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16 August 2019
Issue Seven
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Executive Director

Come from Away


This weekend our students escaped some of cold and the rain that descended on Melbourne by going to a very special performance of the hit-musical Come from Away, which is currently showing in Melbourne.


Come from Away is set in the week following September 11 and tells the true story of what transpired when 38 planes were ordered to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander in the province of Newfoundland, Canada.  Nearly 7,000 people arrived overnight in a town of only 11,000 and the people of Gander opened their homes and hearts: cooking meals, hosting people on their couches and in their spare rooms, and making them feel welcome far from home.


At its heart, Come from Away is a story of human connection.  The travellers are embraced by the Gander community and the people of Gander are so enriched by the travellers.  They share their cultures and stories and form friendships and deep connections.  In this way, the story provides many great parallels to the journey that our MITS students are on.  How happy we are to be sharing another school term with all 22 of our students!


The term ahead will be another busy one: footy finals will be underway next week at Richmond Junior Football Club, interviews for our Class of 2020 will soon start, and for our current students, our Outdoor Education Group camp will run from 2 to 6 September.  We are excited to share the term with you!

Ed Tudor

Photo: Australian Chamber Orchestra

In the classroom

Photo: Australian Chamber Orchestra

It is hard to believe that we are almost halfway through term 3.  In the last few weeks, so much has been happening with the students now wearing the MITS Formal Uniform and the expectations in the classroom lifting again, as we prepare the students for next year.  


The first three weeks have involved, combined Physical Education classes with students from Richmond High School and the students from the Richmond Institute of Sport and Leadership.  This will culminate in an AFL carnival this week.  The students are pretty pumped about getting to play other students from their Richmond local community as well as some of their teammates from Richmond Junior Football Club.


In addition, Swinburne University and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) are partnering with the MITS students to create a stop/go animation as part of their Art classes.  The early lessons that have been completed so far have been really exciting, with students creating claymation characters and directing the members of the ACO to create sounds that depict the moods of their characters.  Ms. Sarah has done a stunning job coordinating this project.  We will share this project when it is completed.


The students are also now visiting partner schools across Melbourne to get a sense of what school will look like for them in 2020.  So far, we have visited Kingswood College, Forest Hill College, Trinity Grammar, Camberwell Girls Grammar School, St Kevin's College and Brighton Grammar School.  There are more visits planned in the coming weeks.  These visits have initiated some great conversations about their education beyond the MITS year, which we are continuing to have.


At the end of this week the students are heading to the snow which they are all super excited about. Given the recent freezing weather in Melbourne there will be plenty of snow and tonnes of laughs as they learn to snowboard for the first time.  

Ryan Martin


Living at Lockington

Term 3 has begun at a fast pace in the Boarding House with all 22 students arriving back from their extended holidays!  This term sees our students continue their transition in Melbourne by wearing formal uniforms, walking to school by themselves and beginning to have some street leave.


In the first three weeks of term we have watched the new Lion King movie, attended the Melbourne International Film Festival to watch the Adam Goodes documentary “The Australian Dream” and a musical called “Come from Away”. 


After school activities have included camp preparation, a Masterchef challenge with St Kevin’s boys, Health Education classes and football training.


We have several teams in the finals for RJFC commencing this weekend while all the other students will provide vocal support from the sidelines. Many of our teams have a real chance at winning a premiership this year!


We all look forward to an exciting Term 3.

Brad Carmody

MITS Pathways

Kingswood College 

There has been quite a bit happening at Kingswood lately. The Year 9 girls participated in the City Cite program at the end of Term 2. Below are some photos of Naomi and Nicki presenting on their experience at the Kingswood College City Cite Evening.





Kingswood celebrated NAIDOC week at their assembly in Term 2. The celebration included our Alumni girls doing the Mari-Gutarra dance. The girls were shy but did an amazing job to dance in front of many staff and students.   Once the assembly was over, Kingswood provided a light lunch and a tour of the school for our current year 7 girls.







Work Experience for Alumni

Some of our Year 10 Alumni boys have completed work experience lately. Anthony was doing work experience as a mechanic at the end of Term 3, which was fantastic to see.                            











Johnny was really happy to do his work experience at Tipperary Cattle Station.









Cecil at Croc Park

Cecil was lucky enough to do some work experience with his Host Family at the Broome Crocodile Park. Cecil was engaging with over 50 tourists each day who were very interested in where Cecil was from and where he is going to School, and many commented on what a great young man he was. 









Brighton Grammar School NAIDOC week Flag raising event

Brighton Grammar started their term with a NAIDOC flag-raising event which included all students and staff. MITS Pathways Team, Host parents and Kaleb’s Mum Patricia were invited to celebrate the event with our Alumni students. It was a fantastic event with a welcome to country by Steve Parker followed by the flag-raising by our very own Kaleb and Cecil.    










Reconciliation Week at Hurlingham Park, East Brighton


The MITS Student Page

The Lion King  

On Friday 26th August, we went to Hoyts Cinemas at Victoria Garden. We were off to see The Lion King. When we got there, some of us went upstairs and some went up the elevator just to confuse Paddy and Sophie who took us. 

We waited for a while for the movie to start and some of us got McDonalds which was delicious. When we went in we found our seats and sat down and watched the adds which went forever.  

When The Lion King started it was dark and the music came on loudly. During the movie when Mufasa died it was sad and when Scar blamed Simba for his own fathers death I could tell lots of us were having a cry.   

The movie was fabulous but sad as well. Ruby was crying that bad that she got a headache.  She must have nearly used a box of tissues. We were all emotionally exhausted and went to bed as soon as we got back to Lockington. 

By Latisha Saunders  

The MITS Photo Booth

Term 3 has started with a bang!


Photo: Floyd our new MITS Mascot

MITS 2019 Term 3 Dates

Photo: Floyd our new MITS Mascot

Dates to remember


Wednesday 14th August

Richmond High School/RISL Football Day

Friday 16th August

Snow Trip - Mt. Buller

Monday 19th August

Beginning of Book Week

Monday 2nd September 

Camp Week

Tuesday 10th September

Bangarra Dance Company Workshop



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