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04 April 2018
Issue Five
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A Message from
the Principal

Term 1 Week 10

After a very busy start to the year, I hope you all had the opportunity to rest and spend some quality time together. I hope too that you may have had a moment to reflect upon the great news of the Easter message.

The Gospel of St John tells us:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him.  John 3:16-17

Easter is a special time to rest and reflect as we celebrate that God gave his son to die on the Cross, and who then rose again so that our sins may be forgiven. For Christians the cross of Jesus Christ is the centre of God’s offer of forgiveness to us all.

Reflection upon our Values

The disastrous Australian Cricket tour of South Africa emanating from the ball tampering incident has left us wondering how such a decision could have been made by elite players to take steps to cheat in ‘the gentleman’s game’. Cricket since its origin has prided itself on ‘fair play’ indeed the term ‘it’s not cricket’ has been readily used in various domains if conduct has been seen that is not appropriate, sportsmanlike or fair.

Without being privy to the facts of the incident I will not seek to lay blame on any particular individuals but clearly members of our national team felt it appropriate to apply sandpaper to a ball to gain an unfair advantage against their South African opposition.

How can players jeopardise the reputation of their families, themselves and their nation by undertaking such an act? How can the possible gain of such an unfair advantage be considered worthy at such a cost?

It beggars belief that such a course of action would be considered, let along acted upon.

But it happened.

Now we have a team in total disarray, players sent home, careers finished, reputations unbelievably damaged and a nation ashamed.

If only our players were able to look to their values, to use their values as their guiding compass in making decisions such a disastrous predicament would not have eventuated.

From my sideline observations it is clear our former Captain has a great love of the tradition and spirit of the game, he is a man who has immense ability – the best batsman since Bradman according to several respected cricketing pundits, but under his watch an act was committed that would incur immense damage to many reputations. It was always thought Australians played hard but fair, but no longer.

How can winning be so important? Victory can never be at the cost of our integrity, our honesty, our belief in fair play and good sportsmanship. It is so disappointing to see that a ‘win at all costs’ attitude pervades modern day professional sport. Don Bradman saw cricket as a moral lesson. Alan Border sought toughness from his team but always integrity but today we have an environment where winning at all costs is the price to be paid.

Sport at any level is worth nothing if it is based upon the betrayal of our values.

This dreadful predicament is a glaring example of the crucial importance of looking to our essential values such as Integrity, Honesty, and Respect when we are under pressure and need to make decisions.

Our values are our guiding light, our North Star and we must look to these as we go about our life journey.

Camps Week

We are soon to embark upon Camps Week, a time that sees wonderful opportunities for many of our students to engage in some of the joys and challenges of new experiences, some camping under plastic in the outdoors, others participating in service to the community; music camps or Year Group Retreats and activities. Most students who attend these camps will enjoy themselves immensely and many will grow through their experience and will find ways of helping others during the week.

Our Cadets are venturing into an environment that has an element of wilderness about it but rest assured the outdoor camps are run by people who are conscious of all the safety issues that parents would expect, and are experienced in such environments. The School has an excellent safety record due to the well-structured programs offered and the experienced and caring staff involved.

Some students can feel anxious about a camping experience, miles from home sleeping under a piece of plastic but most will enjoy it immensely and be eager to return next year. Some experiences will not be easy, they are designed to be challenging so that they can learn about themselves and grow in confidence. At times it is important that we are taken out of our comfort zone and experience a little discomfort to enable a growth in resilience, a quality sometimes in short supply among the young people of today.

May I please remind all our students of the importance of exercising responsible behaviours during camp. There are greater hazards to confront and they will be in unfamiliar surroundings so it is vital students understand the importance of co-operating fully with staff, and abiding by School rules and expectations.

Camps Week provides an excellent opportunity for us to draw upon our values and School ethos when we are confronted with unfamiliar surrounds. The experience should enable our students to grow in knowledge of themselves and of others, provide wonderful opportunity for friendships to grow and a forum to exercise integrity in decision making.

Opportunities to display physical and moral courage will present themselves to our students each day. It is for these reasons that camps form an important element of the school programs of most leading Independent Schools. It is my hope that our students will fully embrace the opportunities for personal growth before them.


Orange City Brass Band

I have received a letter of appreciation from the Orange City Brass Band who had the pleasure of hosting a Brass Celebration recently in Orange. The Bandmaster has sent a glowing reference for four Cadet students who each led a Brass Band through the main street of Orange for a historic re-enactment of a march held in 1908 – SUO Monique Worsley, 2IC Charlotte May, E Company Commander Zac Condon and D Company Commander Rex Crisp. The KWS Music department played a special part in these celebrations, as did Mrs Lyn Vernon. Well done to all of those students and teachers involved. It is wonderful to see our community spirit being extended to such a well-supported musical event in Orange.

ARU School Student Scholarship for Match Officials

One of our Year 12 students, Fraser Robertson has recently been announced as a successful recipient for an Australian Rugby Union School Student Scholarship for Match Officials for 2018. Only 14 students from NSW were selected to participate in the program which is designed to assist identified referees achieve their potential and continue refereeing after they finish school. Well done Fraser in reaching this outstanding level.

National Rowing Championships – Silver Medal

The KWS U17 Women’s VIII achieved a Silver Medal at the National Rowing Championships last week. The team consists of: Georgie Poole, Bella Scammell, Charlie Harding, Olivia Hilder Bridget Longley, Bridget Yeomans, Phoebe Lamph, Lucy Jenkins and coxswain Jetta Kennett. Three crews fought a torrid battle over the last 250 meters of the race, with the Loreto-Toorak crew beating KWS by 1.26 seconds to take the Gold medal. The PLC Perth team took the bronze coming in just 1.6 seconds behind the KWS crew. This was a great fighting result for our girls and they are to be commended on an outstanding row.

Kits Lit Quiz

Hearty congratulations to the KWS Secondary Team 1 for taking out 1st place in the first round of the International Kits Lit Competition. We were represented by Sophia Nelson, Ellie Crawford, Gordon Suthers and Emily Watt. They will now compete in the Australian final to be held in Sydney in May. Congratulations also to the KWS Prep Team 1 who came equal 1st in amongst the Primary Schools attending. We are most grateful for the wonderful work Mrs Deans contributes to the Kits Lit Quiz in her capacity as Co-ordinator for Australia.

Dr Andrew Parry

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 1 Week 10

I trust you were able to spend a relaxing time with your family over the Easter break the students have certainly returned full of enthusiasm.

Every five years independent schools like ours need to be registered and accredited. It is a most comprehensive process necessitating a complete documentation of all programs, overviews, compliance requirements and school policies. All this information was forwarded last week to NESA (previously the Board of Studies) and we shall be notified following a personal inspection in June. All staff have been fully committed and deserve commendation in ensuring all the documentation was completed on time.

The process has been most beneficial in reassessing so much of what we do with the outcome being improved educational practice for our students.

Congratulations to our students who competed in the KidsLit Quiz competition last week. It is open to primary and year 7 students with our Year 7 winning the day while our Prep team A tied first from all the primary teams. Well done to all.

Oliver Roach (Butterfly) and Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones (Breaststroke) will be competing at the NSWPSSA State Championships next week. We wish them all the very best.

Academic reports for all students from K-6 will be sent home at the end of term. These reports focus on literacy and numeracy and a general comment. A report covering all areas will be compiled in Term 2.

Students (Years 3-6) have been trialing for the various field events for our Inter-House Athletics Carnival on the last day of term, Friday 13 April. All students from K-6 will be involved and Mrs Barrett will give further details regarding the program. Parents are most welcome to attend with the March Past around the main oval starting the day’s proceedings.

This year ANZAC Day occurs during the second week of the holidays. The Prep School will be marching as usual. We shall be asking our Year 5 & 6 children who are available to march and be in attendance for the Service at Robertson Park. Younger children who wish to march are also welcome. More information will be sent home.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Courtesy Award - Week 9 – Zaro Jalal (Year 1)                                              
  • Citizenship Award - Week 9 – Hannah Jones, Bridget Horne, Ava Buesnel, Alice Commins, Drew Carslake, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, William Payne.                                               
  • Principal’s Award - Week 9 – Vivian Meates ( Year 1)

Enjoy your week.

Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School


How family fun impacts student wellbeing

Taming the busyness of life is currently a hot topic in many parenting circles; both parents are often working, family responsibilities, day care, household chores, meal planning, bills, errands, health issues, school functions, sports, phone calls amongst many other things. As we look forward to the April school holidays, the importance of families having fun with one another has been highlighted in new research.  The study, by researchers from the Australian Council for Educational Research and the University of Western Australia, shows that family cohesion is a vital ingredient for early adolescents having a good life.

The report, Family fun: a vital ingredient of early adolescents having a good life  drew on responses and data from the Australian Child Wellbeing Project, which surveyed a representative sample of 5440 Australian students in Years 4, 6 and 8. The survey included questions across the domains of family, health, friends and school, including about how often students feel they have fun together with their family and whether they believe they’re living a good life.

The study identified distinct life satisfaction profiles for students in each of the target year levels.

At Year 4, family cohesion (fun) emerged as the strongest predictor of life satisfaction. More specifically, the proportion of students with higher life satisfaction was larger in the group of students who had fun with their families on a regular basis. The next strongest predictor was school and teacher support.

In contrast to Year 4 students, the variable that differentiated the most between higher and lower life satisfaction for Year 6 respondents was psychosomatic symptoms – like headaches, feeling low or irritable, or not being able to sleep. For Year 6 students who reported frequently feeling low, regular family fun was associated with an improvement in life satisfaction. Students who felt low rarely, never or every month reported higher life satisfaction than students who felt low weekly or every day. Bullying was also an issue that impacted on Year 6 feelings of wellbeing

Family cohesion (fun) emerged as the strongest predictor of life satisfaction for Year 8 students, followed by the frequency of feeling low. Bullying also came up as a factor that lowered life satisfaction.

The report findings also illustrated that children and adolescents who see schools as a place where they like to go, feel free from bullying and with teachers who believe that students can be a success, report higher life satisfaction.

As we head into school holidays it is important to find time as a family for doing activities that you enjoy together like camping, going to the beach, watching a movie together or playing an old fashioned card or board game.  

Have a lovely end to Term 1.

Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Awards

Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 9 - Nixie Widauer, Lachlan Healey, Harper Purvis, Disha Prasad, Grace Lowther.

KK: Week 9 - Jack Caro, Mya McLachlan, Anna Kenny.

1C: Week 9 - Chrysalide Frecklington, Jack Kenny, Mia Martin, Samuel Marvasti, Vivian Meates, Harry Price, Janette Proudford-Nalder.

IW: Week 9 - Elizabeth Croft, Charlie Haydon, Luca Kotasathane, Cassandra Philippe, Grace Segger, Ingrid West.

2E: Week 9 - Aurora Everett x2, Lily Dwyer, Jed Volkofsky, Arad Safeer, Annabelle Maslin, Hannah Cunningham, Elliot Terrey, Alexandra Whitehead.

2H: Week 9 - Chloe Caro, Timothy Edwards, Eliza Lord, Grace Schaapveld, William Stratton, Charlotte Williams.

3R: Week 9 - Hamish Buckley, David King, Lily Moe.
3S: Week 9 - Audrey Blyth, Annabel Clinton, Oliver Garard, Maxwell Horne, Percy Meates, Willa Paix x4, Hamish Searle, Lenny Shannon, Oscar Zielinski.

4F: Week 9 - Luca Popa, Olivia Wilson.

4P: Week 9 - Thomas Goodsir, Samuel Hughes, Lucinda Reidy, Olivia Watts, Finn Dwyer.

5M: Week 9 -

5P: Week 9 - Dominic Segger, Kajan Kandeepan.

5W: Week 9 - Isabella Lloyd-George, Bridget Horne

6C: Week 9 - Samuel Fabar, Emma Northam, Ava Tucker, Honor Tyrrell, Lara Wheelhouse.

6H: Week 9 - Angus Croft, Camilla Crossing, Charles Gill, Hannah Goodsir, Cameron Hoskin, Thomas McRae, Matilda Quigley.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 9 - Alice Jones, Reginald Caskey, Xavier Zinga, Grace Segger, Charlie Haydon, Matthew Roper, Georgia Philippe, Lucia Varian, Billy Roberts, Kaydn McLachlan, Alby Kimmins, Vivian Meates, Ruby Coulton, Andrew May, Lachlan de Vries, Jack Paix, Jack Carslake, Anoushka de Brito, Pixie Harmer.

Lovely Greetings: Week 9 - Luca Popa, Thomas McRae, Samuel Marvasti, Lachlan Watts, Jackson Raffen, Claire Ward-Finn, Thomas Goodsir.

Thinking of Others: Week 9 - Arden Rowe.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 9 - Lillian Pearce.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:  Week 9 - Austin Schaapveld, Hamish Searle, Lily Moe, Charlie Poole, Prayan Dulal.

Helpfulness: Week 9 - Alexandra Whitehead, Olivia McBeath, Arad Safeer, Hannah Cunningham, Jude Jansen, Darcie Marshall, Andrew Bell, Charles Hail, Willa Paix, Louis Blyth, James Jones, William Knight, Amelia Hill, Charlotte Buckley, Nancy Straw, Lucinda Clinton, Bianca Wong, Olivia Watts, Mitchell Perizzolo.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 9 - Cameron Hoskin.

Being Kind: Week 9 - Milla O’Toole, Claire Harrison, Rose Hedley, Emma Aldersey, Niamh Graham, Isabella Lloyd-George, Alice Hansen, Angus Sawtell.

Prep Performing Arts Press

Live and Local

On Saturday 24th March, the KWS Prep band students were involved in the Jam Orange ‘Live and Local’ community music event. It was the first time for this event, which saw a variety of musicians playing in various venues throughout Orange during the day. Students in the KWS Prep band joined forces with bands from Bletchington Public School, Calare Public School and Canobolas Public school to form a supergroup which was conducted by Mrs Christine Mickle. Students had come together for the past three weeks to learn and rehearse pieces for their performance. With over 70 students involved from various schools it was such a great experience for our band students to meet, and work with students from other schools and to perform to a very receptive and appreciative audience.

Mrs Annie McRae

Year 1 Violin

Students in Year 1 playing violin with Mrs Moxey this term will continue lessons into Week 3 next term. Parents should have received email about this and the concert date.

FROG Sites

Please keep up to date and view photos of our co-curricular groups and performances on our Performing Arts Frog page. If you have problems accessing this, please contact ICT.

Co-curricular Ensembles

Will meet for the last time this term in Week 11. All ensembles will rehearse as normal.

Junior Strings will be taken by Mrs McRae in Week 11.

Dates for your Diary

Friday 25 May – Musica Viva Performance (Makukuhan) - Years 4-6

Thursday 14 June – Prep Performing Arts Evening - DPA 5.30pm

Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

CIS Swimming Carnivals

Congratulations to the following students who represented HICES at the CIS Swimming Carnival last week. Our swimmers competed exceptionally well with both personal best and final placings achieved.

Oliver Roach and Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones both placed in their final earning them a deserved place on the CIS Swimming team to compete at the NSWPSSA Swimming Championships on 11-12th April.

Our swimmers result’s and times are listed.

Oliver Roach:

  • 12 years 50m Freestyle 31.98 CIS 32.53 14th
  • 12 years 50m Backstroke 37.39 CIS 38.71 10th heat
  • 12 years 50m Butterfly 33.29 CIS 33.95 2nd heat. Final: 33.55 3rd
  • Senior boys Relay 2:18.70   CIS heats 2:12.81 6th heat Final: 2.16.08 9th

George Wakem:

  • 12 years 50m Freestyle 31.72 CIS 32.77 16th
  • 12 years 50m Backstroke 38.24 CIS 38.63 8th heat Final: 6th 37.58
  • Open 100m Freestyle 1:16.47 CIS 1:13.61 17th
  • 12 years 50m Butterfly 41.94 CIS 40.34 21st
  • Senior boys Relay 2:18.70 CIS heats 2:12.81 6th heat Final: 2.16.08 9th

William Garard:

  • 10 years 50m Freestyle 36.44 CIS 37.54 21st
  • Junior boys Relay 2:40.48 CIS Heats 2:34.72 9th heat. Final: 7th 2:41.23

Oscar Chandler-Sullivan:

  • 9 years 50m Freestyle 38.52 CIS 39.72 15th
  • Junior boys Relay 2:40.48 CIS Heats 2:34.72 9th heat. Final: 7th 2:41.23

Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones:

  • 12 years 50m Breaststroke 41.87 CIS 40.31 2nd heat. Final: 40.60 2nd
  • Open 100m Freestyle 1:13.06   N/S
  • 12 years 50m Butterfly 36.24 CIS 35.03 8th heat. Final: 35.27 7th

Liam McKenzie:

  • 12 years 50m Breaststroke 46.03 CIS 45.22 20th
  • Senior boys Relay 2:18.70 CIS heats 2:12.81 6th heat Final: 2.16.08 9th

William Karrasch:

  • 9 years 50m Backstroke 43.04 CIS 45.18 19th
  • Junior boys Relay 2:40.48 CIS Heats 2:34.72 Final: 7th 2:41.23

Hugh Hinrichsen:

  • Senior boys Relay 2:18.70 CIS heats 2:12.81 6th heat Final: 2.16.08 9th

Matthew Lowther:

  • Junior boys Relay 2:40.48 CIS Heats 2:34.72 Final: 7th 2:41.23

Prep Athletics Carnival

Just a reminder that the Prep Athletics Carnival will be held on the 13th April (last day of term). All track events (100m, 200m and 800m, relays) will be held on the day with the top 8 finalist competing in the field event. A parent information letter will be emailed home this week additionally to being available on Frog. Please check Frog: Prep Sport: Athletics for a copy of the program and finals information closer to the carnival.

Sport team of the week

Congratulations to the Prep Triathlon team for their nomination for Sporting team of the week. The group were nominated by Mr Ryan, Mr Bracks, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Ashton-Garard for all their hard work and commitment with both their training and competition skills. The NSW Triathlon Championships were held at Gosling Creek on Saturday, with our KWS team competing alongside other Triathlon clubs from NSW. Our students competed in 2 categories: trykids (50m swim, 2.2km ride, 600m run) & enforcer (200m swim, 4.4km ride, 1.25m run) events. Great results in the trykids event with KWS placing 1, 2 and 3!

Thank you to Mrs Ashton-Garard for her expertise and training with upskilling the group and staff, ensuring all the students had fun and were continuously encouraged.

Winter Sport

This Wednesday 4 April and Monday 9 April will be used as Pre-Winter Sport training to familiarise and finalise Winter Sporting teams. These sessions will start at 3.30pm and finish at 5pm.

All Term 1 training will conclude on Monday 9 April. There will be NO sport training on Wednesday 11 April in readiness for the Prep Athletics Carnival on Friday 13 April.

Training for Winter Sport will commence in Term 2. All training session days and times are currently being looked at and organised. Wednesday 2nd will be the first training session for Football, Netball and Rugby.

All parents will be required to fill in their children’s online sport registrations (Hockey, Football, Netball) with various associations.

Please wait until you receive instructions and are asked to complete registrations as our school set-up is different to club registrations due to payments etc. Information will also be distributed through Team App.

Team App

All parents will need to be registered with Team App as this is KWS Prep main source of communication throughout the season. This is where all draw information, draw changes, wet weather information, team selections etc will be found. Notifications can be pushed out directly to mobile phones, so is very important all parents sign up. The app is free to download from the app store. Please then look up the following teams and only request “parents” at this stage. No children are to sign-up.

KWS Prep Football

KWS Prep Hockey

KWS Prep Rugby

KWS Prep Netball

Sport Dates for the Diary

13 April: Prep Athletics Carnival

8 May: Prep Cross Country Carnival


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge NSW started on Monday 5th March 2018 and runs through to 31st August 2018. All students in the Prep School will be given the opportunity to take part in 2018. Books and reading logs will be available both in the children’s classrooms and in the library and the reading log and the list of PRC books are available on the FROG page at Prep Library.

Books in the library that are part of the challenge have coloured stickers indicating the level and the PRC number for ease of identification. Books for K-2 have a blue sticker, Years 3-4 have a green sticker, Years 5-6 have an orange sticker and Years 7-9 have a yellow sticker.

K-2 can have books read to them and with them and they are required to read 30 books in the challenge. If a K-2 would like to read independently they can complete the 3-4 challenge and just read 20 books.

Years 3-6 must read the books themselves and need to read 20 books to complete the challenge. 

The challenge can include up to 5 ‘free choice’ books with the remainder of the books being from the PRC list.

Children who complete the challenge will receive a certificate from the NSW Premier at the end of the year.

If you have any questions about either of these please get in touch with Mrs Deans in the Library.

Mrs N Deans

Prep Teacher Librarian


Uniting out of School Hours Care – Vacation Care

For those of you with primary school-aged children, I am pleased to announce that the operators of our After-School Hours program, Uniting have developed a Vacation Care program for children in Kindergarten to Year 6.

The program will operate for each day of the Term 1 recess period from Monday 16 April to Friday 27 April inclusive between 8am and 6pm. The service will be closed on ANZAC Day.

The cost of the program is $55 per day. 

Bookings can be made by contacting the Manager of Uniting After-School Care programs, Megan White, on telephone 0427 290 761

Mr G Alderson

Business Manager

Student Leave from School

Parent’s attention is drawn to the process of students absent from school for any part of the school day. The school day begins with morning assembly at 8:55am any student arriving after this time must be signed in late by a parent or caregiver at the Prep Office.

Absences throughout the school day for appointments etc. should be notified in writing to the Prep Office and then recorded on the iPad at the office by a parent/caregiver when leaving and arriving. Children cannot sign themselves out. To avoid unnecessary disruption to classes please provide written notification of appointments to the office so teachers and children are prepared ahead of time.

Sickness and other reasons for not attending school must be notified to the Prep Office by phone or email by 9:00am on the morning of the absence for each occasion, the reason for the absence must be provided and is a mandatory requirement of the Department of Education for recording absences from school.

Leave for holidays or travel require approval from the Head of Preparatory. The forms are required for an expected absence of 3 or more school days and to be completed and returned to the office no less than two weeks prior to the leave. It is recommended that leave not be taken in school term time. If there are any further questions in relation to leave please ring Mrs Kennewell at the office for assistance.
Mrs G Kennewell

Prep Athletics Carnival Fundraiser for CamKids 

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries of South East Asia. Over 30% of the population live in extreme poverty. Most are continuing to recover from the impact of the Cambodian war. The country needs educated citizens.

Kinross Wolaroi School is in relationship with CamKids that oversee Char Chros School in the impoverished province of Kompong Speu. Each year KWS students raise funds necessary for the education and educational needs of 96 CamKids students.

100% of the money raised is given to The Cambodian Children’s Charity (Camkids). There is no middle-man. Camkids works with local communities in Cambodia offering support to families through the provision of education with nutritional and medical support. The money raised by KWS secures the ongoing education for one Grade and one Year 2 class. For further information about the charity and the work they do, see their website:


Prep School Athletics Day Lunch

To download a PDF copy of the Meal Deal Request Form for the Prep School Athletics Day please click on the link below:


Year 5 Science Experiments

Finn O’Toole in Year 5 entertained the entire Preparatory School last Tuesday 27 March when he showed students how his home made hovercraft worked. All children in Year 5 have been working on an individual science investigation this term. Further photos and video footage can be found on the Year 5 FROG page.

Mrs L Pengilly

Year 5 TREE Excursion around Orange 

On Wednesday 28th March, Year 5 travelled to Suma Dam, the Water Treatment Plant and the Wetlands on Ploughmans Lane as part of their Geography and Science and Technology study on water and different environments. If you would like to know how many litres of water Suma Dam holds, how the treatment plant works, or what stormwater harvesting is, just ask a student of Year 5.

Mrs L Pengilly

The Chronicle Magazine

Production of the next edition of The Chronicle Magazine is currently underway. We would love to hear from you with any news or stories of interest for inclusion. This might include achievements of current students, suggestions of ex-students that we could profile or inclusions for the births, deaths and marriages section. 

Please email [email protected] with any information or ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Dates for your Diary

10 April – Assembly Term 1 House Awards
11 April – Rugby 7s Final
13 April – Inter-House Athletics Carnival
13 April – Term 1 concludes
1 May – Classes resume Term 2
Mrs G Kennewell

Lost and Found

Year 5 student Will Ward has a lost blazer since last week. It is a size 10 with a Douglas House badge on it and is named. Please check your child’s clothing in case they have picked up the wrong blazer by mistake. If found please bring it to the Prep Office.
Mrs G Kennewell

KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin