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26 February 2019
Term 1, Issue 4
Term 1
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Term 1


Feb 26 - Guest Speaker - Michael Grose and Dr Jodi Richardson 6 - 8pm

Feb 27 - No Preps

Feb 28 - Open Day 9am - 1pm

Mar 4   - Preps first full week

Mar 6   - Athletics Yr 3-6

Mar 7   - Cold Write

               - Division Lawn Bowls

               - Yr 5 VSEC

Mar 8    - Division Swimming

               - Yr 5 VSEC

Mar 11 - Labour Day - NO SCHOOL

Mar 13 - GRIP Leadership Conference

Mar 14 - Grade 4 Camp

Mar 15 - Grade 4 Camp

Mar 19 - Cross Country P - 6

Mar 22 - Regional Swimming

               - SCHOOL FETE 5:00 - 8:00pm

Mar 25 - School Council

Mar 29 - PLP Meeting @ 2:30pm in the Staffroom

Apr 1    - District Athletics

Apr 5    - Last Day of Term 2:30pm finish


Term 2

April 23 - Term 2 begins

(Please note the first day of Term 2 is Tuesday 23rd April due to April 22 being Easter Monday)


Mar 1   - Whole School Assembly (Family Groups)

Mar 8   - P - 2 Assembly

Mar 15 - 3 - 4 Assembly

Mar 22 - No Assembly

Mar 29 - 5 - 6 Assembly

Apr 5    - Whole School Assembly

Principal's Report


It can be easy to assume that our kids make good decisions as they walk, ride or scoot their way to and from school.  Unfortunately that’s not always the case.  In the past week we have had 3 separate community members call the school to report children walking, riding or scooting in an unsafe manner.  In each case, that related to children travelling up the middle of roads when a footpath was available.


This is a timely reminder for all parents to have a road safety chat at the dinner table.  Please talk to your kids about the best route to and from school and about general road safety.  We’ll be doing the same at school.


On Monday we had the first of 2 Open Mornings.  This is something we do each year around this time to give prospective parents the opportunity to take a tour of the school.  A team of grade 6s are the tour guides on these days, which is a job they love. 


On Thursday we have the 2nd of our Open Mornings, so please pass this message on to anyone you know that has a child starting school in 2020.


As of today, we are calling for nominations for parents to join School Council.  Official notice of this appears below. We have five parent member vacancies, each for a two year term. If you would like to join School Council, just pop in and collect a nomination form which is available at the General Office and must be completed and returned by Tuesday, March 5th. If you are unable to make it in to the office, please call and we can send a nomination form home.


If nominations exceed available positions, a ballot will be conducted from March 12th to 19th.  We will let parents know how they can participate if a ballot is required.


We ask you to please consider joining School Council and playing a part in shaping the direction taken by our school. The role is most satisfying as councillors get to see their ideas put into practice and have a positive impact on students, teachers and parents in our school community. Parent members are critical in providing School Council with a parent perspective.


No experience is required, just an interest in the education of your child/ren and other children attending our School.


The commitment is not huge - just one meeting per month (4th Monday of each month). Meetings start at 7:00pm and finish between 8:30 and 9pm. If you would like more information, give Bernie a call.


All of the grade 6 Teams are now well underway and doing great things for the school.  One example is the Photography Team.  Members of this team will take turns at taking photos at assemblies and at special events.  For the past few assemblies they have prepared a slide show of photos, which have been well received.


Each of the team members has been receiving a few basic lessons and is getting some practice time with the school camera.  They’re doing a great job and attached you’ll find a sample of the shots they have taken over the past week.


End of Day Messages

We regularly receive messages from families regarding changes of plans for their children at the end of the school day.  This usually relates to whether or not a child is to get on a bus, who is picking them up or where they are to go after school. 


It would be greatly appreciated if these messages could be delivered to office staff by 3:15pm or earlier, as the office gets very busy late in the school day and sometimes it can be difficult, at late notice, to get important messages to students. Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

Act of Kindness Award


Teaching & Learning


You will have seen that this week’s homework is all about how we can foster our artistic, language and health needs through participating in a range of activities as set by the Specialist teachers. The task is for students to choose at least 1 task from each specialist area to take part in during the week. Students can highlight the completed tasks and parents can sign to show they have been a part of it.


The idea behind the homework grid is to acknowledge the importance that everyday tasks play in our development of language, creativity, health and fitness to create a well balanced life.

This initiative will be repeated in Week 5 of every term.


Compass Learning Tasks – Spelling Mastery and Homework

This year we are committed to moving toward real time assessments that are available to parents on the Compass Learning Portal. At this stage all students will have their Homework and Spelling Mastery ‘Check-ins’ registered on Compass as a Learning Task.


The Homework results will indicate to what degree your child is completing their homework. By checking in on these outcomes, it may prompt some discussions at home about effective study habits.


To monitor these assessments click on the Learning Task tab on the Compass portal. The information available for each task and the assessment can be seen below.


Mapping our Curriculum – What are the essential questions being answered this Term?

Carrying on from the article in last week’s newsletter about our 8 Through Lines, this week we look at the essential questions that underpin the units of work students across the school are striving to answer. Essential questions are big questions that teachers will help guide students toward over the course of a term. These questions are not usually questions we can Google to find the answer to but rather thoughts and understandings that develop through a series of activities and provocations. We create essential questions by asking ourselves what the students will need to know by the end of term.


Smart Building and Living Expo

It was great to see staff and students out and about on Sunday at the Buninyong Sustainability and Alternative Living Expo. There were lots of stalls that showcase pathways from all the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths work that we do at school.


During the expo Buninyong PS had the Solar Boats on show and the opportunity for visitors to take part in some gardening, games and also have their face painted.



Huge thanks to Mrs Anderson, Miss Marr and Mr O’loughlin who assisted in making the day a great success and a wonderful showcase of what Science and Technology both the Buninyong and Scotsburn campuses have on offer.


Scotsburn News


Whole School Assembly

This Friday we have our first whole school assembly at the Buninyong campus. We will meet in the courtyard at Buninyong (near the main office). After the assembly, a visit to the library and recess break, we’ll make our way by bus back to Scotsburn.


Smart Building & Living Expo

The Sustainability Expo was a huge success on Sunday.  A big thank you to Jack and Charlie, Isaac, Mercury, Leo and Jack and Claire  for coming along on Sunday and helping run the kids activities and showcasing what wonderful and helpful students we have here at Scotsburn. By giving up some of your Sunday you have helped us secure some plants and seedling that have been kindly donated by Avalon Nursery, as well as raising some money to go towards our Sustainability Program.  Well done!


Clean Up Australia Day Friday

We’ll do a tidy on Friday afternoon at about 2.30pm. The plan will be to give our school grounds a good clean and also the fence line around the campus and up towards the Scotsburn Hall.


Gr 3-6 Athletics Day

The Grade 3-6 Sports Day is coming up on Wednesday 6th March at Llanberris Reserve. The Grade 3-6 students will start and finish at the Buninyong campus meeting Ms Geddes and Mr O’Loughlin in the courtyard. The rotation events will start at 9.45am. please ensure any permission notes have been returned ASAP. Parents are most welcome to come along to watch and encourage.


Grade 4 Camp

The Grade 4 camp is approaching quickly (14th & 15th March). The students will be visiting Anglesea for the night for lots of fun and hopefully plenty of sleep! Ms Geddes will be joining the students on camp, which will ensure that the students know a familiar face. Please return any outstanding permission and medical notes ASAP.


School Fete

This year, the school fete will be held at the Buninyong Campus on Friday 22nd March. Scotsburn will be responsible for the BBQ (SC1), Wood raffle (SC2) and Hot Dog Stall (SC3). We’ll be putting together a roster for helpers very soon. It would be great if all families could help out in a time slot on at least one of these stalls. 


Zooper Doopers

Axel will be selling Zooper Doopers this Thursday for $1.


Friday Rotations

Our next rotation for Term 1 will be on the (1st March). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 1 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!

ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 – Amity E

Gr 2-4 – Eden J

ROOCH Award – Jett H

Specialist Award – Mason J


Term 1 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

1st Mar - Clean Up Australia Day

6th March - Gr 3-6 Athletics Sports Day

11th March -  Day Holiday

19th March - P-6 Cross Country

22nd March - School Fete

5th April - Term 1 Finishes

School Fete

School Fete - March 22, 5:00 - 8:00pm

As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, our Fete Team met on Monday and will continue to meet fortnightly until the fete.  The program of events and stalls is coming together and we’re really happy with the range of food, stalls and activities for everyone to enjoy.

We can now confirm that the following will be on offer:

  • Lucky Dip
  • Sand Jars
  • Bouncy Castles, Pedal Go Karts, Chair-oplane
  • Show Bags
  • Japanese themed stall
  • Pre-loved goods
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Wine tasting
  • Raffles
  • Lolly Stall
  • Lob-A-Choc
  • Coin Toss
  • Busking
  • Footy Kick
  • Biscuit Decorating
  • Face Painting

There will be a great range of food available, some of which will include:

  • Pulled Pork Rolls
  • Paella
  • Sausage Sizzle
  • Pizza
  • Hot Dogs
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Smoothies & Juices
  • Coffee
  • Ice-Cream
  • Fairy Floss
  • Popcorn
  • Pancakes

This year we are doing all of the food ourselves, so you will know that every dollar you spend on your evening meal will be staying in the school.


A Goods & Services Auction and range of raffles are always a feature of our fete and we’re in the process of seeking donations for the auction.  If you have something to donate, please contact Mel in the office.

The Fete presents a fabulous opportunity for parents to get involved and make a contribution to the school, so talk to your child’s teacher and find out how you can help.


External stall holders were a feature of the fete in 2017 and provided something of interest for the adults.  If you would like to run a stall, contact Mel in the office.



Are you interested in busking at the Fete?

Are you interested in busking at the Fete on 22nd March as we are looking for some  performers. If you would like to sing a song or play an instrument at the Fete, come along to the Music Room at lunchtime on Wednesday 27th and have a chat with Mr Skilbeck. You can perform by yourself or with a small group of friends. You can play one song or four! Choose a song or two, have a practice and give it a go!


Mr Skilbeck

Plans for Proceeds from the 2019 Fete

It’s always good to enter a major fundraising event with targets for the money raised.  Over the past few weeks we have been considering options for funds raised through the 2019 fete and School Council last night approved 2 projects, those being:

  • At Scotsburn we’re looking to build ourselves an outdoor BBQ area.  For a school community that is tight and has lots of gatherings, an outdoor gathering space will be brilliant.


  • At Buninyong we plan to create a home economics room, by undertaking a minor renovation of the meeting room in the admin building.  The room will be expanded and include a number of ovens, sinks and decent bench spaces.  This will be well used on a number of fronts, including:
    • Cooking with a whole class is a great learning opportunity and we can’t really do that at the moment.  We think lots of teachers would take the opportunity to do some cooking with their class if we had the required facilities in place.
    • The facility would allow the grade 3 team to take the next step in their work with the chickens and vegetables.  That is, to actually use what is produced to cook with the kids…..a real Kitchen, Garden Program.
    • The Base 1270 Team would use the facility, particularly during Vacation Care.  
    • The facility would be brilliant for the fete or any other time catering is required.


We think both of these projects would benefit all students at the school for years to come.  So let’s get behind the fete and work together to see if we can make it something special.

ICT News

Screen Time & Compass Parent Session

Over the next two weeks we will be running parent information sessions for those who would like to know more about Screen Time and/or Compass. These will be half hour sessions with a hands-on approach.

Screen Time is part of Apple’s latest IOS and is a great tool to help manage the amount of time spent on devices.

During this session we will cover the following

  • What is screen time
  • Setting down times and app limits
  • Content restrictions
  • Viewing screen time data
  • Family sharing

Please bring your child’s device along (you can grab it from class if needed) and ensure you know their passcode.


Compass School Manager provides access to school news, events, upcoming assignments and more. We encourage all parents to be logged into Compass and regularly checking for notifications and important information.


During the Compass sessions we will cover the following:

  • Logging onto Compass
  • Using the News Feed
  • Attendance information and absence notifications
  • Viewing student reports
  • Learning tasks


The sessions will be run in the meeting room at the following times:

Tuesday 5th March

  • Screen Time at 9:00am
  • Compass at 3:00pm

Tuesday 12th March    

  • Compass at 9:00am
  • Screen Time at 3:00pm

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

A big thank you to all parents who have Confirmed through Compass that they have read the ICT acceptable use agreement with their child/ren.


If you haven’t had a chance to complete this yet, could you please complete this in Compass using the link in your news feed. It’s important that all children have read this document and acknowledge they understand the expectations of ICT at Buninyong PS.


If you are unable to access this in Compass, then please contact the Office and they can supply you with a paper copy of the agreement, or you can ask your child’s teacher.


Old ICT Equipment

We are trying to build a small display of digital technology which showcases the changes we have seen in ICT equipment over time. If you have anything in the list below which you would like to donate to the school, we would certainly appreciate it and it would be a great help in putting together a display for the students. Please let Aaron Coulter know if you have anything which you could donate.


We are looking for anything that’s a bit older and a bit different, things like:

  • Floppy Disks (8inch or 5 ¼ inch would be great)
  • Older computers (anything 80s or 90s would be great)
  • Old Gaming consoles
  • Nokia Phones
  • Old Apple Products
  • Palm pilots
  • Early digital cameras


Admin News

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund


Compass App

Using Compass allows you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child's progress.  Compass includes many different features including your child's attendance, school calendar, booking parent-teacher conferences, receiving communication and newsletters, student reports etc.   


If you are having any trouble with the App, please don't hesitate to contact the school and we will help you with the process



Physical Education 2019

Term 2 Calendar Events

  • 1 April – Regional Lawn Bowls
  • 1 May – State Lawn Bowls
  • 8 May – District Cross Country
  • 17 May – Division Cross Country
  • 29 May – District AFL, Netball and Soccer
  • 7 June – Division AFL, Netball and Soccer

Term 3 Calendar Events

  • 7 June – District Basketball Gala Day
  • 4 September – Division Basketball
  • 13 September – Division Athletics

Active April

Premier’s Active April encourages Victorian families to get healthy and active by participating in 30 minutes of physical activity a day for the month of April and beyond. Jump on board and support our school.  Register online and link up to the Buninyong Primary School group (buninyong-primary-school).

You will also receive:

  • 10 free passes at your local YMCA or access to a local government recreation facility
  • 30% discount at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne
  • One 2 for 1 ticket offer for Otway Fly Treetop Adventures
  • 10% discount at Sovereign Hill
  • 15% discount at Sportsmart in store and online
  • Free experiences at participating Parks Victoria parks
  • 15% discount for a Coasting: Stand Up Paddleboarding session
  • 15% off Rock Up Netball Train and Youth Programs
  • 20% discount for Netball Victoria community clinics
  • One 2 for 1 green fee offer at participating Golf Victoria courses
  • 10% discount on term 2 My Golf Junior Programs
  • One hour free tennis court hire at Melbourne Park or Albert Reserve
  • Five free group dance lessons at a participating DanceSport Victoria centre
  • Entry into the draw to win tickets to 2020 Australian Open Tennis Finals*
  • One free Cardio Tennis trial at participating Tennis Victoria courts
  • One hour free tennis court hire at Melbourne Park or Albert Reserve
  • Entry into the draw to win tickets to 2020 Australian Open Tennis Finals* 

For more information visit www.activeapril.vic.gov.au

Encouragement Swim Meet


Ballarat Minors Lunchtime Clinics

We are very excited to announce that the Ballarat Minors will be running some clinics in Week 6-10 for any student interested.  These will run on Mondays (Prep – Grade 2) and Thurdays (Grade 3-6).  If your child is interested in attending, please remind them on the day and for them to bring appropriate footwear.

BDSA Soccer Clinics

Preps to Grade 4’s will be spoiled with some special Soccer clinics run during their P.E. lessons in Week 9 + 10 as part of the Ballarat District Soccer Associations drive to encourage children to take part in soccer.  A big thank you to Kelly Sports for providing the program to us.

Interschool Lawn Bowls Teams

Buninyong will once again be putting in some teams for the Division Bowls on 7 March, 2019.  Positions will be open to Grade 4-6 students.  Tryouts will be held at the Buninyong Bowls Club on Friday 8th and 15th February with training following on the 22nd February and 1st March for those selected.  Please encourage your child to meet Mr Young in the gym at the start of lunch on 8th and 15th February if they wish be involved.

P.E. Shoes

A reminder that students need to have clean, dry sports shoes for P.E.  We recommend bringing a spare pair to school to ensure maximum participation in class.  To find out when your child has P.E., please check your Compass portal.




Welcome Mina! We have had our first visiting Japanese university student spend some time with us on Monday. Mina showed our students some current popular trends with Japanese food… we were all hungry by the end of her presentation!



Mina, Ayaka, Moeka & Shota will be around over the next 2 weeks, make sure to say “konnichiwa” when you see them around!



Can you crochet? I have a craft project for the Japanese stall at fete, and I’m looking for some volunteers to make some crochet Japanese dolls (wool supplied!).



I’ve found several more books that need to be covered with contact to help extend their lifespan.


Please contact Narelle if you can assist with either of these. [email protected]



Japanese Fact

Do you get it? 



Art Club

Our Grade One students enjoyed the Friday lunch club Colouring-in and Lego activities last week.

The Art club is run by our generous grade 4 volunteers- Annabel Sullivan, Emilia James and Missy Davies.


Grade 6 Art Team

Our grade 6 Art team working hard on practicing some different face painting designs for our School Fete. We hope to have some popular themes for both boys and girls to offer at out Fete.

Our team is also adding to our canteen area highlighting last year’s art works.


Drawing Activity -
‘What’s on/in your mind?’



Two great exhibitions to check out:

Next Gen 2019 at the Ballarat Art Gallery features 5 of our past students chosen to exhibit their year 12 art-works.

Art Smocks




This week we have added Sushi to the canteen menu. This can only be ordered on Wednesday’s via QKR. It will be a trail until the end of term. 

Akita Sushi at DTC will make it fresh on the Wednesday and I will pick it up ready for lunches. 


At this stage there are 4 options with a few of these being gluten free. 

Please be aware that items that contain gluten are also made in their commercial kitchen. 


Cooked Tuna - GF

Chicken Teriyaki - GF

Salmon & Avocado - GF

Mix Vegetable  - GF


Unfortunately the soy sauce they provide, and the stock I have in the canteen does contain gluten.  I will try and source some over the next week. 


Over the next few weeks we are going to be adding some more gluten free items to the menu. 


Please read our gluten free statement before ordering for your children.

Our gluten free menu items are prepared, packaged and handled by our canteen manager and volunteer staff. However, we are not a gluten free kitchen and cross-contamination could occur. We are unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens. 
We ask parents / guardians to consider this information when ordering these items for their children. 


Don’t forget if you would like to volunteer in the canteen please add your name to the roster by clicking the following link and placing your name under the date you would like to come in. Ideally we will need 2 helpers per day between 11am - 1.15pm


It doesn’t have to be the week your class is rostered on. If I have empty spaces on the roster I will then contact the PLP who class is rostered that week to try and organise some help. 


PLP Roster


Thanks Tracey 

Canteen Team


BASE 1270

Base 1270 Admin



Community Notices



Sovereign Knights Basketball Club

Join the local family friendly club


The Sovereign Knights Basketball Club is looking for new players and coaches for the 2019 Winter season for boys and girls aged 5-17.  The Season runs in Term 2/3 2019. More information about our club can be found at:



Any enquiries regarding new players please email us at [email protected]


Training is at Damascus College and most games are at the Ballarat Minerdome or Wendouree Netball Centres and are both approximately one hour in duration.

Please also contact us if you are interested in filling a coaching position at our club - we would love to have you!

Phoenix P-12 Community College


Dance Classes


Buninyong PS Newsletter
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