09 February 2018
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God our Father,

the qualities I see lived out so well in some people
are a reflection of your own goodness,
and I know
that I have much to learn from other people
who reflect your image and likeness in different ways.
Inspire me
to respect others fully as my equals,
seeing and loving in them
what you see and love in them.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,


I would like to officially welcome our College community to the start of the 2018 academic year and as such, the first edition of the College newsletter. The start of the school year is always an exciting time but one that can also cause some nervousness and trepidation. Last week we welcomed in excess of 183 new students to our College community and I’m sure, now that we are nearly through our first full week, many are feeling much more at ease thanks to the hospitality and assistance of peers and staff. I would like to thank everyone for the manner in which they have set the tone for what looms as a very exciting year ahead.

The College staff gathered for Mass on Monday 29 January with the staff from St Joseph’s where Fr Peter celebrated the beginning of the new school year. At this Mass, we also commissioned new staff to St Norbert College:

Mr Scott Arnold – Design and Technology

Miss Aleisha Crump – Humanities

Mr  Rod Dowling – Dean of Studies

Mr Corey Houwen – Health and Physical Education

Miss Justyna Jankowski – Mathematics

Miss Karen MaGee – Science

Mrs Geraldine Martin – Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Ms Delia Rawlings – Education Assistant

Mr Michael Roche – Computer Science and Information Technology

Mrs Joleen Scott – Finance Officer

Ms Chen Wang – Mathematics

It is my pleasure to welcome all of our new staff to St Norbert College.

There have also been a number of role changes within our staff, many of which were alluded to last year. These include:

Ms Sharon Rainford – Deputy Principal 

Mr Chadwick Beins – Head of Learning Area - Arts

Mr Roger D’Almeida – Head of Learning Area –     Science

Mr Scott Hodgen – Head of Learning Area – Health and Physical Education

Mr Aaron D’Souza – Head of House – Xanten

As we commence the new school year, we have a number of opportunities to congratulate and celebrate the wonderful achievements of the Year 12 Class of 2017. We are delighted with the acknowledgement and rewards that this cohort has received for their hard work and effort, under the guidance and support of so many staff and family members. I congratulate staff, students and families on the following accolades:

  • St Norbert College Median ATAR 87.6 (ranked 4th across all WA Catholic schools and 18th in secondary schools in WA).
  • 100% of VET students achieving a Certificate II or higher
  • 96% achievement of the WACE Certificate.
  • St Norbert College was ranked a top performing school in Health Studies and Physical Education Studies and the highest scores for CEWA schools in Computer Science, Health Studies, Japanese as Second Language and Psychology.
  • 77% of students who applied for a public university received their first preference.

We acknowledged a number of students for their outstanding individual achievements at our first College assembly last Friday. Mr Dowling, our Dean of Studies, has further details of these students and their achievements in his article contained in this newsletter.

As we do at all College assemblies we also reflected on one of our St Norbert College values and for this first assembly, we took the time to reflect on the value of Commitment.

As members of the St Norbert College community, we strive to live this value when we commit our best efforts towards personal performance and seek every opportunity for self-improvement, when we set goals and commit to work to achieve these, and when we aspire to excellence in everything we do. This is a commitment we make for our own benefit and for the benefit of our College community.

One commitment that all families make at enrolment is attendance at the compulsory College events, the first of which is the annual College Community Mass, a wonderful occasion for all in our community to gather in prayer to ask for God’s blessings on our school year.

This year, the College Community Mass will be held on Sunday 18 February at 6.30pm in the College grounds. I look forward to sharing this special time with all of our families.

The Year 12 Ball was held last Friday at Fraser’s Function Centre in Kings Park. The beautiful backdrop of the city skyline proved a delightful setting for our students to enjoy the company of peers and staff. Enormous thanks to Mrs Kremer and Ms Morris for their dedication and organisation of this event and all in attendance for their conduct.


In closing, the Australian Bishops have identified the liturgical year of 2018 as a national Year of Youth. The Year of Youth invites the church into dialogue about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in the Church and society. The Year of Youth prayer, which I have included for your reflection, includes one line which calls on the Holy Spirit to “enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth”.

I thank all of our young people for starting this year with a wonderful spirit of community, enthusiasm and joy. It bodes well for an exciting year ahead.

God Bless

Mr S Harvey (Principal)


Year of Youth Prayer


Come Holy Spirit of this Great Southland
Inspire our entire faith community, as we prayerfully discern new horizons for spreading joy in the lives and communities of the People of God.


Come Holy Spirit of Youth
Fill the hearts of young people with the hope and love of Jesus Christ.
Enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth.
Guide us together, as we strive to offer God’s mercy to those who feel abandoned or outcast.


Come Holy Spirit of Faith
Empower our community to be courageous.
Unite your people as witnesses of love.
Walk with us, as we blaze new trails of discipleship, accompanying young people as we renew the Church together.


Come Holy Spirit of Vocation

Stir within young people an awareness

of God’s call.

Reveal to us the graces of young people.
Guide us all, in finding our place and raising our voices to build a civilisation of love.


Deputy Principals

New Student Arrivals


This year, St Norbert College welcomed 183 new students to our community to start or continue their secondary school education. Whilst the vast majority of our new students arrived into Year 7, there were many new students who joined our College across Years 8 – 12.

For students (and parents), the move to a new school can be filled with both excitement, nervousness and at times, a sense of worry. These feelings are natural and the College does all that it can to welcome our new students and to ensure that they feel comfortable and a part of our community as soon as possible. All new students are assigned either a buddy or a Year 11 Peer Mentor to help them in their transition to their new school. Additionally, the Heads of House, Homeroom teachers and College support staff are focused on making sure that all of the little challenges that spring up are quickly resolved and that the students feel a sense of belonging as soon as they can. Major events such as College and House assemblies, the Interhouse Swimming Carnival and the upcoming Community Mass all help add to the sense of identity and belonging for all of our new and established students.

Should parents find that their son or daughter is struggling to adapt to their new environment, please contact your child’s Homeroom teacher who can implement strategies to make their experience at St Norbert College more enjoyable and rewarding. 



A reminder to all Year 7 parents and parents of new students in Years 8-11 that our Parent Seminar for New Students will take place in the O’Reilly Centre from 6.00pm this coming Monday 12 February. During this evening, parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s Homeroom teacher and Head of House – both of whom are the key contact points for the pastoral care for your child. At this meeting, parents will also have the opportunity to ask any academic or pastoral questions they may have about their child. Parents are reminded students are not required to attend this event but parents will need to know both their child’s Homeroom class and the name of their child’s Homeroom teacher on the evening. Parents attending the Parent Seminar for New Students are asked to park in the St Joseph’s Church carpark and on the St Joseph’s Primary School netball courts.



Parents are asked to ensure that your son or daughter is equipped with a College cap so they can participate in Physical Education classes, outdoor activities, excursions and play at break times on the oval. Students will be asked to move under cover if they do not have their College cap for their outdoor activities and lessons.



It has been really pleasing to see that our students have returned to the College this year with outstanding standards of uniform and personal presentation. Those with minor uniform issues quickly sorted them out and by the commencement of Week 2 all students were dressed according to the College regulations. Staff at the College are determined over the coming weeks to ensure that these high standards are maintained. For that we need the assistance of parents and guardians.

Please help us ensure that your son or daughter is presented impeccably each day in their College uniform. Lady-like hem length on uniforms, neat conservative hair, freshly shaved faces for the older boys and minimal jewellery allows each student to present at the College each day ready for their academic studies. Should there ever be a problem with your child’s uniform and they are unable to present themselves according to the College’s uniform and personal presentation standards, please ensure that they are provided with a parent note explaining the situation that they can present to their Homeroom teacher upon arrival at the College.



Parents are reminded that no student should be dropped off at the College before staff are on duty at 8.20am. If for any reason students are on College grounds before this time, parents are reminded there will be no active supervision and students are to sit in the Year 8 area outside the office and staffroom. Students who are on College grounds after school and not in an organised co-curricular activity supervised by staff, are requested to study and do homework quietly in the Library up to but no later than 5.30pm.

Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal 7,9,11)



Envelopes have been sent home from the Health Department and are due back to the College as soon as possible regardless of whether your child is being immunised. The dates for immunisation are: 8 March, 21 June and 30 August.

Year 8:             8 March and 30 August 2018

Year 11:          21 June 2018



The final year of school is a challenging one for our Year 12 students trying to balance school, study, work, exercise and social commitments.  A Parent/Student Evening is being held on Monday 12 February 2018 for all Year 12 students and their parents/guardians commencing at 7.00pm. The evening is expected to finish by 8.00pm.


We view this evening as a very important part of the student-parent-teacher relationship, so vital for success in Year 12. It is therefore expected that the evening is supported with the attendance of both students and at least one parent/guardian. Please respond to the invite via MCB Schools. Any student who is unable to attend due to extraordinary circumstances needs to see Ms Rainford prior to the evening with written notification.


In an effort to target the information, the evening will be held in two venues.

  • Vocational Pathway: Xanten Theatre
  • ATAR Pathway: Xanten Performing Arts Centre

Parents/guardians are asked to park in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre and the College Oval to avoid congestion from the New Parent Seminar occurring on the same evening.



Please do not drop your child off or wait for them for pick up in the administration carpark at the beginning and end of the school day. This carpark is only for Priory or school visitors. With the bus bays being moved, all the parking in Treasure Road is now available.



The Authority will continue to use its Facebook page to provide information to students in 2018. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are welcome to follow the Authority’s Facebook page for information, news, reminders and advice. The page can be found at:

In addition, information can also be found at

Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal 8,10,12)



From the Dean of Studies

Class of 2017


“You climb a mountain. You’re not sure how high you want to go – that peak looks an awfully long way off – but you know you want to get higher than you currently are. You could simply take off on whichever path looks promising and hope for the best, but you’re probably not going to get very far. Or you could rely on a guide who has been to the peak and knows the best way there. That will guarantee that no matter how high you decide to climb, you are doing it in the most efficient, effective way.” – Professor Anders Ericsson


As one of the world’s reigning experts on expertise, Professor Anders Ericsson has conducted research into what makes ordinary people achieve the extraordinary, and this was the inspiration for the, '10,000 hours rule' – the popular theory that 10,000 hours of any type of practice will allow an individual to excel in any field. Further to this, Professor Ericsson also describes how a particular type of extended practice leads to exceptional performance.


At the first College Assembly for this year, we acknowledged students from the Class of 2017 for their achievement in ‘climbing the mountain’ towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). The College acknowledges the outstanding achievements including the effort of Joyce Zhuang with her achievement of an ATAR of 99.3 and being awarded a Certificate of Distinction. The Certificate of Distinction is awarded to a student who achieves in their last three consecutive years of Senior Secondary WACE enrolment, an overall points aggregate of 190 – 200 points, and the Certificate of Merit is awarded to a student who achieves an overall points aggregate of between 150 and 189 points.


The College recognised the newest members of the '95 Club' (achieving an ATAR of 95 or greater), along with the following students:


Certificate of Distinction & '95 Club'

Joyce Zhuang  

Jasdeep Jutla                                                                                     

Certificate of Distinction

Chloe McLevie

Certificate of Merit & '95 Club'

Gabriel Nge, Belinda Donovan, Reece Don                                                                                     

Certificate of Merit

Tara Dally, Kaitlyn Fashho, Jack Higgs, Viduni Liyanage, Mason Marshall, Lisa Moffat, Kamitha Naidu, Jimmy Ton, Ellen-Rose Ward, Caleb White                                                          


We also congratulate Livinia Cupitt-Neville for achieving the VET Certificate of Excellence for being in the Top 0.5% of candidates who complete an AQF Certificate II or higher in each national industry area in their final year.

Academic Honours

Academic Honours were introduced into the College in 2013. This award is presented to students who achieved an ‘A’ Grade average from their Top Eight (Units of Study) in Year 11.

The Academic Honours were presented to the following students from the Class of 2018:

Bronwyn Brims, Kate Cooper, Bijaya Dulal, Michael Hegney, Joshua Hussey-Allen, Michael McLevie, Amy Murphy, Jayden Smeschal, Linda Yeoh.      

College Awards

The College recognised the current students who were recipients of Academic Distinction and the Ad Omnia Paratus Awards ('Prepared for all Good Works') from their Semester Two 2017 Reports.


The Academic Distinction is awarded to a student who achieves an ‘A’ grade in nearly all subjects, whilst the Ad Omnia Paratus Award recognises the learning behaviours of a student, through the achievement of at least 85% of Excellent ratings awarded by subject teachers in the attributes of: Application, Behaviour, Completion of Assigned Tasks and Organisation.


In addition to this, the student maintains high standards of learning behaviour with all attribute ratings being higher than Satisfactory. The College congratulates all our award winners and affirms their effort to be the best they can be.



Year 7: Holly Giles, Stephni Jesuthasan, Caitlin Pettersen, Bianca Valenti.                                   


Year 8: Arielle Chant, Danika Hampson, Anushka Kotian, Lily McDonald, 

Angel Moffat, Max Patriarca, Tegan Reder,

Matilda Seroney, Nicole Vlahov.                                          

Year 9: Annissa Buckby, Amanda D’Cruz,

Lorenzo Donatelli, Riley Moore, Yen Ngo, Chloe Reder, Arlene Saji, SelinaTan, Elsa Tan.                                  

Year 10: Tallulah Armenti, Sanjita Ghimire,

Oscar McDonald, Millen Paneru, Dylan Wemyss.                    


Year 11: Bronwyn Brims, Tully Bristow, Melisse Burgoyne, Michael Hegney.        



Year 7: Stephanie Earsman, Elijah Edmonds,

Miah Homez, Audrey Lee, Ciara McClean, 

Harriet McCready, Hay Marn Mu, Shannette Ndossi, Guntaas Ranu, Ayden Ratnasekera,

Theo Steed, Phoebe van Heiningen.


Year 8: Alina George, Shenae Hartree, Connor Le Dain, Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn, Chelsea Macalad, Tiana Suckling, Diep Nguyen, Rachel Bruyns, Chloe Hewitt, Isioma Onyemgba, 

Joseph Costantino, Zeta Stevens, Alissa Yang, 

Keisha Desmond, Mya Oppelaar.


Year 9: Sona Abraham, Kyla Almeida, Licia Benedict, Isabella Ficko, Teyan Hodgson, 

Emereen Moratalla, Emma Paskett, Sarina Russell, Caitlin Spiegl, Grace White, Elicia Yii.


Year 10: Monicca Biju, Chelsea Dato, Ana Christine De Veyra, Jaco Jansen van Rensburg, Shanzae Jehangiri, Vivian Johnson, Yajnah Juggessur, Jessica Ramos, Aldric Ratnasekera, 

Dawn Saji, Simran Shivnani, Shakira Surin.


Year 11: Daisy Bond, Abbey Chehab, Kate Cooper, Joshua Hussey-Allen, Michael McLevie, Tahlia Nicolaidis.



Bonnie McKnight (Year 7), Virginia Pambuka (Year 10), Faith Desmond (Year 11), Samuel Eaton (Year 11), Ira Sanchez (Year 11).


Congratulations to all award winners and as a College we strive every day to encourage all students to practice the habits for success and lead them to ‘climb their own mountain’ of exceptional performance.


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Mental health and Wellbeing at St Norbert College

At the end of last year, all parents and students were emailed through SEQTA and asked to complete a MindMatters survey. Thank you to those who completed this task as the feedback we have received will assist us in the implementation of initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of young people at the College. These programs will help the school to support young people to achieve their goals, build relationships and to cope with challenges.


Research suggests that schools today are dealing with a host of complex mental health and social issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, bullying and violence. This is consistent with the findings from epidemiological studies, which indicate cause for concern regarding the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.


In the recent 2013 Mission Australia Youth Survey (Perrens et al., 2013) involving over 14,000 young people aged 15–19 years, approximately one-fifth were found to be experiencing high levels of psychological distress. When survey participants were also asked to identify the issues they were most concerned about, the following four were identified in order:

•      coping with stress

•      school or study problems

•      body image, and                                                        

•      depression


Students with good mental health and wellbeing are better equipped to cope with the everyday demands of school life such as attending class, forming and maintaining supportive peer relationships, completing assignments and achieving academic success. Many programs have demonstrated that enhancing young people’s social and emotional competencies also helps them to learn and achieve academically. On the other hand, students who experience ongoing mental health difficulties tend to have poorer records of school attendance, behaviour and academic performance and are more likely to drop out of school early. For this reason, student mental health can be considered to be part of a school’s core business, and directly related to its success. It is interesting to note that the relationship between mental health and academic achievement can also run the other way - taking part in school activities and achieving educational success can be a protective factor for young people by increasing their sense of competence.

At St Norbert College we are committed to providing education, support and guidance in the area of mental health and wellbeing for our students. All staff are currently completing modules from the MindMatters program as well as attending Professional Development in specific areas of need. In recent years, a number of staff have completed the Youth Mental Health First Aid and Gatekeepers Suicide Prevention course. Our Pastoral Care Team, which includes the Principal, Deputies, College Psychologist and Counsellor, the Heads of House and Dean of Studies work closely with the Homeroom teachers to ensure all students know they have someone to talk with if required. 

During the holidays, 13 students voluntarily completed the Teen Mental Health First Aid course. These students now have the knowledge and awareness to support their peers and offer advice and referral for mental health concerns. They have become a ‘reference group’ which will work within our newly developed ‘Student Wellbeing Group’ who will run activities within the SRC to support positive wellbeing activities to make school more ‘fun’ throughout the year.    


Each fortnight, the College newsletter will contain an article that we hope will help inform parents about the area of mental health and wellbeing of young people. We hope this information is of benefit, please feel free to contact us if you require further information or we can help support you in any way.  

The Pastoral Care Team

Year 7

Welcome Year 7s 2018

A big warm welcome to our Year 7 students who started at St Norbert College last week. On the first day of school, we commenced with a group assembly where we prayed together and Mr Harvey welcomed the students. The students were then led by their Heads of House and student leaders to their Homerooms. Here they met their Homeroom teacher and peer support leaders. Throughout the day, students became more familiar with their surroundings and routines. They met their teachers and students in their classes.

I am very proud of the Year 7 students as they have settled in very well, especially as the first few days of school have been challenging at times. However, students are feeling more comfortable and happier as they continue to make new friends, get to know their teachers, find their way around the College and become more organised. Thank you so much to our staff and students, who have been very friendly and helpful towards our new students. 


I can be contacted at the College should parents need any further assistance.  I look forward to your support and feedback throughout 2018.

Miss C Abel (Head of Year 7)


Student Comments:

Before I came to St Norbert's I was nervous, but all the staff made it very comforting for me and all the kids in my Homeroom are very kind and polite.                                                                                         (Aleisha Patriarca, T1)


At first I thought it was going to be impossible to adjust to high school life, but I feel so comfortable here now. I’m looking forward to all the exciting experiences ahead! I can now call myself a true student of St Norbert College.                                                                              (Mary Carter, M1)


I was excited to go to high school, but on my first day I had no friends. I have now made friends and I’m excited for the carnivals.

                                                                                                         (Tanaka Machiri, X2)


When I walked into the school grounds I was extremely nervous. When I knew where my Homeroom was I went inside. I didn’t expect to see Year 11s. The teacher was very understanding and nice. Within a few minutes I made a few Year 11 friends and got to know the teacher.

                                                                                                      (Aarush Vijapure, K3)


St Norbert College is such a wonderful school. The teachers are very kind and helpful, especially my Homeroom Teacher, Ms Teo. On the first day of Year 7, I was nervous, but as the day proceeded it felt like a regular school day. Thank you.                                                    (Anthony Paradiso, P5)






Year 12 Ball Photos

Year 12 Ball Photos

Students and families can view and order prints of the professional photos taken at the Year 12 Ball by visiting:

You will need to enter an 8-digit shoot key as below:

Couples/Duos: 2B2KPNZR

Groups: FPBBDL6M

Roaming: 9S4NH4S8

Once logged in, you can change to a different shoot key without losing the orders in your cart by clicking on 'Change shoot'. This will ensure you only pay for postage once and all photos are sent to you at the same time.

Photos will be available online for 6 months.

Please call Academy Photo on 9248 1263 if you require assistance.



St Frederick Academic Scholarships Now Open

Middle School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 7 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 7 – 9 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday 19 May commencing at 9.30am for Year 6 students.

Senior School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 10 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 10 – 12 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday 19 May commencing at 9.30am for Year 9 students.

Applications and details for the scholarships are available by visiting our website where you can apply online via the link provided. The Scholarship Registration fee is $90.00.


Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open

Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering all years 7 - 12. The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees. A prospectus for the Specialised Basketball Program is available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are held on Thursday 19 July commencing at 3.30pm.


Year 9 Italian excursion to Fremantle

In the final week of school last year, the Year 9 Italian class travelled to Fremantle to visit the Welcome Walls and to experience an authentic home-style Italian lunch at Capri restaurant on the 'Cappuccino Strip' in South Terrace.


At the Welcome Walls (just outside the Maritime Museum), students could read the names of the many migrants who sailed to Australia after World War II. Students searched for the names of distant relatives who had ventured from their native Europe to immigrate to Australia.


After, in the town centre, students enjoyed a three-course meal consisting of an antipasto ('bruschetta'), a choice from a selection of pasta dishes and to finish off, some traditional sweets.


Students then walked to the 'gelateria' (ice-cream shop) to order their gelato in Italian. So many 'gusti' (flavours), all 'buonissimi'!


'Grazie' to Davide Gottardi, the Italian assistant, for accompanying the class to the end-of-year Fremantle outing.              

Hosting an Italian exchange student

It would be a wonderful opportunity for St Norbert College to host some Italian students this year. The time frame is from the end of June until the end of August. This exchange program is organised by WAATI (Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian) and AFS/Intercultura, which this year celebrates 40 years of partnership!

It is a unique experience for families to exchange and appreciate different cultures and develop lasting friendships.

The Italian students (boys and girls) are aged between 15 and 17 years. Students from SNC who host will be able to travel to Italy at the end of this year and spend 2 months in Italy, living with an Italian family and going to an Italian high school. The time frame for this exchange is from the end of November 2018 until the end of January 2019.

Students in Years 10 and 11 (even Year 12) can apply to go on exchange. It is not necessary for students to have studied Italian up to Year 10 level as this is a cultural exchange. Obviously for those who study Italian, it would be of great benefit.


I would love to hear from families who are interested in hosting this year. Please contact me at the College via email or phone for any questions or queries. Expressions of interest close on Monday 26 February 2018.



Ms Diana Tersigni (Teacher of Italian)

Open Day


Open Day will be held on Friday March 9, with tours of the school commencing at 9am and 1pm.

The day will provide an opportunity for prospective families to see the College's facilities, meet current students and staff, and to find out what makes St Norbert College a school of choice for so many families. For more information please call the College or visit the school website.

Student Achievements

Cheerleaders to represent Australia

Congratulations to Tahlia Wilson (Year 8), Felicity Carmichael (Year 7) and Britney Mundt (Year 12 – team coach), who are part of the first ever team in Australia to be selected to compete in a cheerleading competition in the USA. The team will be fundraising for the tour with a ‘Bogan Bingo’ event on Saturday, 10th March at Sacred Heart Primary School, Thornlie. The cost is $25 per ticket. For more information or to help the club raise funds for the tour, contact Tracey Sorgiovanni on 0411 234 123 or email [email protected].


Hack The Waste 2018

Congratulations to James Penales (Year 11) who took part in ‘Hack The Waste’ recently, where he teamed up with students from Servite College to create a business concept for the City of Canning, presenting the concept to stakeholders and members of the public. After the presentation, the City of Canning announced that they would be taking the idea to market along with the students. Congratulations James!


Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club

Agorà or ‘gathering’ for discussion was the central area in Ancient Greece where ideas and thoughts were shared. The great thinkers of the day became known as philosophers. We successfully began a Philosophy Club here at St Norbert College last year for Year 10 - 12 students. We are continuing this year and will meet every Thursday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in K4. The purpose of this club is to develop critical thinking skills through philosophical and existential questions that make us ponder upon many topics. This term we will consider some political topics such as utilitarianism, pragmatism and idealism to name a few. Questions on these subjects may not be answered straightforwardly, but by wondering, asking and sharing we will try to offer students the opportunity to expand their thinking process and to explore the different realms of knowledge. We will also be attending the 2018 Academic Conference which is always highly educational.


Mrs G Coulter and Dr A Runco  (Philosophy Club Coordinators)

The Arts


Rehearsals are well underway for Oliver! We look forward to all members of the College community attending this wonderful event in May. Further details will be available very soon.

Instrumental Music

Lessons will commence from Monday of Week 3. Students and parents are asked to check emails for timetables and a copy of the parent handbook.


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area - The Arts)

Social Media

Follow St Norbert College on Facebook and Twitter!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that St Norbert College has a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter! Like and follow our pages to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening at the College, as well as for photos from major College events.





Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Coder Dojo is BACK!

Come along to the Br Pat Forum after school on Tuesday afternoons (of each odd numbered week), from 3:30-4:30pm, and have some fun investigating the resources we have for you. There’s Sphero, Lego EV3 and Edison programmable robots, 3D drawing pens, Makey Makeys, and a whole trolley full of other good stuff to fire up your interest in programming and STEM-related projects. The Dojo is open to ALL year levels, and NO EXPERIENCE is necessary for any of it – that’s the whole point in the Dojo. Come and see how much fun you’re missing out on…

Mrs S Mark  (Head of Learning Area – Technologies)

Important - Parent Information Evening


Parent Committee Meeting

Please note that there is a Parent Committee Meeting this Tuesday 13 February in the Br Pat Forum, commencing at 6.00pm and NOT 7.00pm as previously advertised. We look forward to seeing new faces as we make plans for the coming year.

Mathematics Workshop 


Safety Around Schools


AU Athletic Scholarship


Girls Basketball

Seeking interest from girls aged between 10-13 years to join our Saturday morning competition in Belmont.

If you have finished Netball and now have some spare time or if you have ever wanted to play basketball but are new to the game, then this competition is for you.

It is aimed at developing fitness, ball skills, footwork and basic drills. This fun and friendly competition will help you learn the skills of the game in a friendly and social environment.

For more information or to register your interest please contact: [email protected]

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