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30 August 2017
Issue Eight
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Important Dates

Term 3 - Semester 2 Parent Calendar












































Principal's Report

The following is an excerpt of my speech at assembly for STEAM week.


In the theme of STEAM week I would like to bust a few myths about girls or women and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. (STEM). The first myth is that girls are not good at Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Research tells us that there is no gender difference in our genetic ability for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. In other words, it does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, a woman or a man, non-binary, gender fluid, your gender does not influence your potential or your ability in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

But, women are underrepresented in all of these fields. This is because of a second myth, that women are not interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


But you know what?


Women’s participation in these fields increases when the environment in inclusive, when people tell them they are welcome, have good ideas and are great thinkers.


In Australia, we have a Women in STEMM Association where women scientists promote the development of inclusive environments to foster and support young women to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, coders, etc.


Today I will share a few of their stories with you.

Matilda works on tracking and treating infectious diseases – her work will help to save lives all around the world.

Alex works on the mines in WA. Her work is fundamental to the safety of the miners.

Jan investigates the evolution or developmental changes of Antarctic Octopods - squid, cuttlefish and octopi. We can learn much from their evolution and this informs us how about how to better care for marine life.

Leigh researches reproduction. Her research may help many couples to have children in the future.

Melissa is a Mathematician. She started off studying chemistry and engineering but loved maths so much.

She now spends her time developing cool mathematical models like this. Her work helps other scientists to understand their work.

Like Melissa, Jess studied Chemical Engineering and has worked on developing bio fuels - fuels that do not contaminate our air in the same way as petrol does. Her work is making our world a healthier place to live.

Marjia went into the air force and through the air force studied Science. She now combines the two loves – flying planes and physics she is an aircraft tester. Her work makes our plane travel more safe and efficient and supports the armed forces to protect our nation.


Finally, Samantha researches the transport of energy in solar cells – for example the ones in the solar panels you see on houses. She is trying to make the capture of the sun’s rays and transfer of this energy more efficient. So she is also helping improve our world.


You can find out more about other women by going to the Women in STEMM site.


As you can see; women are very capable Scientist, Coders, Engineers and Mathematicians. They can make a positive impact on people’s lives through their work in STEMM.


Perhaps you might like to change the world and find a career in STEM.

Student News

Our Sweethearts had an amazing Europe tour. Some of the highlights of their trip were:

  • The standing ovation the band received after their Jazz à Vienne gig
  • The Porretta performances with Bernard Purdie, the most recorded drummer in history! He loved the band so much he kept coming back and requesting to play with Sweethearts.
  • The incredible up close performances the students got to see of so many artists including Herbie Hancock, the JB’s, Mavis Staples, Michael Kiwanuka, Vasti Jackson and of course Bernard Purdie.
  • The band members constantly getting stopped walking down the street for photos, autographs and applause.
  • Most notably the Sweethearts program was 1 of 3 artists awarded and recognised for their contribution to the world music industry. The other two award recipients were the families of Solomon Burke, the King of Soul & Rufus Thomas, the creator of the funky chicken! That is incredible recognition of how strong and highly regarded this program is.


Emily Kitchenman and Charolotte Kitchenman are representing MFG in the State School Spectacular this year. You can see updates about the show on the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/performingartsunit


The Year 11 & 12 VCAL students ran an amazing Pop Up Market on 22 August. May parents were able to share their experience as they came in for Parent/Carer Student Conferences. The students did an amazing job!



Michelle Crofts


Learning @MFG

MFG Celebrates STEAM Week

We celebrated STEAM week at MFG last week which coincided with 2017 National Science Week – a celebration of science across Australia.

This year’s Science Week theme is ‘Future Earth’


Future Earth launched in 2015 and is a major 10-year international initiative to advance global sustainability science.

Future Earth is a global community of tens of thousands of world-class researchers, projects and institutes brought together around an international research agenda focusing on sustainability science. The Academy of Science is developing a project office for Future Earth in Australia.


Future Earth’s 2025 vision addresses eight key challenges to global sustainability:

  • Deliver water, energy, and food for all
  • Decarbonise socio-economic systems to stabilise the climate
  • Safeguard the terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being
  • Build healthy, resilient and productive cities
  • Promote sustainable rural futures
  • Improve human health
  • Encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Increase social resilience to future threats.

Future Earth launched in 2015 and is a major 10-year international initiative to advance global sustainability science.

Future Earth is a global community of tens of thousands of world-class researchers, projects and institutes brought together around an international research agenda focusing on sustainability science. The Academy of Science is developing a project office for Future Earth in Australia.

Future Earth’s 2025 vision addresses eight key challenges to global sustainability:

  • Deliver water, energy, and food for all
  • Decarbonise socio-economic systems to stabilise the climate
  • Safeguard the terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being
  • Build healthy, resilient and productive cities
  • Promote sustainable rural futures
  • Improve human health
  • Encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Increase social resilience to future threats.

So, a little food for thought – challenges for us all to be aware of and try to address in our own small, but powerful, way.


Our STEAM focused whole school assembly celebrated our own scientists and inventors, including this team of Year 7 Inventors who won this year’s annual ‘Invent to Learn’ perpetual trophy for their creation – a game called ‘Buzz It’. Well done girls!



If your child is in Year 7 or 9, you will be receiving their NAPLAN performance report in the mail this week. I attached a guide to reading and understanding the report to an email I sent to all Year 7 and 9 parents and carers.


We will be analysing our school’s NAPLAN data in the coming weeks and discussing this with our teachers. If you have any questions about your child’s NAPLAN report, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s English or Maths teacher or me at the College.


SS-STEM Project – 2015-2017

Our formal involvement in the SS-STEM project with Deakin University and Skilling the Bay concluded recently. Our project team - Paul Dangerfield, Sharon Hogan and Kim Morris - presented their research and learnings at a Conference that involved all of the schools involved. Their research focused on a big question: ‘How is our STEM Teaching Practice affecting student subject choices and opinions?’ Their results stemmed from some survey data collected from their mainstream Year 9 students who have experienced the changes in STEM teaching and learning since Year 7.

The below table captures some of their work in terms of the changes to their STEM teaching and the development of some new and engaging investigations for students.

Our next challenge is to extend their work into other Year levels and with other teachers from the Maths and Science teams.


Unit 4 Practice Exams – October

Our VCE students studying Unit 4 subjects will be sitting Unit 4 Practice exams early in Term 4 to help them prepare for their final exams. These will take place in the Hall and give the students an opportunity to:

  • sit a formal practice exam in the same venue as their final exam
  • receive feedback
  • understand what they need to work on and areas for improvement prior to the final exams

Subject Selection and Pathways Process 2017

This process has now concluded and all of our students have submitted their subject selections for 2018. We are currently looking at these selections because their inform our decision making about classes that will run in 2018, the number of classes offered, whether some VCE classes will be combined (Unit 1-4 students together), classes that will be run through the VVLN (Victorian Virtual Learning Network) or Distance Education and, in some cases, class that won’t be running in 2018.


We are also reflecting on some of the changes to the process this year including:

  • the introduction of Year 10 Pathway Mentoring interviews for all Year 10 students and their parents/carers
  • Subject Selection and Pathways booklets for all students
  • Subject Selection assemblies for students in Years 9-11 during the process.


Damien Toussaint, Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching


What's On @ MFG


STEAM Week (14th – 18th Aug)​

What a fabulous week of activities we had for STEAM Week!  It was terrific to see so many students getting involved in something during their lunchtime that was a little different to what they are used to doing. 

To kick start the week, Nicholas J. Johnson visited our Yr 7 and 9 students and showed them how science fits into our everyday lives. He is a man who spins yarns and deceives the eye, a multi-award winning magician and comedian, a best-selling author and a collector of cons, scams and fraud.


Our STEAM assembly on Tuesday saw a robot ‘Syd’ opening the proceedings (and showed us some of her dance moves too).  Guest speakers delighted us with their stories. Yr 10 student Kelly Barrett spoke about her amazing experience at John Monash Science School, 2016 graduate Tilli Hardy-Smith came back to talk to us about her experience at University studying science and to wish our Yr 12 students all the best, and Dr Linda Hobbs shared some very interesting data around STEAM skills and jobs for the future. We also announced the winners of the inaugural Year 7 Learn to Invent Shield.


Lunchtime activities included:

Maths Relay

Pregnant Rat Dissection

Psychology Quiz’s and Experiments

Straw Tower Challenge

Flying Drones and coding with MaKeyMaKey

Construction in the Garden



MMADDD DAY is on Tuesday 5th September. This whole school event will be held on the Main Campus. Regular classes will not run on this day. Attendance for all year levels is compulsory.  Casual dress applies and the theme of the day is "BE CREATIVE".


The day is organised by the Arts Learning Area and aims to celebrate the ARTS at MFG.  Students will be involved in a number of Music, Media, Art, Dance, Design and Drama activities and workshops.  In the spirit of the day, we ask that students do not bring their IT devices to school that day and to bring a small bag only with essential items to have with them on the Main Campus.


The format of the day will be slightly different than the past two years with changes we believe will improve the day for all. One of the changes will involve students choosing two one hour workshops or one two-hour workshop.  Staff will entertain the students with our own “Staff’s Got Talent”.  Students will then have the opportunity to be a part of “Student’s Got Talent” where House points will be awarded to participating students. Students are encouraged to start organising their casual “Be Creative” wear and Talent Acts in readiness for what is sure to be a fantastic, fun day.


Parents are invited to the “Student’s Got Talent” starting at 1.50pm in the MF Hall.


Students have had the opportunity to choose and sign up for workshops for MMADDD Day in the past week at lunchtimes. Students are reminded to wear appropriate clothing fitting for the workshop they have signed up for. The outline for MMADDD Day 2018 is below.



Senior Badminton

Congratulations to the senior students who represented the school and took out the title at the GSSSA Badminton finals on July 27th. The team members were Dona Jimenez, Gen Visser-Hook, Sonia Kacprzak, Niera Hazad, Ashleigh Borgelt, Rebecca Cocking and Tammer Khokhar.

The team had a quick turn around and had to be at the Western Metropolitan round the following week. Due to a number of factors, they being camps, illness and work requirements, the team numbers dwindled and Aline Furaha was invited to join the team. The girls were very competitive in their final badminton competition representing the school but unfortunately were defeated by Suzanne Cory SC and Braybrook College.

I would like to thank the girls for their efforts and the sportsmanship they showed while representing MFGSC. Good luck in the future.

Mrs. Bews


Senior Girls Basketball- Geelong Champions

The weather was cold – but basketball got the girls warmed up!!! On what was one of the coldest day’s this winter, the senior girls got off to a flyer winning the day overall and advancing to Werribee on Monday 31st  July to compete against the Western Metropolitans best!


Suitably led by Brittney Murray-Rowe and Vanessa Marsh (Co Captains), the girls boxed their way into a commanding position early in the day into the division final winning their first two games 45 – 2 & 34 – 12 respectively.


There was some fantastic ball being played throughout the day and our Year 11 star student/basketball extraordinaire Georgia Van De Ven showed the competition how to get it done, dominating the boards and providing the strength under the ring at both ends.


While there were some standout performances by the girls – today proved yet again, that a champion team will always beat a team full of champions.


Bring on WMR finals in Werribee!

Mr. Lehmann

Senior Table Tennis Success!

Over the last couple of weeks our Senior Table Tennis team has had a flurry of success in becoming the Geelong Champions on Thursday 27th July and Western Metro Champions on Wednesday 2nd August.

Big congratulations to Sarah Collins, Chloe Murphy, Tanya Dalton, Lynette Sibayan, Chloe Lee, Eh Tha Yu Soe Ku and Christina Le on such an amazing effort. All the best for state finals on Tuesday 15th August.

Mr Lehmann.

Senior Table Tennis-  State Runners Up!

Huge congratulations to our senior table tennis team who finished 2nd in the state on Tuesday 15th August.

It was a long day up at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre as the team battled it out with Victoria’s best just to make the final that afternoon.  Unfortunately we were defeated by the better team who comprised of National Table Tennis representatives.

Hopefully we are better for the experience and can bounce back for another crack at it in 2018.

Mr Lehmann

Leader of Sport.

Years 7A, 7E and 7E Landscape Painting Display

Emily Cook and Charlotte Orr are students of 7D who undertook the ‘Landscape Painting Task’ in Visual Arts. The students made a detailed study of the landscape subject, impasto and broken colour painting methods, specific paint mediums and the techniques used by Impressionist artists.


Colour Unit in Visual Art

Hayley Croft of 7C pictured here tinting paint for one of the investigations set for the Colour Learning Unit in the Visual Arts.


Portrait Drawing in Visual Art

Mahsa Mohseni of year 7E working on her portrait of Portia De Rossi. The participation in this drawing activity has been offered by the Geelong Art Gallery for the 2017 ‘Who’s Who’ Portrait Prize. The exhibition opening is set for the 21st. of October.


The Hub News


7L English: poems inspired by Duggan's 'I Love This Land Australia'

I love Australia by Carli

You’re the Gold to my Coast,
The vegemite on my toast,

The thong to my foot,
The Rhonda to my Kutut,

The sea to the sand,
A beer in my hand,

The Kanga to my roo,
The BB to my Q,

The Wi to my Fi,
The sauce on my pie,

The Harbour to my Bridge,
The Tim Tams in my fridge,

The Holden to my Ute,

Australia you're Beaut!

When I think of Australia by Holly


When I think of Australia I always think of the sea

The golden sand and crystal blue waves thats the place for me.

When I think of Australia I think of our past

Our Indigenous Aboriginals that through the years have last.

Being in Australia I never will get bored,

All the activities c’mon and jump aboard.

When you’re in Australia amazing people are found,

Some others call us bogans but were worth a million pounds.

When I think of Australia I think of animals that are cute,

Like wallabies and koalas and possums that eat your fruit.

There are also dangerous animals that are hanging around,

Like spiders snakes and jelly fish that seldom make a sound.

When I think of Australia I think of a place that I can roam,

Because Australia yes Australia is the place that I call home.


Year 9 Indonesian Zoo Visit

Over Term 3, Year 9 Indonesian students are studying the topic of Binatang or animals. They are investigating the threats faced by animals in Indonesia and finding out what they can do to help. Students are raising awareness and money in a range of ways and donating that money to organisations like the WWF. The Indonesian study tour will also donate a portion of the money raised to the Wildlife Rescue Centre, Yogyakarta, when they visit it in September. The aim of the centre is to combat the illegal trade of protected wildlife, care for rescued animals and, where possible, release them back into the wild.

As part of the students’ investigations, we visited Melbourne Zoo to see what they are doing to help endangered animals. While we were there, students gathered footage to help them complete a major task in Indonesian.


Some comments on the day:


I liked seeing all the animals and there were heaps of campaigns for different causes. - Emily A


I enjoyed calling out the names of the animals in Indonesian: "MONYET MONYET!". I learned that the zoo is raising awareness of the plastic rubbish and balloons that are affecting the seals, something about cell phones and gorillas. I also learned that many products that contain palm oil don't claim the usage on the packaging. - Lani K


I loved seeing the meerkats and making a connection with one of the orang-utans. I learnt that one of the orang-utans is born in the same year as me. (That's the one I made the connection with) - Paige M


I liked the freedom of walking around the zoo and I loved the cute animals! There was lots of information about products with palm oil and when I saw the organutans playing, I realised how much they were like humans. I found out that some bubbles are made with organic material and are therefore better for the environment than balloons - Grace R




Earn & Learn

This year we will be participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources for our school/early learning centre – and all we need you to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths.


From Wednesday 26th July to Tuesday 19th September or while stock lasts, we are collecting Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers.  You will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker onto a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete, the Sticker Sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box here at the school.

At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers lots of items ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts & Craft, Sport and for our library. If you’d like to know more visit woolworths.com.au/earnandlearn

News from the Safe & Supportive Learning Team

Link Between Stress & Digital Technology


Cyber Bullying


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