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05 April 2019
Issue Two
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College Calendar


Thursday 4 April

5pm-8pm Parent, Teacher and Student Interviews


Friday 5 April

9am-1pm Parent, Teacher and Student Interviews

No Classes- Last Day of Term 1


Tuesday 23 April

First Day of Term 2


Wednesday 24 April

Whole School Assembly- Period 2


Thursday 25 April

Anzac Day Public Holiday

No Classes


Monday 29 April

7pm- School Council Meeting


Tuesday 30 April

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8A


Wednesday 1 May

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8A

Yr 10-12 Careers Guest Speaker- Hex Health- Period 5


Thursday 2 May

Phase 2 of School Dental Visits

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8F


Friday 3 May

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8G


Tuesday 7 May

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8C

7pm- 2020 Year 7 Information Evening

in the Auditorium 


Wednesday 8 May

Grade 5 & 6 Secondary Awareness Day
No school for Yrs 7,8 & 9


Thursday 9 May

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8D


Friday 10 May

Gippsland Tech School Visit- 8E


Monday 13 May

Yr 10 Work Experience Begins


Tuesday 14 May

Yr7 & 9 NAPLAN- Writing

Yr12 TIS Tour- Federation University


Wednesday 15 May

Yr 7 & 9 NAPLAN- Reading

Yr 10-12 Careers Guest Speaker- Gippsland Water- Engineer- Period 5


Thursday 16 May

Yr7&9 NAPLAN- Numeracy


Friday 17 May

Yr 10 Work Experience Ends


Monday 20 May

7pm- School Council Meeting


Wednesday 22 May

Yr 10-12 Careers Guest Speaker- Latrobe City- Period 5


Friday 24 May

GPA Released


Wednesday 29 May

Yr 10-12 Careers Guest Speaker- LRH Medical Staff Period 5


Friday 31 May

Yr7 Brainstorm Productions- Period 3

Yr8 Brainstorm Productions- Period 5


Monday 3 June

John Coutts Talk Yr7-9 - Period 1

John Coutts Talk Yr10-12 - Period 2

John Coutts Talk SRC - Period 3


Friday 7 June 

Yr11 & 12 Mid Year English Exam


Monday 17 June

7pm- School Council Meeting

Principal's Report

A Strong Foundation

As my first term at Lowanna College draws to a close, I continue to be impressed by the endeavour of our students and staff in what has been a busy and productive 10 weeks. There have been many highlights, including our Swimming carnival in the early part of the term, and more recently our Athletics Day - we were very lucky with the weather last week. I congratulate all students who participated, and to those students who will progress to the next level of competition in Gippsland, I wish you all the best. 


Our careers program continues to grow under the leadership of Kirsty Mitchell, and we saw a range of guest presenters visit the school this term. I suspect the Australian Defence Force was a highlight, with representatives from the Army, Navy and Air Force sharing their experience with our interested Year 10s, 11s and 12s. 


It was a proud moment to see our students take a stand against bullying on the National Day for Action Against Bullying, and many students choosing to make a ‘hand-print’ pledge, passionately stating that there is no place in our school for bullying. There are many proactive anti-bullying strategies our school has in place, from clear and firm processes and consequences to positive educational programs across a range of year levels. I still firmly believe, however, the best school approach is to create a culture where the students themselves stand collectively together and say ‘this is not what we do here, this is not something we accept’. Our ongoing work, of course, is to support and empower our students to take this stand. 



Over the course of the term, with strong support from the Assistant Principal Team and through engagement with our school council, we have solidified our strategic focus for 2019.



We continue a strong focus on building our collective classroom practice, with teachers and support staff setting their own learning and development goals, and many engaging in our new one-to-one coaching program. Coaching for teachers is a practice many high performing schools engage in; it’s about recognising that, as professionals, we can all improve what we do, and doing so will benefit our students over time. 



As a staff, we will continue to support each other through our Professional Learning Community (PLC) model, where teachers will meet together weekly to plan curriculum based on student needs, share teaching practices, and assess and evaluate learning. The latter part is crucial so that, as a staff, we know where we are having a strong impact, and where we might need to refine our practices. 



Our third key area of focus is building a culture of high expectations, which relates to all members of our school community. In some of these areas, such as uniform and strong attendance, we seek ongoing support from our parent community. We know that these are important foundations of a high performing school. Much more than this, however, is the expectations we (as teachers, support staff and students) have of ourselves and each other in regards to learning progress and student achievement. 


Our VCE and VCAL students will know how significant the link is between their effort this year, and the results or outcomes they will receive. For our Year 12 VCE students, they now have just two terms remaining before they begin the term four revision and examination period. I continue to be pleased with how our Year 12 students are applying themselves during their study sessions in the Year 12 Centre - if this focussed approach is applied during home-study as well, I’m confident our students will have a positive year. 



As you will see in the ‘School Information’ section of this newsletter, two key state-wide school assessments will arrive early next term. The first is the Student Attitude to School Survey - a valuable opportunity for students to provide feedback on a range of aspects of our school. The second key assessment for our Year 7 and 9 students is NAPLAN. 


NAPLAN is something that often creates much discussion in the community and media when it arrives. I would just like to highlight a couple of key points that students and parents should be aware of. Firstly, NAPLAN is not something that should be stressful for students, but it is something we want them to take seriously, and do to their best on.


NAPLAN provides the school with valuable information about each child’s literacy and numeracy ability, and we will spend some time analysing the results to ensure we are catering for each child. Secondly, from my own experience of reviewing school data, there is a link between students who do well in Year 9 NAPLAN, and how students perform in Year 12 SACs and Exams. Given NAPLAN is a measure of literacy and numeracy ability, stronger results would indicate a better preparedness for future learning. But more than that, students who value all aspects of their education highly and apply themselves consistently, undoubtedly do better in regards to long term outcomes. The notion that “I’ll get serious when I get to VCE” doesn’t actually work that well in practice - learning is a progressive journey over many years. I’ll be sharing this message with students early next term as NAPLAN approaches, and share it here with you in the event you wish to reinforce a consistent message at home. 



Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank all members of our school community, students, parents and staff, for the warm welcome this term. There is much to be excited about at Lowanna at the moment - a vibrant and positive community, solid foundations in the school, passionate staff, and a strong, clear, strategic focus which will see continuing improvement as we move foward. 


I wish you all the best for a safe and enjoyable Easter break, and look forward to seeing you all next term. 


Adam Hogan

College Principal

School Information

General Office

L-R Back Row: Ashlee Johnson, Amy Jones and Angela Skinner
L-R Front Row: Di Lincoln and Lisa Gray


Meet our General Office staff:

Amy Jones                          Reception                    

Lisa Gray                              Reception                                

Ashlee Johnson                Student Administration           

Dianne Lincoln                  Finance Manager                   

Angela Skinner                  Business Manager


OFFICE HOURS              8:00am - 4:00pm

TELEPHONE:                     03 5127 9200


Parents must present at the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers can be made by telephoning the College or emailing the staff member directly via Compass.


Please note that the Lowanna College Facebook messenger will not be available over the school holiday period. Any enquiries will be responded to when school resumes on Tuesday 23rd of April.

Attitudes to School Survey 2019

At Lowanna College, we value student voice as a means to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction. During term 2, we will be conducting a survey to discover what your child’s opinion of our school is. The Attitudes to School Survey is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience.

All students from Year 7 to 12 at Lowanna will participate in the survey. Students will complete the survey online during school hours using a purpose built secure online survey tool.  It is important to note that we are not in any way “testing” your child. Your child has the right to refuse or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey.

Your child will be provided with a unique login to complete the survey. The student login is an assigned identifier that may be used to link data for statistical and research purposes only. All responses to the survey remain anonymous in the response file. Personal identification data will not be recorded in the survey response file ensuring that the confidentiality of your child’s responses is protected at all times.

The Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at Lowanna College over the period Monday 6 May – Friday 24 May. The survey only takes 20 minutes to complete and occurs during class time.

Survey results will be reported back to the school before the end of term 2. All survey data that is made available in reports are for groups of students only so that no individual student can be identified.

If you would like more information, please call Mr. Cox on 51279200 or visit:





The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2019 for Years 7 and 9 will occur between Tuesday 14 May and Thursday 16 May. NAPLAN tests the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. Literacy and numeracy skills are a critical foundation for other learning and for productive and rewarding participation in the larger community.


It is important to remember that NAPLAN is not about passing and failing, but about assessing your child’s learning progress.


  • At the classroom level, NAPLAN is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure your child’s progress. Teachers are able to use this information to challenge higher performing students and identify students who require support. Importantly, NAPLAN starts a conversation about strategies to best support your child’s future learning.
  • Schools use NAPLAN results to identify strengths and weaknesses in teaching programs and to set goals for numeracy and literacy. Programs can be changed and modified for different year level needs.
  • NAPLAN results are directly linked to funding support Lowanna receives for programs such as the Middle Year Literacy and Numeracy Support initiative (MYLNS). It is essential that all students sit NAPLAN if we are to continue to receive this vital support.
  • Although no preparation or study is required, the NAPLAN tests expose your child to a formal testing process which will enable them to build academic resilience and stamina for later years.
  • In keeping with Lowanna’s culture of high expectations, NAPLAN data will be used to recognise and celebrate student growth and achievement.


NAPLAN is about driving student growth and improvement at Lowanna. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your child actively participate in NAPLAN.


Please, help us, help your children.





Reading- Helping your child every day

Research shows that families are the most significant influence on their children’s learning, development, health, safety and wellbeing. Families play a key role in helping children succeed at school and developing children’s reading skills. A child’s understanding of the world and their capacity to learn is greatly influenced by how much their family values and nurtures their literacy skills.


Reading increases your child’s vocabulary and writing skills expands their understanding of the world and gives them confidence when using language. Books expose students to new ideas and new worlds, and their imagination grows. Reading is also an important way to make the link between spoken words and written words. The ability to read well enables your child to communicate effectively and will improve their chances of success at school and in their future careers. Here are some general tips on how to support your child:


  • Talk positively about reading so your child values it.
  • Model reading to your child by reading yourself.
  • Engage them in discussions about the books they are reading as this will improve their ability to articulate ideas and concepts.
  • Discuss articles in magazines and newspapers to help your child become more aware of news and current events which will enrich your child’s understanding of the world.
  • Ask questions to help your child develop oral fluency when discussing social issues. Questions are an effective way to encourage your child to think critically about an event and can help foster empathy.
  • Weekly, select books, magazines or multimedia stories according to their interests from the Lowanna and Moe Library.
  • Set aside time for reading every day. Reading before bedtime is a good habit to get into.
  • If your child likes an author, find another book or a series of books by the same author and encourage them to read about their favourite author on their website.
  • Encourage them to use a dictionary to look up words they might not understand.
  • Introduce your child to different genres such as fantasy, science-fiction, action, and adventure. Get them to read different types of texts, such as poems, music lyrics, and short plays.
  • Encourage your child to join the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, which runs each year from March to September. Lowanna librarians will register your child – otherwise, you can register your child at:




College Updates

National Day of Action Again Bullying and Violence

On Friday the 15th of March, Lowanna College participated in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, an event that helps schools to address bullying and make changes for a better school environment. Students from all year levels put a handprint on our National Day of Action banner as a pledge to take a stand against bullying and violence. - Aaron Abuan 7D/SRC

Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to the Blue Sharks for taking out the athletics carnival with a score of 1875 on Thursday March 28th. Yellow Eagles came in second on 1567, Red Devils on 1521 and lastly Green Crocs on 1242. 
Well done to those students who won their events and are moving on to the next round as well as to all students who had a go, chanted for their team and participated in the day.

School Captains

On Monday, March 18, Russell Northe came to Lowanna College to present our 2019 school captains: Caleb Michie, Danielle Jeffrey, Renzie Abuan and Harrison Puts with a certificate and their School Captain badges.

Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

From Tuesday 26th – 27th March, the Year 10 Outdoor Education class experienced their final canoe practicum to Lake Tyers.

Throughout term 1, the students have been learning canoeing skills, safety precautions, minimal impact practices, camping skills and for some, exploring new environments. The overnight journey through Lake Tyers allowed students to link together their acquired knowledge from throughout the term and provide an enjoyable end to their canoeing unit of work. Well done to all involved!

Seussical The Musical

Based on the story Horton Hears a Who, this year’s school production is the wonderful Seussical the Musical. There’re loads of characters from the Cat in the Hat to Horton,  Mayzie la Bird and many more.


The annual school production will begin next term. We are rehearsing on Monday nights from 3.30pm till 6.00pm and auditions for principal characters will be held early in the term.


Any student can join the chorus, there is no need to audition for this however you must audition if you would like a lead role.


We are also looking for students to work as backstage crew, hair, makeup and help out in a vast array of roles. If you are interested, please speak to any of the music staff.

Gippsland Secondary Swimming Championships

 Abby Dennison, Tahlia Russell, Erin Warner, Le Luis and Ryan Hunt represented Lowanna College at the Gippsland Secondary Swimming Championships in Sale.  

Congratulations to Ryan Hunt who won a gold medal.


Student Representative Council

A huge congratulations to the following students who were elected to  our SRC for 2019.

Aaron Abuan, Maddison Ashton, Isabel Calleja, Mustafa Glibanovic, Vaughn Long, Kris Shaw, Jorjie Coutts, Jaira Donnelly-Lynch, Molly Germon, Matilda Hardy, Lani Taylor, Stuart Gibson, Ashlyn Levy, Zoe Mitrovic, Cordelia Reynolds, Renzie Abuan, Danielle Jeffreys, Caleb Michie, Harrison Puts and Tess Sultana. The SRC members are already making a valuable contribution to the college and are looking forward to what comes next this year in student leadership.

The Drumming Program

During Term 1, 25 students from Year 7 to 10 have participated in two drumming programs which feature hands-on activities and active involvement in the local community.

Stage 1: Drum Making, Decorating & Playing

First, a group of students from Year 8 are making their own hand drums. They have created artwork to decorate their drums and are now learning to play their first group piece. In semester 2, a group of Year 7 students will be invited to join.


Stage 2: Student Mentors for Drum Making

Selected students who have previously completed the drum making stage have taken on mentoring roles to help new students make their drums.


Stage 3: Community Performance Projects

A number of students have also joined the Lowanna College Drummers (LCD). During Term 2, this group will run drumming workshops and perform their songs throughout the local community, especially at local primary schools.


Congratulations to all the students involved so far.

Expression of Interest from Our Potential Young Leaders

Lowanna College along with Rotary are running a Leadership & Environmental program for students in Years 7-10. The program will run during term 2 and term 3 this year. You will be learning about:

  • How to be a good leader
  • How to save energy
  • Honesty in business
  • Human Rights
  • How to look after the environment
  • Recycling


There will be a 3 day leadership camp available at the end of Term II for all students who participate in the program.

The leadership training will take place during one lunch time, every second week. You will also receive a certificate of Leadership & Environment for participation & achievement during a graduation ceremony at the end of the program.


If interested, please see Mrs Stewart or contact 5127 9200 during school hours.

World Challenge Expedition

On Saturday 30 March, Lowanna College students Cordelia Reynolds, Hunter Koschade, Madison Mitchell, Cooper Wilson and Bree Lovassy set off on a two day hike through Gembrook, in preparation for their World Challenge expedition to Laos and Vietnam. Along with teammates from Traralgon College and Warragul Regional College, students braved the rain and wind to hike, cook and camp together, even enduring hail with positivity.

Year 11 Physics Debate

During week eight of term, the year 11 physics students debated ideas and concepts around climate change. The first debate topic was “Wealthy countries, who used fossil fuels during their development, owe a debt to developing countries”. Students looked at the ideas around carbon debt and countries that are impacted globally by the burning of fossil fuels through long term consequences such as drought, flooding, and reduced farmable land. The debate was won by the negative team, Zak Heffler, Mai-ling Promdonchat, and Zoe Mitrovic who defeated the affirmative team, Caleb Young, Ethan Thomas, and Liam Oswin-Inglis. Best speaker was awarded to Zoe Mitrovic.

The second debate was looking more deeply at the issue and asked students to consider a broader view of the topic and the evidence that is presented. The topic was “Climate change has been significantly accelerated due to human industrial processes”. The purpose was for students to look at the evidence and be sure enough of their position to debate those who disagreed with them. The debate was won by the negative team, Cooper Waterhouse and Leila Raymond who were victorious over Adn Gorry, Hannah Buckton, and Jordan Reid. Leila Raymond was awarded best speaker.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Cake Stall

The GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) cake stall was a great success!  The table was a full array of colourful delicious cakes!  A big thank you and well done to the students and their families who baked and produced a delectable selection of morsels!!  A HUGE thanks to our wonderful school community who supported and purchased cakes on the day, it was wonderful to see such a great turn out.  The proceeds will be going to MINUS18, a youth led organisation that is working towards stamping out homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

Junior School Report

Junior School Report



The Junior School has had an eventful first term, our new year 7’s are settling in very well and as a cohort, their uniform and behaviour has had a positive trend. Our second round of GPA’s saw a large improvement amongst year 7’s which was incredibly pleasing - there were a large number of GPA Allstars throughout the Junior School.

Our years 8’s have also shown some growth in terms of uniform participation and a decrease in classroom exits. The new locker positioning in the middle school wing is giving students a taste of Middle School life moving forward into next year.

The weather has been wonderful and students are using the sports equipment to keep active at recess and lunchtime. Their behaviour on the sports courts and in the playground has been wonderful. We would like to thank and congratulate all the students, staff and parents for participating in and attending the Athletics sports, a great day was had by all.


We hope you have a safe holiday period and we look forward to seeing you all next term.


Warm Regards


Mike Santo

Junior School Leader.

Middle School Report

Middle School Report

As we come to the end of the term I would like to take the opportunity to thank students for the great start to the year. It is very pleasing to witness and hear that a clear majority of students are adhering to Lowanna College’s expectations.


Having said that, the uniform is still in some cases an ongoing issue. I encourage any families having difficulties fulfilling their uniform obligations to contact the school. This is particularly important coming into the winter months.


Lowanna has a strong focus on students achieving 100% attendance. This week at our Middle School assembly all students with 100% attendance are going into an individual year level draw to win a voucher from the canteen. We encourage 100% attendance from all students.


Year 10 exams will take place during Term 2. All Year 10 students will participate in the exams. We, as a school,  believe this is of vital importance in the development of a student’s education.


Year 10 Work Experience for group 1 students will occur from 13-17 May. Teaching and Careers staff have been supporting students to secure work experience placements. Please be aware that if students do not complete the work experience placement this could affect their humanities results. For those students who have not sourced a placement a letter of obligation will be sent home to parents.


I would like to introduce our Middle School Captains to our Lowanna Community. They are both very worthy and capable students and I congratulate them on this wonderful achievement.


Have a great holiday break and see you in Term 2 refreshed and ready to go!


Darren Mitchell

Middle School Leader

Senior School Report

Senior School Report

Now that we come to the end of the Term, it’s a great opportunity for our Year 11 and 12 students to take stock, relax for a short while, and then take the time to get on top of things. VCE and VCAL often feels like a big jump for students, with stress levels increasing and workload growing every week.


To assist with this, we are currently putting together our “Term 2 SAC Outline” document, as we did for term 1 which was positively received. We are planning to have it available at Parent/ Teacher/ Student Conversations for collection, as well as posting on compass newsfeed. They won’t be posted home anymore, however, if you require a hard copy please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We have many students in the senior school working towards their life goals and achieving success.

We would like to explore the question, “What does it take to be successful as a Student?”.

Plenty of studies have been done around this, and I just thought it would be useful to summarise a couple of key points for parents and students to think about:

  • Above all, successful students are extremely hard-working students!!! The best VCE marks don’t always go to the brightest students – the best marks go to the students who work the hardest.
  • Successful students understand that obtaining a 90+ ATAR takes a huge sustained effort. That means working virtually every night, every weekend and during holidays.
    • School is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Successful students are positive thinkers – they are confident they will succeed.
    • Remember, however, like a successful athlete who’s training is the main reason they do cross the line first, above all, successful students put in a huge amount of hard work. That is:
      • Without the hard work, “positive thinking” is merely “wishful thinking”.
  • Successful students have a well-balanced life. More often than not, the students who do well are the ones who also participate in the schools’ extra-curricular activities, are part of the local community and/or are involved in social groups.
  • Successful students care about their own health and well-being.
    • While caffeine-fuelled candle-burning study sessions may seem necessary from time-to-time, making a habit of it will upset your sleep cycle, disrupt your eating patterns and damage your immune system. Lots of all-night parties have a similar effect, too. 
    • Combining exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep will increase your ability to concentrate for sustained periods. 
  • Successful students understand the benefits of working in a team. They listen with interest to others' points of view in class and are often involved in homework groups where ideas are shared.
  • Successful students set “process goals”. Process goals are the small habits and/or activities that are put in place to ensure that the bigger outcome is achieved. There is much truth in the statement “Get the processes right and the outcome will look after itself”. An example of a process goal could be:
    • “This week I am going to study for 2½ hours per night Monday to Friday, four hours on Saturday morning, and four hours on Sunday morning.” 
  • Successful student practice exam questions regularly. 
    • Know that examiners expect answers to be written in certain ways specific to each question and that this requires extensive practice.
    • Seek feedback from their teachers about their responses and how they could be improved. 
  • Successful students understand that fear in exams is failures best friend. Fear leads to the “fight” or “flight” syndrome. A little fear going into an exam is good – it readies you for the “fight” (i.e. readies you to perform at your peak in the exam). Too much fear and you are ready for “flight” – your brain begins to put most of its energy into fleeing the fearful situation thereby shutting down your memory resulting in a feeling that you have forgotten everything. 

Enjoy the holidays' everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all fresh and ready to go in Term 2.



Justin Rea

Senior School Manager

VCAL Term 1 Update

It has been a busy start to the year for the VCAL students and team.  There are a number of exciting projects taking place both around the school and in the community. It is fabulous to see students working hard and making a positive contribution to our College and the Community. 


Students have benefited from a number of industry specialists coming in to present to them. To date we have had a work safe inspector and a resume/ job application work shop, with more to come next term. Thank you to Kirsty Mitchell for her support in organising these events. 


VET courses and structured workplace learning programs are in full swing. Most students are enjoying these hands-on opportunities to develop their employability skills and gain valuable on-the-job training. A reminder that all students who are not participating in these programs are expected to attend school on these days. 


There are a number of exciting projects currently being planned for Term 2 and I look forward to bringing this news to you in the next newsletter. 

Pictured are some Year 12 VCAL students on their excursion to the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix.



Kristy Bannister
VCAL Manager 


Careers News

We have had a very busy term 1 in Careers with lots of programs, visitors and guest speakers coming to Lowanna to expose our students to the huge variety of careers available. Students are responding very positively to these new activities and have been enjoying the opportunities.

Work Experience

Work Experience for Semester 1 group is from 13th May – 17th May. Students in the following classes, 10HUM4, 10HUMC5, & 10HUM6 will participate. The remaining classes will undertake work experience in Semester 2. It is an expectation that all Year 10 students participate in this program. Information has been sent home via Compass to parents/guardians. Students have received this information and discussed the process during class time with the support of teaching and careers staff. Students are required to source their own work experience placement. Students who have not found a placement by end of term 1 will have a letter sent home to parents/guardians explaining the expectations. Please see attached documents.

Latrobe Trade Pathways Program

The program has been established between Lowanna and Federation Training for interested Year 10 students to try their hand at different pathways. Students will attend each Friday during the term and participate in hands on education in their chosen area. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all students that complete the full term program. During term 1 the programs were Automotive and Carpentry. Term 2 programs will be Engineering and Hair & Beauty. There are limited spots in these programs and term 2 has already been filled. We have had a great response to this program.


Carpentry Group – Term 1- Jordan, Braydon, Ryan and Cameron.


Federation University Experience

On Thursday 14th March, interested VCE students participated in a University experience day in the field of Sport, PE and Outdoor Education. Students took part in the camp of campus challenge with the outdoor education staff. They tried hands-on sports science such as fitness training and sports performance. They also experienced sports coaching, games, and activities. Students also found out about exciting careers in this field, in schools, organisations, community areas, and business. This was a great opportunity for our students to experience this field and discover possible career pathways.


Latrobe City- Youth Volunteering Information Day

Year 9 and Year 10 students attended an information session to demonstrate and explain the benefits of becoming a regular volunteer in the emergency services within our community. Students listened to the CFA, SES and Salvation Army talk about the skills and knowledge that come from volunteering along with the sense of importance, connection and belonging within our community. Students who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day.


STEM Sisters Program

BawBaw Latrobe LLEN recently launched the STEM Sisters program, which actively increases the awareness of young women and the opportunities within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) field. Our selected Lowanna girls learnt all about the STEM Sisters program including STEM ambassadors, mentoring, industry, and the wonderful opportunities regarding careers in the STEM area. Our students are looking forward to being a part of this amazing program!

Photo credit- Wing Threads

Guest Speakers


WorkSafe Inspector Michael Vanderzalm come to visit our VCAL Senior and Intermediate students to chat about the importance of work safety, employees’ rights, facts about workplace accidents, and work related injuries. The students asked questions that related to their field of work and spoke about industry induction processes. Thank you Michael for finding time in your busy schedule to help our students gain a greater understanding of work safety.


Want to be on the Radio

Gippsland FM visited school to speak to interested students about Careers in radio and a Youth Project 2019. The Youth Project 2019 requires students to participate in a training program to learn about the studio, production and a trail demo for a time slot on radio. This is a great opportunity for those students interested in this media forum.


BH Resume Writing

Thank you to Blair Hill for coming in to speak to students about resumes, job applications and cover letters. With over 10 years in the Employment Service Industry and more recently running her own successful business it was great for our students to hear tips, ideas and advice for resumes. We will be working with students going forward to help them prepare their resume portfolios.


Australian Defence Force

The ADF visited our school to promote careers within the Australian Defence Force. Bec- Air Force, Stu - Army and Allan - Navy told students about the amazing career opportunities within the defence force. Students really embraced the event with lots of great questions.

AGA Apprenticeships Plus

Field Officer Joe Baldacchino spoke with Year 10 students about apprenticeships and traineeships, resumes, interview techniques and employer expectations.

MAX Employment

Regional Manager Les Stothard spoke with Year 10 students about the services that MAX Employment offer to unemployed people, as well as tips on interviewing and resumes.



We are hoping to run a RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) Course for Year 12 students only. This course will be at school after school hours and would be a cost to the student. Those who are interested, please give your name to Kirsty in the Careers Office ASAP. 


Please follow below link or access through the Lowanna College website under ‘Careers’






Kirsty Mitchell

Careers Pathways Co-Ordinator

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Teen Girls Fitness is held every Wednesday (Boxing) and Friday (Fitness) at 4pm. Find Angela Wood Personal Training Studio on Facebook for more information.

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