07 December 2017
Issue Thirty Nine
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New BPAY Biller Code
Second Hand Book Sale
Music - Week 39
  Inigo Parent Talks (Centre for Spirituality and Relationships)
Pathways and Transition
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From the Principal

Rites Of Passage

As the school year concludes, it has been fascinating to attend important ‘rite of passage’ events. This week our Year 6 students celebrated the end of their Primary schooling experience and our Year 9s experienced the culmination of their Rite Journey classes with a 15 km walk interspersed with challenges and activities. The specific ‘rite of passage’ activities are symbolic representations of the journey through school. As our students grow and mature we enable them to celebrate important milestones and reflect on what they have learned. They can also eagerly look forward to the exciting times ahead. Many thanks to all the teachers assisting with such important events and to all our parents for their wonderful support.

I also had the pleasure of also attending a Pre-Primary Liturgy last week. It was great to see our younger students experiencing the joy and anticipation of Christmas. Now that we have entered the season of Advent, I encourage families to attend local parishes to really embrace and appreciate the message of the coming of Jesus at Christmas.


The end of the school year is always tinged with some sadness as some students and families leave the College.


At our Presentation Night, we acknowledged and thanked some outstanding staff as they move into retirement. Congratulations to Mr Rod Downey, Mr Jim Fitzpatrick and Mr Andrew Locke all of whom have made outstanding contributions to the College as teachers. Thank you and well done also to Mrs Jan Watkins (Admin), Ms Dawn Suschodolski (Home Economics) and Mrs Lesley Patterson (Learning Enrichment) as they move into retirement.


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the following members of staff as their time at the College comes to an end.


Miss Georgette          Alliss                                     English

Ms Catherine             Fry-Walker                          Religious Education

Mrs Carmelina          Grassi                                    Languages

Mrs Julie                     Hawes                                   Accountant

Mrs Genna                  Haines                                  Pre Kindy Teacher

Mrs Lucy                      Hodge                                  Admin

Ms Jodi                        Johnson                              Education Assistant

Miss Jacqui                Keogh                                   Music

Mr Martin                    Kolka                                    ICT

Ms Tania                      Papalia                                 English

Miss Natasha             Prka                                      Education Assistant

Mr Chris                       Richards-Scully                Marketing

Miss Emma                 Scally                                   Home Economics

Mrs Amanda              Sutton                                  Education Assistant

Ms Robyn                    Tunney                                Education Assistant

Ms Sarah                      Ware                                    Vocational Educational Training


Thank you to all our families for an excellent school year. Best wishes to all members of the John XXIII College community for the Christmas vacation.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely

Robert Henderson

Around The Primary

Dear Parents

Here we all are at the end of another wonderful, action-packed, productive, interesting, exciting, rewarding year, with so much to celebrate.  It’s time now for turning our attention to the birth of Jesus – the greatest gift of all time. A big thank you to our Pre Primary children for preparing these precious pictures to remind us about the first Christmas.



On behalf of the staff, I would like to sincerely thank all John XXIII families for the genuine support you have shown throughout the year.

Special thanks to all the wonderful staff for nurturing, encouraging, supporting and motivating the children to achieve their personal best.

Congratulations to all the students for coming to school with big smiles on their faces each morning and sharing their love of learning.


Enjoy the holidays with your delightful children!


Kind Regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


May God bless you all in the exciting years ahead!



Staff Scholarship

The Staff Scholarship offers to staff members the opportunity of investigating an issue of educational importance to them or to acquire skills which can be applied within the College. Next year Ms O’Connor will attend the Building Learning Communities Education Conference in Boston. This Conference will provide her with the opportunity to investigate the best innovative and learning resources for our students. Congratulations Ms O’Connor.


ICT Leading Lights Migration

The College’s ICT Leading Lights Migration will occur from 5pm Thursday 7 December to 8am Monday 11 December. This will involve moving to the Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) Office 365 tenancy.


  • All College ICT Services, apart from the College phone system and website, will not be available during the migration window. We advise parents to avoid emailing the College and to instead phone with any urgent matters.


  • Parent SEQTA logins and passwords will be preserved. If you are unable to access SEQTA or are having any issues, please contact our ICT Team at

The migration to LEADing Lights is a significant step forward for the College and will take time and much energy to complete. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time.


Semester Two Reports

Reports will be ready to be released on Monday 11 December from 10am. As you know, the College uses SEQTA as a learning platform and parents can interact with this product via a website known as Engage. When parents log in to this website you will be able to view your children’s academic reports which are generated as PDF files.

To access Engage please use the following link as the URL in your internet browser.

Once again, if you have any difficulties accessing your child’s report, please send any enquiries to

During the holidays please take the time to sit with your children and discuss their reports, highlighting the areas of personal achievement and strengths while recognising opportunities for further growth.


Ready, Set… Dance

Congratulations to Joel Margaria (6B) for his winning entry ‘Ocean Filter Gates’ in the 2017 Colour Your Classroom Writing Competition.


Ocean Filter Gates

In this world, I think it would be great if we had filters for the ocean that filtered all the rubbish. They would be stationed around the world and be used daily. The way it works is in the ocean they are placed strategically for winter, summer, spring and autumn currents so that the water and rubbish flows to towards the ocean gate. It also has suction current as well. Just in case an animal gets sucked in it has a heat sensor that if it detects a heat signature it will stop the suction for enough time that the animal would be able to get away. Now you're probably thinking, how are you going to run these massive power sapping gates all year? Well above the gate, buoys will float rafts that are packed with the most efficient and powerful solar panels in the world. Because light reflects off water, they would get double the energy. At the bottom of the gate, the walls will have a sand filter that filters all the rubbish out of the sand to make it pure. Every month massive operations would be undertaken to take the rubbish to recycling centres or if not the tip, though only as last resort. The wall also would be placed near reefs so they can spread the corals spores and create more reefs which house fish, which stabilises the natural food chain and helps restore the old ocean that we once had. The walls are very tall and wide, as they rise from the sea floor to 5 meters below the surface so that migrating animals can pass. Also, there is one hole in the wall at the very bottom that deep sea fish can pass through.


Dates for Weeks 1 – 2 2018

Wednesday 31 January                PP-Yr 6 begin Term 1

                                                                Kindy Transition begins

Thursday 1 February                      Yr 4-6 Swimming Lessons begin

Friday 2 February                             Pre Kindy begins

Monday 5 February                         Wanju Voices Auditions (3:15-4:30pm)

Friday 9 February                             Yr 4-6 Swimming Trials







Start Sailing

Over the last six weeks every Thursday afternoon students from Years 6 – 10 have been involved in our inaugural start sailing course at Nedlands Yacht Club. The students have learnt everything from how to rig a boat, to how to race each other around marks. During the course, the students also learned about on water safety and a few students became very proficient at righting a capsized boat.  The students are all to be commended for their great enthusiasm and can-do attitude displayed throughout the course.

Next year in Term One we hope to offer this course again. Due to limited spots,  if you are interested in your child taking part in this course or wish to find out price and /or more details please contact our sailing coordinator Mrs Taylor

New BPAY Biller Code

Please Amend Your BPAY Codes

Effective from 2 January 2018 the College will have a new BPAY Biller Code for payment of College fees.


The current code notes Catholic Development Fund as the recipient. The new code will note John XXIII College as the recipient.


All College fee statements will reflect the new biller code for 2018.


PLEASE UPDATE any automatic payments in your banking to the new code below:


BILLER CODE:                     280545

NAME:                                John XXIII College


Thank you.


Julie Hawes

College Accountant

Second Hand Book Sale

Second Hand Book Sale This Saturday



2017 Study Tour to France

Hot off the press! Here is today’s message from Carmelina Grassi, Coordinator of the Study Tour to France:


“Salut de Marseille! All is going well here. Students are all well in their host families and happy.


Yesterday we did Art at school and then took the group on a tour of Marseille. This morning they have a history lesson, followed by going to class with their host brothers & sisters. After lunch I will take them to explore more of Marseille. The weather is very cold, but sunny! A bientot, Madame Grassi”

Farewell and Thanks to our Japanese Language Assistant – Saaya Iwata

Saaya Iwata has been our Japanese Language since Term Two. We have been so fortunate to have such great support for our students in Japanese from Saaya. She has participated in our Japanese classes and helped create many resources. Thank you, Saaya, for showing us how to write beautiful kanji, speak perfect Japanese,  make delicate origami and elegantly sip Japanese Tea.

I asked Saaya what the highlight of her time at John XXIII College has been. Her response was “I have been so happy to see the skills of our students improve so much over the year. They are so bright and awesome!”

Saaya also mentioned how incredibly fortunate she has felt to stay with such kind and generous host families. This has been the best way to learn about life in Australia. So, a big thank you to the Jackson Family, the King Family and the Picart Family for making Saaya feel so welcome and comfortable.


Saaya Sensei, kokoro kara arigatoo gozaimashita! Mata aimashoo! (Thank you from my heart and let’s meet again)


Shane Glass

Head of Learning Area (Languages)


Music - Week 39

Music Enrolments, Withdrawals and Instrument Returns

Please note that the deadline for withdrawal from Instrumental or Voice Lessons in Semester 1, 2018, has expired. Applications for lessons are still welcomed, with forms available from the Music Office or on the College website. All students who are returning hire instruments should do so following their final lesson, in order for them to be serviced. With any questions regarding the Instrumental Programs, please contact the Music Office (

Chamber Orchestra 2018 Auditions

For all students auditioning for the 2018 Chamber Orchestra, the excerpts to be learned will be available from the Music Office, from the first day back for students next year. With any questions, please contact the Head of Music (

Wind and Concert Band New Student Auditions

The auditions for Year 7s, and new students to the college, for Wind and Concert Band in 2018, will be held in the Performing Arts Centre on Friday, 2 February. With any queries, please contact the Director of Winds (

Music Tour – July 2019

Thank you to all parents and students that attended the information session for the 2019 Music Tour to Sydney, for Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra and Concert Band. We are very excited by the display of interest and enthusiasm! Further documentation and information will be released early in 2018, but any parents or students who make like to ask questions should contact the Head of Music directly (


James Kros

Head of Music


Term Four Performances

Congratulations, well done and thank you to all of the Drama students who have performed this term.


Year 9 Drama Night – A Spanner in the Works

Year 10 Drama Night – Coming Distractions

Year 9 Musical Theatre – Bye Bye Birdie

Year 8 Drama Performance – And Now for Something Completely Python

Year 7 Drama – Revolting Rhymes

Weeks of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm paid off. All students performed brilliantly and continued to show the breadth of talent at the College.


Thank you to the supportive audiences who attended these events.


Thank you as always to the technical crew – Sam Sivwright, Conor Doyle, Adam Smith, Josh McNeill, Roux Korczynskyj and Eliza Thompson.





George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama


‘GOOD NEWS’ for the

The reflection for Christmas is from Father Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is printed here with kind permission. Father Andy is a Jesuit, a theologian and, among his many other roles, the Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.


In the ancient world people always told stories about the childhood of famous people.  The stories illustrated the direction and qualities of their adult lives, and usually grew with the telling. So it was with Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke both begin with different stories of his birth that illustrate its significance. Later story tellers adorned them with further details that helped people imagine the scene and to appreciate the meaning of the stories. 


Luke’s Gospel tells us that Jesus was born in a manger. The cribs add animals.  Matthew has Eastern wise men visit Jesus with presents. Later stories give them crowns and make them kings, each with his own name and distinctive traits.  Matthew also says simply that Joseph was told to get up and take Jesus to Egypt because Herod was seeking to kill him. Later stories fill in their journey. Mary and Jesus ride on a donkey, led by a boy. Idols fall from their pedestals as they pass, and at one resting place palm trees bend to provide Jesus with fruit and waters flowed from their roots. 


This last story provided rich material for artists to paint the scene and add their own details.  The Bruges painter Gerard David depicts Mary in a dazzling blue dress, seated regally on a rock ledge feeding Jesus with a bunch of grapes, while the donkey with ears pricked up rests in the shade of trees and Joseph in the distance knocks fruit from a tree with a stick. Behind them lie a village and fields rising to a wooded ridge.  When Caravaggio paints the same scene a century later he has an angel sing to Jesus while Joseph holds the score.


These details don’t tell us much about what life was like along the sea road to Egypt, but they do illuminate the deeper meaning of the Christmas stories. They speak of the Son of God coming into our world to join us, so demonstrating how precious and what a great gift our world is. The added details show us that to God not only large things matter: cities, towns and kings’ business for example. Each tree, donkey, shepherd and sheep matter, together with the breathtaking world of reality and art to which they belong. 


The embroidery on the Gospel stories shows that, like the painter and the refugees treading through the dust and heat of the sea road to Egypt, God dreams of a peaceful world in which people and nature live at peace, idyllic villages are well watered, trees are cared for, grapes hang in huge bunches, refugee children are fed, and where angels help make art.


These stories and images of Christmas speak also to the preoccupations of our own day and especially to the desire to protect our world for future generations. They speak of the hope of a world cared for and abundant for all, a world in which animals and plants will thrive as well as human beings. They speak of a human world in which people work for one another as well as for themselves, and especially for the most vulnerable. They speak of a world in which people who seek protection can find an oasis and children can play.


This is the hoped for world that inspires our work at Jesuit Social Services with young people with fragile hopes, lacking mentors and often at risk of imprisonment.

This world can come about only through our attentiveness. And attentiveness roots in a rich imagination of what might be. Christmas stories feed our imagination. © Andrew Hamilton SJ


Looking for some ways to reduce the environmental impact of the Christmas season? The following link is from an article in Australian Catholics, the magazine from Jesuit Publications. There are some creative ideas for all the family.


Inigo Parent Talks
(Centre for Spirituality and Relationships)

Parent Talks


Ignatian Induction Program

The Ignatian Induction Program for Parents aims to provide the basic ethos of John XXIII College which derives from the Spirituality of one of our College founders, St Ignatius Loyola.

There are six Modules of one and a half hour duration at 9:00am or 7:00pm in the MacKillop Room.


If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or Ph: 9383 0444.

Pathways and Transition



Curtin University

Curtin University

  • The minimum ATAR for Oral Health Therapy (CUHHS) at its Bentley campus is 83.00
  • The majors being offered in Engineering (CUBEE) at its Bentley campus
  • Pharmacy (CUHPS) has been approved as an embedded honours program for 2018 entry

The University of Western Australia


The Guaranteed ATARs for the following Law (Juris Doctor) Direct Pathway codes (UWLWA, UWLWB, UWLWC and UWLWS) will be 96.00 instead of 97.00


Courses unique to CQUniversity – Perth Campus.

Many Year 12 students worry about their university preferences.  It’s not unusual to have a change of heart.  Remember when you begin a unit at university you have a ‘period of grace’ where you can withdraw before the census date.  Find out from the university at the start of your course when is the latest or cut-off date that you can withdraw out of a unit before being charged.



A school based traineeship is available for interested Year 10 and Year 11 students.

Students will complete a Cert II in Hospitality while working and earning a wage. 

Students must be: -

  • prepared to work a minimum of 8 hours/week and available weeknights, weekends and school holidays.
  • committed to the traineeship – minimum 12 months. 

All training is provided on the job, and assessments and support given by a trainer.This certificate will be handy for students when they are at uni or TAFE and looking for a part-time job. For more information can be found on the website


Margi Watson

Careers Counsellor


As always, every attempt is made to ensure that material in the Pathways newsletter is accurate. 
The material may include views or recommendations of third parties, which do not necessarily reflect our views.

The listing of an organisation in this newsletter in no way implies any form of endorsement by us of the products or services provided by that person or organisation.

Links to other web sites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.

From time to time the newsletters will include reference to an article of interest based on recent research.  In some cases, the rigour of the research may be unclear.


Year 6 Scoliosis And Colour Blindness Information 

Year 6 is the time when health professionals recommend parents assess and access medical assistance if needed for concerns regarding possible scoliosis and colour blindness.


It is recommended Year 6 students be assessed by their parents according to the information found in the attached pamphlets.


 If after assessing your child, you have any concerns, please follow-up with your Doctor.


Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY School Based Immunisation 2018

Year 10 students in 2018 will be offered ACWY Meningococcal vaccine as part of the school based Immunisation program.


Department of Health Immunisation team will be visiting the College on Monday 21 May 2018.

Information sheet and consent forms will be given to student’s closer to this date.


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Men Of John XXIII

We Want Dads!

Are you interested in becoming more involved as a father? The Men of John XXIII College (MOJTC) are here to support you with get socials and events, advocating the benefits of becoming a better dad.


We are looking for dads who would like to:


1.      Join the MOJTC committee.  Just come along and help to guide our future direction.

2.      Become a Year group representative.  Join with other dads in your child’s year and run an event, which gives you all more time with your kids.

3.      Have an idea for an event?  Go for it!  The committee has funds to assist and the MOJTC will work with the College to help make it happen.


If you are keen to help, simply email:


Need an idea for an event?  Look here for some great ideas:


If nothing else, check out The Fathering Project website:


Be involved.




“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father”

Pope John XXIII

Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop will be open again from Monday 15 January, 2018.




Price Increase

There will be an increase on some Canteen Prices as of the first day of  Term One, 2018.

Dianne Combrink


Community Notices


24:7 Nedlands Youth Group

For all youth in Year 6-12.  Every Friday night, 6:00-8:00pm at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands.

Invite your friends and join us for a great night!

For more information call Noel 0433 772 357 or Catherine 0424 196 585

Join The St Vincent De Paul Society Volunteer Family 

St Vincent de Paul Society is seeking people to join their volunteer team. Your efforts will help to support their good works, such as the provision of bedding, clothing and food to those experiencing hardship, and providing shelter for the homeless. In turn, you can enjoy a range of benefits proven to be associated with volunteering, such as an increase in well-being, happiness, health and longevity! There a number of diverse, interesting and stimulating roles available, at a range of locations, on a range of different time commitments. To name a few,  you could try your hand at sorting material donations, providing customer service in our retail stores, assisting truck drivers to collect donations, assembling furniture and helping with store displays. To find out more or to express your interest, call Sarah on 6323 7531 or email


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Liturgy Powerpoint.pptx
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