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27 July 2017
Term 3 Week 2 2017
Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember


Week 2

Whole School Festival of Faith

Evening Activities


Friday, 28th July

Secondary Multicultural Day

School Fees Due


Monday, 31st July

School at Work - Open Classrooms NWS


Tuesday, 1st August

ASV Years 9/10 Futsal

ICAS English

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Wednesday, 2nd August

9am-10:50am Prep Orientation 1 NWS

1:40-3:20pm Year 6 Orientation


Friday, 4th August

Bus Fees Due


Saturday, 5th August

5-8:30pm Pathfinder Club Night


Monday, 7th August

School at Work - Open Classrooms OC

Years 11/12 SEISS Netball/AFL


Tuesday, 8th August

11:10-12:50pm Year 6 Orientation


Wednesday, 9th August

9am-10:50am Prep Orientation 1 OC


Thursday, 10th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Pri)


Friday, 11th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Sec)


14th - 18th August

Science Week


Tuesday, 15th August

Years 9/10 SEISS Netball/AFL

ICAS Maths

Primary School Author Visit


Wednesday, 16th August

4-6pm  Open Campus NWS


Friday, 18th August

Start Smart CBA Incursion Yrs 4-6 NWS

18-20th Pathfinder Urban Camp 


21st - 25th August 

Book Week


Monday, 21st August

Primary School Book Parade


Tuesday, 22nd August

6:30pm Real Schools Parent Meeting


Wednesday, 23rd August

4-6pm Open Campus OC


Thursday, 24th August

Years 5/6 Science Incursion


25th - 31st August

Book Fair NWS/OC


28th - 1st Sept

Literacy & Numeracy Week


Monday, 28th August

Years 7/8 SEISS Netball/AFL


Thursday, 31st August

Years 5/6 ASV Maths Olympiad

From the Principal's Desk

The Learning Pit!

Have you ever tried to learn something new?  What was your experience?  How long did it take you until you felt like giving up?  Learning a new skill, especially as an adult, can be very difficult and can be very overwhelming at times.  How many of you remember the television comedy “Mind your own language?”  This British comedy was about a number of adults who came together to learn English.  Their experiences were hilarious. One thing was evident - they found learning English very difficult but they kept coming together to learn despite the difficulty (also because they needed the program to last the season so of course their English was not allowed to improve that much!).


So what is it like for our children?  Have you ever wondered what it is like for your child/children to learn a new skill or to try and understand a new piece of information?  Have you ever responded to the statement:  “I can’t do this - it’s too hard!”.  The easy action to do as a parent is to jump in and solve the problem, provide the quick answer, tell them the correct response and de-escalate any further stress.  However, what we need to try and do is allow our children to persevere just that little bit further until they can get themselves out of the difficult spot.  This difficult spot is actually something that is supposed to happen before “deep” learning takes place.   This is better understood in the context of “The Learning Pit”.


What is the Learning pit?  Have a look at the picture below:

The Learning Pit is a place in a person’s learning experience where the learning gets really difficult and one feels like giving up (like learning a new language), but instead of giving up, the person employs a few strategies to help them solve the issues and overcome the challenges.  When this takes place - deep learning can be experienced and the person can enjoy the success of having learnt something that will stay with them forever. 


So what do our children need?  In order for our children to experience Excellence in their learning, they will need to understand that when things get really difficult, like homework, Mathematics, English and general assignments and exams, and our children feel angry, frustrated, distracted because of it - then they need to employ some strategies such as, asking another student for clarity, re-reading the instruction, asking another student for suggestions, finding another activity until the teacher is ready, and then working through the problem together with the teacher.  These strategies will help a learner to get out of the learning pit.  So, when these feelings of inadequacy and frustration are acknowledged and proactively employed - the likelihood of successful learning is greatly increased. 


So, if you’re trying to learn something new, perhaps a language or a new skill, and you get to the “I just want to give up” stage, just remember, ‘You’re in the learning pit’, and employ some of these strategies so you can experience success in your learning too!


Value for Term 3 Week 2

'Excellence in Learning Spaces'

General Information

Primary PB4L Value Awards

'For showing excellence in learning spaces'

Officer Prep/1W - Sharlea
Officer Year 2/3/4N - Regan
Prep DH - Yeukai 
Year 4/5RC - Tiana

Book Week 2017


A few words from our School Captains

This term's value is Excellence.  The definition of excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


A quote about excellence is from Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit”.  Some people lie and that is a habit - a bad habit but still a habit - but others have good habits and we want this school to be a place of good habits.  So, whenever you see a piece of rubbish, just pick it up!


If nobody had the quality of excellence the world would be pretty boring and if you like to watch the Olympics, that wouldn't be a thing because no athletes would be excellent!! And if you like spelling bees nobody would get it right therefore there would be no winner and that is not interesting or excellent.  So everyone should try and be excellent and make the world a better and more interesting place.


Eden and Max
School Captains


From the Narre Warren South Campus

Father's Day Breakfast


Lunchtime Fun!

A lunch time activity some students like to participate in is building huts. 


From the ELC

Bush Kinder

This week we started the Bush Kinder program, which will be running every Monday and Wednesday for the duration of Term 3.  


The theme this week was 'Wombat Stew'.  We read the book and then went exploring in the bush. The children made lots of ‘chewy cakes’ and drinks and had an absolute blast just discovering all the different things found in nature.  There was Wallaby dung, ‘furry’ feeling moss, signs about the local bandicoots and lots of logs and trees to climb on.


After telling the children to break off tree branches if they are blocking the paths, one student experimented with lots of different items and persisted with trying to bring down a thin tree ‘so it wouldn’t get in anyone’s way when they are walking in the bush’.  It was amazing to see how the children’s imaginations and ideas extended in such a natural environment.


With all the things we saw and did, there is plenty to extend upon over the coming weeks, which we can further explore within the classroom setting as well.


Miss Ness


From the Secondary Campus

New Faces on Campus!

If you attend Heritage College at Officer you have no doubt noticed lots of new faces this term!  We would like to extend a warm welcome to each new staff member!


We are introducing Miss Ngundu this week. Miss Ngundu joins us with a previous engineering background and more recently a teacher, tutoring role.


Miss Ngundu joined our VCAL literacy class this morning, and like a duck to water, was able to work with our senior level on a specific cross cultural language task.


We are very fortunate to have Miss Ngundu join Mrs Liz Meuwly as our Learning Assistants on our Officer Secondary team!


Mrs Janette Bower

VCAL Teacher


Year 7 Student Excels in National Test

Heritage College wishes to congratulate Mackenzie for her achievement of 'Distinction' in the recently completed ICAS Digital Technologies assessment.  This places Mackenzie in the top 11% of all participants; a fantastic achievement.  Well done Mackenzie.


ICAS is nationally recognised and is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement.  ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise Digital Technology, English, Maths, Science, Spelling and Writing tests.


Applications for all 2017 assessments are now closed.  If you wish for your student to have the opportunity to sit these tests in 2018 please contact the College in the new school year.


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary

Heritage College Senior Basketball Squad Digs Deep

Heritage College’s senior boys basketball squad had a thrilling day of competition on Tuesday, as they played with passion in the Victorian College Championship Division 2 Finals Tournament.


The squad faced four rounds and did enough to win a spot in the semi-final against Woodleigh School. The score line went back and forth all game, right down to the final 30 seconds when Woodleigh put up a 3 point shot to pull away from Heritage and win, 26 to 23, in what was a courageous game for the boys.


The squad's efforts on the day should be commended and they still have a chance to move into the National Finals Tournament later in the year. Well done team Heritage.


Mr Nigel Eales



From the Officer Primary Campus

Year 2/3/4N Report

Students in Year 2/3/4N have been busy in Maths this term.  


Using 3D shapes, students are creating a city landscape. There are some amazing designs and creative thinking happening! Students will then go on to learn about area and perimeter.


This has been such a fun learning opportunity and students continue asking 'can we work on our city?' 


Well done, Year 2/3/4 students, on your excellent work attitude and teamwork!


Mrs Kim Nuske

Class Teacher

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