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29 March 2019
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Principal News

I am pleased to announce that the following parents have filled vacancies on School Council following the recent elections: Rose De Maria-O’Sullivan, Dean Bridgfoot (both re-elected) and Brona Murray (newly elected). We also had one student vacancy on School Council, and I am pleased to announce that Emelia Vellacott has been elected to this position. Emilia will join our existing student representative, Cohen Saunders, on School Council.


Last week, the first round of student reports were posted on XUNO. Please contact the school on 54791111 if you experience any problems accessing these reports on XUNO. Like last year, we will be publishing student reports three times per semester (approximately seven weeks apart) to provide more regular updates to parents and carers. The dates these reports will be available on XUNO are included in the 2019 CSC Calendar provided to all families at the start of the year, with the next cycle of reports to be published on May 14.


In the meantime, there will be Parent-Teacher Interviews on Tuesday 30 April. These interviews will occur between midday and 7pm, with no classes being held on this day. Further details, including information for booking appointment times via XUNO, will be sent to families before the end of this term.


Y2 Architects visited the school again last week to discuss some of the finer details of our new building designs and to consult with student representatives about aspects of the buildings and landscaping. The tender process for appointing a building contractor is still due to occur in late-April and early-May, with construction on track to commence in July or August.


Paul Frye




Students in Years 7 & 9 will be completing their NAPLAN testing this year from Tuesday 14th – Friday 24th of May. We would like all students in these year levels to complete their tests, as this provides the school with valuable information in relation to the effectiveness of our teaching, specifically on how we are addressing the literacy and numeracy needs of our students.

Exemptions from completing the tests can be sought by contacting Kellie Showell at the College and registering your child/s name from the beginning of term 2. Individualised forms will be distributed to the families of students seeking exemptions, which will occur in the 2 weeks prior to the testing.

Students Leaving College Premises

Students are reminded that they are required to remain on College premises for the duration of each school day and can only leave with a parent, carer or registered family member. If a student leaves the College premises without signing out, an automated SMS will be sent to the primary contact mobile of that specific student. The message will outline how the College will managed this and subsequent out of bounds incidents. 



The student body is continuing to set high standards of wearing the CSC uniform and once again we appreciate the ongoing support with this matter. Paul and I recently met with the SRC with a focus to develop increased consistency of uniform expectations across the College. We will continue to work together during term 2 to revise specific elements of the uniform, whilst also investigating Australian made sustainable clothing.


Justin Hird

Assistant Principal

Student news

Victorian Schools Canoe Championships 

Congratulations to Thomas Creed of Year 8 who was very successful at recent Victorian Schools Canoe Championships for marathon and sprint.



What do William Blake at the NGV, French cinema, La Mama and Bon Ap’ have in common?

They were all destinations of the inaugural Year 12 Literature French excursion last week. Two warm March days were perfect for 20 students to go to Melbourne and to dip into some cultural events to support their Literature and French language studies.

The day started in the cinema where we experienced one of the films as part of the current French Film Festival in Melbourne. We then walked some of the back lanes towards Degraves st which was a buzzing hive of cafes and eateries where we had a choice of cuisines. The afternoon was spent at the National Gallery where we learnt about the amazing Blake collection that the gallery is so lucky to have. An amazing writer and prolific artist!

Everyone went off to their billets for the night and met up again at La Mama theatre for an intense one person play that was quite confronting in its sparseness. Then afterwards an interesting forum with the actor, director and managers where students could ask questions to further explore the piece.

We ended the camp with a French déjeuner at the Bon Ap’ restaurant. A place with French speaking waiters and which offered great food including a snail tasting for those so inclined and a crème brulée to die for. Quelle journées formidable! Merci tout le monde!

VCE Drama Excursion

Recent excursions to ‘Mr Burns- a post-electric play’ at Forty –Five downstairs and Top Class, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Successful and entertaining !


Darren Lowe

VCE Drama Teacher

























Launch of the Plaque Project


Year 12 VCAL Work Experience Reflections

On the 17th of December I started work experience at Bendigo Health. Monday was eye opening. I was in the children’s ward and a girl who was approximately two years old was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The nurses were crying. They knew the girl personally. Her mums worked at the hospital. In a way I’m glad I was there when they came back with the result of the MRI scan, mostly because I got to see that nursing isn’t an easy job: it requires a strong mindset. I was upset and sympathetic for the family, obviously, but now I know that I want to pursue this career. I’m still as happy as ever after going into nursing, but now I am thinking about becoming a paediatrician nurse.

Tuesday was an easy day. I was in orthopaedics with is bone replacements such as hips and knees. The nurses there were very nice but they didn’t want me to do the normal boring stuff so I didn’t get to see or do much. I said I was keen for the normal stuff because as a nurse you don’t always get to do the more interesting things, you always have to do the rounds: check blood pressure and ask questions. As a work experience student I can’t do a whole lot but I did get to take blood pressure. I was happy to do it.

Wednesday was my favourite day. I was in the Golden Oaks Nursing Home. I didn’t think I would enjoy it a lot but everyone was very nice and welcoming. That morning we went to 'Morning Melodies' at the Bendigo Club. There was lady singing old country songs. I have to say it was really fun. I got up and started dancing with one of the ladies. She just wanted to dance she did not want to sit still. I am like that: when a good song comes on I just can’t sit still. This lady looked sad to be sitting down so we got up, went to the dance floor and started doing the 'nut bush'. The nurses told me I was the first work experience student to get up and start dancing with the residents. I was quite happy to do so. When I was sitting at the table I was talking to a man who was 94 years old. He had travelled the world and was a champion shooter. He was very interesting to talk to. He liked me a lot. In a way he made me feel more confident in asking questions and learning the history of some of the residents. I want to do aged care as well now.

Friday was a quiet day. I was in the medical ward which focuses on people with chest infections, ulcers, and unknown problems. I wasn’t with the nurses that day, I was with the HSA (Health Service Assistant). We went around to people's rooms and checked if they had eaten their food. We also made their beds and did washes. I was also with the physios, trying to make people stand up and get their blood flowing properly through their legs to avoid blood clots.

Overall I had a great and eventful experience and would be very happy to do it again.   

Year 12 VCAL Student

Coming Events

Dates to remember....

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events



30 Buy Sell Swap Morning


1  French Students arrive for exchange

1-2 Tops Arts & Galleries excursion

5  Yr 7/8 Athletic trials

5  End of Term 1

22 Start or Term 2

25 ANZAC day

30 Yr 7 Football & Senior Footy

30 Parent Student Teacher Conferences

      ( This a student free day)




3  CSC Athletics Carnival

8  Whole School Assembly

9  CSC Cross Country

13 Sandhurst Intermediate Soccer & Netball

14-17 NAPLAN testing

14 VCE Yr 9&10 Drama Cloud Street

15 Year 10 Road Safety 

15 School Council

17 Sandhurst Athletics

28 Open Day







This years musical is.....

CSC – School Production -2019- ‘The Wedding Singer’




Darren Lowe- Director 2019

School Council

Hello to all at CSC. My name is Beth Mellick and I am the School Council President. This is my 6th year on School Council after joining in 2014, becoming Vice President, and then taking on the role of President for the last three years.


My oldest child, Nioka, graduated from CSC last year and is now at university in Melbourne. I have two children here now – Maisie in Year 10 and Theo in Year 8.


I am looking forward to working with Council this year and welcome newly elected members on board. A list of Council members appears below.


This is not a ‘talk fest’ type of Council - we are very much a ‘doing’ Council. Every member on Council has to be active in a portfolio area. Our portfolios include Policy, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Profile and Communications, Support Groups, and Child Safety.


School Council members are active around the school and in the community. We are here to provide the broad strategic direction of CSC, to support staff and work with the leadership team. As a parent, I want to help make this school exactly what we need for our families, and to help students feel connected and engaged in their schooling.


School Council includes Principal Paul Frye (Assistant Principal Justin Hird and Business Manager Elissa O’Connor are in attendance), Beth Mellick (President), Barry Sutton (Treasurer), Dean Bridgfoot, Patrick Byrne, Rose DeMaria, Paul O’Connor, Maria Angeloni, Brona Murray, Paula Jenkins (staff), Angela Sutton (staff), Justin Marshall (staff), Cohen Saunders (student) and Emilia Vellacott (student).




Our Support Groups (typically called Parent groups in other schools) include Music, Drama, Sport and Art. Support Groups are for parents to join and to participate in helping out different areas of the school. We are here to support the teachers and the programs.


We also have a Sustainability Support Group that participates in the ResourceSmart program run by Sustainability Victoria. This group is student-driven and meets during school hours. The first meeting for the year will be widely advertised around the school.


Groups usually meet once each term. There are fundraising activities, grant writing, and organising events.


The Sport Support Group is running lunch time sports activities and we are looking for parents to help out. You can do one or two lunch time sports sessions during the year, so let me know if you can come in to do this.

If you are interested in joining a Support Group, please email me at


Beth Mellick


What is the news?

Lions Youth of the Year

This year, 4 students elected to take part in the Bendigo Region Lions Youth of the Year competition. The students who participated were;

  • Olivia Hocking for Strathfieldsaye Lions,
  • Fletch Canny for Maiden Gully/Marong Lions, and
  • Lloyd Meadows and Ella Hayes for Eaglehawk Lions.

Castlemaine students did very well overall, with Ella and Fletch making it to the next level at the Bendigo Region competition. Students had to participate in a 30min interview panel before preparing a 5 min speech and answering two 2min impromptu questions for an audience. At all stages, 3 judges scored and ranked students. Their competitors came from Girton and Bendigo Senior.

The leadership, analytical and communication skills expressed by all students from all three schools was fantastic to be a part of. Well done to all that participated.


Human Rights

As part of the Zinda Festival in Bendigo, six CSC students took part in the Human Rights forum in the Bendigo Town Hall. We heard very diverse Life Journeys from 5 young Australians/Australian Residents. Stolen Generation descendants, a refugee from Bagdad, and recently graduated Human Rights lawyer as examples. Our students were able to ask in-depth questions about Australia’s lack of a Bill of Rights, UN’s recommendation on Human Rights (which Australia helped to write, but doesn’t follow) and what’s it like to be a refugee in Australia.


Students who participated included;

  • Beatrix Dimsey
  • Lucia Carolan
  • Niamh O’Connor Smith
  • Emila Vallacott
  • Ivy Browne, and
  • Alina Graeve


Harmony Day

On the 21st of March, CSC acknowledged Harmony Day through a fantastic celebration of our differences. At lunchtime, the Health Action Team (with support from Alli, our school nurse, and SRC) ran the ‘Harmony Day Festivale’. We had dance, food from different countries, music, henna and many other exciting activities for students to participate in for free. Recess saw the running of the best soccer game for 2019, Yr12s and Teachers against the rest of the World. Zinda DJs played great music while the gym was full of competing soccer players. The match finished with penalty kicks – a very close and exciting game!

Teacher, Year 12 Vs the rest of the School


Fringe Festival – CyberSafey Exhibition

The 2018 Year 9 Digital Communications group were asked to launch their digital creations at the 2019 Castlemaine Fringe Festival from the 1st -21st March. A select group of students, who worked with local creative agency Storyland in 2018 to create clips and memes, attended the launch on the 7th of March in the Phee Broadway Foyer. Christian Vejar spoke on behalf of the group, explaining in detail the five-week workshop where they explored and produced their own media to communicate how to be safe and happy in a digitally saturated world.

The exhibition consisted of several oversized posters depicting the media clips the group had created, along with the clips looping on a television for all of the Fringe Festival goers to experience.  

Students were: Shanti Kingston, Chloe Cue, Tjalurri Russell, Elwyn Carlile, Christian Vejar and Nellie Wilshire


 This project was made possible through a partnership involving CSC, Mount Alexander Shire and Primary Care Partnerships. A huge thankyou to all who supported our CSC students and Castlemaine Fringe Festival for exhibiting the artwork.


Muso Bingo

Earlier this term, SRC ran the first Muso Bingo for 2019. Many students participated in the high energy and extremely exciting music bingo competition. While the winners won a yummy chocolate bar to share, the real fun was in the competition itself, and the singing and dancing that went with the experience.


Eric Avery

CSC gets involved with Artists from the Castlemaine State Festival, 2019

CSC students had the privilege of undertaking a Strings and Dance workshop with the highly accomplished violinist and dancer – Eric Avery.


Eric has already performed at the Castlemaine State Festival, over the weekend, and generously shared amazing music and dance techniques with our Indigenous Students and Strings Music students. Students learnt the importance of; health and fitness, practicing technique and applying knowledge and understanding to new and amazing ideas. To learn more about Eric visit;


On Friday, all of our Y7-12 Music elective students will take part in a workshop with Frederico Albanese. Frederico Albanese, an internationally acclaimed composer and musician from Italy, has composed music for cinema and documentaries, and other compositions that have been described as airy and cinematic, blending classical, pop and psychedelia. The experience promises to share, with our Music students, the amazing opportunities for musicians to explore. To learn more about Frederico, visit;


Later in the week, our Art classes will be visiting many art exhibitions and taking part in various workshops. The Castlemaine State Festival continues to enrich the learning for CSC students and provide unique opportunities from the Arts World.


Out and About

2019 Steiner Sydney Camp Highlights:


Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Museum

I really enjoyed the museum because the history of the bridge is really interesting. I loved all the crazy facts about it. Another thing I loved was the view from the top of the pylon; it was amazing.


Opera House

The opera house looked so much more impressive in the flesh than in photos. It was one of the first times I actually appreciated the architecture of a building. Learning about Jorn Utzon was pretty cool as well.



The opera house was an amazing experience, being there and learning about the history. The concert hall had outstanding acoustics and the organ was quite big. The architecture was something to behold especially since it had the largest non-supported concrete beam in the world.


Art Gallery of NSW

I could have spent a whole day at the gallery. There were so many interesting and relatable works. One space I spent a lot of time in had 6 projected screens going in time with music.


Chinatown dinner

On the third night we went out for dinner at a sweet little restaurant called the Nine Dragons. I had eight people at my table and we had the best time eating wonderful food and telling hilarious jokes.



Quarantine Station

I liked the ghost tour because it was fun. It was scary at the time, but now I look back I’m like ‘Ehhh not really’ and I would like to do it again. I liked the autopsy room because it was funny; again it wasn’t at the time, but it is now. 


Grand Prix in Melbourne

Students attended the Melbourne Grand Prix in Melbourne as part of their VET-Automotive/Engineering Certificate II Studies. The excursion was organised for the 2019 Australian Grandprix on Friday the 15th of March. The Australian Grand Prix schools program is a community outreach initiative used by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to encourage young people to understand the science and technology behind the sport of Formula 1 and to attend the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix event hosted in Melbourne. A fantastic day was had by all and the weather was a fine and sunny.



Anthony van Emmerik

Practical Science


More Glorious Food Shots


Year 7 Camp


We drove up the driveway of Mt Evelyn camp, we saw the giant swing, the ropes course, the oval and all the wildlife around us! We had a bit of time to explore our cabins and around the camp, once we were all settled in, we did our first activities! There were plenty of activities to do such as: high ropes, low ropes, giant swing, hut building, teacher initiatives, nature walk, bush cooking & swimming.

One the first day my group did hut building and high ropes. Every day we had delicious food that ranged from pancakes to schnitzels, burritos to ice-cream, every single meal was good.

Overall, I think Year 7 Camp was amazing, we made friends and we had loads of fun!

Rose O’Connor 7E



Year 7/8 Cricket Report

On Tuesday 12th of March, winning the toss Castlemaine captain Ciaran Gardner decided to have a bowl. Girton batted well the first three overs but Lochie Holman broke through the opening partnership with a mid wicket catch by Callum DeBono. In reply Girton’s number three batter batted strongly getting the Girton team off on the right foot with an impressive 50 before retiring. Another wicket fell shortly after by a stumping by Ciaran. A lot of chances were missed leaving the Castlemaine bowlers frustrated. Girton looked pretty comfortable achieving a good score losing only four wickets with Archie Rixon claiming two run outs near to the end of Girton’s innings.

In reply opening with batsman Ciraran and Lochie made a partnership of 75 including three impressive sixes. It looked like this opening partnership could have steered Castlemaine home but the loss of two wickets in quick succession made it hard. Theo Mellick-Cooper came to the centre with Sam Kennedy, but all hell broke loose with Theo the only other batter to hit double figures. In the end Castlemaine just losing by 11 runs.

The next match against Weeroona College with Weeroona deciding to bat first.  Castlemaine got off to a good first innings claiming six big wickets with Curtis McLennan taking two. Lochie back in action taking two as well. Theo getting one and then an awesome run out by Sam, Dohoni style(Indias wicket keeper). Weeroona made a total of 95 top scorer was the opener getting 50 before retiring.

Castlemaine could not achieve the opening partnership as they did against Girton, but with plenty of batters in the shed should have no trouble making the target. But with some unfortunate wickets that were questionable, we got a total of 66 with five overs left because of the time it took to get through the overs. We unfortunately lost this one. The top batsman scores were Lochie again on 21 before retiring, Theo with 15 and Sam with 13. Overall everyone had fun and that’s the main thing. I would also like to give a big thanks to Mr Bright for driving us down, Mr Edwards for supervision and being our cricket mentor, Miss Squire for organising us to participate, Ben Stubbings and Bodie Maffescioni for scoring the two matches.

Written by Ciaran Gardner


Year 9/10 Cricket report

On March 19, 2019, the Castlemaine Secondary College Year 9/10 cricket team competed in the Sandhurst interschool cricket short of a full team, with only nine players turning up to the event. Regardless of numbers, we all rocked up to the day with our best effort for two 15 over matches.


We batted first in the first game against Weeroona, with Orlando and Rilke opening and cashing in on some pie chucking. The partnership was ended with a top edge from Rilke which was caught at gully, bringing in Dan Chaplin, who did not miss out on the fun with a quick 14-run innings that ended with an LBW. Orlando continued his knock until he got caught on 38, bringing Campbell in to accompany myself out in the middle. Campbell scored with a few quick singles before getting bowled out in the 13th over. Thinking it was the last, I tried to push Koby--who was hesitant--to turn singles into doubles, which didn’t happen. Thankfully, we did have one more over left and I made the most of it, batting well out of my crease to hit everything on the half volley. On the fourth ball, I fell to a leg bye run-out. Koby and Kody ran singles on the last two balls, bringing our total up to 86.


Dan and Campbell opened our bowling without striking, with a lot of luck going in Weeroona’s favour. Our first wicket eventually came from Koby with a perfect LBW to dismiss their lucky opener--and bring their power hitter in. When Dan came back on to bowl, he managed to dismiss their other opener with a top edge brilliantly taken by Dakota at long gully. They managed to get to 84 with one over left and yours truly eventually conceded the winning runs in the form of an edgy four.


For our next game against Girton, Koby won the toss and elected to bat first again. We started off much slower, with Orlando and Rilke scoring just 12 runs off the first four overs, compared to the 23 scored in the same span last game. Both got caught in the same over, bringing myself and Dan in for a partnership. Dan batted reasonably, scoring 9 runs before getting bowled. Meanwhile, I continued my attacking game style, running two partners out while doing so. Eventually, my karma caught up to me and I got run out for 20 after calling a run from the non-striker’s end. Oliver and Koby batted through to the end, reaching our score to 78.


Our opening bowlers were much more successful this time around, with Campbell claiming a clean bowl of the batsman’s pad and Dan producing a carbon copy of Dakota’s catch from the previous game--conceding no runs other than one wide--in the first two overs. However, ten overs later, Girton had elevated their score to 77 with the loss of just one more wicket. We struggled to choke their run rate, being two players short in the field with plenty of gaps for the batsmen to pick, plus we were again short of luck with Dan scraping the bail but failing to dislodge it on one occasion. They surpassed our score with ease, but they batted out the full 15 overs regardless. Nonetheless, we didn’t come off with our heads dropped, mostly thanks to Kody’s last over, which involved a catch taken behind by Rook on the second ball, a carbon copy on the fourth, a surprising catch taken at mid-on by Oliver on the fifth and a clean bowling on the sixth, which resulted in what was looked back on as a hilarious hat trick to finish the day.


Written by Charlie Chapman

Senior Tennis Report

The sun at full capacity as they stepped on the court. Warming up was a quick process for the Castlemaine students and the games begun before they knew it. Their skills were not yet refined, consistency was the highlight of the day, with the majority of the scores being 6-0. The Castlemaine Senior boys walked off the court packed with enjoyment. However the scoreboard did not reflect their attitude towards the day.

First on the roster was Charlie Bell-Wilcock. Finishing off with an impressive four losses and not a single game to his name. Second in the roster was the marvellous Bodie Maffescioni with a surprising finish of four losses but two games to his name. Third up was Harry Barnes. Steady from the outset and steady at the finish, with a spectator four losses, yet well deserving five games. And last but not least was the man, the myth, the legend Levi Chaffey. Without having any prior tennis competition history, he outshone the rest of the players with an outstanding four losses. However the shining star walked away with nine games won! That’s 36 points!

Unfortunately for all the hard work there were no participation awards for the happy chaps, and last place was a shock to the system.

Written by Bodie Maffescioni and Charlie Bell-Wilcock

Year 8 Boys Tennis

On Tuesday 12th March, Remy Satori, Monty Hall, Harry Campbell, Lincoln Ware, Xavier Abicare and Finian Mackenzie went up to the Sandhurst Year8 boys tennis carnival in Bendigo.

We won four out of the five matches and drew in the fifth.


Year 9/10 Girls Tennis report

On Tuesday 19th March six of the year nine and ten girls all went to Bendigo to compete in tennis against other schools. We played 7 games in each of our pairs.  Shae Clifford and I won 2 of our games and 1 was a draw. The last 4 we lost. Maisie Taylor and Hayley Colquhoun won 3 games and lost 4. Tia Davidge and Ariana Dennis won 4 of theie games and lost 3.  It was a great day out playing lots of tennis. (7 Games!) Over all Castlemaine came 5th out of 8 schools.

 Written by Jess Rhone  


Year 7 Boys Tennis report

The bus stop was buzzing as tsix year 7 boys, 6 year seven girls and four year 12 boys prepared to go to Bendigo for the Sandhurst Tennis. Earlier last week the year eight boys came home holding the trophy announcing themselves as champions, now we wanted to come home holding another. This was the year 7’s first time at the tournament so it was a bit overwhelming when we saw how many tennis courts and players there were. We put our bags away and stared having a warm up hit with our doubles partner for the day. Not long now after the games began.


We played five sets against five other schools for the day. The year 7 Boys first match was against one of the hardest teams, BSE. Our second match was against Girton (again very tough) Together we did a little bit better than the last game but still averaged a 6-3 loss. Finally we faced an easier team. In the third round we played Victory Christian College. Two out of the three doubles managed to get our first win for the day. Our next team was Crusoe. We managed to win this game as well. Our last game of the tournament was against Catherine McAuley College. We knew they were going to be tough competition as they had already bet Girton. Luckily one of our doubles snuck in a win.


Then it was presentation time. We came fourth from the six teams involved. The results may not have turned out how we wanted, but everyone still had fun and tried their best.

Written by Silas Van Tiggelen


Year 7 Girls Tennis Report

On Monday the 18th of March 2019 Matilda Craigen, Sophie Dunn, Josie Miller, Charlie Corcoran, Ciara MacKenzie and Bela Tessema competed in the year 7 Sandhurst tennis. There was 3 pairs and all pairs got to compete in 3 matches against Catherine McAuley, Weeroona and Crusoe College. Everyone had a go with Pair 1 winning 2 out of 3 games Pair 2 winning 2 out of 3 games and Pair 3 winning 2 out of 3 games. All the girls had a go and we were all impressed with the effort they made. In total the Castlemaine Secondary College girls came 2nd place overall which I have to say is pretty good. We also wanted to thank Miss Squire for organising end day, and making this possible.

Written by Sophie Dunn and Josie Miller 

Community Events


Hey Kids – time to earn some pocket money!  


Call Julie 54 72 1788 or drop into the Castlemaine office – 29 Templeton Street Castlemaine

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