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13 December 2016
Issue Nineteen
2017 School dates
VCE  2016
Yr 8 Camps Term 1, 2017
NHS in Cambodia
ResourceSmart Schools
End of Year Program
Feb 2017 Literary event
Vic Young Leaders to China - 2017
Chinese Min of Ed Visit
2016 Yr 12 Formal
Year 9 Bush Camp
Music wrap-up
Yr 8 Volleyball - Nationals
An hour of coding
International Lunch
Art @ Northcote Pool
Its goodbye from me
Useful things to know 2017
More useful things to know 
Pathways and Careers
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2017 School dates

Photo: 300 Year 7s start school on 6 December

Mon 16 Jan - Office Opens


Thurs 26 Jan - Australia Day Public Holiday


Mon 30 Jan - Staff Commence

Wed 1 Feb - Yrs 7, 10, 11, 12 Commence


Thurs 2 Feb - Yrs 8,9 Commence


Thurs 2 Feb - Yr 12 Study Day


Tues 7 Feb - Yr 12 Parents BBQ & Forum

Tues 14 Feb - Yr 7 Parents Info Night


Mon 20 Feb - Yr 8 Boho Camp 1 (to 23 Feb)

Wed 22 Feb - Yr 11 Parent Forum

Thurs 23 Feb - Writer's Talk Night - Provocations


Frid 24 Feb - School Photos


Tues 28 Feb - Yr 12 Photos


Tues 28 Feb - Yr 7 Family Picnic


Tues 28 Feb - Yr 8 Boho Camp 2 ( to 3 Mar)


Thurs 9 Mar - Swimming Carnival Yrs 7-9


Mon 13 Mar - Labour Day Holiday

Teaching Tutors

TeachingMe is an online platform which matches tutors and classes with students- so it is a private company, which is designed to make it easy for students and parents to find tutors or classes and community groups local to them. 

The website is here

New Staff 2017

Shown above are some of our new and returning teachers:
(L-R) Josh Melican, Hamish Ramsay, Michelle Shen, Julian Perry, Louise Bossio, Rohan Bevan, Jack O'Shea,  Ciar Foster, Adam Coxsell

VCE  2016

Another year of great VCE results!

Many excited students received their VCE results on 12 December 2016 and we congratulate  all for outstanding efforts.


This year, the highest ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) was 99.90, achieved by Jenny Huang.  


In addition, 12% of students achieved ATARs over 95 and 21% of our students achieved ATARs over 90, that is, in the top 10% of the state!


Also worth noting: 

- 44% students achieved an ATAR over 80. 

- 57% of students earned an ATAR of 70 or above. (These students were achieving in the top 30% of the state - this is a new record for the school)

- 11% of study scores were over 40  (our second highest set of results in 90 years)

-  The median study score was 31.0


There were four perfect scores of 50 - two in Further Maths, one each in Chemistry and Design Technology.


Congratulations to all our students – another great year for the school! 

Jenny Huang (99.9) and Martin Read (99.8) will be the Male and Female Duces of 2016.

Yr 8 Camps Term 1, 2017

The 2017 Year 8 Camps program will start in Term 1. This camp forms part of the core camps the school runs at Years 7 and 8. Students will attend the camp with their tutorial group and two tutorial groups will be at the camp at the same time, however, activities are done separately. Permission forms will be distributed in the first full week of school.


The camp will run for 4 days at Camp Boho South which is operated by Northcote High School and is the former Boho South State School. NHS has operated this camp since the late 1970’s. The activities on this camp include: an overnight hike, horse riding, swimming, bowling and canoeing.


Due to the dry conditions in rural Victoria and the risk of fire these camps may be rescheduled if necessary. Decisions regarding fire danger will be made the day before the camp departs when fire weather warnings are issued. Camps may also return early if conditions change.


Year 8 Camp Dates 2017
(all subject to confirmation)

Term 1

Camp 1 Monday 20 – Thursday 23 February (Photos Friday 24 March)

Camp 2 Tuesday 28 February – Friday 3 March

Camp 3 Tuesday 7 – Friday 10 March

Camp 4 Tuesday 14 – Friday 17 March

Camp 5: Tuesday 21 – Friday 24th March

Camp 6: Tuesday 28– Friday 31 March


Term 2

Backup:  Tuesday 2– Friday 5 May

Backup:  Tuesday 9– Friday 12 May


Mr. R. Griffiths

Camps Coordinator

NHS in Cambodia

Click the above to read Mollie Mckenzie's article

Two groups of students recently returned from three weeks in Cambodia, during which students organised all their own tourist-related exploration, completed a community project and undertook a trek through rural parts of Cambodia to immerse themselves in the lives of the people who live there. The comments below are excerpts from the emails sent home to the families of one group .............

Already we have accomplished so many things; whether it was eating snails and crickets or building our team relationship whilst running through Kampot drenched from the rain trying to find some lunch.

We already feel as though we have got to know so much about the history of Cambodia and seen exactly how the locals live. The first couple of days in Phnom Penh were packed with lots of adventures including wandering through the night markets and getting a tour through the S21 genocide museum and the Killing Fields. Both of those things made us feel very alert of what had happened in Cambodia in previous times and realised just how lucky we really are.

In Kampot we organised a tour to some temple caves in Tuk Tuks and also went through the mountains to the Bokor Hill Station, which is situated 1,000 feet above sea level. We all enjoyed the great views and ended up being a part of one of our bus driver's marketing videos for his tour business, which included a singalong to  "a home amongst the gum trees", which was pretty random.

All of us have appreciated everything we have done so far and can't wait for all the adventures we have ahead of us.

We continued our adventures in Kampot and Kep and had a wonderful beach day at Rabbit Island which was full of swimming, sleeping, quite a bit of sunburn and eating delicious fresh crabs that were cooked straight from the ocean.

After Kampot and Kep we went straight to our project on an eight hour bus ride. Our project was located on the Tonle Sap lake in a Primary School. Over the 4 days we worked there, we achieved so much. We managed to build a brick wall about one and a half meters high to keep the soil from sliding down into the lake, mixed piles of cement for a new floor in one of the classrooms, stripped large amounts of old paint off the front gates and painted murals of the Tonle Sap and school yards on the main building. Whilst doing all the work, we still found plenty of time to interact with the kids in a casual setting in their breaks, and we also spent an hour after their school day teaching them basic counting, the alphabet and the macarina.

Our home stay was amazing - the family was extremely welcoming and made us feel very at home. We have enjoyed some of the best food of our trip and our plates kept getting renewed with local delicacies every time we emptied them. The sleeping accommodation was also fantastic - one large room perfectly suited to some ripper card games.

We were all pretty exhausted after working at the community project (so much cement mixing...) so we had a pretty laid back time in Siem Reap exploring markets, swimming at the pool, and buying school supplies with our remaining fundraising money for the school, which we then presented to the director while he was in town for a seminar. It was then time for our trek.

After meeting with our rather eccentric tour guide we walked through farming villages and rice fields, which was hot but fairly easy going, given that in Cambodia hills and mountains are myths. After a boat cruise we arrived at our home stay, which was a house on stilts. Because the dry season is only just starting, we were surrounded by water and unable to move around the village freely. This was a novelty until one of our members got sick. By the end of the night, four others had joined them, so it was a pretty eventful night for the whole team.

That night we decided as a team that, due to the ease of walking we experienced during our first day, the five day trek would be done over three instead. The next day was a bike day, and we all saddled up for a day of riding. Those who were still under the weather hopped into a tuk tuk (aka 'the party tuk tuk') and were cheered up with the prospect of hurling abuse at those who were lagging behind on the bike ride. The riding was very pleasant and we soon arrived at our next stop, the beautiful lake side Eco Village of Traov Kot. The next day we headed off for the last leg of our trek and explored the Beng Mealea temple.

Back in Siem Reap, we did a walking tour of the town and a Khmer cooking class (parents will be pleased to learn the students now have a certificate proving the fact that they did a three hour course and can now take over preparing the family meals). Finally we came to what was perhaps one of the best days of the trip. We were woken up at a quarter to four in the morning to go and watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat temple. The day was then spent exploring various temples in the area and mountain biking between them. We finished off our trip with a day at the Kulen Mountain and a visit to the Phare circus, as well as finding a lovely hotel pool for a last mellow afternoon.

Lucinda Wells, Grace Gunner and Hillary Johnson



ResourceSmart Schools


In October this year a group of Year Seven and Eight dancers and Year Nine Drama students impressed Sustainability Victoria with their creative skills in a film shoot at the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne. Working with a professional film crew, the group choreographed and performed a short dance sequence to promote Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Resource Smart Schools’ initiative.  Everyone that worked on producing the film clip were blown away with our students’ positive attitude and determination. The smiles were just as big on take one as they were on take seven! As a bonus and as a reward for their efforts, the group were asked to attend the Resource Smart Schools Awards in November and watch their performance on the big screen at IMAX. On behalf of the Green Team, I’d like to thank all those involved. Well done and enjoy the clip, now on general release for the small screen!

Mr S Macdonald.

End of Year Program

End of Year Activities 2016

End of Year Activities begin Wednesday December 14 and run until December 16.

There is plenty happening at school and beyond, and it should be a great 3 days for all involved.


Important information that families need to know:

  • All students must be at school by 8:50 to be marked off and organised
  • Some days will finish at 2:30
  • There will be no canteen in operation so students need to bring food if they are attending an in-school activity
  • If a student is going on an excursion we suggest they have a water bottle and sunscreen
  • All activities allow for casual clothes
  • Please make sure your child’s MYKI has money on it before the day begins.


If you have a year 7 child who is not going to the Luna Park excursion there are activities running at school for them. There is however a cost associated with that activity of $15.If you plan on your child attending please indicate and pay on the Compass event. If you do not plan for them to attend please ignore the alert on Compass for the event.


It is assumed by the school that if your child is not enrolled in an end of year activity then the family has made alternative arrangements. This does not have to be declared on Compass. 

Mr Josh McDonald

Feb 2017 Literary event

Upcoming event in February 2017… ‘Provocations'


Usefully timed for VCE English students developing their creative response tasks in 2017, but also the wider NHS community, the Stella Prize will run a discussion evening at the school on 23rd February at 7pm


What is it about?


What is the danger in presenting a single story of a culture or people? How can we push back against cultural stereotypes and generalisations of what it means to grow up Asian in Australia? Inspired by the TED talk from award-winning novelist Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie ‘The Danger of a Single Story’, ‘No One Way to be Asian in Australia’ will address the need for diversity rather than tokenism and authenticity if we are to truly understand the experiences of those around us. Writers Leanne Hall, Alice Pung and Rebecca Lim each bring a unique perspective to this panel discussion, pushing back against the idea that there is only one Asian Australian story, and demonstrating the importance of welcoming and listening to a wide range of voices.


Tickets and pricing information in the first newsletter in 2017. 


Mr Paul Gilby

Head of English/EAL



Vic Young Leaders to China - 2017

Arrangements for 2017

Northcote High School has been involved in the Victorian Young leaders to China program every year since its inception. It provides subsidised travel, accommodation and study for our students in a Chinese school for six weeks of langauge study. Generally 10 NHS student attend a Chinese school program with a NHS teacher. Students from at least 6 other Victorian schools also attend the in country program.

A rough timeline of the 2017 Program

May - Information session

July – Applications due to Dr Butler (or drop at General Office) We can take 10 students. We may conduct interviews as a part of the process. 
End of July – Confirmation of group
Aug – Deposit of co-payment to NHS  due - $1000.
Mid Sept – (compulsory) pre-departure Camp run by DE&T in a Melbourne city location.
Mid Sept – Balance of co-payment to NHS due - $2000.
Early Oct – Departure to China
Late Nov – Return from China

Selection Criteria

Student selection will be made using the following criteria:

  1. Eligible for a VCE study of Chinese as a Second Language subject.
  2. Willingness and capability to share and communicate your learning. 
  3. Demonstrated  interest in Chinese language and culture.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to continuing your study of Chinese through to VCE
  5. Demonstrated involvement in school and community achievements
  6. School principal reference 

More details to come in Term 1, 2017.

VYLC 2016 Post Program Forum


Last Tuesday November 29th the 8 NHS students who had attended the VYLC 2016 program, joined with students from Auburn High, East Doncaster Secondary College, Koo Wee Rup Secondary, Lowana Secondary College, Stawell Secondary College, Traralgon College, Wantirna Secondary College and Wellington  Secondary College for the post program forum.


The morning session was a debrief session of their experiences in China, run by AFS Intercultural programs and members of the Department of Education’s International Education Unit. In the afternoon the students presented their learnings in the closing ceremony attended by the Parliamentary Secretary for Education Ms Judith Graley along with school representatives, parents and friends.


NHS student Anton Brouwer was one of the MCs of the ceremony, and spoke well, demonstrating the Chinese language skills that he had developed throughout the program. Mikka Jordan also spoke about her experiences at Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Languages School.


All students enjoyed the day, catching up with the friends that they had made and debriefing their experiences and learnings from their time away.



Ms Liz Lenthall

Chinese Min of Ed Visit

Chinese National Centre for Educational Development, visit to NHS.

5 senior  advisors to the Chinese Ministry of Education visited NHS last week. The delegation was led by  Mr Zhang Li, 
Director-General of the NCEDR of the Chinese Ministry of Education.  The purpose of their visit was to research

  • What factors have impact on the policy for education internationalization?
  • What is the role the related authorities from federal or state level plays in education internationalization policy-making?
  • What's the new characteristics of applying the education internationalization policy? Any challenges? And why?
  • Are there any urgent issues needed to be addressed in the area of education internationalization? 

NHS was the only Government school in Australia to host the party. Thanks to Findlay, Anton and Grace who represented Victorian Government policy in action (The Young Leaders to China Program)

2016 Yr 12 Formal


Held at the Northcote High School's  favourite location, the San Remo Ballroom,  on 23 November, the 2016 Year 12 formal capped off another remarkable year for our Senior students. 250 students and staff attended. (Click to enlarge photos)

Year 9 Bush Camp


On Wednesday 7th December, 117 students and 14 teachers travelled to Marysville for the end-of-year 3-day camp. Each group participated in a variety of adventure activities that included rock climbing, bike riding, canoeing, group initiative and cooking. During the first evening, students played a mini-Olympics carnival outside until it got dark. On the second night students competed in a trivia night extravaganza organised by Northcote HS teachers.


During the camp students celebrated the end of Year 9, made new friends and had lots of fun.


Thank you to all the students and teachers that came along and made it such a

success. And thank you to Dan and the staff at Camp Marysville for the excellent program, food and facilities.

Ms Sarah Green

Year 9 Program Leader

Music wrap-up

Junior Choir Primary School Tour 2016


On Monday 28 November, the Junior Choir visited Merri Creek and Northcote Primary Schools to share their passion for singing. They walked to both of the schools and were truly on tour, hauling a keyboard, amplifier and more around with them. They performed to three Foundation (prep) classes at Merri Creek Primary and to five classes from Foundation to Grade 2 at Northcote Primary. The students loved the choir and many came up for hugs and to meet the “Rockstars” after their performance before recess and lunch. Their repertoire included pop songs, a lullaby from the Torres Straight Islanders, musical theatre and a cappella canons. In a few of the songs students from the audience joined in with singing and percussion. The students that went on this excursion have been working hard all year. It was a great day of bonding and musical excellence.


Melb Big Band Festival


The Northcote High Senior Stage Band have been invited to perform at the Melbourne Big Band Festival. They will be playing on Sunday 12th February at the Cross Street Music Hall at 3:15pm. Flora Carbo (Alumni NHS 2015) will also be performing at this fesitval as part of Melbourne SQuare. It's sure to be a great atfernoon. 


Piano lessons!


Local teacher offering classical piano lessons in a relaxed environment, for beginners and beyond!


Whatever your musical goal, I can work with you to learn the foundations of music and to develop your technique at the piano.


I’ve been playing for over 25 years and have been teaching for two years. I am actively involved in community music ensembles and have achieved grade eight AMEB and grade five AMEB musicianship. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music course at the University of Melbourne.


I am passionate about sharing the joy of learning and playing music with others!


For further information contact Claire on 0458 900 145 or via [email protected]



Your first lesson is FREE! Lessons held in my home or I can come to you!

Lessons held in my home for $30/30 minutes or $55/60 minutes.

Lessons held in your home for $35/30 minutes or $60/60 minutes.

Yr 8 Volleyball - Nationals



The Year 8 Girls team competed in the Australian Volleyball School’s Cup last week. The tournament at MSAC and Dandenong hosted over 135 schools from Australia and New Zealand. Northcote played 9 games in total over the 5 days and refereed games in between. The girls finished 11th out of 20 in Under 15 division 2, which was a step up from last year’s division and a fantastic effort!

All of the girl’s showed improvement with their skills, commitment and team work over the tournament and they should be very proud of their achievements this year. Thanks to coach Jonny and superstar bus driver Pauline for all of their hard work.  We are looking forward to more fun and success in 2017!


Ms Beth Wright

An hour of coding


Year 7 students recently took part in the Hour of Code along with millions of students in over 180 countries. Our first large coding experience was a hit with students and teachers alike. "This class has never been so on task and involved – and they are enjoying it!" commented one teacher. Another teacher noted that some of the girls really got into it - she heard comments like "Coding is really awesome." With feedback and experiences like this it will help the school to develop our Digital Technology learning area so that we can better prepare students for the technologically advanced careers and futures that await them.


The students took part in 3 activities - try them yourself!


Beginner – Minecraft

Intermediate – Flappy Bird

Expert - Python Coding Language




Mr Peter Murphy




International Lunch

Make a special lunch to thank our beloved teachers


 On Wed. 30th Nov. year 10 teachers enjoyed the most grateful and sumptuous lunch banquet prepared by the year10 International Student group. After work experience week, the Y10 International student group decided to cook a “Thank You Lunch” for their beloved teachers, to express their heartfelt appreciation to staff for bringing wonderful learning opportunities and rich school experience to them. The special lunch staff attendees were also surprised by our young International Students’ excellent cooking knowledge, skills and abilities, as they put on the table about 35 authentic and delicious hometown dishes, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean.          


On their “Thank You” cards to the teachers the International Students  wrote:

Dear teachers

Your inspiration words are like beautiful footprints that have been etched in our hearts and minds- which educate and empower us every single day of our life. There are no words to express how grateful we are to be taught by you. Therefore, we have decided to make you a ‘Thank You Lunch.’

The lunch will be held at 12.45pm on Wednesday (30th of November) at C8, Northcote High School.

Hope you will enjoy our dishes.

From Year 10 International Students, with love.


Art @ Northcote Pool

The work in progress- public artwork at Northcote Swimming Pool.

Participants include from left: Gianna Garzarella, Ella Richards, Marco Bellmen, Charlie O Brien, Asha Beveridge, Eva Massey.

Its goodbye from me

Photo: Nick Murphy practises teaching Yr 8s whilst on holiday in Tasmania

I started teaching at Northcote High School, somewhat against my will, in the early 1980s. I had been at Princes Hill Secondary College and met the love of my life ( she taught Drama and English and sat next to me) and naturally I didn't want to move. The Department of Education's central placement unit gave me a choice of the state's most remote secondary school, or Northcote High School, to start the following Monday, so of course I chose NHS. As it turned out, it was a terrific choice to make.



I am so proud to have got to know the students of Northcote, and to have shared so much of their story since I became Assistant Principal 18.5 years ago. By my rough count, 6,500 students have come through the front door since I started in the role. I wish I could remember all their names. But in the meantime, Northcote HS has fulfilled the dream of its pioneers and advocates in the 1920s. It now consistently rates in the top 10 open-entry government Coed schools in the state by almost every measure. Established 90 years ago in the very dark years after World War One when the wounds of our small Australian society ran so deep,  John Cain Senior's dream of a quality school for kids in the inner north has been achieved. It has been a privilege to have been a part of this.




Useful things to know 2017

Bikes, Boards & Safety

Bikes can be parked at the school - there are several locations to secure them. Please also see the notice below regarding thefts and the need for proper locks for bikes.

All students need to wear a helmet to and from school.

Skateboards can be stored in Dr Butler's office near the General Office. Please ensure your son/daughter is wearing appropriate safety gear.  

Hoverboards cannot be brought onto the school premises, as they cannot be stored safely during the day and may pose a health and safety risk to staff and students.

Staying safe on the way home

This letter from a local motorist  is a reminder on road safety : "Last November I almost knocked over a Year 7 NHS boy who was on his way home in Thornbury. The accident was so close that he actually touched the bonnet of my car with both hands then overbalanced, almost falling over on the road in front of my car. The boy was on a skateboard and was listening to an ipod at the time. Luckily I was not travelling very fast ...This boy shot out of nowhere on the skateboard and I didn’t see him until his hands were on the bonnet of my car. He then toppled over, picked himself up, collected his skateboard and continued on down the road. The whole thing happened so quickly it was frightening. He had his earplugs in the whole time." 
 Please remind your son or daughter of the dangers of being in traffic with headphones on. The school also regularly reminds students of this . 

Beware Bike Thefts!

Over the last few years Northcote HS has worked with Northcote Police to reduce incidents of opportunistic day-time bike thefts. While the thieves are generally known to Police, the thefts are upsetting to students and recovery of bikes almost impossible.

The type of bikes targeted are those with combination style locks, which are often broken, hacked or the cable is cut. The bike thieves tend to ride up on scratch-built bikes (such as the one shown below) to the scene of the theft, dump it, and leave on a freshly stolen bike.(NHS has three such bikes). Police estimate the stolen bikes are then disposed of within the hour for a small amount of cash. 


The best deterrent is the U-Lock.
Also, please -
* do not park bikes off-site (eg: against a tree in the park)
*or against street signs,
*or leave them at school overnight.


CCTV footage of typical bike thief behaviour can be found on Youtube.

More useful things to know 

Use of student images

 At Northcote High School we celebrate the efforts of our students by mentioning their participation in school events and their achievements in this newsletter. As you would have seen, we use photographs of students and sometimes examples of their own work in this newsletter. We also use photographs and examples of their work in the school magazine Ripples, at the end of the year. 

A low resolution electronic version of the newsletter is linked from our website. 


On the School website 

Small group photographs of students involved in school activities and excursions are also on our website, although here we do not usually identify these students by name, age or form group. Where larger scale photos are used (such as on the front of our homepage) or where the student could be easily identified, the school will seek student and parental consent before placing information and/or photographs on the website.



At Special Events 

Unless special arrangements have been made, we allow parents to record school performances, as this creates a memento that can be shared with other family members. Video or audio recording is permitted at school under a copyright licence paid by the Department of Education (DET) on behalf of all Government schools (AMCOS/ ARIA license). The only exception to this rule can be live performances such as the school production, where use of flash photography may be prohibited, as it might disturb/ temporarily blind those on stage. 


In the Media 

We sometimes invite local press and state media to school events and they are expected to follow DET and school policy on the publication of photographs of students. When a press story is about an individual or small group achievement, the school will seek parental consent before approving or passing on information and/or photographs. If you have any concerns about how photographs of your child may be used by the school, please let us know. 

Accidents, damage and Ambulance cover !

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education (DET), and Northcote High School do not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance / transport and any other transport costs. All private property ( including electronic devices)  brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education (DET) and Northcote High School does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.  That is, "owner onus" applies! This also includes motor vehicles and bikes belonging to students and parents. Student accident insurance/ambulance cover policies are available from some commercial insurers, and can be obtained by parents/guardians for individual students. 

Pathways and Careers

Year 12 Reminders


Year 12 students and their families are reminded that they can still seek assistance from NHS throughout the Change of Preference period. Please use email in the first instance, as Kylie Witt will be away on a school trip for much of this time. Bear in mind that responses to these emails may not be immediate, so direct any urgent queries to VTAC or specific institutions. The Senior School team can also help with many queries.


Many of the universities are still making changes to their course offerings and adding new courses. Keep an eye on their websites and VTAC’s social media sites to see if any of these are suitable for you.


You can get help from Kylie Witt at school from December 12-19. She’ll be back at school on January 18, 2017 for students who need assistance dealing with the offer process.  

Download a useful handout for Year 12 students here that outlines what still needs to be done between now and January.




Students in Year 9 this year should already be thinking about their work experience placement. New rules come into effect from January 1, 2017.


If you are organised enough to secure a placement this year for next year, we can use the existing forms, as long as the arrangement is fully arranged in 2016.


HOWEVER, if it is possible for you to secure a commitment from an employer, and they are willing to wait until next year to formalise the process, this will be the preferred option. In that situation, please download the NEW forms, and bring them to Kylie Witt early next year for processing.


Our preferred dates are November 20-24, 2017, but we can work around amazing opportunities flexibly. Black-out dates apply during exam  and course counselling periods.


Summer School at the VCA & MCM


Working with industry professionals in state of the art facilities, the summer programs are immersive learning experiences. Share your summer with like-minded, passionate performers and artists while developing your fundamental skills and building your confidence in a relaxed and stimulating environment

2017 Summer school intensives available in: 

·         Acting
·         Film and Television
·         Pop Song Writing
·         Music Theatre
·         Composition for Animation
·         Visual Art: Drawing & Painting
·         Dance
·         Music

Find out more and register here:


Northcote High School Newsletter
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