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From the Principal

Term 1 Concludes - Friday 5th April at 2.30 pm

9am: Good Friday Liturgy 

1.50pm: P&F Easter Egg Raffle & Bonnet Parade
School Closure Day - Tuesday 23rd April & Wednesday 24th April


Two days of staff Professional Development as supported by external consultants - Continuing the staff focus on developing our professional practice in the use of Digital Technologies.  This focus aligns to our resourcing of Digital Technologies across the school eg. 1:1 Chromebooks & planned expansion of robotics resources 

ANZAC Day Public Holiday - Thursday 25th April
Term 2 Commences - Friday 26th April

St. Andrew's Holy Week & Easter Program


Holy Thursday 18th April

7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the school hall - followed by Adoration until Midnight.

Good Friday 19th April

Stations of the Cross –10.00am 

Celebration of the Lord’s Passion –3.00pm -  Commemoration of the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ in the School Hall. 

Holy Saturday 20th April

Easter Vigil Mass in the School Hall – 7.30pm

Easter Sunday 21st April

9.00am - Mass in the Church

11.00am - Mass in the Church 

St Andrew’s School Holy Week Presentations

Family members are invited to join us for our final 2 Holy Week presentations.
Thurs 4th April    2.30pm - 3.10pm    Year 1/2 ‘Garden of Gethsemane’
Friday 5th April  9.00am - 9.40am   Year 5/6 ‘Good Friday’ & ‘Stations of the Cross’  
These presentations will be held in the hall.

Dear Families

A Fabulous Term 1 Draws to a Conclusion
My thanks to all members of our community for the successful completion of a wonderful 10 weeks at St Andrew’s.   In the ‘busyness’ in the life of a school it is positive to take time to reflect on the multitude of activities and learning experiences that we provide to our children.  
Listed below are some of the highlights of Term 1:

  • Welcoming our 2019 Foundation children, along with children new in Grades 1-6
  • Grade 5/6 Inter-School Sports weekly sessions
  • District Swimming Carnival 
  • Beginning of Year Mass, Foundation, Gr 5 & Gr 6 Sunday Mass, presentation of leadership badges & BBQ, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Reconciliation Family Evening, Holy Week Liturgies
  • Safer Internet Day, National Day Against Bullying, Harmony Day,Everyone Belongs Assembly
  • Twilight Athletics Evening
  • Parents & Friends Meetings, Education Board Meetings. 
  • Literacy Parent Helpers sessions - thank you attendees
  • Term 1 ‘3 Way Interviews’
  • Working Bee - thank you workers! 
  • Easter Bonnet Parade & Parents & Friends Raffle 
  • School Photos
  • Year 3/4 Swimming Program 
  • Foundation & Grade 5 Buddies Liturgy & BBQ 
  • School Open Days 

Wishing you every happiness Miss Tomomi

Tomorrow we farewell Miss Tomomi who will begin her period of maternity leave.  As a community we presented Miss Tomomi flowers at last weeks ‘Everybody Belongs’ Assembly where our leaders acknowledged Miss Tomomi’s contribution to our school as Visual Arts and Music teacher.  We wish Miss Tomomi every health and happiness in the coming weeks.   We look forward to Miss Tomomi dropping in and sharing with us her healthy bundle of joy in term 2.   


Appointment of Visual Arts and Music Teacher

We are pleased to advise community members that next term we welcome 2 additional staff members to our community.    We have appointed Mrs Cathy Bartlett to the role as Visual Arts teacher and Miss Tahlia Holsinger as our Music teacher.   
We welcome both Cathy and Tahlia to our community and look forward to working with them as valued colleagues and contributing members of our staff team.  

Dealing with Anxiety in our Society

Last week I had the great privilege of attending the Victorian Association of Catholic Primary School Principals’ biennial Conference, the focus of which was  "Impact the Future: Leading Today's Learners for Tomorrow". There were a variety of high quality presenters and presentations that mostly centred around themes such as the importance of working on mindset with our students, building positive attitudes and ensuring we work with them in achieving their full potential. All of our speakers had succeeded in either developing their own businesses or working in successful organisations and spoke of their own need to persevere in times of hardship.

Some of our speakers referred to our current societal struggles with anxiety and the impact that this can have on our children’s learning, health and wellbeing. Of note has been the huge increase in treatment of anxiety and the use of medication to balance the effects of it on our everyday lives.

One of the major contributing factors to this increase in more recent years has been the leap in advancements in technologies and our inability as humans to manage this sudden change. The invention and massive explosion of the use of the smartphone and other smart devices has meant that so many of us now, including our teens and the vast majority of primary school students, are in constant connection with the world through the screen. With our links to an online world which constantly wants our attention, we have become unsure about how to draw the line between our physical connections with other humans and our online relationships. Human relationships are blurred as we no longer practise personal connection as we used to. We engage in games where we don’t need to communicate face-to-face, or we reply to messages and emails which reduce the need for human interaction.

What can we do about it?? Recognising what is happening is the first thing you can do! Other recommendations include:
●    Limiting time spent on devices
●    Make certain times of the day completely technology free
●    Don’t be on screens before bed time as this can keep people awake
●    Exercise regularly and spend time with friends (face-to-face)
Parents can find further insights into ‘Managing and Limiting Screen Time’ for our children in the Wellbeing section of this week’s newsletter.    We thank Katherine Bedford for sharing these informative Wellbeing articles with our community.  

Holy Week Presentations

We thank all children, and classroom teachers, for the manner in which our children have led us through our Holy Week prayer liturgies.   For both children and staff these celebrations have provided a reflective lead up to Holy Week.    Thank you to all attending family members for joining us for these presentations.  
Please find below photographs taken of the Palm Sunday, Last Supper & Garden of Gethsemane liturgies.  


'Everyone Belongs' Week and Assembly

Last week our children participated in a week where we focussed on the themes of Anti-Bullying and Harmony week.   The activities and learning of the week culminated in the Friday whole school ‘Everyone Belongs’ Assembly.  The event provided an opportunity to express their understandings of how Harmony can be represented in our school along with a fun outlet to display their most creative talents.  Our thanks extends Katherine Bedford, Wellbeing leader, for her efforts in preparing a fabulous week and to Miss Tomomi who prepared the children for the assembly in such an outstanding manner.  


St Andrew’s Twilight Athletics Event

Thank you to all families for your support of our Twilight Athletics held last Thursday evening.   Our thanks also to the highly positive feedback as received from many parents.   We were fortunate to be blessed with a perfect autumn evening.  
Thank you to all children for your participation throughout the evening and for the positive House Colour spirit evident throughout the event.   Congratulations to Red team on your success as our winning 2019 House colour team.  
We thank Peter Tyndall, Physical Education Leader, for his efforts in coordinating the evening's program and for taking the risk to present to our community a new athletics format.   My thanks also to Kelli Johnston for her leadership throughout the evening in my absence.  


Three Way Interviews - Sharing the Learning Journey

Thank you to all parents for your participation in the ‘3 Way Interviews’ as held last on Monday evening.   It was terrific to witness the shared conversations between student, parent and teacher and to see our children becoming active participants in their learning journey.   We hope that parents can continue to facilitate constructive learning conversations throughout term 2.  
We continue to receive highly positive feedback from parents in regards to having these ‘3 Way Conversations’ taking place at the conclusion to Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.    We thank the staff for so readily welcoming this initiative.   
Term 2 Interviews will take place on June 24 and 26.  

School Fees

Please ensure that your Term 1 Fee & Building Levy  has been made  prior to the end of Term 1. 

School fees  are billed in full and can be paid in full, or in four term instalments by 8 March, 17 May, 10 August and 18 October

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your school fees, please contact the school as soon as possible, so that payment arrangements can be made.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

School Closure Days

Closure days - 23 & 24 April 

11 June,  

23 August,

4 November (Melbourne Cup Monday)

22 November

The Out of Hours Care Program will be open on these days to supervise students.  Parents who require this service are asked to enrol their child prior to these dates.

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Foundation Enrolment Forms- Sibling Enrolments for Foundation 2020

We request that all parents with Foundation enrolments for the 2020 school year submit enrolment forms prior to the end of the term.  This will greatly assist with our planning for student numbers and for our allocation of placements for new families to the school.  If you are aware of friends or family members wishing to enrol at St Andrew’s please advise them that enrol forms need to be submitted in the near future.    Enrolment forms can be found on the school website. 


St. Andrew’s Open Days for 2020 Foundation Children

and new Enrolments from Year 1-6

Let your neighbours, friends and relatives know St. Andrew’s School Open Days are set for May



Tuesday 14th May & Thursday 16th May

Tours will run on the hour at 9am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 5pm.

Tours are also available on any school day throughout the year by appointment.
We request that parents already with children in the school enrol as early as possible.

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates - 



Thurs 4th-         Garden of Gethsemane (Year 1/2)

Fri 5th-                Good Friday Liturgy (Year 5/6)

                               Year 3-6 Cross Country Trials

                               P&F Easter Egg Raffle & Bonnet Parade at 1.40 pm

                               Term 1 concludes 2.30pm

Fri 26th                Term 2 begins


Mr Paul Wakeling



Around the Classrooms

Foundation A

It is hard to believe that we are in our final week of Term 1. The children have settled well into the routine of school beautifully. We have been working hard getting to know each other and establishing new friendships and routines. I would like to thank you all for your efforts in ensuring a great start to the school year. It has been a pleasure to be greeted by eager and enthusiastic children and families each day. I look forward to a special year together. 
In the classroom the children have been provided with lots of activities which develop awareness of sounds. The children have been engaged in learning the letters of the alphabet. Once children are proficient in identifying the sounds and learning the letters, they will be moving on to activities that develop Phonological Awareness when they will learn which letters and letter combinations are associated with the sounds they hear in words. My aim is to develop a strong, solid base for your child's literacy learning.

How can you help your children’s literacy learning? 
The best way is to read to them every day and to let them see you reading. Let them see that reading is an enjoyable activity. Let them see you writing – get them to help you write your shopping list – talk to them about what you need, talk to them about what you are writing, let them see that the written word is associated with the spoken word. Help them to develop a wide speaking vocabulary so that they can transfer this to their reading and writing vocabulary once this is needed. When you are reading to them, talk to them about the words and letters on the page so that they can become proficient in using these words. Ask them to find any letters they may recognise, but do not force the issue if they do not want to do so – it is to be expected that there will be times when they are tired and just want the enjoyment of being read to.
In writing, students will be learning how to hold a pencil correctly, recognise and write letters, basic punctuation and begin formulating written words into sentences. To develop great speaking and listening skills, students will be encouraged to share ideas, events and achievements regularly. Listening attentively, showing respect to others, using a clear voice and keeping eye contact will be encouraged.

As well as developing the students literacy skills we have been doing lots of counting activities and have started introducing numbers. You can help your children at home by involving them in mathematical activities and talking to them about mathematics and its everyday uses. Be positive! Praise your child’s success. Encourage your child to have a go at measuring, calculating, counting, estimating and solving problems. Invite your child to investigate and make discoveries for themselves. Encourage them to find their own answers. Don’t be too quick to tell them the answers.  We have also been focusing on 2D shapes in our environment. We have found them, touched them, made them and drawn them. We will continue to investigate the features of 2D throughout the term.


Working together 
Another important part of the Foundation program is developing our students’ social skills. The students have helped create our classroom rules whereby every child is valued, listened to and appropriate behaviour is encouraged both in the classroom and outside. The students have also been given opportunities to work in small groups which promote co-operation and problem solving.

Every Foundation student has a Year 5 buddy, some may even have two! We meet every second Friday for a variety of activities including storytelling, crafty activities, games and outside activities. It’s wonderful to watch the close relationships the students form with each other throughout the term together. Last week as part of “Everyone Belong Week” the Foundation students and their buddies took part in a Teddy Bears Picnic. All students we eager to share their special bear and their stories.

Tissues and Chux cloths
Could you please send in a box of tissues and packet of Chux for use in the classroom. Thank you to those parents who have already sent these item.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a safe and restful school holiday period. Please take time to enjoy the company of family and friends. I look forward to seeing everyone back at school ready for more exciting learning to come in Term 2.
Angela Palombi 



Student Wellbeing

Managing & Limiting Screen Time

Screens or devices i.e. (IPad’s, phones, computers and TV’s) are fantastic tools to use in relation to both children’s learning and entertainment.  At St. Andrews Primary, we encourage the use of the latest technology and apps for educational purposes using a balanced approach both at school and at home.  We understand that too much screen time can lead to physical, social-emotional, developmental and safety risks for the child.  From a parents or carers perspective, we acknowledge that managing and monitoring your child/children’s screen time is becoming increasingly hard in this digitally focused world.
Here are some examples of questions you might ask yourself to establish whether your child/children’s screen time is under control at home;

  • Do you have a plan to manage screen time for your child/children that is consistently followed?
  • Does the use of screen time for your child conflict with time being spent socially with friends or family?
  • Does the use of devices or screens interfere with your child’s daily sleep habits?
  • Does the use of screen time take the place of other activities deemed to be most important to a child’s development, such as physical play, reading, or creative play like drawing?
  • Is your child engaging in quality screen time? i.e. (does the app or video support your child’s learning through encouraging creativity, problem solving, communication or social skills?)
  • Is the transition between screen time and non-screen time easy to manage? i.e. (will they get off when instructed to do so or do they become over emotional?).

If after asking yourself these questions, you feel as though you may need to put some strategies in place at home to manage or limit your child/children’s screen time, below are some useful tips; 

 Set your family limits in regards to screen time.  This means having agreed rules from both an adult and child’s perspective.  For example in relation to what devices, programs or apps can be used, when, where and the duration they can be used for.
    In consultation with your child/children, develop consequences if the rules you’ve agreed on together are broken.  For example, your child might be using an app which you agreed was inappropriate or they have taken the device into their bedroom to use during sleep time.  A consequence may be taking away the screen or device for a set period of time. 
    Set children up for success in relation to following the rules i.e. (set a timer that lets the child know when screen time is over, or remind your child when screen time is about to finish).  
    Talk to your child about their next activity before screen time starts, this allows an easier transition when screen time ceases.

    Allocate screen free times i.e. (60-90 minutes before bedtime as recommended, dinner time and during social/family events or activities).
    Use screen time as a reward for desired behaviours or as exchange for other activities such cleaning their room or completing homework.  Remember that the amount allowed on screens should be half the amount of time spent off the screens. 



Mrs Katherine Bedford - Student Wellbeing Leader

Helpful Resources:

Cyber Safety News #2

Cyber Safety News #2

Hello again! It's us, the Cyber Safety Student Team, sorry for not being in the last newsletter but don't worry because we're back!  And this time we really mean we're back.

This week we have some really interesting/exciting news! And if you’re a Grade 5/6  parent I'm pretty sure you already know what we're talking about!

Some of you may not know that the 5/6’s have taken their Chromebooks home (how exciting!) This will enhance and strengthen the rules and expectations of the online world  to make sure St Andrew’s students are well aware of the “Real World” The Chromebooks are only to be used for school work and things related to learning. 

Now, you're probably wondering “can my child search up something on you tube and just watch that all day instead of learning?!?” Well here’s your answer, they can’t! Here at St Andrews our internet has blocked websites (like online game sites and sites with inappropriate content) and as for you tube St Andrews chooses to block all content that isn't needed for learning purposes.
In 2018 (Last Year) there were a lot of complaints with the iPads due to technical issue. For instance the iPads would always freeze and websites would pop out of nowhere and mess up the learning. Well imagine if I told you that would not happen anymore because guess what? …. It isn't. Students are now able to have a free happy and safe time on the internet with learning with no interruptions. Isn't that just great!?  

You might think that “I can’t let my child use the Chromebook at home! We don’t have wifi!” Well don't you worry! The Chromebooks don't need wifi to run! Of course it would be a smart idea to get a small wifi plan because then they will be able to do more but you don't need wifi on the Chromebooks to do work in google drive, docs, slides and sheets but they need wifi to access google classroom which is important because homework might be put there and also the internet browser will not work but you can work on the things in google drive.
Well, that wraps up our part in this week's newsletter. We hoped you enjoyed reading and we would also like to say goodbye until next term. But before that we would like to remind all 5 / 6 parents Chromebooks need to come back on Friday fully charged! That's all from us this term.
Cyber safety student team signing off for Term 1


Hey don't forget…..   


BEST Awards

Please click on the link to view Week 10



School Office News

Lost School Clothing

If your child is missing an article of clothing? Please check the lost property cupboard.  There is a lot of un-named clothing waiting to be claimed.

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn is back for 2019!

Between 1 May and 25 June, 2019, collect as many stickers as you can.

Stick them on the posters and sticker sheets

Earn & Learn starts Wednesday 1 May 
With every $10 spent* at Woolworths, one sticker is collected. These can be placed onto the Earn & Learn sticker sheets and dropped into the collection box at St Andrew's School or our local Woolworths in Clarinda.


Entertainment Books 2019/2020

The office will be selling the Entertainment Books again this year.  You can buy your copy from the Office now!  Still only $70

Secondary School Information

Students going to Government Secondary School in 2020

Transition Packs will be sent home to students who will be attending a Government Secondary school for Year 7 in 2020. 

The Government usually sends these packs out early Term 2. 
Parents are to return the Application Forms to the Office with their placement requests.

St. James - Term 2 Open days


2021 Scholarships for OLSH College

Please click on the link for more information


Year 7 / 2021 Enrolments for Sacred Heart

Please click on the link for more information


Mentone Girls Secondary College - Open Evening


Parents and Friends

Dear Parents & Friends,

As we near the end of Term 1, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, teachers, children and wider school community for your involvement and support. 

We have had various engaging activities and opportunities to connect with the school, other parents and children. We are keen to continue to connect with you further. We value your feedback so please feel free to connect with us. 

The P&F team have been busy this term - collecting and counting our children's monies for school banking every Thursday, manning the weekly secondhand uniform store, cooking up a storm at our South Oakleigh Bunnings Fundraising BBQ Sunday event, getting ready for our end of term Easter celebrations - hot-cross bun drive, raffle, bonnet parade, preparing for activities in term 2 and beyond... and connecting and helping parents and friends of our  school community.... the list goes on :) 
On behalf of the P&F committee at St Andrew's, we would like to wish you and your families a very lovely and restful Easter celebration and break. 

All the best, 
Leanne Ngo
P & F President, St Andrew’s

Easter Bonnet Parade - Friday 5th April

We invite all students from Foundation to Year 2 to participate in the St. Andrew’s Annual Easter Bonnet Parade.  Students from Years 3 - 6 have the option to partake in the event and are encouraged to join in the fun.
The parade will take place at 2.00pm on the soccer pitch on Friday, 5th April so Mums, Dads and students, let’s get the creative juices flowing for the most colourful, boldest and outrageous bonnets we have ever seen!!


Easter Raffle - Friday 5th April

Thank you to all children and parents with all the donations. These donations will be made up into hampers. Winners will be drawn after the Easter Bonnet Parade.

Special thanks to Angela K, Mina, Helena, Lorraine, Ange R, Nicole, Jules, Leang and the rest of the P&F Committee folks for organising our end of term Easter celebrations - Raffle, Hot Cross Buns and Bonnet Parade.


Term 2 Activities

Mother's Day Stall - May 3rd

P&F will holding another Mother's Day stall this year in Term 2 on May 3rd. Our beautiful gifts for sale at our stall have just arrived last week, and we'll be getting together to get these lovely items ready.

We are on the look out for stall helpers on May 3rd to help assist our children to select a gift to ensure Mummy gets a lovely surprise on Mother's Day.

Please let us know if you would like to help.

More details to come shortly in the next newsletter.

P&F Committee

If you want to know what we do and how we work, please connect with us. All parents and friends are welcomed to sit in our P&F committee meetings. We have our monthly P&F committee meetings held a week before the Education Board. Our P&F committee meetings will alternate between afternoons and evenings through the year.
We would love to hear from you – our parents (including grandparents and guardians) and friends of our school and community.  We value what you have to say.  Connect with us via or simply catch one of us during our drop-offs, pick-ups or activities around the school community. 

P&F Reach and Connection

Lend a hand - Join our casual P&F email registry of helpers
 We know we have such a rich and diverse community of parents and friends at St Andrew’s, and that not everyone will have the time and commitment to actively participate in our P&F Committee and attend our regular monthly meetings. Perhaps you only have a spare couple of hours every so often in a year, have a specific expertise, passionate about a specific cause/project, maybe you’re in between finding work and want to add a fundraising/community activity to your resume to boost your employability? If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, then we invite you to join our casual P&F email registry of helpers. How it works, email us your interest at . We’ll add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster

Fri 5 April -       Mina Spano


Mon 22 April - Easter Monday

Tue 23 April - School Closure

Wed 24 April - School Closure

Thur 25 April - ANZAC Day

Fri 26 April - Volunteer Needed

Slushi Machine

The students have shown great excitement with the new Slushie machine at the tuckshop. 

Watch out for more new and exciting promotions in Term 2.

Nancy & Helen

2019 Tuckshop price list


Parish News

Mark on your calendar
~ St. Andrew's Community Fete ~

The St. Andrew's Community Fete will be held on Saturday 19th October!



Community Activities

Youth Leadership Holiday Program


2021 OLSH scholarship A4 flyer_d1.pdf
Flyer for Priority Parishes and Primary Schools - 2019.pdf
MGSC 2019 Open Evening information.pdf
TUCKSHOP Menu List 2019.pdf
Week 9.pdf
Week 10.pdf