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07 March 2019
Issue Three
Other School News
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Key Dates

11 MARCH           Labour Day Public Holiday

18-20 MARCH      Year 7 Camp 1

20 MARCH             Information Evening/Open Night

                                  (6:00 pm in the Gym)

21 MARCH             Whole School Assembly

20-22 MARCH      Year 7 Camp 2 

21 MARCH             Harmony Day

26 MARCH             Athletics Day - Landy Field

03 APRIL                Parent Teacher Conferences 7-12  

05 APRIL                Last Day term 1

22 APRIL                Easter Monday 

23 APRIL                First Day Term 2

25 APRIL               ANZAC Day Public Holiday


Mr Nicholas Adamou


Whole School Assembly


The first whole school assembly for the year was held on Friday, 11 February. Our Student Leaders/School Captains organise and run these assemblies supported by Ms Scorringe – Events Coordinator and Mr Dawson - Assistant Principal. Students and staff were officially welcomed to the new academic year. In particular, a warm welcome was extended to all the new Year 7 students and all other students from Years 8 to 12, who are new to the College.


During my Principal’s address, I stressed key values upheld at the College, as well as, encouragement to students to strive for their absolute best. To the Year 12 students who are embarking on their final year of their secondary schooling; this will be a challenging year: filled with hours of study, deadlines and SACS, I wished them a productive and rewarding year. 


My expectations as College Principal are very clear, not just from students, but also staff, parents and the wider community. My goal is to see all students follow the College rules, work with their teachers in a very supportive Teaching and Learning environment to improve their results and fulfil their full potential.


There are also the non-negotiable expectations; that all students uphold the school values, Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity. Students must always be punctual, prepared for all classes, wear the school uniform with pride and enjoy what the North Geelong Secondary College community has to offer them. Students need to use their time here at the school and build a long and bright future for themselves, developing independent learning skills and succeeding with their chosen pathways. 

Newly established Sister School Relationship with Izumiotsu City, Osaka Japan

On February 16 to 22, a NGSC delegation team including; Ms Julie Andrews - Assistant Principal, Ms Linda Castle - Japanese teacher and I, visited Izumiotsu City, which is a prefecture of Osaka in Japan. The aim of this inaugural trip to Osaka was to visit the following High Schools; Toyo Junior High School, Seifu Junior High School, Ozu Junior High School and Izumniotsu Senior High School, within the City of Izumiotsu which our school community formed a sister school relationship with.


The trip was a great success, achieving all goals set. We visited six schools (two Primary schools, three Junior High schools and one Senior High School). We met the Principals and Leadership teams and we had the opportunity to observe a number of classes immersing ourselves in the Japanese school system and Teaching and Learning.


An official ceremony was held at the City of Izumiotsu Council where, on behalf of the NGSC community, I signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between NGSC and the four Izumiotsu schools (Toyo Junior HS, Seifu Junior HS, Ozu Junior HS and Izumniotsu Senior HS)  


We also visited Hiroshima (Peace Park) and Kyoto assessing and mapping out future activities for our students and staff for the upcoming visit to Japan. We are aiming to implement an overseas trip with our students the earliest in October this year.


This newly established relationship provides many benefits and great opportunities for all school communities involed including; 

  • Strengthen relationships, understanding and appreciation between staff, students and families in Izumiotsu cluster of schools and North Geelong Secondary College
  • Knowledge and understanding of each other’s culture in building respect aiming at building capacity of our students to become global citizens
  • Opportunities for students and teachers to develop skills that enhance Australia-Japan relationships
  • Visits of students and teachers to the sister-schools
  • Supports the teaching of Japanese in Victoria and English in Japan
  • Develops ties of friendship and extensive learning through regular and on-going communication

Students from Japan when they visit us, are hosted by families of our school community, they attend classes and unique Australian activities. North Geelong SC students will have the opportunity to visit Izumiotsu, Osaka, Japan and be hosted by families of the Izumiotsu school communities, attend classes and be immersed in the Japanese culture, language and food.  Lasting friendships and memories will be made. 


School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Effective councils have a wide range of skills, expertise and knowledge to support good governance and provide the best possible educational outcomes for students. 


The annual school council election process provides an opportunity to attract members who are keen to add value and bring their expertise and skills to assist the governance of the school.


All government schools with students enrolled in Year 7 and above are now required to have a Student member category on council. The school election process for the Student member category must occur at the same time as Parent and DET employee member elections. 


Where a council has Community member positions, council can co-opt members following the election process and add to the council’s skills and expertise.


School Council Membership

Each school council’s constituting Order makes provision for its structure and membership:

  • Parent members – parents of students at the school must comprise more than one third of the school council’s total membership. ‘Parent’ includes a guardian or person responsible for maintenance or with custody of a student of the school. Department employees are eligible for membership in this category as long as they have children attending the school and the Department employees do not work at the school (except for the principal who is a member of the Department employee member category) of that school council.
  • Department employee members – must not be more than one third of the school council’s total membership. The principal is automatically included in this membership category and has full voting rights. Other staff (teaching and non-teaching) are elected or co-opted to this category. To be eligible for election to this category, a person must be a member of the Department of Education and Training (DET) employee electorate of the school. 
  • Student members – ‘student’ describes a student who is enrolled at and attends the school and is in year 7 or above. Students are elected to this membership category, or co-opted if a casual vacancy occurs. To be eligible for election, a student must be a member of the student body of the school. The number of student members is recorded in the Ministerial Order for the school council. 
  • Community members – is an optional membership category. The council’s membership schedule may include this category. If a council has the option of community members, the council decides who to approach and co-opt into this position. People are co-opted by the school council to a community member position to bring additional skills and perspectives. Community members hold the same rights, responsibilities and terms of office as elected members. Parents are eligible to be co-opted to a community member position but Department employees are not. Students may also be co-opted to a community member position.

The North Geelong Secondary College, School Council composition includes:

(10 parents, 2 students and 5 DET employees including the Principal - Voting members)  

  • 10 x parents (no DE&T employees)
  • 5 x DE&T employees – teaching and non-teaching staff
  • 2 x students 

Total number of voting members 17.


The College Principal is the Executive Officer of the school council.


This year we had 5 parent vacancies, 3 DE&T employee member vacancies and 2 student vacancies for a two year appointment (2019 & 2020). 

School Council Elections

At the close of the call for nominations in the Parent Category for School Council there were six nominees for the six vacancies. The following parents were therefore, elected for a two year term. 

•    Mr Matthew Sheehan

•    Ms Catherine McKenzie

•    Ms Donna Woods

•    Ms Shelley Kitchen

•    Ms Helen Polyzos 


At the close of the call for nominations in the Department of Education & Training DE&T Category of School Council there were three nominees for three vacancies. The following DE&T staff members were, therefore, elected for a two year term.

•    Ms Shona Scorringe

•    Ms Tonia Tigani 

•    Mr Philip  Walker  


At the close of the call for nominations in the Student Category of School Council there were two nominees for 2 two vacancies. The following students were, therefore, elected for a two year term.

•    Mr Lachlan Grantham 

•    Mr Bailey Kitchen 


Congratulations to the parents, DE&T staff members and student members who have joined our School Council and thank you to all for showing interest in school governance. Working together makes a huge difference in improved student outcomes and in students’ lives. 


On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank the outgoing council members (parents & staff). Their contribution has been paramount to the life of our College Community. Thank you very much. 

Capital Works Update

The 4.75 million dollars Capital Works project is moving along as per plan, with Stage One (B Block; Food Technology Area), Stage Two (North of C Wing and courtyard in between B and C Blocks), Stage Three (Science Wing, North of C Wing, new Toilet Block and under cover decking) and Stage Four (car park) completed and delivered back to the school. The students and staff are very happy using the new facilities. All new or refurbished teaching spaces, are fully air-conditioned and they include the latest ‘touch screen’ technology.


The new student Toilet Block outside the Library and the courtyard in between C and D wings will be delivered in the next couple of weeks.


The final stage South of C Wing, including a brand new larger common staff room and a larger new Conference room, is currently under construction. These works are expected to be completed by July 4. We now can now say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  


I take this opportunity to thank students, staff and parents, who have been very patient and resilient with all the building challenges in the last 16 months. 


North Geelong Secondary College is a very proud school community that places high importance on the way we look and behave in the wider community. Our aim is to continue improving the learning and teaching environment of our students, enabling all kind of learners to reach their full potential and be successful in life.

Student Appearance

All students at North Geelong Secondary College are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. Jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style must be discreet as per the school expectations and policies. Earrings must consist only of sleepers or studs in the ears.


It is the school’s preferred position that students do not have facial piercing ie. any facial piercing other than the ears. However, for students who already have facial piercing, they have the following options: (i) the facial piercings are removed during the school day, to and from school. (ii) the facial piercing is discreet and clear plastic and (iii) a band aide is applied on the piercing during the school day, including to and from school.


Under no circumstances will metal facial piercings be accepted. 


Therefore, new facial piercings cannot be obtained during the year due to the healing time required for metal piercings.

Annual Report 2018

Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools and across the Government school system. Reporting to the school community adds value in a number of ways:


Keeping the school community informed: The annual report provides a means for the school council to inform the community of what has been achieved and how the school is performing. Providing information about schools helps the community hold schools, the system and Government accountable for improving student outcomes. 


Contributing to system accountability and meeting legislative requirements:  Public accountability for improving student outcomes and for the use of public money is mandated in the Education and Training Reform Act (2006), where school councils are required to prepare and publish an annual report.


Relationship between the planning and annual reporting processes: The development of the Annual Report is an opportunity to reflect on the school’s achievements and use this as a basis for future planning. 


The 2018 Annual Report will be presented to the school community at the Annual General School Council Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 19 March at 5.30pm. The Annual Report will be published on the school website following the AGM. 

Personal Property brought to school

Personal property is often brought to school by students and visitors. This can include mobile phones, electronic games, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. I wish to remind you that, the Department does not hold insurance (excluding the school’s iPad program) for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. I wish to discourage students and visitors from bringing any personal property in particular valuable items to school and if you choose to do so, it is entirely at your own risk.  


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson &

Mr Bradley Headlam

Assistant Principals


The  uniform is being worn well by the majority of the students. We have concerns with students wearing the wrong school shoes with the school uniform. Below are examples of what shoes are acceptable and what shoes are not allowed.  Welfare support is continuing to be offered to students who may be having difficulties in obtaining the uniform. Please talk to the student management team if you need support in accessing the uniform.

Year Level Captains

The following students have been chosen to be the Year Level Captains.


These students were nominated by their peers and teachers. The successful Captains were then chosen by their teachers. They will be expected to role model the school values of Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity.  The have a very prestigious honour, which comes with much responsibility. 


Year 7            Elise Erjavec

                        Kasey Connor


Year 8            Bella Gilham

                         Rarlee Bevan


Year 9             Aimee Wookey

                         Darcy Szakiel


Year 10           Mitch Cazaly


Year 11           Ruby Sanders

                          Tara Briggs

                          Karma Grootveld

The Geelong Project - Australian Index of Adolescent Development Survey

North Geelong Secondary College is participating in The Geelong Project (TGP) in 2019. TGP’s focus is to minimise youth homelessness and prevent young people from leaving school early. TGP is unique to Geelong and is now being used interstate and internationally. It is being recognised as the best way to tackle the problem of youth homelessness long term. TGP believes that working early (early intervention) with young people and their families is the best way to solve problems before they become too large. Early Intervention Response Workers from Barwon Child, Youth & Family (BCYF) will be placed at North Geelong Secondary College. They will provide support to assist students to stay at home and remain connected to school.

Students are asked to complete the Australian Index of Adolescent Development (AIAD) survey. The survey asks questions about students’ current circumstances at school, their health and wellbeing, family, friends and the community. Through the survey, students with high risk factors will be identified so that TGP can offer support.

North Geelong College and TGP hope that parents and the community will get behind this effort to provide improved support to students in Geelong schools.

This survey will be conducted in classes on Thursday, 14 March. Opt-out letters have been sent out, if you wish your child to not participate, please return this by Tuesday, 12 March, to the main office.

Pathways Presentation (Middle School)

On the evening of Wednesday, 6 March, 50 parents were treated to a presentation on harm minimisation and support for the transition of their children towards adulthood. The themes conveyed were fantastic and gave parents (and staff) avenues to consider how to enable the children to develop resilience, trust, safe/supported risk taking and how to foster communication throughout this challenging period. The topical challenges discussed included; working alongside young people through social media, bullying, relationships, alcohol/drugs and effective communication. Feedback from parents was positive and thanks goes to Simon Scoullar and the Middle Sub School for organising this presentation.

The focus of the first Curriculum Day for 2019 was ‘Reading across the Curriculum’. The guest speaker for the day was Nicole Marie who shared her expertise in developing reading skills for students. Teachers worked in teams on various aspects of the reading process from strategies to access the reading, engagement ideas to encourage students to embrace the written text and strategies to increase critical thinking around the text.  Thank you to the teachers who presented the workshops and the Curriculum Leaders for organising the program. 

Information Evening/Open Night -
Wednesday, 20 March.

The annual Open Night and Information Evening for prospective students and their families will be held on Wednesday, 20 March, beginning at 6:00 pm in the Gym. There will be a range of presentations about specific programs and an opportunity for self-guided tours around the school. Staff and student leaders will be available to discuss all that NGSC offers.

Athletics Day - 26 March

Students have been learning and practicing track and field skills in preparation for the upcoming Athletics Day. This will be held at Landy Field, Geelong on Tuesday, 26 March from 9:30 am to 2:15 pm. Families are welcome to visit us on the day to support the event. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

The opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers will be this term on Wednesday, 3 April, from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A Compass notification will appear when the online booking is open. For parents and carers who are not yet accessing Compass, there will be a paper booking form for their children to use. This form also asks for the language for interpreters to be included in the booking information. 

Year 7 Camp Advice For Parents

A reminder to parents and carers of Year 7 Students, to submit all the forms for the upcoming Year 7 Camp to Anglesea.

Camp 1: March 18 to 20

Camp 2: March 20 to 22.

Japan Trip

Photos: Fushimi Inari Shrine - Kyoto   and         
Shinto Shrine and ‘Floating’ Torii - Miyajima Island


NGSC sent a delegation of three staff, Mr Nick Adamou, Mrs Julie Andrews and Ms Linda Castle, to the city of Osaka in Japan during week 3 of this term. The purpose of the visit was to meet with Principals and key education officials of Izumiotsu City in order to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that links NGSC with four high schools in this city. The staff visited six schools, including Primary Schools, Junior High Schools and the Izumiotsu Senior High School, to see firsthand, the style of education system in Osaka and the way that these schools operate. 


We were warmly welcomed at all schools and even had a school lunch at one of the Primary Schools. Two of the days allowed for us to visit culturally significant places (Hiroshima - Memorial Peace Park , Miyajima Island - Shinto Shrine and Torii (pictured), Kyoto - Fushimi Inari shinto shrine (pictured) and Nijo Castle, built in 1603 as the Kyoto residence of the first shogun of the Edo Period. These will be included in future student tours to Japan as part of NGSC’s Languages Exchange program. 


An information session to discuss the possibility of a student tour this year will be held on Wednesday, 13 March, between 5:00 and 6:00 pm in the College Library.  

School Photos

School photographs were taken by Arthur Reed Photography last week. Students and parents/carers, should be commended on the manner in which the students wore the school uniform and how well they related to the photographers on the day.


Photos will be available soon for ordering online using your child’s individual image code (printed on the forms that went home). Photos will also be supplied for the families who ordered them via the envelope system. 


Any concerns or questions are to be directed to Arthur Reed Photography on 5243 4390.

STAR and ACE Programs

After a significant program of numeracy and literacy testing for students in Year 7 through to Year 9, the groupings have been decided for the Achieving Core Education (ACE) Program and the Striving to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. Letters were sent home to selected students’ families to arrange permission for their child to participate. Please ensure these signed forms are returned as soon as possible to the main office. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact your class teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Stan Koullas (Numeracy Leader) or Brad Smallman (Literacy Leader).


Steve Quinn

Junior Sub School Manager


Blink and you would have missed it. Half the term has now passed and the Junior Sub School has experienced an exciting and productive start to the 2019 school year.

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 camp to Anglesea is less than two weeks away and is always a fantastic experience for all. Permission forms were sent home several weeks ago and need to be returned with payments if students are to attend. Please contact the school as soon as possible if you have not received these forms or are having any troubles with camp preparation.


Overall, uniforms in the Junior Sub School have been looking fantastic this year. Just a reminder that sports uniforms are only to be worn on days when students have PE class and that socks and shoes need to be completely plain and free from logos. If you have any concerns regarding the uniform policy, please refer to your child's school planner or contact the school.

Lateness - Absences

It is imperative that if a student is late, they sign in at the beginning of the day at the Junior Sub School Office. Students that arrive late without a note are receiving detentions for that day. Please ensure that you have contacted the school or sent a letter with the student to ensure that the late arrival or absence is approved. Well done to those families who have been in contact with the school to approve these absences.

Compass Parent/Carer Access

All parents or carers should now have login details for Compass. Access to such a resource is important in ensuring that you are up to date with how your student is progressing, what work they have to complete, booking of parent teacher interviews and it also gives you the ability to communicate more effectively with your student’s teachers. If you are having difficulty logging in to Compass please contact the school for assistance.


Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Leader

Thank you to all the Parents who attended the Pathways evening. It was extremely beneficial to get some insight into the developmental changes of the teenage brain and why we see some of the behaviours we do not always understand as Teachers and Parents/Guardians.


Please check out their website for further information or refer to my previous emails for links and some information helping us support our young adults into healthy adults.



Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub-School Manager


It is great to watch Year 11 and Year 12 students leading the SRC groups to focus on developing their skills and finding their ‘voice’ for input into decisions made in the College.  Our senior students have shown resilience and understanding dealing with the changes we have been facing recently, especially with the move of the common room and the Senior Sub School office.


Progress reports have been published and students should be viewing these carefully to ensure they are working to their best ability. Many students should be proud of their start to the school year and approach upcoming SACs with confidence. Staff will be following up with students who may not be achieving their full potential.


We are currently processing enrolments with Victorian Curriculum Authority and students are providing addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. It is essential that this information is correct and updated if needed. Certificates and results are sent directly to students and it is disappointing for students not to receive these due to incorrect details.


The Victorian School of Languages will close enrolments on Saturday, 9 March for Unit 1 and Year 12. A language study can be a positive contributor to results and ATAR. Please see Ms Perin if interested.



Please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator if you have any concerns.


Fran Forsyth

Sport Coordinator

Barwon and Bellarine Division Swimming Carnival

A small team of swimmers representing the school on Friday, 1 March, displayed determination and effort in competing against much larger teams. It was a very hot and calm day, so students had ideal conditions to swim in. All students were supportive of each other and displayed positive sportsmanship throughout the day. 

The team consisted of: Emily Foot Yr 7, Caleb Spain, Jack Warelow, Lachie Schwuch Yr 9, Kabil Boyce Yr 10 and Josh Zdybel Yr 11.

Kabil was the standout swimmer in the 15 year old Boys section, winning his 50m Freestyle and Backstroke and coming second in Butterfly. He also swam two fast laps in the Medley and Freestyle Relay helping the team to qualify for the Western Metro Regionals in the Freestyle Relay.

Caleb also qualified in an individual event with a strong effort in the 50m Breaststroke.

Jack and Lachie were the other members of the Relay teams and put everything into their swims to help the team achieve success.

Emily and Josh approached their events with enthusiasm and keenly checked their times and placings.


Other School News

NGSC Information Evening


Pako Festa

On Saturday, 23 March, the annual Multicultural Festival, Pako Festa was held. The theme this year was ‘Generations’ celebrating the importance of embracing culture, respecting its history, past, present and future. Many members of the school community attended the festival, some joining us in the parade to represent the school. It was great to see so many students, past and present, also walking in the parade with their cultural and community groups. We would love to see more students at the festival next year and invite all of them, past and present, to walk with NGSC and celebrate the diversity in our school community.


Financial Assistance
Information for Parents
Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)


Vera Dudas

Multicultural Community Liaison Officer



Tina Doyle

Student Wellbeing

Seeing a doctor at NGSC

The NGSC Doctor’s Clinic in A Block is now open on Wednesdays.


Doctor Bianca Forrester and Nurse Amanda Patterson will be seeing students by appointment. Students can also attend the clinic at recess and lunchtime. At these times, no appointment is necessary.


Students can make appointments through Student Wellbeing or independently by attending the clinic at recess or lunchtime on Wednesdays.

Students can also make their own appointments online by going to:


Students are encouraged to drop in to have a look at the clinic during break times and meet the team.

Japan Study Tour Question and Answer Session

Following the successful signing of the Sister School Relationship with Ozu, Toyo, and Seifu Junior High Schools and Izumiotsu Senior High School in Izumiotsu, Osaka, the LOTE Department will be holding a question and answer session for current Japanese language learners in Years 8 and 9. This session is for students who intend to continue learning Japanese, and are interested in the possibility of participating in a student exchange study tour from Australia to Japan. We are hoping to send a group of students during October 2019. The session will be held on Wednesday, 13 March, 2019 in the Library, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.


2020 Enrolment
College Information Evening


Little River Primary School  Country Fair


Barwon Health Immunisation Centres and Hours


Women's Swimming Program


Tuning into Teens


Free Suicide Prevention Play at Sacred Heart College



Victorian School of Languages

Nth Geelong Centre

Located at

North Geelong Secondary College


The Victorian School of Languages is a specialist government school offering complementary language instruction outside of regular school hours. It enrols students in Years 1 to 12, who are unable to study their language of choice in their mainstream school. Students from all educational sectors (Government, Independent and Catholic) are eligible to enrol.           


The Victorian School of Languages offers quality courses aligned with government curriculum standards, based on communication skills that include speaking, reading, writing and listening. Its VCE program is fully accredited and can advantage students in the calculation of their university entrance score.  


The school`s language program is delivered through face-to-face teaching in over 40 Language Centres situated in government secondary schools across the state, and through Distance Education mode.


In North Geelong, classes are held on Saturday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:15 pm at:

North Geelong Secondary College


Languages offered:      

Croatian, Karen, Vietnamese, Dari, Persian, Polish, Macedonian, Bosnian, Turkish & Russian

*New languages may be offered subject to demand*


For enquiries Telephone: 5277 9833


Further details and enrolment are available online at our website:


Discover the World of Languages!                 

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