23 March 2018
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From the Principal

Great minds
Good hearts

As part of our recent marketing strategy, the phrase ‘great minds good hearts’ was coined. It was an attempt to project a positive message to complement the more formal language of our Mission and Vision statements. This week I have spent time in Melbourne at a conference entitled ‘Future Schools’. It is an opportune time to dream a little and become excited about the future as we embark upon our master planning process.


Sir Ken Robinson was a keynote speaker. His TED talk on creativity has been viewed over 50 million times. Many of his messages resonated with the audience of educators:


'If there’s a rich curriculum, if there’s interactive teaching; if there are close links with the community, kids flourish. If they’re sitting at desks all day having the life tested out of them, they don’t.'


There are challenges here for John XXIII College and all schools. Part of our planning for the future is to look for opportunities for growth and change. A lot of what goes on in schools isn’t mandated; it’s just habit. We need to proudly cling to what works well and change where change is needed.


Another area of interest at the conference was health and wellbeing. There was much discussion around ‘wellness’ of students and staff. The importance of boosting a sense of belonging and connectedness for students and staff was emphasised. Terms such as care, respect and trust were reinforced. Plenty of food for thought as we plan ahead.


Celebrate the past, live for the present, plan for the future. That will be our mantra as our master planning proceeds.


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

Today in the Primary school we celebrated House Day. There was a wonderful fun-filled atmosphere and it was great to see all the House colour, spirit and energy into the various activities. Special thanks to Ms Allen for preparing the lovely liturgy to start our day of celebrations. Congratulations to our Year 6 Leaders for organising the Monster Cake Stall. A total of $1135 was raised for Project Compassion. The junior primary students loved the disco and showed some great moves on the dance floor, whilst the Year 4-6 students enjoyed the tabloid sports organised by Mr Alderman.



Thank you to all families who supported our first community social event for 2018 – the John XXIII Family Picnic.  It was a very pleasant night filled with great fun, good conversation and delicious pizza. It was a fantastic way for families to enjoy some time with each another and to meet other families in the College community. Your presence means a lot to us all and especially to your children. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have a chat with Mum, Dads and children and thank you to all those who shared such lovely feedback – it is really appreciated. We had over 650 in attendance and noted some very tired children heading home after a great time together.


Many thanks go to Ric Del Pizzo and the parent committee, Lidia Fethers, Kylie Chamberlain and Belinda de Andrade for making this event such a success. Thank you also to Doug Watson and Jeff Jansen and their support teams for all your preparation and hard work both prior to and on the night.  


Easter is one of the most important times on our liturgical calendar. Next week Year 3G, Year 6B, Year 6G are leading us through the events of Holy Week with prayerful reflections about Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and Jesus’ journey to the cross. We hope many parents can join us at these Easter reflections (details below).


Kind regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Interschool Swimming Carnival

Last Friday the Year 4 to 6 swimming squad competed in the Interschool Carnival at Wesley College. The Carnival was a great experience for our students and they did particularly well against the four other IPSHA schools. Over the 62 races at the carnival, our students won 21 events and finished second in 19 other events. The students also won 4 of the 6 relays. Our competitors represented the school with distinction at this final swimming event and overall it has been a very enjoyable and successful swimming season.


John Alderman
Primary Sports Coordinator


Dates to Remember

Monday 26 March             Palm Sunday Reflection – 9:45am and 10:15am in the Amphitheatre
                                                      Mouthguard Fittings (7:30am – 8:30am in the Gym)

Tuesday 27 March             Holy Thursday Reflection - 9:45am and 10:15am in the Amphitheatre
                                                      Pre Primary Parents Speech Information Night – 6pm (MacKillop Room)

Wednesday 28 March    Stations of the Cross – 10am, 11am, 11:45am in the Chapel         
                                                      Basketball Carnival – 10am at Willetton Basketball Stadium
                                                      5B Zoo Camp

Thursday 29 March          Mouthguard Fittings (7:30am – 830am in the Gym)

Friday 30 March                 Good Friday

Monday 2 April                    Easter Monday

Tuesday 3 April                    Easter Tuesday

Wednesday 4 April            Primary Pupil Free Day
                                                       Primary Interviews (PP- Yr 6)




Building leadership capability in our student leaders 

To help develop leadership skills, all elected student leaders from Years 7-9 attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday 19 March.


Some of the leadership activities that students participated in were:
•    developing a leadership plan
•    leading a school assembly
•    expectations of responsibility
•    generating new ideas
•    turning ideas into action, and
•    seeking the support of peers.


We will now continue to conduct after school formation sessions with the students to develop the ideas learnt at the conference.


Assistant Deputy Principals

Ms Gemma Wooltorton ADP Year 9, Ms Rita de Faria ADP Year 8, Dcn Aaron Peters ADP Year 7



Thinking of buying Easter Eggs this Easter? Please use your money justly.

There is now a wide range of slavery free chocolate and Easter eggs available in Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi, and Oxfam.

If you notice that your favourite chocolate bar does not have one of the Fair Trade, UTZ Certified or Rainbow Alliance labels please consider contacting the manufacturer and asking that they use slavery free chocolate in their products. Pope Francis reminds us that “every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always a moral and not simply an economic act”.

Year 10 students Safiah Broderick, Amber Walsh and Alana Caruso visited our local IGA, Woolworths and Coles recently to thank them for stocking slavery-free chocolate and encouraged them to carry more slavery free chocolate for the Easter season in 2019.


We will be holding a slavery-free chocolate raffle of a hamper containing delicious slavery-free chocolate. Raffle tickets will be sold at lunchtime outside X10 until Holy Thursday and are only $1, with all money raised going to Project Compassion. 



Loreto Water Run

Thursday 22 March saw 180 Loreto students take on the annual Loreto Water Run. Students run sponges with water 250 metres each way to collectively fill as much water as they can for their Homeroom.


The Water Run is designed to target three areas;

·         To raise awareness about the large distance people (mainly young girls) in developing and third world countries travel to collect water and to appreciate water as a precious commodity.

·         To raise funds for Caritas Project compassion through sponsorship.

·         To promote health and fitness for the up and coming Cross Country Carnival.


The money raised was done in conjunction with Live Simply Day on Friday 23 March.


Collectively Loreto House ran a total of 407 kilometres amongst six Homerooms, with Year 7 claiming bragging rights of covering nearly 86 kilometres. Year 12s filled the most water. The Loreto Homeroom who collectively raises the most money, covered the greatest distance and filled the most water will receive a pizza lunch.


Many thanks to Mr Doug Watson, Mr Gavin Castigllioni and Mr Jeff Janson and their support staff for setting up and organising all the logistics on the day. Thank you to all staff, students and sponsors for contributing to a fantastic cause.


Campion Day

On Thursday 22 March, Campion House celebrated and remembered Edmund Campion, a man of great faith and courage who found forgiveness by loving everyone around him. As an English martyr, Campion was killed because of his religious beliefs. He gave up a promising career and an invitation to enter Queen Elizabeth’s service to become a Catholic priest and minister to the abandoned Catholics. We look to Edmund Campion for inspiration, ultimately working towards fulfilling our House motto ‘faith and courage’.


We also celebrated who we are as a House; a passionate, lively, talented, caring and generous group of people. An important part of the day was the sharing of lunch together-  sharing a meal contributes to stronger relationships and strengthens the bond of a Homeroom and of a House. All the students in Campion House gathered together in the library courtyard for lunch, followed by a liturgy, a ‘thank you’ presentation for Campion Homeroom teachers and a Campion credit draw.


Campion Cooking For Shopfront

Campion day finished on a high with 22 Campion Homeroom leaders and students coming together to cook meals for Shopfront. This was an opportunity for them to think about those who are less fortunate, helping to reinforce that Campion students are ‘men and women for others’.


The role and function of Shopfront is to relieve poverty and suffering in an environment that offers practical assistance, fellowship and hospitality. The Shopfront is a service run predominately by a team of volunteers who offer assistance in a friendly, non-bureaucratic manner.


The Campion students cooked 105 servings of apricot chicken and rice. Students had a busy afternoon in the commercial kitchen, from chopping and frying to sauce making! A huge thank you to Ms Toleman for her support with cooking the meals and to Mrs Murphy for organising this fantastic initiative.

Shauna Boyle

Campion House Coordinator

LifeLink Launch

On Tuesday, four of our student leaders from Year 9 and 10 accompanied Mrs Murphy to the Bishop’s launch of their LifeLink appeal.


The LifeLink organisation was established by the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994 to provide for ongoing financial and promotional support of agencies established or assisted by the Church. LifeLink’s agencies deliver professional services and caring support to thousands of people in need throughout Western Australia each year. The work of Lifelink is a positive demonstration of faith in action and we look forward to supporting it with initiatives in Term Two.



NAS (Northern Associated School) Sport Finals
1 v 2 & 3 v 4; Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 March

Good luck to all NAS teams involved in finals. Thank you to staff and students for representing John XXIII College throughout Term 1.


Teams that have finished 1st – 4th will be involved in finals. Teams finishing 1st or 2nd will play off for the NAS title. Teams that have finished 3rd or 4th will play off for 3rd position. Details of finals are available to download below and are also available via the daily notices in SEQTA.

All results and ladders for the NAS season to date can be found here. Please use the column on the left of the page to navigate.

NAS (Northern Associated School) Nominations Term 2 – Winter Sport 

All students have received an email with details regarding NAS Sport nominations for Term 2. Students need to please fill out the form via the link provided. NAS trials for Term 2 will take place after the Easter holidays and early in Term 2. A schedule for trials will be sent to students via email and in the daily notices on SEQTA.

John XXIII College ACC Swimming Team – Wednesday 21 March HBF Stadium

On a hot and humid day, the competition in the pool at HBF Stadium emulated the weather! A magnificent team and individual effort saw John XXIII College perform brilliantly at the ACC 'A' division carnival. The boys and girls finished third overall, resulting in John XXIII College finishing second overall on the day. The commitment from students on the day was wonderful to witness. All competitors and team members showed tremendous character and good team spirit.


As always, it is difficult to single out individual students and performance in a team of over one hundred students. However, we did have some excellent individual performance that cannot be overlooked:
•    Charles Hodge 1st overall male u13
•    Asher Stevenson 3rd overall female u14
•    Jacob Bell 3rd overall male u15
•    Madeleine Parchewsky 3rd overall female u15
•    Sasha Bell 1st overall male u17

Detailed scores and results can be viewed via the ACC website.  


A special mention to Madeline Brown and Joseph Salt who competed in the inaugural No Limits events at the ACC Swimming Carnival.


Thanks to Ms Fortune and Mr Haines for their support and assistance with our competitors at the carnival. Special thanks must also go to the staff involved with College swimming training in 2018, the commitment of Ms Tripi, Ms Chan, Ms Peters and Ms Bosnich to early morning training is appreciated. They also assisted our ex-student coaches, Sian Munks and Jessica Cannon, who ran our College training sessions and enabled students to perform at an impressive level come race day. 


Congratulations again to all involved, it was a great team performance!



Netball Club

Competition Commences 

  • 5 May: Years 7- 12 & Alumni
  • 11 May: Years 3 - 4
  • 12 May: Years 5 - 6

There are no games on the June long weekend (1 & 2 June).

There are games on the first weekend of the June/July school holidays (29 & 30 June), for all teams from Year 3 to Alumni. Please consider this if you are booking a holiday.

If you are a member of the school musical cast, backstage or makeup crew can you please advise the club ASAP as disruptions due to the matinee on Saturday 5 May will be expected for round 1.


If you have any questions please email us on


Training has commenced for senior school.

  • Tuesday - 3.30 – 5.00pm Years 10, 11 and 12.
  • Thursday - 3.30 – 5.00pm Years 7, 8 and 9.

Primary school training will begin in the next couple of weeks. You will be advised through the school on the days/times.


Training is a compulsory component of netball.

If you do not attend training you are letting down your team and your coach.

Coaches go to significant effort to plan training sessions and game day strategies.

If you do not attend training you cannot expect to take the court on Saturday.

If you have a valid reason for not attending a particular training session, please contact your coach or email the club at


School sports uniform and appropriate sports shoes are required to be worn to training sessions.



The official game day netball uniform for senior school is our dress available at the uniform shop and the blue and yellow bloomers.


PNA can issue uniform violations to players not wearing the correct uniform.


The bloomers and jackets will be available for sale at the final training session for the term –  10 and 12 April.


There is stock of the netball dresses, so please get in early to the uniform shop and ensure that you have one ready for the start of the season. A new order can take up to eight weeks.


Bloomers can be purchased from the club at a cost of $15 each, cash only.

Jackets can be purchased from the club at a cost of $100, cash only. 

Netball dresses can be purchased at the John XXIII Uniform Shop.


All players are to note that under no circumstance can jewellery be worn on court during game play. Umpires will ask players to leave the court and injury substitution rules will apply.

We look forward to seeing you all on court and wish you a wonderful and fun netball season.

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus


Music - Week 8

Holy Week Concert

The College’s first major concert of the year, Holy Week Concert, will be held on the evening of Monday, March 26 from 7:00 – 8:00pm in the College Chapel. This beautiful concert celebrates the beginning of Holy Week and the coming of Easter, and features stunning sacred music from across the ages. Holy Week Concert features performances by the Chamber Choir, Treble Choir, Wanju Voices, Senior Flute Ensemble, Senior String Quartet and Year 9/10 Clarinet Ensemble. This concert is not ticketed and is free to attend. All members of the College community are welcome to join us in the Chapel.


For more information, please contact the Music Office.

Catholic Performing Arts

Applications to perform in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival are now open! Further information and entry can be organised through the Music Office. Please note that applications are due by May 6.


Community Liturgy Special Event

Our next community celebration of the Eucharist – the first in the season of Easter – will be Friday 6 April.  The Mass will be prepared by students from Year 7, and families of Year 7 students are especially welcome.

When: Fridays in Term Time

Time: 8:00-8:30am

Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday is celebrated in the Church this Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week.  As part of their Easter traditions and break from routine, some families like to participate in the special seasonal liturgies in their parishes. 


You can download the schedules from some of our local parishes here or view on the College website:


Sacrament program

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?

Is your child already enrolled in a Parish Sacrament program in your own ‘home’ parish for Reconciliation, Eucharist or Confirmation?


Need help with this?

  • Contact your Parish Priest or Sacrament Coordinator.
  • Contact Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison or 9383 0513.
  • Locate information from your parish on the archdiocesan website
  • Use the College website to find information, including diary dates, supplied by some local parishes

Updates from local parishes

Holy Spirit, City Beach

Registration forms are available from Cathy Gawen,

Alternatively phone Parish Priest, Fr Emmanual-tv Dimobi, 93413131.


Saint Thomas Apostle, Claremont

Registration forms are available from


Star of the Sea, Cottesloe

Enrolment form on the College website.

Further information:


Saint Cecilia, Floreat

Further information: Prue Pupazzoni,


St Joseph, Subiaco

Applications for Eucharist and Reconciliation will be invited in Terms Two and Term Three respectively.

Further information:

GOOD NEWS for 5th Sunday in Lent

This homily for Palm Sunday is from Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard, and is printed here with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


In the third verse of the rousing hymn, How Great Thou Art, we sing:
And when I think that God his Son not sparing
sent him to die I scarce can take it in.
That on the cross my burden gladly bearing,
he bled and died to take away my sin


This verse enshrines a long-held tradition that Jesus died as a necessary atonement to God for our sins. From this perspective Jesus’ suffering and death was the price of the ransom paid to evil so that we might share in God’s life. Alternatively, the death of Jesus is seen as the only thing that satisfied God’s anger at our sins, and caused God to love us again. 


We should be very careful about what we sing! On the one hand this theology rightly shows us the extraordinary love Jesus has for us. On the other hand it says some very difficult things about God. What loving creator, for example, would say that the torture and death of his beloved son is the only way he can be happy about his creatures? What just judge, no matter how angry he or she might be at the crimes laid out in the courtroom, would allow an innocent man to die for the guilty? And how powerful is God over evil if the only way to keep it in check is through human sacrifice? These are serious questions and they have an impact on our everyday life of faith, and can sometimes alienate us from believing that God is our all-loving Father in heaven.

Today, we rightly hear a lot about victims – people, who through no choice or fault of their own, have been dealt with wrongly by others who are free to act otherwise and who know better. In some of the ways we think about the passion, Jesus becomes God’s victim. Through no fault of his own, and seemingly powerless in the face of his Father’s will, Jesus becomes a victim of God’s need for a sacrifice, a ransom or atonement.


As a result, many of us can feel that sometimes we are God’s victims too, because if God wanted Jesus to suffer and die, why should we be surprised or complain when we receive large crosses to carry as well?


Mark’s account of the passion tends to reinforce Jesus as victim. Mark has Jesus eating with the outcasts, his friends betraying, denying or deserting him. He tells us that Jesus is terrified at the prospect of death and calls on his ‘Abba’ or ‘daddy’ to help him out. In the end he accepts ‘the will of God’ but even then feels abandoned by God on the Cross.


I often think we misread what Jesus is referring to when he accepts God’s will in the Garden. Rather than refer to the particular will of the Father to see Jesus suffer and die on Good Friday, I think it’s more helpful and consoling to understand it as referring to God’s will that Jesus remains faithful to the way he lived. If by doing that Jesus threatened the religious and political authorities of his day so much that they have to murder him, then his death is the ultimate sacrifice which reveals how far God was prepared to go in love for us. This reveals to us that Jesus came ‘to live’, and that by faithfully living this life he was put to death by the powers of sin. Through the cross we see the price to be paid in confronting sin in our day and obediently living out the demands of God’s kingdom of justice and peace.


This Holy Week let’s celebrate that God spared nothing in showing us how to live. As we commemorate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection may we move from being victims of a bloodthirsty God to choosing again to follow Jesus’ example and live lives which are faithful, loving and obedient. May we also appreciate that this life continues to, literally, threaten ‘the hell out of’ those opposed to the reign of God in our world, but that as Jesus was faithful to God and God to Jesus, so they will remain faithful to us as well, no matter what.


© Richard Leonard SJ



This year’s College musical Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will open on 1 May. The cast from Year 10 to 12 have been rehearsing hard since the start of the year. The backstage crew have been painting the sets, the costumes are being made, the musicians have been rehearsing the score and the Make Up girls have been practising the make-up. Over 90 students have been working hard on stage and off to ensure the musical is ready for opening night. The classic family musical is full of great acting, singing and dancing. Songs include Be Our Guest, Gaston, Belle, Somewhere There and Beauty and the Beast. You can purchase tickets at Get your tickets before they sell out!


George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama




Pathways and Transition

Pathways and Transition




Defence Force Gap Year Program

The Defence Force Gap Year program gives young Australians, who have completed Year 12 (or equivalent), the chance to experience a year in the Navy, Army or Air Force with No obligation to commit beyond the 12 months. 


A Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force is a way to experience a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force, while gaining life skills, making new friends and developing leadership qualities you can take anywhere.

Applications for the 2019 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Gap Year program are now open. 


For more information

Gap Idea – Volunteer Overseas

Some students opt for a break from formal study after Year 12 and consider travelling overseas and volunteering with organisations. We have had several students in previous years register with LATTITUDE Global Volunteering ( There will be a lunchtime presentation for interested students in March.

Health Services School-Based Trainee Progress

The Aegis and John XXIII College pathway to nursing kicked off in style on 16 February with the Year 11 school-based trainees Anabel Stefels, Blake Mitchell and Skye Willson, commencing the very important first aid and emergency care training which included checking vital signs, treating an asthma emergency and performing CPR.


Our nursing pathway superstars are enjoying the combination of school, training and work – especially the fact that they are paid to learn in the industry they intend to go into once they leave our school. By the end of Year 12 they will have hundreds of hours of experience in health services and be able to transition into tertiary nursing studies at university or TAFE.  They will also be qualified to work in a hospital as a Nursing Assistant. Now that’s what we call a win/win!

Interesting Reads

New Work Smarts: Thriving in the New Work Order


By 2030, automation, globalisation and flexibility will change what we do in every job. To prepare young people for this future we must shift our understanding of what it will mean to be smart in the New Work Order. Based on an analysis of 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australians each year, this report reveals the most important skills we will need to be work smart in the future


Read the report here:

These Are the Most Exciting Industries and Jobs of the Future

While emerging technologies will replace many jobs, they will also create many new ones. In fact, over half of the jobs current middle school students will be doing in the future do not even exist today. Widespread innovation is continuing to give birth to exciting new industries, all of which are sources of new jobs.


Read more here:


As always, every attempt is made to ensure that material in the Careers newsletter is accurate. 
The material may include views or recommendations of third parties, which do not necessarily reflect our views. The listing of an organisation in this newsletter in no way implies any form of endorsement by us of the products or services provided by that person or organisation. Links to other web sites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. From time to time this newsletter will include reference to an article of interest based on recent research.  In some cases, the rigour of the research may be unclear.












Pop Up Book Shop

The Library will be hosting a Pop Up Book Shop on Tuesday 27 March. Come along and select a book to add to the Library collection, or buy one to take home. We’ll be open before school, at recess, lunch and after school until 4.00pm.


Open to all students – Primary and Secondary. See you there!


Ali Carlton

Library Technician




This week about 30 Magis, Altiora and other students attended the second Magis Academic Seminar Breakfast for the year.  Two National Public Speaking champions, Sophie Hellemans and Pauline Chiwawa, gave superb keynote addresses.  The advice was ideal not just for the many students in  Interschool  public speaking and debating, Creative Edge or Mock Trials team, but for students intending to participate in the John XXIII Public Speaking competition, which will be run by Magis at the start of next term.  Warmest thanks to all students who supported this very successful event. Patrick Browne from Year 8 won the award for the best feedback review of the event.

This Saturday we have two very important Magis events.  At Curtin University our Year 12 team will compete with other top colleges  in the prestigious Creative Edge Challenge event.  The event focuses, like Tournament of Minds or Opti-MINDS, on  creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, and has the advantage for senior students  that there is no preparation before the day, and no school is missed.  There will be a full report on the event in the next newsletter and Magis Memo.  Top Year 11 students will participate in a training day at Notre Dame University for the new Catholic  Schools’ Mooting  competition to be held later in the year. This is another very exciting opportunity. Special thanks to Ms Daisy Farley who is working with the four Year 11 students in this program.


Our three Da Vinci Decathlon teams have all been training well for the competition at Wesley College on April 5 for Year 7, April 9 for Year 9’s, and April 10 for Year 8’s.  Special thanks to Ms Kath Negus, Mr Simon Carello and Ms Wing Chan who  have given outstanding assistance in the preparation for this challenging event.


Magis Creative Writing competition

All students from Year 7-12 are invited to participate in the inaugural Magis Creative Writing competition in 2018.  This involves submitting a short story on any topic before the end of term. The suggested length is one to five A4 typed pages.  There will be prizes and certificates for the best short stories, and these will be published in a booklet next term.  To enter students simply submit their entry with name and year group on it.


Magis Public Speaking competition

Next week we will be calling for nominations for the Magis Public Speaking competition to be held at the start of next term. This event is again open to all students in Years 7-12.  Students must speak for no more than three minutes on a topic of their choice. Heats will be held at lunchtime, and there will be a Public Speaking grand final evening where the top three students in each year level will compete for the major awards. I am delighted that two of the judges on that evening will include the national public speaking winners who gave the keynote addresses at this week’s Magis Breakfast. There will be nomination forms for the public speaking competition.


Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Importance of breakfast

Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. A good breakfast improves concentration, memory and mental performance.

Whether it’s due to lack of time, a dislike of traditional breakfast foods or not feeling hungry in the morning, many people can miss out on important vitamins and minerals that can be gained from a healthy breakfast.


Why not try some of the following suggestions:

  • Healthy whole-wheat or wholegrain breakfast cereals (heart tick)
  • Porridge or quick oats
  • Fresh fruits
  • Wholemeal or multigrain bread or toast
  • Raisin bread or fruit loaf topped with ricotta cheese and banana
  • Muffins or crumpets
  • Toast toppings, such as baked beans, boiled or poached eggs, cheese and tomato
  • Plain yogurts with fresh fruit
  • Fruit smoothies

Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Resource:  Nutrition Australia, Better Health Channel

Men Of John XXIII

John XXIII Alumni 

Loreto Federation
18– 20 May 2018

We are delighted that the 30th gathering of Loreto Federation will be held at Loreto Normanhurst in Sydney and we extend a warm invitation to join us!


The coming together of past students, family and friends from Loreto Schools (including John XXIII College) around Australia.


‘Be the Change’ Celebrating the 30th  gathering of Loreto Federation

For speaker profiles and further information please go to

To register please visit

For travel and accommodation, please email or call 02 9418 2546

CINI Australia Mother’s Day Celebration High Tea and Fundraiser

You are invited to attend the CINI Australia Mother’s Day Celebration High Tea and Fundraiser taking place on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the Thomas More Exhibition Centre, John XXIII College from 

 2.00 – 5.00pm. 

 To secure your table click here.


Uniform Shop

Secondary Winter Uniform Items Available Now

The Uniform Shop has a full selection of Secondary School winter uniform items in stock now. Now is the time for Secondary students to purchase winter uniforms. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Monday 8:00am to 5:45pm

Wednesday 8:00am to 4:15pm

Friday 8:00am to 11:45am


The Uniform Shop is now accepting secondhand uniform items. Please remember that all items must be freshly cleaned and ironed and in perfect condition to be accepted for sale.

All tracksuits are now available.


Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Community Notices

Enrolment Applications

Enrolment applications are now being considered for Year 7 2021 and Kindergarten 2020. For more information, please contact Mrs Laurence Dubuisson, College Registrar on 9383 0449 or                                  

Brockway Road closure

Do you use Brockway Road in Mt Claremont?

It will be closed to all traffic from Lemnos Street to Underwood Avenue from 9 April for up to four weeks for road construction and resurfacing works.


Detours will be in place and traffic controllers will provide assistance.


Motorists are advised to plan their journeys ahead of time to avoid delays.


Visit for more details and project updates.


EASTER 2018 Local Parishes schedule.pdf
NAS summer finals Term 1 2018.pdf
NAS summer finals Term 1 2018.pdf
March 02 Final.pdf