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23 February 2018
Issue Two
Principal Message Rod Whelan
Regular Mass Tuesdays 8.00am in T7
Kildare Catholic College Commencement Mass
Ash Wednesday Liturgies
Senior Careers Live Newsletter
OnSTAGE Excursion
Stage 6 Music Excursion
CSU Science Excursion
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Principal Message
Rod Whelan

Hello everyone,


Thanks for the continued energetic start to the year. The Swimming Carnival last night was a great example. Well done to all. Congratulations to Age Champions and Benedicta House. More details will follow in the next newsletter.

On Thursday, 50 Diocesan Principals and CSO staff spent the day at Kildare, visiting classes and looking at our work to improve classroom practice and use of data. They were very impressed with the calmness of the school community, the teamwork and consideration evident in classes, the focus on peer and self-assessment skills and the use of large spaces to increase teaching and learning options.


On Tuesday, Year 7 students and parents came in for a BBQ and check-in to ensure the start of secondary education has been as productive and stress-free as possible. We restated some key ideas, particularly the commitment to mobilise all our resources to ensure that students have access to the support they need to achieve their potential in 2018. All parents and carers please remember to contact the College quickly if there is a learning or wellbeing concern, so that support and intervention can put into place as soon as possible.



Regular Mass
Tuesdays 8.00am in T7

In continuing to develop our Catholic Identity, Fr Paddy is offering Mass at 8.00am in T7 each Tuesday morning and all members of the Kildare College Community are welcome! The setting is informal, relaxed and provides an opportunity to connect to our God and each other in a prayerful way.

Would you like to know more about becoming a Catholic?

Have you been thinking about being baptised?

Or have you been baptised and would like to make your First Eucharist and/or Confirmation?

Would you just like to know more?


Please express your interest by emailing me on [email protected] by the Friday 6 March and Fr Paddy and myself will arrange a time to gather to help facilitate this process.


God of All,

We thank you for the opportunity to belong to the welcoming and inclusive community of Kildare Catholic College.


Help us:

Grow in our faith of Jesus Christ inspired by our Founders Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice,


Help us:

Work together to strive for confident, creative and successful lifelong learning,


Help us:

Show care in the way we support each other,


Help us:

Model active service in the college and wider community,


Help us:

Demonstrate stewardship by caring for the environment and managing our time and talent,


So that we create a hopeful community of young people, willing to do our best and Live the Truth!


We ask this prayer in Jesus’ name.




Dates for your Diary

Friday March 2 (Day 5)

  • Oodgeroo Community Day - Beach Party Theme

Sunday 4 March till Saturday 10th March

  • The theme - "We are Greater Together"

Christine Savage | Leader of Mission

Kildare Catholic College
Commencement Mass

On Tuesday 13th February, Kildare Catholic College Community gathered for our Commencement Mass, celebrated by Fr Paddy Sykes. It was wonderful to have the presence of families, friends and special guests representing the Presentation Sisters and the Catholic Schools Office. Thank you to the College and House Leaders, musicians and singers for taking on key roles in our celebration.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has identified 2018 as the “Year of Youth”. At its heart, this year in the Church focuses on renewing and engaging young people in the faith. Kildare Catholic College intends to harness our “Joyful Generation”, to go make a difference!

Christine Savage | Leader of Mission

Ash Wednesday Liturgies

Lent began with the marking of ashes, to remind us to live the way Jesus wants. Lent is a special time when we stop and think about how we can play our part in God’s hope for a world that is fair, just and peaceful, as we prepare for Easter. We think about our relationship with God, serving others and the changes we can make in our lives, to be God’s love and mercy in our world, ensuring all people have a just future.


Ongoing support of Project Compassion will be encouraged in Home groups over the six weeks of Lent.

Thank you to the Academic Care and Wellbeing Coordinators and their respective House Leaders for organising and leading these liturgies.

Christine Savage | Leader Of Mission

Senior Careers

Live Newsletter

Over the years I have tried many different ways to disseminate information in a timely fashion to Year 12. But you can guarantee when I do my weekly/fortnightly newsletters, the minute I press send, something new comes in. So in an attempt to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date info I have decided to do a ‘Live Newsletter’ As things come in they will be added. I will try and ensure that it is obvious when things have been posted. It will be your responsibility to make sure you check  it a couple times a week :)

For your convenience, the different sections of the newsletter are hyperlinked, so that you can go directly to the information that applies to you :)

Click here for the folder which contains previous Newsletters

Not a lot happening at the moment, but it is good for you to get in the habit of checking this regularly.

If you have not already done so, please complete the following form.


It is a requirement that all Year 12 students have at least one meeting with me in Term 1. So if you have not had a meeting yet, please make an appointment ASAP.

If you want to meet with me, please try and schedule your appointment for a time that you have a study. If this is not possible, check with your classroom teacher first :) Click here

to make an appointment to see me.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) are coming to give an interactive and dynamic presentation to Year 12 about what studying at university is really like.


Students will discover the possibilities for their futures through hands-on exercises to compare their post-school options.

Students will also learn about the benefits of attending a regional university, plus meet current students and hear about their experiences on campus.

They will be here on Tuesday 6th March Lesson 5.

If interested in attending, please complete this form.

High Achievers TAKE NOTE. This is a VERY lucrative Scholarship. Click on the link for more information.

 The Tuckwell Scholarship is unique in that it allows you to study a single or double undergraduate program, including honours and vertical degrees (degrees that combine undergraduate and graduate study, across a range of disciplines, completed in a reduced time-frame), in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years. As part of the program, scholars also receive a wide range of academic and emotional support from the Fellows, their peers and the staff of the program. This gives scholars a well-being focused program support structure during their time at university, and helps to produce cohorts of well-rounded, experienced and inspired graduates. Follow the links below to read more about the Scholarship.

Kildare Careers Social Media

Please see below links to Kildare Careers Social Media.

Facebook - Like

Facebook - Join

Youtube - Subscribe to

Twitter - Follow @KildareCareers

If your parents want to be included on my CareersNews email distribution list, get them to email [email protected] with CareersNews 2018 in the subject line.

Watch the video below which explains how the ATAR is determined. It shocks me every year that Year 12 students do not understand this.

NIDA HSC Drama Performance Course 

16 to 20 April. 10.00am to 5.00pm 

215 Anzac Pde, Kensington

NIDA HSC Drama Performance is a comprehensive course for NSW students in year 11 and 12. Broaden your understanding of performance and develop improvisation, acting and devising techniques. Communicate as a performer to an audience for GP and IP projects. More info:

Video Game and Animation Work Experience at AIE 

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment Work Experience Program is now open for 2018. If you are a student in year 10, 11 or 12 who is interested in Game Design, Game Art & Animation, 3D Animation and VFX or Game Programming and would like to learn practical skills and what it's like to work in this area, please go online at

Taking a GAP Year??

Click here to see the current vacancies

If you are actively looking for full time employment, please click on this link and put your details in the form, so that when employers contact me directly I can make sure I make you aware of any vacancies.

The following document will give you a general overview of Tertiary Education.

Prospective medical & dental students need to sit UMAT 

Test date 25 July

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), who is again administering the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) has opened registrations for UMAT. Senior students are likely to need to sit this exam if they would like to apply for dentistry or medicine in 2019. Go to:

If you receive an ATAR of 80+ you are eligible for the FedUni High Achievers Scholarship, worth up to $18,000 including one year of on-campus accommodation

I have made several short videos. You may find the following of particular interest at the moment

UAC - Investigating Uni Course NSW

UAC - How is the ATAR Cut Off determined for a course

UAC - How are university offers made

Global Leadership Entry Program Year 12 students who are achieving strong academic results and are leaders in their community and involved in extracurricular activities Applications open 14 May

Course guide Available in early 2018

TAFE NSW Credit Transfer Pathways to University

Check to see how many Credit Points a TAFE NSW qualification can give you for a degree with an Australian University. With around 3,000 pathways available, discover the many roads they can take on their journey to higher education. Questions can be emailed to: [email protected]

No new information this week

ATAR Notes - HSC is a great Facebook Group with heaps of study tips.

We have many very dedicated staff members who make their time available for Senior Students to attend Tutorial Sessions outside of normal class time. Please see below for the current subjects, times and venues


Monday - Lunch - T6/T7

Tuesday - After school - Resource Centre (Seniors only)

Wednesday - After school - Resource Centre

From time to time, ex-students will provide us with some insights into life after school.


Where are they now?

So happy to be able to finally publish ‘Where are they now?’ I can’t thank my ex-students enough for sharing their stories. The response has been overwhelming. This will not only be useful for you, but also your parents to read.


Click on the Graphic to go to the flipbook


I will list here when new ones have been added

Click here for Year 12 Careers Resources

Click here to keep up to date


Karen Murray | Careers Advisor

02 6925 3388

0428 861732

To book an appointment, click here

OnSTAGE Excursion

On Saturday 5 February, 19 of our senior Drama students and three teachers made the road trip to Sydney and back in a day to see a matinee performance of this year's OnSTAGE production. This performance showcases outstanding HSC Drama performances from last year's HSC Drama students across the state.


The students had a great time watching these people perform and they themselves were outstanding in their behaviour and attitude for the whole trip. A huge thank you to Mr Gaffney for assisting with the bus driving and to Ms McDermott who provided supervision. 


Michael Mack | Drama Teacher

Stage 6 Music Excursion

On Sunday 18th and Monday 19th Feburary, 31 Stage 6 Music students travelled to Sydney. On Sunday evening they viewed the musical 'Mamma Mia' at the Capitol Theatre, which features the music of ABBA. On Monday the students attended a short seminar and tour of AIM (Australian Institute of Music). This allowed the students to see the various pathways a career in Music could lead to. They then went to the Opera House to watch 'Encore'. Encore is a concert featuring the top 20 performances and compositions from the Music 1/Music 2/Music Extension HSC courses from the previous year. It also features an Honour Roll of 20 Musicology students who presented outstanding Viva Voce's. Emma Moss from Kildare Catholic College was part of the 2017 Honour Roll.

The students are able to see and hear instruments they are not usually exposed to and see exemplars of what an exceptional performance might look like. The students were an excellent representation of the College.


Thank you to Miss Davis and Harry Toole for their assistance with supervision.


Melanie Cotterill | Creative & Performing Arts Coordinator

CSU Science Excursion

On Friday 16th February, the Year 12 Chemistry class went on an excursion to CSU to partake in the ‘HSC Chemistry Day’.

During the day, we used a pH meter to measure the pH of several chemicals and some household products. We also performed an acid-base titration using a burette to tap a basic solution into vinegar in order to monitor the pH change. We also  took measurement from an Atomic Absorbance Spectrometer and interviewed some scientists. During these activities, we gained experience using equipment in a proper lab which we do not have access to in the classroom. The most enjoyable part of the day were the experiments conducted after lunch, which demonstrated chemical changes and energy flow, the effect of acid on the environment, and the effect of catalysts by rapidly decomposing hydrogen peroxide in an ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ experiment. It was therefore a very worthwhile trip, being both enjoyable and insightful into the field of chemistry.


Emily Li | Year 12 Student

Resource Centre NEWS

Year 7 students have taken every opportunity this week to become familiar with all aspects of the Resource Centre facilities and services. They have browsed the shelves, found favourite books and sought out favourite authors, genres and subjects and borrowed many and varied books and magazines to enjoy reading. They have also had the opportunity to have relaxing reading lessons and time to explore graphic novels, picture books and new books on display for them to borrow.

There is no limit on the number of books Kildare students are able to borrow at any one time and fiction and non-fiction books and magazines can be borrowed throughout the school holidays. Come into the Resource Centre and check out the display tables for new books that are constantly being added to the collection. We would also like your input as to new titles you may wish to recommend to be purchased, subject to suitability.


Dr Cox-Townend | Teacher Librarian

Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and returned to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Application For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.

Please download leave applications: HERE

Medical Plans

NSW Department of Education advises that:

"When students need help with health issues at school, parents may need to consult with their medical practitioner about the implications of the child's health condition for their schooling and any actions that need to occur during the school day. Parents need to convey relevant information from the medical practitioner to the Principal in writing."


If your child has a medical plan please insure that the College has a copy. If you need more information please contact Natalie O'Reilly on (02) 6925 3388 or [email protected] 


Full Boarding House Newsletter HERE








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