13 April 2018
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Heavenly Father
We praise you and thank you for this day.
Look with love upon our family.
Bless us and keep us safe.
Guide our coming, and our going, and all that we do.
We turn to you in times of joy and sadness,

knowing you are always there.
We welcome Jesus, Your Son,
as the unseen guest in our home,
our constant companion, our light and our salvation.
Keep us together as a close and loving family.

St Norbert, pray for us.

Photo: Jessica Ramos

From the Principal

Photo: Jessica Ramos

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

The end of this incredibly busy term is a moment to cherish, a wonderful feeling and sense of satisfaction when reflecting on so many highlights this term. Not just in the results and achievements of our students, teams and groups, but in the outward growth of our community and sense of belonging that exists here at St Norbert College.


An indelibly poignant event since our last newsletter was the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus at Easter, marked with Holy Week liturgies here at the College. The liturgies were a beautifully reflective time and thanks must go to Ms Kyd and her team of students and staff who facilitated this time. As students and staff were led through the ‘Way of the Cross’, a host of relevant and very reflective statements and questions were posed. One of which resonates greatly with me now in light of the impending holidays, a special time of rest and relaxation. The reflection in the liturgy stated:

'Sometimes we become so absorbed in ourselves and forget about the needs of others'.


It is given that we use our holidays for rest and relaxation, feeling that we are owed the break for all the hard work we have committed this term. And this is true, but it is also a wonderful time of opportunity to share your thoughts, your skills, your time and talents for the benefit of others. I challenge all to use what spare time you have and consider how to share it this with others.


On the occasion of our last newsletter for the term, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the contribution of staff who are departing our College. We thank Miss Nesci Grabe for her contributions to St Norbert College and wish her well for the future and more immediately, the special occasion of her wedding. In this spirit, we welcome Mr Lionel Smith to our College staff who has undertaken to teach our Business students.


I look forward with much anticipation and enthusiasm for Term Two, another energetic time in the educational life of our students. A reminder to all that next term sees the arrival of the College winter uniform. I encourage all students to take the small amount of time required to ensure, well before the start of next term, that they have their winter uniform in a fit and appropriate state to be worn from the first day. Holiday hours for the Uniform Shop are included in this newsletter for those needing to purchase new items.


In closing, I wish all members of our community a safe, healthy and well-deserved school holiday period and renewed energy for the new term ahead.

God Bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

College Uniform

A reminder for all students and parents that students are to arrive impeccably presented in Winter Uniform for the commencement of Term 2 on Tuesday 1 May. This means polished shoes and clean uniforms, including blazers in excellent condition. Hairstyles should be conservative, neat, tidy, of natural colour and collar length hair should be tied up. Each year at this time, we ask our young ladies to ensure their winter skirt length is on the knee given that they may have grown over the summer and young gentlemen to ensure they have not outgrown their shirts and can still do their top buttons up under their ties. May I please enlist parental support to ensure that your son or daughter tries on their uniform with plenty of time to get any issues rectified or purchase new items if necessary prior to the commencement of Term Two.

The College Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays for any last minute uniform requirements on:

Thursday, 19 April 1.00pm - 6.00pm

Thursday, 26 April 1.00pm - 6.00pm

Tuesday, 1 May 8.00am - 9.00am

Monday, 23 April 9.00am - 2.00pm

Monday, 30 April 9.00am - 12.00pm


May I also take this opportunity to once again remind parents to label all uniform items with their child’s first name and surname. At the end of each term we have a number of articles of clothing, bags, caps, sport bags and shoes in Lost Property not labelled and not claimed.

ANZAC Day Service

On Wednesday 25 April, the Canning Districts RSL Sub-Branch will be holding the annual ANZAC Day Memorial Services at the new War Memorial situated behind the City of Canning offices, Albany Highway, Cannington. The ceremony will commence at 8.00am. Jason Partridge and Melisse Burgoyne will be representing the College by participating in the march and laying a wreath. The College community is encouraged to attend.


College Procedures

A few reminders:

  • If students need to leave early for an appointment, a note is required from parents/guardians and a PINK LEAVE SLIP needs to be completed in Homeroom.
  • The College is unable to give out any medication (eg Panadol, Nurofen, antihistamine etc) unless it is an emergency. It is recommended that if students need non-prescription medication for headaches and allergies, that they keep a small quantity in their lockers.

Student Success

Mark Cogger attended the Conoco Phillips Science Experience at Murdoch University in December. He applied for sponsorship from Rossmoyne Rotary and they gave him $200 towards the cost of attending the four-day program.  

Recently, Mark gave a presentation to the Rotarians at their monthly meeting in Rossmoyne. He took along his friend Isaac Brown who also attended the Science Experience with him. Mark enjoyed the experience and looks forward to developing his love of science further.

Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal Years 8,10,12)

Interim Reports

Earlier today, the College Interim Reports were uploaded to SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn. The Interim Report provides students and parents with an opportunity to reflect upon student progress throughout Term One and to consider what adjustments can be made to improve performance next term. The Interim Reports are used to indicate student progress and so do not include any marks or grades – these will come with the publishing of the Semester One Report at the end of Term Two.

For Year 7 students and parents, the rotational elective program does not appear on the Interim Report but will instead appear on the Semester One Report. Year 7 students will commence Term Two in a new rotation of electives with a new set of teachers to guide them.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

The first Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews for the year will take place on Tuesday, 8 May between 12.00pm and 7.00pm. This is a Home Study Day, so students do not attend school but should accompany their parents for interviews in their full College Winter Uniform. Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews provide parents with an important opportunity to discuss student progress in more detail with subject teachers. In some cases, teachers have requested an interview on the Interim Report. In these situations, it is important that every effort is made to meet with the subject teachers so that positive actions can be put in place to improve student progress next term.

This year the College will be using Edval Interviews to book Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews. Parents/Primary Care Givers will have received an email today instructing them how to access Edval Interviews. The email will also provide parents with a unique log-in code as well as a link to the online booking system. Interview length will be eight minutes with two minutes being allocated for parent movement between teachers. Bookings close at 12.00pm (midday) on Friday, 4 May.

On the day of the interviews, each teacher will have 36 interview slots available for parents. However, a standard classroom teacher teaches over 100 students across all of their classes – for some teachers that number is closer to 150. It is for this reason that we have restricted interviews to one slot per teacher per student. To help with this, please ensure you only book ONE timeslot with your child’s teacher, even if they teach your child in multiple subjects. If you are unable to secure a timeslot during this round of Parent-Student-Teacher interviews, you may contact the relevant teacher(s) directly via email to arrange a conversation on another date.

If you have any difficulties accessing Edval Interviews, please contact the College in the second week of the school holidays. Please note that College Administration is closed during the first week of the holidays.

Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal Years 7,9,11)

Dean of Studies

The 'Forgetting Curve' Theory – Why is learning hard?​​

An article by Nikhil Sonnad in Quartz ( February 28th, 2018) discussed the “forgetting curve” as a dynamic in learning a new set of knowledge or skill. Our brain more easily retains important or surprising information, and so, one of the keys to learning is to convince the brain that the information matters. The memory experiments conducted by the German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus in the late 19th century describes a mathematical formula of the rate at which something is forgotten after it is initially learned. For anyone that has tried to study (i.e. 'cram') the night before a test, this will be familiar.

The second discovery led to an understanding that the forgetting curve and the rapid decline in memory, can be softened by repeating the learned information at particular intervals, also known as ‘spaced repetition’. Using this strategy, the material is learned, then reviewed after (increasingly) larger time gaps. In effect, the learner is using their brain like a muscle to build and strengthen memory, by sorting out the important from the trivial, without overloading the brain and causing tiredness and fatigue.

As the term concludes and the Interim Reports become available, this time is an opportunity to reflect on the efforts and improvements so far. A significant motivation for learners is to be honest with yourself and consider whether the level of effort reflects the learning and commitment to personal excellence. For students in the senior years, the challenge is to prepare for the next assessment(s), refer to the WACE Checker and complete all set work. For students in the middle years (Year 7 – 9), the break presents an opportunity to evaluate learning habits and consider if there are new approaches to include in learning and being organised.



NAPLAN, an assessment of literacy and numeracy, is undertaken annually by all Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students throughout Australia. At St Norbert College, the NAPLAN Testing will be conducted in Term Two (Week 3), and the information below may also be accessed at:


Tuesday 15 May

  • Writing  (40 minutes)
  • Language Conventions (45 minutes)

Wednesday 16 May

  • Reading  (65 minutes)

Thursday 17 May

  • Numeracy – Part A [Calculator allowed] (50 minutes)
  • Numeracy – Part B [Non-calculator]         (10 minutes)

St Norbert Day – Friday 15 June

St Norbert Day is the celebration of the entry to eternal life for St Norbert and it is traditional for the College to mark the occasion with a day of celebration. The day will commence with a College Mass at which parents are invited to attend and the format for the afternoon will provide students with a choice of activities to attend (campus-based or off-campus). The bookings for these activities is underway, and students will receive information regarding sign-ups electronically via MCB.

Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Happy Teenagers and Teenage Wellbeing

Happy teenagers are teenagers with warm relationships. You can boost teenage wellbeing and happiness by encouraging your child to try new things, have goals, value personal strengths and focus on the good things in life.


Teenage happiness and wellbeing

Happiness is a state of mind or a mood. Happy teenagers are usually teenagers who are satisfied with their lives and relationships.

Wellbeing comes from physical, mental and emotional health. It’s also about having positive emotions, taking part in different activities, having good relationships and social connections, finding meaning in life and feeling that you’re doing well.

  • Happiness and wellbeing are related, but they’re not the same thing. There are no clearly defined links between them. Teenagers can be happy because of some of the things that make up wellbeing, but they don’t need all these things to be happy.

Raising happy teenagers: tips

You can boost your child’s happiness with praise and encouragement, clear rules and boundaries, a healthy family lifestyle and warm family relationships.

Praise, encouragement and positive attention

  • Give your child praise when he behaves in ways you want to encourage, like helping out, doing chores or getting homework done. For example, ‘I really appreciate it when you put your dirty clothes in the laundry bin’.
  • Give your child attention – for example, go to watch her playing sport, send her a friendly text message or just give her a special smile.
  • Encourage your child to try new things – for example, if your child is interested in playing a new sport, you could offer to take him along to the local club’s registration day.
  • Value your child’s strengths, and praise her for who she is. For example, ‘You’re really good at looking after the younger children in your Scouts group’. This helps to build self-esteem and protects her from comparing herself to other people.
  • Let your child know that you’re proud of him when he tries, especially when things are tough. For example, ‘I was so proud of you for running all the way in your cross country race, even though I could see you were tired’. 

Rules and boundaries
:  Clear and fair rules help teenagers feel safe when lots of things in their lives are changing. If you involve your child in making the rules, she’ll be more likely to stick to them. Negotiating rules with your child is also a way of showing that you respect her growing maturity.

Family relationships

  • Share and make memories together. For example, take photos or videos on special family days or at school events and look over them with your child, or talk about and remember things you’ve enjoyed as a family.
  • Make time to talk about individual and family successes. For example, you could try going around the table at family meals and giving everyone a turn at sharing something that went well for them during the day.
  • Establish and maintain family rituals – for example, cooking pancakes on Saturday mornings, watching special movies together, going for milkshakes after school on Fridays and so on.

For older teenagers, happiness depends a lot on having freedom and not having too many restrictions. It’s about being respected, developing independently of parents or carers, making their own friendships and social life, and being taken seriously as individuals rather than being seen as stereotyped teenagers.


Boosting teenage wellbeing

Here are some ideas for fostering different aspects of teenage wellbeing.

Physical health: 
When your child takes care of himself physically, it’s good for his wellbeing. For example, being active, having a break from technology, getting outside and getting enough sleep can help your child’s mood and improve his physical fitness.

Mental and emotional health:  
Good mental and emotional health is important for teenage wellbeing. For example, teenagers with good mental and emotional health can develop resilience to cope better with difficult situations. If your child develops resilience, she can ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong, which will help her get through life’s ups and downs and boost her wellbeing.

Positive emotions:  
If your child can focus on the good things, take a positive approach to life’s challenges and know what he’s feeling good about or what’s going well for him, it can help him focus on positive emotions.

Different activities: 
Trying new things and getting involved in different activities keeps your child’s options open. This can also help your child find things that she’s good at.

Relationships and social connections:

Relationships and social connections are vital for teenage wellbeing. Your child needs close and supportive family and friends. And good parent-child relationships tend to lead to good teenage friendships.

Meaning in life
:  Meaning in life can come from doing good things for others. Your child could look for everyday ways to help family or friends – for example, giving someone his seat on the bus, or helping someone pick up papers they’ve dropped in the street. Or he could get involved in community activity. This type of ‘giving’ lights up the reward centre in the brain, which makes your child feel good.

Feeling connected to something bigger can also help to give your child’s life a sense of purpose. Meaning might come from spirituality, life philosophy, or a commitment to a cause like the environment. People with meaning have less stress and get more out of what they do.

Goals and achievement
:  If your child has goals that fit with her values, are fun and attainable, and let her use her strengths, it can give her a sense of purpose and achievement.

For more information on this article go to:

Pastoral Care Team


Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open

Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering Years 7 - 12. The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees. A prospectus for the Specialised Basketball Program is available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are held on Thursday 19 July commencing at 3.30pm.


Applications for Basketball Scholarships close on 15 June 2018.

Mrs A Hughes (Principal's Secretary-Enrolment Officer)

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence News

Rostrum: Voice of Youth – Voice of Youth is a national public speaking competition where students need to speak in front of an audience, including judges, about a certain topic for eight minutes. Our only representative, Jason Partridge, gave an impressive speech on the topic, 'Make Every Step Count'. Congratulations to Jason for his State Heat win. He will now go on to the finals in early May. We wish you all the best!


Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) – On 16 March a group of Year 10 students competed in Round 1 of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge. Students had to study a large book containing facts about the human brain for a month and then do an online quiz.

Congratulations to Elsa Tan, Olivia Alderton, Jackson White and Shania Cura, who were ranked the top four (in order) in our school.

They have been invited to compete in the State finals against other schools at UWA in early June. This means they have another large book to study about the brain between now and June. Good Luck!


Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition – On 27 March a small group of Senior students came in early to sit the CAT competition. The CAT competition is an online problem-solving competition that seeks to identify a student’s computer programming potential. On completion of the competition a few students were heard saying that the competition was easy. We eagerly await the results.


NAPLAN workshop – Year 9 Mathematics extension students have been gaining knowledge, tips and tricks to aid them in enhancing their NAPLAN results. Workshops will continue during term time on a Tuesday afternoon until students sit the Numeracy section of NAPLAN in week 2.3.


In Term 2 look out for:

  • Australian Geography competition (Years 8 and 9)
  • Tournament of Minds (Years 7 – 10)
  • ECO-challenge (Year 7)
  • Young Journalist Award: Voices of Hope (Years 7 – 9)
  • Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists

And plenty more…

Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator) 

Student Ministry

Year 10 Retreat Day

Our Year 10 students recently participated in two personal development days – a Retreat Day and a Career Day.  The theme for the Retreat Day was Social Justice and it provided the students with lots of opportunities to explore this theme in an interesting and engaging manner. Some reflections from the students  about the Retreat Day are listed below:


The Year 10 Retreat Day was a vibrant day full of chatter and laughing among the students and the teachers. We all had the best time as a community and became very close as a group. 

Brooke Bennett - P4


The Retreat Day was a great opportunity to reflect on ourselves, and how we go about living our lives. The Youth Mission Team were an amazing, enthusiastic group that made the day even more positive and comfortable. It was an amazing day!

Annissa Buckby - T4


I enjoyed being able to reconnect with God and reflect on my faith. 

   Regina Ndossi - M7


The Retreat Day was really enlightening to most of us, it gave us a new outlook on how we should perceive God and Jesus in our lives. The day was really fun, consisting of various games, skits and stories from the Youth Mission Team. Through their personal battles, we understood that God was always there for them and so, always there for us. ​

Theresa Titus - T7

Toiletries for Shopfront

During Term Two we will continue to collect small sample-sized toiletries (often provided at hotels) for Shopfront. Please bring donations into Student Ministry and we will pass them on.

Knitting Club

Term Two will be the start of knitting club for 2018. All students are welcome to come along and join in the fun! All materials are supplied, but we always appreciate donations of wool, so if you have wool that you would like to donate please bring it to the Student Ministry Centre.

Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)


ACC Swimming All Stars

Congratulations to Ethan Glassborow who last week was announced as being selected in the ACC Swimming All Stars team for 2018. Ethan was selected in the team for the U/15 Boys Division II Freestyle event. This is Ethan’s third ACC Swimming All Stars selection and one more will see him awarded the ACC All Star Letters which is the highest individual ACC award.


State Touch Rugby Trials

Congratulations to Ivy Harding, Holly Giles and Subeedha Rijal who recently tried out for the State Touch Rugby team and have progressed through to the second round of selections. Holly and Subeedha said they discovered their love for the sport after playing in the SASj 8/9 Girls Touch Rugby team this year; the team was very unlucky not to take out the competition! We wish the girls all the best for the rest of the tryouts.


MJ Jansen van Rensburg

Congratulations to MJ Jansen van Rensburg who recently represented Australia as part of the School Sport Australia International Cross-Country Team which participated at the ISF World School Cross Country Championships in Paris, France from 27 March to 10 April. We were very pleased to hear that MJ came 32nd overall out 105 runners and was the third Australian to cross the finish line. Outstanding achievement, MJ!

SASj Champions

Congratulations to Mr Godfrey and our SASj 8/9 Girls Basketball team who recently won their SASj competition after going through the whole season undefeated. A very promising prospect for this team as these girls turn their attention to other competitions later in the year.


Term 2 Sports Teams

Please note that there are a number of sports teams representing the College in Term 2:

  • SASj 7 Girls Netball
  • SASj 8/9 Girls Netball
  • SASj 8/9 Girls Soccer
  • SASj 8/9 Boys Soccer
  • SASj 8/9 Boys Basketball
  • SASj 7 Boys Basketball
  • SASj 10 Girls Netball
  • Senior Boys AFL
  • Senior Girls AFL
  • 8/9 Boys AFL
  • Senior Girls Soccer
  • Senior Boys Soccer
  • Lightning Carnivals for the following girls netball teams: Year 7/8, Year 9/10 and Year 11/12
  • ACC Cross Country

Students nominated for these teams at the start of the year and teams have already started training/tryouts as games commence as early as Week 1 next term. I ask that students involved in these teams remind their parents/guardians to respond to the MCB permission emails as early as possible to avoid students missing out on games. It is imperative that the College has received consent through this process for students to participate in these teams. These permission emails also include other important information such as competition fixtures, student pick up locations and a prompt to update emergency medical information.


Football/Soccer Socks

College football/soccer socks are available from the PE office for $8/pair. Royal blue football/soccer socks form part of the uniform for any students participating in any of the College’s AFL or soccer teams.


Canons Running Club

Commences Friday Week 2.1 on the junior oval. All students are invited to take part in these sessions either for fitness, preparation for the ACC Cross Country carnival later in the term or just to stay active. All ability levels are welcome to join in and as always, students can replenish their energy levels at Breakfast Club after training.


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Photo: Blake Webb

Cross Country

Photo: Blake Webb

Interhouse Cross Country

On Wednesday 11 April the College participated in the 2018 Interhouse Cross Country Carnival. The event was held in the afternoon during Periods 5 and 6 and it was fantastic to see the House spirit and carnival atmosphere on display, led by our Head of Houses and also Mrs Mulley and Ms Kyd on the microphone.


In the lead-up to the carnival, the emphasis was placed on participation as every student who finished the race earned points for their House, with bonus points allocated to runners who finished in the top 24 for their respective age/gender group.


I am pleased to report that the carnival was a success with 717 students finishing the race, either running, jogging or walking. It was an extremely close finish to the carnival with Magdeburg and Premontre tying at the top of the scoreboard with 890 points each. Tongerlo finished 3rd on 888 points, Kilnacrott 4th with 830 points and Xanten in 5th with 704 points.


Congratulations to the following age group Champions and Runner Up Champions:


7 Girls Champion: Paige Craven Bower

7 Girls Runner Up: Summer Pollard


7 Boys Champion: Cooper Notley

7 Boys Runner Up: Vlad Lavi


8 Girls Champion: Holly Giles

8 Girls Runner Up: Clare Davey


8 Boys Champion: Lance Cornwall

8 Boys Runner Up: Theo Steed


9 Girls Champion: Shenae Hartree

9 Girls Runner Up: Lily McDonald


9 Boys Champion: Francesco Tilli

9 Boys Runner Up: Aaron Cohen


10 Girls Champion: Chloe Reder

10 Girls Runner Up: Suzanne Vagg Johnson


10 Boys Champion: Colin Sunny

10 Boys Runner Up: Marcus Triscari


11 Girls Champion: Felicity Plewright

11 Girls Runner Up: Gracie Farrar


11 Boys Champion: Jaco Jansen van Rensburg

11 Boys Runner Up: Lubin Benedict


12 Girls Champion: Elizabeth Skinner-Drakeford

12 Girls Runner Up: Savahna Nevill


12 Boys Champion: Noel Mancuveni

12 Boys Runner Up: Samuel Rowlands


Thank you for the assistance from staff and parent helpers (Mr Catalano, Mrs  Craven, Mrs D’Auria-Povia, Mrs Eyre, Mrs Fernandez and Mrs Williams) in making a successful Cross Country Carnival for our students. In particular a special thank you to all those who filled a role either as course marshals, first aid attendants, results entry, recovery area, announcing, Head of Houses and staff spirit leaders in House bays. Once again, I thought the House spirit on display was fantastic and it was great to see the Houses cheer on the runners as they came down the home straight.

For those on Facebook, you can jump on the St Norbert College page and see the Facebook Live video Mr Matthew Biddle organised of the presentations, which was streamed live. A great initiative in showcasing our community to a wider audience.


I encourage all students, particularly those who finished in the top 10 of their races, to attend Canons Running Club which starts Friday Week 2.1 in preparation for the ACC Cross Country Carnival.


A fantastic way to round out the term and I thank the students for their participation.


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Cultural Corner

Thank You

On Wednesday 21 March, St Norbert College staff and students joined together in a celebration of the huge diversity of nationalities that make up our College. Thanks to Fr Peter who conducted the Liturgy, which was followed by the international food fair and cultural concert. We were fortunate to have Moses from African Music Circles who provided us with the opportunity to learn a very important African cultural art of drumming and also the Indigenous face-painting workshop. The whole school shared lunch gave us an opportunity to sample foods from different countries. Families and staff generously donated food on the day. On behalf of our Harmony Day committee, I would like to thank each one of you for being generous in donating food. A special thanks to parents and staff who helped us on the day to make the celebration a great success.


Some student comments on the Harmony Day celebrations:


Harmony Day this year was very enjoyable. The celebrations commenced with a liturgy in the morning celebrating the diversity with all of the different cultures the College has within the school. After the liturgy were food stalls for lunch, I think the food stalls were amazing because students had the opportunity to bring in food for people to try from all over the world. After lunch the whole school gathered in the ORC to watch some performances presented by our very own College students. I enjoyed watching the Filipino dance group showcase their talent by dancing to music from their country. During the day students from all over the College dressed up in their beautiful traditional costumes, it was great to see all of the different backgrounds people were from. Overall Harmony Day 2018 was extremely eventful and I can't wait for next year's.

Melody Mancuveni (Year 8 - M2)


Harmony Day was great. There were lots of very delicious foods from many different countries. The African drumming was really fun as well as the Aboriginal face painting. The concert at the end of the day was very entertaining with many dances, songs and stories from people with different backgrounds.

Jaslina Pereira (Year 8 - T1)


Harmony Day. Wow! The Harmony Day liturgy was a perfect thing to start the day with as it was very interesting to listen to where all the items had come from. After the liturgy it was time for the food fair. There were so many different types of foods to try and I tried a lot and they were all delicious. After the food fair we went back into the ORC and watched the most fabulous concert. Which had some very funny and amazing parts to it. My favourite was the Bollywood dancing and the hip hop crew. I though the day was very fun and enjoyable.  

Isabella Hancock (Year 8 - X2)


Harmony Day 2018 at St Norbert College was eventful. The day officially started with a liturgy that celebrated our differences and reinforced our equality. Some wore cultural dresses and costumes that portrayed their ethnicity, whilst others wore their House uniform, which made the whole school look colourful and lively. Some brought amazing food from their country, which was served during lunch. The day was brought to an end with a school talent show which many talented people performed in, including the school dance team.

Hafsa Siddiqui (Year 8 - X3)


Mrs C Miranda (Harmony Day Coordinator)

Year 8 Science

Year 8 Science 

The Year 8 students have been learning about different forms of energy and how different energy transformations are used in our day-to-day lives.


As part of the Science learning program, a small group of students represented the College in the 2018 ‘Synergy Schools Solar Challenge’. The Solar Challenge is a joint initiative between Synergy and the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia. It enables students to immerse themselves in Science, Technologies and Mathematics (STEM) by building and racing solar powered model cars.


St Norbert College representatives Angel Baiju, Jasmine Irvine and Charlize Williams were among more than 1,000 Year 6 and Year 8 students from around the State participating in the Challenge. These young women proudly represented the College and demonstrated some strong problem-solving, communication and technical skills. However, the tough competition meant they were unable to qualify for the next stage in the Challenge.


I would like to congratulate our students on how they represented the College and hope it inspires them to go on to further STEM experience.

Mrs D Bunyan (Science Teacher)

Year 12 Geography

City of Mandurah Climate Change and Sustainability Tour

On Friday March 23, Year 12 Geography students from St Norbert College and five other schools attended the Climate Change and Sustainability Schools tour run by the City of Mandurah. Students were given a valuable insight into the steps the City of Mandurah is taking to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of Climate Change in the region. During the course of the excursion students heard from Murdoch University Lecturer of Sustainability, Allan Johnstone, who discussed the importance of making urban environments sustainable; visited Marlee Reserve to see the projects the City is doing in preserving and managing its natural bushland; and visited Mandurah Town Beach to gain an understanding of the potential impacts rising sea levels would have on coastal infrastructure and the hard and soft engineering measures that are being put in place to combat this. The excursion was an excellent learning experience for the students and it was particularly good to see St Norbert College students engaging with the presenters throughout the day. Many thanks to Mrs Silva for assisting with the excursion and driving the bus.


Mr A McGoorty (Year 12 Geography Teacher)


Years 8 and 10 Immunisations

Year 8 Immunisation

A reminder to the parents of Year 8 students that Round Two of the Immunisation Program will take place on Thursday 30 August at 9.00am. Parents are requested to not make any appointments for their son or daughter on this day, where practicable. The initial permission slip which was submitted earlier in the year covers this immunisation.


Year 10 Meningococcal W Immunisation

The Health Department of WA will offer free Meningococcal immunisations to Year 10 students this year. The immunisations will occur at the College on Thursday 21 June 2018.

Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection of the blood, spinal cord membranes and brain. It disproportionately affects adolescents, which is the reason the State government is offering a free, school-based immunisation for your children. However, the vaccination is not compulsory.


Permission slips were distributed to Year 10 students in Homeroom on Friday 6 April. These must be returned as soon as possible.

Mr B Gherardi (Head of House – Tongerlo)

(Year 8 Coordinator)

2019 HASS International Tour

2019 Humanities International Tour

Parents of all students participating in the Tour are encouraged to attend a meeting regarding the 2019 Humanities International Tour on Wednesday 2 May (Week 1 of Term 2). Please arrive promptly for a 6.00pm start in the Brother Pat Forum (College premises). If you are unable to attend please contact me at the College on 9350 5433 or by email at [email protected].


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - HASS)

Japanese and Korean Culture

JK Nation

On Tuesday 10 April, the Year 8 and 9 students of Japanese and Korean Culture Club – JK Nation, went out to dinner for the end of term event. We went to Twisted Chopsticks in East Victoria Park, and had amazing modern Korean cuisine. The night was a great example of what JK Nation has to offer, socialising with their friends, listening to K-pop, and trying out different elements of the Japanese and Korean culture.

Miss E White (English Teacher)

Performing Arts

Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons

Commencing and Ceasing Tuition

No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. To commence tuition, parents must fill in the Application for Instrumental/Vocal Tuition Form available from Performing Arts Administration in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term One without financial penalty, Performing Arts Administration must have received written notice from parents by Friday, 30 March 2018.


Notice of Lesson Absence

Tutors must be contacted by 8.15am on the morning of the student’s lesson in order to be advised of illness; failure to contact the tutor will result in a charge being made for the scheduled lesson. Performing Arts Administration (Tel: 9350 5433) should be contacted by 8.15am if the tutor cannot be contacted directly. For all other student absences (including tests, exams, excursions, athletics carnivals, medical appointments and the like) students must inform their tutor at least one week in advance. Failure to give this notice will result in a charge being made for that lesson.


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)


Tickets for our school production of Oliver! are now on sale. We have a limited number of seats and these are selling very quickly so please don’t leave it too late before you buy yours. 


All seats are allocated and you can buy yours from the TryBooking website. The address of the site is: 


There is a large cast and a lot of work has already gone into this show. Don’t miss out, buy your tickets now!

Miss K Hilton (Director/Drama Teacher)


Canons Hip Hop Crew

On  Saturday 10 March 2018 the Canons Hip Hop Crew had the privilege of being a part of an amazing workshop run by the one and only Nicole Lovine. The workshop was held in the dance studio and was available to help us expand and express ourselves through hip hop.


Nicole started her dance life at the age of 5 and has continued to pursue her dreams. Throughout her career, Nicole’s reputation as a dancer and teacher have been recognised through her involvement in facilitating workshops alongside international dancers in Perth and becoming the Executive Artistic Director of Dance2XS Perth. Among these many achievements, Nicole was also a contestant and choreographer in the well-known reality television show, So You Think You Can Dance. Nicole has also been a performer supporting Timomatic, David Guetta and Nikki Minaj, and has appeared on Sunrise, the Disney Channel and music video clips ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and ‘Parachute.’ Nicole’s current focus is using her passion and love for dance to help others create themselves, instead of finding themselves as she says. Her drive for equality for young people all over Australia is demonstrated by her consistent effort to visit communities and continue to work towards positive creative works. This has included returning to St Norbert College, as an ex-student to pass on her experiences and knowledge to this generation's Hip Hop Crew.

Throughout the workshop Nicole allowed the Hip Hop Crew to see who she is and this helped us to feel comfortable to be who we are. Nicole taught us the basics of hip hop, ran focus exercises and showed us how to use our bodies in ways we didn’t know we could. She also workshopped choreography with the crew to complete our dance routine 'God’s Plan'. Nicole enhanced our performance skills so we were able to express ourselves not only individually but as a crew throughout the routine, getting us performance-ready for Harmony Day.

By Trinity Ryan

2018 Canon’s Hip Hop choreographer


Miss L Alban (Dance and Physical Education Teacher)

Where's My Bus App

New Bus Tracking App Available

Horizons West have recently started to use the ‘Where’s My Bus’ app, which allows parents and students to track the location of their school bus in real time. You can also use the app to calculate the best stop for you to catch the bus and to find out how soon you need to start walking. The app tracks each bus on the St Norbert College Bus service in the mornings and in the afternoon.


The app is for iPhones and iPads only at this stage, and can be downloaded for free from:


You will need to login with the following credentials:

Username: [email protected]

Password: snc1234


If you have any problems downloading, installing or using the app, please contact me via email: [email protected].

Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Uniform Shop


Thursday         19 April           1.00pm - 6.00pm

Monday            23 April          9.00am - 2.00pm

Thursday          26 April          1.00pm - 6.00pm


Extra Opening Hours

First Week Term Two

Monday 30 April                   9.00am - 12.00pm

Tuesday 01 May                    8.00am - 9.00am




Mondays        8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Mathematics Workshop Term 2 2018


eSports Club

Flaktest Gaming presents the first ever St Norbert College eSports Club!

Be active in your club community and take part in competitions, club challenges and STEM projects. Club events offer a fun, social and safe setting for high school students. It gives young people their first experience playing eSports in a learning environment. Make friends, have fun and be ACTIVE today!

  • For all high schools students 
  • Safe environment accessible only by students, teachers, and parents and guardians
  • All registrations manually processed to ensure only students take part in the clubs
  • Great for boys and girls 
  • Fun casual competitions 
  • Club challenges 
  • Speedrunning team races

To become a member, students need to complete the GREEN enrolment form, which can be printed off here, or collect a printed copy from Student Services. The Code of Conduct is also attached.


For more detailed information on eSports or Flaktest Gaming, please visit their website

Ms S Mark (Head of Learning Area - Technologies)

Canning Districts Hockey Club


Class of 2008 Reunion

When: Saturday April 14, 2018

Where: The Merrywell, Crown Casino at 6.00pm

No booking or tickets required.

More information: [email protected]

Cannington Leisureplex Fitness Centre partners with St Norbert College

Want to join the gym? Are you in Year 10-12?

Year 10-12 students of St Norbert College now have access to a discounted Gym Membership and Leisureplex Plus membership. The two options available to St Norbert College students are:

  • Gym only membership - $20 payment twice per month (approximately $10 per week) – programming and appraisals included if any student wishes for assistance.**
  • Leisureplex Plus membership (gym, pools, wellness suite and group fitness access) - $30 payment twice per month (approximately $15 per week) - programming and appraisals included.**

** flexi direct debit basis, two weeks’ notice to cancel, no lock in contract.


The pricing model above will only apply to St Norbert College students who join through the St Norbert College Physical Education Department (you cannot access this deal direct through the Leisureplex). Please email Mr Hodgen [email protected] to be able to access this deal with Cannington Leisureplex.


Cannington Leisureplex Fitness Centre features state-of-the-art equipment for those wanting to stay fit and healthy. Incorporating a selection of the latest strength and conditioning equipment, the gym is an ideal space for a workout. Additionally, the centre’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can help create a fitness program for you.

Mr S Hodgen (Head of Learning Area - Health and Physical Education)


We are happy to announce that for the first time in our history, SNESA Football Club will be fielding a third senior team in the WAAFL. Due to our recent promotion to C2 Grade, we have enjoyed an increase in numbers. We’ve had success with a lot of new registered players and also a lot of old faces coming back for a kick. Approximately 70% of our playing group are ex-students. However, we also welcome friends and associates from the local and greater community to come and play for us. With a new grade comes new competition and a new opportunity for us to grow and succeed together. We missed out on the flag last year. However, we will have the depth and the ability to develop the skills and experience of the playing group with as much game time as possible for all our players.


David Van Raalte will continue as senior coach, our Vice-President Mark Lupica will assist and coach our Reserves team and Jacob Cornwall will coach our Third side. Caius Kelly (Class of 2009) will take the reigns as captain for 2018, with last year’s skipper Mark Colace (Class of 2009) out for the season with a torn ACL. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to still seeing him at the club assisting as a midfield coach. David Frawley (Class of 2004) will captain our Reserves team. We have a great leadership group, an outstanding committee overseeing the club and amazing volunteers that are growing by the minute.


We have some great events coming up this year. We will be commemorating ANZAC Day on Saturday April 21st. We will also have our annual Br Patrick Memorial Game in June, which will be combined with our past players day, as well as celebrating Ladies Day and a whole lot more. We look forward to seeing you all at our home games at Soklich and Co Oval (Queens Park Reserve), in Queens Park.

Leisurelife Junior Netball 2018 Winter Season

Team registrations are now open for the Winter Season (Yrs 1-10). Leisurelife will also be playing host to school holiday netball carnivals on 20, 23 and 26 April. More information can be found here - Call our Junior Sports and Programs Officer on 9373 5450, or e-mail [email protected].


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