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12 May 2017
Issue Four
Important Dates & Calendar   
From the Principal Class Team
From the Principal Class Team
From the Principal Class Team
         Welcome to new staff
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Year 7 Zoo Excursion
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SEAL excursion to NGV
Romeo & Juliet Incursion
Alpine School for Student Leadership
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VET Hospitality Students 
International Student Program
Year 9 Career Development Program
Nhu Tran of Year 10 
Meet our 2017 Sub School Coordinators 
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Important Dates & Calendar   

Monday 15 May

  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Year 9 Advance - Riddells Creek hike: MONDAY & TUESDAY MAY 15 & 16

Tuesday 16 May

  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Year 9 Advance - Riddells Creek hike: MONDAY & TUESDAY MAY 15 & 16
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM Brainstorm - The Hurting Game 16 MAY 2017
  • 09:00AM - 12:30PM Year 7 The Hurting Game
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM SEM 1 9 elective PE bowling and laser tag 16/5/17
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Brainstorm - The Hurting Game 16 MAY
  • 01:30PM - 03:10PM Year 9 Physical Education (Elective) Bowling and LASER Tag - 16/5/17

Wednesday 17 May

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7F Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 17.05.17 - 19.05.17
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Intermediate Boys and Girls Badminton - Wednesday 17 May
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Senior Boys and Girls Badminton - Wednesday 17 May
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Senior Boys and Girls Netball - Wednesday 17 May
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Intermediate Boys and Girls Netball - Wednesday 17 May
  • 08:45AM - 04:00PM Year 9 Drama Excursion - 17 May
  • 08:55AM - 03:00PM Melbourne Zoo MONDAY 17 MAY
  • 09:30AM - 04:30PM Young Writer's Festival National Gallery of Victoria WEDNESDAY 17 MAY
  • 12:20PM - 02:45PM VCAL Program Partnership - GROUP 2 - 17 MAY 2017

Thursday 18  May

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7F Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 17.05.17 - 19.05.17
  • 09:30AM - 04:30PM Young Writer's Festival National Gallery of Victoria WEDNESDAY 17 MAY
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Intermediate Girls Soccer - Thursday 18 May
  • 08:30AM - 03:15PM Year 9 & 10 Alliance Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition - 18 MAY

Friday 19 May

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7F Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 17.05.17 - 19.05.17
  • 09:30AM - 04:30PM Young Writer's Festival National Gallery of Victoria WEDNESDAY 17 MAY
  • 09:00AM - 03:15PM Year 10 Beacon Program Industry Experience FRIDAY 19 MAY
  • 10:00AM - 03:30PM DOXA Future Focus Year 8 Camp FRIDAY 19 MAY
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AM Walk it Out Mentor Session - Friday 19 May
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Year 9 PE Elective Bowling and Laser Tag Friday 19th May
  • 11:50AM - 03:10PM Top Designs Exhibition FRIDAY 19 MAY
  • 12:40PM - 01:30PM IDAHOT day - Lunchtime Activities

Monday 22  May

  • 10:30AM - 03:30PM Beacon Industry Experience Yr 12 Collins, Bigger & Paisley MON 22 MAY

Tuesday 23 Mayl

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7D Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 23.05.17 - 25.05.17
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Junior Boys and Girls Netball - Tuesday 23rd May
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Junior Boys and Girls Badminton - Tuesday 23rd May
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM SEM 1 9 elective PE bowling and laser tag 23/5/17
  • 01:30PM - 03:10PM Year 9 Physical Education (Elective) Bowling and LASER Tag - 23/5/17

Wednesday 24 May

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7D Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 23.05.17 - 25.05.17
  • 12:20PM - 02:45PM VCAL Program Partnership - GROUP 2 - 24 MAY 2017

Thursday 25 May

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 7D Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp - 23.05.17 - 25.05.17

Friday 26 May

  • All day Progress Reports Published by 4pm
  • All day - Athletics Carnival 

Monday 29 May

  • All day Year 10 OHS Modules
  • 08:00AM - 02:30PM DOXA's Future Focus Program - 29 MAY

Tuesday 30 May

  • All day Year 10 OHS Modules
  • 08:45AM - 10:30AM ICAS Science Competition - 30 MAY
  • 01:30PM - 03:10PM Year 9 Physical Education (Elective) Bowling and LASER Tag - 30/5/17

Wednesday 31 May

  • All day Year 10 OHS Modules
  • 12:20PM - 02:45PM VCAL Program Partnership - GROUP 1- 31 MAY 2017
  • 12:20PM - 02:45PM VCAL Program Partnership - GROUP 2 - 31 MAY 2017
  • 12:20PM - 02:45PM VCAL Program Partnership - GROUP 3 - 31 MAY 2017

Thursday 1 June

  • All day Year 10 OHS Modules
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM Indigenous Speaker Presentation 1 JUNE 2017

Friday 2 June

  • All day Year 10 OHS Modules
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Junior Cross Country Championships - Friday 2nd June
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Intermediate Cross Country Championships - Friday 2 June
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AM Walk it Out Mentor Session - Friday 2 June
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Year 9 PE Elective Bowling and Laser Tag Friday 2nd June

From the Principal Class Team

Dear Parents & Guardians

As you read this edition of Alba, you will notice that our students have been actively engaging with the community, both locally and more broadly, in many different ways over recent weeks.


Whether through welcoming their parents to the school for the Year 7 Expo; leading and catering for our annual Beacon Business Breakfast and for Rotary's Aspire to Inspire event; participating in mentoring provided  through the school's business partnerships program; hosting secondary school Taster Days for local Grade 6 students and their teachers; participating in year level excursions to the zoo, museum, and the Careers Expo, our students have shown themselves to be excellent representatives of St Albans Secondary College, and leaders whom we can be extremely proud of.  Their positive behaviour and attitude is regularly noticed and appreciated by members of the community.  It is a wonderful reflection of the work that you as parents do everyday with you children.


Ms Lynda Vo and Mr Brendan McFarland with the Beacon Ambassadors

Left to right:   Catherine Lok, Jacob Anastasi, Laeticia Santos, Daniel San Jose &             Natalie Truong


Congratulations to all our Student Representative Council & House Leaders on their appointments.


Please click on the attachment below to view our Student Representative Council and House Captains for 2017. 




This term we are very pleased to welcome several new staff to our school.  Ms Julie Hanna joins the Technology Department teaching Food Technology.  Julie is replacing Ms Akaline Holton who has moved to Gippsland.


We also welcome Mr Melvin Becket, Ms Carolyn Jackson, Mr Sam McCall and Ms Hanh Nguyen to our Individual Needs Department as Teacher Assistants.


We hope you enjoy your time at St Albans Secondary College.

GOALs Program Launch

The value of high quality mentoring on both a personal and professional level is undeniable and can be, for many who are fortunate to experience a great mentor, a life changing relationship.


The GOALS program, provided by the Australian Business &  Community Network (ABCN), enables 19 of our Year 9 students to partner with a mentor for a nine week program.  Students are invited to apply for a place in GOALS and the selection process requires them to think and write about the ways in which having a mentor might benefit them.


This year our mentors are from Energy Australia, a new partner, and law firm, Norton Rose Fullbright.  

On behalf of the school community, we thank the staff of these two organisations for their generosity in supporting our school and such a valuable program for young people.  The students will participate in sessions on goal setting, communication, financial management, and interview skills.


Thank you, also, to Ms Shona Cowell for her leadership of this program.

A Taste of Secondary School - Transition Program

Our primary to secondary transition program continued last week as we welcomed over 320 Grade 6 students from our local primary schools for a taste of secondary school life.


They spent the day experiencing a variety of Year 7 subjects, learning about St Albans Secondary, and meeting new friends.  They enjoyed a BBQ lunch and musical performances, as well as a range of fun & challenging activities.


Thank you to Transition Coordinator, Ms Marlene Cassar & Ms Ash Mana Mohan, for their coordination of two really engaging days, and to our staff and those from primary schools who supported this important transition event.

Progress Reports

Progress reports for all students, Years 7 to 12, will be completed by staff on Thursday 18 May.


Coordinators will be in touch with parents of all students whose progress is at risk in two or more subjects, and, where necessary, interviews will be arranged.


The reports will be available on Compass for parents and students on Friday 26 May.


Semester tests and exams

The semester test and exam period for students in Years 10 and 11 will commence on Thursday 1 June. 


Timetabled classes will not run during the exams, and students are only expected to attend school for their scheduled exams.  Full school uniform must be worn.  


** Please note that students who do a Year 12 acceleration subject are expected to attend those classes as normal during the exam week.


Year 9 exams (core subjects)  will be held in the week beginning Monday 5 June.  These exams are for 100 minutes and are scheduled in normal class time.  Other Year 9 classes will run as usual during the exam week.

From the Principal Class Team

INTERACT Club raises funds for their SCOPE Project

On Saturday 22 April the INTERACT Club members banded together with school staff and school council members to run a fundraiser BBQ at Bunnings Sunshine.


There was a positive upbeat spirit all day and although the weather was not the best every, customers received a warm welcome and enjoyed their sausage in bread. We had a number of repeat customers and it was a most enjoyable day for everyone concerned. We raised valuable funds amounting to $447.00 for INTERACT Club SCOPE Project which will begun in Week 3 of this term.


The Project is a joint effort with Victoria University Secondary College VCAL students, and will also involve Kim Thompson, Kyle McHugh Taylor, Tan Nguyen, James Falzon and Duwayne Kara from our Year 12 VCAL class.


Interact Club members: Kobe Reid, Jason Huynh, Thien Tran, Tiffani Tran and Vivienne Doan



Special thanks to the following people for their help on the day:

Mr Thach Ly, Ms Helen Kent and her helpers, Vicki Havelas and her children, Mr Emmanuel Sevarjah, Mr Stewart Fraser, Ms Debbie Zsidai and Helen Tran and her children.

Year 7 Expo

On Monday 1 May we held our annual Year 7 Expo. On this evening parents are able to meet informally with their child’s core subject teachers, and students are able to showcase their work. The evening was very well attended by over 200 people, and ran very successfully.  


Thank you to all of the students, parents and siblings who attended, and congratulations to all the staff and the Junior sub School team led by Ms Lauren Honeycombe and Ms Marlene Cassar for a wonderful evening.


Beacon Breakfast

Our 12th Annual Beacon Breakfast was held on the morning of Wednesday3 May. Our Beacon Ambassadors, VCAL students, VET Hospitality students and staff were joined by over 25  business and community members to network, and further strengthen and develop our partnerships.

At St Albans Secondary College we greatly value these partners, and the great opportunities that are opened up for our students through our work with them. The next major partnership event is our Beacon Bonanza Day in September, which will include ‘Speed Careering’.


If any community members would like to be involved in  this please contact the Middle Sub School. We would like to congratulate Mr Brendan McFarland, supported by Ms Lynda Vo, on  their organisation of this successful event.


Well done to the Beacon Ambassadors and VCAL students for representing the College so well, and to the VET Hospitality class under the supervision of Chef Max Smith for the delicious breakfast.

Facilities update

St Albans Secondary College continues to maintain a proactive focus on improving the facilities and working environment for our students and staff as it pursues an unprecedented schedule of facility upgrades and developments.


With the completed redevelopment of the school’s Art Rooms we have turned our attention to the exterior areas and provided financial support for the following projects:

  • Rendering of external ART Room Precinct (completed 14 April)
  • Installation of new Shade Sails near the Performing Arts Centre (scheduled for Wed 3 May)
  • Development of a new shaded seating area for students between G wing and our new portable classrooms
  • Installation of a Barrel Shade structure over the walkways to and between the portable classrooms to provide shelter for students and staff 
  • Redevelopment of the garden beds between G and F classrooms.
  • Grass area installed around the new ½ court basketball court at the rear of the Gymnasium
  • Final touches to our new oval: Chain link fencing and athletic sports stations.

In addition the Facilities & Finance Committees are evaluating plans to:

  • Upgrade the school’s Food Technology kitchens
  • Install extra student seating in the shelters around the oval
  • Refurbish the verandah area around the redeveloped Art Rooms and
  • Transform the bare area between the Gymnasium & Nindethana into a comfortable, landscaped seating area for students.

We look forward to the wonderful impact these projects will have on student and staff life at St Albans Secondary College.

ANZAC Day Commemorative Ceremony

A wonderful initiative by 2 VCAL students, Alex Ton and Sang Le saw St Albans Secondary College hold its third ANZAC commemorative Service on the school grounds on Monday 24 April.

The ceremony began with Alex Ton welcoming Ms Kerrie Dowsley, Ms Losh Pillay and Mr Ian Crocker from the school’s Principal Class, the School Captains and Vice Captains, students from Year 12 VCAL and a number of staff guests.


Highlights of the event included:

  • The reading of the poem ‘We Shall Keep the Faith’ by Domenic Lay
  • The laying of the wreath by Domenic Lay & Leata Anau (School Captains), Reynold Nguyen & Fai Srikhum (School Vice Captains)
  • The playing of the Last Post & Rouse by David Wilson
  • The raising of the flags Australian Flag by Aaron Arcega   Aboriginal Flag by Rawiri Tuhi.

Congratulations to Alex and Sang who have made us all very proud with their efforts to acknowledge the sacrifices Australian Service personnel have made, and continue to make, in order for us all to enjoy the freedoms and lifestyles that we lead in Australia today.


From the Principal Class Team

We Want Our Students To Tell Us What They Think

St Albans Secondary College values student voice as a means to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction and are conducting a survey to find out what your child thinks of our school. Starting on Tuesday 23 May our school will be conducting the annual Students Attitudes to School Survey. This survey is offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience.


The Department has updated the survey for 2017 to include important new measures that are known to influence student engagement and performance. Your child will complete the survey online during school hours using a purpose built secure online survey tool.  It is important to note that we are not in any way “testing” your child. Your child has the right to refuse or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey.


Your child will be provided with a unique login to complete the survey. The student login is an assigned identifier that may be used by the Department to combine data for research purposes only. Your child’s privacy and the confidentiality of your child’s survey responses will be protected at all times. No identifiable personal data is included in the survey response file.


The survey results will be reported back to the school in Term 3. No student can be identified in the results reported to schools or in any other report of the data. Last year we used the survey results to plan and implement processes and programs to support and challenge students to be their best.


This year the Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at our school over the period Tuesday 23 May to Friday 16 June. The survey only takes 20-30 minutes to complete and occurs during your child's class time.


Please contact the school on 9366 2555 if you would like more information or visit the Department of Education and Training website:


Year 11 Team Building Day

On  Friday 21 April, Year 11 students and staff set off for a day of fun at the heritage listed Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, set in the picturesque Rowsley Valley close to Bacchus Marsh.


Students had the opportunity to try new  and challenging activities.  The camp program is  designed to empower young people with important life skills, assist with personal growth and build the community spirit of the student cohort.  Students had a fun day with their peers and got to take home new memories. Thanks to all staff who supported students by attending and the senior sub school team for organising this event.

NAPLAN Tests 2017

Students in Year 7 and 9  will be sitting the NAPLAN tests on  from  9-11th May . NAPLAN  tests the Literacy and Numeracy skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life.


NAPLAN is not a test that students can “study” for in the same way they might prepare for an end of term test.  The Literacy and Numeracy skills  are taught as part of the school curriculum and  develop and improve over time.   Students have completed some activities in their English and Maths classes to ensure that they are familiar with the process of the test.


Should parents have any questions about the NAPLAN tests please contact the school. The NAPLAN test results will be available to parents by mid – August.

VCE and Careers Expo 2017

Year 11  VCE students attended the VCE and Careers Expo at the Caulfield Racecourse on Thursday 4th  May.  The expo is the longest running education and careers event in Australia attracting over 30,000 visitors each year  and  featuring 170  exhibitors. The  entrance ticket is valid for 4 days and students gain access to information about university, TAFE and training courses, career advice, study advice, seminars as well as international exchange and gap year programs.


Students were excited to collect a range of information and resources including study guides, brochures from various institutions as well as a range of careers information. Thank you to the senior school team for their organisation of this worthwhile event and thanks also to all staff who accompanied the students on the day.

2016 Inky Awards 

Teacher Amra Pajalic won 20 books that were shortlisted in the 2016 Inky Awards in a competition run by Centre for Youth Literature to promote the 2017 Inky Awards. The Inky Awards recognise high-quality young adult literature, with the longlist and shortlist selected by young adults, and the winners voted for online by the teen readers of There are two awards: the Gold Inky Award for an Australian book, and the Silver Inky Award for an international book. Ms Pajalic has donated the 20 books to the library to be handed out as prizes to high-achieving students for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

And finally....

Congratulations to the fifteen Year 12 students  and their teacher, Ms Marlene Cassar, who catered for and hosted the Caroline Springs Rotary Club's Aspire to inspire event held last weekend a the Hunt Club of Deer Park.


They did an outstanding job of the food & hospitality they provided.

Principal - Ms Kerrie Dowsley

Assistant Principal - Mr Ian Crocker

Assistant Principal - Ms Losh Pillay

Assistant Principal - Mr Craig Jennings

         Welcome to new staff

Hanh Nguyen

Hi, my name is Hanh Nguyen, I joined the Individual Needs team at the start of Term 2. It has only been a couple of weeks but I really enjoy my time here at St Albans Secondary College.

Thank you to all the staff for being so supportive and helpful, which has made my transition from Albion North Primary School a lot easier.   I love listening to music and enjoy outdoor activities, I can spend hours in my garden because it gives me the sense of peace.

I look forward to meeting you all.


Sam McCall

Hi my name is Samuel McCall and I am looking forward to working with these wonderful students and being a part of the team at St Albans Secondary College.


I am currently studying to be a teacher at Victoria University and the opportunity here will greatly help with my future as becoming a teacher.


I am passionate about soccer and play for the seniors at Sunshine George Cross Football Club.

Carolyn Jackson

I’m an Integration Aide and am very honoured and excited to be a member of the SASC community. In previous lives I’ve worked in book publishing and the community sector.


My hobbies and interests include: cycling, learning German, cooking, knitting and watching anime.


I look forward to meeting you all (at some stage). 


Melvin Becket

My name is Melvin Becket.  I am a former student from Maribyrnong College.  I received a full soccer scholarship to study University in America for 4 years.  I have majored in Psychology.  


I am extremely happy to be at St Albans Secondary College and hope my experience here is beneficial to both the students and the school.

Julie Hanna

My name is Julie Hanna and I have taken over from Ms Alkaline Holton until the end of 2017.


I am enjoying teaching here at St Albans Secondary College and getting to know the students.

Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass 

Did you know that you can now Consent & make a Payment on Compass for your child’s excursion

Dear Parents / Guardians


Your child will be attending excursions / events throughout the year.  Log into Compass on the Parent Portal via the schools website for each excursion to approve the consent and make a payment (if applicable) online by the due dates. 


This will save your child time lining up at the general office.


Compass Pay will greatly assist parents with approval and payment requirements, and will also assist the office staff and teachers by reducing the paperwork and finance components. Parents will be able to easily access their child’s activities, keep the school up to date with important information, and complete the permission & payment process.


Compass Pay is available to you through the Parent Portal which you can access via the schools’ website with your individual username and password at


To provide the consent/payment required, parents click on the notification which will appear on the home screen under “My News”.  This will take you to the Events page, where you can see all events that require consent/payment, and those that you have already consented to/paid for.


Parents have the option of completing the consent/payment online, or of printing the consent form and handing it in to the office with payment.

By clicking the "Process Now (Online)" option, parents will be prompted to enter information regarding emergency contact details, as well as any relevant medical information.


Full instructions for using this module are illustrated below.  You can also access the Instruction Booklet on Compass under the School Documentation Tab and click on Parents Information.

Should you require any assistance, please contact the General Office on 9366 2555.


You can also click on the link below to view more information on COMPASS.


Year 7 Zoo Excursion

The Year 7 students attended the Melbourne Zoo on 4 May and completed research tasks for their Science assessment. It was a wonderful day weatherwise and the students were fascinated with the setup of the zoo and found the animals so interesting. We were very proud of the way the students conducted themselves around the zoo and the way they represented St Albans Secondary College.


Ms Lauren Honeycombe

Junior Sub School Leader


Year 8 Excursions

Year 8 Visits

On Wednesday 3 May the Year 8 classes visited a range of places. 8C, 8F, 8G, 8H, 8K and 8L visited IMAX where they watched a presentation on Ancient Egypt and they also went to the general gallery of the Melbourne Museum.  


8B, 8D, 8E and 8J toured the Old Treasury Building and took part in a treasure hunt.  


8A and 8I visited the State Library to take part in a workshop on medieval calligraphy.


Ms Kiran Pannu

LAC Humanities




SEAL excursion to NGV

SEAL English (Year 10) and Humanities (Year 7) students enjoyed an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria (International).


 Before lunch, Ms Donaldson’s students had the opportunity to view and learn about ancient historical artefacts from Egypt and Asia. Ms Kent’s students responded (orally and in writing) to Tiepolo’s “Banquet of Cleopatra” and were also able to learn more about “Ulysees and the Sirens” by J.W. Waterhouse (having studied this work and the literature behind it, at SASC).


Using the visual literacy questioning techniques practised in the morning, the Year 10 students, working in small groups, constructed a series of activities for the Year 7 SEAL students, having chosen and collaborated upon an artwork of choice in the 19th and 20th century galleries.


After lunch, the Year 10 students had the opportunity to try out their teaching skills!


Some of the skills practised were speaking and listening (whole group discussions, questioning and responding) and writing (poetry, short answers and descriptive writing).


With stunning autumnal weather on our side and a typically dynamic and magical atmosphere inside the gallery, even on our train trip home, there was a palpable sense of energy and inspiration!

Thank you to Tom and Jessikah from The University of Melbourne who assisted us on the day, organising and assisting with teaching our SASC students.


Thanks especially to Ms Ashwini Mohan, who accompanied us.


Ms Jill Donaldson and Ms Helen Kent 


Romeo & Juliet Incursion

Complete Works Theatre Company: Romeo and Juliet incursion - short review

By Sarah Mollica & Raelyn Noble of Year 10

On 24 April 2017 from 9:00am -10:25am, all Year 10 EAL and English classes gathered in the Performing Arts Centre to watch the Complete Works Theatre Company perform a paired down version of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.


The costumes that were worn were, to us, odd looking, in a way - not what we expected. Some of the fashion looked like it was from the 1500’s but the younger characters looked modern, grunge, almost.


The set was simple but effective, with graffiti-type scrawling on blackboards that could be moved around.  In class, Miss Kent had to play “When Doves Cry” to show this was a love song that also alludes to a relationship plagued by desire and love and hate and so is linked to the play’s main themes. Most of the other references we understood, like “Rosaline” with a cross through it.


The way the actors played their parts was very enthusiastic and passionate, especially during the love scenes. Their body language and approach demonstrated the powerful themes of love and hate.


Overall, the performance was intriguing, well presented and humourous.


We  liked how the performers well well organized and the play ran smoothly,  making sense and tying information together, and even the scenes they didn’t act out were explained.


We wanted it to be longer!


We believe the school should continue to retain this opportunity as an incursion as it gives us, Year 10’s,  a real live representation of the story and adds much to our understanding of the play through performance.


Thanks to CWTC and the English KLA.


Alpine School for Student Leadership

During Term 1, four of our year nine students attended the Victorian School for Student Leadership at the Gnurad-Gundidj campus near Glenormiston. For nine weeks, these students were living in a remote location with limited contact with family and friends (NO mobile phones, limited phone calls and limited internet access).


Along with 40 other students from public schools around Victoria, Joel Piscopo, Mathilda Van Keulen, Celia Nguyen and Ivy Tran took on emotional, mental and physical challenges to develop skills in leadership. These challenges included mountain-bike riding, surfing, bridge-building, public speaking, hiking and problem-solving. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all was planning a Community Learning Project (CLP), which the students will implement in the St Albans community.


The CLP aims to address a cause or issue chosen by the students. Joel, Mathilda, Celia and Ivy have chosen to address the issue of homelessness by increasing awareness and raising funds to donate to charity.


On Friday 24 March, a presentation day was held at Gnurad-Gundidj, where the students presented their plan to the School for Student Leadership students, teachers and visitors. Although the students felt nervous getting up in front of everyone, they presented a well thought-out plan and were awarded a certificate for their achievement.


The four students all felt that their experience at Gnurad-Gundidj was hugely rewarding and are keen to use their new skills back here at school.


Stay tuned as the students make further plans for implementing their CLP!


Ms Clara Singh

Alpine Coordinator



Debating Team

We had three teams - A Grade (Debra Gaye, Laura Van Keulen, Gabriel Chan), C Grade (Chelsea Tran, Kevin Mai, Oli Hakai Lavea) and D Grade (Patrick Shaw, Ian Alcantara, Iqra Siddique). Our other D Grade team had opponents that had to forfeit.

A Grade topic (secret topic - which means they only had an hour to prepare) 'That there should be a minister for women elected only by women' 

C Grade topic (secret topic as well) - 'That we should close all zoos' 

D Grade topic - 'That we should allow development in Antarctica' 

A Grade lost to very strong competition - but competed in first secret topic (which is incredibly difficult) and learned valuable skills for next time. C Grade lost as well but with a very close result. D Grade won by 1 point in a very high quality debate. All team members scored the same points - a strong and consistent team effort that was well organised with very sophisticated ideas. 


Next debate 2 weeks from now. 


Also had very capable bus driving from Mr Nigel Tarr.



Mr Billy Rowland

Debating Coordinator






VET Hospitality Excursion

VET Hospitality excursion - BEACON POLISH Program sponsored by HOST-PLUS

St Albans Secondary College has had a long relationship with BEACON, so when we were offered a funded excursion as part of their POLISH program, we jumped at the chance.


BEACON’s POLISH Program is part of a suite of work readiness programs offered to students from years 7 - 12. They are designed to prepare and motivate students for a successful transition from education to meaningful employment, through the development of employability and social skills that employers are looking for. These programs enjoy high involvement from employers and students hear business representatives’ unique stories of success, providing the encouragement and motivation to recognise their own potential.


This excursion was hosted by BEACON and HOST-PLUS. Students attended the HOST-PLUS offices in William Street, Melbourne, where they heard from three staff members who work for HOST-PLUS and listened to a brief presentation about superannuation - particularly for Hospitality employees.


The wonderful BEACON facilitator then spoke to the students about employability skills and they completed a number of exercises about effective communication in the work place and the importance of strong teamwork skills.


HOST-PLUS provided a very nice morning tea and lunch that was enjoyed by all.

We then walked down to the Grand Hyatt where we split into two groups and had a behind the scenes tour of the hotel. We were able to visit Diplomatic Suites, Kitchens (6), speak with the Head Chef, a new Apprentice Chef, the biggest hotel gymnasium in Australia and laundry services amongst other areas. We all enjoyed this immensely, asking hotel staff about their career journeys in the hospitality industry. Lots of selfies were taken in the opulent suites toured - some that charge $6000 per night!


This opportunity opened the eyes of our hospitality students to a number of other careers within the Hospitality and Tourism area, as this is an area with very high employment opportunities.


Ms Cathy Armstrong
Careers/Pathways/VET Coordinator



VET Hospitality Students 

We would like to thank and acknowledge the VET Hospitality students for creating such an amazing breakfast for our annual Beacon Breakfast. It was a delicious way to start the day.


International Student Program

International Student Program Travel report in Vietnam

On March 2017 Ms Dowsley and I travelled to Vietnam to conduct parent teacher interviews to provide academic student reports to our international student Parents.


The main purpose of this trip is to provide each family with detailed information on their child’s progress report, on their wellbeing, care arrangements; particularly in relation to their homestay arrangements. We also provided information on the school’s curriculum and ensured that we maintained a strong relationship with this important group in our school community and were able to address any questions or queries they had so that they felt more at ease and comfortable with the program.


During our hectic 2.5 week trip in Vietnam, we met up with more than 46 families as well as many prospective students and their families as well, ensuring that we made the most of our given time.


We were overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback from the parents who expressed their grateful appreciation towards our teachers and homestay providers, specifically regarding the high duty of care that was taken for their child and their wellbeing.


However, needless to say, this success could not be achieved alone, so I would like to say thank you for the continuous support from our students’ families, homestay guardians, community and teachers all working together to help and support them while they study at St Albans Secondary College.


Ms Miranda Truong

International Student Coordinator


Year 9 Career Development Program

Last week all Year 9 students commenced Stage 1 of their 2017 Career Development Program.

We have adopted a program written by the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) - ‘Year 9 Career Education - Focusing on Careers’. In the front of the student workbook that accompanies the program, there is a message from CEAV to parents that reads:

Our young people must be ready to adjust to new situations, create opportunities and alter their plans. The purpose of this workbook is to encourage them to plan and begin to focus on that journey and develop the skills to make the many career and life decisions along the way.

As parents and carers, you have an important role in supporting your teenager by encouraging them to find their passions, explore their interests and assist them in understanding careers and education information.

We now know that the world of work has changed and continues to do so at a fast pace due to technological advances, artificial intelligence and globalisation amongst other things, meaning your child will face a very different career journey to that of their parents. We need to ensure that by the time our young people leave school they are equipped with the necessary employability and career management skills in order to navigate their career journey with confidence.

Stage 1 of this program covered employability skills recognised as transferrable and important for the future, personal values and how these can affect decisions and choices, then they completed a series of careers quizzes which led to the start of exploring some options aligned to their personalities, skills, interests and values.

From July 17 through to August 4 all Year 9 students will be working in their Learning Manager Groups on Stage 2 of this program - their Pre-Course Counselling Assignment, where they further explore options they may be interested in, courses offered that align with the career choices they like and finally researching which subjects to take at school that are a good match with their tertiary/work pathway. They will all be asked to take this home and have a parent/guardian read over this and sign to say you’ve discussed it with them. Then on August 8, students will attend an individual 15 minute appointment to select their Year 10, 2018 subject choices. We encourage parents to attend this appointment with their child.


Ms Cathy Armstrong
Careers Pathways VET Coordinator

Nhu Tran of Year 10 

Nhu Tran of Year 10 has won second place in a Japanese sticker competition

The Japanese Language Teachers of Australia has run a competition asking students to design stickers that have motivational phrases in Japanese on them. The winners were announced at the statewide conference for Japanese teachers over the weekend. Nhu Tran of 10C has placed second with her beautiful entry. Nhu's sticker design will now be distributed to Japanese teachers around Victoria, who will then use the stickers in their own classes. Congratulations, Nhu!

Ms Emi Narasaki

Japanese Teacher



  • Find a suitable Makers space at home. A makerspace is a place (shed, bedroom, hallway etc) where people can get creative with maker technologies – to tinker, play, create and realise their potential to be innovative.



  • Stock it with pens, paper, textiles, cardboard and glue. Add cheap maker technologies such as Circuit pens ($10-40).
  • Add old or excess items you have around the home which kids can pull apart (reverse engineer) such as old computers and tools like lawn mowers and old appliances. Use what you have!


Coding is the process of designing a set of instructions that get computers to do what you want them to do. Here are some basic apps and a website to get you started:

  • GameStar Mechanic, Scratch, Tynker, Hopscotch, Cargo-Bot and LightBot.
  • HOUR OF CODE (Online coding tutorial):


  • Add in some digital maker technologies that provide an avenue to solve real world problems. These can range from the simple to the more advanced. Start with simple tools like Makey-Makeys (Fig.1 $40-50); then move to LittleBits (Fig.2 $40-100), which require a little more patience and the application of scientific technique.
  • Finally, consider more advanced technologies such as:

(A) Arduino microcontrollers (Fig.3 $50): A small computer on a single integrated circuit, and/or

(B) Raspberry Pi’s (Fig.4 $40-100): A single board computer.




Mr Scott Faulkner

Science Teacher




Brimbank Careers & Job Fair

Year 11 & 12 VCAL students will be attending the Brimbank Careers & Job Fair on Wednesday 10th May as part of their Work Related Skills course. Students will have the opportunity to receive information about Careers and Employment opportunities, apprenticeships, University and TAFE courses.


Young Workers Centre

Yr 11 students will be involved in a three week program run by The Young Workers Centre.

The Young Workers Centre has been established with support from WorkSafe and Victorian Trades Hall to address the fact that many young people are entering the workplace without even basic knowledge of their rights and are consequently becoming victims of exploitation and workplace bullying.


The Young Workers Centre aims to prevent these exploitative practices by providing access to early knowledge through their education program with 3 modules:


  • Your Rights at Work,
  • Safe at Work (OHS),
  • Bullying and Discrimination at Work


The program will run Mondays period 4 in Work Related Skills classes.


Financial Literacy- Yr 11 Numeracy

The Smith Family has taken selected activities from the MoneyMinded resource and developed a Financial Literacy Course consisting of five 2 hour sessions. Completion of all 6 elements of this course allows students to gain the qualification of FNS10110 Certificate I in Financial Services.

This Course will show students how to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Create a budget
  • Look at Needs vs Wants
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Recognise scams
  • Better understand credit, debt and debt traps
  • Find assistance if you are in too much debt
  • Understand taxation
  • Understand the basics about superannuation
  • Understand the role of regulators such as the ACCC and ASIC and how they can help you.


A facilitator with nationally accredited training qualifications will deliver the course in Numeracy classes over 5 weeks.


Community Projects

Year 12 students are working diligently on their Community projects this term with groups concentrating on building community partnerships and developing employability skills.

Some projects include:

  • ANZAC day Commemorative service
  • Immigration Museum excursion to highlight diversity
  • Melbourne Zoo Orangutan project and sponsorship of an orangutan
  • Western Health Community Partnership
  • Fund raising for the Lost Dogs Home
  • Refurbishing an outdoor relaxation area at the SCOPE facility in St Albans.
  • Soft toy making to fundraise for CanTeen program (supporting teenagers with cancer).




Meet our 2017
Sub School Coordinators 

 Junior School

Ms Lauren Honeycombe

Sub School Leader

7J, 8K, 8L

Ms Marlene Cassar

Assistant Sub School Leader

7H, 8A, 8J

Mr Louie Turner

Sub School Coordinator

7B, 7E, 8B, 8E

Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan

Sub School Coordinator

7D, 7F, 8D, 8F

Mr Louie Traianou

Sub School Coordinator

7A, 7I, 8H, 8I


Mr Owen McIntyre

Sub School Coordinator

7C, 7G, 8C, 8G

Ms Louise Ferguson

Sub School Assistant

Middle School

Ms Becky Annetts

Sub School Leader

9F, 10C, 10E

Ms Shona Cowell

Assistant Sub School Leader

9C, 9D, 10D

Mr Simon Lynch

Sub School Coordinator

9A, 9B, 9I, 10F

Mr Sean Ryan

Sub School Coordinator

9E, 9H, 10A 

Mr Brendan McFarland

Sub School Coordinator

9G, 9J, 10B

Ms Lynda Vo

Sub School Assistant











Senior School

Ms Stav Bekiaris

Sub School Leader

11D, 12D, V1A

Ms Anna Woods

Assistant Sub School Leader

11A , 12A , V2A

Mr Robert Krysinski

Sub School Coordinator

11B, 12B

Ms Laura Gough

Sub School Coordinator

11E, 12E, V1B

Ms Anna Langley

Sub School Coordinator

11C, 12C, V2B

Ms Rosemary Bambery

Sub School Assistant















Junior School Report


The start of Term 2 has seen the Junior School involved in many activities both inside and outside of the classroom.


Forums & Naplan

This month the Junior School has participated in Year 7 and 8 Student Forums. The students had an opportunity to discuss issues around the school and to express their opinions on various activities and opportunities available to them. They also discussed their learning. Coordinators were very impressed with the level of contribution and the openness of students to discuss issues. Students in Year 7 have also completed their Naplan testing.


Year 7 EXPO

This was a wonderful evening for parents and students held on Monday 1st may. Families listened to performances by the choir and were invited to a delicious BBQ outside Nindethana to have a chat and meet some teachers. They visited classes and the students performed for and taught their parents some of the skills they have learned so far. It was a fantastic turnout and the evening was great success.



Year 8 High Resolves

Year 8 students participated in the first level of High Resolves Leadership Program. This component discusses Collective Identity. They were enthusiastic in their involvement in discussions around The Global Community and Cultural Differences. Next term the students are involved in Social Justice. Our Year 10 SRC Reps helped to lead and guide the groups and it was also a good experience for them to develop their leadership skills.


The Hurting Game

On the 16th May, Year 7 and Year 8 will participate in “The Hurting Game” at school and view a performance about Bullying.  This production looks at the different types of bullying that students are exposed to and some strategies with which to deal with it if it occurs. Integrated studies teachers will be provided with support materials in order to follow up the issues that this production addresses. (There is no cost to parents for this.)



Year 7 camps are almost complete. All students are having a wonderful experience.  The students have returned with new skills and new friendships. Thanks to staff involved on these camps. This has been an invaluable experience for our students to build relationships and team skills and to experience being away from home. Students have learnt to make their breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as clean up after themselves. They have enjoyed the many activities such as swimming, night walks, visiting the waterfalls and the farm visit.



We require an attendance of 90% in order to pass subjects.


If your child is absent we require either a note signed by the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. The note needs to include your child’s name, their class and the date of the absence. If your child has attended a doctor or dentist please ask for a medical certificate.



With winter approaching please ensure your child has a jumper and or wet weather jacket. Only white or black scarves are permitted. Please don’t leave shoes outside overnight to get wet and your child’s name should be written on all articles of clothing.  Hoodies, canvas shoes and coloured        t-shirts are not permitted.














Middle School Report  

Welcome back to all Middle School students, family and teachers. We hope you all had a fantastic break and an enjoyable Easter.

This term is a busy one and Year 9 and 10 are already engaged and working diligently in classes. There are some very exciting programs arranged for the students this term, and the Middle Sub School wish to encourage all students to get involved in the opportunities presented to them this term.


Year 9

Nineteen Year 9 students took part in the launch of the GOALs program on Tuesday 4th May.  They met their professional mentors for the first time and started planning the upcoming sessions focussed on setting goals to help them achieve success.


Over the course of the next two terms, the students will travel to their mentors’ work place in the city’s CBD over the course of five sessions.  The students are working with some of Melbourne’s leading companies including Energy Australia and the law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright.


Their employees have volunteered to spend time mentoring the students, covering issues like ‘goal setting’, ‘communication’, building relationships and confidence’ and ‘realising your strengths’.

The NAPLAN tests will take place the week beginning 8th May, and students have been preparing themselves in classes.


Year 9 Careers Counselling has started for all Year 9 students. This process involves individual and group sessions where the students explore career opportunities with advice from the Managing Individual Pathways team. Students will then begin to develop pathways to their own success and plan the subjects that they wish to undertake to facilitate their pathways.


Thank you to Cathy Armstrong and the careers team in their support of the students.


Year 10

On 3rd May, the 2017 Beacon Program launched with the annual Beacon Breakfast. Our Beacon Ambassadors; Daniel San Jose, Jacob Anastasi, Natalie Truong, Catherine Lok and Laeticia Santos hosted a breakfast along with program coordinators Brendan McFarland and Lynda Vo to welcome and thank our community and business partners.

The Middle Sub School wishes to acknowledge the hard work from the Beacon team as well as thank the Food and Hospitality VET students for creating such an amazing breakfast. It was a delicious way to start the day.


A special that you must go to our guest speaker, Susan Yengi from the Beacon Foundation. Her speech was both inspiring and informative as she spoke of her pathway to success and the ambitions of the program.


Year 10 Work Experience will take place at the start of Term 3 and students will be working towards completing health and safety assessments in their English classes over the course of the next few weeks. Students are encouraged to arrange their places promptly as this will ensure they have a placement at a desired location.


End of Semester Exams and Tests

Year 10 Exams and Year 9 semester tests will take place during weeks 7 & 8 of this term. Students should now be developing a regular and consistent study program, reviewing their classroom notes and summarising key information.


The Year 10 Exams will commence on the 1st of June and the exam timetables will be available shortly; it is important that the timetables are reviewed carefully as students are expected to attend all exams.


The Year 9 Semester Tests will take place in the double periods for core subjects including LOTE. Students are encouraged to discuss the times and test requirements with their teachers so they develop a detailed study and revision plan.


Senior School Report  

We finished Term 1 off with our traditional ‘Senior School Soccer Challenge’ where the Year 11 team ‘The Olympians’ played against the Year 12 team ‘El Diablos’.  Students from VCAL and VCE classes contributed to the afternoon, with posters and banners being made and put around the gym, cheer squad dressed in their team colours chanting their team song throughout the afternoon with the assistance of the team mascots. 



It was a nail-biting match up to the last couple of minutes or so, where the Year 12s managed to beat the Year 11s.    It was so exciting for everyone to watch and as always, both the winning team and the defeated team, congratulated each other in true sporting style, and made us all proud. 


We started off Term 2  by conducting our Senior School Forums.  Students from VCE and VCAL were randomly selected and together with the School captains, SRC and House captains responded to and gave feedback on the areas of  ‘Teaching and Learning’, ‘Engagement and Wellbeing’ and ‘Careers and Pathways’. The Senior Sub School will continue to work with the Senior School representative on the responses and feedback provided to them.


On Friday 21st April,  the Senior Sub School organised a day filled with exciting, inclusive and challenging activities for all Year 11 students. They spent the day Lady Northcote Recreation Camp. 


This was the first year students were given the opportunity to participate in various activities as a cohort. This program is designed to empower young people with important life skills. The activities assisted with personal growth, team work and building connections with students and teachers.  
There were experienced staff running the activities and ensured that every activity was delivered in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. The emphasis for the day was on fun and building relationships.

Although the weather wasn’t too good to have outdoor activities, our students participated in all the activities with enthusiasm. 


On Thursday 4th May our Year 11 VCE students attended the VCE and Careers Expo at the Caulfield Racecourse.  Students visited and spoke to a range of exhibitors.  There were representatives from different universities, TAFEs, RADF, Sports institutions, studying overseas, this is just naming a few.  Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and we as a staff were so proud of them.  There were at least 3000 students walking in and out of the exhibitions and the building was very crowded. This didn’t deter our students from making the most of the day and speaking to experts in the field they were interested in.  Congratulations to all the Year 11 students who attended.


The end of Semester One is quickly approaching and Year 11 students will be doing their Unit 1 exams.  The exam period is from the 1st June until the 9th June.  Students are required to attend school for their exams only. It is vital that all students revise, study and are prepared for their exams. 


The exam results are an indicator about a student’s readiness for a Unit 3/4 study.


On Wednesday the 28nd June, once students are in their Unit 2 subjects we will host our special yearly event, the Year 11 assembly to celebrate “100 days of VCE/VCAL success”. This is always an exciting event, with speakers including our alumni students providing helpful advice sharing their successes. Students will also be receiving awards for their contribution to the school as well as academic achievements.


The GAT (General Achievement Test) is on Wednesday 14th June 2016. Any student who is studying a Unit 3/4 subject in 2017 (including language outside the school) is required to do the GAT this year.  It will be held in school’s gymnasium.  


All students will have an information session where important information provided by the VCAA was given to them.  They also received their timetable for the GAT. 


On Friday 16th June, all Year 12 VCE students will be doing their first ‘Practice Exam’ for English/EAL/English Language.  This will be marked by external assessors.  The school has put hours of work and resources into organising this for students to benefit from and get the most out of it. We do this early on in the year as this is the most crucial time for all Year 12 students to start putting in extra time and effort to their studies to get the most out their final year at school.  It is compulsory that all students attend.


Again, we would like to thank parents who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students.


Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about your child. 



From the General Office

General Office Hours 

8.15am to 4.15pm        

College Expectations 

Some important expectations are outlined below.

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly & punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.

Being prepared for classes  

It is expected that students have the required books & equipment for each subject, as well as a student diary to record homework & assignments.

If you need any assistance with ordering books, please contact the General Office.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.




Monday - 12.15pm to 1.15pm

Thursday - 12.15pm to 1.15pm


Purchasing uniform for your students is also available online.  Please log into our website at

and cick on the Uniform tab.


Please note:

  • Only the 3 approved styles of school shoes are to be worn
  • PE / Sports shoes must be lace up runners with non-marking soles
  • Facial piercings are not to be worn at school
  • Make-up is to be kept to a minimum.


Is expected at the start of each day & for all classes.  Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3.20pm to 5.20pm. 


The consequences for lateness to school are as follows:


1st Late

Coordinator Warning.


2nd Late

After School Detention:  

3.15pm -  3.45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home.


3rd Late

After School Detention:  

3.15pm -  3.45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home  – advise that next late will be a Friday Night Detention.


4th Late

Friday Night Detention:  

3.20pm -  5.20pm.  

Students that complete their Friday Night Detention have their next late treated as a 3rd LATE.  A subsequent LATE means a second     Friday Night Detention & student is placed on a ‘Blue Sheet’.


Blue Sheet

Student is on a ‘Blue Sheet’ for 2 weeks. Coordinator meets Parent/Guardian to explain the Blue Sheet process.


Unsatisfactory Blue Sheet

Parent interview with SSL & PCO. 

Strategies discussed – possible suspension.



* Parent Payments
* CSEF - Cut off Friday 23 June 

Parent Payment Charges 2017

For families paying by instalments, please ensure that your first, second & third instalments have been paid.


For further information or assistance, please contact the General Office on 9366 2555.

CSEF Eligibility

Below is the criteria used to determine a student’s eligibility for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF).


Criteria 1 – Eligibility

To be eligible* for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a registered Government or non-government Victorian primary or secondary school must:

•       on the first day of Term one, or;

•       on the first day of Term two;


  1. Be an eligible beneficiary within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 2004, that is, be a holder of Veterans Affairs Gold Card or be an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) holder, OR
  2. Be a temporary foster parent, and;
  3. Submit an application to the school by the due date.

* A special consideration eligibility category also exists. For more information, see:


Parents who receive a Carer Allowance on behalf of a child, or any other benefit or allowance not income tested by Centrelink, are not eligible for the CSEF unless they also comply with one of (a) or (b) above.


Criteria 2 - Be of school age and attend school in Victoria

School is compulsory for all Victorian children aged between six and 17 years of age inclusive.


For the purposes of CSEF, students may be eligible for assistance if they attend a Victorian registered primary or secondary school. Typically, these students are aged between five and 18 years inclusive.


CSEF is not payable to students attending pre-school, kindergarten, home schooled, or TAFE.







Eligibility Date - Cut off Friday 23 June, 2017

For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one (30 January 2017) or term two (18 April 2017).


Payment amounts

CSEF payment amount

The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student.

•       Primary school student rate: $125 per year.

•       Secondary school student rate: $225 per year.


The CSEF is paid directly to your child’s school and will be allocated by the school towards camps, sports and/or excursion costs for your child. .

For ungraded students, the rate payable is determined by the student’s date of birth. For more information, see:

Year 7 government school students who are CSEF recipients are also eligible for a uniform voucher. Secondary schools are required to make applications on behalf of parents so please register your interest at the school.


How to complete the application form



1. Complete the PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN DETAILS section.

Make sure that the Surname, First Name, and Customer Reference Number (CRN) details match those on your concession card. You will also need to provide your concession card to the school.

If you are claiming as a Foster Parent or a Veteran Affairs Pensioner, you will need to provide a copy of documentation confirming your status as a temporary Foster Parent or provide your Veterans Affairs Pensioner Gold card to the school.

2. Complete the STUDENT/S DETAILS section for students at this school.

3. Sign and date the form and return it to the school office by 30 June, 2017 which is the closing date for applications.


CSEF payments cannot be claimed retrospectively for prior years.


Queries relating to CSEF eligibility and payments should be directed to the school.


Click on the attachment below to download the application form.


Wellbeing News
Cultural night for students and families - Wed 21 June

Wellbeing News
Cultural night for students and families - Wed 21 June

We will be holding a Cultural event to celebrate the many different cultures in our school community. This will be held on Wednesday the 21st of June from 4.30pm until 6.30pm in the courtyard in front of the library. 

There will be FREE activities including African drumming, Latin dance workshops, face painting, photo booths and more. Food from around the world can be purchased. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Photos of our Cultural Night in 2016




Individual Needs

The Individual Needs Department at St Albans Secondary College are excited to advise parents, students and the wider community of a new website, packed full of great resources, information and ideas. 


Developed by the University of Canberra, in collaboration with all state and territory education authorities, the website is a general resource for students and their families about the rights, and support that schools can provide individuals, highlighting information such as: 

  • The Disability Standards for Education 2005 are law and they apply to education providers in Australia.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) protects people with a disability from discrimination.
  • Students with allergies or chronic illness are protected by the DDA. 

To find out more, visit and bookmark the site for future use.


Should you have wish to discuss any of the content and how it impacts on your child at SACS, please do not hesitate to discuss with our Individual Needs Coordinator, Hannah Morton on 9947 3622. 


Ms Susan White

Individual Needs Administration Assistant

Library News

Please click on image to download the application form.

Please see Ms Vicky Bunce in the Library if you require any assistance.


Extra Curricular Activities - What's on around SASC in 2017

Before School


Wednesday & Friday 

Breakfast Club

8.15am - 8.45am

Free Breakfast served in D3









Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo

Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day
In the gym with Mr Lakovski


SEAL Keyboard Orchestra

In Performing Arts with

Ms Sungmongkol


Debating Team

In F9 with Mr Rowland



Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Makers Club

In the Library


SEAL Keyboard

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol



SASC Dance Crew In Performing Arts with

Ms De Silva


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Drawing Club

In G3 with Mr Nishioka

After School



Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Lux Divas

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


The After School Study Program

3.15pm until 4.30pm in the Library with Ms Woods


Library open from 8.00am until 3.30pm


SASC MAC Production

MAC production update

As aptly observed by Manh, one of our key publicity assistants: “Lights, camera, action! The MAC production is gaining traction!”


Rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz have begun in earnest, now scheduled for most Tuesdays and Wednesdays this term; our talented actors are busy learning their lines and rehearsing.


Director Ms Mackenzie has been especially impressed by the mentoring and support provided by the principal, experienced and older actors for those newer to the world of the theatre.

Also noted by all staff involved have been the unique voice and vision brought to each of the roles as well as the general professionalism of the cast in regards to punctuality, communication, responding to feedback etc.


Rachel Pinto and Alana Nguyen have been cast to share the main role, which will make for an exciting production; both talented “Dorothys” will bring their own special approaches to this demanding and classic part.


We are currently finalising the backstage crew and working on lighting, sound, staging and all the other details necessary for a successful and wonderful show!


 Mr Orchard has done a huge amount of work on the musical score and will soon be back after some well deserved leave.  Mr D’Aglas and Ms Azmitia are already constructing their vision for the set, props and costumes.  A host of other teachers, including Ms Hocking, Ms Tran, Ms Simoes, Mr Uhl, Ms Kristy Lee and Ms De Silva have also contributed much of their time and energy already.


We would like to thank all the teachers who have given so generously of their time and to express how thrilled we are at the overwhelming student and staff enthusiasm for the show thus far.


We’ll keep you posted in upcoming newsletters!


Ms Chloe Marie and Ms Helen Kent

Dance Crew

We are excited to announce that St Albans Secondary College will have its very own dance crew.


This is open to all students from Years 7-12 and we will meet to choreograph and rehearse once a week. We will perform at assemblies and school events all year and show the SASC community what awesome dancers we have!


Tuesday's at lunchtime in Performing Arts.



Ms Tania De Silva

Performing Arts: Dance Teacher

Alba News
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2017 Leadership Photos.pdf
2017 Leadership Photos.pdf
2017 Leadership Photos.pdf
CSEF Application Form 2017 .pdf