04 September 2019
Term 3 - Week 7
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Whole School Production 'Find That Remote'
Secondary Athletics Carnival
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Upcoming Dates

Friday 6th Sept DISA Carnival in Bencubbin Kindy- Year 6- arrive by 9 am    

Monday 9th Sept

Wednesday 11th Sept

Mary Copeland Short Story Competition DUE

Year 9-12 Career Expo in Northam

Friday 13th Sept Whole School Production at the Hall-  starts at 6 pm    

Wednesday 18th Sept

Thursday 26th Sept

Friday 27th Sept

Interschool Aths in Merredin- K- Year 6 Team from DISA

Year 1/2 Assembly- starts 2:15

Last day of school for Term 3- Pancake Breakfast attendance reward


Upcoming Events Payment Schedule

Voluntary School Fees K-6 $60.00   Due Now
Voluntary School Fees 7-10 $235.00   Due Now
Country Week
If you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to go on a payment plan, please do not hesitate to contact the front office.         


Latest News

Did You Know?

  • The students are busily rehearsing and preparing for the Whole School Production.  This involves a lot of organisation and rehearsals will be held from Tuesday 10th September- Thursday 12th September at the hall from 1-3pm each day.  This will involve all of the students and staff walking to the Hall and buses and parents will need to collect students from the hall on these 3 days.   Please make a note in your diary. 
  • The P&C passed some significant financial motions at the meeting held on 22nd August:
    • To donate $10, 000 towards the upgrade of the Science lab for much needed chairs and tables.
    • To donate $2, 500 towards the purchase of various sound, musical and drama equipment which the whole school productions have been saving towards for over 6 years now! The $9, 000 which was held in a term deposit and the money from the P&C and the school will see a brand new system in action for the Whole School Production.  Mrs Watson is one very excited lady!!
    • The P&C always welcomes new members, come along, join in and have a say in some future projects and funding for items for MDHS.
  • Well done to two of the MDHS staff members who came first and second in the P&C Footy Tipping!! We had 70 people participate this year and many of those were generous enough to donate their weekly $50 win back to the P&C.  Bring on the 2020 season!

Virtual reality (VR) Equipment

We have been lucky enough to utilise a full classroom set of Virtual Reality (VR) Equipment from Merredin College.  These amazing headsets allow the students to be transported in Virtual Reality to amazing locations such as The Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal, The Galapagos Islands and some of the busiest cities in the world.  The headsets make them feel as though they are in the midst of the chaos in Jakarta or swimming with the sharks on The Great Barrier Reef.  The students have found it an amazing learning experience.  Thank you Merredin College for allowing us to loan this equipment.


Keep up to Date

  • Reminder to all parents that you need to provide us with a current immunisation record for your child, especially after they have had any relevant needles recently.
  • Please provide us with any updated medical details, medications your child might be taking and phone number or address updates.
  • Please provide your child's teacher or the front office team with details of upcoming absences for appointments or other reasons.  These can be submitted via Connect.



Whole School Production
'Find That Remote'

Whole School Production 'Find That Remote'
The whole school production of
“Find That Remote!”
devised by staff and students of MDHS
will be performed at the Mukinbudin Shire Hall
on Friday 13 September 2019
Doors open at 6:00 pm
Tickets are now available
through the Front Office of Mukinbudin District High School.
Cost: $10 per ticket

Seat numbers will be allocated when booking tickets.
Limit of 6 tickets per family until the day of the show when remaining seats will be made available for anyone to purchase.
Door sales on the night of the show if not previously sold out.
Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to Mukinbudin P&C.
All students need to be at the Hall by 5:15 pm, Friday 13th September 2019.

Your child/children will need:
A water bottle.
A warm jumper (a rug/blanket is optional but highly recommended for younger children).
Please ensure all belongings are clearly marked with the child’s name.
Remember to collect these items at the end of the evening.

Doors open for the audience at 6:00 pm.

Please remain outside of the Hall until 6:00 pm, unless you have volunteered and been given a job.
Light refreshments will be available for purchase prior to the performance. There will also be an intermission during the performance for toilet breaks and refreshments.

During intermission, students are permitted to catch up with their family but are asked to return to positions when houselights are flashed on and off.
Pre-school aged children are asked to remain with their parents and guardians for the duration of the show.

Mr Jethro Sobejko will be filming the performance so please be aware of camera locations.
At the end of the show, there will be an opportunity for photos to be taken by the audience and students are asked to remain at the Hall while photos are taken.





Secondary Athletics Carnival

Secondary Athletics Carnival

The Secondary Athletics Carnival was held at the Mukinbudin town oval on Friday 23rd August 2019. 

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents who helped out the day before to mark the lines, some of which weren't even parents of secondary students. Also, thank you to the parents who helped out on the day, we couldn't have run it without you. We had a lovely sunny day for the carnival. All the students were engaged and they had an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic ability. Our runner up girls were Shayla Eyre and Rebekah Bowron with the Champion girl being Jamie Abdullah. Our runner up boy was Aayden Himing and our Champion boy was Jamaica Woods.



Megan Jones 🙂


Road Safety Day

Road Safety Day

On Friday 30th August the Year 10-12 students went on an excursion to Merredin College to participate in a Road Safety Consultation forum hosted by the Road Safety Commission. Students had the opportunity to work in groups to problem solve about how WA’s roads, and in particular Wheatbelt roads, can be made safer so that the annual road toll can be reduced to 0 deaths. Students listened to confronting stories from the local Merredin police Sergeant about his experiences with being a first responder to Wheatbelt road crashes as well as representatives from the Road Safety Commission on current initiatives to reduce injuries and deaths from road related accidents. Overall, it was an insightful excursion for the MDHS students and a very timely presentation as our students begin the journey in getting their licenses!

Brilliant Brains

Brilliant Brains

Last week in Brilliant Brains we went on a safari through the jungle. We spotted 14 jungle animals, made our own jungle juice and painted zebras!


Once again we built our vocabulary, counted and used our fine motor skills.


From the Chaplains Desk

Digital technology and Online Safety

Digital technology has many benefits for our children but it has also brought about the potential for a number of negative experiences that can be hurtful and damaging.

Did you know that cyberbullying can begin as young as the age of 5 or that most kids have seen pornography by age 12, that one 1 in 5 students have been cyberbullied in the last month and that the number 1 reason young people cyberbully is for entertainment purposes……..I kid you not! And If your child experienced cyberbullying and came to you for help I wonder, would you know what to do or where you could go for help?

It is a necessity that we are informed and able to navigate this digital world. You as parents and carers know your child better than anyone and have the best opportunity to support and guide them to have safer online experiences and there are some great resources out there to guide you.

If you head to  you will find lots of helpful information. A great parent guide that can be downloaded, fact sheets and tips on how to communicate with your child on this issue. Being informed and talking about this topic with our kids will go a long way to ensure they have positive online experiences. It will also help us to know how to respond in the event of negative experiences such as cyberbullying.

So, get on it!


How to Report Cyberbullying

  1.  Report the cyberbullying material to the social media service
  2. Collect evidence - copy URLs or take screen shots of the material
  3. If the content is not removed within 48 hours
  4.  Report it to
  5. Block the person and talk to someone you trust











If you would like to catch up with me regarding this information or any other pastoral matter please contact me at school Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

 Alternatively you can email me at

School & Community Notices

Did you Know > Lateness Information


Protective Behaviours Workshop


Never Stop Reading!

Reading is a fundamental skill your child will use for the rest of their life – so why stop when they’re just getting started?

Sharing stories and reading aloud with your child strengthens their skills in reading, writing and comprehension.

It builds their confidence and sense of security.

It creates those special moments with your child that you cherish.

That’s why you should Never Stop Reading!



Some students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are about to sit the OLNA. You may have heard about it, but are not sure what it means for your child.

OLNA stands for the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment. In order to demonstrate the required literacy and numeracy standards for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), some students are expected to sit this assessment. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (Authority) awards the WACE at the end of Year 12 to students who have met all the requirements. You can find more about the requirements on the Authority website at under Years 11 and 12 > The WACE > WACE Requirements.

The OLNA Writing component will take place from 2-4 September 2019.

The reading and numeracy components will be run from the 16th-20th September 2019.

Think Eat and Move Program

Wheatbelt Families are extremely lucky to access an Online Better Health  TEAM ‘Think Eat and Move’ Program for 7-13 year olds. The program is for those who are above their healthy weight and their families an easy way to learn more about nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change..


  • The program is a FREE 10 week online program for children and families.
  • There are weekly 20 minute online sessions, FREE resources, Garmin fitness tracker and weekly coaching calls.
  • Families can register at:  


To find out more please contact the Better Health Program: Call: 1300 899 736, Text: 0409 745 645 or Email:


Headspace Schools Visit and Parent Session-
Supporting your young person’s mental health and wellbeing.

MDHS invites secondary school parents and carers to attend a FREE mental health education session covering:

  • information about mental health and wellbeing in adolescence
  • how to have conversations with young people about mental health & wellbeing
  • strategies for parents/carers about how to support their young person


Tuesday 29th October


Mukinbudin DHS


Email or call 08 9047 1053

(Not suitable for children/young people).

This session is delivered by the Schools Suicide Prevention Activities team. This initiative is funded by the Australian Government.

If you have kids, care for kids, work with kids you won’t want to miss this!

Presented by Nurture Works Founder and Children’s Author, Steve Heron, OAM 1.

Steve has over 35 years’ experience working with children in pastoral care and social and emotional wellbeing. He is the founder of Nurture Works and BUZ and was a finalist in the 2015 Australian of the Year Local Hero category for Western Australia and Finalist in the 2015 Western Australian of the year in the Community Category. Awarded OAM in 2016.


Steve will be in Mukinbudin for this must see event and presenting on the following topics -


  1. Agro and Emo 9.00am – 10.30am
  • Helping kids to handle their feelings. (Emotional competence and self-regulation)
  • Includes: Good, Bad, Mad and Sad – understanding feelings, the Brain in the Hand, Anger Management, the BUZ Feelings Management Creed.


  1. Child Whispering – Handling School Refusals and other tricky business 11.00am – 12.30pm
  • How to get kids to talk and open-up on their cares, concerns, anxieties, problems and celebrations in their lives. The art of pastoral questioning.


  1.  Restoring the Power Balance (Bully Proofing) 1.00pm – 2.30pm
  • All the hype about bullying could be making things worse. Understanding bullying, dispelling the myths, building respectful communities, introducing the Gimme 5 Tactics for bully proofing and the Marshmallow Man.


Where: Mukinbudin Library

When: 23rd of October, Term 4                                                            

Time: 9.00am – 2.30 pm


Come and get equipped to support the best possible environment for your kids.

We strongly encourage all parents to attend this must see event, you won’t regret it!

If you have any queries feel free to contact me on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at the school, alternatively you can email me at

School Board Update

School Board

Two parent positions are up for renewal. Dion Nicol and Jessica Collins' positions will become vacant (although they can re-apply). We wish to thank them for their service and would like to welcome Alyce Ventris who has joined the Board as Community Representative.  If you have any queries about the School, head to our website for information about the Board and who you can talk to.

Nomination Form


Student Good Standing

Students who have good standing will be invited to be involved in extra-curricula activities and events. One of these is the Cross Country and Interschool Carnival events in week 10.

For students to keep their good standing they must remember to:

  • adhere to the schools Code of Conduct and strive to behave in a positive manner
  • adhere to the dress code
  • attend school regularly for 90% or more of the term and;
  • be punctual for class.

Country Week is the Secondary School’s gala event. It’s a week-long camp to Perth involving playing sport (mixed basketball and badminton) against other regional schools and being involved in other extra-curricular activities. In order to attend, students must have good standing which involves AT LEAST 90% (no more than 4 days away) attendance for that term and no suspensions within 5 weeks. Payments are due for this event on 13th September 2019.

Connect for Parents

Connect Update

Parents can contact their child/ren's teacher/s through Connect. Use this to keep up to date with class timetables, their child's progress and any other queries or concerns you may have.  

If you have any issues trying to log in please contact the front office on and they can asssist you with resetting passwords and emailing you your log in details.



We are now taking applications for enrolment.  You need to enrol for:

  • Kindergarten - four years old by 30 June 2020
  • Pre-primary (first year of compulsory school) – 5 years old by 30 June 2020
  • changing schools
  • Year 6 students enrolling into Year 7 at MDHS

Visit the school office now to enrol your children for 2020.


Term 3 and 4 Planner

Click to download the latest Term Planner. 

Click to download the latest Term 4 Planner- please be aware that changes may occur and the most current Term Planner will be available on Facebook, Connect and our website as it gets updated.


Ideas for reading aloud with your children.pdf
A starting guide of stories to read aloud with your children.pdf
Building a love of reading.pdf
Protective Behaviour Flyer - Merredin.pdf
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Parent and carer education session Mukinbudin DHS.pdf
DoE application Form.pdf
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T4 Planner 2019- PUBLIC.doc
T4 Planner 2019- PUBLIC.pdf
Boys Open Champion Jamaica abdullah and Boys Open Runner Up Aayden Himing
Step-by-step guide for parents.pdf
Boys Open Champion Jamaica abdullah and Boys Open Runner Up Aayden Himing
DoE application Form.pdf