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27 July 2017
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Principal's Report

Term Three

Dear Families,

Having been away for the first week it gave me an insight into how busy we are at Galilee. I looked from afar at the calendar and the amount of learning activities that occurred in only one week.

We visited our oldest daughter, who is currently living in Canada. It was a rare but precious opportunity to spend extended time with her at the age of twenty-two. When our children are small, we spend many hours with them and can sometimes take it for granted. The role of a parent is to nurture their children and encourage independence and resilience so one day they can make decisions and live a rewarding life. However, this means that as they get older, they spend less time with their parents and develop other influential relationships. Parents are the main educators of their children and although individuals, often reflect the modelling and values of their parents. Parents who encourage resilience in their children are helping them to build the strategies to deal with challenging issues they may be faced with later in life, when parents are not able to protect them. The opposite is also true of parents who always want to intervene on behalf of their children. This can result in the child feeling disempowered and lacking the confidence to ever defend themselves. Children who are encouraged to be independent, while feeling loved, often develop greater confidence in social interactions and learning. Children whose parents answer for them too often can develop a feeling of helplessness and lack an interest or confidence in learning. These behaviours can be learnt even before starting school. Our children are a product of parenting and I encourage everyone to enjoy the moments with your children while they are young and in your presence.


Congratulations to Miss Boyle and Miss Hart who were married during the previous school holidays. Below you can see some photos from their weddings. We look forward to seeing Miss Hart back in Term Four.



eLearning is a new concept to Galilee in 2017, meaning: learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet. On Friday, students will be working in their Friendship Groups to create a music video. 


The day will be hosted by the Year Six students and teachers will be supervising their Friendship Groups. 


We request that students attend the day in casual clothes. This is to follow our ICT Policy that has been signed by our students. The policy states that "the Galilee school uniform (or mention of Galilee) is not to be posted online including the internet or any form of social media," by our students. Therefore, as students are recording these music videos, casual clothes on this day follows this policy. It is important that students must have completed and returned their ICT Policy, signed by both student and parent, in order to participate in the day. 


We will be having an assembly on Friday afternoon, beginning at 2:45pm, where we will be sharing the videos to the school. We would like to invite all parents and carers to this exciting assembly to share our learning journey throughout the day.



Just another reminder of our Galilee Cyber Safety Parent Session which is on August 2nd from 7pm. We would love to have as many parents from Galilee attend this exciting session as possible. Many parents last year requested information on Cybersafety and we have employed a terrific facilitator who will help you to guide your children through an introduction to social media. Only a small number of parents have chosen to attend so far and we encourage others to enroll. Supervision of school-aged children is available by Galilee staff. Technology will remain a significant educational and lifestyle tool for your children so we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to attend. Tickets are still available at


This week, both our girls and boys qualified to participate in the Beachside Soccer Lightning Premiership. Both teams are to be congratulated on making the semi-finals, which has been a marvellous achievement. Thankyou to Mr Tobin, Pauline & Mrs Gerecke for their supervision and to the parents who also assisted. Heavy rain arrived before before the semi-final but cleared in time to play the last match.



In Semester One, we sent out regular correspondence outlining expectations of how to correctly wear the school uniform (including the Uniform Policy). As we have outlined previously, letters are now being sent home to students who are not in correct school uniform (unless a parental note has been sent). However, the students are to be congratulated on how they are wearing the uniform this term. Wearing a uniform correctly increases a sense of belonging and pride in Galilee and oneself. It also sends a clear message to others (from outside Galilee) that we value each other and the school. Thankyou to the many parents who have communicated how much they value the uniform being worn correctly.


Peace & Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 



Fri 28 eLearning Day - Children to wear casual clothes.

Special Assembly 2.45pmin the school hall all parents welcome to view Music Videos. 

Mon 31 Ned Show - Wellbeing 


Tues 1  -  Yr.1 Hip Hop Incursion

Wed 2-  Cyber safety Parent  Session 7pm (Book on Trybooking)

Fri 4 - Jeans for Genes Day

Sat 5 -Trivia Night (Book Trybooking)

Wed 9 - 4G Assembly 

Fri 11 - Dendy Athletics  Albert Park

Sat 12 -  Bunnings BBQ Port Melbourne 

Mon 14 - Fri 18th Science Week

Mon 14 - Year 5 Parents  Hosting Morning Tea

Tues 15 - Year 5/6 Rugby Incursion

Fri 18 - Italian Day

Tues 22 - Prep Transition Day Group 1A

Wed 23 - Prep Transition Day Group 1B

Wed 23 - 5O Assembly

Fri 25  -School Closure Day

Mon 28 - Grandparents/Special Friends Day Mass and Morning tea

Mon 28 - Frid Sept 1 Book fair

Wed 30 Performing Arts Assembly

Thurs 31 Year 5/6 Hoop Time




Fri 1 -  Father's day Breakfast BBQ / Footy Colors Day

Fri 1 - Father's Day Liturgy 9.15 -9.45 School Hall

Fri 1 - Bookweek Performance


School Closure Dates

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates


Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith Night at Galilee Hall at 6:30pm

Sept 14. Parent Information Night OLMC 7:30pm after Faith Night 

Parent Information Night Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall TBC by Parish

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC (time TBC)

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am

Public Holidays

29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday (during school holidays)
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day


Wednesdays 2.40pm

July 27  1C

Aug 2  2C

Aug 9  4G

Aug 16 Performing Arts

Aug 23  5O

Aug 30  Book Week Parade (2:30pm start)

Sept 6  4R

Sept 13  Prep E

Sept 20  6C

Second Hand Uniform

Open Fridays 8:40am-8:55am & afternoons are available by appointment (3:30pm-3:40pm) please SMS Kate on 0419 384 471 to arrange.

Located in Prep Building

Clean uniform donations appreciated

Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only


Education in Faith

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Last week we celebrated the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We thank the year 5 students and teachers for preparing such a beautiful Mass to mark this special occasion. 

Information about Our Lady of Mount Carmel

When the first Carmelites built their chapel on Mount Carmel in the early 13th century, they named it in honour of “Saint Mary”.

Almost from the beginning of the Order, Mary and the Old Testament prophet Elijah, became the two principal sources of inspiration for Carmelite's spirituality. Both were seen to embody the ideal of the true contemplative person and of Christian discipleship – one who has a deep and abiding experience of God, and who brings God into the world in word and action.

Soon after the Order’s migration to Europe (about 1247) the early Carmelites struggled for approval and recognition. They placed their trust in Mary, praying to her under the title of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”. In Europe, the Carmelites were called “the brothers of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel”. That is still the official title of the Order today. Many references to Mary as the Carmelites’ sister are found in early writings.

Call to Action

On Wednesday, students were invited to organise our upcoming Day of Action. Students from Prep to Year 6 attended the initial meeting where they shared their social justice issues and their ideas for taking action.  We plan to dedicate a lunchtime on September 18th to raising awareness and taking action. The day has been marked on the school calendar as "Day of Action". This Social Justice initiative links to the principals of Catholic Social Teaching: Preferential Option for the Poor, Dignity of the Human Person, Stewardship of Creation, Subsidiarity and Participation, Common Good and Solidarity. If you would like more information about the principles of Catholic Social Teaching please refer to the Caritas Website in the link below. If any other students are interested in organising the Day of Action will need to fill out a form that can be found on the prayer table in the office and hand it  in to Mrs. Ford or Mrs. Burns by the end of next week.




Partnership with Bakers Delight

Our Social Justice Leaders are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Bakers Delight to provide those in need with bread to eat.

Each week our Social Justice Leaders will be sorting bread that has been donated by Bakers Delight ready to take to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish who help to feed those in need. We thank Bakers Delight and our Social Justice Leaders for the important work they are doing in our community.


Can Hunger food drive 

We would like to thank everyone who donated canned and non-perishable food at the end of last term. We were overwhelmed by the response. The food has been donated to our local parishes and will be distributed to those in need within our local community. 


Leadership and Management

Working With Children's Check

There are five key amendments to the Act which have been implemented in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They are:

  1. Expansion of the definition of ‘direct contact’ to ensure that people engaging in ‘child-related work’ that involves ‘physical contact’, ‘face to face contact’, ‘oral’, ‘written’ or electronic communication’ are required to obtain a Working with Children Check. However, a Working With Children Check will not be required in circumstances where the contact with a child is occasional and incidental to the work.
  2. Remove references to ‘supervision’ from the Act to establish that, to determine whether a person requires a Check, the supervision of a person’s contact with a child is irrelevant. This will enable easier interpretation of the Check’s requirements in situations where it may have been unclear whether a person’s contact with a child was supervised.
  3. ‘Kinship care’ to become a new occupational category of ‘child-related work’. This will require family members (and other persons of significance to a child) providing a child with out-of-home care under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 to obtain a Check.
  4. Non-conviction charges (charges that have been finally dealt with other than by a conviction or finding of guilt for the most serious offences for the purposes of the Check) will now form part of a relevant criminal history for the purposes of category C assessments and re-assessments.
  5. Enable the Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation to compel the production of certain information for the purposes of compliance monitoring.


Learning and Teaching

Number Intervention

Jane Ferris

[email protected]


Welcome back to Term 3!  This term in Number Intervention, I will be targeting Number concepts in Years 1 and 2.  I look forward to working with Miss Cox, Miss Smith, Miss Casey and Mrs Reid to increase understanding of Number and improve Maths results in the Junior School!  A strong grounding in counting, forwards and backwards number sequences, early addition and subtraction concepts and the relationship between addition and subtraction are essential as a basis for the learning of Maths in the future. These will be our areas of focus.

Helping your child at home

Many parents of young children tell me they don’t understand the maths their child is doing, and they don’t want to confuse them by showing them a different way to solve a problem. Since we all want to be able to help our children with their home learning, I thought it would be helpful to explain some of the ways children are learning, so we can better connect to the work they are doing in the classroom. We’ll begin with adding and subtracting.

There are different models that are used to help children understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. I like to think of these two operations as always connected. I try not to teach one of these concepts without the other one. So, as students are learning to add, they should also be learning to subtract.

Below are some of the models that students are using to help them understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. Hopefully, seeing these models and understanding how to use them will help you when you see your child using them.

Ten Frames:  A ten frame is a 2 x 5 array that is filled with counters to teach children subitizing (seeing a number), combinations of 10, patterns and adding/subtracting. As the child fills the 10 frame they start to “see” the value of different numbers, and can begin to add and subtract numbers less than, equal to and greater than 10. One of the most important concepts of a ten frame is for a child to “know” that when the frame is filled it is equal to 10. They don’t need to go back and count all the counters starting at 1. This also reinforces the concept of place value and our Base Ten System. Five Frames (half of a tens frame) are a good way to start with younger children, allowing them to develop a strong concept of the number 5 and all its variations. 





Part-Part-Wholes: A part-part-whole diagram is essentially a bar model that represents the different parts and wholes in a number equation. This model is an excellent way for young students to see the connection between addition and subtraction. I really like to use part-part-wholes when solving word problems. Students can identify the unknown number with a blank space or question mark, then decide whether they are going to add or subtract to solve.



Term 3 Overviews

We encourage all families to read through the Term 3 Overviews. The Overviews explain the learning  opportunities that students will  participate in during Term 3. The Overviews also include important dates and events that are specific to each year level. We continue to encourage you to check the school calendar for the dates and time of school events.  


What's happening in Year 5?

Personal Responses

In Year Five we have started writing Personal Responses. A personal response is a piece of writing in which you describe and analyse your own thoughts or feelings about a topic, show, reading etc.  You can talk about anything and it doesn’t even have to be positive. You can give a negative review on a restaurant that made horrible food or a positive review on a restaurant that you love and would go to again. Personal responses are a mix between persuasive writing and recounts.


By Gypsy and Eliza 5F

This term in STEAM, Year 5 are studying The Arts. Our main focus is Media Arts. In media we have been looking at photography and had a brainstorm about words that relate to photography. Right now for homework we are researching how the film camera works. We have also watched a few videos on cameras as well. Also in media, we did a timeline of the camera and 10 important dates on how the camera has changed. Fun fact: the first camera was used in 1500, how crazy is that! We are enjoying this topic and hope to learn more about the camera and are ready for fun! Written by Manjo and Jett 5O.


1500: The first pinhole camera also called the Camera Obscura was invented by Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham).

Maths In Year Five

In Year 5, we have recently finished the topic Chance. In Chance, we used spinners and coins to study the chance we had to win in bets and games. This term, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. Recently, we have made a fraction wall which is a wall split into different parts. We had to write down the fractions, the decimals and the percentage and the word (e.g. half, ½ , 0.5, 50%). We split the wall into the fraction that we were converting. To do this we had to understand how to convert these. You can convert them manually or if it is too hard you could use a calculator. We are really enjoying the subject and can’t wait to find out more.

By Lucy Doyle and Jacqui Nolan 5



Student Wellbeing


Positive Parenting

On the last Thursday of Term 2, we were fortunate to have Patrice Wiseman conduct a workshop on Positive Parenting for our Prep and Year 1 parents.

Patrice is a Learning and Behaviour Consultant with the Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

Patrice had a wealth of information, which she shared with us.

Please find the attached Handout, which you will find most helpful and applicable to all age groups.



·    Your child learns to behave by imitating your behaviour.

·    Don't demonstrate behaviour that you wouldn't like to

     see in your child


·   Learn to separate the child from the behaviour.

·   Try to remain calm and assertive.

·    Use language strategies

LANGUAGE of CHOICE:·      Use the words:   Good choice or Poor/Bad choice     ASSERTIVE STATEMENTS:

·    Give a clear, short message in a calm, firm tone of voice:

    Horatio, you need to ................"

·   If your child still refuses to do as he/she has been told simply repeat the statement

       Horatio, you need to ................"

·   If he/she continues to argue, it is time to firmly give a warning of the consequence ............

Either (repeat assertive statement) or…………(name the consequence).  

“It’s your choice”

HOME/SCHOOL RELATIONSHIP:  ·       The message your child gets is vital·       Always 2 sides to the story!HAVE A PLAN:

- Rules

- Rewards

- Consequences

To be successful parents must:

• clearly and firmly state rules or expectations

• be consistent

• follow through in a calm manner

• give praise when your child makes good choices


·      The most powerful form of positive encouragement

·      Tell your child specifically what he/she is doing or has done was a good choice.

·      Special Privileges/ Rewards  (Star Charts)



·    Be ready to back your words with actions!

·   Consequences need to be:

.  something the child doesn't like

.  logically related to the misbehaviour

.  given as soon as possible

.  delivered in a calm manner

.  consistently applied

.  changed if proving ineffective

.  applied and then....forgive and forget










You may have noticed posters around the school advertising THE NED SHOW coming to Galilee on Monday, 31st July in our School Hall.

The whole school will attend the character education programme that centres around three important messages that have lifelong relevance:

Never give up

Encourage others

Do your best

During the presentation, the students will learn about NED’s three messages while enjoying storytelling, magic, humour and yo-yo tricks.

NED yo-yos will be available for purchase for 5 days after the show at Galilee.

Our school gets the NED Show for free because we’re hosting a Pay-it-Forward Sale.

There is definitely no compulsion to buy these yo-yos, but if you would like your child to have one,

they will be sold before and after school each day.

We are selling the yo-yos at $8, $15 or $20.

Could you please send the correct money with your child/children.

Please find the attached information and for further information please contact:

Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928

email: [email protected]


Jeans for Genes Day 


Grandparents Day



Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

All Education Ministers from Commonwealth, state and territory governments have endorsed the implementation of a nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability in all Australian schools (government, independent and Catholic).

The nationally consistent approach to data collection provides all Australian schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number of students receiving adjustments because of disability in schools, and the adjustments they are provided to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students. The information provided by this data collection will enable all Australian governments to better target funding, support and resources.

All schools are requested to provide such data.

At Galilee, we will be only providing data on students who are currently:

  • receiving Students With Disability (SWD) funding
  • on Personalised Learning Plans
  • attend Intervention programs e.g. Reading Recovery, Maths Intervention, Levelled Literacy Intervention
  • have parents/carers attend PSG Meetings
  • who have Medical Plans.

Please read the attached information for more details.

If you believe your child/ren may be one of these students and you do not want their names submitted on the CECV data, please sign the consent form and return to school by Friday, 4th August.

If you require further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928

email: [email protected]



School Community

Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers

Galilee will take part in 2017’s Earn and Learn program through Woolworths. The program provides much needed resources for schools and early learning centres across Australia. The program has been set up by Woolworths as a way of delivering back to the community. Over the years Woolworths has provided millions of educational resources to Australian schools and early learning centres.


All you need to do is collect the stickers after shopping at any Woolworths. Once you have completed the sticker page, return to our collection box in the office.

The Earn and Learn Program will run from Wednesday 26th July until Tuesday 19th September 2017. Remember, anyone can collect the stickers in our school community - staff, parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends! Let’s reach out to our school community and earn as many points as we can to earn resources from Modern Teaching Aids.

Trivia Night

It's less that 2 weeks until our annual Galilee Trivia Night! Please book your tickets online.

The Events and Fundraising Committee have worked so hard on this event already and we thank them for their hard work and effort so far. It is sure to be another successful night for the Galilee Community. 


Recipe of the Week

This week Miss Cox is sharing with us her recipe for Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread. We have been lucky enough in the staff room to have tasted this wonderful bread before. Give it a go at home and feel free to email us your end product. 



  • 250g wholemeal flour
  • 200g plain white flour
  • 1 teasp. bread soda, sieved
  • 1 teasp. salt
  • 1 egg
  • 350ml buttermilk, approx.


Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6, 200°C.

Mix the flour, bread soda and salt together in a bowl.  Combine the egg with the buttermilk and honey then mix into the flour.  Add a little more buttermilk if the mixture is dry – it should be a soft dough.  Then pour the lot into a lightly oiled loaf tin.  Sprinkle the sesame seeds or porridge oats over the top of the loaf if using. 

Bake for 45-50 minutes.  To know when it is cooked simply tap the bottom of the loaf – it will sound hollow when it is fully cooked. Remove from the tin and wrap in a clean tea towel while cooling.  This will keep the crust soft.

Please be aware - this is ONLY an expression of interest proir to the release of a limited number of tickets via Care Monkey. 

All details and costs  TBA  in the Care Monkey release, enabling you to secure your place with payment. 


Student Reports

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students,


In 3C we are going to start a soft plastics recycling program. We have received permission from Mr. Millar to begin. We have been watching the ABC War on Waste series. It has made 3C realise that we can make a difference for the environment and we can start at Galilee. The 3C students and Miss Carnovale (our teacher) have made a soft plastics box for each class.


The soft plastics will then be collected daily and a tally will be created. These boxes will have posters on them, so students know the difference between waste and recyclable soft plastics.


This program will help reduce the amount of soft plastics in the ocean which are killing thousands of fish each year. Even though Year 3C created this amazing program, we need your help to use reusable plastic containers in lunch boxes. The class with the least amount of soft plastics each week will receive the Environmental Award for the week and will be presented with a trophy at assembly that the class can keep for the week.


Regards 3C


Dendy Beachside Soccer

On Wednesday the 26th July, the Year Five/Six Girls Soccer Team competed in the Beachside Division. It was so much fun and everyone put their fitness levels to the test. Excited about the soccer, we bolted out of the school and jumped on the mini bus. 20 minutes later, we were jumping with joy and eager to get onto the pitch. We looked at the variety of opponents, some tall and short and we knew we were in for a challenge. The sky was grey and we knew if those clouds didn't clear up, we were destined to slip.


Suddenly, before we knew it, we were on the field getting ready for the first game. We were off to a decent start even though we were one player short. Our backline was defending all of the opponent's attempts to approach their goals and our frontline was working equally as hard to kick goals. Sophie was an amazing goal keeper defending almost 10 goals! Then we heard the halftime siren and knew it was the end of the first half. The second half was the most terrific! We started off great with all 11 players on the field this time. We were kicking the ball as far as we could to our team mates and before we knew it, Claudia kicked our first goal, winning us the match. Then we heard a familiar siren go off and we knew we had won! We were so proud of ourselves and started cheering! We shook hands with the opponents showing good sportsmanship.


Now it was time for our second game. We were playing the representatives of South Yarra. Their team name was Christchurch. We were pumped because of our win in the last game. We ran on the pitch, nervous but excited. They were a really good team. They tried to score and they hit Sophie, our star goalie. She fell to the ground and they tried again but she saved the goal.  We drew 0 - 0.


Soccer game three was the toughest game yet, as it was the semi-final. Just before the game started it, the clouds drenched us with rain, leaving the ground wet and slippery. As most of us didn’t have footy boots on, it was hard to run steadily. After a few minutes the opposition scored, but we didn’t give up, we kept fighting. We kept them at bay for the rest of the half, but eventually in the next half they scored another goal. Unfortunately we couldn’t bridge the gap, but we tried our best so we were all really happy with how we played, especially since none of us play soccer!

Overall we came 3rd out of 63 teams and finished really well.


Thank you to Denise Stavroulakis, Deb Butcher, Sally Callan, Maria Freeman and Scott McNamara who came and supported us. We would like also thank Mrs Gerecke for being the Lines woman, and Mr Tobin for coaching us and organising the day.


By the Galilee Girls Soccer Team



Local Connections

Albert Park Pre School Solar


Diving Success Jacqui 

Congratulations to Jacqui in 5O who participated in the National Junior Elite Diving Level Nepp 2 Competitions, and was ranked 6th in the Individual heats and 2nd in the Syncronised events. Go Jacqui!


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