Photo: Twins Mira and Lucy Tonkins and Ted and Bill Clayton celebrate outstanding VCE results

Northcote High School Newsletter

19 December 2017
Issue Twenty One
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From the Principal
Farewell and thank you, Kate
Congratulations class of 2017
Booklist and BYODs: getting ready for 2018
Uniform: buy early sale
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Welcome new students
Students leading the way
Year 8 Camp 2018
Library mini-makeover
An amazing year of sport
The Northcote Model: ready for lift-off
Staffing 2018
Building Northcote
Year 7s clean up Merri Creek
Sharing joy through singing 
Ripples is out!
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Year 8s in Chinatown
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For your diary

2017 End of Year

Final Week – Years 7-9

December 18-20: End of Year activities

December 21: Additional course counselling by appointment  *

December 21: Year 7-9 End of Semester Reports published via Compass

December 22: No formal activities for students *


* Students are not required at school. Supervision will be provided should parents be unable to make alternative arrangements.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 29 January: Staff commence

Wednesday 31 January: Years 7, 10, 11, 12 students commence

Thursday 1 February: Years 8, 9 students commence

Thursday 29 March: End of Term 1


Term 2

Monday 16 April: Start of Term 2

Friday 29 June: End of Term 2


Term 3

Monday 16 July: Start of Term 3

Friday 21 September: End of Term 3


Term 4

Monday 8 October: Start of Term 4

Friday 21 December: End of Term 4

2018 Key Dates

Term 1 family events

Wednesday 7 February               Year 12 Meet & Greet

Tuesday 13 February                   Year 7 Parent Workshop

Tuesday  20 February                  Year 11 Parent Forum

Tuesday 27 February                   Year 7  Family Picnic


Other events - whole school

School Photos Years 7-11                 28 February

School Photos Year 12 & Staff         8 March 

Data Day - student free                      9 March

Athletics Carnival                                14 March

NAPLAN testing                                    15 - 17 May

GAT Exam                                                13 June

Curriculum Day - student free       26 October

Parent Teacher Student Conversations  21 March & 27 March

Parent Teacher Student Conversations   30 August & 5 September


From the Principal

Photo: Advocating for school and community - Kate at the launch of the Campus Masterplan in 2015

Kate's last contribution to the Newsletter

It is with enormous pleasure that I welcome you to the last newsletter of the year, and the last one from me. In August I communicated my intention to leave in January 2018 and since then I have had time to reflect on just how much we have achieved together. That reflection has also served to remind me just how long a decade can be!


When I was first appointed principal, Facebook had overtaken MySpace as the world’s largest social media network and the first iPhone was released. Over the past decade we have had five State Premiers, six Prime Ministers (one of them twice!), and importantly, one of them a woman.  Our school has changed too. It’s a big school, at least thirty percent bigger than when I arrived. And yet it continues to feel local, a place where students can find ‘their people’ and staff can bring their diverse skills and experience, energy and passion. And where we still have room for the quirky and unique.


I believe our vision and values have played a big part in creating and sustaining this great culture. Together, we created a template for what makes our school special and made that live, not just in the words of those values but how we practice them each day. Everyone got involved, students, teachers, support staff, parents and School Council.  We developed them the way we like to do things here at Northcote – as a community. These values say exactly who we are: Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness. The rigorous process, the debates and discussions that developed them mean that they are something we all own!  It is no wonder that they now inform everything we do.


Past student and school captain, Lily Chalmers, spoke recently about her experience at NHS. She encapsulated for me, what we are about. This school is a place where students and staff work together in a way that enables students to discover who they are, what they enjoy and to realise their potential. They go out into the world capable and competent, involved and contributing. As Lily said, Northcote students are everywhere, and they are making a difference through activism, getting involved, being passionate, and doing what they believe in. Our capable, knowledgeable and committed staff have done a great job in preparing our young people for life beyond the school. There’s no one beige in this institution and it has been a great privilege to work with each of them.


It has been a joy to be part of a school where parents and families get involved and give freely of their time, expertise and skills to make it an even better place. The work this school achieves is only possible because we are backed by such generous, involved families. It really does take a village to raise a child and we are lucky that our Northcote village is made up of so many diverse and enthusiastic parts.  Schools are better when they are within vibrant communities, and communities are stronger when they are connected to a neighbourhood school: NHS is that for the inner North.


We have achieved a great deal over what sometimes feels like a very short time. The campus Masterplan is being implemented, with the refurbishment of the Art and Design Hub; and the Performance Hub is now being built after some years in the planning. We have introduced The Northcote Model to bring real choice and voice for young people in what and how they learn and to empower teachers to find their voice in curriculum. The Northcote Thrive Fund – to build, inspire, innovate, empower and contribute - is now a reality. Thrive will be an active vehicle for donations and contributions, with defined goals, that allow our community to more actively live our values.


The classroom of course remains the centre of our work. And as the year and my time as Principal draws to a close I want to take this opportunity to say what is already obvious to everyone who is a part of our community: this is a great school. It has great students and it has a truly great team of teachers and support staff. Teaching and learning remain our core business and it’s a business we do very well! Northcote is special because the young people we work with are special – warm, open and full of opinions, ideas and energy. Being part of the deep tradition of this school – its proud role in establishing public education in this suburb - has been a privilege. I am proud to have lead this school and continued its commitment to being the best neighbourhood school it can be - and wherever I go and whatever I do next, NHS will always have a special place in my life.


Kate Morris

Farewell and thank you, Kate

Photo: Kate Morris at the Writers' Talkfest 2017

An indelible impact

As this is the last newsletter with Kate Morris as our principal I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Kate for all her extraordinary work at Northcote and wish her well.


The list of Kate’s achievements  is astounding, and many of us don’t even know the full list! It is a list that has been and should be celebrated and is a great legacy that will support the school for many years to come. However, it is not these achievements that we will miss most about Kate.


I know I will miss her energy, vision, leadership, mentorship, and undying creativity in the face of the incredible complexity of running a school the size and stature of Northcote High.


In fact, it feels almost surreal to think about Northcote without Kate around. Her presence permeates every hallway, classroom and playing area. During her 8½ year tenure, it is Kate herself that has made an indelible impact on us all.


A serious woman who projects an air of authority and confidence, a woman who walks through this world with great purpose and, usually, a smile. She is direct and to the point and has, let's face it, ruffled some feathers at times, but you could not help but be inspired by her. Kate stirs people to action, to contribute to and believe in the school’s success.


Supported by the excellence fostered by Kate and the leadership team, I am sure 2018 and beyond is going to continue to be great for NHS with Sue Harrap at the helm - but Kate, we are going to miss you!


On behalf of the whole school community, I say thank you for all you have given Northcote High and wish you all the very best for your future.


Martin Hughes

School Council President

Snapshot of a leader

There are many things that we could say about Kate's leadership and the impact she has had on the school - students, families, staff and community. We love a survey at are some of the main phrases that spring to those people's minds when talking about Kate.


Congratulations class of 2017

Photo: Danny Truong celebrates his results

Another year of outstanding VCE results

In 2017 we achieved an excellent set of outcomes that continue to reflect a consistent positive trend over the past 8 years. Importantly, the percentage of students achieving above 70, 80 and 90 remains a positive feature and provides broad ranging tertiary options.


Some features of the 2017 results:

  • Two students shared Dux, each earning an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 99.7.  Congratulations Jack Puccini and Viktor Schwantner
  • Anastasia Adams-Picard was Dux Proximus with an ATAR of 99.35.
  • 48 students (18.3%) earned an ATAR of 90 or above, with 18 students achieving 95+
  • 98 students (37.5%) earned an ATAR over 80
  • 144 students (55.2%) earned an ATAR of 70 or above. This puts them in the top 30% of results in the state.

The number of students achieving 80+ has been consistently above 35% which is a very good outcome – a testament to the consistent effort and focus on improvement amongst both staff and students, and to the strong and supportive family partnerships.


This group's results compares well with the average performance over the last decade and represents consistent strength across the wide range of subjects and pathways available to students.


Also of note:

  • Our median ATAR score was 72.7
  • Our mean ATAR score was 69.3
  • There were two (2) perfect Study Scores of 50 for Australian History and Global Politics, plus a 50 in Italian via Distance Education 
  • 126 Study Scores of 40 and above
  • The mean study score (across all students and all subjects) was 30.6 and the median study score was 31.

Stories of success

The numbers only tell a small part of the story. Behind every result sits twelve years of individual and collective effort, curiosity, achievement, and sometimes, struggle: the work of the students who supported each other and were supported by teachers, families and others throughout their school life. This time is also only the start of the story for our Year 12s: ahead lies a wide range of paths and possibilities to explore. We are proud, not just of those who earned high marks, but of the broad range and depth of our students' achievements.  Some examples include:


Danny Truong: earned an ATAR of 96.45 and has already received a Vice-Chancellors' Scholarship to Monash University. He is currently deliberating whether to go in to Biomedicine or Science. Danny says the cornerstones of his results were attendance and using the knowledge of his teachers and peers.


Theo Carbo: has been offered a music scholarship at the Victorian College of the Arts and this year was a finalist for the James Morrison Scholarship, amongst many other outstanding musical achievements. Theo's diverse program of studies over the past three years included a VET Certificate IV, a subject by Distance Education and the challenging VCE subject Extended Investigations.


Mira Tonkin: Mira was the Year 11 Captain and involved in the Music program throughout her time at Northcote. She hopes that her studies of Biology, Health and Human Development, Futher Mathematics and the Humanities will lead her to Nursing or Midwifery - a goal well in sight with her achievements.


Twins Mira and Lucy Tonkin and Ted and Bill Clayton all excelled, earning ATARs of over 95. Look out for them featured in this week's Herald Sun.


We look forward to sharing more stories of graduates with you over the coming months. Congratulations to the class of 2017.

Booklist and BYODs: getting ready for 2018

E-books - LearningField

To complement our 1:1 Device Program we are excited to introduce a new way of accessing and using textbook resources.  In 2018, students and teachers in Years 7-10 will be using the digital textbook subscription service LearningField for subjects including English, Maths, History, Geography, Science and Languages.


Instead of purchasing individual textbooks for all subjects, parents will purchase a subscription to LearningField. This will provide your child with 12 months unlimited access to the latest subject textbooks from all the major Australian educational publishers, at four year levels (7-10) allowing for increased opportunity for personalised learning.


The purchasing of subscriptions is available from December 1, 2017 - January 20 2018 to ensure readiness for Day 1 2018. See the applicable flyer below for details on how to purchase the subscription. 


1:1 Device

In 2018 Northcote High School will have three 1-1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs running as we transition out of the Junior iPad program.


In 2018

  • Year 7 students: ACER B11 BYOD program
  • Year 8 students: remain in the iPad program
  • Year 9-12 students: BYOD Choice program


The graphic below outlines the minimum requirements for devices for each BYOD program.


Uniform: buy early sale

Buy early and save sale extended

Dobsons have extended their 'buy early and save' sale for 2018 uniform items to the end of Term 4. Get in now to beat the January queues. A price list and ordering instructions are attached. 


A reminder that in 2018 the following changes apply to uniform expectations:

  • All students should wear black business socks (no visible logos) with both summer and winter uniform (or black stockings with the winter skirt)
  • Students may wear either the long sleeved white blouse or the purple long / short sleeved shirt with the winter skirt during Terms 2 & 3

All students may wear the purple shirt and grey shorts or pants year round. The school is continuing to investigate the possibility of providing alternative cuts of these shorts and pants during 2018 - stayed tuned in Term 1 for a further update.


Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Important message for Year 12 families

On December 15, all students were able to access their VCE results.


Students who have registered with VTAC can also access their ATAR at this point. This may raise concerns for some students, whilst for others it will raise the possibility of additional opportunities. Either way, students will be in a better position to evaluate how their ATAR relates to their immediate goals in terms of tertiary entrance for 2018, as well as their longer-term goals.


Any Year 12 student from this year who needs assistance with decision-making during this time should contact Kylie Witt, who will be available at school for Change of Preference counselling until December 20.  Students can also contact Kylie next year if they need assistance with Change of Preference options during the university offer rounds. Please use email in the first instance.


Work Experience 2018


Parliamentary inquiry - share your experiences and views on school career advice


Welcome new students

Photo: The new Year 7s gather for their first assembly

Orientation Day 

We were delighted to welcome our newest students - the Year 7 2018 cohort - for their first full day at Northcote High on Tuesday 12th December.  The demand from our local community for Year 7 places remains high, which is a great indication of the confidence and esteem in which our school is held. In 2018 we will have 13 classes of Year 7s. This means that we have been able to accommodate all of our sibling applicants - a terrific result for our families and for the strong community that makes Northcote thrive. 


Students met with their new class group, enjoyed a tour of the school and bonding actitivies with the warm and supportive Peer Support leaders (2018 Year 10s) and had classes with some of their subject teachers for next year.  The nerves of the morning were replaced with an excited chatter by the end of the day, with students commenting that they now feel much more confident and comfortable about the start of their high school journey.  Both teachers and the peer support leaders commented on the engaged, friendly and supportive behaviour this group demonstrated throughout the day.  We are looking forward to seeing them in action next year!

The 2018 cohort: a snapshot

  • Our Year 7s in 2018 come from a total of 41 different primary schools, representing the public, independent and Catholic systems, plus one student who joins us from overseas.
  • Westgarth, Northcote and Merri Creek Primary Schools comprise the three largest groups from a single school.
  • There are two ACE classes. This represents approximately 15% of the year level.
  • Gender balance remains a feature: the year level currently comprises 48% female, 52% male students.

Joining us at other year levels

In 2018 we will also welcome approximately 50 new students from Years 8 to 12. These students bring a range of experiences, skills and talents to the Northcote High community and we are eagerly anticipating celebrating their achievements, along with those of their peers, next year and beyond. An induction and buddy program is in place for these students to help them settle quickly in to their new environment.

Students leading the way

Photo: Student leaders in action at the Term 4 Captains' Conference

Student Leadership 2018

Student leadership and voice is a priority for Northcote High. This year our student leaders engaged with their peers, the school and broader community through a wide range of opportunties and events. From the vibrant Rainbow Day and International Women's Day celebrations, Sports, Music and Drama events, campaigns to assist homeless and indigenous communities or to raise awareness of social and environmental issues and the Philanthropic Projects at each level, students' energy, leadership and activism was central. Our student leaders also participated in four Captains' Conferences, represented the school at myriad events both internal and external and provided thoughtful input on reviews of uniform, curriculum, facilities and classroom climate. In addition to this, a number of students participated in programs such as the Victorian Young Leaders to China and the Year 10 Future Leaders and Youth for Causes.  


Leadership does not require 'a badge'. However, at each year level there are opportutnities for students to take on a range of formal leadership positions. This year there was strong  interest in these positions, and many high quality applications.  As part of the selection process, students completed a written application and interview, and were asked to reflect upon how their actions as a leader would embody the school values of Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness.  Class leaders, our School Captains (see the 'Year 12 Leadership Group' below) and Peer Support Leaders will be selected in 2018.


Congratulations to our 2018 Student Leaders

Year 7 Captains

 to be selected in Term 2


Year 8 Captains

Magnus Mulhall & Sophie Hargreaves


Year 9 Captains

Elspeth Pinnuck & Charli Doyle


Year 10 Captains

Rosie Thyer & Dimitirios Syrbopoulos


Year 11 Captains

Mary Le & Alexei Petroulias Romios

Emily Lane & Ngoc Diep (Jane) Nguyen (Vice Captains)


Year 12 Leadership Group

In order to recognise the leadership capacity and enthusiasm at Year 12, and to support the workload of the final year, this group will work together to lead the Year 12s throughout 2018. The School Captains will be selected from this team early in Term 1. 


Patrick Greene; Eva Jordens; Violet Tolhurst; Nell Morris-Dalton; Xue Yue Chen; Milla Kruse; Esther Bentley; Freya Viney; Issa Chanzi; Mollie McKenzie; Gabriel Duke


Junior Sport & House Captains

Til Exton; Grace Young; Mia Otswald; Claudia Hetherington; Nick Pappas; Connor Lester; Matteo Rossi-Hunt; Finn Andrew-Fraser


Senior Sport Captains

Taysen Wilcox & Alana Namor


Junior Music Captains

Will Leslie & Kitty Robinson


Senior Music Captains

Evie Deasey; Roy Kermode; Ava Leach-Absalom


Peer Support Captains

TBA in Term 1


International program Leadership Group

Vandy  KUY  (Vandy);  Duc Binh VU (Brian); Haeyun EOM (Haeyun); Jiayi LIANG (Christen); Quan HUYNH (Quan); An DO (An)

School of Student Leadership

In 2018 six Year 9 students will spend Term 4 at the Gnurad Gnudidj campus of the School of Student Leadership (also known as the Alpine School). There they will complete a special program designed to develop personal and leadership skills and will plan for a major community project which they implement on their return to Northcote. Again there were outstanding applicants for this program - it was very difficult to select the final six for whom we have been allocated a place. Congratulations to Hannah Bartley, Minna Baxter, Indigo Van der Hoevan, Eamon Coates, Ethan McKenzie and Kai Stewart.

Year 8 Camp 2018

Photo: Year 8s enjoying camp

Boho adventures

The 2018 Year 8 Camp program will run during Term 1. This camp forms part of the core camps the school runs at Years 7 and 8. The focus of the Year 8 Camp is bonding with the core Connect group, developing independence and strengthening resilience. Students attend the camp with their Connect group and tutor.  Most Year 8s identify this camp as one of the highlights of the year. Two groups will be at the camp at the same time; however, activities are conducted separately. Permission forms will be distributed in the first full week of school.

The camp will run for 4 days at Camp Boho South which is operated by Northcote High School and is the former Boho South State School. NHS has operated this camp since the late 1970s. The activities on this camp include: an overnight hike, horse riding, swimming, bowling and canoeing.


Due to the dry conditions in rural Victoria and the risk of fire these camps may be rescheduled if necessary. Decisions regarding fire danger will be made the day before the camp departs when fire weather warnings are issued. Camps may also return early if conditions change.


Year 8 Camp Dates 2018 - Term 1

Camp 1                        Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 February

Camp 2                        Tuesday 27 February – Friday 2 March

Camp 3                        Tuesday 6 – Friday 9 March

Camp 4                        Tuesday 13 – Friday 16 March

Camp 5:                       Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 March

Camp 6:                       Monday 26– Thursday 29 March


Term 2 back up dates (only if original dates are rescheduled):

Tuesday 1– Friday 4 May

 Tuesday 8 – Friday 11 May

Library mini-makeover

The year in review

The library has been a hive of student activity this year with over 8,000 items borrowed and over 3,000 visits on average every week, plus we have added over 1,000 books to our collection. Our info graphic below gives you all the details of 2017 in review.


To top off a busy year, we have just completed a mini-makeover with some brand-new shelving for our fiction collection. The shelves are lower in height so all students can reach all the books, plus we are very excited to have lots of new display shelves, creating more ways to highlight some of the great books in our collection. We’ve already had some really positive feedback from students, who are enjoying browsing the shelves and we’re looking forward to introducing our new year 7s to the library next year.


An amazing year of sport

Photo: NHS Volleyball teams

Futsal Champions

We have continue to fill our trophy cabinet right up to the last activity. Both the year 7 boys and girls futsal teams completed in the futsal finals on Thursday 30th November at Reservoir High School. Both teams brought home the gold! Well done to all involved.

Thank You

What another amazing year 2017 has been for NHS sport. We have had many teams achieving success at both Divisional and Regional Level with some moving through and conquering State Level. Fulfilling the role of Sports Coordinator for the second year has been an extremely rewarding experience. Our students have continued to demonstrate our team spirit in each event that we have participated in, win or lose. I am extremely proud of all that have been a part of the sport teams and individual events this year. Staff and students have also dedicated a large amount of time to what has been a very busy training schedule. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our staff and student coaches who had given up their time to support the sport program over the past year. I hope you all have a relaxing holiday.


Sarah Blanchard, Sport Coordinator

Looking Ahead 2018

2018 brings more opportunities for our young people to participate in sport. Early in term 1 students will be able to complete the sport sign up survey for any sport that they would like to try out for that year. In addition, we have exciting camps taking place as well as an opportunity for students to join our very successful Volleyball and Cheerleading Program.

School Sport Victoria (Team VIC) Try Outs

School Sport Victoria State Team Trial Registrations are open; Australian Football, Netball, Basketball, Football (Soccer), Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball.  These trial registrations close Thursday, 1 March 2018.  You can find all the details via School Sport Victoria’s website. If you are looking for a document that details the process please download the Team Vic Online Registrations Process. This will give you all the information you need to know before registering.

NHS Volleyball at the Australian Volleyball School's Cup

This year 3 teams represented Northcote at the National School’s tournament. Over 500 teams compete at this event, from across the country as well as from New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong. The games are held at MSAC and Dandenong Sports Stadium over 6 days.


Our teams represented the school brilliantly, playing all of their games with enthusiasm and displaying excellent sportsmanship.


The Year 8s in their first year of volleyball finished 8th in their division. They learnt a lot more about volleyball over the week, including how to serve under pressure, work as a team and referee matches.


The Year 10s finished the tournament with lots of enthusiasm despite finishing 18th in their division. They also learnt a lot about persistence and resilience over the week. After all, it isn’t about winning because they still had lots of fun and showed great team spirit!


They Year 9s advanced to Division 2 this year, playing exceptionally well over the week, with only 3 losses. They ended up placing 7th out of 20 teams, finishing as the top Victorian school for their division. Since beginning volleyball in Year 7 in 2014, these girls have shown great dedication and commitment to their team, developing their skills and improving significantly over the last 2 years.



The Northcote Model: ready for lift-off

New courses on track for 2018

Students and staff are looking forward to the new Northcote Model courses being implemented in 2018. The final stages of documentation and preparation for the courses are nearing completion by faculty teams in readiness for 2018, and students, families and tutors recently discussed and affirmed their choices at the Course Confirmation sessions.  The engagement and optimism of students and families around the courses on offer, the ability to personalise a program and the opportunity to engage in rich, authentic and diverse learning experiences has been remarkable.  Incredibly, over 96% of subjects allocated were from students' main selections: student choice and voice in action. 



Staffing 2018

Farewell, see you soon...and welcome...

A hallmark of a strong organisation is the capacity for each member to grow, learn and move to new roles and responsibilities, as well as to welcome new people with rich ideas, experiences and perspectives in to the culture. Each year at this time we farewell staff who are leaving Northcote High School to take up positions in other government schools, the independent school sector, for periods of leave, or to other vocational choices. To these staff in 2017, we wish you all the best for the next stage of your career. We are confident that you will make an equally strong contribution to your new schools and workplaces as you have done within our school community. We will introduce our new staff to the school community in the first edition of the Northcote eNews in February 2018.


Across the past week we have celebrated promotions and new roles and beginnings  and the contributions staff have made to our school, colleagues and the lives and learning of young people. The ‘school experience’ of students has been enriched by their expertise as educators and the positive relationships they have nurtured with of so many young people and their families.  The work of teachers is important: as such the value we place on how we develop and support staff is a feature of the school.  Northcote High is a great place to work, staff are appreciated, broad ranging  perspectives are valued and the quality of collegial interactions creates the conditions for success.  


Thank you to each staff member for their excellent contribution to Northcote High, supporting equity of access to education and a quality school for young people in the inner north.

Leadership team 2018

In 2018 we have introduced some new positions to our Teaching and Learning Leadership team to assist in implementing our strategic goals and in developing innovative learning programs for students. The positions of STEM Leader and Liberal Arts Leader will facilitate further collaboration between faculty areas to support the Northcote Model and contemporary, future-focussed learning .


The School Leadership team for 2018 is:



Sue Harrap

Assistant Principals:

Sean Butler, Ciar Foster, Jocelyn Hill, Kevin Hoole


Sub-School Leaders:

Junior School: Gerard O'Shaughnessy

Middle School: Josh McDonald

Senior School: Sarah Green


Teaching and Learning Leaders:

Curriculum: Josh Melican

Pedagogy: Prue Morris

Digital learning & information management: Kate Gibbings

STEM: Peter Murphy

Liberal Arts: Rebekah Keenan-Mount


Programs Leaders:

Music: Jackie Brogan

Student Services: Katie Archibald

International Students: Lixia Wang

Building Northcote

Facilities update 2017-18

2017 has seen many improvements across the campus buildings and grounds. The opening of the Art and Design Hubs was a highlight of 2017, along with a series of upgrades and improvements across the campus. In order to deliver on learning and social spaces that support our community to be their best, the school is constantly investing in developments across the site.


Thank you for contributing, via the Build Fund (part of the Northcote Thrive Fund) to create a better school campus.  The hubs are part of the school's long term vision for a campus that better caters for contemporary learning, a growing student community and sees our school as an asset for our community, available for use beyond the school program.


Here is the good news!


Completed in 2017:

  • Art and Design Hub redevelopment
  • Upgrade to landscaping, planting and outdoor eating areas
  • Development of the Arts court
  • New bike parking
  • Upgrade Merri Park South – playing surface and sprinklers
  • Carpet in the main building and the GCC
  • Painting GCC and the library
  • Furniture art and  design hubs
  • New shelves and furniture in the library

Planned or ongoing for 2018:

  • New two-storey relocatable replaces 'D9 and D10' 
  • Development of a sub-schools hub in the GCC
  • New locker bays
  • Ongoing landscaping to develop student social and outdoor learning spaces
  • Ongoing painting of classrooms - the 'D' rooms will be completed over the break
  • Stabilisation of the Olver Hall
  • Construction of the Performance Hub

Performance Hub is good news - but we need more!

The Performance Hub is on track for completion November 2018. Over the holiday break you may be able to observe the progress. It will feature a 150-seat 'black box' studio, instrumental music rooms, performance classroom and music rehearsal space, as well as classroom and study spaces on the top floor. The Performance Hub is the first facilities allocation to Northcote since 1999 (DET funded $4.8m).  Interestingly 1999 was also the last time the school had under 1000 students.  Now we have 1800 students, DET recently communicated a permanent facilities allocation for 1350 students.  This means Northcote High is well under-allocated with permanent buildngs and well over-allocated with relocatables.  With a new campus master plan just released and a clear path forward our community needs to finds its voice to ensure Northcote High is allocated the appropriate resources to support young people and learning.

New Campus Master Plan is in the DET funding/planning Pipeline

Last week DET signed off the new Campus Masterplan developed in partnership with the school and Baldesso Cortese (architects).  The Campus Masterplan sets out a long term vision for the renewal of the school's buildings and landscapes. 


The Masterplan is now in the DET asset planning system and the budget process for 2018 has begun. The school and the Northern Western Region are  pitching for stages 1 and 2 of the Masterplan to be funded concurrently in the 2018 budget.  In order to make this a reality we require our community to be active. School Council will be advocating for investment in the school throughout 2018 - stay tuned to find out how you can be part of this.


The school is also working hard to find partners and hence resources to build The Stadium – a two or three court community sports facility to bookend the main building (with the new Performance Hub) on St Georges Rd.


Proposed project stages:

  • Stage 1. New STEM Centre and Food / Canteen Hub
  • Stage 2. New Library/ Student Services Hub and Hall
  • Stage 3. Refurbish Main Building Liberals Arts and Admin
  • Stage 4. New Gym and health and Wellbeing Precinct
  • Stage 5. Front of School Plaza and Realign relocatables
  • Stage 6. Refurbish Art and Design precinct

Inner City Netball Project underway

Two netball courts are under construction in the school grounds and Merri Park as part of the Victorian Government’s Inner City Netball Program, ensuring no person is turned away from playing the game they love. Our school and community will be benefitted by the program, which will cater for the growing demand for sports like netball in the inner north and for our school community.


The project is being managed by Darebin council and will be complete by Easter.

Year 7s clean up Merri Creek

Year 7s Philanthropic project

For this year’s year 7 philanthropic project we based our effort around the problem of single use plastics and rubbish and how they end up in our environment. We conducted a litter audit along Merri Creek with 2 classes at a time covering a span of 200m along the banks. At the conclusion of the audit we collected enough rubbish to fill approximately 135 garbage bags with each group of two classes collecting on average 22 bags. The collections took place after the intense storm and flooding. The storm resulted in the washing up of hundreds of weird items such as; tents, a fire extinguisher, car seats, brooms, wallets, spray cans, golf balls road signs, a shovel and one class discovered a safe. From this experience students learnt firsthand that the rubbish that they carelessly litter can easily end up in the creek and adversely impact the wildlife that inhibit the surrounding environment. In addition the litter makes the environment less desirable to enjoy and use in our spare time. Students also learnt that simply picking up rubbish and helping the environment can make an impact.


By Miette Rolf and Amelie Sibillin

Sharing joy through singing 

Photo: Performing at the Austin

Sharing Joy through Singing

On the 5th of December the Junior Choir had the privilege to share their passion for singing with the wider community. The day started with a trek up “the hill” to Northcote Primary School. There the choir performed their repertoire from the year for the prep classes. This included pop, musical theatre and Christmas carols. The prep students then performed their rendition of an Aussie Christmas Carol for the NHS choir. It was awesome! Walking back to NHS, the choir enjoyed the perfect weather for a day of touring around the community.

After some lunch the choir headed off for the Austin Hospital. Here they performed at the Olivia Newton John Cancer centre. A crowd gathered to hear the choir in the foyer. It was wonderful to share some joy with those who were facing difficulties.


It was a great ending to a wonderful year. It was a privilege to see everything come together with a grand finale. Mrs Templin and Ms Nitsis are so proud of the choir and the hard work that they put in this year to learn all the songs. A big thank you from Mrs Templin for a great last year at Northcote High school. Who knows what amazing things the choir will get up to next year!?

Ripples is out!

Photo: Ripples Magazine 2017

School magazine now available

Ripples, the annual compliation of student writing, artwork and celebrations from the year is now available. Year 7s and 8s have received their copies in their Connect classes, and it is in the mail on the way to the Year 12s. The magazine will be distributed to all other students in the new year. Thank you to Carlene Wilson for yet another year of wise editorship, and to the student team who contributed throughout the year to the publication.

Random Acts of Kindness 

Photo: 8A

Caring for animals in 8A

This term Year 8s have been engaging in 'Random Acts of Kindness' as part of their Connect program, putting in to action the school values of Humanity and Fairness. Pictured here are 8A who, as part of the project, decided to bring in donations for the Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Year 8s in Chinatown

Year 8 visit to Chinatown

Year 8 Chinese students recently put their learning in action with a trip to Melbourne's Chinatown.

The well-preserved heritage streetscape  gave the students an opportunity to explore the area's rich history and development.


Our students read the narratives about its past and performed a scavenger hunt for Chinese relics and landmarks. Through this experience, they worked in teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves, interact with Chinese speakers and overcome challenges. There were fascinating missions which they had to complete, applying their Chinese language and skills, such as distinguishing simplified characters and traditional characters, finding service providers that offer Chinese services and discovering posters for the latest Chinese movies.

Northcote in the news

Empowering students @ Northcote


In recent editions, we’ve introduced the Northcote Thrive Fund, which consists of five elements which help us to improve school spaces and resources, fund innovative programs and provide students, including those in need, with opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. In this final article for the year, we’d like to tell you about our EMPOWER fund, and in the spirit of our CONTRIBUTE element, recognise the team who have helped put this fund together.


We’re proud that as part of the Northcote Thrive Fund, we’ll be able to EMPOWER students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford basic education resources and that in doing this, we’re the first government school in Australia to approved by the Australian Taxation Office, for a tax deductible necessitous circumstances fund. Although the overall socio-economic status of our school community has increased, many families need assistance to pay for basic school items. Tax deductible donations to this fund will allow the school to purchase uniforms, books and travel cards for students in need, so they can participate equally at school and not be disadvantaged by financial status.


“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person.” Paul Shane Spear


We all know that financial contributions allow schools to improve amenity and services for students. However, there are equally important non-financial contributions that many make in terms of time and effort. We’ve acknowledged this by adding a fifth element – CONTRIBUTE, and will be recognising community members’ voluntary contributions via our new school website coming in 2018, and upcoming newsletters.


A very special thank you to our Principal Kate Morris, who created and launched the Northcote Thrive Fund, supported by her leadership, admin and finance teams at Northcote High, Martin Hughes (school council president) and many of our school council members, and talented parent contributors including Liza Grage-Perry (school council vice president) who achieved ATO approval for our EMPOWER fund.


We invite you to DONATE to Northcote Thrive Fund when making your annual ESLI (Essential Student Learning Items) payment, and you can also make Ad Hoc donations via our school web page. Please contact our Finance Manager, Richard Wang, to set up ongoing or specific purpose donations. Donations to our EMPOWER Fund are tax deductible.

Community notices

Girls make games - holiday program

Girls Make Games is an international game development program designed to inspire girls aged 8-15 to learn game design, programming and entrepreneurship. 

January 15 -20 2018

Monash University, Clayton campus

Health survey: can you help?

RMIT University is surveying adolescents, young people and adults 15

years and older on how acne is affecting your life. We are also interested

to know what you think of Chinese medicine, and whether you would

consider using this for your acne. The survey is anonymous and would not

record any identifying data. See the attached flyer for further details.


Foster carers needed: make a difference

Can you offer a home for a vulnerable child? Become Foster a Carer. Carers are couples, singles, from different cultural backgrounds, with or without their own children. They are people who have the desire to give a child a safe and welcoming place to stay.


Next information session will be held at Anglicare Preston, 42 Mary St on Tuesday November 28 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


For further information please call Maria Mayors on 93015200 or email [email protected]


You will make all the difference!!!


Girl Guides 2018

Friendship, fun, challenge and achievement!

Girl Guides is a volunteer-run not-for-profit youth organisation that aims to empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. We do this through our unique non-formal education programs – fun, games, experiences, under the care of trained volunteer Guide Leaders.


Yarra City District Girl Guides meet weekly during school terms - Junior Guides ages 7-10 (Mark St. Hall North Fitzroy, Wednesday  6.30-8PM), Girl Guides ages 10-14 (Edinburgh Gardens Community Rooms North Fitzroy, Tuesday 7-9PM), and Senior Guides ages 14-17 (Edinburgh Gardens Community Rooms North Fitzroy, alternate Mondays 7-9PM).


Our units are open to girls and their parents to visit– come and see how you like it. Adult volunteer enquiries are also welcome.

Find us online at or email [email protected].

Girls Football: TAC Cup elite pathway


Think you have what it takes to play TAC Cup Girls Football? We’re looking for motivated girls born in 2000-2002, wantng to pursue football at an elite level and join the AFLW Talent Pathway. No experience required, high level athletes strongly encouraged! If this sounds like you, register your interest at: and see attached flyer for more details.


Fitzroy City Football Club

FCFC is looking for players for the 2018 season.
Located at Fairfield Park, we are fielding junior teams from under 8 to under 18. 
Registration days will be held on 20 December and 17 January 2018 from 6-7.30 at the Club.
FCFC is a community based club with an emphasis on fun and sportsmanship.

Find us on Facebook at Fitzroy City Soccer Club, or email [email protected] or call or email David Roche on 0400081167 or [email protected] if your child is interested in playing the world game in 2018!

Summer Reading Challenge

Darebin Libraries are celebrating the start of Summer by launching our annual Summer Reading Challenge. It’s important that kids keep reading over the holidays. Make summer reading fun by entering the challenge - see details attached.  All entries go into the draw for some fantastic prizes, including Robinson’s Book Store Vouchers, Bundoora Park family passes and family passes to Northcote Aquatic Centre and Reservoir Leisure Centre. 


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