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20 November 2019
Issue Fourteen
St Agnes' Primary School
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18th-22nd - Dental Health Van

20th - 2020 Foundation Orientation Day 2


29thP&F Walkathon



2nd-3rd -Foundation to Grade 4 Swimming Program

2nd - Grade 5/6 Beach Life Saving  Program

4th - Grade 5/6 Water Safety Program

5th -6th - Grade Foundation to Grade 4 Swimming Program

6th - Grade 5/6 Beach Life Saving  Program

9th -10th - Grade Foundation to Grade 4 Swimming Program

10th - Education Board Meeting

11th - St Agnes' Carols Evening

12th-13th - Foundation to Grade 4 Swimming Program

13th -Grade 6 Luna Park

17th - Talent Quest

18th - 6.00 pm- Thanksgiving Mass

               7.30 pm-Grade 6 Graduation Dinner

19th - 1.30 pm -End of Term

20th - School Closure Day


Term 4  -  7th October to 19th December









19th December at 1.30 pm





Lachlan Foott




Please note Monday 25th November is a school closure day. On this day, staff will be at school planning for the 2020 school year.


At the beginning of last week, I was certainly looking forward to seeing how the St Agnes’ School Fete would all come together and how the community would respond. On Sunday, I was left feeling extremely lucky to have joined this community and I am very grateful to the families of our school and parish for their efforts.


I haven’t been involved in a school fete for a long time, but from what I can tell, there are a number of aspects which were clearly evident on the weekend that make the St Agnes’ School Fete special. Of course there is the financial aspect, which is highly important and certainly appreciated by the school as it allows us to enhance school resources to improve learning and teaching. This year, the funds raised at the Fete will be used to replace projectors and interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Then there is the social aspect; parents, staff and the broader community working together to make the day special, all the while enjoying each other’s company. It was fantastic to watch everyone helping one another to set up, pack up, source materials, wrap cakes, cook souvlakis, paint faces and so much more. It is this selflessness that makes the fete so important to the school’s culture. It builds connections between families and ultimately strengthens our community. Having parents actively engaged in such events, in my view, although difficult to quantify, has a significant impact on the engagement of students in learning and their sense of belonging to the school.


I would like to thank all the families for supporting the fete with donations; be it chocolate, trash and treasure, time or expertise. Thank you also to Fr John O’Rielly for a $5000 donation from the Parish, which is very much appreciated by the school. It is also particularly important to thank the stall organisers who took charge of ordering materials or rallying support. Thank you to those who were key contributors in setting up and packing up - Many hands definitely made light work. Finally, I would like to thank a couple of individuals. Thank you to Leanne Sheehy for taking on the role of Fete Treasurer - A big job and an important one. And finally, I will again thank Carlyn Vilani and Shannon Shine for leading the charge with the fete overall organisation. It was simply superb.



On the morning of Friday 29th November we have the annual Walkathon, to be held at Peterson Street Reserve. Judging from the excitement at assembly today, a much anticipated event for the children. Students will soon be coming home with Sponsorship forms to record their sponsors in the lead up to and after the event. It might be that a parent, grandparent, neighbour, aunty or uncle sponsors your child per lap or for an overall amount. All sponsorship, big or small is appreciated and will again be invested in the classrooms. For the two classes that raise the most money on average per student and the most money overall, there will be class parties held. There will also be a special prize for the individual student who raises the most money overall. Further information can be found on the Parents and Friends page. If you are able to help out on the day as a lap marker or supervisor, please contact Fleur Luke.




Lachie Foott


Swimming Program

Our St Agnes swimming has come upon us very quickly.   


In Week 9 our Year 5/6 students will participate in their Beach Lifesaving Program at Mordialloc Surf Lifesaving Club.  

Swimming Days for the 5/6 students are :

Monday 2nd December 9.30am - 2.30pm at Mordialloc SLSC.

Wednesday 4th December Beach safety Session at Toby Haenan 11.30am - 2.30pm.

Friday 6th December 9.30am - 2.30pm at Mordialloc SLSC.


Prep - 4 Swimming Program


Erica Vella

Why did I Cut My Hair ?


Hello if you don’t know me I am Erica Vella. Two weeks ago I cut my hair, very, very short. Everybody thinks that I cut my hair for no reason, but actually I did for a special cause. I did for a girl who has Cancer.

I donated my hair to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients.


So now a girl who lost her hair to cancer can wear a wig made out of real hair.

I did this so she can wear it  but also so she can feel normal.


I was growing my hair for a year & half and it had to be 35 & half cm long. It was really tough, especially when having a shower, but I managed to keep growing my hair. After I cut my hair my mum set up a fundraising page with Variety The Children's Charity - Hair with Heart so people can donate money for children with a medical condition and who need wigs.


Do you know that it costs roughly $6000 to buy a wig? And they only last 1-2 years!  I have raised over $400 so far. I am very proud to have raised this much money in only two weeks. Please if you would like to help me raise more money you can donate as much or as little as you can. Every dollar counts. All the money is going to a great cause.




Mass Timetable
Term 4 2019 


Level Attending Mass

Week  7

Thursday 21st November

Grade 3/4

-Reconciliation 3/4G 

Week 8

Thursday 28th November

Grade F/1/2

Week 9

Thursday 5th December

Grade 5/6

-Reconciliation 5/6CK

Week 10

Thursday 12th December

Grade 3/4

Week 11

Wednesday 18th December at 6:00pm


St Vincent De Paul

The Christmas hamper season is upon us! Each year we collect food and toys for the parish St Vincent de Paul group from the school.


For donated food we would really like Christmas type food: cakes, biscuits, minced pies, chocolates, tinned hams etc. 


Please feel free to donate toys with a label for the suitable age and gender. However an idea for children donate toys, you could follow this guideline:

Prep to Year 2      5-8 year old gifts;    

Year 3/4                  9-10 year old gifts;   

Year 5/6                  11-12 year old gifts.



This week the Australian Dental Health Van  is visiting St Agnes'. Some students have already had their teeth checked and the dentists are working their way around the school. The van will be at St Agnes' until the end of the week. 


Just a reminder you can still hand in forms and get your child's teeth checked right up until the last day. If you haven't received a form yet or would like another one, please pop into the office where we have extras. If you have any other questions please let me know. 


Thank you

Miss Anthea Georgiou

Wellbeing Leader


Library Stocktaking

It is that time of the year that we ask for all library to be bring back to school.


The library will be doing some spring cleaning taking place this term. Please have a look at home for library books and bring them back to school before Thursday 28th November.

Below are some ideas.

Top 10 places to find your child’s lost library books:

  • Between the bed and the wall
  • Between the bed and the other wall
  • Shoved in the back of the bookcase (usually flat against the back, especially for small books)
  • Underneath the couch (keeping them handy!)
  • The bathroom (obvious reasons)
  • In the car
  • Inside the dresser
  • Under the bed
  • Between the sheets
  • On the very bottom of their shared toy box!

Kind Regards,

Julie Gonzales

Library Technician                  




Parish Newsletters



Thank You


Wow, the fete is now over, for another 2 years!

What a fantastic day we had, the sun was shining, kids were running around with their friends and parents were sharing a laugh while helping out on a stall.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the fete. Your contribution has helped make the fete the successful fun filled day it was and we showed everyone who attended our fete what an awesome community St Agnes’ Primary School is.

Congratulations to Nadia K in 1/2L and Ruby E our colouring competition winners who are both $50 richer thanks to Bendigo Bank.
Money is still being finalised and the final profit will be announced in the coming week, so keep your eyes out for that announcement.

Those families that kindly donated eskies, tarps and marquees for the fete, they are all packed away neatly under the stairs near the entrance to the hall, (where the sausage sizzle is held on a Friday afternoon) so don’t forget to collect them before they go missing.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Carlyn & Shannon

Thank You To Our Fete Sponsors




On Friday 29th November from 9.30 – 10.30am (weather dependant),  the students will be participating in the St Agnes Primary School P&F Walkathon, which is the last major P & F fundraiser for the year and a chance for the all the children at our school to get outside and have some fun!



Icy Poles 

Icy Poles are back on Friday afternoons in Term 4. 

Remember to contact your class rep if you are able to give 20 minutes of your time to help on the stall from 3:10 pm (siblings welcome) and help us reach our school fundraising goal for the year. 


Cost: Zooper Dooper 50c or Icy Poles $1 each.





Fri 22 - 5/6 M Class Rep Jayne Munday

Fri 29 - 3/4K Class Rep Briony Coccaro



Fri 6 - 1/2G Class Rep Lauren Karpathakis

Fri 13 - 5/6 C Class Rep Sally Forbes




What’s Been Happening?




Summer Bookings



SSV Holt Grade 3 / 4 Hooptime - MSAC

Hi Everyone,


On Monday 11th November, St Agnes’ competed in the SSV Grade 3/4 Hooptime Regional Finals against 20 other schools at MSAC.  


St Agnes’ had one All Star Boys team playing.

Congratulations to:

  • Josh B
  • Joe W
  • James N
  • Massimo C
  • James O
  • Reilly V
  • Henry H
  • Daniel Z
  • Sebastian F


All the students did well and our boys managed to win one game.  This doesn't sound like much, but each game was of grand final standard and we lost a few close games.


Our school spirit shone through and the boys did an amazing job, really giving their all in every game.


I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers/staff and parents who helped out and came to support the students on the day.


Most of all I thank our wonderful students for doing a fantastic job representing St Agnes’.  We are all very proud of your efforts and achievements.


Simon Kost-PE









Upfront Drama Academy




Future Football


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