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21 March 2018
No 2/3
Positive School Attendance
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Positive School Attendance

I want to start by acknowledging our Hackham East School Community – Staff, Students and Parents/Caregivers.  In 2016 over 40% of all student absences were unexplained.  As a School we reduced this to 21% in 2017. Currently the figure is at approximately 18% in 2018.  This is a significant decrease over a short period of time and must be acknowledged.  Unexplained absences is a continued focus throughout 2018 and beyond so please continue to let the front office or your child’s teacher know why your child is absent from school


Increasing our whole school attendance is also a continued focus for 2018 and beyond.  DECD has set a target for attendance of 93% for 2018.  Some families will assume that 93% is normal attendance.  The target may surprise other families.  Unfortunately our whole school attendance has dropped from 89.9% in 2014 to 88.5% in 2017.  This is over 2% below the DECD state average of 90.7%.  As a school community we want to see an upward trend in 2018.


To put the figure of 93% into perspective open the attachment below:

The link for the Attendance Strategy for Government Pre-Schools and Schools can be found here.



What can families do to help?

  • Be positive about school and support the culture. If you are negative, your children will be negative.
  • Support the school around punctuality. Children who are constantly late will start the day behind which can build children’s anxiety levels.
  • Students who meet the expectations of the school around attendance and punctuality tend to be more focused with their learning. 
  • If your child is not well enough to go to school, they are not well enough to play sport or socialise with their friends after school.
  • Set and stick to evening/morning routines that enable your children to arrive at school on time and be ready for learning.

A child's refusal to go to school can be very distressing both to parents and the child.  There are many reasons why children refuse to attend school including separation anxiety, learning difficulties, a child’s perception of not having friends as well as perceived harassment and bullying.


If there are issues related to non-attendance, contact the school sooner, rather than later.  Arrange a time to meet or speak with your child’s teacher.  It is better to get an issue sorted out quickly.  As a school we are working with students continuously to learn to face up to and work through issues rather than avoid them.  As a school community we need to build student's resilience.  Issues are hard to solve if your child is not at school.


Hackham East Primary School is committed to working with families to improve attendance.  We want to continue to raise the awareness of the importance of school attendance and encourage parents to strongly support students to attend. 


Please remember... Your child needs to be at school by 8:40am ready to start school at 8:50am.

Scott Megson, Senior Leader



School News

Wirreanda Secondary School Open Night

Parents and families are invited to attend the Open Night at Wirreanda Secondary School, 105 Richards Drive, Morphett Vale on Thursday 22/3 from 4:00-7:00pm.  The Principal's address will be at 6:00pm.  Ph 83297200 or visit www.wirreandasecondary.sa.edu.au for more information.


Brighton Secondary School Yr 7 - Out of School Zone Volleyball Trials

The initial trials for a position in the Brighton Secondary School Volleyball program will be held on Monday 7/5 at 10:00am or 11:30am.  Students who meet the required standards at this trial will be invited to attend the Final Trial on Monday 21/5.  It you are interested in attending the trial please phone 83758200.  Applications must be received by Monday 30/4.


School Banking Information Session

On Monday 26/3 there will be an information session held at our school from 8:15-9:15am in the Castle Foyer (near the Canteen).  If you are interested in opening an account for your child/children or have any questions regarding school banking come along and speak with a representative from the Commonwealth Bank.


Picking Up Students At the End of the School Day

Please make sure you are on time to pick up your child/children from school at the end of the day. School finishes at 3:00pm each day.  If you are unable to be on time please make arrangements with OSHC for your child to attend until you are able to pick them up.

Health Care Plans

It is the responsibility of parent's/caregiver's to ensure new Health Care Plans and Medication Forms are provided for any changes to dosages, times, etc and must be updated every year. Please check to ensure that all medication is current and has not passed its expriy date.  If your child has a medical condition please make sure that the school has been provided with up to date information from your medical professional. Please speak with Lee Clements, Front Office, if you require more information.

Lost Property

Please check Lost Property boxes located in each teaching unit for any items that may belong to your child/children.  It is recommended that all items your child brings to school is clearly labelled with their name so that the item can be returned.  Please check regularly that the name is still visible and can be read.

GifT Academic at Mitcham

The GifT Academic Program aims to extend, challenge and support girls in Mathematics, Science, Technology, English and Humanities.

Please check the information flyer attached.


Enrol Now in Preschool

Children who turn 4 before 1 May can start preschool at the beginning of the year before they start school.  Families are encouraged to enrol now for preschool next year.  Going to preschool helps your child to learn new things, make friends and develop confidence.  Ph Roxy 83826551 for more information.



NAPLAN Online Testing

This year our school is one of the selected sites that will conduct NAPLAN Online.

The testing dates are from 15/5 - 25/5. This timeframe allows for adequate time for students to be able to do make-up tests if they are absent or ill on the scheduled testing days.


All sites nationally will undertake a practice test on Thursday 22/3 at 10:00am, in order to check the sites technical capacity to do the testing online in May.


If you DO NOT wish for your child to participate you can contact the school to sign a PARENT WITHDRAWAL form. We however encourage all students to participate as this gives us valuable information about how to better support all students learning needs.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the NAPLAN Testing and your child’s participation.


Sally Slattery

Deputy Principal


School Interviews

The Easy Way to Book School Interviews








Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student interviews will be held in Week 9, beginning 26/3 with some bookings available the following week. Teachers will stay back until 7:00pm on Tuesday 27/3.

All bookings for interviews will be done on-line.  Please follow these 3 simple steps outlined in this article.  If anyone does not have access to a computer or smart phone there is a computer "kiosk" set up in the Library ready to enter your bookings.  See Nick Allen in the Library if you need assistance.


Bookings must be finalised before Sunday 25/3 at 5:00pm, when bookings for this event will close.

Interviews are strictly 15 minutes and spaces are limited.  If you require more time with a particular teacher, please arrange a separate meeting by telephoning the school on 83823824.

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  If you do not receive your email immediately - check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to www.schoolinterviews.com.au event code s44f6 at any time before bookings close on Sunday 25/3 at 5:00pm  and change your interviews.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Our school has registered to be part of the Coles Sports for Schools in 2018. When shopping at Coles for each $10.00 you spend you will receive a coupon.  The coupons can be collected between now and 3 April 2018. These coupons can be deposited in the collection box in the Front Office or collected by the teachers.  Thank you for supporting this event.

Derryn Amoroso & Gab Martin, PE/Health Teachers 


Canteen News

Fundraising Event

Thank you to the volunteers who assisted in the Canteen on Saturday 17/3, it was very much appreciated.  We raised approximately $1800.00 which is a fantastic effort.  Thank you to the school community for your support.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are urgently needed to assist in the Canteen between recess and lunch.  If you have any time to assist it would be greatly appreciated. Without the generosity of our volunteers we would not be able to offer the variety of food available at the school Canteen.  If you value the service the Canteen provides our school community please consider being a volunteer.

Please speak with Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager or Scott Megson if you would like further information or you are available to assist.

Thank you to the parents/caregivers who currently volunteer - your assistance is valued.

Pastoral Care Worker News

When my son was younger we took him to a Child Psychologist (Dr. Darryl Cross) to help manage his ADHD.  I was privileged to hear Darryl speak at one of our Counselling Conferences and I bought a few of his books. One is called, “Growing up Children. How to get 5-12 year olds to behave and do as they’re told.” Here is an excerpt from his book.


“When a baby is first born, there is almost a sense of unconditional love poured out upon this child. The baby can burp, dirty its nappy and dribble everywhere, but the parents just keep loving and giving. However, somewhere along the line, the tolerance levels of the parents start to wear thin and love appears to become more conditional.


“You be a good boy for Mummy and don’t wet your pants;” “If you eat all your food, Mummy will give you a special treat;” “If you don’t stop crying, Daddy won’t play with you.”  So the child begins to learn that somehow or other, he/she doesn’t measure up or isn’t good enough. 


Therefore, tell your children that you love them EVERY day, no matter what.


They need to hear it because much of what we say to our children is interpreted by the child as evidence that we do not love them anymore. We must do everything, therefore, to reassure our children that they are loved and we must do it often, openly and clearly.”


Even as we grow up, we need to have someone say those words to us.  Love and belonging are one of our most basic needs. Without it we can develop low self-esteem and even have emotional issues, sometimes including anxiety and depression. Mental health issues in our nation are growing, not declining. So I say, ‘Let’s start a revolution’ and do it differently!


Darryl goes on to say, “Children need to hear you say ‘I love you’ and you need to say it and they need to feel it. Combining it with hugs is even more special. Hugs are actually important for our mental health as well. They make us feel that we count and we need to feel special.”

Cherie Love

Pastoral Care Worker



Vacation Care Program

Please check out our Vacation Care Program for the forthcoming school holidays.  There are lots of fun activities provided at Hackham East Primary School OSHC for students during the school holidays.  Book early to avoid disappointment.


Dates to Remember

March 2018

Thursday 22/3 - Wirreanda Secondary School Open Night

Monday 26/3 - CBA School Banking Information Session, 8:15-9:15am, Castle Foyer

Wednesday 28/3 - All  Easter raffle books and money returned to Tracy Rowley

Thursday 29/3 - Easter Raffle drawn

Friday 30/3 - Public Holiday, Good Friday


April 2018

Monday 2/4 - Public Holiday, Easter Monday

Tuesday 3/4 - Last day of Coles Sports for Schools promotion

Friday 13/4 - 2:00pm finish - Last day of Term 1

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 1

Week 9 (26/3-29/3)


Adison Harris

Ambrose Latham

Cooper Rannanaho


Hayley Feguson

Selene Brock

Leia Brock



Week 10 (3/4-6/4)


Aiden Harris

Mark Reynolds

Tabyss Jackson


Jade Chadwick

Layla Barry

Isabelle McCormack

Community News

Little Lessons Australia

A seminar for parents on Understanding and Fostering Children's Speech, Language and Literacy Development from birth - 5 years is being offered on Tuesday 8/5 from 7:00-8:00pm at Cove Civic Centre, 1 Ragamuffin Dr, Hallett Cove.  Guest speaker Dr Karyn Carson. Cost $20.00pp.


Communites for Children Onkaparinga

Newsletter for March, April and May with information on events in the Onkaparinga district.


Onkaparinga Online

A program designed to help you navigate and keep up with the ever changing online world with ease and confidence.  Held Fridays (monthly) from 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Ph 83840050 for more information.


Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes

Whether you're single or a couple, join us as we share practical everyday tips and tools to improve your relationships from professional counsellors.  Held on Monday 9/4 from 6:30-9:00pm at AnglicareSA, Outer Southern Hub, 11 Beach Rd, Christies Beach.  Gold coin donation.  Ph Joy or Helen 81868900.


Free Creche

Care for your child/children while you study, attend appointments.  Held at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham at the following times during school term:

Wednesdays - 9:30am-2:30pm

Thursdays - 12:00noon-2:00pm

Fridays - 9:30am-1:30pm.

Ph 81866944 for more information or make a booking.


School Holiday Drawing Workshops

Drawing workshops held on Tuesday 17/4 from 9:30-10:30am for 4-8yr olds (I Hate Rules Character Drawing Workshop) and Tuesday 17/4 from 11:00am-12:00pm for 6-10yr olds (Bugs, Insects & Creepy Crawlies Drawing Workshop).  Workshops held at The WOW Sensory Centre, 19 Stanley St, Morphett Vale.


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