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19 March 2020
Issue Three

Education for a positive future.

We foster meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and their peers. We are known for providing a safe, calm and orderly environment, conducive to high quality teaching and learning.

Important Dates:
2020 Work Experience
Premiers Reading Challenge
Brimbank Writers Festival
Breakfast Club:
Year 7 & 7 Girls Cricket
Worlds Greatest Shave
Aperture Media Club
Keilor Downs College
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Important Dates:


Thursday 19th March -Year 7-9 Athletics Carnival

Monday 23rd March - Parent / Teacher Conferences - 1:30 -7:30 pm Dinner break 4:30-5:10 pm)

Wednesday 25th March - 6pm School Council AGM

FRIDAY 27th MARCH - Last Day of Term finish 2:30pm - Year 7-9 Award Assemblies)



Monday 13th April - EASTER MONDAY (Public Holiday)

Tuesday 14th April - Students return Term 2

Wednesday 15th April - Year 12 Assembly

Tuesday 21st April - OPEN NIGHT


Wednesday 6th May - Year 10 Immunisations

Monday 11th May - PUPIL FREE DAY

Tuesday 12/14th  May - NAPLAN

Monday 18/22nd May - Celebration of Learning Week

Wednesday 20th May -6pm School Council




Tuesday 9-12th June - Year 10 & 11 Exams

Wednesday 10th June - GAT EXAM

Wednesday 17th June - 6pm School Council

Monday 22nd June - PUPIL FREE DAY

FRIDAY 26th JUNE - Last day of Term, finish 2:30pm - Year 7-9 Award Assemblies)

2020 Work Experience

2020 Work Experience:

Year 10 - Work Experience
DATES: Monday 22nd June-Friday 26th June 2020.

Communication skills, team work, problem solving, motivation and time management; these are all skills which are essential to have in the workplace and are highly valued by employers. You'll get a chance to develop these skills and more during your work experience placement.

You might think that the only point of doing work experience is for your CV. You probably think you’ll just sit there twiddling your thumbs, or be given a stack of 2,000 envelopes to stuff, stamp and send. Although some work experience does involve doing menial tasks, it can still be very important.

Work experience is a great addition to your CV. It can help you demonstrate your capabilities and commitment to an employer, and can support your cover letter or apprenticeship application by highlighting skills that are both relevant and transferable to the role you’re applying for.  But that’s not all. A period of work experience can add value in a number of other ways.


Here are 5 reasons why you will benefit from a work experience placement:

Gain the skills employers are looking for.

Get a taste of the industry.

Build relationships for the future. 

Get ahead of the competition. 

Personal Development.

Premiers Reading Challenge

Premiers Reading Challenge:

Now that the Premiers Reading Challenge is up and running its time for the Chocolate Class Challenge!
All you have to do is register all the books you would like to read on the new online Premiers Reading Challenge website. Set your Goals and read 10 star and 5 of your choice or more.
The Class that has recorded the most challenging books online, will be rewarded with a feast of Chocolates in the last class of this term (next week). So far, 7Y2 are the front-runners. Will your class be the next? Only three classes will win!
What are you doing after school on Wednesday 11th March?  Would you like to see George Ivanoff launching his newly covered ‘GAME ON’ books and KH Canobi (author of Mindcull) challenging him! Meet in the library after school every Wednesday!
Happy Reading!

Brimbank Writers Festival

Brimbank Writers & Readers Festival 2020:

The Brimbank Writers & Readers Festival is an annual event that encourages a love of reading and literature, storytelling, celebrates creativity and diversity, and promotes lifelong learning. 
The festival starts next week from the 19th of March until the 28th of March. 


 Don’t miss out on meeting your favourite Author, zine making or how to write a gripping story.

Breakfast Club:

Breakfast Club is Back!

Breakfast Club will starting Thursday 12th March.
Please come and grab some breakfast from the Well-being Team Thursday mornings @ 8.00-8.45.

See you there!

Year 7 & 7 Girls Cricket

Year 7 & 8 Girls Leadership Program Cricket Victoria:

Cricket Victoria are offering a leadership program targeted to year 7 & 8 girls  to encourage them to continue their leadership journey, enabling them to become positive role models as they develop into future leaders.

Worlds Greatest Shave

Worlds Greatest Shave:

Year 11 VCAL students are organizing the Worlds Greatest Shave on the 20th of March and are looking for students who are willing to donate their hair. The length of hair to donate should be at least 20 cm long. If you are keen to join in this event and donate your hair, contact Ms. Amarasinghe in the Blue House.

Aperture Media Club

Aperture Media Club:

Tuesdays lunch time in B2

Aperture Media Club is back in 2020 and will be starting Tuesday 03/03 at lunch time this week in B2. This is a Media club exploring pop culture, movies, photos, video games and much more! All students in all year levels are welcome to attend. See you on Tuesday in B2!


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