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10 May 2018
Issue Twelve
Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7 - 10
Student Council Elections
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Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7 - 10


Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7-10 (including SEAL Coordinator)


SEAL Program News

Our SEAL Program - 2019 and Beyond

On Wednesday 18 April, we held the SEAL Information Evening, which was a great opportunity to share our fantastic program with prospective students, parents and guardians. We had a full house in our Performing Arts Centre (PAC). The night showcased the many curricular and extra-curricular opportunities available to our SEAL students. During the evening prospective applicants were treated to a video created by SEAL students, for future SEAL students. I would like to sincerely thank Annie Ea (Year 12), Alex Vujicic (Year 12) and Jasmine Cane (Year 7) for speaking on the night and sharing their personal experiences. Also, a big thank you to two of my Year 8 SEAL students; Daniel Loza and Eliza Wragg for filming, editing and producing a wonderful video about our SEAL Program.


The 2019 SEAL Entrance Exam was facilitated by Edutest at the College on Thursday 3 May. It was wonderful to meet future SEAL students. Following the exam, a rigorous data analysis process is currently underway (Edutest data, Grade 5 NAPLAN and Grade 5 teacher judgements are triangulated) to determine the highest achieving applicants. Additionally, interviews are happening this week and it is anticipated that Year 7 SEAL offers will be made by Friday 18 May.


SEAL Program - Year 7-10 Enrolments

We do have a rigorous process for selecting students for this strongly academic program. I regularly receive enquiries about entering SEAL, which is certainly a reflection of this excellent program.

Annually, we offer 26 places and it is imperative that parents and guardians register their child to sit the SEAL Exam during Grade 6, if they are looking to apply for the program in the following academic year. Applications open at the beginning of each year and close in April. In order to apply, potential candidates should be achieving above the expected level across English and Mathematics. 

In Years 8-10, if a position becomes available the Year Level Coordinator and I conduct an in-depth analysis of student data across the cohort to determine the highest achieving student at that point in time. In addition, teacher recommendations are sought to ensure that possible candidates are displaying excellent work habits.

If your child is aspiring to be in our SEAL Program I would highly recommend that they regularly strive for above level results in all assessment tasks, maintain consistently excellent work habits and take on the challenge of extension tasks where possible.

It is positive that positions in SEAL continue to be highly sought after and as such, places are limited each year to maintain academic standards.


SEAL Opportunities

At Mordialloc College we pride ourselves on offering a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for our SEAL students. In Term 2, Year 7-10 students have registered for a variety of optional competitions where they can test their skills against students all over Australia. We have 30+ students enrolled in each competition and I wish them all the best. The competitions on offer in 2019 are:

  • ICAS Digital Technologies – Tuesday 8 May
  • Australian Geography competition – Thursday 17 May
  • Australian History competition – Thursday 24 May
  • ICAS Science – Tuesday 29 May

Compulsory competitions

  • ICAS English – Tuesday 31 July (in English classes)
  • ICAS Mathematics – Tuesday 14 August (in Mathematics classes)

Year 7-10 Program News

Upcoming Events

We have a number of exciting events coming up this term for in our Year 7-10 Programs. Please ensure you are accessing Compass to provide consent and payment for the various extracurricular opportunities.

Week 5

  • Year 7 African Drumming Incursion $4
  • Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Week 6

  • Year 7 Save Utopia Project week
  • Year 9 MEX city experience

Week 7 and beyond

  • Year 10 Exams – Week 8
  • Year 9 Exams – Week 9
  • Year 8 Scienceworks Excursion $13 – Week 11
  • Year 8 Marketing Madness Project – Week 11 T2 and Week 1 T3


World Challenge - Training Expedition

A few of my colleagues and I have had the pleasure of working with a group of 29 Mordialloc College students over the past year to prepare for their World Challenge expedition to Malaysia. We have two teams with four staff members heading off in November this year. There are only 195 days until the departure date! The vast majority of challengers have successfully obtained part-time jobs and they have run numerous fundraisers over the past year to raise over $6000 each for the month long trip. In addition, students have attended regular team meetings and fortnightly fitness sessions before school with Mr. Fisher. Another important part of the preparation process is a two day training expedition to enable challengers to test out their fitness, bond with team mates and learn essential expedition skills.

On Friday 20 April Mr. Piubello, Mr. Fisher, Miss Gorman and I met our World Challenge teams at Gembrook in the Dandenongs for an overnight hike. This was our second attempt at the training expedition, as it was cancelled late in Term 1 due to severe fire warnings. Challengers were certainly very excited to get underway and start hiking with their full packs. The training expedition provided a fantastic opportunity for students to get to know their team mates better and to try out all their expedition gear (especially wearing in their hiking boots – to hopefully avoid blisters).

During the training expedition students participated in a series of scenarios and workshops exploring topics such as:

  • Health – hydration, hygiene and water treatment
  • Safety – risk assessments, safety scenarios and safety equipment use (including satellite phones, epirb and emergency shelters)
  • Culture – cultural awareness, currency and language awareness
  • Expedition roles – students will have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles such as budget, accommodation, food and leader throughout the expedition.

Throughout the lead up to the expedition, it has been a pleasure to watch students develop their independence and learn extremely valuable life skills. Programs like World Challenge enable our students to take full control of their overseas experience in a safe and supported format.

In Term 2, some of our upcoming fundraisers are:

  • Kingston Cross Country
  • Team 1 – Meat Tasting
  • Team 2 – Milo Morning or Movie Night – TBC

If you have any fundraising ideas for the teams, we would love to hear from you!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mordialloc College community for all the support you have offered our challengers in preparation for this life-changing trip.




Alice Leppin 

Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7-10 (including SEAL Coordinator)

Student Council Elections


Important Dates



Monday 14

  • Yr 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 15

  • Yr 7 & 9 NAPLAN
  • Yr 10 Work Experience

Wednesday 16

  • Yr 7 & 9 NAPLAN
  • Yr 10 Work Experience

Thursday 17

  • Yr 7 & 9 NAPLAN
  • Senior Round Robin
  • Yr 7 Drumming Incursion period 4
  • SEAL Australian Geography Competition
  • Yr 10 Work Experience
  • School Council Meeting

Friday 18

  • Yr 10 Work Experience

Monday 21

  • MEX 2.0 City Experience Day 1

Tuesday 22

  • MEX 2.0 City Experience Day 2
  • Yr 9 Outdoor Education Camp
  • Yr 10 Legal Studies excursion to Frankston Magistrates Court

Wednesday 23

  • MEX 2.0 City Experience Day 3
  • Yr 9 Outdoor Education Camp
  • Kingston Division Cross Country
  • Scott Norton Author visit Yr 7 students and Yr 8 SEAL students

Thursday 24

  • World Challenge Fitness Session 
  • Yr 9 Outdoor Education Camp
  • SEAL Australian History Competition

Friday 25

  • Yr 9 Outdoor Education Camp returns

Monday 28

  • Yr 10 Exam Revision week

Tuesday 29

  • Yr 11 VCAL Young Ambassadors Program
  • SEAL ICAS Science Competition

Wednesday 30

  • Yr 11 Elevate Session



Monday 4

  • Yr 10 Exams 
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams

Tuesday 5

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 11 VCAL Young Ambassadors Program

Wednesday 6

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 12 Elevate Session: How to Ace Your Exams


Thursday 7

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • World Challenge Fitness Session

Friday 8

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams

 Student Awards

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Thank you to the following students for displaying our College value, Personal Best when helping to run the 2019 SEAL exam morning.










Lana Paten





Year 11 Biology

On Tuesday 2 May, our Year 11 Biology class ventured to Ricketts Point in Beaumaris to analyse the organisms found in the intertidal area. From a field guide of twenty seven creatures we distinguished the different types of adaptations to the area. On our excursion we came across swans, a blue ringed octopus, crabs, striped periwinkles, Neptune's Necklaces and many more. “It was a great experience, we learnt a lot about how organisms adapt to survive in their environment,” said one student, as feedback on the trip.

To record the data we ran two transect lines from the upper beach (high water mark) to the low tide mark. Next, in our groups, we examined four quadrants along each transect line, naming and recording the abundance of the species that we observed. We also recorded the abiotic aspects of the environment including the PH of the water, salinity and the slope of the land to see if they would correlate with the changes in biological communities.


Lachlan Kimpton

Year 11 Biology.

International Student News

International Student Forum

The 2018 International Student Forum was held at the Victorian State Library by the Department of  Education and Training Victoria on 3 May 2018. International Student Coordinator, Li Ping Virgo, and two students, Anna and Lee, attended this forum. The point of the forum was to help get international students more involved and better connected with local students.

 Some ideas that we came up with were letting international students teach local students how to make Chinese traditional food, how to play Chinese traditional games and play Chinese traditional music. One other idea was to get local students to join in activities with the international students.

This forum was an excellent idea and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in it.


Li Ping Virgo

International Student Coordinator

House Cross Country Results

House Cross Country Wednesday 8 May


4TH KALURA (Green House) – 478 points

3RD BUNURONG (Yellow House) – 514 points

2ND IWALA (Red) – 521 points

1ST YERLONGA (Blue) – 755 points



12-13 Year Female – Charlotte Borkowski

12-13 Year Male – Billy Robinson

14 Year Female – Laura Reeves

14 Year Male – Jake Souoop

15 Year Female – Eliza Borkowski

15 Year Male – Leo Faid

16 Year Female – Jasmine Ristevski

16 Year Male – James Vicendese

17-20 Year Female – Charlotte Davis

17-20 Year Male – Alex Bailey


French News

‘Le Père Noel est une ordure’.

On Friday 4 May, the French students in Years 10-12 levels went to see a play. It was called ‘Le Père Noel est une ordure’. Although the weather was not great on that afternoon, we all really enjoyed doing something different and seeing French being used in a context outside the classroom. It was also very interesting seeing how the actors spoke and comparing it to the translation we were given. This was a great opportunity and I look forward to participating in similar French excursion in future.


By Ava Collison

Year 10 SEAL student

French Club

French Club @ Mordialloc College

Due to other school commitments for students, we have changed the French Club day.

When: Every Monday @ lunchtime (1.15-1.45 pm)

Where: Portable 1 classroom

Who can attend: Any students from Yr 7-12 learning French

What students can do: Poem practice for the Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition, reading, short films viewing, informal speaking, board games and more…

Nominations Open: Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards

Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards 2018

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards, which celebrate the enormous contribution of Victoria’s volunteer community.


Do you know an amazing volunteer (or team of volunteers) who deserve public recognition of their skills, efforts, and contribution to the Victorian community?

Nominations are accepted from all sectors, and across all forms of volunteering. Nominees can volunteer with a single organisation, or across multiple organisations. Nominations can include volunteering outside of formal organisational structures.

Volunteers can be recognised for their contributions in both one-off projects and in ongoing roles.


Award Categories

There are four categories of awards recognising:

  • Impact – volunteers who have delivered a significant improvement or achievement for their organisation, sector or community through their service
  • Leadership – volunteers with or without formal leadership positions that have succeeded in bringing groups of people together to solve a problem or provide a service to the community
  • Service – celebrating volunteers who have dedicated their efforts over a significant period of time
  • Teamwork – for groups of volunteers that through collaboration and teamwork have delivered exceptional results for their project, organisation or community

Victoria’s Volunteer of the Year

One award recipient will be selected as Victoria’s Volunteer of the Year, winning a $10,000 donation to a charity of their choice and receiving the Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award. The awards will recognise up to 60 volunteers for their service to the community.


The type of information required to complete a nomination includes:

  • Summary (40 words) – Tell us why you are nominating the volunteer
  • Achievement & outcomes (150 words) – Describe the major achievements, benefits or outcomes of their work.
  • Skills & qualities (150 words) – Describe how this contribution was/is made. You can include personal skills, attributes and qualities, and any other comments on how they go about their work.
  • Commitment & effort (40 words) – Describe the amount of time, effort and dedication they have spent on their activities.


Apply Online

Detailed information on the award categories and nomination process can be found at:

Nominations must be submitted through the nomination website at:


Closing Date

Nominations close on Monday, 28 May, 2018 at 5pm, at the conclusion of National Volunteer Week, which runs from 20-27 May, 2018.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at Government House later in the year.


Local Support

The nomination guidelines have been attached for your ease of reference. Please be sure to contact the office of the Honorable Tim Richardson if you require any assistance on 9772 4544.


More information

For more information on the Victorian Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9096 7302


Community News

Dobsons  School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 1 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


*  Rugby tops and track pants have arrived and are now available for purchase. *


Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours.  Please call 9587 0738 for an appointment.


Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Phone 9587 0738

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Heartlinks Step Parenting Workshop


Heartlinks Teen Parenting Workshop


Heartlinks Resilient Children Workshop


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