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20 March 2020
Principal's Report
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Principal's Report


Resilience Project

What a fortnight at the Springs and around the world!  It has been an opportunity to quickly put into practice the strategies gained in our Resilience Project sessions.  Showing gratitude and empathy and being mindful has certainly helped me in these unsettled times.


It has been a pleasure to have our students and their smiling faces each day.  Although there is a lot of hand washing and some postponed events, we are keeping as much normality as possible and teachers are running their normal classroom programs. 



Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club is going strong with an average of approximately 60 students receiving breakfast daily.   Breakfast club is open every Monday to Thursday from 8:30-8.45am.  Parents and siblings are welcome to call in and have some breakfast too.  Students are welcome every day or on random occasions.  Foodbank provides the majority of the food however we would be grateful for any donations of bread, jams and butter.  This can be donated through the office if you can spare any at this difficult time. 



Student Electives

On Thursday I had the opportunity to visit some of our fabulous electives offered to our senior students.  It was so lovely to see students trying new activities and showing abilities outside their everyday lessons. 




Please note the Canteen will be 'closed' for the final week of term.

End of Term

As we head into the final week of term I'd like to remind you of our Easter raffle which will be drawn on Wednesday.   Please also remember our early dismissal of 2:30pm on the last day. 


I wish you a safe holiday and a wonderful Easter.  Please take extra care of yourselves and your loved ones at this uncertain time. If you haven't had a chance to watch the broadcast of the Resilience Project, I encourage you to do so as we all work together to support the Springs' students. 


See you on our first day of Term 2, scheduled for Wednesday 15th April. 


Take care,

Kerryn Baillie


Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Resilience week at Pakenham Springs!

Hello again and welcome back to Week 8!


I can't believe that it's only one week to go now until the end of term and holidays are upon us! Thank you all for your queries regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic and our school response. As outlined on Compass, as a Government School, we will continue to follow the guidelines put in place for us by the state government.  We are getting updates daily, and these will be communicated with the school community where necessary.


However, in light of everything taking place around us, this fortnight has been a particularly exciting one for us at Pakenham Springs!  The highlight has undoubtedly been the launch of The Resilience Project, and all of our presentations.  Martin Heppell has been our presenter and on Monday evening spoke to our staff about the importance of taking care of ourselves, promoting awareness of mental health and the virtues of embedding gratitude, empathy and mindfulness into our lives and our teaching programs.


The session was very well received and Martin's message seemed to really strike a chord, just as it did in our student sessions on Tuesday.  Students were captivated by Martin and his theatrics, but the message was loud and clear; if we can demonstrate gratitude for what we have, empathy and kindness towards those around us, and remain mindful at all times, then we will be happier individually and collectively. A message he suggested was particularly important in these challenging times. 



On Thursday evening, it was the parent's turn, a session which again appeared to be very well received, both by those who attended in person and those who tuned in from home. This session really focused in on how, as parents, we can develop resilient children and do so through promoting gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.  There were some really practical ideas and strategies to do so, and if you haven't had a chance to watch the video, I would strongly encourage you to log in to the Pakenham Springs Primary School Facebook page and do so over the weekend before the video is taken down.


Now that the presentations have finished, the learning begins in the classroom. As part of The Resilience Project program, students and teachers have workbooks to support a program that explicitly teaches gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. There is a sequence of 30 lessons that will take place weekly as of Term Two, the first thing on a Monday morning. 


Our teaching and learning programs have remained in full swing around The Resilience Project right across the school and it has been wonderful to get into classrooms to discuss and share in much of the learning that has been happening.  Right across the school, there has been a focus on persuasive writing, and this has been interesting for two reasons:  1.  It gives you an insight as to issues that are important for our students and what is dear to them, and  2.  You get to see how persuasive they can truly be when they put their mind to it!  Students typically love persuasive writing and this has certainly been the case when I have been in classrooms.  There has been no shortage of letters informing us of what we need to bring into, or change about the school!


During reading sessions, there has also typically been a focus on reading persuasive texts to identify the different features of these, what the author has done effectively, whilst also applying some of the 10 reading comprehension strategies that we have at Pakenham Springs. If you are not sure what these are, try asking your children - see how many they can remember! 


In Numeracy, at this early stage of the year, there is typically a focus in the Junior School on numbers, counting and skip-counting, and place-value.  This is exploring the different place-value columns (hundreds, tens and ones), and how the value of a digit varies depending on where it appears.  For example, the 2 in the number 26 has a value of 20, not 2 as it would in the number 12. Students have been busy bundling sticks into groups of ten to help them model larger numbers and develop their understanding of the place-value system.


As we head into the holiday period, I urge everybody to keep safe.  Certainly, the current situation with regard to COVID-19 is not like anything that any of us have experienced before.  But whilst looking after family and loved ones and ensuring we have everything that we need, make sure that we also look out for others around you.  As Martin said during his sessions this week, 'we will get through this if we work together'.  Never has a truer word been spoken.


So until next term, take care Springers.



Danny Forster

Assistant Principal (Junior School)



Year 3 - Year 5
Assistant Principal's Report

The End of First Term 2020!

I'm going to begin by saying that I want this edition of the school newsletter to remain focused on the learning and celebrations of our marvellous and talent students, our parent community and our staff.


At the same time, I find it difficult to begin without first acknowledging this crazy time in our lives with the COVID19 pandemic being present in all we do, see and hear.  It is something the majority of us never thought we would experience.  I think of my own children being exposed to the non-stop information of these recent world events and of the balance between providing factual information and general discussion.


At PSPS, we are following all DET and health guidelines, in fact, we have even gone above and beyond in sanitisation and cleaning in each classroom each night.  Our supplies of the essentials (toilet paper, soap and hand towels) are stocked!  Breakfast club and fresh fruit are also continuing. This is supporting normality, health and consistency for students, parents and carers.  All students in Years 3-5 now have all of their online learning logins and passwords, these were sent home earlier this week.  These learning platforms are the same subscriptions we already use here at Pakenham Springs.


Whilst the world events are apart of our every day, learning remains on track.  This term we are celebrating the amazing writing across two text types, Personal Writing and Persuasive. Our dedicated teaching teams have taken the time to present students work on the display boards around the school.  Please come and see for yourself just how much work, thought and care our students have applied to their writing.



Students are loving the feedback in maths.  Using Essential Assessment, teachers can share students strengths and stretches with them, set goals and celebrate growth.  Working with Mr. McKinnon (Year 4 classroom teacher and Learning Specialist) all teachers are exploring links to 'real life' maths learning and rich learning tasks to engage all learners. 


Please remind your children that next week is PLANNING WEEK.   This is an important week for our teachers to review and monitor student learning goals.  Teacher teams have been allocated one full day to plan Term 2 learning and ensure all students are making growth in their learning. Ensuring consistency and maintaining high expectations of both themselves and students, supports strong and effective teaching and learning.  To allow for planning day, students will enjoy a day of specialist subjects (STEM, H/PE, MA and VA).   Please see the information below for your child's year level planning day:


YEAR 3 TEACHER TEAM     Monday 23rd March  

YEAR 4   TEACHER TEAM   Tuesday 24th March

YEAR 5   TEACHER TEAM   Wednesday 25th March

SPECIALIST TEAM                   Thursday 26th March


Finally, thank you for reading the newsletter, if you have any suggestions for news items you would like included, please contact me via COMPASS - I'd love to hear from you.


I wish all of our Pakenham Springs families a very safe holiday break.


Jane King 

Assistant Principal (Year 3-5)



Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Wrapping up Term 1...

It's hard to believe that this is our final newsletter for term 1!  It feels like only yesterday that I was welcoming you all to a brand new year!  We've had a huge term, with plenty of celebrations and challenges.  The challenges we are facing as a nation, and as members of the global community at the moment are unprecedented and I am so proud of the resilience and positive attitude shown by all of the Senior Students at PSPS.  We are staying informed through programs such as 'Behind The News' and are thinking about practical steps we can take to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe and healthy as possible.


Learning never stops at PSPS!  In our Year 6 classrooms at the moment (and as a schoolwide focus) we are examining the Persuasive writing genre.  This is always a favourite writing style, as students get to 'argue' their point of view in the classroom without getting told off!  Using emotive language and making sure we are backing up our points of view with strong evidence is a big focus for our Year 6 writers.  We've also been looking at how advertisers use 'tricks' to persuade us - there are some fabulous YouTube clips about this.  Ask your child to show you one that they have looked at in class.


I absolutely love walking around our classrooms during our Reading sessions - to see so many students engrossed in reading so many different styles of text truly is a pleasure.  Students are getting very detailed when asked about the learning intention of their reading session each day and they are really starting to see how the lessons taught by their teacher relate to the real world reading that they are doing.  Literature Circles are a great way for our competent readers to really analyse a book and have a discussion with a peer group who have all read the same text.  Listening to students run these sessions and how they all play a role in contributing to the deep analysis of their text is astounding - the vocabulary they use, the maturity with which they discuss their points of view.... WOW!!!


A favourite 'perk' of being in Year 6 is having a staff buddy.  Throughout the year, students get together with their teacher buddy and share breakfast, catch up with them for lunch or spend some time helping out in their classroom.  This is a fabulous initiative at Pakenham Springs, as it helps to develop a special relationship with a teacher outside of their class.  Care is taken to match students and buddies to hopefully get a common interest or similar personality.  We hope that having an additional staff member to go to if they have any concerns will help our students really feel a connection with our school - there is always someone at school who cares and who is ready to listen. We celebrated our first organised Buddy Breakfast last week - with the sausages and drinks going down a treat!  Thanks to everyone who helped set up, cook and serve.



I was super proud of the way our Senior Students represented PSPS last week at the Summer Lightning Premiership inter-school sports competition.  Competing in basketball, cricket, softball, volleyball and tennis, our students displayed the 3R's at all times and we received compliments from other schools about the good sportsmanship of many of our players. 

Thank you to Mr Holmes, Mr Davie and all Year 6 teachers for helping this run so well.



This week our Senior Students have also taken part in the Undoukai festival.  From running in giant pants to rolling a giant ball, the laughs were in plentiful supply!  By celebrating Undoukai, we are aiming to emphasise the importance of a harmonious relationships between people of all cultures and backgrounds.  Linked in with Harmony Week, diversity, tolerance and understanding are traits we want to develop in all members of the school community.



Finally, this week all students, staff and parents had the opportunity to hear from Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project.  This is an initiative that I am extremely excited about - mental health, wellbeing and happiness in young people is a huge concern in the world at the moment.  I hope everyone who took up this opportunity learnt a lot from Martin and is willing to put it into practice over the next 3 terms as we work together as a school community to tackle this increasing social issue.


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday break - spend some quality time relaxing with loved ones.  We will see you all back at school On Wednesday April 15th for the beginning of a busy and exciting Term 2! 


Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal (Senior School)


Upcoming Events

Term 1:

The following events are scheduled over the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Friday 20th March:

  • Yr 1, 2, 3 Cultural Incursion
  • Bully No Way! Day
  • Easter Raffle Tickets due back
  • SRC Meeting 2.30pm

Tuesday 24th March:

  • Easter Raffle Drawn (winners notified)

Friday 27th March:

  • End of Term - 2.30pm Dismissal


Wednesday 15th April:

  • Students resume

Tuesday 21st April:

  • School Photo Day




Tuesday 28th January 2020 - Teachers resume

Thursday 30th January 2020 - Students resume (Preps - 9:30am start)

Monday 9th March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Thursday 19th March, 6:30pm - 8.00pm - 'The Resilience Project' - All parents encouraged to attend


Friday 27th March 2020 - End of Term 1 - Students dismissed at 2.30pm



Monday 13th April 2020 - Easter Monday public holiday

Tuesday 14th April 2020 - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 15th April 2020 - Students resume

Friday 26th June 2020 - End of Term 2 - Students dismissed at 2.30pm



Monday 13th July  2020 - Students resume

Friday 18th September 2020 - End of Term 3 - Students dismissed at 2.30pm



Monday 5th October 2020 - Students resume

Friday 18th December - End of Term 4 - Students dismissed at 1.30pm



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass.



Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here


Junior School:

  • NIL

Middle School:

  • Year 4 Camp

Senior School:

  • Secondary School Open Nights cancelled - refer list on Compass newsfeed
  • Year 5 Co-Author Program
  • Year 6 Camp

Whole School:

  • COVID-19 - Daily updates
  • The Resilience Project parent information session
  • Canteen and Student Banking updates



School Wide Positive Behaviour


Community News




Hats are part of our school uniform in Term 1 and Term 4.  It is strongly recommended that all students have their hats on when they play at recess and lunch time out in the yard. Please remember to label your hats too!


There are times when your child will require medication during school hours. If this happens the medication needs to be brought to the office and a medical authorization form must be filled out by a parent or guardian.  Students must not keep medication in their bags.  Thank you.


Please ensure that all clothing items are labelled clearly. Children quite often put on a jumper belonging to someone else.  Show your child where you have named their clothing, so they know to look for their name before putting an item of clothing on or in their bag to take home.  Remember that the washing machine removes names slowly over time so check occasionally to make sure the name is still visible.  If your child comes home with someone else's clothing item please return it to the school the next day.


There have been a couple of menu and pricing adjustments to the current canteen menu. Please check the menu attached for changes. Thank you.


Learning in J04

Junior School J04 Landolfo is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

What a term it has been so far in J04!


We have been practicing the school routines everyday by unpacking our school bags, moving around the school safely, using our whole body listening skills, being focused learners and following our three school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.


J04 spent lots of learning time practicing the letters of the alphabet and are getting much better at recognising the name and the sound of each letter.



In numeracy,  we have become more familiar with 2D shapes and some 3D objects.  We had a go at making cubes using match sticks and marshmallows and apples using strips of paper and split pins.


You can see we had so much fun!



It has been a wonderful first term in J04!

Learning in S36

Senior School S36 Utting is sharing the learning taking place in their class…


OSHClub News

OSHClub Holiday Program

Program's Direct Contact Number:

0438 564 038   

OSHClub Head Office:

1300 395 735

OSHClub Staff :

Deb Shrima & Chelsea

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