Photo: Achievement: outstanding Year 7s at the Public Speaking Competition

Northcote High School Newsletter

15 August 2017
Issue Thirteen
For your diary
From the Principal
Student Parent Teacher Conversations 
Creativity and collaboration at work - Guys and Dolls
Year 7 Public Speaking Finals
Strength, Teamwork and Resilience: Sport teams continue to thrive
Celebrating Student Achievements
NHS Writers' Festival
Comedy Night  - book now!
Music events coming up
Year 8s act on homelessness
Embracing Sustainability
A taste of Australia
Artists in the community
Careers News
Have your say part 1: community making
Have your say part 2: uniform
Slam! Poets out loud
A safe space to play: update from Cambodia
Furry friends come to school
Community notices
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For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Tuesday 15 August          Ski Camp (to 17 August)
  • Wednesday 23 August    Parent Teacher Student Conversations (option 1)
  • Friday 25 August               NHS Writers' Festival - Poetry Slam
  • Saturday 26 August         NHS Writers' Festival - Workshops
  • Wednesday 30 August    Big Band Boogie
  • Thursday 31 August         Parent Teacher Student Conversations (option 2)
  • Tuesday 5 September     Strings, Wine and Cheese
  • Thursday 7 September   NHS Comedy Night Fundraiser
  • Monday 18 September    Year 12 Practice Exams commence (to 22 September)

From the Principal

Photo: Voice matters: happy Northcote students at the Outloud Poetry Slam

Community making and building Northcote: your voice matters

Have your say as we make community

As Term 3 rolls on, Northcote High School continues to be a vibrant environment with many and varied opportunities for engagement and community making.  In this newsletter you will find requests for your voice in our school uniform, events and fundraising organisation and in the other ways we can build a modern and connected school and community, focused on learning and getting the best for and from our students.


Over the coming weeks we invite you to partner with us at our upcoming Student-Teacher-Parent Conversations, through survey feedback, at the Northcote High School Writers' Festival (don't miss the Friday night poetry slam!), at our fabulous Music Nights (Big Band Boogie and Strings, Wine and Cheese) and of course, at our highly popular Comedy Night, our major fundraiser for the year. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. 


Building Northcote – Campus Master Plan 2017

Exciting times for Northcote High School!

Over the next 14 weeks we will be developing a new Campus Master Plan to ensure our school is well placed to act on a staged building and landscape improvement plan.  The key to Building Northcote is an articulated Campus Master Plan with a narrative that elevates how the buildings and landscape support learning and achievement, excellent teaching, deep relationships and strengthening of our community.

We are actively seeking allocation of resources in the next Budget…. 


How can you help?

Please work with us over the next 6- 8 weeks.   We will be asking you to participate – complete a survey or come to a forum or make a comment around how our buildings and landscape support in Creating the Conditions for Success at Northcote High School.

Stay posted for more information.


Meeting with Darebin Council – The Stadium

Last week I met with the Darebin Chief Executive (acting) Phil Shanahan, Katrina Knox  (Director Community Development) and Kim Le Cref (Mayor) around the work the school has undertaken to develop a feasibility study and business plan for The Stadium including schematics and costs plans.  The Stadium includes 2 or 3 courts with multipurpose room, change rooms, office, kiosk and classrooms.  This work has been undertaken in partnership with @Leisure Planners and Williams Ross Architects. 


Clearly there is huge demand for the indoor sporting spaces to support a viable Heath and Physical Education program for students each day and also for broader community use.


We have also been meeting regularly with the Darebin Council to elevate our interest in a partnership and also high demand in the south of the Darebin LGA.  Last year the Darebin Council submitted, on Northcote High School's behalf, an application for the Shared Facilities Fund (DET) for The Stadium.  In the meeting this week we further discussed ways to continue to work together, elevating shared understandings, priorities (school and Council) and agreements that there is high demand now and into the future for indoor sporting facilities.  The only way to meet this demand in the inner north is to activate community assets such as The Stadium at Northcote High School. We will keep you informed as the Campus Master Plan progresses and broader discussions with Darebin Council and School Council.


Equality – Have Your Say

The theme of Have Your Say continues with the upcoming Federal Government postal vote regarding Same Sex Marriage.  As a school each day we work to ensure the school values - Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness - live in our behaviours, with equality underpinning all that we do each day.  Hence we will be working to support our young people to be active citizens of the world and register to vote.  We will be working with the Australian Electoral Commission to assist our students to understand the important role they can play in the democratic process.


Principal Selection Process

Over the next 3 months the Principal Selection Process will take place.  The role will be advertised via DET careers website Recruitment Online, there will be tours at the school and an application, shortlisting and interview process. The process is led by the Department of Education Representative Graham Stevenson and the School Council President Martin Hughes, the panel will also include a further school council representative, a staff representative and a Principal beyond the school.


Kate Morris


Student Parent Teacher Conversations 


Student-Parent-Teacher Conversations this term are Wednesday August 23 and Thursday August 31, from 1.30-7.30 pm.  Whilst formerly known as 'Parent Teacher Interviews', these are in fact, about students taking responsibility for, and being supported in their learning: it is important that students are the central part of these conversations.


On those days, the whole school operates periods 1-3, with dismissal after Period 3 (approximately 12.30 pm).

Bookings are made online, using Compass School Manager.

How to book

Compass Bookings open from August 16, 4.00 pm


1. On the welcome page or under the Community tab you will find Parent Student Teacher Conferences. Click to follow the link.

2. After 4 pm Wednesday August 16 you will see “2017 PTN August 23 ” and also “2017 PTN August 31”. Click on the day that suits you. It does not matter which day you attend.

3. A panel will come up, as shown . At the top is “My Bookings”, with available spots in green. At the bottom are the names of your son/daughter’s teachers—”Available Staff”.

4. Click on the time you would like to see a teacher, in the top pane. Pull down to find your teacher's name. Click the Update button. A green sign at the top will show you its done! (If you don’t click the update button it won’t save your bookings)

The page looks a little like this:


- It’s a good idea to print or copy down your bookings! We do not keep a copy for you at school.

- If you don’t have a computer at home, you will be able to contact the office for assistance. (9488 2300) 

- This year we will again keep bookings open until the day meetings commence—that is, until 12.30 on each PTM day. 

Who to see

Student-Parent-Teacher Conversations are always well attended at Northcote High School. However, if you are new to the process, here is some advice:

- It is not necessary to try to see all of your son or daughter’s teachers at these events. For example, you don’t need to see your Year Level Program Leader, Head of School or even your child’s Tutor, unless there is a specific need.


- Interviews book out quickly for some staff. Please don’t delay to make your appointments.

- Select teachers to see on the basis of need. For example if you are concerned about how your child is going in a particular subject, contact with that staff-member should be a priority! If you miss out on seeing a teacher but need to see them, please contact them for another appointment via Compass .


- Learning Behaviours reports ('GPA') will be published in the week prior to the first round of PTS Conversations. We encourage you to use these to have a pre-conversation with your child about their progress. You can view this feedback on the Compass Portal. 


Several teachers may not be available for one or both of the Student-Parent-Teacher Conversation dates. They will be blocked out on their schedules.  Please note also that the following staff have just commenced Long Service Leave and therefore will not be available: Danny Leondidis, Sarah Green, Eva O'Hehir, Leah Downey.


Please check Compass Newsfeed on the day for any other absence announcements.

Some other teachers work part time and have limited availability on both days. Look for availability when you log on to Compass. If the teacher’s name does not come up as an option when you look on Compass, it means they don’t work that day! Please contact these teachers by Compass if required.

All teachers take a break between 5.00 and 5.40 pm for dinner. (It is not possible to stagger this break in a way that would be equitable for parents and staff).

Creativity and collaboration at work - Guys and Dolls

Photo: Dancers onstage in Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls - congratulations to all involved

The Northcote High School production of Guys and Dolls wrapped up last week to much joy in the room, with young people leading and connecting with each other across year levels, developing skills, building resilience and being part of something.  Students who contributed to the production both on and off stage exemplified our school values and culture, taking risks and challenging themselves and building positive relationships. In true Northcote style, we saw interpretation and diversity at work, our talented young people on stage, back stage and front of house,  being their best hand in hand with the sound and lighting - techy crew  and our brilliant musicians.  Congratulations to the cast, who performed with great skill and panache. None of this could have happened without the support provided by families and staff  in so many ways. 

The program highlighted how many people it takes to make the show a reality. Thank you to Jackie Brogan (director), Jonathan Templin (producer) and Elisha Templin (Musical Director) for bringing Guys and Dolls to life. 


A huge thank you is also extended to the staff and students who have committed much of their time behind the scenes. This includes Barry Drinan and his team for their exceptional work with the sets, Lincoln Le Fevre for his help with setting up and running the audio for the show, Bernie Breen, Rohan Bevan and Peter Murphy for their assistance with set and prop construction, Matt Zambon and Hamish Ramsay for their participation in the band and vocal coaches Julian Perry and Christine Nitsis. Student leaders include program designer Louisa Johnson and general all-purpose assistance, as well as choreographers Pippa Collodetti and Evie Lawlor, with Enrolments Officer Katie Marshall leading hair and makeup. Bravo! 

Year 7 Public Speaking Finals

Photo: Year 7 Public Speaking Competition finalists

Exceptional Speakers from Year 7

On Monday 7 August the finals of the Year 7 Public Speaking Competition were held. The eight speakers chosen from the early rounds of class and year level speeches performed exceptionally well, delivering articulate, original and persuasive speeches. The judges and audience were impressed by the confidence of our speakers and by the wide range of interesting topics: we heard passionate opinions about issues from the lost language of Esperanto to bicycle registration laws. 


Congratulations to the following students who featured in the finals:


Phoebe Lawlor - Girls' education and human rights (awarded 3rd place)

Zara Baglioni - Facebook is not the answer (awarded 2nd place)

Will Grage-Perry - Why we should learn Esperanto

Victor Cheung - Whaling should be banned world-wide

Luka O'Connor - Support marriage equality

Romy Nolan - Truth and philosophy (what is a chair?)

Jamison Dowling - Making a change to cyberbullying (awarded 1st place)

Lulu Beatty - Say no to bicycle registration laws


Strength, Teamwork and Resilience: Sport teams continue to thrive

Photo: Soccer Competition

Tough conditions for winter sport but our teams continue their success

Boys Netball

On Friday 28th July our Junior and Intermediate Boys Netball teams competed in the Northern Metropolitan Regional finals. Thank you to Luke Williams who coached both teams during the many training sessions at school and on the day.  Thanks also to Mr Price who went out with the team.


Junior Girls and Intermediate Girls Netball

On Monday 31st July our Year 8 and Intermediate teams competed in the Netball Schools Championship Cup. It was a great day with the girls competing against schools from across Victoria. I think that the girls would agree that it was a great experience of playing quality competitive netball all day.  Thank you to our parent helper Susie Stafford who helped out with scoring and cheering for both teams.


Regional Finals

Well done to our Intermediate, Year 8 and Year 7 Football Teams and our Intermediate Soccer team, who in Week 3 competed in the Regional Finals.  All teams played competitive matches in cold, wet and windy conditions. Thank you to our student and staff coaches and students who put in many early morning training sessions.  See the match report attached from Year 10 student Jonathon Zapantis for a description of the action!

Intermediate Girls Soccer

In cold and wet conditions our Intermediate Girls Soccer team competed in the Regional Finals on August 3rd at Ross Straw Fields.  The girls combined well together to have 3 wins in their pool against Gladstone Park, St Helena and Lalor.  This put the girls through to the final to play against the winner of Pool A – University High School.  Our girls put up a tough fight but Uni High was too strong on the day.  Well done girls!


Senior Boys Basketball

Congratulations to our Senior Boys Basketball team who competed in and won the Regional Competition yesterday.  The boys got off to a slow start with a tough match in the beginning against before they got their momentum the boys ended up with straight wins in their pool the boys then played off against Greensborough in the Final where they had an easy win to become Northern Metro Regional Champions.  They now move through to the State Final at MSAC on September 19.  Thank you to Mr MacIndoe for coaching the boys and Mr O’Shea for going out with them on the day.


Year 7 Girls Soccer

A big congratulations also goes out to our Yr 7 Girls Soccer team, who sailed straight through the Divisional Competition without having to a play game.  Coming to the Regionals and never having played together may have seemed daunting, but the girls took it in their stride and formed together beautifully to come away with straight wins through to the final. In the final they were up against NHS rivals Melbourne Girls College. Once again our girls came out strong, and continued to do so throughout the match to come away with a 3-0 win and the title of Northern Metropolitan Champions.  The girls now move through to the State Final at Kingston Heath on September 15.  The girls should be commended on their teamwork and sporting attitude throughout the day.  Thank you to Holly Frances and Ella Baxter for coaching the girls along the way and for Rosie Thyer and Sarah Coffey for coaching the girls on the day.


Coming Up

Monday August 14-  Yr 8 Boys Regional Soccer

Tuesday August 15 – Senior Boys Football State Quarter Final

Wednesday August 16 – Yr 7 and 8 Girls Regional Netball

Friday August 13 – Yr 9/10 Girls Hockey

Celebrating Student Achievements

Congratulations Nicholas Minas

Nicholas Minas of Year 10 has been selected to represent Victoria at the 16 years and under football (soccer) championships in Adelaide on the 02 – 09 December 2017. Well done, Nicholas!

Congratulations Hannah Hamit

Hannah Hamit of Year 11 has been offered a place in the 2017/18 Australian National University (ANU) Chancellors Scholars Program.  The panel noted that they were most impressed with her application. As part of the program, Hannah will flown to and hosted at ANU for their Open Day and also a Leadership Workshop in 2018. A well-earned achievement, Hannah!

Tani Hooke: young engineer

Tani was recently selected to attend a STEM camp at Melbourne University. Congratulations Tani, on your achievements in this area; your curiosity; and your sense of humanity. Read her story below.


From the 2nd to the 5th of July, I was on a STEM camp at Melbourne University. We stayed in the Queens college and all the staff were really welcoming. I initially applied for the camp because I wanted a chance to see the facilities, but I got more interested in the topics as I progressed through the application process. I was a little disappointed when I heard that it was focused more around the Technology and Engineering sections of STEM, but everything we did was really fun. One thing that stood out was an ethics of autonomy lecture we had, where we talked about how the people responsible for the actions of robots are the ones who programmed them. 


We did a Humanitarian Engineering challenge, where we had to filter water using layers of different materials in a water bottle. Each group got a “country” and a certain amount of money to buy materials with. It also cost different amounts for each country to buy certain materials, for example, Australia had to pay fake $5 for a cotton ball, but India only had to pay $1 for a cotton ball. I was in the “Australia” group, and we tied in first for the cleanest water with Ethiopia, but they got the prize (of chocolate) because they had initially started with less money than us. 

Overall the camp was really fun (and the food was really good too) and I got the contact details of some people I hope to stay in contact with over the next year. 


Tani Hooke

Year 9

NHS Writers' Festival

Poetry, workshops, performance and more

We are looking forward to the third annual NHS Writers' Festival, coming up from 25-26 August. Students, families and the community are invited to attend both the Poetry Slam on the evening of Friday August 25, and the  workshops on Saturday August 26 - details below. 



Poetry Slam

Students and teachers engage in competitive poetry slamming. Event hosted in the Hall by MC Mantra.

25th August starting at 7pm. Family $35 (2 adults and up to 3 young people under 18), Single Ticket $20


Northcote High School Community Writers' Festival

Will Kostakis, Lili Wilkinson, Simmone Howell, Michael Pryor, Archie Fusillo talk about writing and answer questions. Meet and talk to your favourite writers.

Books available for purchase from Fairfield Bookshop on the day. Food and coffee available at the canteen.

26th August, 12 midday to 5pm in the School Library.


All day all session tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students of Northcote High and young people to 18 years.

Comedy Night  - book now!

Line up released for Comedy Night Fundraiser

A fantastic line-up has been released for the Northcote High School Comedy Night fundraiser, brought to you by the Events and Fundraising sub-committee of School Council.  This is the major fundraising event of the year. Last year this event raised over $20,000 to support school projects. Fundraising such as this is central to Northcote High School's ability to continue to develop contemporary learning spaces in addition to projects funded by DET. This year, funds raised will target the development of collaborative and social indoor/outdoor spaces for our students.


It looks like being a great night, with acclaimed comedians including Tripod, Claire Hooper and Dave O'Neil generously providing the entertainment.  Get a group together and book on a table of 10 or buy a 'theatre-style' seat, but hurry: tickets are selling fast!  


Thursday 7th September, 7pm

Thornbury Theatre

Please note: this is a licensed venue and the event is recommended for mature audiences only

Can you help? Raffle donations needed

We are seeking donations of goods and services from local businesses to be offered as prizes in the Comedy Night Raffle. Last year the raffle raised almost $2000 of additional funds for the school.  It is a great opportunity to raise the profile of your business within the local community, whilst giving to our school and students. If you or your business can contribute, please contact Assistant Principal Jocelyn Hill on [email protected].

Music events coming up

Big Band Boogie - tickets now on sale

Groove along with the NHS bands at the Big Band Boogie, August 30 at 7pm.

Tickets via

Strings, Wine and Cheese

Enjoy the soothing sounds of our String Ensembles whilst relaxing with a cheese platter and a glass of wine. A very civilised evening coming up on September 5! Book via

Year 8s act on homelessness

Year 8 Philanthropic Project 2017

On Friday 25 August, during lunch, Year 8 students will be running a carnival as part of their Philanthropic Project. This carnival is open to all students and will include stalls such as: a bake sale, hot chocolate sales, a giant Kahoot quiz with prizes, sports and games, and lots more!


We will be raising money for a local charity called Ladder. Ladder is a Melbourne based charity founded in 2007. They raise money and help young people aged 16 - 25 to break the cycle of homelessness. Ladder was founded by three AFL players who wanted to do more to help tackle youth homelessness. As a result, Ladder works closely with the AFL Players’ Association, the AFL and the players themselves. Ladder currently operates in Collingwood, Broadmeadows, Glen Waverley, Geelong, Bendigo, Warrnambool, Mount Druitt (NSW), Adelaide and Perth, with plans to have a presence within each region that hosts an AFL team by 2020.

More information can be found at


For the 12 – 25 age group, there are 26,000 young people experiencing homelessness, and around 40% of young people who are homeless will spend an average of five months couch surfing and the average time in any one place is just two weeks. For young people the most common reasons for becoming homeless are family violence or a relationship or family breakdown. In both of these cases they can no longer live in the family home. Other pathways can be mental illness, substance use, financial difficulties or lack of affordable housing.


As young people, this is a cause we feel strongly about and we hope that the entire student body will get involved in our carnival to help us raise funds for Ladder.


Don’t forget to bring some gold coins on Friday 25 August and get involved!!!


Hannah Bartley 8J & Eve Beckford Saunder 8K

Year Level captains

Embracing Sustainability

Sustainability tip of the fortnight

Did you know that Northcote High School has an active student environmental group: The Green Team? They are committed to enhancing the sustainability of the Northcote High School community, and to spreading awareness of the simple actions that can help to preserve our planet. Here is one in a series of 'sustainability tips', brought to you by the Green Team.

Meat-free Mondays

You do not need to go vegetarian or vegan to help the planet. Just cutting down the amount of meat you eat is a great start. One easy initiative you could try is ‘Meat Free Mondays’ which is as simple as it sounds: commit to not eating meat on Mondays. This will help your wallet (veggies are cheaper), your health (meat is high in calories and is linked to several diseases), the planet (producing meat generates lots of carbon emissions and requires lots of land to grow the animals and their feed), and your conscience (industrial farming practices can be pretty horrific).


It has been recognised that adding a time factor to a message helps people to change their behaviour. In addition to memorable alliteration, Mondays are traditionally the “start healthy eating” day of the week. Over time, you will build up a repertoire of recipes making it even easier to go meat free more often.

Find out more info here:

A taste of Australia

Photo: Year 10 EAL class tasting 'Aussie' food

Vegemite?! Scones are more popular...

We celebrated the end of last term with a little EAL (English as an Additional Language) party. We tasted Vegemite. Seiw fei said it tasted like medicine, Yao gave it the thumbs up and Eric thought it had a weird taste. An, Christy, Lynette and Jessica loved Ms Sgardelis’ home made scones. Jocelyn, Quan, Rachel, Shirley, Zoro, Ryan and Sylvie all tasted the ANZAC biscuits. For our next party we will try meat pies!!

The Year 10 EAL class


Artists in the community

Photo: Ceramics workshop in action

Ceramics students visit active studio

Last week Year 9 Ceramics students visited artist Valerie Restarick at her open studio in North Carlton. Valerie explained to students what is was like to be a practicing artist working in a studio that is open to the public. She said, 'I enjoy people to coming into my space and looking around at the work I have been making'. Valerie discussed with students the ceramic pieces she makes for gallery exhibitions and other work she creates for more commercial purposes, such as unique, one of a kind plates and bowls.

Students had the opportunity to watch Valerie working on the pottery wheel to create a clay plate and also look at work that was ready to be fired in her backyard kiln.


It is a valuable experience for students to get out into the community and talk to practising artists in their studio space. Experiences such as this allow students to see the possibilities in being part of the art community and talk about the creation of ceramic pieces, bringing back inspiration for their own work in class.


If you have the chance take a look at Valerie's website or pop into her studio for a visit.

Peta Sirec

Visual Arts Faculty

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

VTAC Registration now open

Year 12 students planning to undertake studies at a Victorian university or tertiary institution in 2018 now need to register with VTAC. Students have attended an assembly, during which the process was explained, and they will work with their tutors in Daily Connect to register this term.

Students and parents can find helpful information via the following links:

This site remains the final authority on all matters relating to VTAC applications.

In order to demystify this process for families, additional resources have also been posted at the links below:

For VTAC generally:

For SEAS information:

For scholarship information:

To double check everything and learn more at specific uni websites:

It’s Open Day Season at the Unis

It's Open Day season at Universities, so it's a great time for students in Years 9 and above to start exploring what our tertiary institutions offer. Please download the calendar below and the list of suggested questions to help with your planning. One very useful tip for attending Open Days is to identify the three most important things you need a uni to be able to provide for you, as this will be different for everyone. Frame these items as questions and ask the same three questions at each uni to get a realistic comparison.

Try to visit Open Days before you get to Year 12, as they can be very helpful in clarifying what you might like to do in the future , regardless of whether you end up attending that particular uni.

Bond University AFL Scholarship

As a proud partner of AFL Queensland, Bond University is offering two Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarships for students commencing university in January 2018.


Offered in partnership with the Riewoldt Family, these unique full tuition scholarships provide an opportunity for one male and one female to enhance their footballing career whilst also gaining a first class educational experience at Bond University.


The scholarship offers 100% tuition remission for any single undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma, excluding the Bond Medical Program. The scholarship also includes free accommodation for the first year should the scholar wish to live in a University residence.

Applications for this scholarship are now open and will close 1 September.

Please refer to the attached brochure.


Jobs for Youth campaign

Youth unemployment in Inner Northern Melbourne remains above the state average, which is a trend that local councils are keen to reverse. Families are encouraged to engage with the various activities being organised by Yarra, Moreland and Darebin Councils over the next three months, as they work together with the Inner Northern Local Learning Network and various local businesses to provide opportunities for young people to ensure they remain within the proportion of young people who ARE successful in the world of employment. Parents who own and run businesses can also help with the employer segments of the campaign.


To find out more and to get involved, follow this link:

Have your say part 1: community making

Photo: Parents in discussion at one of our Year 7 workshops earlier this year

Community making at Northcote High School

We need your views!


The Events and Fundraising Working Group of School Council would like to understand the current need, passion, and type of involvement parents and families would like to have.


Please complete this short survey – only 14 questions!!  It takes less than 10 minutes.


The results will be used by the Working Group to determine next steps.


Events and Fundraising

Annual Parent Opinion Survey

At Northcote High School we value parent feedback, connection and engagement through a variety of sources. These range from School Council and working groups to information evenings, surveys (such as the one above), workshops, specialist volunteers and consultants and the ongoing communication through meetings, emails and phone calls.  We are currently conducting the annual Parent Opinion Survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is offered by the Department of Education and Training and is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at each school across the state.


It is designed to assist our school in gaining an understanding of parents’ perception of school climate, student engagement and relationships with our parent community. We use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

The survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 7th August to Sunday 27th August.


Approximately 30 per cent of parents will be invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. If you have been selected to participate, you will have received an email or letter from us with instructions for the survey.  The survey is provided in a range of languages. If you have been asked to participate in the survey, we ask that you please take the time to give us your input: it is important to us.


The survey results will be reported back to our school at the end of September.  Last year we used the survey results to inform our Annual Implementation Plan, including planning and consultation around our future model of curriculum provision and student choice.

For further information, visit:

Have your say part 2: uniform

Uniform survey

Last term, the Uniform Review Working Group was formed with the purpose of reviewing items of the Northcote High School uniform to ensure that they are contemporary and best serve the needs of our students, families and the school community. So far the group has received feedback from a number of students and parents and has held consultation sessions with Student Leaders.


Now we want to know what you think. We are asking our parents and students, particularly those in Years 7-9, to consider how various items and aspects of our current uniform are working, and what an ideal Northcote High School uniform would feature beyond 2018. A brief survey is now available for both parents and students to give their initial feedback. We will use this survey data to guide further consultation on specific items and options.  The surveys will be open for two weeks.


When you complete this survey, please be aware of the following changes to items which have been made recently in response to student feedback. Your child may still be wearing an older version of these items:

  • Long-sleeved white shirt: heavier cotton fabric replaced with lighter-weight stretch fabric
  • Sports shorts: heavier, baggy shorts replaced with lighter-weight version in a shorter cut


Our uniform is an important signifier of community, helps to ensure student safety and is part of the school’s ‘public face’. Our current uniform was designed with and by Northcote students, staff and parents. We want our students to feel a sense of pride and belonging when they wear it, and for it to best represent the school’s vision and values. Your participation in this process will help us to achieve this.


The parent survey can be accessed here


The student survey can be accessed here


Ciar Foster

Assistant Principal

Slam! Poets out loud

Photo: Students perform at the OutLoud Poetry Slam

Students impress at OutLoud Poetry Slam

A group of students from across year levels recently represented Northcote High School at the OutLoud Poetry Slam Competition.


Slam poetry is fast-paced, and performance based. For OutLoud schools across Victoria compete in teams of up to four. This is the third year that NHS has participated and the first time we have a team through to the Finals! These take place as a formal event in the Melbourne Writers Festival and we are very excited that Zhana, PJ and Ruby will be representing us.


The team did a great job of their poem at the heats, competing against 13 other teams and being one of the five through to the Finals. Their poem is an edgy exploration of gender politics – sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always challenging!


NHS was also lucky enough to have one of our other teams chosen to be the ice-breakers for the competition. It was a tough gig, but Matthew, Romy, Dash and Mila performed fantastically. In a room full mainly of senior students from other schools it was exciting to see Year 7s holding their own and putting on a professional performance.


The Finals are August 29 at The Edge in Federation Sq. We will have our various body parts crossed, wishing our team well.


Carlene Wilson

English Faculty 

A safe space to play: update from Cambodia

Photo: The school playground in Cambodia being constructed thanks to Northcote donations

Thank you: project completed!

In November 2016, two intrepid groups of Year 10 and Year 11 students from NHS embarked on separate trips to Cambodia, both of which involved three components – some tourism, a trek and a 4-day community project. Team JK, accompanied by staff members Jamie Lethborg and Kylie Witt, spent their four days in a primary school on the Tonle Sap lake doing a variety of projects such as bricklaying, painting (walls and two murals); as well as completely refurbishing the kindergarten room using local building techniques.


After we left the community, we spent time in Siem Reap investing in school supplies for the children, and left a donation with the principal to be used for landfill once the road was dry enough to access the school. This was to be used to level out the playground next to our new brick retaining wall. Last week, we finally received word that this task had been completed, and the photos here show the end result.



The children now have a spacious and safe area in which to enjoy their rest breaks between classes. This is a great result for everyone involved in this venture, including all those community members who donated generously to our fundraising efforts.

Furry friends come to school

Photo: Pet therapy

Pet assisted therapy

Canine Comprehension in partnership with State Schools are holding a Pet Assisted Therapy group here at Northcote High School.


You may have seen Jovana and Chachka around school!


The program is designed to help young people deal with personal issues such as stress, worries, anxiety and depression. If you would like more information on the program contact Cathy Lester in Student Wellbeing on [email protected] 

Community notices

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games (GMG) summer camp, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering, Monash


15 January 2018 - 20 January 2018

9am - 4pm

Lawson Room, Building 69, Room 201 [22 Alliance Way, Clayton Campus]


Want to design, program and publish your own video game? 


What will you learn in a week?

  • Game Programming
  • Game Design
  • Game Art
  • Intro to VR
  • Audio Engineering
  • Practice Pitching to Industry Experts


Girls Make Games is an international game development program designed to inspire middle and high school girls to learn game design, programming and entrepreneurship. Girls Make Games is a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to inspire the next generation of designers, creators, and engineers.​

​Pre-registration Link:


At this time, GMG are offering an early registration discount of AUD 50 (automatically applied when registering).


GMG also offer need-based financial aid scholarships. Families may apply for scholarships by completing the financial aid application found here:


Celebrate Women in Science at Monash

Monash University’s Faculty of Science, in conjunction with the School of Physics and Astronomy is proud to present the international play ‘Curie, Meitner, Lamarr – Indivisible’ as part of National Science Week in August.


The play will give audiences the opportunity to reflect on the passion for ideas and the brilliance of three women who made outstanding contributions to science and technology: Marie Curie, Lise Meitner, and Hedy Lamarr.


 “We are very proud to bring this international play to Monash University,” said Interim Faculty of Science Dean, Professor Cristina Varsavsky.  “As a Faculty we are highly proactive in encouraging and supporting women scientists,” she said.


If you would like to attend this play, please book your free tickets here via Eventbrite.


Notification of works on Merri Creek bike path

City West Water are currently undertaking a large water main renewal in Rushall Reserve, North Fitzroy.

To complete the works we will be closing a section of the Merri Creek Trail between Holden Street and the Koonda Lat Bridge. Please see the attached for further details.


Cricket for boys and girls

Register now for the 2017/18 Cricket season with Clifton Hill Cricket Club. Seeking players of all ages. See flyer attached.


More cricket opportunities

We are currently promoting our cricket program for Edinburgh Cricket Club (based in Fitzroy) which starts at the end of September. See details below.


Fun and fitness for Fathers' Day

Join the YMCA Fathers' Day Fun Run at the iconic Tan Track. For registration details see attached flyer.


Opportunity: WEP student exchange

Are you interested in an overseas exchange, or hosting an exchange student? See attached flyer for details or visit


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