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19 February 2020
Co-curricular Program
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about the program

What is the Co-Curricular Program?

The Co-Curricular Program (CCP) at Brunswick Secondary College is a broad range of clubs and activities for students which take place outside of class time, running sessions before- and after-school as well as at recess and lunchtime breaks.  The  activities provided at Brunswick Secondary College are a valued part of our students' education and growth - both academic and social.


Teachers from across all Learning Areas drive this program. They  plan and develop  activities, gather additional resources and encourage students to contribute to and participate in the many opportunities on offer.  The program serves to strengthen and enhance relationships between teachers and their students, building a supportive and cooperative environment where all can learn.


While many of the CCP clubs are aligned with the core curriculum,  the school also responds to student voice. The strength of this program is  its flexibility and continuing evolution. Considering and  adapting to student needs and suggestions around  CCP timetable and activities ensures a high level of student participation.


Why do we have a Co-Curricular Program?

The program allows students to explore areas of special interest, extend their skills and connect and build relationships with others across different year levels. This type of program has been shown to benefit student wellbeing and enhance connectedness to school, while it also provides another avenue for academic extension and support. For these important reasons, a wide range of clubs and activities are on offer in order to cater to many different areas of student interest.


It is often through these more unbounded learning opportunities that students discover and hone their special talent or interest. It is also an opportunity for students make the decision to try something entirely new that may open up a new pathway for them to follow. We are always pleased to see so many of our students pursue their co-curricular activities beyond their time at Brunswick Secondary College,  taking their skills and experience into their future.



clubs and activities

Study Clubs

A feature of the Brunswick Secondary College Co-Curricular Program is that it offers the opportunity for students to source support  through study activities including Homework Club,  language and culture clubs, English Help and Maths Help sessions. These focus on supporting the core curriculum and ensuring that students receive targeted help in order to achieve their best learning outcomes.

These activities can be especially helpful for Junior School students to become used to the rigours of high school study and to be  more responsible for their learning. They also serve to strengthen the culture of learning within the community and to build strong teacher-student relationships, ensuring that students are comfortable in both seeking assistance for themselves and providing support to their peers.

Extension & Enrichment

The co-curricular activities provide an opportunity for students to actively extend their formal learning. For example, students can join the Debating & Public Speaking Society, to develop their clear thinking and oratory skills. The Maker Space club allow students to build on skills they learn through the core curriculum and gain wider IT software and design experience. Students can enjoy Art Club, Drama Club or even  Media Film Production where they can be exposed to different mediums and learn new and challenging skills.  Similarly, the Performing Arts Learning Area offers a wide number of activities from musical ensembles to choir and production experience.

Special Interest and Community Focus Clubs

Brunswick Secondary College prides itself on its diverse and colourful community. The Co-Curricular Program celebrates this diversity by providing an avenue for activities such as the Peer Support Leaders, and Stand Out Group to engage with the community. Students who participate in these clubs can focus on social, school and wider community issues that are important to them and for which they have a passion. Together, they can define, discuss and give voice to these issues in order to initiate the changes that they wish to see in the world.  Not limited to local and domestic events, students have the opportunity to join World Challenge or VYLC (Victorian Young Leaders to China) in order to explore this path.

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The Student Executive (School Captains) along with the Student Representative Council are a core part of the Co-Curricular Program. In these groups, students are invited and supported to discuss the school community environment.  They can raise any concerns or suggestions and bring them to the attention of the school and the School Council on behalf of their peers. In this way, these student groups play and active role in the daily life of the school, developing vital leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

These students are involved in hosting and facilitating events such as information evenings, concerts and the Twilight Market  as well as being responsible for ongoing fundraising events including Casual Clothes Days.

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how to enrol in the CCP

At Brunswick Secondary College...

All students across all year levels are invited and encouraged to take advantage of this fabulous Co-Curricular Program. The huge variety of experiences offered is immediately accessible to all,  and students in all year levels can both learn from, and contribute to, the program.  This opportunity to support their learning and to connect with others through similar interests is too good to miss!


It is the responsibility of each student 

  • to study the list of activities on offer and to choose at least two (2) that they wish to attend (this list can be accessed below)
  • to attend the chosen activities (meeting times are listed on the CCP Schedule accessed below)
  • to make sure that relevant teacher adds their name to the roll 
  • to attend all sessions of the activity 
  • to advise the teacher if they wish to alter their choice of CCP

Students are welcome to join a number of programs but should be mindful that

  • they are expected to commit to their choices with regular attendance and participation
  • being part of multiple clubs is not always possible due to timetabling clashes


  • All students are expected to actively commit to at least one of the co-curricular activities per semester and make it a regular part of their school week.
  • Attendance will be monitored and participation recorded in student school reports.

Find out about...

Click below to access and/or download the A to Z of CCP programs in 2020 - an alphabetical list of all current clubs, activities and session times.


Curriculum 2020
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2018 - the A to Z of CCP .pdf
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2018 - the A to Z of CCP .pdf
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2018 A-Z of CCP.pdf
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