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09 August 2018
Issue Eleven
Important Dates
Principal's Report
Perfectionism: Parent Information Session 
Celebrating Culture - Murnong Day
Tuning into Teens
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MGC Presents: Bring It On: The Musical
Sporting Achievements!
Melbourne Museum and National Art Gallery of Victoria Excursion
Global Village: Bilingual Speech Competition
MGC Second Hand Uniform Shop
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Year 8 - Wellbeing Day
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Important Dates


8-10th August - Bring It On: The Musical Cast 1 Shows

14th August - Perfectionism Parent Information Session

15-17th August - Bring It On: The Musical Cast 2 Shows

15th August - Casual Clothes Day

21st August - Ancient Civilisations Day

31st August - PA Fathers' Day Breakfast

4th September - Year 12 Music Evening






Principal's Report

Opening Night of “Bring It On!”

Congratulations to Anne Corry, Lindy Mumme, Alice Dawes, Trevor Howlett and all of the team, who provided a great celebration of the performing arts at the opening night of, “Bring It On” on 8th August. The hours of hard work to give our students this opportunity is appreciated by us all. The girls performed with energy and passion clearly enjoying every moment. The season for Cast 1 concludes this Friday and Cast 2 perform 15th-17th August at 7.30pm.


Success of Former Students!

Courtney McKenzie

After months of gruelling, full time training our 2017 College Captain, Courtney McKenzie has been commissioned as a lieutenant in the Australian Army. During the final month of training Courtney attended the Royal Military College in Duntroon, Canberra for final assessments. This included living in the bush for 2 weeks while Courtney was assessed as a Platoon Commander and a Platoon Sergeant. The pass rate is extremely low but not only did Courtney pass, she received her commission as Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Signals Corp, posted in Townsville where Courtney is working as a commander for the regiment. In 2019 Courtney will be posted back to Melbourne leading a new squadron working to develop robo-mechanics for the specialised infantry. Courtney’s gratitude to all of the staff at Melbourne Girls’ is overwhelming and we are all very proud of her determination, resilience, intelligence and strength.

Hayley Ricketson

Hayley Ricketson who attended MGC during the 1990s has a play opening in London in September.


“Hayley is a playwright and general theatre practitioner from Melbourne, Australia. As well as recently completing her MA in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Birkbeck, University of London, she has written and staged two original plays in Australia and has experience as a writer, director, performer, stage manager and production manager. She is currently focusing on playwriting, Graceful being the second play she has written since moving to London a year ago.”

Ms McCarthy takes personal credit for her success as her first play was staged at MGC for Medieval Day!


Congratulations Hayley on behalf of the alumni and MGC community.


Global Village Bi-Lingual Speech Competition

We congratulate our Chinese students who participated in the Global Village Bilingual Speech Competition from the 27th to 29th July in Melbourne. Students from Prep to Year 12 from over fifty Victorian schools participated. After much preparation and three days of intense competition Matilda Smithers of Year 11 won first prize, Hannah Ross, Year 11 third prize and Samantha Kintanar, Year 9 third prize in her section.

All of our students demonstrated outstanding language skills, tremendous confidence and great team work, which is the result of the hard work and contribution of our world class Chinese team, PingPing Elliott, Lucy Chen, Bibo Shi, Huan Bao and Will Li. As Matilda’s family noted, “The quality of the Chinese teaching at MGC and the commitment of the staff is exceptional”. 


Rotary National Youth Science Forum

Congratulations to Year 11 students Molly Sharrock and Hannah Ross, were accepted into the twelve day residential National Youth Science Forum Program for inspiring young scientists.

This program is offered by Rotary International and a very limited number of Year 11 students from around Australia are selected each year. The sessions include entrepreneurship and critical thinking in a science related field.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to date on the installation of security cameras on the perimeters of Melbourne Girls’ College. Our next School Council meeting will be held 21 August where all of the feedback received by 29 July will be discussed. Overwhelmingly, the view is that the cameras are a safety measure to proceed with which, hopefully, we will never need to utilise.


Kind regards,


Perfectionism: Parent Information Session 


We are pleased to announce that Dr Susan Wade BA(Hons) Melb, GradDipEd (Sec), MEd (Gifted Ed), PhD Monash will be running a parent evening focusing on Perfectionism and perfectionistic tendencies. The evening will also highlight the important role of parents in assisting students to manage these tendencies.


Please note that the venue of the event has changed to the Melbourne Girls' College Auditorium.

If you would like to attend, please book through Trybooking on the link below. The event is free but you will need to register to attend. Bookings close at 4pm Friday 10th August, 2018.


Please register here.




Celebrating Culture - Murnong Day

On the Friday the 27th of July, MGC held Murnong Day for the year 7s. It was a day in which we could all connect to the rich and golden culture of the Wiradjuri and hopefully learn more about their history. The celebration, passed down from previous Year 7 students at MGC, educated all of us on the life of those before us and those who are still around.

Murnong is a type of yam, also known as the yam daisy. It was a major part of indigenous Australian’s diet. It is the root part of a yellow flower closely resembling a dandelion. For several years now, MGC has annually held Murnong Day to replant these vegetables in order to connect to the culture which surrounds all of us.

On the 27th of July, the year 7s of 2018 were honoured to carry out this tradition by spending a period learning about the Murnong plant and Australian history as well as planting our very own plant. It was, as many year 7s would agree, an extremely memorable and enjoyable experience. It was exciting and fun to be able to carry on traditions and interact with not only nature, but history. The discussions were also engaging and interesting, sparking the interest of many minds.

The experience was extremely fun and engaging and I felt privileged that we all had the opportunity to connect to part of Australia’s culture.


By Sophie Hallowes 7C2

Tuning into Teens

Please find attached a flyer with information on Tuning in to Teens - a session that will help you develop skills to recognise and respond to your teen's emotions. 


Rowing News

The Year 8's are hitting the water for the second week in a row, the weather conditions have been tough (windy) to learn in and all the Year 8's have been doing amazing work! We're hoping for calmer conditions next week so the rowers can hone their new skills in. Congratulations to all the rowers in the Learn to Row program! 


For our Year 9's, 10's and 11's, pre-season and early mornings have started up again, with our rowers getting down to the gym twice a week. We are building strength and fitness for the season to come! 

Performing Arts News

Snowed Inn

The Camberwell Showtime proudly Presents Snowed Inn! Come along to see some talented MGC students on stage at the community theatre. More information and tickets are available here.

Important dates for VCE Season of Excellence 2019

Application and audition dates

  • Top Designs 2019 applications open (excluding Theatre Studies)* Saturday 1 September 2018 
  • Top Class Sound 2019 applications open Saturday 1 September 2018
  • Top Designs 2019 applications close for VCE Media, Visual Communication Design, Systems Engineering and Product Design and Technology Tuesday 16 October 2018
  • Top Designs applications close for VCE VET studies Thursday 8 November 2018
  • Top Class Sound applications close Thursday 8 November 2018
  • Tickets on sale for all Season 2019 events Saturday 1 December 2018

Event dates:

  • Top Class Dance Thursday 21 February 2019
  • Top Class Sound Friday 1 March 2019
  • Top Screen Thursday 7 March to Thursday 9 May 2019
  • Top Class Music Wednesday 13 March 2019
  • Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies Monday 18 March and Tuesday 19 March 2019
  • Top Arts Friday 22 March to Sunday 14 July 2019
  • Top Designs Saturday 30 March to Sunday 14 July 2019
  • Top Acts Friday 10 May 2019 (TBC)

MGC Presents: Bring It On: The Musical

Sporting Achievements!

Inter-School AFL

The schedule for Interschool AFL has been jam packed over the past few months, with our Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams fielding 8 teams in total. This is the largest number of AFL participants we have ever had, continuing to follow the statewide trend of girls’ participation in AFL.

Our Senior team lost the Division Grand Final to a very talented SEDA team, all of who play (or are trying out for) a TAC Cup side. Our students fought hard throughout the first half but ran out of legs against a very experienced SEDA team.

Our Intermediate team won their Division Final very easily, and then won 3 out of 3 Regional matches to get the chance to play off in the Regional Grand Final against Gladstone Park. The star-studded team, lead by Issy Pritchard, fought hard against an equally talented Gladstone Park team and unfortunately came up 5 points short. Having made the State Finals in their previous 2 years, the students were understandable disappointed, but they knew the game was extremely close for the whole game and any time could easily have won.

The Junior team, made up of a lot of Year 7’s and 8’s who have never played with each other won their Regional Grand Final, beating Whittlesea SC by 7 goals in a very one sided match. They have been coached by Georgia Marsland (Yr12), Alicia Myers and Alice McGinty (both Yr10) and have never looked like losing a game up until now. Their next two matches will be the State Quarter and Semi Finals, played in freezing Ballarat next week. We wish them all the best as they take on the best schools from the Western Metropolitan and Country Region.


MGC Weightlifting Team

Last Thursday afternoon 9 members of the MGC Weightlifting Club went to their very first competition which happened to be the Powerlifting Australia Championships. When we walked in and saw rows of chairs facing a stage with lights and a barbell it’s safe to say we didn’t know what we had gotten ourselves into. Each girl had a turn at doing 3 back squats, 3 bench presses and 3 deadlifts on the stage. Going up for our first lift all of us were terrified and unsure what to expect but coming off the stage after our last lift we felt strong from our lift and invincible from the roar of the crowd and the smiles and cheers from our mates when we got back to them.

We would like to thank our coaches Gav, Leasa and Callum for pushing us to be our best; and an even bigger thank you to our teachers Ms Shaw and Mr Beck for not only making all of this possible but for helping us figure out how strong we really are. 


-Annie Coleman and Ingrid Perkins


You can watch the MGC Weightlifting team in action in the video below!

Squat is from 6min to 29min

Bench press is from 1hr and 8min to 1hr and 34min

Deadlift is from 2hr and 15min to 2hr and 37min



State Cross Country

Congratulations to all participants in the 2018 State Cross Country Championships. MGC had representatives in each age group and all runners ran exceptionally. A special mention to Year 12 students; Emily Mizis, Zara Guss and Annie Coleman who have represented Melbourne Girls’ College throughout their whole time at Melbourne Girls’ College and made up the U17-21 team who came second.


U13 Results

Chloe Kamberis                 63rd


U14 Results

Overall Team:                    4th

Maide Spark                       9th

Abi Newman                      38th

Marcella Souter                39th

Emily Mackie                      56th

Bethany Zmak                   68th


U15 Results

Olivia Mitchell                   53rd


U16 Results

Iris Webb                             10th

Coco Knowles                    47th


U17-21 Results

Overall Team:                    2nd

Emily Mizis                          4th

Florence Webb                  41st

Abby Jensen                       57th

Molly Sharrock                  59th

Annie Coleman                  60th


Victorian U15 Lacrosse Team

Congratulations to Mim Suares-Jury 7M1 and Tara Gilmartin 8A on their selection in the U15 Victorian Lacrosse Team for 2018. Mim and Tara will be competing in the Australian Championships in Melbourne over the school holidays and we wish them well!


School Sport Victoria TeamVic  U17 Soccer Team

Congratulations to Cassie Carman 11L1 on her selection in the Victorian School Sports U17 Soccer team for 2018. Cassie will be competing in the Australian Schools Championships later this month – well done and good luck!!



Winter Bivouac

From the 19th to the 21st of July, the Australian Air Force Cadets of 414 Squadron attended their annual Winter Bivouac at Upper Beaconsfield. 

For 3 days, 1st year cadets camped in 12-person tents in the Australian bush. As well as practising and developing their fieldcraft skills by moving amongst the landscape, they worked on their teamwork and leadership skills by doing a range of activities. This included a Rogaine, where cadets orienteered their way around the bush with only a compass and a map, using radios to keep in contact with HQ, a ropes course, cooking a meal with a ration pack, and countless other fieldcraft activities that worked on personal development and confidence.



Just down the road, the 2nd year cadets completed a survival camp! After splitting into small groups, the cadets chose an area in which they designed and constructed their own shelter, built and ignited their own fire, found their own food and water using only the natural resources around them! They also performed challenges to earn food and water, learning new things along the way on how to survive in the Australian bush with minimal recourses.

The 3rd years and above truly exercised their leadership in planning, co-ordinating and running the camp. Some were overseeing survival, some were looking after 1st year activities, some were in charge of the kitchen and cooking meals. Every movement was planned and prepared by students, for students.

414’s annual Winter Bivouac was a massive success and we look forward to our next camp, the Sectional Challenge in September!



Melbourne Museum and National Art Gallery of Victoria Excursion

7 Chisholm's Melbourne Museum and National Art Gallery of Victoria Excursion

On the 25th of July, Chisholm went to the city of Melbourne to explore ancient civilizations at a deeper level. They were the last house to get their turn to travel back in time and see how archeology works and look at artefact thousands of years old.


We first walked to the Melbourne museum in Carlton. We had a lesson in a small room where we were able to understand the archeology of the Little Lonsdale St diggings; we categorized old pieces of china, double boilers, animal bones and small fragments of ceramics, and learned about living structures. We then went to three exhibits; 600,000,000 years, Dinosaurs and Ancient World. These exhibits focused on the ancient world and what we were generally working on in Social World.



Later, we walked from the museum to the National Gallery of Victoria where we spent a short time in the ancient artefacts section and filled out a sheet about ancient arts and craft.

These old, beautiful artefacts took the interests of many in Chisholm. We found dates, new facts and explored the lives of those way before us. Overall this was a wonderful experience and it expanded my knowledge of ancient civilizations beyond what it would have in an everyday classroom.


By Parker Malpeli, 7c 1​

Global Village: Bilingual Speech Competition

Photo: Taking a group photo with Chinese students

On July the 27th, 8 of our Chinese students participated in the Chinese Bilingual Speech Competition. Students from Prep to Year 12 of more than 50 Victoria schools competed for the finals.

Considering that the competition was state-wide, we started to practice from June. Students were required to memorize their Chinese scripts, which is a great work. All of them can recite fluently and make their Chinese speech naturally after two months’ preparation.

The pre-finals held in Melbourne Grammar School lasted for 4 hours and we had 3 contestants get into the finals. They were paired with Chinese students and asked to reorganize their speech. Our students came up with the ideas of sitcom and debate. Preparing for the finals from 28th to 29th, they tried their best to get good results from 30 pairs of final contestants. 

The final was held in Ruyton Girls' School. All of them provided high-quality speech for this competition. Finally, Year 9 student Samantha KINTANAR and Year 11 student Hannah ROSS got the third prize, and Year 11 student Matilda SMITHERS has won the first prize. Matilda Smithers has been offered a free trip to visit China at the end of 2018 sponsored by Chinese government.

Written by Will Li, Confucius Classroom Assistant Teacher

MGC Second Hand Uniform Shop

With the MGC Rowing Season about to kick off for 2018-19 it’s a good time to check out the second hand rowing items at the uniform shop.


We currently have a fantastic supply of rowing training shirts and vests as well as some training zooties, jumpers and even a few hats!


If you get in early, we also have a limited number of competition zooties.


We are open every Thursday lunch from 1pm – 2pm


Alternatively, if you are looking to sell or donate your uniform, we take items all year round.  You can drop them either to the office at any time or to the uniform shop during our opening hours.


We now operate on a consignment basis so payment will be made once per term for items sold with 30% retained by the Parents Association.  These funds go towards supporting all MGC students through our Annual Grants Program and other PA events.


Please find attached the Uniform Shop Consignment form below.


Library News

Student Creative Anthology

Curious about the creative talents of students at Melbourne Girls’ College? Looking for fresh new writing to read? Purchase the MGC Creative Anthology for a window into the writing, artwork and tech drawings being produced in our wonderful school. At only $10 this is a great gift for friends and relatives. You can purchase the book here.

Student Book Reviews

Neverland is a book that operates on many levels. On the surface, this book seems rather blunt, and you get the impression that there will be no happy ending. I picked this up thinking I would read it, and then never pick it up again. This was not the case in any way. Neverland blends together the outside world and the worlds in the character’s head. I loved the fact that Neverland was written in a way that makes you feel like you’ve visited that island and met its inhabitants. I find that when I am reading first-person books the author will often make the character disjointed and robotic . Neverland managed to keep all the characters very individual and unique. This book also has an omnipresent ocean theme, which added depth and meaning to the story. 


Library Book Club

The Library Book club is up and running! The Book Club is a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more.


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Year 8 - Wellbeing Day

Last Friday was Wellbeing Day for the Year 8's. It was a day of fun activities like cooking and the silent disco and quiet reflection through colouring and Yoga. There was even a visit from a friendly pup. Throughout the day there was a focus on the idea of Visible Wellbeing, and understanding their own and other's strengths. 


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