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05 July 2019
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Principal Report

A message from the Principal
Ms Nerina Pretlove

We have certainly packed a lot into the second half of this term.  


For the first time, we participated with our Muslim community during Ramadan to break the daily fast (Iftar) and share a meal. Over 100 students, their families and staff joined in the evening with the call to prayer being led by Mr Khan followed by speeches from our community leaders and a wonderful feast that was finished by a dessert table provided by our families. It was a joyous event and planning is underway for next year.


During Refugee Week, Mrs Liau, Deputy Principal of the Intensive English Centre, brought her vision to provide a stage for our students from both Evans and Holryod IECs to share their journeys to fruition.  We were astounded by the tenacity and resilience of our students in meeting the challenges of their life experiences. As they read and acted out these experiences, the audience was carried away to some of the most devastated parts of the world from where nearly 70.2 million people have been displaced in a single year due to war, famine, ethnic and religious troubles and political upheaval. Central to all their stories was the word SAFE – to be safe, to feel safe. We were so proud of our students’ articulateness and of the empathy of the audience.


Our Solid Ground Artist-In-Residence, Emma Donovan, led our students and audience through an uplifting performance covering the early mission days through to the radical 1970s and onwards to today to celebrate NAIDOC Week. Emma’s warm generosity in sharing her professional experience as a celebrated performing artist with our Music and Dance students was evident throughout their performances.  They were joined by the dance group from Chifley College, Bidwill Campus, who lit up the stage following on from a performance visit by our school to theirs earlier in the week. Throughout the day, students were immersed in activities including Indigenous games and dedicated lessons to explore the NAIDOC theme: Voice, Treaty, Truth Let’s Work Together for a Shared Future.  Under the outstanding leadership of Ms Griffiths, and the support of an amazing number of staff, our students were provided with a breadth of experiences to enrich their knowledge and understanding.


As if that were not enough, the stage was lit up for MADDfest this week.  Students showcased their talents over two days and two nights of performance for their peers, the community and our local primary schools. Year 11 and 12 students had the opportunity to sing and play their HSC performance pieces to a wide and large audience and for the first time, some of our Year 7 students stepped out on the MADDFEST stage; promising much for performances in the coming years. If it were not for the huge amount of work put in by Mr Fienberg, Mr Chapman, Ms Kavanagh and their teams including the amazing backstage VET Entertainment students, this event would not be the continued success that it is.


Amongst all of this excitement, our students have continued with their studies and have been focussed on completing their assessment tasks. Year 12 are finishing up their major projects and performances and are preparing for their last term at school. This year, we have provided them with Fridays to complete their assessment tasks, move forward on their major works and performances and follow up on classwork and study. I urge them to make full use of this time and of the support that their teachers have extended to them including holiday tutorials to enhance their learning.


Due to the rising numbers of students in Year 7, we have added another class.  Some students from 7B and 7H will be moved to form the new class while 7G will remain as it is. Students will receive their timetables and assigned classrooms before the end of term.


On a sad note, a number of students and staff from the school attended the funeral of Corey Vitnell following his accidental death last month. We remember how Corey’s face would light up when he talked about the race horses in his care. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very challenging time.


We wish everyone a safe holiday and look forward to the term ahead. Keep warm and safe.

Deputy Principals' Reports

Mrs Kerry Doyle (Years 8, 10, 12)

As we prepare for the final term of Year 12, it is also wonderful to start the preparations for Year 7 2020. We are an engaging school who is working with our community to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students, this is being done through the Middle Years Project, as well as increasing electives for Year 9 in 2019 and continuing to ensure that student learning and well-being needs are met.


School Uniform
Winter has arrived and I ask that parents ensure that students are sent to school in green jumpers for the junior years and white jumpers for the senior years. In addition, the school wind jacket is available to keep the wind at bay, providing an extra layer of warmth.

The School uniform shop is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9.30am, parents can also purchase online:

Students can collect any orders during the stores opening hours. Students will be asked about their uniform when they are not appropriately dressed, so please provide them with a note when there is a short term problem.


NAIDOC Celebrations

In my role I get to oversee Aboriginal Education, I was so very proud of the huge effort put in by Mrs Griffiths, Mr Fienberg, Mr Chapman and so many other staff in our school to celebrate NAIDOC day. Emma Donovan our Artist in Residence and famous musician, student dance performances, singing performances and dreaming stories allowed for us to further develop our knowledge.

Evans High School has continued to increase our number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in 2019, this has also meant students who have been at our school for some time are feeling confident to identify.  


Subject Selection Year 11 2020

In Weeks 4 and 5 of next term whilst Year 12 are completing their Trial HSC Examinations, students in Year 10 will have the opportunity to sample Year 11 subjects. A timetable will be sent out to students, they will select classes and they will also use their PMF time to ask questions about subjects for 2020.

In Week 5 Term 3 on Thursday, we will host Subject Selection Evening.  Parents are invited to the school to speak with teachers about subject choices for 2020. In addition, we will introduce patterns of study and explain the processes behind selecting subjects for the HSC which suits your child best.


Subject Selection Year 9 2020

Students in Year 9 will also be making subject selections in 2019. Students will select three electives to undertake in 2020 and should consider speaking with their teachers about what will be offered. There will be more information coming about what students will have available to them as well as a final date for this evening.



Reports for Years 8-10 will be issued Wednesday 24th July, 2019 at parent teacher interviews. If you are unable to make the interviews please contact your teachers via the school email address or phone the school and speak directly with the staff member. School reports for students who are not in attendance at the evening will be distributed on Thursday 25th July, 2019. 

Year 7 Reports will be issued Friday, August 2nd. Goals setting and teacher meetings will be held in Term 3, Week 3, a note will be coming home shortly with the codes and booking process.


To make online bookings for interviews for students in Years 8-12, please go to the link below: 

Enter the code: 87r73

Bookings will close Wednesday July 24th at 3pm.



Intensive English Centre (IEC)

IEC News

The Intensive English Centre has had another busy term filled with rich programs, events and celebrations. The In League in Harmony Gala Day from week 8 was a successful day of students playing touch football at Belmore sports ground. In week 9 the whole IEC participated in an excursion to Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Culture Centre in Rouse Hill. During the excursion, students told stories through Aboriginal symbols, learnt how to throw boomerangs and learnt about important artefacts.



Students have been enjoying the ABCN interACT program that has continued throughout the term in which they are working with mentors from the internationally renowned professional services firm, Ernst and Young, and attending workshops at their offices in the CBD. They have also enjoyed a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW. 



Senior IEC students have enjoyed a visit to TAFE to learn about the Migrant Youth Access TAFE course.


During week 9 Evans High School celebrated Refugee Week. Many students from the IEC and high school worked extremely hard to write, practise and deliver speeches that recounted their personal refugee stories. IEC students also performed in dance and drama performances that celebrated different cultures and represented refugee stories. We were joined in our celebration of this important day by a range of guests and community representatives, including Mr Stephen Bali, the mayor of Blacktown City Council.



- Mrs Wendy Blakeman

Year Adviser News

Year 7 Year Adviser
Maati El Hafiane

Term 2 has been an extremely busy and entertaining term for all Year 7 students and their teachers. Year 7 students have had the opportunity to participate in a number of events such as Peer Support, Boys and Girls Group, Athletics Carnival and Zone Carnivals. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in MADDFEST in Week 10, whether it be singing, dancing or viewing.


Ms Espejel and I have been extremely proud of the student’s behaviour and participation in whole school events. We look forward to continuing to see the students grow and achieve the many goals they have set for themselves.


Hear from a year 7 student...

“Transitioning to high school was interesting but unexpectedly intriguing. On the first day of school, I remember entering through the school gates being extremely nervous but knew how determined I was about wanting to start on a good note.


My first memorable moment at Evans was when I was chosen to introduce myself to the class. The teacher handed out profile sheets that we had to fill in about ourselves. I vividly remember being nominated to present and when I did, I felt so confident and happy to be out of my shell.


I really enjoy History and Music. This place is really spacious and big. I love socialising with others, meeting new people and learning new things.  I also love the multicultural environment this school has, the big events I perform in and the diversity between both teachers and students.


I have faith in my coming years because I’m already enjoying my time here. “

- Natania Orake – 7H


Year 9 Assistant Year Adviser
Mimi Lam

What a busy term it has been for ​Year 9! I just want to congratulate Year 9 students on completing their NAPLAN tests. This year is the first year that NAPLAN has gone online and it is great to see how receptive Year 9 students were to this change. Not long after the NAPLAN, students completed their Half-Yearly Examinations, students have received feedback from their teachers and I encourage students to apply the feedback and make the necessary changes to their studies to fill the gaps in their learning and improve their marks for Semester Two.


Moving away from the formal testing, students can be seen in their classes applying their practical skills and working on some amazing projects. The IST class is up and running and Mr Khan with Mr Rudd are preparing students to code with Lego Mindstorms. In Metalwork, students have made candelabras and toolboxes. They are now in the process of making a folding shovel! The Food Technology classes have been learning about the different types of food in Australia and have cooked some Australian recipes such as ANZAC biscuits, lamingtons and meat pies. 


I am also so glad to see many Year 9 students performing on stage at MADDFest. It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a large audience and these students are absolutely killing it!


Year 9 has had some new enrolments from other schools as well as the Evans IEC. It is amazing to see how students in Year 9 can be so welcoming to these students, which allows them to settle in comfortably. 


I wish all students and their families a safe and relaxing break and that you all c​ome back ready and refreshed for a fun filled Term 3!

Year 11 Year Adviser
Courtney Griffiths

Year 11 students submitted their design and order for their year 12 reversible jackets. Jackets should be made and delivered ready for the beginning of Term 4, marking the beginning of their Year 12 Course.


Year 11 Camp has been cancelled for this year and alternative programs covering the mandatory 'Life Ready Program' will be completed at school throughout Term 3.


A group of Year 11 students have undertaken work experience for their TAS subjects this term. This valuable experience allowed them to gain an insight into the career path they seek post school.


As we progress through the last term of the Year 11 course, students are advised to start their examination preparation for the Yearly Examinations which will take place in Week 8. Study techniques that could be utilised include group study using kahoot, study note making of key words and ideas or reading through class notes on a weekly basis. Regular revision is more effective and less stressful than leaving study to the last minute.


A reminder to students and parents that the senior uniform for Year 11 is black business style slacks and the white Evans High School shirt or white jumper. Alternatively, students can also wear the junior bottle green uniform items. Black leather shoes must be worn to both compliment the senior business attire and for health and safety in Science laboratorys, kitchens and TAS workshops. The uniform policy requires students to bring a note from home if they are unable to wear a school item with an explanation and give it to their roll call teacher. The roll call teacher will issue them with an out of uniform pass for that day. If there is an ongoing issue with uniform students or parents are urged to contact the year adviser or school for information regarding assistance.


Mobile phones are becoming an increasing concern for Year 11 students and parents are encouraged to reinforce the schools mobile phone policy, which ask students to leave them switched off and in their bags during timetabled lessons including roll call and assemblies. Alternatively students can leave their phones locked in a Deputy Principal’s office.


Year 11 students have come together and farewelled a classmate, Corey Vitnell, in a peaceful ceremony. Students were provided with support services and time to process their loss. Together as a school and cohort, students expressed their fondness memories of their dear friend and referred to him as “a funny and cheeky guy”. Corey, may you forever rest in peace.



Faculty News

Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA)

It’s been an extremely busy start to the year in CAPA. In two terms we have seen our Visual Arts classes produce some incredible works from Years 7 to Year 12. Students have engaged in a range of artmaking practices including drawing, mixed media and collage in Stages 4 and 5. Classes have been inspired by the works of Paul Boston and artists from the 1920s cubist school. Year 11 have been exploring the full gamut of the visual arts - investigating different approaches to 2D and 3D artmaking. A key focus for this class has been the work of Aboriginal artist Gordon Bennett and Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.


Our Year 12 students in Visual Arts, Visual Design and Photography are madly completing their Body of Works. Within these four classes are a range of material and conceptual practices. You will be able to see the work of these students at the Senior Showcase on Tuesday 30th of July in Week 2 of Term 3.


Music and Dance classes have been flat out preparing for and performing in the MADD Fest concert series. The students presented four shows in the space of two days including a special matinee for Blacktown West and Walters Road Primary Schools. A significant aspect of this year’s show was the integration of the first VET Entertainment class at Evans High School. The students completed part of their mandatory work placement while bumping in for the concert; operating the sound, lighting, vision and managing the performers backstage. 


Most importantly CAPA students have engaged in a variety of real-world experiences. Photography students have been documenting school events, our Visual Arts classes have viewed exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW and senior Music and VET Entertainment classes had the opportunity to attend VIVID and a concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Regular Year 11 and 12 Performance Evenings have not only provided great learning experiences, but have given parents the chance to track their child’s progress.


When we all return next term, students will need to listen out for some exciting news about a new performance opportunity that will grow to rival MADD Fest in years to come!!!! 



Evans High School Dance Ensemble performs at Synergy Dance Festival

On Thursday June 6 and Wednesday June 12 the Evans High School Dance Ensemble performed their lyrical/hip-hop piece House of Cards at Synergy Dance Festival in Penrith. 

The sad and swift departure of Miss Baldwin meant that the ensemble were tasked with choreographing the remaining half of the dance and they did a brilliant job. 

Drew Walker, Katie Hollis, Piper Fearne, Kaitlyn Findlay, Adam Pernjek, Emilie Roberts, Paige McKenzie, Madison McKenzie, Geraldine Jimenez Lobelo, Charlie Tindall-Mitchell and Deesha Singh worked hard, collaborated and experimented with new choreography, partner-work and different dance styles to create an expressive and exciting performance. 

Both performances were fantastic and showcased the wonderful talent and enthusiasm for dance that Evans High School has. 

The highlight of the evening event was a surprise visit from Miss Baldwin which spurred the ensemble to perform even better than the matinee show. 

Well done everyone. They will be performing House of Cards at MADDfest.  


Term 2 Science has been jam packed with a variety of hands on activities including Year 7 and 8 STEM projects. Students had the opportunity to design, construct and test their models in a range of activities including mousetrap cars, paper roller coasters, bottle rockets and glow in the dark t-shirts modelling the structures of plant and animal cells.



Year 8 

This term Year 8 have been investigating chemical and physical changes in their 'Chemical World' topic and had fun conducting some experiments to see these changes.



Year 11 Biolgy

In Week 7, Year 11 visited Penrith Lakes Earth and Environmental centre to investigate the inquiry question of “How healthy is the Penrith Lakes Ecosystem?”. Students completed a variety of first hand investigations including measuring abiotic factors in the ecosystem using a variety of equipment used by environmental scientists at the lake. Students also investigated biotic factors including abundance and distribution of different bird species, invertebrate indicator species and human influences on the Penrith Lakes ecosystem over a period of time.



Our Year 11 Biology class enjoyed conducting a heart dissection and microscopic investigations of a variety of plant and animal tissues throughout their second module in the Biology course.



Year 12 Biology

In Week 2, Year 12 students undertook the AMGEN Biotechnology Experience in a 3 day intensive program where they used state of the art equipment borrowed from Sydney University to genetically modify bacteria by inserting a red fluorescent gene into its genome to make it fluoresce red in colour. Some of the techniques Year 12 students were able to master included micropipetting, gel electrophoresis, PCR, aseptic technique, culturing bacteria on growth mediums and modelling DNA structure and the formation of transgenic organisms.




Year 7: Fiction and Non-Fiction

In Semester 1, Year 7 have covered the topics of Failure (Term 1) and Time (Term 2).

In Term 1, we looked at what failure means, and why it is a crucial stepping stone for the path to success, rather than something that we perceive to be an obstacle. We had a look at some inspirational quotes on failure and even came up with some of our own! Year 7 were then introduced to a range of well-known figures of past and present times who failed, but carried on to succeed and achieve great things in their lives. We then looked into a few specific case studies, analysing them in detail and learning to appreciate the importance of failure and the value of resilience. Year 7 were required to compose a Ted X Talk for their first assessment task, which turned out to be a success! 


Some quotes on Failure created and shared by Year 7 on their Google Classroom:

Faith Nolly

Failure is your teacher it teaches you to do better next time 

Aiden Forsyth

Failure isn't the opposite of success, it is merely a way of learning

Ethan Osbourne

Lots of success leads to delusions but lots of failure leads to success

Izaaz Ali

Failing is not failure but giving up is

Connor Petelo

The greatest teacher was your last mistake/failure

Ma Sayno

Failure is success if we learn from it

Nikola Zaric

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

Madison McKenzie

Failure is not a bad thing, giving up is a bad thing

Katrina Sarah

First comes failure second comes success

Fatu Bangura

Failure isn't failing, it's giving up after failing


In Term 2, we looked at the notion of texts through time, specifically travelling back to the Elizabethan Era. Year 7 were introduced to the notion of context, and how texts remain relevant across large spans of time. We conducted a comparative study of Hamlet, the renowned Shakespearean play, along with its modern-day adaptation, Disney's The Lion King. Year 7 were surprised to discover that the two texts were interrelated, both in plot and particular characters. Year 7 further delved into life during the Elizabethan Era through learning about the Globe Theatre, The Bubonic Plague, and even learning to write sentences using 'Shakespearean' English! The assessment task required students to assume the role of a journalist of the Elizabethan Era and create a newspaper article on either the impact of the Bubonic Plague, or an event associated with the play Hamlet.

Year 7 students have really put their best efforts forward this semester and they are to be commended.


Year 8

Throughout this semester 8K have focused on novel study and film study. During Term 1 my class studied the novel Chinese Cinderella which was an auto-biography of a young Chinese girl Adeline Yen Mah. Her life begins tragically as her mother dies shortly after her birth. This book displays the daily struggles and hardships Adeline faces in her day to day life. Students were extremely enthusiastic and interested in the story and worked hard on understanding the novel through activities such as chapter summaries, analysing characters and comparisons of the original Cinderella we all knew of from our childhood and the Chinese Cinderella that was based on a true story full of anguish and sorrow. Throughout the study of Chinese Cinderella we have focused on higher vocabulary and language techniques that we have used for sustained writing which we have not only done in English but also in History. Ultimately we have learnt how to efficiently note-take, analyse characters and plots and complete sustained writing with higher modality language. I have figured that all the skills that we have learnt have been helpful in many other subjects and have made writing and responding a lot less challenging.

- Neha Prasad, Year 8 student


Year 9

At Evans High School, English classes give opportunities for students to participate in a variety of topics and challenges. This involves being able to share ideas and to communicate in each lesson. English classes assist students with developing the skills and abilities of each student. It involves the study of texts such as written, spoken, visual and multimodal texts. Students develop skills in identifying, analysing and interpreting meaning in texts and how it is represented through literary, language and visual techniques. In year 9, students enjoy the study of books as they find it interesting and engaging. The recent texts we are learning about are short stories and poetry relating to the topic of Adolescence. This topic can help students relate to challenges and problems we talk about. Personally, what I like about English classes is when we get the opportunity to communicate with each other about a certain topic and share ideas with each other.

- Ren Lou Garcia, Year 9 student


What I like most about our Year 9 English class is that we study different kinds of texts. These texts are from the songs to poems to current articles. They are fun to read and great at catching the attention of the readers which they definitely did to me.

- Jeremy Navarro, Year 9 student


Year 10

In Term 1, Year 10 completed a close study of The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. Throughout the term, students explored the concept of what ‘home’ is and the universal qualities of ‘home’ that are sought by the human race across the globe. Through studying Anh Do’s experiences and his humorous, anecdotal style in communicating his life story, students gained an empathetic perspective of some of the common hardships and challenges faced by people who are compelled to leave their homes and countries. Students learnt to identify and explain the effect of the language techniques used by Anh throughout his memoir to tell his story and position the audience. They focused on using some of these language techniques to practise their own narrative writing empathising with experiences of refugees (see example by Evan below). Year 10 revised their essay writing skills and completed their speaking assessment task in front of their own class.


In Term 2, Year 10 have completed a unit on visual literacy techniques, focusing their study on picture books and visual advertisements. Students practised identifying a wide range of visual and language techniques, analysing their impact on the ideas and perspectives communicated through each text. Year 10 have enjoyed this unit, studying a variety of engaging texts and honing their critical thinking skills and their ability to explain their own opinions and perspectives. Their essay assessment task is due Monday Week 10.


Stage 6 English – Standard, Advanced and EAL/D

Students in Years 11 and 12 have had their heads down, studying the modules required for the new Stage 6 English Syllabus. 2019 is the first year of the new HSC Examinations in English. The main change is the focus on ‘Reading to Write’ in Year 11 and ‘The Craft of Writing’ in Year 12, in which students identify and analyse the effect of writing techniques and strategies used by composers of texts and then apply these strategies to their own writing. It is an exciting change, in which the focus of the subject is on how to communicate effectively through texts – and how to identify these strategies. Students have been working consistently on building their textual analysis skills and reflecting on their own writing and learning.

Sports News


Our Evans High School U/15s basketball team participated in the first game of the Western Sydney 15 years boys basketball knockout competition. An undermanned team got the job done in a tough, come from behind victory against Doonside Technology. Special mention to Jordan Vega and James Pugosa who played especially well. Coach Mr Murphy and the rest of the school are extremely proud of you all.



Library News

NAIDOC Week Celebration Lessons and Display

Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 year groups visited the library in week 9 to celebrate and learn more about NAIDOC Week . Students learnt that NAIDOC Week is a special week to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, their contributions and achievements to our nation and that NAIDOC stands for: ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. Students tested their knowledge by answering Indigenous quiz questions. Students watched and discussed a video on ClickView about NAIDOC Week. Students also brainstormed ideas about the Dreamtime Stories which are one of the most important aspects of Indigenous culture and their significance to the Indigenous People. These stories tell of events from the time of creation, have been passed on orally from one generation to the next and every story can teach us a moral. The students also enjoyed watching the following short Dreamtime Stories: “The Bungalounga Man” and the "Man in a Log” and drew the story by using the Aboriginal symbols.



Year 10 and 11 Study Skills Lessons

Year 10 and 11 Year groups attended the library to learn about how to study effectively before their exams. Students discussed the challenges they face before sitting for exams and they self–assessed their study skills. The Teacher Librarian gave the students  tips firstly to revise effectively; by being attentive in class, using their notes, asking questions to clarify aspects they don’t understand, checking past exams, setting up a study group and by joining 'Studiosity' which is an online free tutoring service at Blacktown City library.  Secondly, they also learnt how to be well prepared before exams; by creating a quiet and comfortable study space, knowing their peak time (when they work most effectively) and avoiding cramming. Thirdly, the Teacher Librarian addressed basic exam preparation skills and techniques.



Year 8 Library Program

World Environment Day Lessons and Display

Year 8 students learnt about World Environment Day (WED) which is held on Wednesday June 5th every year. It is an environmental awareness day, run by the United Nations. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the environment and specific environmental issues.

Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that draws attention to a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2019 is “Air Pollution”.

Students learnt about air pollution which is identified as the most important health issue of our time, causing 1 in 9 deaths globally. They also came up with solutions to reduce air pollution; walk or ride a bike to school, work and other places, use public transport instead of cars, plant more trees, avoid burning leaves and trash, recycling and turning off lights so no electricity is wasted.

Students searched for information online by using a search engine other than Google. They were introduced to Dog pile which is a search engine that fetches results from several major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Students were also introduced to the pexels website where they can choose images and videos not requiring contributions.


Boolean Operators Search Lessons

Year 8 students have been learning about 'Boolean Search' which is based on a method of logic developed by George Boole, a 19th century English mathematician. It allows students to do effective searches online by cutting out many unrelated documents.

The basic Boolean operators (AND/ OR/ NOT) are used in search. Using 'AND' narrows the search.

It retrieves documents that contain both of the search terms or keywords that we specify. Using 'OR' broadens the search. It retrieves documents that contain either of the search terms or keywords that we specify, but not necessarily both. Using 'NOT' narrows the search. It retrieves documents that do not contain a search term in the search.

Students were also introduced to Canva which is a simplified graphic-design tool website. They worked on creating a poster to promote Boolean Search.

Please check out the video below to learn more about Boolean Search.


New Books Display

Here are few of the amazing new books on display this month at our library. Please visit your library and check out some of our newest titles as we are sure you will be able to find an amazing read, as Lillian  and Jessica did!


Happy Reading always!



Recess and Lunchtime Activities

The library gets very busy at recess and lunch breaks where students visit to borrow books and read quietly, finish school work, study for exams, do research, play various and engaging activities such as chess, board and cards games and jigsaw puzzles. They are also allowed to use their electronic devices and do fun relaxing activities such as Soduko, word search and colour in. ​




We renewed our ClickView subscription for another year. ClickView is a video learning platform aligned with the Australian Curriculum and is accessible by teachers and students. ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Secondary schools by curating the best educational videos from renowned content providers and creating the curriculum-relevant content that the school needs. Teachers can embed recent TV clips into their lesson plans in order to engage students with their learning.


Year 10 Work Experience

Throughout week 9, Monday 24th to Friday 28th June, 35 students from Year 10 participated in work experience.


Our students gained opportunities in various sectors and we thank the following organisations for supporting our students:

  • Coles, Blacktown
  • Myer, Blacktown
  • Big W, Blacktown
  • Best Friends Pet Shop
  • McDonalds, Westpoint
  • Guzman and Gomez, Castle Hill
  • Chemist Warehouse, Parramatta
  • Peoples Healthcare Services Australia PTY LTD, Parramatta
  • King of Angels Child Care, Whalen
  • Showkay Services Pty Ltd, Blacktown
  • Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation Counselling Services, Redfern
  • Guilford Pool, Cumberland City Council
  • Combined Warehousing
  • Stalco Continuous Gutters, North St Mary’s
  • Evans High School IEC and Learning Support Faculty

Pictured is Alex McAuliffee who was working at Big W Blacktown in the Nursery section. On visiting students it was exciting to see the students undertaking tasks with enthusiasm and showing initiative.

Evans High extends a huge thank you to each employer/business that supported our students in undertaking “real world work” and developing work related skills and networks to further support career decision making. Congratulations to each student who has put an enormous amount of effort into their workweek.


- Vicki Jansen (Careers Adviser/VET Coordinator)

School Events

Snake Tails Incursion

In Week 10 of Term 1, the Science faculty along with several students were visited by the reptile experts, Snake Tails, to discuss the importance of reptiles in our local ecosystems and their adaptations that make them survive in the harsh Australian climate. Students challenged some common misconceptions about snakes and learned the importance of education and awareness regarding reptiles in our backyards.



Peer Support

Last Friday was the last session for Peer Support for 2019. The Year 10 leaders were exceptional and great role models for our Year 7 students. Mr El Hafiane was extremely impressed with how the sessions were led and how engaged the students were in every session.


Model United Nations Competition

This year Evan, Muhammad, Coda and Nandika in year 10 participated in the annual Western Sydney Model United Nations Competition at Nepean CAPA High School. The purpose of this competition is to get students involved in parliamentary style debating in a platform similar to the United Nations. This year, Evans High School represented the country delegate of Myanmar (Burma). Our students went extremely well in debating global issues from the perspective of the Myanmar government and we hope to participate again next year! Thank you to the Blacktown Rotary Club that sponsored our students to participate in the event. 



NAIDOC Celebrations



Important Dates

School Dates For 2019  

Students attend school on the following dates:

Term 1                       

Tuesday 30 January to Friday 12 April

Term 2                       

Tuesday 30 April to Friday 5 July

Term 3                       

Tuesday 23 July to Friday 27 September

Term 4                       

Monday 14 October to Friday 18 December

Parent Teacher Evening

For parents/carers of students in years 8 - 12

Term 3  - Week 1

Wednesday 24th July

You can now book interviews online, please see details in the letter below:


Goal Setting / Teacher Meeting

For parents/carers of students in year 7

Term 3 - Week 3 

A note will be sent home to confirm details


Where are they now?

At Evans High School we are so proud of all our students, both past and present. As a small school community we are able to build long-lasting relationships that go beyond the classroom. It's always exciting to hear how successful our students are.


John Finocchi (School Captain- 1977)

What years did you attend Evans HS?

1974 - 1977


What are some exciting things you have done since leaving Evans HS?

I went to Sydney University for the first six months of my Physiotherapy degree then was transferred to the Cumberland College of Health Science to undertake the four year course. I then worked at Blacktown Hospital for the first year as a physiotherapist then went to Wagga Wagga Base Hospital and worked there for over two years. I saved enough money to travel around Europe on a bus trip and decided to stay there for a further four months with relatives. 


When I came back to Blacktown I got a job at St Joseph's Hospital in Auburn and later moved to Mackay in Queensland where i married my wife. 


I have always played sports; soccer, tennis, cricket, volleyball, then finally settled with surfing – my passion! I started surfing when i was in year 11 at Evans HS. I've been on many surf trips, in some really exotic areas such as Bali, Maldives, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Ballina, and the Sunshine Coast.


I also played guitar and sang in a local Mackay rock band for about two years. We travelled around to local towns around the region and played gigs in pubs, social events, New Years celebrations , backyard parties.... mostly ours!


What is your occupation?

I was the Physiotherapist in charge at Mackay Base Hospital for  a very long time then moved to my current position as Senior Physiotherapist (Musculoskeletal).


What courses have you undertaken since leaving Evans HS?

Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Physiotherapy  (Cumberland College of Health Sciences)

Certificate of Health Management, QLD

Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy, Perth


What is your favourite memory of Evans HS?

We were a small school growing yearly in numbers,  but we were competitive in sports and many school based activities such as maths competitions and debating. We knew each other well and were like a big family because of the close connections we had with our teachers. The teachers were there to help not only with school work but with life in general.


Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Mr Smith (Science) was a kind, softly spoken and fair teacher. I loved Science and its mysteries and he made it enjoyable to learn. Other teachers I owe much to include Mrs Kathner (English), Mr Keech (Maths) and many others.


What was your favourite thing about studying in your senior years at Evans HS?

I loved that we knew all the teachers and they would talk to us in a friendly, genuine way and went above and beyond to support us. 


What advice would you give to a student in their senior years?

School wasn't easy, although I worked hard to do homework and assignments and gave up some things that helped me get through it. What you miss out on in your senior years is not as big a deal as you think in the long run. Bottom line is, do what you have to do and get the grades. Do your honest best and be proud of what you've done. If you are not proud of it then improve it, do that extra study and review your work. How you perform in your senior years could set you up for your future.  

School Planning

School Planning at Evans High School 2019

In 2018 the 2018-2020 School Plan was implemented. The three areas we focused on include:


Strategic Direction 1 is - 'Successful and Future Ready Learners' with the three key areas being:

1. Develop a middle school initiative to ensure students are engaged, connected and succeed in learning

2. The school has systems for transition at all key points including Year 6 into 7, middle school into senior, enrolment into IEC and movement to permanent high school and school to post schooling destinations

3. Inclusiveness underpins all school programs and activities


Strategic Direction 2 is - 'Quality Teaching', the three areas are:

1. Documentation reflects staffs’ professional knowledge of students and how they learn as well as a strong knowledge of the content and how to teach those students

2. Staff draws on research to plan and implement effective teaching which reflects their knowledge of professional practice

3. Teachers identify and model effective learning and collegially and individually expand their learning


Strategic Direction 3 is - 'Leadership and the School Community', implementation of this occurs through:

1. Staff take on leadership roles internally and externally in the school and wider educational networks

2. Leadership models exemplary practice in system, curriculum and legislative requirements

3. Building capacity for leadership, collaborating with the community and exemplifying the student voice


Each area is overseen by a Deputy Principal, supported by Head Teachers who manage the Teams in each area. Team meetings are held every 3 weeks, with staff electing which team they would like to be a part of. Each area has a timeline of implementations as well as regular evaluations. Staff speak with the Student Leadership Team regularly regarding ideas which they need feedback on and the P&C are also involved in the planning process.


Evans High School welcomes the opportunity to discuss any areas with the community in terms of school planning. We are interested in ensuring students are engaged life-long learners with the ability to become excellent members of our community. Each Newsletter we will share the specifics of one area of the school plan.


- Kerry Doyle, Deputy Principal


School Information

Evans High School Bell Times

Assembly is held every Tuesday prior to recess in the COLA.

Whole school assemblies are held in WEEK A

Year group assemblies are held in WEEK B


All children enrolled at school are required to attend school on each day that instruction is provided. Regular attendance and punctual arrival to school are important components of student well-being and achievement.

Parents/Carers are required to send a note explaining any absences within seven days of the absence.  If the absence is not explained within this timeframe the absence becomes an ‘unexplained absence’.


The school canteen operates every school day.  It provides a nutritious variety of wholesome foods, both hot and cold.  Orders for lunch are taken before school or at recess, and to avoid disappointment, students are encouraged to order their lunch at these times.


Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8am and 8.30am. You can also order online and pick-up at school.

Students can visit the school shop to try clothes on for size or make purchases, and we’re able to stay open a little longer for parents and carers on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

As we hit the cooler months, please note that leggings are to be treated as undergarments beneath a skirt or shorts only and are not to be worn as trousers.


To order online, you can use the following link and search for 'Evans High School':


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Telephone - 02 9621 3622

Facsimile - 02 9831 2747


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Brooke Tryhuba - 'Evans High School News' Editor 


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