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06 August 2019
Issue Twelve
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Dates to Remember


Monday 5th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 7th

Parents notified of Year 7 Placement  in 2020

Foundation 2020 Transition Session

German Poetry Regional Finals Vermont Primary - Selected students


Friday 9th

1J & 2K Como House Excursion

Book Fair


Monday 12th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Book Fair


Tuesday 13th

Book Fair


Wednesday 14th

Foundation Toy Making Incursion

L4 'Weekaway' Camp Departs (14th - 16th)

Book Fair


Thursday 15th

Book Fair


Friday 16th

L4 'Weekaway' Camp Returns


Saturday 17th 

German Poetry State Final - Selected students


Monday 19th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Book Parade 9:00 am


Wednesday 21st

School Council Meeting


Thursday 22nd 

Production Dress Rehearsal & Ali Baba Dress Up Day 


Friday 23rd

Junior School F-L2 Pie Food Day


Monday 26th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Production Props Rehearsal

Division T-Ball (Selected Students)


Tuesday 27th

L5/6 Production Cast 1 Performances

Foundation 2020 Transition Session


Wednesday 28th 

L5/6 Production Cast 2 Performances


Thursday 29th 

L3 Swap Market


Friday 30th 

P&F Fathers Day Stall

Senior School L3-L6 Pie Food Day


Monday 2nd

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

District Athletics Carnival

L3 'ADANAC' Camp Departs (2nd - 4th)


Tuesday 3rd 

P&F Meeting - 7:30 pm in the staff room


Thursday 5th

ICAS Science Testing- selected students

Foundation Grandparents & Special Persons Day - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm in foundation class rooms


Friday 6th 

Whole School Disco


Monday 9th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)

L3 Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)


Tuesday 10th 

ICAS Writing Testing - selected students

L1&2 Science Incursion


Wednesday 11th

L1&2 Science Incursion


Thursday 12th

ICAS Spelling Testing - selected students


Monday 16th

Whole School 'Professions without Gender' Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 17th 

ICAS English Testing - selected students only


Wednesday 18th

School Council Meeting


Thursday 19th 

ICAS Maths Testing - selected students


Friday 20th

Footy & Billy Cart Day

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 3 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm


*  Times/dates may be subject to change


Principal's Report

Successful Disco Bingo

Wigs, loud, colourful costumes, shoulder pads, fluro, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s inspired outfits  -  Many music eras and icons were represented – Prince, the Spice Girls, Devo, Madonna to name but a few. Congratulations to the Parents and Friends team for the organisation of this fun night. Our fundraising goes directly into programs and improved learning and play spaces. The new STEM room, cooling for our hall and improved play spaces are a few of the projects for 2019.


100 Days of School Celebration

There was a party atmosphere with foundation, level 1 and 2 students celebrating 100 days. The food came in a wide range of shape and number fitting the theme. Well done to all of our students for embracing learning, playing and working together.



Grade 3 Garden Under Construction and Rubbish Collectors

At the Munro St entrance the Level 3 students have been planting strappy plants. They have a roster of Rubbish No Way initiated by students to keep our areas free of rubbish. Well done level 3!



Book Week and Book Fair

Book Fair starts next week on  Monday,12th August and our annual Book Parade on Monday, 19th August from 9.00 am in the school hall.


Production- Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Rehearsals and workshops are well underway. Tickets are selling fast for the 5 & 6 production full of fun, singing, dancing and laughs.


Parking in Our Streets

I remind families to not block driveways when parking in the streets around our school. Please be considerate of our neighbours and access to their homes.  So, where possible, park away from the school and walk in. This is a safer and healthier way and less congestion.


Our Junior School Council is working on the next Walk/Ride to School day to collect the data on how we arrive to school. Remember to model to your children that the safest way to cross the road is to use our supervised crossings. The audit by Whitehorse City Council of our crossings will be during term 3.


First Aid Training

First aid training was held last Wednesday for teaching and non-teaching staff. It is a life skill that we recognise how important this is to have. The evening covered CPR and Level 2 First Aid Training.


Art Work by 5&6 Students 

Superb art work by our talented students. The faces are created from leaves and other natural materials and these will be on display in the main corridor.

Parent Opinion Survey

A reminder for those parents who have been invited to participate in the 2019 Parent Opinion survey. Your feedback and input is highly valued, and we invite you to take the opportunity to complete the online survey.

  • The survey will be open from Monday 22 July to Sunday 11 August 2019.



Wellbeing & Engagement

Berry Street Education Model


This week our teachers are learning about the Berry Street Education Model. We began looking at this model of trauma informed practice in Term One and will continue to have professional learning throughout the year.


The Berry Street Childhood Institute is an independent child and family services organization. All of their work comes from the simple premise that all children should have a good childhood. They work with many children with a trauma background and often with children in the Out of Home Care / Foster system. They have developed an evidence based education model – the Berry Street Education Model.


Although thankfully, many of our students have not experienced trauma, our teachers will be able to use positive psychology strategies in their grades when they are needed.


For more information on the Berry Street Education Model please visit;



Book Parade – 19th August


In light of the huge success of the Disco Bingo costumed event for our parent / carer community, we would like to encourage any parents who would like to dress in costume to attend the Book Parade.


Please consider a character from a children’s book and come to the Hall at 915. We will have a parents parade.



Neighbouring Streets – Pick Up and Drop Off

Please all be aware of the congestion and the presence of students in the surrounding streets at drop off and pick up times. It has been reported to us that there are risks being taken with cars turning, parking, pulling out of driveways and driving too fast for the amount of foot traffic.


The safety of students and families is of utmost importance to us and by all working together we can ensure our school community is protected from accident.


Student of the Week

Change to Student of the Week Notification 

Please note we will now be informing families of the Student of the Week through the newsletter in advance every fortnight for both Junior and Senior Levels, make sure you keep an eye out!  


The Student of the week awards are presented at assemblies during term alternating between Junior and Senior Classes, commencing at 2:50 pm. 


You are most welcome to attend to see your child receive their award and all the other wonderful celebrations we have at our assemblies.


Premiers' Reading Challenge


Many Rangeview students are participating in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Congratulations to the students who have already finished the Challenge. Some students have read over 100 books! Way to go!


Please log your books on to the website

The username is name & surname in lowercase with no space ie. johnsmith

The password is:    rangeview1


Please let your teacher know if you are having difficulty logging on. (There are a few passwords across the school that are different).  


The Challenge will finish on September 6th.


All books will need to be logged on before this date. No data can be entered after this date.

Marita Horvath

Learning Specialist

From the Office


To help plan for the 2020 school year Rangeview would like to know if any families are intending to move school next year.  Please notify the school office of your intentions.


Office hours are:   8:30am - 4:00pm

Telephone: 9874 6381

Parents/Guardians should always make contact with the School Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school.  Students are expected to be at school at 8:45am class begins punctually at 9:00am.  If your child is late for any reason a parent/guardian is required to sign the student in at the School Office.


Student absences should be reported to school before 9:00am via the Sentral Parent Portal.



Parents/Guardians wanting to contact their child's teacher can do so through the Sentral Parent Portal.



Important Dates 


Our annual book fair will be held in the Library from Friday the 9th of August until the 15th.

Sales will be during lunchtimes and after school. More information to follow.



Our famous Book Week Parade Dress Up day is to be held on Monday the 19th of August. The idea is that every school member dresses up as a book character in celebration of Book Week.


We welcome all parents and family members to come and celebrate this morning with us.

First Aid Room

Reported case of Influenza 

There has been a reported case of Influenza at Rangeview Primary School.


The flu is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications, including pneumonia. The flu is spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes.

The most common symptoms of the flu are:

  • sudden appearance of a high fever (38 °C or more)
  • a dry cough
  • body aches (especially in the head, lower back and legs)
  • feeling extremely weak and tired (and not wanting to get out of bed).

Other symptoms can be:

  • chills
  • aching behind the eyes
  • loss of appetite
  • sore throat
  • runny or stuffy nose.

Having the flu is even more likely if you have been in contact with someone who already has it, or have had some other type of exposure such as overseas travel to areas where flu outbreaks are occurring.


What to expect with the flu

Symptoms of the flu hit very quickly and may last for several weeks. A bout of the flu typically follows this pattern:

  • Days 1–3: Sudden appearance of fever, headache, muscle pain and weakness, dry cough, sore throat and sometimes a stuffy nose.
  • Day 4: Fever and muscle aches decrease. Hoarse, dry or sore throat, cough and possible mild chest discomfort become more noticeable. You may feel tired or flat.
  • Day 8: Symptoms decrease. Cough and tiredness may last one to two weeks or more.

I think I have the flu – should I see a doctor?

Most people who are generally healthy won’t need to see their doctor for the flu. Their immune system will fight the infection and their symptoms will usually clear up on their own.

If you think you have the flu, try to rest, maintain a good fluid intake, and manage your symptoms. This will help you recover and prevent dehydration.

See your doctor if you are concerned, and seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain
  • sudden dizziness
  • confusion
  • severe vomiting
  • fever with a rash.

How can I avoid the flu?

Annual Immunisation against the flu is recommended for all people from six months of age. Many  people in the above groups are eligible for free flu vaccination each year (in autumn) under the National Immunisation Program and the Victorian government funded vaccine program for children aged six months to less than five years. 


The vaccine is not 100 per cent effective but it does provide a high level of protection and can reduce symptoms in those still getting sick. 


Anyone in these at-risk groups with flu-like symptoms should see their doctor as soon as possible.

For more information log on to

Parents & Friends


What a Fantastic Night! It was so good to see so many of our parents and their friends enjoying a night out.   The Bingo games were a lot of fun, with some familiar songs to sing along and dance to. 


The Silent Auction was a buzz as everyone was trying to grab a bargain. Once all the keys were sold to the lock of the 10kg Block of Chocolate it was time to find out who had the lucky key that would open the lock. Well Done Cindy -  I hope you and your family enjoy lots of Chocolate themed meals and snacks over the next few months!


The Best dressed was judged by two very well dressed and totally in Character ladies Patsy (Jaci) and Eddie (Carla). Best Dressed Guy: John (Samantha, Molly and Charlie’s dad) and Best Dressed Girl: Nic (Liliana and Archer’s Mum). They both received a $20 "Rise and Grind” voucher.


The Lucky Door Prize went to Kylie, which was a chocolate hamper donated by Michael Sukkar.

There were prizes to the winners of the rounds of Disco Bingo and spot prizes along the way.

After the Big was finished there was plenty of time for catching up with friends and dancing the night away.


Thanks to Dolly for creating a great atmosphere for our night and getting everyone involved. 

A great big thanks to the whole P and F team. They worked hard to create this night so that we could enjoy it. Everyone pitched in where they could and helped with preparation before the night, setting up (decorating) and packing up the night. 


A few special mentions go to: Jo for setting up the silent auction and gathering donations;  Nic for helping Jo gather donations for the silent auction and setting up the Try Booking; Heather for organising and liasing with Dolly and sourcing the chocolate and keys; Min for decorations, posters and other administrative tasks; Cass for administrative tasks; Shari helping with decorations; Rachel for general preparation for the night; Nichole and Lara for help during the night. Mandy and Raylene for helping wrap silent auction items. I hope I haven’t left anyone out. 


Thanks especially to the Rangeview Community for supporting this night by donating items to the silent auction and bidding on them, and coming along to enjoy the night. It was also great to see so many people get into the spirit by dressing up, whether it was a whole outfit or just a touch of something from a past era it didn’t matter. Thanks also to everyone who helped tidy up at the end of the night. It made our job on Sunday much easier.


Thanks to the the Teachers who came and supported the night. Its a great to see your there. And Thanks to Marika for staying to the end and helping us lock up.


We are still sorting out expenses but we should have raised around $7000.00. Great Effort everyone!

Tracy Beckter

Upcoming Events

This term we have lots more events coming up:


- Fathers Day Stall  - Friday 31st August

- Whole School Disco - Friday 6th September

   More information on these and more events coming soon.





Physical Education - P.E

Vic Schools Netball Championships - Friday 19th July

On Friday the grade 5/6 girls and boys competed in the Vic Schools Champions Netball. But sadly it wasn’t enough to make it through to the next round to meet The Vixens. Girls won 4/6 games and boys won 3/5 games.


Thanks to all the parents who drove and supported us. Thanks to Mr. Clarke and Miss Hubbard for their time and training. It was a fun but cold day.


Good luck to the grade 4/5 teams next year. We are excited for the teachers vs student game later in the term.

By Lily W & Miah C



Science Club

DIY Electromagnets
Starting slow, finishing fast

Once the Science Club kids had organised the tech for the parent helpers (it may have had something to do with the ‘on’ button?) we watched a short video about the biggest machine in the world. Not your dad’s truck.  The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator.


Science Club kids then accelerated through the making of our own electromagnet by coiling some wire around a bolt and connecting it to a battery.  It was strong enough to pick-up paper clips, but . . . we wanted to go faster.   So we accelerated again and made an even stronger electromagnet which set lots of different wire shapes and designs spinning. Faster and faster. With an increasing rate of acceleration and some nails we also made mini fans.


Finally, at maximum speed the kids spilled out to enjoy the sunshine for the last 10 minutes of lunch.  You probably didn’t see them - only a blur as they passed by in the playground.


Julie, Jasna, Emma, Sally, Mel, Kyla, Alissia and Heather (parent volunteers)


CHANGE OF DATE:  our potions class will be on 11 September; our Professor was muttering something about Quidditch schedules and missing gillyweed supplies.



Science Club report: Sensing Sensations
Gallery of Torture

Shh!  Don’t tell any of the younger kids about what we did in Science Club.  We don’t want to scare them away from Science Club when they grow up. Maybe don’t tell the teachers or parents, either, or they might stop Science Club altogether.

In our Sensing Sensations session these are some of the things we did to the students:

  • Blindfolded them
  • Put brown paper bags over their noses
  • Placed their hands in icy water
  • Put disgusting flavours on their tongue
  • Made them stand on one leg
  • Got them to run across the room, trying to hear ‘Laurel’ when they could clearly only hear ‘Yanny’
  • Made them experience illusions
  • Gave them a model of the eye to put together (this experience is trickier than constructing IKEA furniture)
  • Banged them with a hammer

And the worst thing?  We had them use an analogue watch to time 30 seconds.  Some of these unfortunate children may never recover from these cool and unusual ways of exploring our 5 senses.

Julie, Mel, Emma, Jasna, Alissia, Sally, Kyla and Heather (parent volunteers and part-time torturers)


L5&6 2019 Production

Ali Baba Dress Up Day - Thursday 22nd of August

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits is our school production this year. As in previous years we will be holding a dress up day for the students combined with a viewing of our fabulous Level 5 and  students as they perform in their dress rehearsal.

The theme of course is Ali Baba/Arabian. The cost for this event is $2.

Thank You

A big thank you to the many students and parents that attended the production art workshop on Thursday 25th July. It was terrific to see so many willing to help in whatever way they could.


We are well on the way to having all the things we need for Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. It is going to be a terrific show.



Ticket Information


Sound and Lighting for Theatre Productions

We are looking for interested person/people who have skills in either lighting and sound theatre production or would like to learn how.


We would like interested parties to work with our light and sound technicians (a former parent) at this years Production, in hope that they will be able to work on future Productions at the School.


Please contact the School Production Committee at 

Performing Arts 

Whole School Opera

Last Wednesday, the whole school watched the Opera called ' The Barber of Seville'! It was about a girl named Rosanna who lived with her Aunt Bartola in the city of Seville in Spain. The story was very entertaining and provided the audience with lots of fun and excitement. My favourite part was when they got the audience to keep saying Figaro, thank you to Miss Campbell for organising it for everyone


By Jerin and Kaitlyn 4C



Happy Birthday to You!



We have had a very busy couple of weeks in Foundation. Last week we had a visit from Pam and her dog Jemma. Through the Responsible Pet Ownership program we learnt how to care for our pets and also how to safely approach a dog.


This week we were very lucky to watch a wonderful puppet show in the Don’t Move Puppet Theatre and then go behind the scenes to see how the show is made.   


We were also taught how to make a puppet and many spectacular puppets were created. Thanks to John and the parents who came along to help.


The fabulous puppets are now online you can see them HERE on my website. There is also a Facebook link HERE.


Along with the rest of the school, we enjoyed the Barber of Seville performed by Opera Australia and then finished off the week with a celebration of 100 days of school. 100 days – can you believe it?



Level 1/2

Level 1 and 2 have been studying history and learning about life in the past. The students enthusiastically participated in an excursion to Como House. We played old fashioned games, went on a mystery hunt, trained as servants and went on an informative tour of the mansion. We had a great day.


We celebrated the 100 days of school with class parties. We are now 100 days smarter. Our party food had clever connections with maths concepts – shapes, numbers and fractions. Thank-you Mums and Dads for preparing food. Lots of number activities were carried out during the day.


The students participated in the Responsible Pet Education Program. Leonie and her furry friend Bonnie spoke to us about approaching dogs in a safe manner.



Level 3/4 

Level 3 

CERES Excursion


Last Thursday we went to the CERES Environment Park. It was all about waste and ways we can save, like we shouldn’t waste food that’s perfectly fine. I was astonished of how many bananas have been wasted just because they were too big or small. We did a time line of how long things would take to break down, like plastic takes 10000 years to break down. My favourite bit was making the paper.

By Charlotte


So at CERES we had a great nature walk, we made some awesome paper and we played some sorting out games. They showed us all the amazing things at CERES and how to save a lot of trees. I know which rubbish goes in which bin.

By Fiona


On the 25th July all the Grade 3 classes went on an excursion to CERES. It was a lot of fun. We looked at lots of different plants. We also made paper and found out how much food waste we throw out in one minute.   

By Charlie


On Thursday all the grade 3 went to CERES. It was all about the environment. We got to hold worms and make paper and more.

By Siddarth


On the 25th July we went to CERES. A girl showed us how much waste is produced in Australia in 1 day. Then we went for a walk to have a look around. After we went to make paper. Then Melissa tipped out a bin and we had to sort it out.

By Molly


On the 25th July all the grade 3’s went on an excursion to CERES. All the year 3’s had a great time. The year 3’s made paper, learnt about what can and can’t go in the recycling. We learnt about composting. By Nieve



Level 4

This term in Level 4 we have been looking at a variety of activities, The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) learning program. This program covers eight topics of Social and Emotional Learning across all levels of primary and secondary education. The focus this term has been problem solving, which involves working through steps to make better decisions when reacting to different situations they may encounter, as well as working as teams to solve problems to build teamwork skills.


The students have really enjoyed rotating between the three classrooms on Tuesday afternoon, which is something that will continue for the remainder of the term.

With Camp Weekaway only a ‘week away’, please make sure you are staying up to date with all information that is coming home, if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Level 4 team Anju Mehta, Mitchell Clark, Karen Hastie

Level 5/6 


Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


The View
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