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16 March 2018
Term 1 Week 7 2018
Staff Spotlight
Dates to Remember
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From Narre Warren South
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


13th - 16th March

Year 10 Camp


Monday, 19th March

Year 8 SEISS Basketball


20th - 25th March

Year 11 Avondale Camp


Tuesday, 20th March

Year 5 Excursion to Scienceworks


21st - 23rd March

Year 8 Camp


Thursday, 22nd March 

Harmony Day NWS


Monday, 26th March

National Leaders Day

Year 7 SEISS Basketball


Tuesday, 27th March

Parent/Teacher Interviews

S -v- S Challenge


Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day


Sunday, 1st April

Daylight Savings Ends


Monday, 16th April

First Day Term 2


16th - 20th April

Year 6 Canberra Trip


Friday, 20th April

Legacy Day


Tuesday, 24th April

Year 6 Transition to Secondary Info Night

Secondary Cross Country


Wednesday, 25th April

ANZAC Day - No School

Administrative Professionals Day


Thursday, 26th April



Friday, 27th April

Primary Cross Country Carnival

School Fees Due

General Information

Canteen Return

Please note the canteen will remain closed until further notice.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thank you.

From the School Captains

This week I want to talk about having a strong relationship with Christ and how it can be achieved. By no means am I qualified enough to write about having a faultless relationship with Christ. I too struggle at times to truly connect with God and actually listen to what He is trying to say to me. I too sometimes forget to read my bible for days on end, or forget to rely on him when times are good, thinking I am enough and I have everything under control. I know I don’t have everything under control but the Lord does. Over the years, and the multiple times I have failed to connect with Him, I have realised that we maybe distance from him, but God is always, I mean it, ALWAYS right beside us, just waiting on us with open arms, to open our eyes and break the wall we have created, and return back to him. It is up to us, to create the bond. Whether it is through prayer, reading the bible, going to bible study with friends, going to Church or even spending time in nature admiring God’s creation, it’s different for everyone. We all don’t fit in a box, so we have to find what works for us. But the bottom line is, we all have to put in time and effort if we ever want to have a relationship with the Lord. It is a slow and steady process, but the rewards are so sweet, it is most definitely worth it. So I encourage to pick up your bible, go out to your nearest park and try and reconnect with God, and see the difference.


This week I encourage you to hold Philippians 4:6-7 close to your heart, and try and live by these words.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.




School Captain

Primary PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Elijah

Year 2/3C - Jacy

Prep DH - Jonathan O

Year 3MC - Sahara for Service

Year 4CJ - Jayden

Year 4/5W - Asinth

Year 5RJ - Jason for Respect

Year 6E - Milko for Service

Lunch bags for sale

We have a few of these insulated lunch bags for sale at the NWS Office for $5.  Limited stock.


Please pop in if you are interested in purchasing one.


Thank you.

End of Term Finish

The last day of term is Wednesday, 28th March.  School will finish at 12:50pm.


Thank you.

ICAS Tests

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.


Heritage College will again be offering to administer these tests to students and families who choose to participate. The tests are voluntary, each incurring a cost to the family and will be scheduled on specific dates, as outlined below. If you would like your child to participate in one or more tests, please request a payment form from Tam (NWS) or Venitta (OC) and pay the associated costs.


More information is available on their website:  https://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/icas/about.


2018 ICAS Dates and Prices

If you have further questions regarding registering or administration of the tests, please contact your child’s Deputy Principal.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 7

Does Your Child Need Help?

  • Helpful sites and organisations

  • How you can help! Signs to look out for

  • How you can help! Strategies you can use

Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator



Living Well Pop-Up Bookstore


From Narre Warren South

Coles Sports for Schools


From the Secondary Campus

Year 8 Adventure Camp


Year 10 SEISS Basketball

Tuesday, 6th March saw our Year 10 students take on our fellow SEISS schools in a basketball round robin. It was an action packed day with teams on both sides digging deep and giving their best. The female team deserve particular commendations for their steely eyed perseverance, for while the other teams rotated breathless players off the court, our five girls continued to play for the entirety of the day, with little to no break to speak of. Their efforts were rewarded with a shot at bronze.


The boys team fared even better. Each match was as close as it was well played. Through a mixture of teamwork, skill, and strategy we clawed our way into second position for the final match. From there what can only be called an intense match followed. Our Opponents were worthy, and the match, balancing upon several precarious free throws, slipped into overtime. It was here that the gentlemen kept their cool, clawing a solid handful points ahead in the minutes that followed, while our opposition cracked under the pressure. Congratulations to the Year 10 boys on a Heritage Victory!

Mr Samuel Ladson


From the ELC

Vacation Care

With holidays just around the corner, the OSHC club at Heritage College Officer is inviting you to join our FUN filled Vacation Care Program!


To make a booking, please visit the Officer or Narre Warren South Offices to collect your enrolment form. 


Open 5 days Mon-Fri not including public holidays.

Sessions start on 29th March (closed for Easter public holidays)


Extra INFO: 

Contact: OHSC Coordinator/ Rebecca Kareroa

Phone: 5943 2900 (option 3)

Email: elcadmin@heritagecollege.com.au

Fees: $85 per day

Opening hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm

CCB and CCR Entitlements available.


Look out for our Vacation Care program coming soon...

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