstanding Performer

Special Mentions

Primary Strings

Elise Kwei

Nicholas Skerratt

Kate Wagner

Intermediate Strings

Ava Kwei

Eloise Loveridge

Georgie Bantock

Senior Strings

Aerin Chai

Daniel Corvaia

McKenzie Richardson

Junior Guitar

Devan Finn

Christopher Henderson

Isaac Foley

Senior Guitar

Henry Seah

Julian O’Rourke

Michael Skerratt


Joel Garces

Nick Brennan

Tom Stokes

Primary Winds and Brass

Jennifer Ong

Madison Pruiti

Jackson Bosnich

Junior Winds and Brass

Thomas Syminton

Sarah Hurley

Hannah Rafiq

Intermediate Winds and Brass

Natalie Ong

Grace Markey

Zoe Koong

Senior Winds and Brass

Eliza Thompson

Lorian Marshall

Julian O’Rourke

Junior Voice

Michael Woo

Holly Denton

Holly Martin

Senior Voice

Sophia Matthews

Lucy Lalor

Alex Kirwan and Eloise Budimlich

Year 1 – 2 Piano

Oliver Byrne

Sienna D’Alessandro

Mia Kwei

Year 3 – 4 Piano

Kiran Finn

Campbell Tonkin

Zack Barkley

Year 5 – 6 Piano

Gracie Byrne

Devan Finn

Elise Kwei

Jennifer Ong

Intermediate Piano

Niamh McCleary

Xavier Jeffrey

Zachary Skerratt

Senior Piano

Eloise Budimlich

Daniel Corvaia

Dominic McCleary

Original Composition

Nicholas Kyriakacis

Aerin Chai

Gracie Byrne

Small Ensemble

Senior Flute Ensemble

Year 12 Guitar Ensemble

Senior String Quintet

Sydney Music Tour – Performance Uniform Trousers

Any Music Tour students who missed their sizing of Performance Uniform trousers must attend the Music Office as a matter of urgency to do so.

Music Camp

A reminder that all secondary students attending Music Camp this Friday 21 June to Sunday 23 June must bring their clearly labelled luggage, sleeping bag/pillow and instruments to the Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 20 June by 8:30am in order for it to be transported to New Norcia.

Performance Uniform Sizing

All Secondary Music Ensembles will transition to a Music Performance Uniform over the course of the following term. Students attending Tour will premiere the uniform in Sydney while, all other ensembles will perform in the new uniforms for Spring Soiree in Term 3.


Sizing and purchasing uniforms can be arranged through the Music Department up until the end of Term 2 for $125 (which includes a jacket and trousers), after which they will be available through the Uniform Shop (prices at that later stage may be subject to change). Students may attend the Music Office during any out-of-class time to try on uniforms.


Please contact the Music Department with any questions.


Coming soon in Drama

  • Senior House Theatre Sports
    Tuesday 18 June
    7:00pm, GBLT

  • Year 8 Drama Performance
    And Now For Something Completely Python
    Monday 1 July
    5:00pm, Roncalli Hall

  • Year 10 Drama Night
    Show Bag
    Wednesday 3 July
    7:00pm, Roncalli Hall

Junior House Theatre Sports competition

Congratulations to Ward for winning the 2019 Junior House Theatre Sports competition. It was a close battle. Well done to Campion and St Louis for coming equal second. All teams performed brilliantly in front of a supportive audience.


Alice O’Sullivan                                Year 9

Genevieve Ferguson-Allen          Year 9

Keeva Kirwan                                   Year 9

Orson Lorenz                                     Year 8

Antonio Segarbe                              Year 8

Esther Goodlet                                  Year 7

Kate Shirley                                        Year 7

Marli Williamson                              Year 7




Congratulations to the Magis and Altiora students who received awards at this week’s Secondary assembly. Awards went to the winning Year 11 Da Vinci Decathlon Creative producers’ Team and to the Year 9 team which  won the cartography section.  The winners in the John XXIII Public Speaking awards were then accoladed followed by the top individual performers in the Senior and Junior sections of the World Scholar’s Cup, Gabriel Kaye and Genevieve Ferguson Allen.  Many further awards will be presented at the combined Magis Awards Breakfast and Personal Project display on Wednesday of week 9.  Invitations will go out this coming week, and parents are encouraged to attend. About 40 students will receive awards at the Breakfast and more than 30 Years 7 and 8 Personal Projects will be on display.


Preparations and organisation for both the World Scholar’s Cup Global round in Sydney next term, and the Jesuit Debating Championships at Xavier College during the holidays are being finalised over the next week, and further details will be communicated in the next newsletter.  Students are also reminded that this week is the last chance to attempt the two Magis Academic challenges held so far this year, Academic Spelling and Mental Mathematics. Details will be in the weekly Magis Memo.


The final qualifying round of the WA Debating League 2019 season will be held at Christchurch this Tuesday. It is pleasing to see significant improvement from most of the teams, and several have a chance of qualifying for the finals depending on this week’s results.  Preparations sessions will be held this Monday at 7:15am for some of the teams, and at 3:20pm for others. Good luck to all debaters and warmest thanks to the coaches. Good luck also to Ms Farley’s  Mock Trial team which competes at the Supreme Court on Monday night this week.



Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Magis & Altiora Calendar

Term Two

  • 26 June - Magis Awards & Personal Project Breakfast


ACC Cross Country Carnival

On Thursday 30 May our ACC Cross Country team of 72 students competed in the 2019 ACC Cross Country Carnival. I am pleased to announce that John XXIII finished third out of 74 schools. This result is a credit to our students and their commitment to training and school sport. I would especially like to acknowledge and thank the Years 11 and 12 team members who opted to sit their exams earlier in the day in order to compete in their race.


Each race had up to 444 students competing from the 74 schools. Our John XXIII team had several outstanding placings including:

  • Owen Simpson 5th U13 Boys
  • Karri Buchanan 10th U13 Girls
  • Zoe Koong 9th U15 Girls
  • Holly Cannon 8th U16 Girls
  • Zoe Broderick 6th OPEN Girls
  • Zac Thomas 5th OPEN Boys


NAS (Northern Associated School) Sport

This week all of the John XXIII College NAS teams had a bye and took part in an after school training session. The weather was not fantastic, however I was very impressed to see all our teams out training regardless of the rain. It was our senior teams turn for the after-training sausage sizzle which was enjoyed by all. I would like to thank Miss O’Donnell and Mr Thomas for assisting with the preparation and cooking. Next week all teams will compete against Sacred Heart College. We wish them the best of luck!



Congratulations to Aleksandr Bell (Year 12) who has been away in Brisbane, competing in the Australian World Swimming Trials.

Netball Club

Looks like we may be in for another wet weekend!  Netball is a winter sport and games will be played in the rain. If there is any chance that a game is cancelled, you will be notified by your Coach and or Manager. Any forfeits from today will attract a fine from PNA.


Please remember the umpires are someone’s daughter and one day it could be your daughter.  Derogatory comments of any sort are intimidating.  The umpires are doing their best and are often making thousands of decisions per game.  Without them the games cannot be played. Many of them are training for qualifications so please understand that it is their job to enforce the rules even if it may seem harsh. 


Coaches and parents are not permitted to run up and down the sidelines of the courts or stand behind the goal posts along the base line. 

Code of Conduct

When you signed up for netball you agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct. Some key points are:


  • Play by the rules and spirit of the game
  • Bullying of team-mates is not acceptable
  • Never argue with an official
  • Control your temper
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team
  • Cooperate with your coach
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all participants
  • Never consider cheating
  • Learn to accept both victory and defeat with good grace
  • Social media comments regarding anyone should always be positive.

Parents & Spectators

  • Support all the players in the team
  • Be positive about the coaches and umpires and behave accordingly 
  • Do not question coaches or umpire’s decisions if you have an issue contact the coordinator relevant to your age group
  • Do no coach from the side-line
  • Offer help to the coach if the girls are not listening or behaving appropriately
  • If you have an issue regarding the standard or manner of coaching or umpiring speak to the coordinator relevant to your age group to discuss it.

The full Code of Conduct can be found on the Club website.


Here’s hoping the weather is kind to us all over the weekend. Best of luck to all teams.

Pathways and Transition


Open Day & Events


Open Day

Sunday 21 July 10:00am - 4:00pm
Events for future students


Open Day Joondalup Sunday 28 July
Open Day Mount Lawley & WAAPA Sunday 11 August 
South West Sunday 25 August
Events for future students

Events for future students
Open Day Sunday 4 August 9:00am to 3:00pm


Events for future students
Open Day Sunday 11 August  2019
Open Day Sunday 28 July, 2019
Events for future students
Open Day  Peninsula Saturday 3 August
Caulfield & Clayton Sunday 4 August
Parkville Sunday 18 August
Events for future students



Further information available here:


Further information available here:

Further information available here: 

Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


My Sunday social media detox

Recently I came across a guy called Tony Laulu and his organisation Digital Discipline. (OK, I admit it - I found him on Facebook!)


Tony’s message is that cell phones and social media are addictive, and his mission is to raise awareness of the problem. So he came up with an idea of 828 Sundays: 12 hours social media free from 8 am to 8 pm. Get it 8 to 8? 828? Brilliant, I thought. That’s just what I need!


I am the classic nagging mum when it comes to my four sons’ screen-time. And yes, I do use Family Zone!


Recently my eight-year-old teamed up with his 15-year-old brother (nice to know my boys can work together as a team)  to call me out on my own device use.


“But Mum, you’re always on your phone too!" Oops.


While I can attribute some of that to replying to work emails, making arrangements to taxi the boys to their various sporting events, and checking my sad bank balance to pay for petrol and fees for said sporty kids - I’m not gonna lie. A lot of my time is not spent as productively as it could be.


And, yes, to be honest, Mum too has been sucked into the same social media vortex she warns her sons about.

“But Mum, you’re always on your phone too!" 

I get it. It’s so easy to get drawn in on Instagram stories and feel you know all about a certain fitness guru’s life, or scroll through Facebook to see who's on holiday in some fancy tropical resort or catch up on the escapades of that cute paralysed pup in his wheelchair.


People talk about a social media vortex. Is that the right word, or is “black hole of time wasting” more accurate? It wasn’t until I was busted by my boys that I really admitted the truth. I am just as guilty of mindlessly wasting my time as my kids are!


"Mum too has been sucked into the social media vortex."


And that made me take a long hard look at myself and what I am teaching them. Let’s just say  the old saying “Monkey see, monkey do" really resonated.


So on the Sunday just gone, I did a Tony Laulu 828.  From 8 am to 8 pm I put my phone away.

Was I scared? You bet I was! How on earth was I going to cope, when Sundays were normally my day to binge on social media and self-medicate my FOMO?   


Well, here’s how I coped. I baked cookies. I made homemade soup. I relaxed with my sons. I had a  cuppa and a gossip with a friend while the kids and dogs ran around. I basically recharged my batteries - and they were sooo overdue for it!


Or, to use another, less technological metaphor:  I filled my empty cup with meaningful connections. And I let myself do that without any guilt at all.


I did feel some unease and the occasional surge of FOMO. I did miss a few messages and posts from friends about their kids’ sporting accomplishments the previous day - which is something I really enjoy.

... this “need” to be constantly connected and in the know … it’s really all in your mind.

I also couldn't ask questions on the Facebook group I joined to identify spiders (!), so had to avoid the laundry where the possibility of a dangerous spider lurked. (Come to think of it, that wasn’t exactly a sacrifice!)


Could I do this 828 Sunday again? Could I survive another whole day of disconnecting and detoxing? Yes! Because as I discovered, this “need” to be constantly connected and in the know … it’s really all in your mind.


Next time, I’m planning on filling up my cup with even more meaningful real-life connections with family and friends. And less coffee. Waaay less coffee.


Hey, if I can detox from social media, why not caffeine? Now that’s gonna take willpower.


Community Liturgy

Community Mass is a joyful gathering of students, parent, staff and friends who make up the John XXIII family.  All are welcome. 


Thank you to Year 10 students for their beautiful preparation of today’s liturgy.  Next Friday, our Community Mass will be prepared by students who are involved in this year Pilgrimage program.

Community Liturgy summary

  • Where:                 College Chapel
  • Time:                     8:00am – 8:30am
  • When:                   every Friday in term time

Sacrament Program 



Several students, together with their families, will be celebrating the sacraments in their parishes this year. As a regional school, we are enriched by students and families participating in a number of parishes.  Let us keep all these students and their families in our hearts and in our prayer at this special time. 


If you have any other questions about the Sacrament Program:

GOOD NEWS for: Feast of the Trinity

Whatever the Father has is mine. The Spirit will receive what I give and tell you about it.” – John 15:12-15

The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is a from a homily by Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


… The names Christians give to God – Father, Son and Spirit – are both ancient and important. But we should never think they exhaust the possibilities of God's reality. Creator, mother, lover, redeemer, Saviour, higher power or friend all go some way to help us put words around our experience of our God, who is more and beyond all names we can possibly use.


The naming of God, however, is an important, but secondary focus to the feast of the Trinity. There are two other facets to it that are more central.


The first is that the Trinity declares that relationships are at the very centre of God. We believe that the Father, Son and Spirit are in full communion, communication and relationship with each other at all times, in all places. To know Jesus is to know the Father and the Spirit and vice versa. They are one. This special relationship also indicates to us that nothing should matter more in our lives than our relationships with one another. To be like the God we profess every Sunday is to commit ourselves to our relationships, in all their varieties. To work hard on our relationships is, for a Christian, to touch the divine.

The second extraordinary thing we celebrate today is that the Father invites us into this loving relationship with Him, Jesus and the Spirit. What is especially consoling about this is that we are the only world religion that believes our God took our flesh. So through Jesus' life, teaching, compassion and sacrificial love we not only discover who he is, but, at one and the same time, we find out what God and the Spirit are like.


Some people think themselves unworthy of such invitation. Others argue they have to be a better person to deserve such an offer. While both of these responses to God's invitation are understandable, they fail to take into account that in Jesus we have been made worthy of God's love and if we are waiting to get to a certain level of goodness to deserve God's love, we will wait forever.


God invites us into the compassionate embrace of the Trinity where we are and as we are, so that we can become all that God knows we can be. We don't have to get good to get God. We have to get God before we can get good.


This Trinity Sunday let's celebrate the intimacy and dignity to which we are called by signing ourselves with the focus of our love – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


© Richard Leonard


Flu awareness

The Flu is highly contagious. It spreads easily through droplets from coughing and sneezing.

These droplets settle onto hard surfaces, eg. doorknobs, and can then pass from hands to nose, mouth or eyes. Flu spreads even more quickly among large groups. Infection rates can be 2-3 times higher in these circumstances.


Vaccination is the single best way to prevent the spread of influenza.


Other infection control measures include:

  • Practising hand hygiene i.e. regular hand washing.
  • Alcohol-based hand cleansers are also effective.
  • Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, or cough into your upper sleeve or elbow.
  • Throwing tissue into rubbish bin after use and wash hands.
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth as that is how the disease is commonly spread.

To minimise the spread of infection or illness staff and students should stay home from school. If you are concerned about symptoms, seek medical advice.


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Resource: Department of Health WA

Men Of John XXIII College

Men of John XXIII College Social Night

How do you balance being a father, stand-up comedian, actor, writer and MC. Peter Rowsthorn will bring his unique sense of humour to our “End of Financial Year” Fathering Project Social Night. Peter is a long time JTC Dad and supporter of the Fathering Project. In-between a few laughs, enjoy his experiences of fathering and lessons he has learnt along the way.

Date:                  Friday 28 June

Time:                  6:30 -7:00pm Meet for drinks. 7:00– 10:00pm

Venue:               Cambridge Bowling Club, 39 Chandler Ave West, Floreat

Drinks:               Purchase at the bar

Food:                  Pizza and Pasta supper

Cost:                   $20.00

More info:


“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father”

Pope John XXIII

College Charter Bus

John XXIII College offers Horizons West private bus services taking children to and from school. Currently we run a Southern route through Swanbourne, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, North Fremantle and East Fremantle. We are pleased to extend this service to the north (Floreat, City Beach, Wembley Downs, Scarborough, Doubleview, Woodlands) and the east (Floreat, Churchlands, Wembley, West Leederville) to allow more families the opportunity to make use of this private, safe and convenient bus service.


The service is safe and an affordable option for all primary and secondary students.


Tickets are available for purchase for $2.50 each way from the main administration reception on Mooro Drive, Mount Claremont.


To find out more information about the specific stops and times in your area please view the PDF below


Updated Bus Routes




Canteen Menu

Please see menu attached.


Canteen opening hours

  • Breakfast: 8:00am to 8:45am
  • Recess: 10:40am to 11:00am
  • Lunch: 12:50pm to 1:25pm

Ordering online

How to get started:

  • Visit
  • Sign up by completing the registration form
  • Receive a confirmation email with activation link
  • Activate your account and login to the website
  • Add your children and credit to your account
  • Order at your convenience (up to four weeks in advance)

How to activate your Smart Rider card:

  • Log on to your account
  • Go to the ‘Students’ tab and select the student
  • Select ‘Register Students Card’ and complete the fields

Uniform Shop

During Term 2 we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Please note the uniform shop will be closed  for stocktaking on Wednesday 22 May.  Open as usual on Friday 24 May.

New school skirt

The shop now has full stock of the new school skirts for both primary and secondary.

Come and try them on.  


We have a special offer for those who recently purchased (from late October 2018) our old skirt design. If you bring back your skirt, we will refund you half the cost of the skirt, so you can put this towards the purchase a new school skirt.


Chat to our friendly team at the uniform shop for further information.


Inigo Parent Talks

Ignatian Induction Program for Parents

All John XXIII College staff and parents are given the opportunity to participate in the Ignatian Induction Program.

The modules aim to provide staff and parents with the essence of the ethos of John XXIII College. They are a great opportunity to learn about lgnatian Spirituality and meet other parents to explore spirituality within an lgnatian context.


The program consists of six independent content modules with a certificate issued upon completion of all six modules.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or phone 9383 0444.

John XXIII College Alumni 

ALUMNI Events & Reunions

Ron Logan Cup (Football) – John XXIII Day


Theresa Elliott Shield (Netball) – John XXIII Day


1st Year Class 2018 Reunion 

‘Save the Date’ 60th Reunion Loreto Claremont Class 1959

  • A lunch will be held on Thursday 17 October, 2019. 
  • To register interest or for further information, contact 
  • Liz Prendergast 0412 642 256
  • Mary Graeme 0428 338 285



10 Year Class 2009 Reunion


20 Year Class 1999 Reunion


30 Year Class 1989 Reunion


40 Year Class 1979 Reunion

  • Saturday 26 October 2019 at 7:00pm
  • Athol Hobbs Room, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club 


For further information please contact Anna Gingell, Alumni Development, on 9383 0520 or email 

Community Notices


Y4 RE Xavier Parker.pdf
Information to host a family.pdf
2019 Application for Fujimi Host Family.pdf
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2019 Letter inviting families to host.pdf
2019 Application for Fujimi Host Family.docx
Susan Mclean.pdf