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05 September 2019
Term 3  -  Week 8

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate

Mr Kai Pukarinen on his appointment as Acting Principal

of Naranga  School for Term 4, 2019

Principal's Report
School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
eSmart Week 1 to 7                September 2019
What's happening in Pathways
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Principal's Report

Shaun Bacon’s Report
The weather has changed and we are lucky to be experiencing some beautiful days.  This weather change is perfect timing for some of the activities coming up over the next few weeks.  The swimming program is just over a week away and whilst it is indoors the great weather helps us get into the mindset.  It is a timely reminder to send in the permission forms if you have not already done so.
Our Father’s Day stall was a real success and I trust all the dads had a great day.  A special 'thank you' to all the amazing ladies who gave up their time to run the Father's Day stall. It was great to see some new faces supporting our school.
Things coming up before the end of term include a Hockey carnival for some students, a combined Football Lightning Premiership where three of our students have been selected for a regional team.  There is the Book Week Parade next Wednesday at assembly and we can’t wait to see everyone dressed up. All parents and carers are welcome to join us at assembly.








The Pathways students are running a Cookie Dough fundraising activity as a project for assessment.  Please support this activity by placing an order either online or via the office. All orders must be placed by Friday 13th September.

It seems many of our students are bringing in food such as noodles asking staff to reconstitute them with boiling water, and sandwiches which require staff to cook them on a hot sandwich press. The school takes safety very seriously and has identified the potential risks and therefore decided to discourage this practice.  It is important for parents to please offer alternative options for their child’s lunch.  We know you will understand and support us in reducing any possible risks to our students and staff.


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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Star Students Raffle

Students at Naranga can earn raffle tickets when staff see them meeting or exceeding school expectations.  Every Wednesday we draw three raffle tickets from the barrel. 


Friendship Cup

Ethan and Thomas were awarded the Friendship Cup this week.  These boys have created a strong friendship of late.  They are very supportive of each other, invite others to play with them and make each other smile and laugh.


Super Learners

These boys came to my office to show my some outstanding work.  Great job Nickoli and Alex!


Aussie of the Month Award

The Aussie of the Month for August is Chloe A.  Chloe is always offering to help staff and students. She tries her best during every activity and helps other students when she sees them struggling. Chloe is understanding of others and reminds them of the school values.


The best thing I've seen this week...

This week Ms Grande invited me  down to the music room to get a sneak preview of the concert item for the Senior Music Electives groups.  I was so impressed by their singing and musicianship.


eSmart Week 1 to 7                September 2019


This week staff and students at Naranga School will be discussing what it means to be eSmart :) 
Here are 10 tips from the eSmart people on being eSmart ~

Top 10 cyber safety tips  By eSmart in News
Care about the Share
Social media wants you to share as much as you can bear! But the share should be rare. NEVER share: passwords, private/personal information, your location.

Privacy Matters
If you care about the share, you’ll protect your privacy, no matter what. Regularly check your privacy settings on social media, and always think before you post. It’s amazing where data ends up – usually all over the internet.

Respect the Privacy of Others
Treat others’ privacy as you would your own. Ask for your friends’ permission before uploading photos and videos of them. It’s not all about you, am i right?

Keep Everything Updated
Any idea what causes the most security breaches on the internet? Software that isn’t up-to-date. Seems crazy simple, but it’s true! Be vigilant about updating software, including apps, anti-virus and even the humble browser.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammidy-spam
Even with the best anti-spam and malware software – that’s up-to-date – spam is the modern version of junk mail. It’s everywhere! Learn how to tell the difference between real emails and messages, and dodgy things with dodgy links. Sometimes they don’t look so dodgy...always be suspicious of hyperlinks in emails.

Control the Troll Within
There be trolls out there – beware! Don’t feed them, don’t give them what they want: an angry response. Block/Report the trolls. But also: resist the inner troll. If you’re not adding something to the debate online, don’t bother. Don’t be part of the problem.

Cyberbullying and Harassment
If you’re being targeted by this kind of behaviour, know what you can do, and where you can get help. Visit the National Centre Against Bullying website and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner's website.

Keep Your Friends Close and Strangers at Arm’s Length

Do you know how many true friends most people have? Three. Yup, those four thousand and fifty-two Facebook ‘friends’ are a combination of acquaintances, people-you-met-once, people-you-can’t-remember-meeting-once, and probably, some ‘randoms’. They don’t need to know what you had for breakfast, or what concert you went to last night, do they?

Feel the Flow – Keep Your Life in Balance
Technology is incredible. Gaming, networking, apps…online shopping! But make sure you take time out and find the right balance for you. Too long on tech can put the world out of whack.

Have Fun, Friend
Always remember to chill out and keep things in perspective. There’s too much information online to take it all in! Focus on each moment, and enjoy.

What's happening in Pathways

As we come to the end of term 3, the Pathway students have been working towards their VCAL Certificate focusing on Work Related Skills and their Personal Development Skills. Most Pathway students have been busy attending TAFE and their SBATS, while others are participating in various other life skill activities that will support students transitioning from a school to work environment.

During terms 3 and 4 the Senior Pathway students are preparing for and attending the Senior Pathway camp to Geelong. Students have been working on budgeting for camp, and organising their shopping lists and recipes in preparation for independent camp cooking. After camp the Year 12’s will Graduate from Naranga School, which will be held at the Sandhurst Club on December 4th.

You may have heard that the Senior Pathway students (for their Personal Development Skills subject) will be raising money to assist The Green Gecko Project which is a sustainable and non-profit organisation, that helps the lives of disadvantage youth in Cambodia.  Each PDS class is fundraising by holding a Football and hot dog day, Trivia afternoon and a Free-Dress day. We are aiming to raise at least $1000.00 by the end of the year.


Brooke Winnett and Jodie O’Meara,

Senior Pathway Teachers.

Football & Hot Dogs


Green Gecko Project


Coming up at School

Cookie Fundraiser

Orders and money due back Friday 13th September.


Naranga School is registered with Centrepay. We can organise your payments for you, just pop into the offfice or telephone us on 9788 2222. Use Centrepay to manage expenses such as:
Education and Employment-education and childcare provided by registered providers and employment related expenses.
Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers.
Go to
centrepaybusiness for more information and to set up your Centrepay deductions.

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Book Week Parade

Wednesday 11th September at 9am during assembly. Bring along your families to enjoy the fun.



 Naranga's Calendar

Term 3

Mon 9th to Fri 13th Sept          
Y10 Work Experience

Wed 11th Sept 9am                 
Book Week Parade all welcome                                            
Thur 12th Sept 9.30am 
'Books to Life' incursion                                                  for Lower & Upper Juniors                                                 
Week beginning Mon 16th       
Swimming for Lower                                                        Juniors, Upper Juniors                                                    & Seniors

Fri Sept 20th                             
Last day of Term 3                                                          2pm finish

Term 4

Mon 7th Oct                             
First day of Term 4

Thu 14th Oct                             
Y11 & Y12  info session                                                    9.30am-12.30pm                                                              Parents, guardians                                                          and carers are                                                                  welcome to attend

Mon 28th Oct                           
School Concert

Mon 11th to Thurs 14th Nov     
Pathways Camp

Fri 20th Dec                             
Last day of Term 4
1pm finish


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