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09 May 2018
Issue Four
Principals Report
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Assistant Principal Report 
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Principals Report

News from the Principal
- Mr. Tristan Lanarus

Dear Westall Secondary College Community,


Incredibly exciting news with the announcement this week that Westall Primary School and Westall Secondary College have been approved for Stage 1 Rebuild to the tune of $12.3 million dollars. There is a media release included in this newsletter. This announcement ensures our students will enjoy the modern, first class facilities we all deserve to support the great teaching and learning that occurs at Westall. Watch this space for further timelines and announcements in regards to commencement of works.


In the shorter term, we have NAPLAN assessments for Years 7 and 9 in the middle of May. These tests provide us with valuable information on student learning growth and the impact of our teaching approaches. We look forward to these tests and celebrating our improvements and achievements on NAPLAN when results are released. During May, we will also have students completing the annual Attitudes to School Survey. This data set continues to be one that we achieve results that are above State average.


Earlier this week, we held a very successful Open Night for prospective Grade 5 and 6 students from our local Primary Schools. These families will be finalising their decisions for 2019 in the next week. We are very confident we will grow at Year 7, as we have been, across the school. Westall is certainly becoming a school of choice for families in the area. And why shouldn’t it be? Funding announcements and new buildings on the way, a beautifully calm and friendly learning environment and excellent classroom teaching practices.


In regards to excellent classroom teaching practices, we are continuing our work around Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) as our main method of classroom delivery. The Student Free Day on Friday 20th April with Dr Lorraine Hammond, was a roaring success. I have attached a link here to an article that talks about the success of this approach, and even mentions Dr Lorraine Hammond as a leader in this work.




Until next time


Mr. Tristan Lanarus


Media Release - Giving Clayton South Kids the School They Deserve


Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Sue Simadri


Welcome to Term 2!  


Last term, all parents/guardians were issued with usernames and passwords to access Compass. We also required for parents to do online bookings for the recent Parent-Teacher Interviews. It is really important that parents and carers are able to login in and monitor their child’s attendance and progress. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, please contact the school. If you have not as yet logged in, we encourage you to log in as soon as possible and begin using the system, so that you become comfortable with navigating Compass. Many teachers are utilising the Learning Tasks feature to report assessment results and to provide feedback on how students can improve. Next semester, all teachers will be expected to provide ongoing feedback to their students via Learning Tasks. Important notices will also be posted on Compass. As we move to making Compass our one-stop-shop, it is strongly recommend that parents develop the skills to effectively use this platform. The college is willing to provide support as and when needed; please ring 9546 3233.


International Student Program

A warm welcome to all new students who have commenced at the College or arrived in the Westall English Language Centre. We have had a number of International students, who arrived during the recent term break, and we are expecting more students to join us over the course of this year.Local Families who are interested in hosting an international student, are invited to contact our International Students Program Coordinator, Mrs Po Sim Ngian, at the College. Being a “home stay provider” has many benefits and assists our young learners who make the very important decision to come and study in Australia.  We value and thank all the home stay families who are currently providing this service to our students.


Winter Uniform

Winter is fast approaching. Families are reminded that all students should now be wearing full winter uniform. School ties must be worn and students are encouraged to wear plain white t-shirts under the school shirt for added warmth. If worn, head scarves, must be navy blue. Beanies, hoodies, black stockings and non-school jackets are not permitted at any time. Thank you to all families for your continued support of the college uniform policy.


Student ID Cards

All students are required to have their ID cards with them at all times. They must present their card to borrow books/equipment from the library, to print/photocopy, and as photo ID for VCE examinations. Any student who does not have their ID card as yet, must purchase it from the General Office for $10.  Preparation for Exams As we approach the end of the first semester, students are faced with formal assessments and exams. This can be a stressful time for many, particularly for students who are undertaking VCE studies. Throughout the school year, we offer a range of support structures and strategies to assist students to manage stress. Ms Kristi Lynch, Wellbeing Coordinator, is available to work with, and support, students and families. Click on the link below to find out how you can prepare for tests and exams, according to Child Psychologist, Andrew Fuller.


Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?

If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form (attached below). The form can also be collected from the General Office. Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in the case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information, including student attendance alerts, student report information, curriculum days, etc.


Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal - Mr. Mark Henderson




Year 7 and Year 9 students will be taking part in NAPLAN testing from Tuesday 15 May until Thursday 17 May 2018, in the ALC.


What is NAPLAN?

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in tests in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. All government and non-government education authorities have contributed to the development of NAPLAN materials.


Why do students do NAPLAN?

NAPLAN is the measure through which governments, education authorities, schools, teachers and parents can determine whether or not young Australians have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for other learning and for their productive and rewarding participation in the community.


The tests provide parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing at the time of the tests. They also provide schools, states and territories with information about how education programs are working and which areas need to be prioritised for improvement.


NAPLAN tests are one aspect of each school’s assessment and reporting process, and do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance.


Testing schedule

Information on NAPLAN can be found here: https://www.nap.edu.au/information/faqs/naplan--general


Could we please ask that parents, guardians and older siblings take the time to encourage their children to put in their highest level of effort in the tests.  In the next week or so, I will be discussing the importance of the NAPLAN results to teacher preparation as they attempt to personalise the learning of students. 


Please discuss the following with your children:  




The results help my teachers teach me better

  • Your teachers need to know your strengths and weaknesses, so they can plan lessons that focus on the areas you need more help with.
  • Teachers can tailor activities and learning tasks to suit you as individual students, to make sure the work is challenging for you e.g. Aim High students.

I get to learn about myself

  • By taking part in the NAPLAN tests, you will learn about yourself as a learner and as a person.
  • You will find out about your study habits, how well you can concentrate and how resilient you are when things get tough.

I will learn great study habits now for the future

  • No matter where school or your career takes you, you will always have tests and interviews e.g. driving test.
  • VCE, VCAL or the world of work, you will be tested constantly.
  • Learn to revise your notes and do practice tests.
  • Consider ALL advice from teachers and your families.

I get to challenge myself

  • If taking  a test is a scary thought, you have to find a way to motivate or ‘lift’ yourself to focus and do your best.
  • This is just another challenge in life, overcoming challenges is what school life is all  about.
  • Learning to cope with the pressure of test conditions is a challenge…but you can kick goals!

I can achieve great results...doing my best feels great

  • It’s cool to do well….and it feels great! Be proud of what you achieve.
  • Your teachers and families will be proud of you for doing your best and getting the best test scores that you can.

Literacy Bulletin

Engagement Norms

In the last issue of the College newsletter, I introduced the concept of ‘explicit direct instruction’ and how our teachers have adopted this evidence based instructional approach. A big part of this model is based on how well teachers can engage ALL students in the lesson.

Ask your son or daughter about the engagement norms that are being used by our teachers in the classroom. By having clear and consistent expectation of how students engage in our classes, our teachers are able to ensure that ALL students participate in meaningful learning activities.

What do these engagement norms mean?

  • Pronounce with me – Supports English learners and all other students with help pronouncing difficult vocabulary
  • Track with me – Helps students begin to read new words by connecting the words they hear to the written words
  • Read with me – Gives student opportunity to read the words
  • Gesture with me – Stores information in multiple pathways in the brain by incorporating a kinesthetic movement.
  • Pair-share – Processes information by sharing with a partner. Provides students with an opportunity to vocalize their response in their own words.
  • Attention Signal – Helps cut down lost instructional time by refocusing the class with a simple command
  • Whiteboard – Check to determine if students are learning and thinking so that the correct effective feedback can be provided.
  • Complete Sentences – Require students to respond using the newly introduced academic vocabulary.

To learn more about engagement norms, visit https://dataworks-ed.com/student-engagement/.

Open Night

On Tuesday evening, Westall SC hosted an Open Night for prospective students and their families. The Balook Learning Centre looked fantastic, with displays for all of the key learning areas filling the entire space. A massive thank you to the staff and students who assisted with what was a very successful evening.


If any of our Westall families know of anyone who was unable to attend the evening, but are interested in joining the College, please ask them to call the College to arrange a tour, or alternatively email me at [email protected].



Senior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Mrs. Hari Nikolaou

The senior school has been involved in a number of activities this term. Please see the following pages, as they represent the quality of opportunities available to our students. As a teaching community, we value our relationships with students, but our role is to provide quality teaching on a daily basis. With exams approaching, students should be thinking about how to get better at time management and organising their days. They need to strike the right balance between home, work and school life. They need to consider ensuring that they try and eat some brain food - and no, we don't mean coffee and energy drinks!


By taking the time to arrange priorities, this will give students the best chance of staying on track and organised during the senior program. This in turn can help reduce stress levels, something that can be the difference between success and failure at school.


Take a look at your time management skills, so that you can do your best at school and also find moments to relax and even earn some money on the side. Families can support Senior students by ensuring that they don’t burn the proverbial candle at both ends. Sleep is important, relaxation is important, but, Year 11 and Year 12 does involve some challenges. It is about stepping outside of your comfort levels and doing better than you did the day before.


To all our students and families, please enjoy reading about what has occurred in the school over the last couple of weeks. 


Ms. Haritini (Hari) Nikolaou

Education to Business Networking Breakfast
- 1st May 2018 

On Tuesday, 1st May our Senior School  hosted “ Westall Secondary College's Education to Business Networking  Breakfast".


We held this meeting as a 'thank you'  to all our employers who have supported our students in their career paths. These employers have provided our students with work experience in Year 10,  structured work placements  for our  VCAL students and school based apprenticeships, and traineeships for other students ranging from Year 10 to Year 12 and beyond. 


We had 30 local employers attend this event and our wonderful Hospitality Teacher, Ms. Rochelle Travitz, who was assisted by Ms. Lynette Loczy and our very talented hospitality students, served a hot  breakfast. 


Employers were encouraged to recall their 15 year old selves and share what their career plans were at that time, including who helped them on their journey, and “where are they now”.  We had great responses, which served to motivate our students in choosing their pathways.  The Raffle prize was won by Mr. Harley Ambrose from ACTROL, part of the REECE Group.


Thanks our wonderful students and to Ms. Hari Nikolaou, Ms. Carole McMahon, Ms. Melinda Chee, Ms. Laura Good and Mr. Tristan Lanarus for a very successful networking breakfast event. 


Employers were asked to give some feedback regarding their experience with our school and our students.  Here are some of their responses:


“Passion and energy of the students”


“Seeing how progressive Westall is in its methods”


“Importance of work experience to students”


“Understanding the cultural backgrounds and challenges/barriers the students face”


“Students are inspiring”


“Westall’s collaboration with outside organisations”


“Depth of programmes available to engage students”


“The learning innovations @ Westall”


“The success of students”


“It was nice to hear from the students and great to learn about the school”


“Networking with other industries to see what programs they run”


Ms. Geraldine Borgonha

Careers/Pathways Advisor

Big Data Day Challenge

Monash Business School’s Big Data Challenge Day is an exciting opportunity for students to explore what they can achieve at university with their mathematics skills. Designed for high-achieving Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Maths Year 12 students, the day is an opportunity for them to build on their knowledge and skills, while getting a taste of university life. As part of the day, students are placed in teams and will tackle a challenge in actuarial science, business analytics or econometrics. Over 100 students from 29 different schools around Victoria participated in 2018 Big Challenge Day. Jason Ung, Vitou Vathna, Amy Nguyen, Dominic Aingkruy were our representatives.



On the 5th of April, 4 exuberant students ventured off to Monash University, eager to crunch some numbers. The Big Data Day Challenge presented numerous obstacles for us, where in several instances, forfeiting seemed all but vain. The key takeaway from our combined experiences is that teamwork plays such a critical role in achieving that end goal… And for one of our lucky and bright students, an exclusive Monash hoodie was the handsome reward.


The day yielded challenging tasks in 3 categories: Actuarial Science, Business Analytics and Econometrics; all of which had us initially dumbfounded. Two placed their faith in Econometrics and the other two, Business Analytics. The packed groups were further divided into groups of 5-6 and thus, the challenge began.

Being grouped with unfamiliar faces and analysing, calculating and manipulating data, was no simple task. For some of us, the task was comprehensible and straightforward, but at times, a struggle. Whereas for others, it was not at all smooth sailing… It varied from student to student, depending on how fast one was able to make sense of the overwhelming details and how familiar one was with it.


We enjoyed a variety of food choices offered at the university  during the breaks throughout the day, on top of the food that was provided at the event.

The conclusion of the 8 hours’ journey, brought along a worthwhile experience and well-deserved

To the winner, congratulations! And a thank you to the participants for attending this event as
the school’s representatives!


Melinda Chee

Mathematics Coordinator

Presentation at Parliament

On the 26th of March, I had the incredible opportunity to present at a Parliament inquiry on the current careers education within Victorian schools. I and three other students that I had met at a previous student led event realised, in the midst of our discussion of our key points before entering, how even the smallest of details that contribute to decision making can make a large lasting impact - things became complicated when we each realised that what we were about to say, actually  mattered and would make a lasting impact on not just ourselves, but every student across the state and every student-to-be. As we walked into the room full of politicians and sat across the table from 8 professional-looking men and women, the room suddenly became too hot, and as I adjusted my microphone and prepared my notes, I wanted to leave. I was glad that I chose to stay and was given this once-in-a-lifetime experience, because I got to be part of something that would benefit students on a large scale. Although, it was daunting to be hypothetically put into the committee’s position to design what we viewed as a strong educational career system; I was put into a position that challenged me and allowed me to experience a sense of capability and just how valuable it is to voice our opinion despite how nerve-racking it can be. We were not only asked to build careers education from scratch, but we got to discuss the future, to get real with the pressure that many young people face when it comes to studying and life after school, and what we can do to ultimately improve a student’s schooling life, while also getting external organisations and our families involved. This experience is one that I’ll always remember, it was an experience that was a starting point for positive change, a wake-up call to just how advantaged and privileged we are to have what we have. It was an experience that enabled me to realise that your age doesn’t define your capabilities, and that you don’t need to be the smartest or most popular student, to have all the answers, or be the most confident, to be a part of something amazing.


Shannon Bone

School Captain

National Gallery of Victoria - 18th April 2018

On Wednesday the 18th of April, the Year 12 students visited TOP ARTS at the National Gallery of Victoria, Ian Potter Centre. The aim for the day was to gain inspiration and ideas for developing their studio practice. Students gained insight into a wide range of presentation techniques and use of materials. They developed a better understanding of exhibition purposes and the effectiveness of displaying art work appropriately.

A big thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and engagement in the art spaces, and to Ms Rigopoulos for assisting on the day.


Ms. Helen Ifandis

Arts Coordinator

Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Mr. Tom Tahos

Term 2 is well underway and already, Year 9 and Year 10 students have been involved in various learning and well-being activities. We will have the Year 9s participating in the informative ‘safe partying’ and ‘Health Expo’ later this term.  The Year 10 students will be finalising their work experience, and they will be involved in various excursions and workshops, aimed at getting students work ready and making informed decisions about their subject choices.


Please remember the following:


iRead Program

Each middle school student is required to bring reading material of their choice to their Period 4 class every day, except Wednesdays. The reading material must be school appropriate and a hard copy. Students are responsible to ensure this occurs regularly.


School Uniform

All students are expected to be in their winter school uniform. Two items that we seem to have to reinforce continually are - school ties and the correct socks/stockings.


Mr. Tom Tahos

Year 9/10 Chinese Excursion to China Town

Australia is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in the world. To experience the culture and learn the early life of Australia Chinese, our Year 9 and 10 Chinese excursion to China Town opened our eyes to the popular culture and its influences in Australia today.


The highlight of our excursion was to visit the Chinese Museum in China Town. It provided us with an amazing tour where we learnt how Chinese mining workers came to Victoria, searching for gold, and their miserable lives they endured due to the notorious “White Australia Policy”.


Students also visited the Victorian Immigration Museum where they learnt about, not only Chinese Immigration to Australia and Melbourne in particular, but, many flows of migration from people all over the world which together has made Australia what it is today.


This educational experience away from school taught us so much about the culture, the Chinese communities and other cultural groups, that all contribute to make Australia great!


Ms. Minnie Zeng

Chinese Teacher

Forensic Science Elective - Who did it?

Students were given a folder full of handwriting samples, finger, shoe and tyre prints to solve the murder of Barnaby Hill. All the evidence was in the folder collected by police and forensic scientists, and they, as detectives must compare and match the murderer to the victim! It was fantastic to hear the theories and motives behind each suspect from our students.


Ms. Loan Luong-Nguyen

Science Coordinator

Monash University - Access Champions Student Leadership Day

Year 10 Perspective by Arnetta Wijaya

On Friday the 27th of April, students involved in the Access Monash Championship program were invited to Monash University to partake in various leadership workshops. The aim of these workshops were to empower students to become Champions for Education within their schools and local communities. The program is designed to prepare students to become active community leaders, by giving us a platform in which we are able to design and deliver a project that will make a real difference for our community. The program encourages students to have a voice by helping us develop essential teamwork and entrepreneurial skills. 


Throughout the day, we listened to Jessica Brown (one of the inspirational speakers of the day), and participated in many fun activities. One of the most memorable activities was the "develop your own monster" challenge. The Year 10 students had to draw a monster, incorporating characteristics that we thought best represented the qualities that a good leader possesses. Not only did we have a blast during this activity, letting our imaginations run wild and drawing to our hearts' content, we also gained valuable skills in teamwork, communication, project design, and time management as well. 


Overall, the experience was truly enlightening. We can most definitely say that all of us came out of the program with a new outlook towards being a good leader. As one of our inspirational speakers, Jessica Brown (training manager of Robogals), told us, "If you don't like it, change it", which explores the idea of how everyone one of us, no matter of race, gender, sexual orientation or position of power we may have; all have the potential to make a difference. It is more than ever crucial for students of our age to step up, as we are the next generation of leaders, who are capable of making a greater change for our society. I would like to acknowledge Mr Tahos and Miss Armstrong for organising and guiding us throughout this program, the Monash Access Championship staff, mentors and presenters for the wonderful day we had, as it would not have been made possible without their dedicated contribution towards this program. 


Year 9 Perspective - by Nicholas Rusmin

On Friday the 29th of April, the Year 9 access Monash champions went to Monash University to gain a new insight on leadership and to further develop our skills in that area. We also learned about what it takes to be a Monash champion. We started off with an introduction which explained the year-long program. We will have to create and design a project which promoted tertiary education. With that out of the way, we had an inspirational talk by Jessica Brown, regarding the Robogals' journey and volunteering. Jess reinforced the message of making a change by volunteering, no matter how big or small it is, to the community. We should find our passion and use that as a way to help others in need.

After the morning tea, we split into our groups and went to 4 different workshops. The first one being "Peer Leadership". We were given quotes/meaningful images from inspirational leaders and had to choose one which we felt most connected with. We decided with 'Equality vs Equity'. We believed that a leader should know how to cater to different individuals depending on their circumstances (equity) instead of giving everyone the same thing (equality). Moving on to workshop 2, which was based around "Creative Teamwork". The goal was to work cooperatively and give our different perspectives to make the tallest structure using spaghetti noodles and marshmallows that could withstand a pen. Although we didn't win, we still had lots of fun working together and sharing our ideas!


We then had a delicious lunch which was followed by workshop 3; "Creative ways to show what you know". The workshop was focused on displaying our ideas using certain techniques. Our issue was reducing school absences and we had to pitch an idea to solve this. Since we expect our audience  to be 12-16 year olds, we decided to make a short video to release on social media. Our video would include lots of humour with relevant pop culture so it would be appealing to our generation. However, it would have a clear and strong message regarding the importance of going to school. Our last and final workshop was about "Information Search Strategies". In this workshop, we learned some key points to look out for on websites by checking it with C.R.A.A.P. It's an acronym which stands for Currency (timeliness of the information), Relevance (importance of the information for your needs), Authority (credibility of the author), Accuracy (truthfulness and correctness of the content) and Purpose (reason the information exists).


Overall, the experience was an eye opener. We gained a new insight on leadership. My mind is more open towards different ways to display my work and how much of an impact it will have on the result. I look forward to the challenge of designing and creating our project with my fellow peers!


Thank you.

Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Ms. Alice Paget

Term 2 is well and truly underway. The Year 7 students will be finishing their Peer Support Program this term where they have been working closely with Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. This program has given Year 7s the opportunity to form positive relationships with role models at the college, developing their interpersonal skills and building relationships with their peers.

Both Year 7 and 8 students will continue their weekly sport, competing against other schools in the Kingston District. The sports they will be competing in this term include: Netball, Badminton and Soccer. Congratulations to the Year 8 Volleyball team, who won the Kingston Division Final and are now off to region. Good luck girls!


Upcoming Events:


Junior School Camp (7th-9th May)

The 7 and 8 students are very excited to be heading down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne, to take part in a 3-day surf camp. Activities will include: surfing lessons,  beach safety education, beach and surf carnival, walks to local attractions and lookouts, team building activities and an ecologic rock pool ramble.


Guest Speakers from the Commonwealth Games (10th May)

We are very lucky to have Josh Beaver (won the bronze medal of the 200m backstroke at the Commonwealth Games) and Joey Deng (made the 800m track final at the Commonwealth Games) to come and speak to the students about their respective journeys in elite sport.

Big Science Competition (10th May) 

Good luck to all students competing this year!


Ms.  Alice Paget

VSSEC Excursion:  Mission to Mars

On the 23rd and 24th of April, Year 8 Science students went to Victorian Space Science Education Centre in Strathmore.


In the Year 8 science curriculum, we are now learning about rocks and minerals, so the purpose of this excursion was to experience a hands-on task with different type of rocks on Mars.  We formed 2 groups and got the chance to be mission controllers on Earth and then swap with the other group to be astronauts on Mars.


We each had different roles, such as a Geologist, Commanders, Engineers, Physicist, Biologist and a Chemist.

Our mission was to make sure the astronauts landed on Mars and returned to Earth safely, as well as, assist them to collect and identify different rock types by using professional equipment.


Later in the day, the students went to the science labs to examine and analyse the rock samples that were collected from Mars. Overall, we had a fascinating once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Thalia Wong,  Angelina Oeung  and Naufal Juman

Year 8 

Junior School ​Spelling Bee

We have an exciting announcement for our junior students at Westall - the introduction of a spelling bee! It will be held each Thursday lunch from 1:30pm in Balook. Term Two will focus on irregular words and the most commonly misspelt words from NAPLAN. The winner of each week will receive two Westall stickers and go straight into the Grand Final that will be held in the last week of term. Hope to see all our Junior School students there!


Ms. Samantha Dewhurst

Learning Specialist: Literacy/EAL


WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator - Ms. Carmela Santucci


Westall English Language Centre would like to welcome our new students. Although the WELC community changes each term, some things remain the same – the learning that takes place and the friendships that develop. More and more, we see past Language Centre students returning to visit the teachers and meet the new students. This is such a positive behaviour as it models the positive learning in WELC, and creates connections with the Westall wider community.


The recent refurbishment in the Language Centre has created a flexible learning environment. The operable walls allow rooms to be used as smaller learning spaces, or, when necessary, for whole school activities. These new learning spaces encourage creativity in our teaching and learning.


Students in the Language Centre recently visited the MCG and the National Sports Museum. As we walked through parts of the MCG, our guides imparted a lot of information about the sporting arena and the events held there. The guides were entertaining and informative and kept the students engaged.  The exhibitions in the museum traced the history of some of the popular sports in Australia, and there were many interactive activities for the students to experience. This provides our students with historical and cultural experiences, which helps them develop a better understanding of the communities they live in.

Westall Secondary College
Cross Country Race

WELC students took part in the Westall Secondary College Cross Country on Tuesday, 1st May. For many it was a great challenge, as they have never run such distances before, and should be commended for their effort.

Westall Information Resource Centre

Greetings from the Westall Information Resource Centre

What is the latest news from the library?


Access - it

We now have a new library catalogue! It is called Access-It and is much easier to use than our old system. We also have a special computer with the catalogue loaded so you can search for items whenever you come into the library.

New Books!

We have been working hard weeding our non-fiction section to make it up to date and relevant for all students. Come in and have a look to see the new items that we have collected to support your learning. Just a reminder that Non-Fiction items are resources that are full of facts and information. There are dictionaries, encyclopaedias, information books and even old textbooks. These can be borrowed for the same length of time as the fiction books.


Chess Club

We are looking for expression of interest in running a Chess Club in the library. It will run during lunch time on a day to be decided with the regular players as well as some expert guests, who will help teach some of the finer points of the game. We have many sets that get used regularly, and so, this is an opportunity for you to enhance and improve your skills. Staff and teachers are encouraged to join in as well.


A sign-up list will be placed in the library. The people who sign up will be contacted regarding a start date sometime this term.


As always, you are welcome to borrow books for your iRead program before and after school, as well as recess and lunch.


Remember as the weather gets colder, the library is a warm place to be.


See you here soon,

Library staff


Compass User Information

Updating Your Contact, Custody and Medical Information

A reminder to all parents/guardians to update their contact details, emergency contact details, custody arrangements and medical details at the front office.   If you fail to do so, you may miss receiving important documents, notices and other information.  


Also, could we ask parents/guardians to ensure their child memorizes their current residential address and important contact phone numbers.  We are finding some of our students do not know their address or their parent's phone number.


How to recover your Compass Account Details


How to Access Your Child's Report


Parent Information

Payment Information

Payments can be made via credit card, BPay or Eftpos.  Please contact our office on 9546 3233 for further details.

2018 Year Level Coordinators


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Information and Application Forms

Families who hold Health Care cards and who have children under 17 are eligible for a CSEF payment. 


Applications for 2018 will be accepted until the 22nd June 2018.   


Further information, including the application form, can be found in the attached link below.  


Updating Your Contact, Custody and Medical Information

A reminder to all parents/guardians to update their contact details, emergency contact details, custody arrangements and medical details at the front office. If you fail to do so, you will miss out on receiving important documents, notices and other key information relevant to your child.  


Also, parents/guardians are asked to ensure that their child knows their current residential address and contact phone numbers, or has them written down in their diary, as we are finding that some of our students don't seem to know their address or their parent's phone number.

Westall SC Homework Club


Westall SC Breakfast Club


Westall SC Trivia Night


Homestay Providers


Sustainable Schools - Second Hand Textbooks and Uniforms


College Blazer - $110.00 - Buy direct from the General Office


English Classes




Tristar Aviation


Community News

Taekwondo Victoria


Rotary Youth Exchange Program


Moorabbin Rugby Club


Family Life Heartlinks Parenting Workshops


Dates to Remember 

Term 2 

7-9 May          Junior School Camp

10 May           Big Science Competition

11 May           Year 12 Formal

15-17 May     Years 7 & 9 Naplan Testing

23 May           Kingston District Cross Country

25 May           Middle School Health Expo

30 May           School Council Meeting at 4.30pm

31 May           VCAL & Year 11 Business Market Day

31 May           WSC Trivia Night

11 Jun           Queens Birthday Public Holiday

12-15 Jun     Year 11 Exams

12-15 Jun     Year 10 Work Readiness Excursions

18 Jun           Senior School Personal Development

19 Jun            Year 10 Course Info Sessions

19 Jun            Year 10 Work Experience Session

21 Jun            Year 10 Monash Uni Experience

27 Jun            School Council Meeting at 4.30pm

27 Jun            STEM Excursion

28 Jun            Year 9 Careers Workshop

29 Jun            Last day of Term 2

Term 3

16 Jul            First day of Term 3.  School starts at 8.55am

Westall Secondary College Newsletter
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How To - Recover your Compass Parent-Guardian Account Details.pdf
How To - Recover your Compass Parent-Guardian Account Details.pdf
Viewing Reports.docx
Viewing Reports.pdf
How To - Recover your Compass Parent-Guardian Account Details.pdf
Csef Application Form 2018.pdf
Csef Application Form 2018.pdf
CSEF Application Form 2018.pdf
CSEF Application Form 2018.pdf