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19 November 2019
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

As I am writing my report I am sure you will join with me in thinking of our fellow Australians in the Northern States who are continuing to face the ongoing challenges of the drought whilst fighting life threatening bush fires.  It is at this time we are reminded of the generosity and kindness of humanity as Australians reach out to others by coming to the aid of those who are facing adversity.  Whilst we cannot be there to offer a helping hand we can make a donation.  Here are some links to reputable charities: Australian Red CrossRural Aid/Buy a BaleDrought AngelsAussie HelpersLions Need for FeedFoundation for Rural and Regional RenewalSalvation Army.  Meanwhile at Frankston High School our students are celebrating great achievements whilst they are doing their best to prepare for final exams and assessment tasks.


"Dream lofty dreams and as you dream, so you shall become" John Ruskin

On Friday 18 October, against all odds, Frankston High School won the State Athletics Championship.  For a number of years, we have been runners up because the government gave Maribyrnong Secondary College millions of dollars to become a specialist sporting school.  This school has state of the art sporting facilities with former Olympians as coaches and elite athletes enrol from across the state.  For Frankston High School to win against such a school is a dream come true thanks to the dedication of our coaching staff who have always remained focussed on their dream.  Thanks to Chloe Stevens, Mal Burt, Steven Bonfadini, Carly MacDonald, Luke Rowe, Kylie Grech and all those who have supported our athletics team.


Lions Youth of the Year 2019

Congratulations to the four Year 11 students who were nominated to enter the Lions Club Youth of the Year Award for 2019.  They were: Kynen Cogan, Elly Howell, Joanna Angeletos, Mia Davis and Maksim Kuyzminykh.  They made us proud with the delivery of inspirational and entertaining impromptu and prepared speeches.  I was in awe of these students especially when in front of an audience they were faced with challenge of delivering a speech when given the topic seconds beforehand.  One of the topics was ‘If I was a fly on the wall what wall would I like to be a fly on’.  A few students chose to identify with a fly choosing stables where they feast on horse manure; very amusing!  Congratulations to Joanna Angeletos, who was presented with the award of Lions Youth of the Year 2019.  Joanna will now progress to compete in Regional Finals.  Mia Davis is also to be congratulated because she won the Public Speaking Award.

The Frankston Football Club Was Rocking And Rolling With The Year 10 Students Knowing How To Party!

We were concerned about the foundations of the Frankston Football Club on Friday 8 November as our Year 10 cohort were all up dancing with great vigour and electric dance moves throughout their formal.  As usual the behaviour of our students was impeccable, and I was particularly impressed because as they left they thanked our staff for organising this event.  As educators and parents our hearts should be swelling with pride as we take time to reflect on the wonderful young people we have raised.  They demonstrated how you can have fun, celebrate the  diversity of our wonderful community without needing to be fueled by alcohol or drugs.   Well done Year 10 students!!!  

Download Photos Here

Designworks: A Celebration Of Viscom And Media

It was great to see magnificent Viscom and Media products and folios on display at Designworks recently. Visitors were able to achieve an understanding of the depth and sophistication of learning that occurs in producing such impressive end products.  We are indebted to Ms April Hinton for organising this event and also to the Media and Viscom teachers for their ability to nurture the talents and skills of their students to such an exceptional level.

End Of Year Concert: A Celebration Of All That Is Great About Our Year Of Music

Congratulations and thanks to our dedicated Instrumental Music teachers and Music teachers for providing an absolutely sensational End of Year Concert.  The performances represented a culmination of their efforts in developing our students’ music performance talents to an exceptional level.  It was a fantastic night for showcasing award winning performances from throughout the year.  A highlight was the exceptional Year 12 performances that gave us a sneak preview of how they would have impressed the examiners during their solo performance exams.  

Training Band Has Their First Time Experience At Melbourne Bands Festival

Last week I went along to support our Training Band who faced the nerve racking experience of their very first performance at the Melbourne Bands Festival.  We need to remember that these students have just begun learning a musical instrument for the first time at the beginning of the year.  They acquitted themselves perfectly.  The music vocabulary articulated by the judge was beyond me but our students understood and were able to follow her directions to improve upon their sound.  The judge’s written comments said it all: ‘Congratulations on a well prepared and presented performance.  Your ensemble sound is beautiful and your change in style between the three pieces was excellent.  Mr Peter Sharp: Fab!!!!’

Last Working Bee For The Year Has Us All Exercising Whilst Working As A Team

A huge thank you to the many parents, students, friends and staff who attended our last working bee for the year.  We worked industriously as a team to clear and mulch in the dense bushland on our Senior Campus.  This will allow for the future planting of indigenous grasses underneath the tea tree canopy.  We need to thank all such volunteers who give of their time so generously to allow us to maintain such beautiful grounds for us all to enjoy.


Valedictory Dinner - Saying Farewell to the Class Of 2019

On Wednesday 23 October we wished the students of the Class of 2019 every success and happiness for the future as we farewelled them at our Valedictory Dinner.  This has been a very impressive cohort as they demonstrated a willingness and enthusiasm to work as a team with their teachers and to support each other in overcoming the learning challenges of such a demanding year.  They have done this with a great spirit of goodwill and this certainly puts them in good stead for future success.

As you receive this newsletter, the Year 12 exams will be finishing.  I wish all our graduates a well deserved holiday break as they wait for their results.  Remember the ATAR does not define you.  Each of you is capable of living your dream.  Do your best and be kind to others and your dream will find you.

Sponsor A Seat: Performing Arts Theatre

As a fundraising initiative, families are able to sponsor seats and have their family name inscribed on the back of a seat.  Get in early because some families are competing for their favourite seat number and/or position.  Contact Stav Smaragdiou if you are interested or book via Trybooking



In the coming weeks, our Early Commencement Program commences with students beginning their next year level in preparation for the 2020 school year.  This is an opportunity for all students to demonstrate to their teachers how prepared they are to do their best always.  It is a flying head start into 2020, and if students give of their best then this time can be significant in setting themselves up for a great year of learning in 2020.  At the same time, we will be soon be farewelling 52 students and six staff members on the trip of a lifetime: World Challenge Expedition to India.  I am excited to hear of their stories of adventure upon their return.  Stay safe and well everyone as the Christmas season fast approaches.


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News

Official classes for our Year 12 students concluded on Wednesday 23 October.  Our Year 12 Class of 2019 can be proud of their achievements.  We have seen this group of students achieve excellent results in academic performance, in extra-curricular activities, as well as provide leaders in student activities, sport, music and community involvement.  

The VCAA examination period commenced on Wednesday 30 October and will conclude on Wednesday 20 November.  Our exam supervisors have commented that this year’s students have been the best they have supervised over the years.  Congratulations to all Year 12 students on the perfect start to their exams.

I am sure this is due in part to the practice exams held at the mid year and over the September holidays and the high expectations communicated by Year 12 teachers.  It has been very pleasing to see the high number of students who have been at school meeting with their teachers, attending revision lectures and completing practice exam papers.  Thank you to the Year 12 teachers who give freely of their time and work diligently in assisting students, marking practice exams and holding revision lectures to assist students in preparing thoroughly for these exams. 

2019 VCE Results And ATAR Service

2019 VCE results and the ATAR will be available on the 2019 VCE Results and ATAR Service from 7am Thursday 12 December until 5.00 pm Monday 16 December.  Results can be accessed by mobile application, student email or from the internet.  Students will need their VCAA student number and PIN.  You are encouraged to complete registration by 5.00 pm Wednesday 11 December to ensure the fastest access to your VCE results and ATAR at 7.00 am when they are released.


The internet service is free and is available 24 hours a day from 7am Thursday 12 December until 5.00 pm Monday 16 December  –

Mobile application

The mobile app is available now for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Search for VCE results and ATAR.  Results and ATAR will not be available until 7 am Thursday 12 December.

Student Email

To receive VCE results via email on Thursday 12 December students must have provided an accurate email address to the school which has been recorded on VASS.

Important Dates

Year 12 Examinations:

Wednesday 30 October – Wednesday 20 November. 


Last day of Year 11 classes:

Friday 15 November


Year 11 Examinations:

Monday 18 November - Friday 29 November.

The results from these Year 11 examinations are very important and determine subject selection and promotion to Year 12.


The Early Commencement Program is from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December.  Attendance is compulsory for all 2020 Year 11 and Year 12 students.


Confirmation of 2020 Enrollment:

Tuesday 10 December and Wednesday 11 December


Presentation Night:

Wednesday 18 December

Early Commencement Program

As in previous years, we are conducting a compulsory Early Commencement Program for all 2020 Year 11 and Year 12 students from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December.  Teachers will conduct classes for the week and the work covered will not be repeated next year.  The program gives students the opportunity to get a head start with their studies and enables them to complete preparatory work over the summer school holidays.

Valedictory Dinner

On Wednesday 23 October we farewelled our Year 12 students at the Valedictory Dinner held at The Pullman, Albert Park.  Over 600 guests attended the dinner and many awards were presented.  Seeing these wonderful young adults completing high school was a proud moment for many of us.

It is hard to believe that six years ago they were only eleven or twelve year olds and starting high school for the first time.  The dinner was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the students’ achievements with their parents and teachers.

I would like to thank Ms Elise Roper and Mr Simon Cameron for all of their hard work in the organisation of this event.

Congratulations to Year 12 students Eily Walker and Soara Araki who won the prestigious Caltex Best All Rounder award and Guy Taylor and Zoe Cox who were awarded the Citizenship Award.


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sara Dawson & Adele Tonroe

Telephone 9784 9080





12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm - 8.30pm


10.00am - 12.00noon









Summer Uniform must be worn from now until the end of school year.





Congratulations from The Lions Club Of Frankston

The Lions Club of Frankston wishes to congratulate the Year 11 Students who participated in this year's Lions Youth of the Year Competition:

Joanna Angeletos, Mia Davis, Maksim Kuzminykh, Kynen Cogan, Elly Howell

This event was held at the Frankston High School, Senior Campus on Wednesday 16 October.  All students were winners, with Joanna Angeletos awarded the Overall Winner Award and Mia Davis awarded the Public Speaking Award.


Thanks must be passed on to Mrs Ellen D'Ambra, the school's Year 11 Coordinators, whose tireless work would not have made this event as successful as it is and has been over many years.


The Lions Club of Frankston look forward to again moving forward to next year and many following years, in participating in this great and rewarding competition for all students and the school.


In appreciation

The Lions Club of Frankston

Kingswim Car Park
 Monday & Wednesday before 11.00am



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Please See General Office (7-10 Campus)





Around Our School

Medieval Incursion

The Year 8 Medieval Incursion is a passionately delivered and informative workshop involving fun ‘dress-ups’, models, examples of clothing, foods and weaponry from the Dark Ages.

This is organised by Mrs Deb Bretherton, and is a follow up to the Ancient Incursion which takes place in Year 7.


Hands On Learning

The Hands On Learning team have been working hard on the sanding and sealing the deck at the front of the 7-10 Campus.

The team learnt new techniques related to how to use electric sanders safely and effectively and how to seal the deck properly.  This project is just a small part of the maintenance projects the Hands On Learning team tackle.  Well done team.


Martin Flanagan speaks to students and English teachers about Indigenous texts and Reconciliation

Martin Flanagan, recently retired Senior Journalist from 'The Age',  spoke to English teachers about memory, history, identity and Reconciliation. His insights and masterful storytelling style was enthralling.  Students study texts at Years 9 and 12 which address these themes.


Matrin is also an author of numerous books including novels, a play and poetry. He has written biographies in recent times including the 'Short Long book' about Essendon footballer, Michael Long.  His text about the Western Bulldogs' premiership season is 'A Wink from the Universe.'


He is also a noted commentator and documenter of POW experiences for those who served on the Burma Railway. 


2020 School Production

The production team are very excited to announce the cast for our 2020 production of ‘Chicago’!  We had a record number of 110 students auditioning for the show this year, which is not including the Year 7 auditions which will take place next year.  It’s set to be a massive show in many respects!  A full list of our cast, as it stands so far, can be found below.  Looking forward to seeing you when we open in May at our shiny new Performing Arts Theatre, next year!  Thanks for your support.


Mr Travis de Valle, Ms Brie Gibson, Miss Alarna Summers,

Mrs Sally Bredin and Miss Ebonie Burns

School Production Team

Writing Competition Winners

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 Writing Competition!  A huge thank-you to Mr Travis de Valle, Mrs Jenny Martyn, Mr Jon Christie and Mrs Emily Johnson who were each invaluable in helping to read and judge this year’s entries.



Senior Category:

First Prize: Robert Morel (Year 12) for ‘Don’t Look’

Second Prize: Tandie Banana (Year 12) for ‘Heliophilia


Middle Category:

First Prize: Tara Power (Year 9) for ‘Blinded By the Spotlight’

Second Prize: James Wylie (Year 9) for ‘Norse


Junior Category:

First Prize: Makenzie White (Year 7J) for ’Supposed To Be’

Second Prize: Molly Power (Year 7C) for ‘Let It Snow


Highly Commended Awards: 

Oliver Craig (Year 9) for ‘Do You feel No Disgrace?’ & ‘Ice’

Poppy de Lacy (Year 7E)  for ‘Pandemonium’

Natalia Glebova (Year 9) for ‘To My Young, Silly, Naïve and Assertive Self

Oliver Heber (Year 7F) for ‘The Poison Pen’

Ciara Lewis (Year 9) for ‘My Sister’s Poem

Janet Mary Kuncheria (Year 9) for ’Tommy’

Nigel Mathew (Year 9) for ’Sports Weekly’

Caleb Price (Year 7B) for ‘The Daylight’s Darkness

Anya Renwick (Year 7A) for ‘Half My Heart’

Mitchell Roberts (Year 7B) for ‘The Island’

Daisy Shaw (Year 7L) for ‘Why Do You Hide From Me?’

Madeleine Sherry (Year 9) for ‘Difference’

Rose Thompson (Year 7G) for ‘I Heard Singing In the Woods’

Mayatili Thompson-Fidge (Year 9) for ‘The Wall Between Us’

Arthur Watson (Year 10) for ‘Graffiti’

Out and About

Middle School 'Teenagers and the Law' Excursion to Frankston Magistrates’ Court

Over the last couple of weeks, the Middle School 'Teenagers and the Law' classes have had the privilege to observe some real-life criminal cases in the Magistrates’ Court.  Students were lucky enough to see the Victorian Justice System in action, with Magistrates presiding over a range of crimes including assault, drug offences, breaching court orders, traffic offences, theft, offensive behaviour and many more. 


It was fantastic for the students to see that this range of criminal behaviors are not tolerated in society and that people who commit these crimes will be punished.  The evidence presented and the Magistrates’ comments also provided them with lots of insight as to the impact of criminal behaviours in society.  One class was even lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask questions of a Police Prosecutor after he gave us a quick tour of the courtroom set-up. Many were interested in the process of becoming a prosecutor and the day-to-day requirements of that role in court.


Luke Galea – “I liked seeing the way that the Magistrate asked lots of questions of one of the witnesses, trying to trip her up because he thought that she was lying.”


Tara Power – “After learning about the courts for so long it was really interesting to experience them in real life and see what happens behind the scenes.”


Maria Poovathanathu “It was interesting to see a real-life criminal brought in from the cells into the court room. When the Magistrate gave him a sentence, it was in two parts – imprisonment and a community corrections order – to try to tackle the issues underpinning his offending.”


Spencer Byrne – “It was really eye opening to be able to see how the court operates and what it’s like to go through court proceedings. All of the paperwork everyone was carrying around looked heavy – being a lawyer would be challenging.”


The behaviour of the Frankston High School students on these excursions is to be commended.  Everyone followed the expectations of the Court House and conducted themselves appropriately throughout the travel to and from the excursion.  Well done.


Ms Paige Jessulat

Psychology and Legal Studies Teacher

Access Monash Mentoring Program

Access Monash were delighted to celebrate the 2019 Year 12 Mentees from Frankston High School who graduated from the Access Monash Mentoring Program. An end of year celebration was held on Thursday 10 October at Monash University’s Caulfield Campus to commemorate the achievements of each mentee.

Each mentee received individual mentoring from a current Monash University student throughout the year. Mentors provided invaluable advice and support to their mentees - providing insight into university life, clarifying future goals and supporting mentees with study tips throughout Year 12.

Congratulations to the following students who graduated from the program this year:

  • Melanie Tiong
  • Ruby Whiteman
  • Ilya Glinin
  • Ronan Mall

Thank you to all of the mentors, parents/guardians and teachers who helped support the program throughout the year.


Mentee applications for the 2020 Access Monash Mentoring program are now open. This program is open to all students studying VCE in 2020.


Benefits as an Access Monash mentee, you will be matched with a current Monash University student who will mentor you throughout Years 11 and 12. Mentors in this program are current high achieving Monash University students selected by Access Monash based on their commitment to leadership within their community.


  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, be an Australian permanent resident or  hold a Permanent Humanitarian visa, a Safe Haven Enterprise visa, a Temporary Protection visa or a Bridging visa A or E
  • Be in Years 11 or 12 in 2020
  • Attend an Access Monash Mentoring partner school
  • Be considering studying at university
  • Be the first in your family to attend university, OR attend an under-represented school, OR have a low income, OR be an Indigenous Australian, OR live in a low socio-economic area
  • Have your application endorsed by your school
  • Have parent/guardian permission.


To find out more about Access Monash and their mentoring program visit If you are interested in becoming an Access Monash mentee in 2020, please head to to register your interest. Access Monash will then send further information on how to apply. Applications close Friday 29 November.


ECO Team News

2020 Single Use Plastic Free

From 2020 students and staff at Frankston High School are being asked to reduce the amount of litter they bring to school with them, particularly single-use plastics. What litter they do bring to school they are being asked to take back home with them and recycle.


A big ask? Too difficult? Unrealistic? Too sudden? An inconvenience?


Well consider that by 2050 there will be as much plastic in the world’s oceans as there are fish. Currently one garbage truck full of plastic enters the ocean every minute.


Consider that plastic production continues to increase globally, and shows very little sign of slowing down because of significant demand for the product.


And finally, consider that research from the University of Newcastle shows humans are consuming, on average, 5 grams of microplastic a week – equivalent to a credit card’s worth of plastic. This is 250 grams a year.


I think we can all agree that plastic is a useful product and has many positive applications. However, we also need to consider its negative consequences and need to use it far more responsibly for the future health of human beings and nature.


In embarking on this shift in Frankston High School’s culture we are hoping other schools will see our example and follow our lead, just as we follow the lead of other organisations who have also made such a shift – Melbourne Girls’ College is one such example.


It is obvious this culture shift relies on the cooperation of staff, students, parents and the greater school community. However, if any school can make the change Frankston High School can. If we consider the implications of not changing our habits, the path becomes crystal clear.


If you have any further questions about this initiative please feel free to contact the school’s sustainability coordinator, Mr Brendan McKinnon, at


Student Wellbeing News

The Importance Of Vulnerability

The Wellbeing Team at Frankston High School often get told by parents that they find it difficult to get any information from their child. They will notice that their teenager may seem down, and when they ask how they are, the young person may respond in a deflective manner. Hugh from The Resilience Project was recently interviewed on a morning show and his message of 'joining with', and making yourself vulnerable, is a key technique in communication. This is helpful as long as we, as parents, don't spend too much time talking about ourselves, but rather use it as a platform to help the young person to begin to have that deeper conversation. When my children were teenagers I would find that these conversations came more naturally whilst we were in the car, or on a walk, or any situation where we were doing something together, and we weren't face to face.


I encourage you to try it out.


Here's a snippet from Hugh's interview.


Junior Resource Centre (JRC) 

Holiday Reading

Christmas and the summer holidays are fast approaching!!!  Firstly a reminder that all library loans are due back on Friday 29th November 2019 so that we can stock take our collection.  Our digital library ePlatform, will still be available throughout the holidays, 24/7, anywhere in the world, so there is no excuse to stop reading!

ePlatform is a fantastic resource with over 1000 eBook and 600 Audiobook titles on offer.  Loans are for 2 weeks and return automatically, so no risk of overdue or lost books! 

ePlatform can be accessed from the ‘eBooks’ button on the library homepage:

Compass > ‘Star’ > Resource Centre > eBooks

Just sign in with your Compass username and password.   

An easier way to access ePlatform is to download the ePlaform App on any Smart device.  Watch this video to see how easy it is:

Downloading Audiobooks can use a lot of data, but with ePlatform App you can preload books so you can listen data free when you’re out and about.  This video shows you how:


New Library Murals

Many thanks to Mrs Emily Vogt and the Middle School Art Attack Class for designing our fantastic new library murals!  Amazing work everyone!


International Student News

Year 12 Valedictory

Recently our Year 12 International students attended their Valedictory and many did not have families to bring to this special occasion.

Our Principal, Mr John Albiston, kindly drove the school bus so that they could all have transport and be supported for this event.  It was also pleasing to see some families travel from overseas, celebrating this occasion with their child after studying for several years at our school.  Although we arrived home in the early hours the next day, everyone had a night to remember and shared in this special time with our local students and their families.



Year 12 Farewell and Homestay Thank You 

The International Student Program celebrated the Year 12 students completing several years of study at our school while many living without their families and cared for by their homestays.  Mrs Helen Wilson presented the students with their special certificates and congratulated them on being mature enough to study independently in our country and achieve success with their VCE.

We also celebrated this milestone with our homestays who supported these students and they all enjoyed a meal together to show our appreciation of their support and kindness to our graduating students.


Mrs Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Our Sponsors


News from Frankston High School
Class of 2019
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2019 Key Dates Issue 11.pdf
2019 Key Dates Issue 11.pdf
2019 Key Dates Issue 11.pdf
2019 Key Dates Issue 11.pdf
From left to right: Allira Reid, Mrs Cathy Hogg, Michaela Goggin, Mr John Albiston, The Hon Peta Murphy, MP.