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02 June 2017
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Principal's Report

Action Packed Term 2

There has been a vast range of activities that have taken place so far this term. We began the month with the entire school taking part in Athletics Day, with most students taking the opportunity to dress up in their house colours and compete in events. 

In the junior school, I enjoyed watching the Year 7's prepare and present their National Youth Day 'Anti-Bullying' presentations. At Year 8 students recently brought their current novel 'Searching for Grace' to life when they visited Point Nepean National Park.

Our Year 9 students have been highly engaged with their weekly excursions into Melbourne's CBD, focusing on Melbourne's history pre-federation. 

Year 10 students recently broke the school record for the number of students completing work experience in the one week, with students trialing an amazing range of different careers and workplaces (thank you to all of the families who assisted to arrange placements and hosted students).  Our Year 11 VCAL students have begun operating the VCAL cafe on a regular basis as part of their Industry and Enterprise class, whilst our VCE students have been finishing up their Unit 1&3 coursework and assessment tasks.

We are quickly approaching the end of semester. Year 10 & 11 semester one classes have now come to an end in preparation for the mid year exams which begin on Monday 5th June. Semester two classes begin for all year levels on the 19th June. 

Senior School Development

The senior school building is now in its final weeks of construction. Senior students have been involved in the selection of furniture for the common room, with staff and students due to move into the new building early next term. The facility will be a fantastic addition to the College. 


Doctors in Schools

The College recently took delivery of a new facility as part of the Doctors in Secondary Schools Program. 

This program, funded by the state government, will involve a doctor visiting the school once per week for appointments with students and is due to commence during the course of next term. The government is currently in the final stages of appointing staff for the various facilities across the state. We will communicate with all members of school community about the program once a doctor is appointed. 


Student Voice

On May 15, we conducted a student leadership assembly to formally recognise all of our elected leaders for 2017 and present them with their new badges. The assembly was run by our school captains, Kayla Wainwright & Tyler Foreman and ably assisted by Eunika Burger and Jaimik Chauhan. 


In line with our new Strategic Plan, we have been involving students in a large range of decision making at the College this year. A recent example was when we invited student leaders to a focus group to review our current uniform. Whilst there were some differences of opinion about some items in our current uniform, students collectively felt strongly about some potential changes. The students involved now plan to consult with the wider student population prior to gathering the views of families and presenting to school council. If there are any changes to the uniform, time would be given for students to still use their current uniform. See the student leaders report for further details. 



Primary School Visits

Patterson River has recently hosted visits for a number of primary school activities. 

Our recent testing days for our EXCEL programs saw record numbers of primary school students trying out, with more than double the number of students trying out from last year. The College has seen a growth in interest from prospective parents and a significant increase in applications for Year 7 in 2018. I would like to thank members of our school community who speak highly of Patterson River to other members in the community.

Traffic Management

The recent arrival of cold weather has seen an increase in the number of students being driven to school. Together with our current building works, this has resulted in significant congestion and safety concerns during pick up time. We are currently in discussions with local government to look at additional parking spaces and additional drop off points. In the meantime members of our school community are encouraged to:

- Use designated car spaces only

- Do not pick up/drop off students on the roundabout

- Use the bus lane to drop off in the morning, providing that buses are not blocked or held up. 

- When riding a bike, students are to wear a helmet and walk the bike across the crossing

- Parents consider driving through the car park to pick up students rather than stopping on the roundabout

National Youth Day

On the 30th May, Year 7 students took part in a range of activities for National Youth Day. As part of the Youth Day celebrations, each Year 7 class presented an anti-bullying video they had developed.  The quality of all these productions were of such a high standard it was difficult for the judges to determine a winner. Each of the Year 7 forms were able to communicate a powerful message in their presentations. Whilst all of the forms created high quality presentations, the judges (Year 10 leaders) awarded the top presentation to 7C (video below). Special mentions to 7G for putting together a very informative and factual presentation along with 7E who developed an artistic and emotive message. Patterson River has a reputation for being a friendly, high performing school. The work of the Year 7s and high quality presentations gives me confidence that this culture will continue well into the future. 





Proposed Edithvale/Chelsea/ Bonbeach Bus Route

The College is currently seeking feedback on a proposed new bus route to better service students from the suburbs of Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach. The proposed bus would be operated via the school and require students to purchase tickets via the office (similar to our Sandhurst Nuline bus). The proposed route would save a student one hour per day in travel if commuting by public transport from Chelsea. If you live in one of these suburbs, we would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to fill out a quick survey . We will use this information to make potential modifications to the route prior to getting quotes from bus companies. 

Click here to complete survey.

Click here for further details on the proposed bus route along with all existing bus routes. 



National Reconciliation Week

In April our Indigenous students participated in an Art workshop to produce a multi canvas picture depicting their heritage and cultural ties with Port Phillip Bay. The art work was completed under the guidance of local artist Kez Knight. Several of our students were at a Reconciliation Week event where their art work was presented to Central Bayside Community Health Services, to be displayed in their offices. As well as the students and artist, the event was attended by many community elders as well as local politicians including Tim Richardson.



New Reporting System

For the first time, the College will use Compass reporting this year for all year 7 - 10 subjects. Teachers have been busy setting up and using the new system which among other features will link Common Assessment Tasks to the reports. Given that we are using a new product, we have not advertised a date for the release of the reports in case we hit unexpected problems but anticipate that they will be released in the first two weeks of next term. 

The College has also been trialing the ability for parents to approve excursion notices and make payments via Compass. We hope to be in a position to launch these features to all parents early next term.


Mr Daniel Dew (College Principal)


Student Leaders Report

Leadership Assembly

While all our student leaders have been fulfilling their roles for some time, they were formally recognised and presented with their badges at a recent assembly presided over by our College Captains.


Uniform Review

Students with leadership positions were lucky enough to be invited to partake in a focus group to review our school uniform. With students ranging from year seven to eleven there was a vast range of ideas and options, however the entire focus group came to some strong conclusions.

We believe it is in the best interest of the college image along with our personal values that the polo is replaced by a shirt as it is outdated and tacky. As students we also felt that the school shorts and pants could get a makeover. Changes could include adjustable waists to accommodate growing students and the option of belt loops.

A few improvements to the summer dress have also been suggested. These are that we add a white collar and cuffs(the sleeves) to the dress with a navy blue piping (stripe at the bottom of the sleeves) to give the dresses a more professional and modern look. Along with looking professional many of us thought it was time to bring in a blazer and a tie, this will allow us to feel better presented that hopefully will in turn make us want to learn more. We thought that our current jackets look good over a shirt and tie, so that students would not have to wear a blazer. In the coming weeks, we will consult with students to get a wider range of views. 

-Brent Chalmers


Year 9 Community Leadership Program - Gilwell Park Camp

On the 17th of May our CLP class left school on our journey to Gilwell Park, near Gembrook. The class and our two teachers (Mr. Andriessen and Miss Riddle) arrived at Gilwell and started to inspect the area before setting up the tents. Once we had finished setting up the group then sat down and enjoyed our lunch in the outdoors.

 After lunch we all went for a walk to collect firewood for the fire we planned to have. Once all the firewood was broken up we moved on to our first activity which was the low ropes course. Just before the sun went down we set up our cooking circle and started to cook our dinners on the trangia stoves. After dinner we cleaned up and sat around the fire.

The camp fire we had after dinner was nice and warm and also relaxing. We played games like title and artist with the guitar that Laing and Andrew brought along. We roasted marshmallows and talked about fun things, we all enjoyed talking and listening to each other.

Early on day 2 we commenced the first of our challenging initiative activities, the high ropes course; it was exhilarating. For safety, we wore a helmet and a harness and had two people act as a “belay” to ensure we didn’t fall. Each part was different and consisted of difficult challenges that were 7 minutes off the ground. After overcoming our fears, we then attempted the Giant’s Ladder. The Giant’s Ladder is an activity that needs the whole group to participate, even if you didn’t climb you still had to hold the ropes to support the climbers. Laing, Cameron, Chance and Kiara did well on this challenge.

After lunch we did Crate Stacking, which involves one person attached to a full body harness to stack milk crates above one another and get as high as possible. One team managed to stack fifteen crates on top of each other! Both team's crate stacks eventually fell. The final activity for the day, was the Gauntlet. This was muddy obstacle course consisting of Tunnel Crawls, Muddy Water swims, rope walls and the Monkey Bars. The Gauntlet tested our physical and mental strength.

After the Gauntlet, we returned back to the campsite to have a BBQ dinner prepared by Mr Andriessen! The majority of us ended up full and struggled to eat what was left. For dessert we learnt how to make damper and toasted it on the fire. We then added Nutella.

The next day we were up early again and had to pack up everything. Once we put all the gear in the trailer and we took off for our last activity, hut building. In hut building we all were split up into 3 teams to make a hut out of sticks, bark and leaves. The aim was to make the most stable and liveable hut. This was a challenge given the materials and time we had to work with.

We returned safely to school at about 2pm and unpacked the bus and trailer in the rain, however we can count ourselves lucky that this was the first rain we had had for the camp! Camp was fun and eye-opener for a lot of us, we also saw the development of leadership skills and friendships.

CLP Students



IDAHOBIT stands for the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia.  Our school celebrated this day to show support to the LGBTIQT community.

The celebrations started pretty early when before the school day commenced, we made our school crossing rainbow by colouring over the brick with chalk. Then at the start of the school day we raised the rainbow flag on the flagpole for the whole school to see.

We had so many staff, students and visitors at our morning tea which concluded with students speakers who were given our best attention.

Prior to the day we had made badges which were worn by many in the school community to help celebrate and we continued in the same way with our final activity for the day making stars at lunchtime.

From my point of view this was a great day to lift the spirits of many students and I hope we can do it again next year.

Ktimberley Crombie 8B

Junior School News

Year 8 excursion to Point Nepean

On Thursday 11th May, the majority of Year 8 went down to Point Nepean National Park. This was so that we could understand the surroundings of our novel, ‘Falling from Grace’. The actual walk we went on was about 10km in total. Although during the walk people were lethargic, bored and sore, no-one gave up or whined. Since the park and Point Nepean were so big, there was so much to explore. There were caves and tunnels where the troops hid out, chilled and slept. There were monuments that made it look very stylish. Beautiful landscapes of cliffs and the ocean. Going to Point Nepean really opened my eyes to understand our novel. I really enjoyed this experience. I just wish I wore better shoes!


By Matthew Dryden, 8B



Salvo's workshop on the homeless

A group of 24 Year 9 students had a great experience last Thursday when we went to the Salvo’s premises in Bourke Street. We learnt a lot about what makes someone homeless and what happens to them.

We learnt that the main reason people become homeless is because of domestic violence; that there are more than 107, 000 homeless people in Australia and that 60% of homeless people develop a mental illness.

Our instructor, Jane, asked us what a homeless person looked like and we answered with, "usually a beard, long hair, dirty, old, torn clothing and sometimes scary". But after she told us a few stories about normal, everyday people like us that didn’t look like what we had described, we realised that you didn’t have to look like that to be a homeless person – it can happen to anyone.

Then we went for a walk around to visit some of the places where the homeless sleep. It was a bit of a shock to see this and to hear about how they survive each day. There are more homeless sleeping ‘rough’ now because there is a housing crisis for these people – just nowhere for them to go.                                                                                   

The best thing we learnt though, was about how hard the outreach workers from the Salvation Army work to look out for these people. They don’t give up on people, even if they slip back into their old ways like drinking or drug taking. They keep helping them and had a lot of successful stories to tell us.


Year 9 Career Expo and Arthurs Seat Walk

On Tuesday the 16th of May all the Year 9s went to Chisholm TAFE in Rosebud for a careers expo. Throughout the institute stalls were set up to show the young students the different pathways that are available. Some of the most popular exhibitions were:

-Monash University


-The University of Melbourne

-Police Academy

- RMIT University

-Federation University

-Navy / Air Force

-Chisholm TAFE

-Victoria University

-Deakin University

-Whitehouse Institute of Design


What did everyone get out of the day? Well I believe that some of the Year 9s may have become more aware of the steps they have to take to work in a particular occupation or to get into a tertiary course. For example what subjects they may have to choose in Year 10 and how much effort they will need to put into their schooling. It may have also encouraged students to think about participating in part time employment to ready themselves for their chosen field.

After the expo we went to Arthur's Seat National Park for a quick lunch break and for a short walk to the lookouts. In the end it was an excellent opportunity and made many students start to really think about what career path they would like to take.

By Brayden Forsyth 9C


Year 7 Youth Day

On Tuesday 30th May we had our annual Youth Day. As part of the day each class was asked to prepare and present their Anti Bulling campaign as part of our Learning About Me class (Health).

We have all been working very hard to come up with an individualised campaign that addresses the issue of bullying and what we can do as a community member at Patterson River Secondary College to prevent and stop bullying in its many forms.

We had a fantastic judging panel, which included our college principal Mr. Dew, assistant principal Miss Cavey and the amazing year 10 leaders. With the great competition and excellent presentations, it was very close. We would like to congratulate 7G for taking out 3rd place, 7E for coming 2nd and a big congratulations goes to 7C for taking out 1st place, well done.

During period 3 & 4 we had the opportunity to participate in some fun activities which included Outdoor Games, Art Installation and games ran by Frankston & Kingston Council Youth Services.

The whole day was really enjoyable and we look forward to seeing this day continue in the years to come.

Isabelle Evans & Joshua Bowman

Year 7 Captains

& Maddison Bowly & Peter Stones

Year 7 Vice- Captains


Senior School News

VCE Outdoor Ed Grampians Camp

Each year our Unit 3/4 Outdoor Education group venture to The Grampians National Park to complete their outdoor practical experience. This camp provides our students with an opportunity to see first hand the natural environment within the Grampians National Park in which we have been studying throughout Unit 1. 

Activities undertaken while on camp included a visit to the Brambuk Cultural and Indigenous Centre where our students watched videos explaining significant Aboriginal story telling relating to Gariwerd and it's people. The students also learnt how to play the Didgeridoo and discover rock art found in the Grampians National Park.

Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Abseiling and hiking up and over Mt Rosea were just a few of the outdoor experiences provided to the students during the week long trip in Halls Gap. It was pleasing to see every student attempt all activities during the camp.

Outdoor Education is a fantastic curriculum option allowing our students to experience different environments that can be found in our very own backyard.


Year 11 Psychology Incursion

On Thursday the 18th of May,  Year 11 Psychology students were involved in the ‘Deceptology’ Incursion. It was presented by the award-winning science communicator Nicholas J. Johnson.

The incursion was interactive and explored how perception, attention, memory and other cognitive processes are involved in the creation of illusions. Students were captivated throughout as Nicholas performed his tricks and enjoyed the explanations of how Psychological concepts and understandings contribute to a magic show performance. All students thoroughly enjoyed the show.


Senior School Holocaust Museum Excursion

On Monday 24 April, senior students from Years 10, 11 and 12 visited the Jewish Holocaust Centre. We were immediately introduced to this dark part of world history and listened to a Jewish Holocaust survivor, named John Szaja. Despite sharing his tragic past with us, John brightened our day by reinforcing the goodness that exists in all of humanity. Later we were given a tour of the museum by other Holocaust survivors or their descendants, who explained the meaning of the artworks and artefacts. At the end, two students were chosen to light a candle in the memorial room in remembrance of those who died during the Holocaust.


 Sports Report

PRSC Annual House Athletics Carnival

Earlier this term saw our second college based sporting carnival take place. Term 1 was for our swimmers and this Term was all about Track and Field athletes at Ballam Park Athletics Track. 

This year was again a huge success with students packing out all running, jumping and throwing events ensuring that a healthy yet spirited competition was felt all day. All staff and students are to be congratulated for creating another wonderful event and I look forward to September when our qualifying athletes compete at the Northern Peninsula Division Athletics Carnival.


PRSC Athletics Age Group Champions

13 Girls - Piper Isles

13 Boys - Tarrant Wallace

14 Girls - Kimberley Crombie

14 Boys - Joey Jackson

15 Girls - Hayley Prasad

15 Boys - Mauricio Barragan Orea

16 Girls - Charlotte Baker

16 Boys - Daniel Temkin

17 Girls - Elise Jacob

17 Boys - Ayden Woodward

18-20 Girls - Amber Curtis

18-20 Boys - Cody Storton-French

NPD Cross Country

This year Patterson River fielded a team of 82 students at the Northern Peninsula Division Cross Country Carnival held at Ballam Park. Pleasingly the students put in a fantastic effort in all races, producing some terrific results throughout the day.  With each race being so competitive it was an amazing effort to have 15 students qualify through to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Carnival to be held in June. Within the 15 qualifiers included our senior boys team who won the teams category in the male 17-20 years race.

SMR Cross Country Qualifiers

13 Girls - Tamsin Weston 

13 Boys - Pranit Parashar 

14 Girls - Madeleine Terlicher 

15 Boys - Max Lefevre

16 Boys - Daniel Temkin

16 Boys - Kyle Hindle 

16 Girls - Ella Keenan 

16 Girls - Charlotte Baker 

17-20 Girls - Ashleigh OBrien 

17-20 Girls - Christina Bantow 

17-20 Boys - Lucas Prattico 

17-20 Boys - Angus Wright 

17-20 Boys - Brad Magee 

17-20 Boys - Ben Petterwood 

17-20 Boys- Branden Strahan 

NPD Interschool Sport

Traditionally Term 2 is our busiest time of the year for Sport as our 'big three' are played this term being Netball, Soccer and AFL (both male and female). These bigger sports allow many of our students to compete and is the building blocks of our strong sporting culture.  


Already this year our Senior boys Baseball team progressed through to the Southern Metro Regional Finals and within the past two weeks our Senior boys successfully won Northern Peninsula Division Championship Pennants in AFL, Soccer and Badminton. a near perfect clean sweeping of the Senior Division Sports. A fantastic effort by all staff and students involved!

To finish off the term we have plenty of Interschool Sport Carnivals still to be played out, including all of our Junior Sport in which Patterson River will continue to strive for excellence in the sporting arena.



Mr Cameron Cox (Sport Coordinator)

Performing Arts News

Stage Band Hits The Road

The College's stage band has participated in a number of performances in the Community over the last month, including the Seaford RSL's ANZAC Day service and The Biggest Morning Tea in Chelsea Heights. The stage band will continue to hit road with some upcoming performances in local primary schools and the Bonbeach Farmers Market. 


Dance Night 

The first of two Dance Evenings for 2017 will take place on June 27th, showcasing the talents of our dance students from all year levels. Over 20% of tickets have sold in the first 24hrs so make sure you book tickets soon. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here




On Wednesday the 17th May, string players from around the South Eastern suburbs came to our beautiful Performing Arts Centre  at Patterson River for a day of playing music as a wonderful string orchestra.

We had Ben Castel as our guest conductor for the day who was great!  He worked on rhythm with us, as well as listening to each other in the orchestra while playing.  Everyone made new friends, had lots of fun, and learnt lots about playing in an orchestra with violins, violas, cellos and a double bass.  It was an enjoyable day for everyone involved and culminated in recording songs that we had not played prior to the day. 

Amber Curtis Yr 12


Year 8 Rising Stars Elective Cabaret Show


The year 8 Rising Star elective has been a huge success this semester. The class worked tirelessly from the beginning of the year to bring together a show that not only demonstrated their skill, but also entertained. Four classes of year 7’s attended the performance of the fairytale inspired cabaret show last Wednesday. They incorporated dance, drama & music to captivate their audience and succeeded wonderfully!


Year 8 Concert Band

This is the Year 8 band during one of our practice sessions.  We all loved our last open rehearsal and are looking forward to the next one at the end of the semester.  

by Kimberley Crombie.


Aladdin the Musical

On Wednesday May 24, Patterson River Music students were thrilled to attend Disney’s “Aladdin” at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

We arrived at the theatre with anticipation in spades and we were certainly not disappointed! The sets wowed us as soon as the curtain opened making us think and feel like we were right there in the markets of Agrabah with the characters as they sang and danced their way through the opening scenes.

The music coming from the pits had our feet tapping and our love of all things Disney revived. The staff and students alike had a fantastic day and enjoyed the wonderful experience of seeing a live show such as “Aladdin.”


EXCEL Sport Program

EXCEL Sport 2018 Testing Day

On Thursday 4th May we had 65 Grade 6 students from surrounding Primary Schools attend PRSC for the day. The students participated in a range of competitive sports, fitness testing and a written component in order to apply for the EXCEL Sports Program in 2018. All of the applicants were extremely impressive and the decision to select 20 EXCEL Sport students was difficult. Congratulations to the students who were selected to be in the Year 7 EXCEL Sport Program 2018.


Junior Boys Netball

Earlier this term our Junior Sport EXCEL boys ventured out to Jubilee Park Netball Centre and competed in the Northern Peninsula Division Boys Netball Tournament. For many of our boys it was the first time they had played competitive matches of Netball and although the results did not go our way, improvement was shown throughout the tournament. The boys have said they already look forward to the 2018 Boys Netball tournament.


3 on 3 State Centre Basketball Tournament

The opportunity for a 3 V 3 Basketball Tournament was presented to several of our Basketball obsessed ladies and gentleman from Year 9 – 11. With many jumping at the opportunity 8 males and 8 females were selected to travel to The State Basketball Centre in Knox to represent Patterson River.

All teams competed extremely positively with huge smiles on their faces throughout the entire day. The PRSC boys coming away with a 3 win & 1 loss team and 2 win & 2 loss team. Both unfortunately missing out on progressing out of the initial pool stage. The PRSC girls came away with a 3 win & 1 loss team and a 1 win & 4 loss team.

The day was played with great enthusiasm, sportsmanship and competitive spirit fitting of the Patterson River name.


Careers News

Year 10 Work Experience

2017 saw the re-introduction of the Year 10 Work Experience Program after a one year hiatus.


This year, 132 eager Year 10 students spent the week experiencing a range of industries including Nursing, Hospitality, Landscaping, Architecture, Retail and the most popular by far, Teaching.


All students were visited throughout the week and the response  from both the students and the employers was exceedingly positive. I think the photos speak for themselves in how successful the week was.



Year 10 VCE and Careers Expo

On Friday the 5th May the entire Year 10 cohort jumped on a train to Caulfield Racecourse to spend the day at the biggest Careers Expo in Australia. We started the day off attending a seminar called “How to choose your VCE subjects - advice for Year 10 students” and then the students spent the next few hours talking with the 170 different exhibitors from Universities, TAFEs and Industry groups.


These two activities have provided the Year 10 students a glimpse into their future and hopefully has helped them to start thinking about what direction they will take in Year 11 and 12.




Year 9 TAFE Testers

35 Year 9 students attended the “TAFE Taster Day” at the Trade Training Centre at Frankston Chisholm on the 25th May. 


TAFE Tasters give Year 9 students the opportunity to get a ‘taste’ of the vocational courses available at Chisholm TAFE that they may decide to enrol in as one of their Year 10 electives in 2018.


The students spent the day experiencing four different course on offer at Chisholm: Hospitality, Building and Construction, Health Services and Sport and Recreation.


From the photos you can see how much they enjoyed the experience.



Amy Joseph

(Careers, Pathways & VETis Coordinator)

Striving for Excellence

Vice Chancellors Monash Scholarship - Chris McWilliam

2016 Graduate Chris McWilliam was awarded his Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Bio-Medicine at an award ceremony on the 10th May. The Scholarship was awarded to Chris due to his excellent VCE results last year at Patterson River. Chris has settled in well to his tertiary studies. 


Striving for excellence in year 11

Year 11 student Ruby Talbot is one of 52 VCE Year 11 and 12 students who have been selected as mentees under the Monash University Mentoring Program. Student mentees attended a Mentee Induction Day at Monash University early in Term I which introduced them to the concept and benefits of participation. Student mentees have been carefully matched with Monash University student mentors who are studying degrees aligned to each individual mentee’s future career pathway. Ruby has her heart set on becoming a lawyer and therefore she is being mentored by fifth year law student Sarah Christie. Ruby meets Sarah every third week after school in the college Library for these mentoring sessions and says she very much looks forward to these sessions. Ruby says these sessions have provided her with “invaluable insights into going to university and fantastic tips on study techniques.”  On the recent school holidays Ruby accompanied Sarah to Monash University thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to sit in on law lectures and tutorials that served to crystalise her ambition to pursue a career in law.    


Striving for excellence in year 12 - 
Tristan Clements

Year 12 student Tristan Clements is a highly talented dancer and over the recent school holidays Year 12 student Tristan Clements travelled to the US with the Dancesation dance studio who invited to perform at Disneyland, Universal Studios and on Hollywood Blvd. Tristan’s other passion is multi media and he is currently studying VCE Media 3-4 through Distance Education and a VET Certificate III in Multi Media at Holmlesglen TAFE. Tristan is aiming to own and operate his own multi-media company and has already completed two commercial projects including a promotional video for Eiris watches. 



Rebecca Schilling

Year 12 student Rebecca Schilling has been selected as a participant in the Monash University  Extension Program and is currently undertaking first year Chemistry in conjunction with completing her Year 12 VCE studies at Patterson River Secondary College. Rebecca attends Monash University Clayton campus every Monday night, along with other Year 12 students from schools across Melbourne, to complete two hours of Chemistry lectures. Rebecca also spends many hours both at home and school completing on-line tutorials. On the recent school holidays, Rebecca spent two full days at Monash University completing practical experiments as part of her formal assessment. Rebecca says that this program has “ helped me realise I have a passion for science and that I want to pursue this field in the future. “  Participation in this program will provide Rebecca with up to five bonus ATAR points to help her optimize her ATAR and earn her a position in a medical degree next year.



 Amber Curtis

Congratulations to Amber Curtis, who has been cast in this year's Victorian State Schools Spectacular.
Amber has also been selected to take part in a workshop event with the Australian Chamber
Orchestra at the Performing Arts Unit on Monday 26 June. This event will see VSSO players working with some of Australia’s most exciting string players.


Community Announcements & Advertisements


Heartlinks Better Relationship Parenting Workshops


Dates to Remember 


Thursday 1st

Intermediate Sport


Monday 5th - Thursday 15th

Years 10 and 11 Exams


Wednesday 14th



Friday 16th 

Report Writing Day

Years 11 and 12 Formal


Monday 19th

Semester 2 Begins


Thursday 22nd 

Year 10 Keys Please


Friday 23rd 

Year 12 VCE Tertiary Information Session (TIS)

Year 7 Sport


Tuesday 27th

Junior Girls Football


Friday 30th

Last day of Term 2


Monday 17th 

First Day Term 3


Tuesday 25th July

Senior School Information Evening


Thursday 27th July

Principal's Commendations

Senior Sport

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