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05 July 2019
Issue Ten
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R.E News

Youth Mass


Many thanks to our Lasallian Youth Ministers and O’Connor students who assisted with the Youth Mass on Sunday 23rd. The BEATitudes do a great job with the music. It would be lovely to see more O’Connor families support the Youth Mass, which is on in the Cathedral twice a term.


The Lasallian Youth Ministers and teachers have been working hard preparing Founders Day for many weeks and have a great day planned for us. It is finally here and on Friday we will be celebrating the Tercentenary of the death of St John Baptist De La Salle, the founder of the De La Salle Brothers. There will be many guests at the College to help us celebrate including, De La Salle brothers, Ursuline nuns, Lasallian youth ministers and students / teachers from St Ursula’s Kingsgrove. This is a fun day for all students to participate in the assembly, Mass, concert and the traditional house sport; Capture the Flag.  Students may wear mufti and are asked to bring a gold coin donation, which is handed in at morning pastoral. The money collected will go towards the Yr 12 Fundraising for the Red Cross.


Prayer for Rain


Marriage and Family Week

First week of Term 3 the Diocese celebrates Marriage and Family Week. Junior RE classes will have lessons with a specific focus on Family Prayer during Marriage and Family Week. These lessons provide an opportunity to explore how the family is ‘Good News’, a joy for the world, for the family is one way in which God’s love for all people is revealed in our world. 

Two couples from the parish will speak to the year 11s about Marriage and Family and the students will have the opportunity to ask questions about Christian marriage 


Around the Classes

Year 7 have been working the unit “Sacred Scripture” 

The Bible is the sacred and inspired story of the relationship between God and humanity

The Bible reveals God’s truth.


Year 8 have been working on the unit “Martyrs, Saints and Witnesses”

Jesus instituted the Church to continue his mission and it has always had its difficulties and divisions as well as its inspiring witnesses.

The Church is timeless and Christians are still faced with many challenges for their faith

St Paul was a significant historical person who helped develop the church

Throughout history Christians have been prepared to die for their faith in Jesus.


Year 9 have been working on the unit “Living the Commandments and Beatitudes “.

Christian morality is grounded in God’s plan for humanity and fully revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


Year 10 have been working on the unit “Catholic Social Teachings” 

Social Justice emerges from the example of Jesus Christ and calls us to action


Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 were surveyed to determine their interest in participating in the annual retreat to Sydney. Over 85% have said they want to go and planning has started for this. The retreat will take place on 10th -13th December - the last week of school for the year 11 students.

Term 3 Masses and Liturgies

Parents and families are welcome to join the school community for these, I especially

encourage you to attend your son/daughters Term Mass


Week 1  


Year 9

Week 2



Week 3


Week 4


Feast of the Assumption

          (Whole school)

Week 5


Year 10

Week 6


Year 11

Week 7


Year 8

Week 8


Year 7

Week 9


Week 10


Year 12 Graduation Mass 7.00pm



Thank you


Denise Fittler


Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,


Founders Day

On Friday 5th July, we held our Founders Day.  Founders Day is a time to celebrate our founders of the College: John Baptist de La Salle (De La Salle Brothers) and St Angela Merici (Ursuline Sisters) and a very important part of our faith learning. This year, our focus will be on St John Baptist de La Salle as it is the Tercentenary of his death. 


St John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719) is the Patron Saint of Teachers. He was born in France in 1651.  His family was from the privileged class but after entering the priesthood, De La Salle committed himself to provide a Christian and human education to young people and especially to the poor and marginalised. In 1680, at 29 years of age, John Baptist de La Salle invited young men to join him in devoting themselves to the Christian education of youth. He was canonised in 1900 and became the universal patron Saint of Teachers in 1950. Inspired by their Founder, the De La Salle Brothers developed into a worldwide Christian education community.


"To touch the hearts of the young and to inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform, and it is the one that God asks of you; it is the purpose of your work with the young." (St John Baptist de la Salle)


We hosted a number of visitors for our Founders Day including Bishop Michael Kennedy who celebrated our whole school Mass, Br David Hawke (Provincial, De La Salle Brothers, District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea), Br John Pill (Principal O’Connor 1975 -1981), Br Raymond Khan, Br Garry Coyte (Principal O’Connor 1984-1988), Br Tim Peter and Br Anthony Cummins (Former Teacher), Sr Fran Millege (Ursuline Sister and Former Teacher) and Mr Chris Smyth (Director Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Armidale).


We also had 15 students and teachers from St Ursula’s College, Kingsgrove join us. It is a wonderful opportunity to form connections with our Ursuline family. We are looking at a reciprocal visit later in the year to attend their celebration of Angela Merici.


O’Connor Catholic College holds a special place in both the Ursuline and De La Salle history in Australia. St Ursula’s, Armidale and De La Salle College, Armidale were the first schools set up by the orders on arriving in Australia. 


Staffing Changes for Term 3

Mr Ian Yensch will leave O’Connor at the end of Term 2 to move closer to his family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Yensch for all his work at O’Connor, especially in his role as VET Leader of Learning. 


Ms Tonya McQuilty will take on the role of VET Leader of Learning and I congratulate Ms McQuilty on her appointment and look forward to working with her in this new role. Mr Glenn Watson and Mr Peter Belson will job-share the TAS/Construction position for Term 3 while we advertise for a replacement.


Mrs Denise Fittler was successful in gaining the position of REC for the remainder of 2019. I congratulate and thank Mrs Fittler for taking on this role, vacated due to Mr Damian Roff’s appointment as Assistant Principal.


Mr David Lush will be returning at the beginning of Term 3 after taking extended leave. We welcome him back to the Science KLA. Mr Bryan Allerton has been relieving in this position for 18 months and I thank Mr Allerton for all his work over this time. Mr Allerton will continue to work at O’Connor three days a week. 



Academic Reports for Year 7 - 10 were posted this week. These reports are a good opportunity for you to have a conversation with your daughter/son about how they are going and how they can move their learning forward.



Student conferencing will replace traditional Parent-Teacher Interviews. Student Conferencing will be with your child’s PAC teachers and take the form of a 15 minute conference. This will be a more meaningful experience for everyone. In particular for Year 10, this will provide a great foundation for subject selection into Year 11. Conferencing will occur in Week 2 Term 3 for Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10) and in Week 3 Term 3 for Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8). Parents can contact teachers for subject interviews as required.


Staff Development Day

A Staff Development Day will occur on Monday 22nd July (First Day of Term 3). For students from Year 7 - 10 this will mean a Pupil Free day. The learning hub will be open for senior students to study.


Wishing you a safe and relaxing school holidays.


What new learning will you undertake this week?



Thank you

Regina Menz

 Assistant Principal's Message

Parents & Carers

Last Week of Term II


In a very busy end of Term II we finished off with our traditional Founders Day, a celebration of the De la Salle Brothers and Ursuline Sisters that pioneered education and were instrumental in the formation of O’Connor. The day of celebration, included a Mass. This mass was a Tercentenary Mass commemorating 300 years since the death of St John Baptist De La Salle, the patron saint of teachers and the founder of the De La Salle Brothers. It was a mufti day and students were asked to wear house colours and make a donation toward charity.


On Wednesday of the last week of Term II, O’Connor hosted the Wellbeing Cup, an initiative of Ms McQuilty's. This cup is a day of Rugby League with the presence of a number of institutions promoting mental health and wellbeing. Our opponents were  The Armidale Secondary College and it is hoped it becomes an annual event.


I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our students a refreshing break. 


Term III

Next term will be the final official term for Year 12. The HSC Trials will take place in Weeks 5 and 6 commencing on the 19th  August. Whilst it is important for students in Year 12 to freshen up over the break, they need to consistently be revising, studying and completing work towards the Trials. Those students who maintain a consistent study pattern will find the Trial Exam experience less stressful than those who do little.


Week I

Term III is shaping up to be very busy with a new timetable and a number of events. Students return to O’Connor on Tuesday,23rd July. This is Marriage and Family Week across the Armidale Diocese. Religious Education classes will focus on the sacrament of marriage and Year 11 students will participate in the Explore Program involving honest questions and answers to married couples that come in as guests of O’Connor. This is an initiative of Bishop Kennedy, which is now in its fourth year. The first week of school will see our boys and girls Football teams travelling to Coffs Harbour for the Regional Finals of the Catholic Colleges' knockout. We wish them luck. On July 25, the College will be hosting St Mary’s as they conduct their athletics carnival. The roster of year Masses also begins on the 24th with the Year 9 Mass. This will commence in De La Salle Chapel at 9.15am. 


Week II


All through week 2, O’Connor celebrates NAIDOC week. This is a celebration of the history and continuing contribution to Australia of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Each day a year group will participate in a flag raising ceremony and on Friday August 2, a prayer service will be held, presided over by our own ATSIC students.


Student Led Conferencing


Student Led Conferencing will take place in Week 2 and 3 starting with Stage 5 in Week 2. It is an exciting new concept associated with our reporting system. Details of how to book a time with Pastoral and Academic Care teachers will be sent out with reports over the next week. Please ensure you book a time, as it promises to be a productive and positive experience.


Winter Uniform


We continue with winter uniform in Term 3. It may be timely to remind students regarding our policy on this. Many students have purchased a school hoodie. These are to be worn with the sports uniform which may only be worn on the days that students have practical lessons of PDHPE. On all other days it is the school uniform of jumper and blazer. On particularly cold days students may wear the college beanie and a navy or black scarf if necessary. 

Staff Development Days 2019

We wish to advise parents/carers of the dates for staff development days for the remainder of the year.

Term 3 - Monday 22nd July. The Library will be open for senior students wishing to study.

Term 4 - School concludes on Wednesday 18 December.


Thank you ..

For your ongoing support & Cooperation


Damian Roff

Acting A.P

Leader of Pedogogy

LOP Message

Student Voice Part II: Student-Led Conferencing


The last week of school in Term 2 is always a week to look forward to. The holidays are rapidly approaching, we celebrate our Founder’s Day with an awesome display of students' cultural talents and we conclude the term with a profound demonstration of community in whole-school ‘capture the flag’. This year though,  is filled with just a little more anticipation. When we return in Term 3, a new journey for our learning community begins - our first ever Student-Led Conferencing for Stage 4 to 5.  


Student-led, parent-teacher conferences encourage students to be proactive in their learning experiences. It is their voice that leads discussions around where they are at in their learning, their progress, their social and academic challenges and successes and how to improve. Together with the parents and teachers, they identify their goals for the next learning period and strategise as to how best they can reach these goals. This kind of open dialogue can be only positive, as it is the student who leads. It’s not possible to ‘give’ this kind of ownership and self-determination...the students need to develop the skills that enhance ownership and self-determination. As O’Connor is a learning community founded on faith and focused on learning, working collaboratively to enhance the learning for all, our students are developing the skills to be empowered people, ready to make a difference in our world.


I wrote about student voice in an earlier Newsletter, emphasising that voice isn’t about choice, it’s about authentic engagement and inclusivity. It is about showing our vulnerabilities, to reflect on our challenges and successes, together. Because, quite simply, in doing this, we open ourselves up to feedback and as a result, we are open to growth...LEARNING GROWTH!


If we want meaningful and lasting improvement in the academic performance of our students, then we need to involve them directly in the learning process, including the assessment of their learning acquisition. But teachers and students cannot do this alone, we need you. Parents and caregivers are integral to the success of our students. All the preparation our students and Pastoral and Academic Care teachers have put into these conferences, to identify individual student’s learning challenges and successes over the past semester has been with purpose. This process is meaningful, it is authentic and it is inclusive. Only it is more so with you. 


  • If you have a child in Stage 5, the student-led conferences will be held in Week 2 and will lead into our Year 11 Subject Choices Fair on Monday 5th August.


  • If you have a child in Stage 4, the student-led conferences will be during Week 3.


Please make the time to join with your child’s Pastoral and Academic Care teacher/s, and participate in the conference experience, which will be led by your child, in order to gain new insights into your child’s learning journey.


Eli Simpson

Leader of Pedagogy


Pastoral Academic Care


Pastoral Academic Care (PAC) Focus 



Wellbeing Element: MEANING AND PURPOSE

Character Strength: HUMILITY

Parent Wellbeing: Reflect on: 

Reliability – can people depend on you? 

Openness – can people expect you to deliver both good and bad news?

Competence – can people depend on what you produce?

Compassion – do people feel you treat them with consideration and respect?


We live in great country, which has evolved from the input of many rich cultures. Each has brought its own special mix of traditions, rituals, foods, clothing, languages and many other valuable perspectives. Open-mindedness to accept difference as part of life, is a strength which requires courage to use properly.


Community wellbeing and social connectedness relies very much on seeking first to understand different cultures before passing judgement. Students build these understanding through listening, observing and asking questions to learn more. We can learn a lot by watching preschool children from many cultures playing together at day care and at kindergartens. They accept, play with and learn from each other as equals; no judgements being made.


In Australia there are about 90 different cultures and in New Zealand about 75. Both of our nations are in a constant state of cultural change and accepting difference and diversity will see both countries continue to prosper. The essential element for personal growth is for students to look at different cultures through the lenses of their top strengths. This will enable them to look for what is good and right about what they see and experience. Doing this will see their wellbeing thrive and flourish.


“Understanding advances by steps, not by leaps.” Lord Macaulay.

Year 7

Congratulations on a great term Year 7. Can you believe we are halfway through the year already? 


I have been impressed by the mature way that year 7 have jumped into preparations for our student-led conferencing next term. Students are able to critically reflect on their learning and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. This is such a valuable skill for our students to have and will set them up for achieving their learning goals. 



Gallery: Year 7 commendation recipients. 


We appreciate your support to remind your child to wear the correct uniform each day and to remember to wear their blazer to and from school. 


At the conclusion of a semester of our literacy block program, we have seen some tremendous growth in student writing. Students are engaging in the program and enjoying writing - some students have even begging for more time to write!

Photo: Students participating in the literacy block this term.


Next term we welcome back Ms Kruezen. Many thanks for your support.



Katie Biddle

Acting Yr 7 PAC Leader 

Year 8

As another huge term draws to a close we can look back at an action-packed term, filled with Arts, Sport and lots of learning.  Year 8 students have represented the school in cross country, music, drama, debating and football. Congratulations to everyone on all of these achievements and for ensuring O’Connor is well represented across the region. I’m also pleased to say students are still being rewarded with lots of commendations and everyone receiving these should be very proud!

Photo: Year 8 presentation of commendation certificates. 


During PAC classes Year 8 are still working hard to prepare for the Student-led Conferences coming up at the start of term 3. From physical education to visual arts students are reflecting on their learning and trying to understand what makes some subjects more successful than others and how they can transfer skills across all areas of school life.


Finally a huge thank you to the Year 8 PAC team. We couldn't do it without your hard work every morning to support the students' wellbeing and learning. 


Have a happy and safe holiday! 



Lloyd Honnery.


Year 9

Another exciting, busy, fun-filled term draws to a close; a term where learning has been the focus and faith remains the foundation. I am personally proud of the achievements of almost all of the students in Year 9. Their reports are in the process of being posted and the new format highlights key areas in which their learning can be moved forward. Student-led conferencing will take place in Week 2 of next Term and bookings for this can be made online shortly. I look forward to seeing you as we all engage in this new initiative.


Our PAC focus this week is “Accepting and Learning from others”. The aim of the focus is to add to our individual Meaning and Purpose by learning about and accepting different cultures. Communities thrive and flourish when they accept and respect individual and group differences, such as, a variety of cultures, disabilities, skills, shapes, sizes and abilities. 


Another record number of Commendation Certificates were awarded during our briefing on Monday morning and those present appear in the larger group below. I always encourage the students to be proud of their achievements and to ensure their awards take pride of place on the fridge door at home. Please make a fuss of your child. These awards are not given away lightly. There was also a number of Year Leader Awards distributed. Congratulations to Sam, Randy, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Jenna, Maggie, Tommy, Fletcher, and Ethan, who all received awards and Oluoma who received her second award for the year.


Photos: Student awards - Year 9

Finally, I wish to thank my PAC team of Amanda, Bryan, Kath, Lauren, Florence, Sarah, Frank, Jenny, Andrew and Matt, who make my job that much easier with their professionalism and support.  


Enjoy your break. Drive carefully and stay warm.



Peter McLeish

Year 9 PAC Leader

(on behalf of the Year 9 Pastoral Academic Care team)

Year 10


It’s been another busy term and semester for Year 10. Students have just returned to school after a week's Work Experience and I hope that all students who undertook this week of work, found it rewarding and potentially helpful to what future work looks like for them.


It is also a time for students to reflect on their learning and work habits. Their reports will indicate how they have gone and how they can improve in semester two. I would like to extend to all of Year 10 and their families, a happy and safe school holidays and to have some much needed time to recharge for another busy time here at school next term.



Mark Fulloon

Year 10 PAC  Leader

Year 11

Year 11 can be very proud of their achievements and efforts this term. It has been a big one. Students are becoming more aware of the need for planning their time and work, in order to get assessments completed without too much stress. In regards to study and revision tips, time management strategies and the like, we will be having some workshops in Term 3 during PAC time based on these ideas.


Photo: Year 11 student awards

Students received awards at our Year assembly this week, to acknowledge all of their hard work in their studies. A big thank you to all of the students who continue to try their best in all areas, and work hard to move their learning.

A group of students have been busy designing the senior jersey, and the voting has commenced  to decide on the final style. I want to thank everyone for their efforts and the manner in which they have undertaken this task. 

Many students are heading to Work Placement over the next few weeks. This is a great opportunity and experience for them. 

Visitors from St Ursula’s College in Kingsgrove arrived on Thursday, 4th, ready for the Founder’s Day celebrations on Friday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the families of Charlotte Johnstone, Ellen Hawthorne, Abbey Thomas, Isabella Kennedy and Lara Walters for opening up their homes and providing hospitality to these guests from Sydney. 

Organisation for the Senior Retreat is now underway. This will take place in Term 4, Week 9. The response to the survey was overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to assisting in the preparation for this.

I wish everyone a safe, happy and restful holiday. 



Vicki Channon

Year 11 PAC Leader

Year 12

As Term 2 draws to a close I find myself reflecting that it has been a particularly busy time at school for our Yr 12 Students. The term has included many extra-curricular activities, as well as a number of large assessment task. The good news is that most students have completed all of their assessment tasks other than Trial Examinations. While this relieves some of the pressure around assessments, preparations for examinations should be well underway. The upcoming holidays are a fantastic opportunity to complete a substantial amount of revision. I really encourage students to maintain their focus and work ethic as we approach Trial and HSC examinations.


During the holidays a number of Yr 12 Teachers will be running tutorials in their subject areas to consolidate student learning. This is an invaluable opportunity for students to work on areas of the syllabus that they may not fully understand or feel are a bit of a weakness. All students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate.Thank you very much to the teachers who are kindly giving up their time to provide these opportunities


I would like to finish by congratulating all Yr 12 students on an excellent term of learning. I have been very pleased with the commitment and effort students have demonstrated towards their learning. Students are also  commended for their contributions to building a positive O’Connor School Community. Their involvement across the term in extra-curricular events has been outstanding. As the mid year holidays approach I want to wish students a restful and relaxing break. Please take some time to enjoy a break from your studies, by enjoying time with friends and family and keep safe.




James Russell

Year 12 PAC

College Information

Uniform Shop

Opening hours

Monday - 8am - 12pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 4pm

Friday - 10am - 2pm


Staff Development Day - Term 3

A Staff Development Day will occur on Monday 22nd July (First Day of Term 3). For students from Year 7 - 10 this will mean a Pupil Free day. The learning hub will be open for senior students to study.

Student Led Conferencing

Student led conferencing to be held in weeks 2 and 3  in Term 3, is a new initiative which is the new style of parent teacher interview. Our students are involved in the process and details about how to book an appointment time have been sent out with the reports this week. 

Canteen Menu


Around the School

Founders Day

On Friday we welcomed may visitors to the College who have been connected with the school's rich history as outlined in the Ms Menz's Principals Report. Being the day of publication, a full report will appear in the next addition of our newsletter. It was a fantastic day of celebration and many talented students and staff entertained us at the concert. 


Z Club Activities

Birthing Kit Assembly at O'Connor

Gallery: Z Club Birthing Kit Assembly

Z Club at O’Connor have had another very successful year in raising funds and awareness for the  Birthing Kits. We are very thankful for everyone who helped out. Some of the jobs that have to happen to streamline this process include: students helping with our pizza fundraiser day, which included baking cakes and biscuits to sell at recess, serving the massive 118 pizzas at lunch, folding plastics every break leading up to our assembly day, cutting up the string, and then of course, everyone who helped assemble the 600 birthing kits on Saturday, 28th June.

We have raised close to $900 because of everyone’s generosity. We would like to thank the Zonta Club of Armidale for donating $500 to help with the purchase of the kit supplies and to those members who could make it to our packing day. We would also like to thank the school community for their kind donations and support of this very important community service.

We can all be very proud that we are making a difference to many lives, those who are so less fortunate than us. A clean and safe birth should be a right that all mothers get to experience but for so many this is just not the case. 

If you wish to find out more about this cause here is the link: https://www.bkfa.org.au/

NSW Training Awards.

Recently Tom Smith was announced runner up in the 2019 NSW VET in Schools Student of the Year for his work in VET Primary Industries and Construction. Well done Tom!

Photo: Rebel Heart Photography

Other past students also featured in the awards were

Brenden Lowe  - Major Award -Commitment to VET

Ike Roberts – Brenden’s Trainer

Key note Address – Kieran Sullivan 2018 VET Ambassador.

O'Connor 'Johny De La Sales' Op Shop

In week 10 and Founders Day, Year 12 hosted an Op Shop to raise money for the Red Cross! Students received house points according to their donations.  Clothes, books, shoes, board games, small furniture and succulents were on sale. Students had a bake off to provide produce to sell. The shop was very popular at Break A and B each day this week. 

Photo: Mr Chapman was one of many happy customers at the 'Jonny's De La Sales' Op Shop this week.


College musicians join the celebrations at Guyra

A great celebration of 100 years of Catholic Education in Guyra occurred last week. Congratulations St Mary of the Angels. Our choir and musicians were fantastic and led the music at Mass. Well done everyone!

Photo: Music Students and teacher Mel Sampson at St Mary's of the Angels Guyra.


Last Wednesday, fourteen students from O’Connor joined with 50 other students from TAS, PLC and ASC to participate in the first regional Philosothon which was hosted by The Armidale School. 
Over the day they had the opportunity to discuss big problems and think deeply about a variety of issues.

Photo: Getting ready to break into groups at the Philosothon at TAS last week. 


Year 8.2 have just completed a unit based on Textiles. The students learned how to use a sewing machine safely. They also designed a cushion cover that reflected sustainability and comfort. Here are some photos.

Gallery: The completed pillows from Year 8 students.  

Mathematics - Year 10 Casino

The Year 10-  5.2 classes have just finished a unit on probability.  As a part of this, Mr. Chapman's class ran a CASINO!  Pairs of students designed an original gambling game suitable for a casino.  The trick is that the students running the games have calculated the theoretical probability of winning.  Armed with this information, they worked out pay-out figures to ensure they would win money from the punters.


On Casino Day the other three Year 10 maths classes came and tried their luck!  Everyone had fun with some punters winning and some losing.  Students were betting with counters.  The learning intention for the task was to show that the Casino (the house) will win on average.  At the end of the day when counters were counted, the whole Casino made a huge profit of 570 counters!  Erin Porter made the highest profit (137 counters) closely followed by Joe Hedges and Charlie Fittler (131 counters).

It just goes to show, IF YOU GAMBLE, YOU WILL LOSE!

Maths unit on probability - Mock Casino - the house always wins....

Gallery: Year 10 Mock Casino - probability in action

Maths meets Art and Animation

The Year 10 maths elective class have been working on a Desmos graphing task.  They use a variety of function types within the online graphing program.  By restricting the x and y values, using shading, colours and changing variables, these students have created amazing pictures.  Some even have moving parts.  They celebrated the end of the term (and the course for these students) with a showcase lesson.  Well done to these students and Mr Tonkin.

Gallery: Year 10 Maths elective class

Year 8 Maths

Year 8 have just finished a unit on Volume.  Logan Gaunson and Liam O’Keefe used some free time on construction to make this amazing shape without guidance.  It’s  a  "Snub Dodecahedron". 

The model is made of 80 triangles and 12 pentagons.

Photo: Logan Gaunson and Liam O'Keefe.

Close Shave with Politicians at Shearing School - Glen Innes


When Deputy Premier of New South Wales, the Deputy Premier Hon. John Barilaro along with the Agriculture Minister the Hon. Adam Marshall visited the Wool Works Shearing School last week. Their reaction was one of "shear"delight.

Sam Graham, Ronald Boxall, Joel Croft among many other keen shearers at Glen Innes.

Photo: Courtesy RDANI 

The Regional Development Australia Northern Inland (RDANI) facilitated Wool Works Shearing School is held at the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Glen Innes Agricultural Research and Advisory Station. It introduces high school students to the skills of shearing and wool handling and the political leaders recognised it as a measure of inspiration that the industry needs.

“This is fantastic! This school is about introducing young people to the skill of shearing and a possible future in agriculture,” Mr. Barilaro said. “I saw kids here who were smiling, they were engaged and they wanted to be there. I think this particular program, with all the stakeholders coming together, has touched on something that gives us hope for the future of agriculture and our kids in the bush.”

As Agriculture Minister and Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall also praised the Wool Works Shearing School, after both politicians had rolled up their sleeves and had a go. “Look, it is tremendous. I came for the first time in 2018 and thought that this is such a wonderful initiative and I wanted the Deputy Premier to see it."

The June 2019 Wool Works Shearing School was attended by three students from Glen Innes, three from O'Connor Catholic College in Armidale(Sam Graham, Ronald Boxall, Joel Croft) and 18 from Inverell’s Macintyre High School. Thanks to Australian Wool Innovation, experienced shearers, Ross Thompson and Leo Fittler instructed and supervised. Experienced TAFE Trainers, PaulineSmith and Kim Jenkins showed what working the shearing shed floor entails.


Inaugrial Well-Being Cup

A wonderful initiative was held at O’Connor on Wednesday being the inaugural Wellbeing Cup.
Students from O’Connor, ASC and McCarthy College Tamworth played friendly rugby league matches (boys and girls) and learned how to enhance their wellbeing and mental health.
Thank you to Miss McQuilty from O’Connor and Mr Walker from ASC for their hard work and organisation.


Rugby League

O'Connor and ASC combined playing rugby league in the Country Cup. The under 15s were undefeated.


Girls Rugby

During term 2, the OCC girls Rugby squads have fought hard to defend their titles of reigning champions. The U14s have had some challenging games playing some very experienced teams and placed 3rd overall. The U16s played exceptionally well with an unbeaten run until the finals night and placed 2nd. Fnally the U18s, who also had an unbeaten run and were placed 1st. The overall standings showed the dedication and commitment of the whole squad throughout the term. A huge well done and thank you to all the students and staff involved. Term 3 Rugby starts again on Friday of week 1. 


Boys Rugby


Congratulations to Year 7 students (L to R) Harry Partridge, Jack Lockyer and Lucas Thornton who have been selected in the 2019 NIAS Rugby Union team to tour New Zealand in September!


CCC Basketball

The boys have had mixed results, but overall they  had fun, played well and represented  our College with pride. 


CCC Cross Country

On Friday 14th June, 11 O’Connor students participated in the NSWCCC Cross Country in Eastern Creek, Sydney. All students agreed that the course was very challenging but they all enjoyed the experience.
Indiana Ramage was placed 50 of 70, Ben Fergusson 38 of 65, Nick Newsome 22 of 58 and with a fantastic run, Brooke Newberry placed 15 of 58.
Well done to all!

Netball Success 

Amber Barnden-Hyde has been selected to attend the NSW emerging talents session in Sydney this month. This is a big opportunity and achivement and we congratulate Amber. 

Photo supplied by ADNA.

Hockey Highlights

NSW Catholic Schools Open Boys Hockey

Kieran Wicks, Liam Smith, Jake McCann and Nathan Czinner all represented NSW in the Catholic Schools Open Boys Hockey Tri- series competition  at Sydney Olympic park recently. 

Photo: Kieran Wicks, LIam Smith, Jake McCann and Nathan Czinner at Sydney Olympic Park.

It was recently announced that Tyler McCann has been selected to participate in the  under 16 NSW All Schools Blues hockey team.  An exciting opportunity for Tyler. 


We congratulate Emma Gray for her call up to the Under 15s NSW Hockey team for 2020.  This in an opportunity which we hope leads to many more successes. Well done Emma. 

Inverell Dance Eisteddfod

Congratulations to Taryn Ramage of year 12 and Caitlin Jubb of Year 11 who had a successful weekend at the Inverell dance eisteddfod. 
Taryn won the senior song and dance championship. Caitlin won the senior ballet championship and was runner up in the senior jazz championship. 

Well done Taryn and Caitlin!

Photo: Taryn Ramage and Caitlin Jubb in Inverell.

Inter-school Horse Extravaganza
AELEC Tamworth

Allie Carson on 'Gold and Gun'

Four students travelled with their mounts to Tamworth for the annual schools horse events. Here are the results:

Allie Carson and her horse Gold n Gun  1st Pleasure Hack, 1st in Pairs and 6th overall in the one day event (comprising dressage, show jumping and cross country)

Allie Carson and her horse Hundreds and Thousands – 6th in A2 65cm Show jumping

Allie Carson and her horse Jack 2nd in barrel and 4th in running T and 1st in mounted games.

Video: Allie Carson riding 'Hundreds and Thousands'.

Amber Stewart and her horse Doc – 1st, 2  2nds and a 3rd in mounted games

Jacob Lynch and his horses Watchers Rio - clear rounds in the one day event.

and his young horse Pinot at his 1st event -1st in pairs

Macey Clark competed but didn’t place with her 2 horses in the Campdraft.

Video: Macey Clark competing in the Campdraft.

Jacob Lynch riding 'Watchers Reo' in the cross country

A huge thank you to the parents and families for supporting their students over a big 4 days.


Careers - General News

There will be a Year 12 student and parent/carer night on Tuesday 6 August 2019 which is week three of Term 3. The time and exact venue will be announced next term. 

Speakers include: Ms Menz, Mr Russell and Mrs Lemon. 

All are encouraged to come. 





Glenda Lemon

Careers/ Librarian

Creating Resilient Families - Andrew Fuller - #1

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Creating Resilient Families #1
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