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20 February 2020
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Diary Dates

February 2020

Fri 21 Feb

Year 6 Summer Round Robin - Jells Park (all day)

Mon 24 Feb

2.40pm - Assembly

Tue 25 Feb

9am - 11am - English (Literacy) Parent training

6.45pm - School Council meeting

Wed 26 Feb


Thu 27 Feb

9am - 10am - LAMP presentations (MPC)

March 2020

Sun 1 Mar

Working Bee - times to be advised

Mon 2 Mar

'I Sea, I Care' excursion - selected Yr 6 students

2.40pm - Assembly

Tues 3 Mar

Mt Waverley Division Swimming Carnival - selected students (Monash Aquatic)

Thu 5 Mar

9am - 11am - Children's Mathematics for Parents training

Mon 9 Mar


Tue 10 Mar

9am - 11am - PBL Parent training (German Room)

Wed 11 Mar

9am - 12.30pm - Year 3 - 6 House Sports

1.30 - 3.30pm - Prep - 2 Tabloid Sports

Thu 12 Mar

Book Fair

Fri 13 Mar

Book Fair

EMR Swimming Carnival - Selected students only (Aquanation Ringwood)

Mon 16 Mar

Book Fair

Tues 17 Mar

Book Fair

9.15am - 3.00pm - Year 3/4 Wurundjeri Walking excursion

Wed 18 Mar

Book Fair

1.30pm - 5.30pm - School Open Day

Fri 20 Mar

SDSSA District Athletics Carnival - Selected Yr 3-6 students (all day)

Mon 23 Mar

2.40pm - Assembly

Wed 25 Mar

Buddies Day

5.00 - 7.00pm - Twilight Sports Night

Fri 27 Mar

2.30pm - Students dismissed - End of Term 1

2020 Term Dates

Term 1 – Thu 30 Jan  – Fri 27 Mar - 2.30pm finish

Term 2 – Tue 14 Apr – Fri 26 Jun - 2.30pm finish

Term 3 – Mon 13 Jul – Fri 18 Sep - 2.30pm finish

Term 4 – Mon 5 Oct – Fri 18 Dec - 1.30pm finish

Leadership Report

Leadership Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

2020 Student Leaders

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Leaders who were presented with their badges at assembly on Monday afternoon. We look forward to watching them grow into the role as they further develop their leadership skills and confidence. I have no doubt they will be fine role models for our school community and wish them all the best for the year ahead.


Our Student Representative Council will receive their badges on Monday 24th February at assembly.



Parent Teacher Meet & Greet

On Monday and Tuesday (and Wednesday for 5/6BB) we held our Parent Teacher Meet & Greets. This is always a great opportunity to get to know your child’s teacher and share some personal insights while building the foundations of a strong home and school relationship. Teachers reported that the information gathered was useful and will assist them with planning and communication as we move further into 2020. I hope you also found it a worthwhile experience.  

2020 Open Day

On Wednesday 18th March, we will be holding our Open Day.  We invite all families to come along and take part in some engaging and educational activities throughout the school. This is also a great opportunity to showcase our school to prospective parents, so if you know a family who might be interested, please bring them along with you.


9.30am                                School Tours with Mr. Richardson

1.30-3.30pm                      Our School in Action

Our classrooms will be open and family and friends can come in and see the learning that takes place

every day at Highvale Primary School.

3.30-4.00pm                       Symphonic Band & Choir in MPC (TBC)

4.00pm                                 Sausage Sizzle & Refreshments

4.00pm – 5.30pm             Activities in each of the Learning Areas around the school.


Parent Engagement in the Learning Program: 2020 Training Sessions for Parents

Just a reminder that we have three upcoming parent sessions this term. These are a great way to understand how we teach English, Mathematics and social and emotional learning at our school.


Tuesday 25th February 9.00-11.00am – Children’s English for Parents (Reading, Writing, Oral Language) with Jodi Tate


Thursday 5th March 9.00-11.00am – Children’s Mathematics for Parents with Marty Gill


Tuesday 10th March 9.00-10.15am – Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) for Parents with Josh Crozier.

Helmets and Scooters

It’s great to see so many of our students being active and choosing to ride bicycles or scooters to school. It’s a great way to teach road rules and stay fit, however, please ensure your child wears a helmet when doing so. Children are still learning to master the skills required to operate these machines and need to be wearing a helmet. Let’s work together to keep our students safe.


For more information, please visit the Vic Roads website: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/cyclist-safety/wearing-a-bicycle-helmet

Engagement & Wellbeing

Highvale Primary School is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards

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School Values


PBL Logo Competition

This year we will be running a competition to design a new PBL logo to be used on future PBL documents and displays. Students are encouraged to have the name 'PBL' clearly displayed, go for bright colours and if possible, use Priscilla (our chicken mascot) in the image. All are welcome to enter and the entries box is found in the school office. Good luck! This competition will close at the end of February.

Michael Grose: Managing separation anxiety at school drop-offs

Going to school for most children is a positive experience however some children can struggle making the transition from their home environment to school. It’s naturally distressing to see your child upset at school drop-off but there is a great deal you can do to make school drop-offs easier for you and your child.


Breaking the cycle of separation anxiety at school

A child’s clinginess, crying or tantrums at school drop-off can be disturbing for you as a parent. Despite putting on a brave face, you can feel guilty that somehow you’re the cause of this behaviour. Unless something traumatic has occurred then leaving your child at school is a normal part of life, something your child will get used to. The following strategies may help eradicate your child’s tears and fears when you take them to school:


Tell the story

Prepare your child thoroughly each morning for what will happen when you leave your child at school. Repeat the story each morning before school so they can fully prepare for drop-off.


It takes two

Involve your child’s teacher in the drop-off process as they will be the person who must deal with an upset child. In extreme examples, at the start of term or after a long absence, a later starting time may give your child a chance to say goodbye in more relaxed circumstances.


Give me five

Rituals are both personal and reassuring so develop a special goodbye ritual that you consistently use when you leave your child each morning. Your special ritual may be simple such as a special wave or kiss, or fun such as a high five, low five, fist pump bursting into a hand explosion. Then leave quickly without stalling or looking back. Avoid making leaving a bigger deal than it what it is.


Reduce the rush

Is your child a morning star or night owl? Many children are slow starters in the morning, which can mean that they’re frequently rushed and arrive at school in highly anxious states. Do all you can to reduce morning stress, which may include earlier bed and waking times; laying out school clothes the previous evening and making minimal demands on their time.


This is the place

Location carries memory so choose carefully the place you say goodbye to your child. If a kiss or hug at the school-gate means a happy child, then you’ve probably found your goodbye place. Experiment with your goodbye location until you find one that works.


It’s your job

If goodbyes continue to cause tears, tantrums or clinginess consider, if possible, saying goodbye to your child at home and allowing another adult – your partner or another parent – to take your child to school.


If separation anxiety continues

If your child’s separation anxiety interferes with their concentration and learning, prevents them from making friends, is excessive and goes longer than a month, consider getting professional support. Separation anxiety left unchecked can lead to school refusal and other anxiety disorders later on.

For professional support consult with welfare teacher at your child’s school, your local general practitioner or local council for suitable health care professionals in the area.


By Michael Grose

Assembly / Co-operative Learning

Term 1 Assembly Dates

Monday 24 February - 2.40pm

Monday 2 March - 2.40pm


Monday 16 March - NO ASSEMBLY - Co-operative Kids

Monday 23 March - 2.40pm



Classroom Music

For those of you who missed the Parent Information Evening last week, here is a very short video that I presented about Performing Arts at Highvale Primary School. You can watch it via this link: https://youtu.be/WDtDXG5AJlk

Over the last week, the Year 3-6 students have started working on a composition project. While the 5/6 students will be exploring and utilising GarageBand as composition platform, the 3/4 students are using live voice, body percussion and percussion instruments. All of the students participated in brainstorm discussions in their small groups about the word ‘community’ and were encouraged to delve into what this word meant to them and how it could be utilised in music and composition.



Instrumental Music

Lessons are off to a great start! It’s a credit to our instrumental teachers for their skill and expertise that I’ve seen such a smooth start to the teaching program in Instrumental Music. In case you missed it, the Instrumental Music Program is running a Loud Lunchtime on Wednesday 26th February to raise money for band uniforms. Chookas to all of our students who will be performing in the concert!

If your child is interesting in learning an instrument with us, it is not too late to ask! Please email Anna if you are interested in finding out more: anna.foong.ng@gmail.com


After much excitement, auditions happened on Thursday last week and we had a record number of auditionees – almost 100! We are thrilled at the student response to engage with the production. Mr Arendshorst, Mr Crozier and I formed the audition panel and we had the wonderful yet challenging job of casting. No matter the outcome for your child, it’s really important to see the experience as a learning opportunity and a success. This process provides each student with the opportunity to experience and develop their persistence, their confidence and their resilience as well as further develop their own identity.


Into the Woods Jnr Casting





Yelda & Anson

Tim T & Anna Phelan


Abigael 5/6BB

Emily White




Jack’s Mother




Emily Z


Baker’s Wife



Little Red Ridinghood

Amy R

Miranda 3/4DY




Cinderella’s Prince



Cinderella’s Stepmother


Anna 3/4D


Emily White



Kiara Wong


Cinderella’s Father



Cinderella’s Mother


Chloe D’Cruz




Rapunzel’s Prince



Mysterious Man

Jason 3/4GT




Alexandra 3/4C


Miranda 3/4DY



James P 5/6BB

Alicia 5/6S

Milky White Cow




Kind regards,

Angelique Both

Classroom Teacher – Performing Arts

PBL Stars

Positive Behaviour For Learning

Look out for PBL Stars next week

Student News!

Swimming Trials

On the 19th February our swimming group went to Huntingtower for the swimming trials to see if we can make it to the next level.

I swam in a relay with Anson, Tim and Gawain. I swam backstroke, Anson swam breast stroke, Tim swam freestyle and Gawain swam butterfly. We came first in our division!

I also swam backstroke and came first in my division. In breast stroke, I came second in my division.

That night, as a treat, my mum and dad took my brother, Gawain and I to a restaurant for dinner. After we got ice-cream as a dessert.

By Ava 3/4D


Mural excursion to the city

On Friday 14th February, selected Year 3-6 students and STEAM teachers, Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Yencken (AKA the STEAM Team) were pumped up and ready for the big day ahead of us.


After a long train ride, we arrived at the State Library where Mrs Sinclair told us to keep our eyes peeled for interesting artwork that we thought would be inspiring for our own mural. We travelled around the streets and found lots of graffiti. The bold, neon colours were very effective and eye-catching.


After a while, temperature got unbelievably hot, so we were all relieved when we entered the art gallery. There were many beautiful paintings, many of which told amazing stories. Some had many small parts that joined to form one incredible masterpiece. Some were detailed landscapes of fields, lakes and forests. Finally, we got to Federation Square and back on the train.


We have a marvellous time studying the murals in the city, and I’m sure that it was a memorable excursion for all of us!

By Yifan 5/6BB



Maths Captains 2020

We are the 2020 Maths Captains and our names are Calianna and Jinmyeong. Each week we are going to put a maths equation in the newsletter for you to solve with your family and friends. The answers will be revealed in the following week’s newsletter.

Can you solve this equation?!

When the bus reached Addition Street, there were 20 people on board. If 8 got off, how many were left on the bus?

A Newspaper for Highvale!

Do you want to be a published author? Then we have the book for you! Highvale will soon be getting it’s very own Newspaper!


Students can give their work to Mrs Tate or one of the English Captains - Alina, Ivy or Arnav V, and watch their work get published!


A copy of the newspaper will be given to each class at the end of each term. We are accepting work from students of all ages and abilities. It can be any text type and/or genre. Each text has to fall into the 1-3 page category. Remember, this is only an option, and it is not a competition. Most of all, just have fun.


By Alina 5/6BB

Leadership and Multicultural Program (LAMP)

The LAMP program is aimed at celebrating multiculturalism within a primary school setting by raising awareness of the diversity of cultures in the school.

LAMP provides leadership skills to Year 5 students who will then become Multicultural leaders at their school.

The students trained as Multicultural leaders, will assist in the running of two events at Highvale Primary School.

One, a small-scale activity with individual students or a particular class and the other, a large activity involving the whole school.

If you are a Year 5 student who is interested in becoming a LAMP leader at Highvale Primary School, you will be required to prepare and deliver a short speech (no longer than two minutes) discussing the reasons why you would like to be a part of this leadership group.

All candidates will present their speech in front of Mrs Hayward and the Year 5/6 students on Thursday 27th  February.

LAMP leaders will be voted in by their peers.

Good luck!

What's on...events & activities

Highvale PS House ‘Athletics Sports’ Carnival

Our annual Athletics Sports Carnival is great day and an opportunity for all students to 'Have a go' at some fun athletics activities.

Parents are welcome to attend to provide support and encouragement to all children.


Highvale P.S Annual House Athletic Sports (Years 3-6)

When: Wednesday March 11th, 9.15am – 12.30pm

Where: The Highvale P.S. Athletics track/school grounds


House Athletic Sports Essential Information:

This Yr. 3-6 event has a ‘Have a Go’ philosophy with an emphasis on achieving a personal best.

ALL Yr. 3-6 Children will be involved, with points awarded to an overall house winner.

Children that achieve the best result for their age group will represent Highvale P.S at the District Athletics Sports - keeping in mind that students are only permitted to compete in a maximum of three events on the day, plus a relay.

All children will ‘Have a Go’ at the following events:

  • High jump
  • Triple jump
  • Hurdles
  • Tunnel ball
  • 100m Sprint
  • Long jump
  • Discus
  • Shot put

Time permitted, the children will have the opportunity to have a go at each event twice.

Parents are welcome to attend


Highvale P.S Annual House Tabloid Sports (Years P-2) ​​​​​​

When: Wednesday 11th March, 1:30pm – 3.15pm

Where: The Highvale P.S. Basketball Courts


House Tabloid Sports Essential Information:

Involves a series of fun activities that the children rotate around which develop their Fundamental Movement Skills. 

Children are encouraged to dress in their house colours on the day.

Some examples of activities include:

  • Soccer Shoot Out
  • Shuttle Relay
  • Quoits
  • Rebound Nets
  • Launch Boards

Parents are welcome to attend to provide support and encouragement to all children.


We look forward to a fantastic carnival of House Sports, celebrating the achievements of all children.

The emphasis for all the events is on FUN, having a go, and trying your best!


Kind regards,

Michelle Hayward and Kath McDonald

Physical Education Coordinators

Children’s Literacy For Parents - Training program

Dear Parents,

Would you like to know more about teaching your child to read and write, and how to facilitate their literacy learning?

Are you thinking of helping out in your child’s classroom but are unsure about what to do and what is expected? 

We will be holding a fun and informative session that will give you the tools you need to assist your child to learn to read and write. You will also be equipped to be a valuable helper in your child’s classroom and at home.

This course will outline the following:

  • Oral language and it’s role in overall literacy development.
  • How children learn to read, write and spell.
  • Effective prompting
  • Cues and strategies
  • Terminology
  • What do literacy lessons look like in the classroom?
  • Modelled reading and writing
  • Learning Centres and tools

Due to the fact that this is a parent information session, unfortunately, we are unable to cater for toddlers. Sorry for any inconvenience.  This session will be held on:

When: Tuesday 25th February

Time: 9.00am – 11.00am

Where: The German room in the 3/4 Learning Area.

If you would like to attend our Training session, please fill in the form below and return it to your child’s class teacher or to Jodi Tate at Highvale PS by Friday 21st February


Kind regards,

Jodi Tate

Literacy  Leader


Children's Mathematics for Parents - Training Program

Dear Parents,

Would you like to know more about assisting your child with their Mathematics knowledge?

Are you thinking of helping out in your child's classroom but are unsure about what to do and what is expected?

We will be holding an informative session that will give you the tools you need to assist your child with their Maths understanding and to be a valuable helper in your child's classroom.

This course will outline the following:

  • How the Mathematics curriculum is broken down
  • The three strands - Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability
  • The four proficiency capabilities
  • What a typical Maths lesson looks like in the classroom
  • Terminology
  • Role of the parent helper in the classroom
  • Resources that can be utilised at home

Due to the fact that is a training session, unfortunately we are unable to cater for toddlers. Sorry for any inconvenience. The parent helper training course will be held on:

When: Thursday 5th March

Time: 9.00am - 11.00am

Where: Year 3/4 Open Learning Community Area

If you would like to attend our training session, please fill in the form below and return it to your child's class teacher or the school office no later than Monday 25th February.


Kind regards,

Marty Gill

Learning Specialist & Mathematics Leader


Reminders from the Office

Excursions, Incursions and Sports reminders

A friendly reminder to return forms and payments for upcoming events and activities


Children's Literacy for Parents - Training session - Return forms by Friday 21st February

Children's Mathematics for Parents - Training Session - Return forms by Monday 24th February

Wurundjeri Walking Tour excursion (Year 3/4) - Return permission forms by Monday 9th March

Special lunches & fundraising

2020 Term 1 - Special lunch dates

Wed 26th February - Loud Lunch

Wed 4th March - Bakers Delight

Wed 11th March - Sushi

Wed 18th March - Subway

Wed 25th March - Bakers Delight

Balanced Living Catering

School lunches are provided every Friday from Balanced Living Catering.

Click Here for Menu

For queries regarding ordering or child’s specific dietary requirements, please call Uaina on 0481 044 800 or email her at orders@balancedlivingcatering.com.au.

Entertainment Book

We’re fundraising with the Entertainment Book – All proceeds will go back to the school!

If you wish to purchase a membership please visit the below link, you can purchase a Digital membership or a Hardcopy book (postage only)


Thanks for your support.


Fundraising Events & Programs

There are some great fundraising ideas listed below to help you get involved and support Highvale Primary School. We appreciate your assistance in making these a success.

Hello World Travel, Forest Hill

For every holiday that you, your Grandparents or even your friends book through our store, we will give a percentage back to your school as fundraising to say thank you for booking through us. Drop into Hello World Travel which is located at Shop 104, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, 270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill. You can phone us on 9887 2444 or email us at foresthill@helloworld.com.au.

Don't forget to mention your school when booking!


Also, don't forget to support our regular fundraising programs (as listed below) by mentioning Highvale Primary School at the point of sale and our school will receive cash donations. Tell your friends and family so they can make easy cash for the school as well!



Bakers Delight, Vermont South

10% of your total sales will be donated back to the school





Air Stream Cafe, Century City Walk, The Glen

You will receive a 5% discount on your bill plus 5% will be donated to the school when you present your fundraiser card (available at the office) 

Education Experience

www. edex.com.au

Highvale Primary School will receive 20% of the total sales.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours - Term 1, 2020

Monday 2nd March - 8.45am to 9.30am

Monday 16th March - 8.45am to 9.30am

Uniform Sales now on Qkr!

You can now place your uniform orders via Qkr! All orders will be handed over to the uniform shop volunteers and distributed to you as soon as possible.

Uniform Shop Order Form

Please click on the link below to access a copy of our uniform shop order form. These can be filled out and handed in to the office at any time. The uniform shop volunteers will fill the orders at their earliest convenience and uniforms will be sent home with your child.


Robotech / Weather Station


School Banking 2020

School banking has resumed for Term 1. Banking day is WEDNESDAY. Students may bring their bank books to school on Wednesday mornings and place them in the grey bag in their classroom blue box.


Please note, bank books and money should not be brought to school on other days.


How to register your child for school banking

You can visit the following webpage to get more information about school banking and register your child: https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/kids/school-banking.html.

Once you've registered, please let us know so we can arrange to get a banking book sent home with your child. Thanks!



Activities / Advertisements

Activities held at Highvale Primary School




After School / School holiday activities held off campus


Activities for Adults


Highvale Happenings
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Parent Literacy Training program - expression of interest.pdf
Parent Mathematics Training program - expression of interest.pdf
Parent Literacy Training program - expression of interest.pdf
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