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30 August 2017
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Spelling – are you a Good or Bad Speller? There is no such thing – we can all be good spellers with the knowledge about how spelling ‘works!’


When you think back to how you learnt to spell you probably remember it fondly or with a negative mindset, depending on if you were seen to be a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ speller and you did well or poorly on those weekly spelling tests.


When we were at school the ultimate test of being the ‘good speller’ was the person that got 10 out of 10 for their spelling test at the end of the week. The person who memorised those 10 words but then was not necessarily able to use those words when needed when writing for a purpose, or perhaps they could but did not know ‘why or how’ they could spell that word correctly.

We now know that English spelling is complex, but it is not rule bound but rather there are different strategies and knowledge around how words work that can support all children to become better and more thoughtful spellers.


A classic example of the ‘rule bound’ approach to spelling that we were all taught was i before e – except after c.  For example: species, science, except after c – receipt does not fit this rule,  and there are many other examples.


The approach to teaching spelling thankfully has changed! We want to develop the mindset of children who are excited about spelling and who want to explore and problem solve spelling options using their understanding about how spelling works – not to get 10/10 on a weekly spelling test! We are also building understanding with our learners that the purpose for spelling is linked to being a better writer in order to get your message across to the audience for your writing – again, not to do well on a spelling test.


Across the school, R- 7 we are implementing a Word study approach that supports our learners to problem solve around words, give spelling a go, with knowledge around spelling patterns and strategies – NOT rules, and to learn that trying to spell new and unfamiliar words is a great thing to do as a learner linked with our values of persistence and growth mindset.



Following are some of the Spelling concepts that are being taught across our Year Levels from R-7

We hope that you will reinforce some of the concepts at home and have conversations to support your child’s learning in ‘word study.’

  • For younger students, they -  Write the alphabet quickly to build fluency and accuracy – Write the CONSONANTS in Blue and the VOWELS in red.


  • When your child is attempting to spell words, ask them – how many syllables – we get younger children to put their hand on their chin as they say the word, we then reinforce, how many syllables eg table – 2 syllables, each syllable has to have a vowel – if your child came up with t-a-b/- e-l, this would be great in Reception/Year 1. (even though it is not correct spelling) This builds the understanding of every syllable has to have a vowel and you can reinforce with your child what the vowels are.
  • We teach children about the differences in syllables -

    Closed syllable. short vowel sound followed by a consonant  eg. fan/tas/tic

    Open syllable. long vowel sound ending the syllable eg. ba/by (ai) (ee)
  • 1:1:1 Rule    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zhclG5sGC0
  • The letter Cc.  makes the sound  /c/ and /s/.  It makes a /s/ sound when it is followed by a y, i, or e Cy – bicycle, Ci – Circle, Ce – dance – so when we want children to be powerful spellers we want them to know and  understand this about the English Language
  • Letters that do not end an English word. When you hear a I sound at the end of a word we use the letter y.  The letter i does not end an English word. (my, buy etc)

Please take the time to talk to your child about what they are learning in their “Word Study” time, perhaps they will be able to teach you something about spelling that you did not know, we learn from our learners every day.


If you would like to have us run some parent workshops about the Word Study approach we will be happy to accommodate – let myself or your child’s teacher know and we can organise for this to happen.


Sally Slattery

Deputy Principal


School News

School Photographs

School Photographers MSP will be returning to our school on Monday 4/9 to take photos of students who were absent on our School Photo Day (25/8). They are also able to take family photos on this day (brothers/sisters attending school only.) If you would like to have a Family Photo of your children, the photographers will be in the gym from 10:00-10:30am only on this day. Please contact MSP on 83913951 to organise payment or pay cash on the day to the photographers. Family photo envelopes will be available from the photographers in the gym.

As soon as school photos arrive they will be distributed to classes. If you have any queries regarding your photos contact MSP on 83913951.

Wirreanda Secondary School

If your child is attending Wirreanda Secondary School in 2018 and you requie assistance to fill out your enrolment form you are invited to attend an Enrolment Assistance Evening on Wednesday 30/8 from 3:30-6:30pm at Wirreanda Secondary School (105 Richards Drive, Morphett Vale).

Fathers Day Stall

The Fundraising Committee will be holding a Fathers Day Stall in the Conference Room - Penney Unit on Thursday 31/8 from 8:30am for parents and caregivers.  Students will be able to purchase gifts with their class during the day. Stock permitting there will be a stall on Friday morning as well.

Thank you for supporting this event and wishing the fathers of our community a Happy Fathers Day on Sunday.


A case of Rotovirus has been reported in Castle Unit.  

Symptoms include: vomiting, fever, watery diarrhoea. The onset is sudden and symptoms last for an average of 3-7 days. It is spread through contamination of hands, objects, food or water with infected faeces. The virus is taken in by the mouth or by contact with infected airborne droplets produced by coughing or sneezing.

The Incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is about 24-72 hours (1-3 days.) The Infectious period (time during which an infected person can infect others), 2 days before and up to 8 days after they become unwell with diarrhoea.

Plenty of fluids should be given and seek medical advice if symptoms are severe or persist.


A case of Mumps has been reported in Holly Unit. Symptoms include: swelling of the glands on the sides of the face and jaw line, fever and headache. Mumps is spread directly by contact with airborne droplets from the nose and throat or indirectly by contact with hands, tissues and other articles soiled by nose and throat discharges or contact with the saliva of an infected person.

The Incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is generally 14-25 days, usually 18 days. The Infectious period (time during which an infected person can infect others) is up to 6 days before the swelling of the glands begins and up to 9 days after the onset of swelling.

The student should be excluded from school for nine days after the onset of symptoms, or until swelling goes down (whichever is sooner.)

Mumps is best prevented by the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, one at 12 months and the second at 4 years of age.

Entertainment Book

Hurry, only one Entertainment Book left. This would make a great gift for dad. Please see Tracy Rowley, Finance Manger if you are interested to purchase the last Entertainment Book.


Road Safety

A reminder to parents/caregivers and students to use the School Crossing in the morning and afternoon when entering and leaving the school. Please remind  students and model  how to safely cross the road and to be mindful of traffic to ensure their safety. 

NAPLAN Reports

NAPLAN Reports will be sent home early next week.  Please take time to look over the information and contact your child's classroom teacher or myself if you have any questions.

Sally Slattery

Deputy Principal

Student Free Day

A reminder that there is a Student Free Day on Thursday 7/9.  OSHC is available.  Please contact Jacky Smith 0499228039.

School Closure Day

A reminder that the school will be closed on Friday 8/9.  Please contact Jacky Smith if you require the services of OSHC.


Student Free Day & School Closure Day

Remember  to book your children into OSHC for Thursday 7/9 & Friday 8/9.  We will be holding the “Royal OSHC Show” over the two days, which will include show bags, sideshow alley, fashion parade, cake decorating, animal judging and more.

We still have plenty of spaces available, so call Jacky on 0499 228 039 or email her at [email protected]

What’s been happening at OSHC

This term has seen the children develop an interest in Science & Engineering. Perhaps inspired by the construction works for the STEM project, they have been creating their own experiments, exploring and building.













For Science Week we built a robot bunny and robot dinosaur. It required a lot of teamwork, some problem solving and a few votes (such as what to name them).















The children have also been turning an egg into a bouncy ball (placing it in vinegar), but extended this by placing eggs in other liquids to see if they will have a similar impact on the egg. We currently have eggs in vinegar & water (our controls), milk, soy milk, oil and orange juice, even our educators are curious to see what the results will be.












One of our receptions, Nyxi created her own experiment based on something she saw on TV. The children predicted what would happen and these were recorded. Nyxi placed M&M’s and Skittles in water and then in milk, after Ella (an older child) suggested it might react differently in milk. As you can see, the colours seeped into the water & milk, but in different patterns.


We have also been learning patience and persistence with a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the world. It took nearly 5 weeks for the children to complete (no adult help – which took a lot of patience & self-control by the educators). The average age of the children completing the puzzle was 6 years although towards the end the older children were helping out too. There was some great conversations during the process, including where children and their families have travelled to, why Australia is to the side on this map but not on other maps (this is because the country the map is made for is placed in the centre), how some of the information is wrong or offensive (it lists Uluru as "Ayers rock - A mythical site", many children were appalled with this as the Dreaming is not a myth but a religion/belief system), where countries are and how dinosaurs are also found in Asia and other parts of the world (not just Australia 😉). The children have proudly been showing their parents and anyone who visits the puzzle.


Vacation Care News

I know school holidays seem some time away, but we have been busy planning them and have attached the program for your convenience. We do like to be organised, so we don’t miss out on any of the exciting activities we want to do. We have even started planning the December/January ones too.


We are very excited that the children have requested that this October we visit the Big Rocking Horse and Toy Factory at Gumeracha. So in week 2 of the holidays, this is exactly where we will be going. The excursion will include a tour of the factory, a climb up the big rocking horse and a visit to the Wildlife Park!


We will also be having our ever popular Teddy Bear’s Picnic, where the children will be cooking/preparing a picnic lunch to enjoy on the oval (weather permitting) with their teddy friends and an afternoon of fun, including a Teddy Bear Hunt. For our creative children, we have some beautiful ceramic products that they will be able to choose from and decorate. For our science lovers, we have Professor Flint joining us for a special workshop on “What the Dinosaurs tell us”, where they will have hands on fun learning about palaeontology. You can check out Professor Flint and his team on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HeapsGoodProductions/ (he may seem familiar; just imagine him as a pirate in his PJ’s from last school holidays).


If you would like to book, please contact us on 0499 228 039 or email [email protected] or complete the booking form and return to OSHC or the front office.


Next Newsletter, I will have some details/photos of some of the other fantastic activities we have planned, and maybe some news on a special secret activity for January 2018.

Did You Know?

How much do you really know about how OSHC works? Each newsletter, we will be adding in a little section about how OSHC works and why we do what we do.


Did you know that OSHC falls under the heading of “Childcare”? This means we have the same rules, wages, conditions, assessments & reporting obligations etc as childcare centres, long day care, Family day care, kindergartens and pre-schools. At the same time, as we operate on a DECD school site, we have some of the same rules as the school too. Often we are referred to as the ‘middle child’, in between childcare and school, which is a pretty apt description.


Just like childcare centres, we are required to work under the National Quality Framework. This means there are very stringent regulations and standards that we must meet. About every three years, an assessor will come and spend a day or two with us (usually about 10-12 hours in total). They will come and take photos, talk to staff, children and sometimes parents, look at our records, check our facilities, tick a lot of boxes and take lots of notes. From here they will spend several weeks ensuring that we are meeting all the Standards & Elements across 7 Quality areas and how well. This document is then reviewed by the board and sent out to us for our input. Once this process is completed (providing we don’t disagree with the results), we are awarded our rating.


Hackham East OSHC went through this process in 2015 and received an overall rating of “Meeting”. Each quality area receives an individual rating too, and we received “Exceeding” in Quality Area 1 – Educational program and practice and Quality Area 5 – Relationships with children. We are due for assessment again next year (although there are currently still delays in the process, so it may not occur until 2019). We are working hard to constantly improve our service and hope to receive “Exceeding” in a few more areas next time.


This is one of the reasons you will often see us asking for your opinions. We want OSHC to meet the needs of its families and the school/local community. We are constantly looking at how we can do things better. The service is constantly evolving and growing, which means we are critically reflecting on how we do things and why as part of our daily practices. This industry is great in that we are often at the forefront, constantly learning and gaining new skills and knowledge, and your children benefit from this. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or even to let us know that you like what we are currently doing, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.



If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.


Jacky Smith

OSHC Director

Tony Gauci

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the sad passing of Tony Gauci. Tony has been an SSO here since 2009. He has supported so many of our students, particularly those in Junior Primary who he would support with their reading. He would eagerly take on any task that was given to him by teachers and leadership.


Tony was a quietly spoken, caring, compassionate, gentle man who had a passion for helping children. He was always positive despite his poor health and never focused on himself even though he was in constant pain and had difficulty walking.


Tony had been in hospital for the past 2 weeks. I saw him last week and he was very upbeat about coming back to school as soon as possible. He said that he missed the children and staff. He had a bad turn on Saturday but his wife informed me before this that he was the best that he had been for a long time. It came as a shock to hear that he had suddenly passed away.


I informed all staff and students of this sad news. Counselling is available for any child or staff member who may want it.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Liz, his wife, and his children and their families. The school will pass on our condolences to Liz and the family in an appropriate way and have a ceremony here in honour of him in the near future.

Vale Tony.

Bob Thiele


Pastoral Care News

We have had some sad news at school this week with the passing of Tony Gauci, one of our SSO’s. Many of you would know him and your children may have worked with him.


Grief is a normal and natural response to loss and it is a part of the human experience. Each person is unique in their own grieving style and the length of their grieving. We don’t suddenly reach the two week mark, or the three month mark and say, “My grief is over now”. It is a very personal experience for each of us.


When you are close to the person who has passed away or have known them a long time, then the grief may be quite intense at first.  It is normal for those emotions to be less strong as time goes by. When a death occurs, it can also elicit other deeper feelings of grief from a past loss, especially if they have not been processed.


Grief and loss can happen in many different circumstances and not just the passing of a loved one. Losing a pet, losing an important object such as an engagement ring, divorce and changing jobs can also involve grief and loss.


Children often grieve intensely but for a shorter period. Or you may think that your child is not grieving because they don’t talk about it, but their grief will still be very real. Children also tend to act out their grief and act in inappropriate or unusual ways, so watch out for your child displaying any of these characteristics. Children can often feel insecure when someone they know has passed away and they may be worried that something bad will happen to a care-giver. So they may need extra reassurance and a few extra hugs at this time.


It will help to talk to your child about their feelings at this time and talk about their memories. It is ok if your child (or you!) feels sad and cries; it is a normal reaction to grief. It may help for your child to write out a card or do a drawing about their memories.  Bereavement is a time to take care of yourself and to carry on with life as much as is possible and to talk to someone about how you are coping. Grief can also be delayed, as the first reaction is often shock or disbelief.


I have spoken to all of the staff and touched base with many children today either one on one or in a group to discuss how they are feeling. If you or your child would like to meet with me please let me know and I will make a time to see you. I am at the school on Tuesdays and Fridays if you would like to speak with me.


Every Blessing

Cherie Love

Pastoral Care Worker


Library News

Earn & Learn


Earn & Learn is on again from 26 July to 19 September 2017.  

Earn one Earn & Learn sticker for every $10.00 spent at any Woolworths. Once the sticker sheet is complete drop it into our collection box in the Library or our local Hackham Woolworths.  Sticker sheets can be obtained from either Woolworths, one of our Library staff or can be printed by downloading the sheet from www.woolworths.com.au/earnandlearn.

Completed sheets of stickers go towards school resources including - Library, Science, Sports, Mathematics, English and Arts & Crafts.

Thank you for your support.

Deb Scarff

SSO Library    

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge finishes on Friday 8 September 2017. All students who have been participating in the Premier's Reading Challenge this year need to return their completed sheets to the Library Staff by Wednesday 6 September 2017 as there is a Student Free Day on Thursday 7 September and a School Closure Day on Friday 8 September.

We trust you have enjoyed your reading experiences with the many books you have read this year.

Deb Scarff

SSO Library


Book Week

Thank you to the students and staff who dressed up and participated in the Book Week activities.  Thank you to the parents who attended last week - it was wonderful to see the many and varied costumes and students using their imagination while dressed up.


School Crossing Monitors

Term 3 2017

Week 7 (4/9-6/9)


Dema Liddicoat

Axel Freeman

Wyatt Broadbent


Andrew Millar

Mark Reynolds

Joshua Vereyken



Week 8 (11/9-15/9)


Hamish Bradbury-Manie

Caleb Bradbury-Manie

Bailey Stopp


Kalem Illingworth

Isaih Waller

Tyler Lenard


Dates to Remember

Diary Dates

Fridays - Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.  

All parents/caregivers welcome.

August 2017

Thursday 31 August - Fathers Day Stall

September 2017

Monday 4 September - School Photographers MSP attending for students absent on 25/8

Wednesday 6 September - All completed sheets for Premier's Reading Challenge to be returned

Thursday 7 September - Student Free Day (OSHC available)

Friday 8 September - School Closure Day (OSHC available)

Friday 15 September - School Assembly

Friday 22 September - School Sports Day

Friday 29 September - 2:00pm finish - last day of Term 3

October 2017

Monday 16 October - Student Free Day

Tuesday 17 October - First day of Term 4 for students

Community News

Build a Business or Launch a Cause

We give you $20.00 to build a business or launch a cause.  Held at Onkapringa Youth Enterprise Hub, Colonnades Shopping Centre every Wednesday for 12 weeks (starting 6/9) from 5:30-7:30pm.  For 15-25 yr olds.


Moring Tea With Girl Guides

Girl Guide biscuits available to purchase from Guide Shop 63 Beulah Rd, Norwood or online at girl-guides-sa.myshopify.com.



Come and join us for playgroup, children birth to 4 yrs of age.  Enjoy singing, making friends, snack time and stories together with your child/ren.  Held at Community Room, O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre, 51a Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach each Tuesday morning (10:00-11:30am) until 26/9.


Child Safe Environments Training

FREE.  Held at Woodcroft-Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale on Friday 29/9 from 9:00am-5:00pm.  Ph Holly 83923194 to register.


Aberfoyle Park Spike Zone

For boys and girls (Yr 4-Yr7) welcome.  Held on Tuesdays (4:00-5:00pm) at The Hub Recreation Centre (Park Avenue). For more information visit www.volleyballsa.com.au/spikezone

Game on Chess Club

Held at Woodcroft Library (175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale) each Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm. Stuitable for students aged 8+.  Ph 83840050 for more information.

Strengthening The Inner Woman

A FREE 6 week program women affected by domestic violence.  Information session on Wednesday 6/9 from 1:00-3:00pm at Hackham West Children's Centre Unit, Glynville Dr, Hackham West.  Ph Heather 0416108476 for more information.


Welcome Cafe

Skylight Welcome Cafe offers a safe, friendly and non-judging space to talk about mental health issues with people who get it.  Held every Monday from 10:30am-12:30pm (11/9-6/11).  


Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes

A workshop which focuses on practical ways to improve relationships.  Held on Monday 18/9 from 6:30-9:00pm at Anglicare SA, Outer Southern Hub, 111 Beach Rd, Christies Beach.  Ph Joy or Helen 81868900.


Event Cinemas Marion

Event Cinemas Marion is excited to announce that we will be screen the film Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor on 2/9, 3/9, 9/9 and 10/9.  There are two sessions each day (10:15am and 12:00noon).  All tickets are $9.00 and there will be a dedicated area in the foyer set up for colouring in prior to the film.  Visit http://bit.ly/2wEdWYJ to purchase tickets.

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