Photo: Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh - Wilsons Promontory National Park

Lilydale High School News

27 March 2020
Issue 4


Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140


Dear Parents/Carers and Students

Thank you for working with us during these unprecedented times. I will continue to keep you updated with information that comes to me from the Department of Education and Training regarding the way forward in Term 2.


The teachers have spent the week in virtual meetings to carefully plan for all of our students in the event of us moving to remote learning. What they have developed is a program that will look after every students’ educational needs and wellbeing in a very structured manner.


My sincere thanks to the staff who have been wonderful in working collaboratively and to the Education Support staff who have also been amazing.


Those who don’t have access to the internet have also been planned for – they will be notified through the mail.


Earlier this week, I text mobile phone numbers to all families.  Please don’t hesitate to call if required. I have also repeated the support services on this page for both students and families that may be helpful.


It is time for us all to look out for each other, to be resourceful, flexible, adaptable and creative! We have an opportunity to be at home and try some new activities.


The DET website has some great resources to support parents and students at home, if you click in the first link below, it will take you to information regarding chatting with you child and providing structure.


Please stay home and stay safe.

Wendy Powson



Support Services
for Young People of ALL AGES

KIDS HELPLINE: 1800 55 1800




Headspace: 1800 650 890

Headspace offers a 1-on-1 web chat with a clinician, for young people aged 12 - 25 and their families. You have to register to access this service.



LIFELINE: 13 11 14

Lifeline is available for people who are having persistent suicidal thoughts. They also have a text service as well as Web Chat, which you can find here:



Support for Parents and Families

If you’re struggling to cope, there are a number of services available to parents and families.


Relationships Australia

They offer services that include counselling, family dispute resolution (mediation), family and community support and education programs. Their nearest branches are Boronia (9725 9964) and Kew (9261 8700).



EACH Family Relationships Centre

The Family Relationship Centre (FRC) helps families focus on the best interest of their children and provides family dispute resolution and counselling. Their nearest location is in Ringwood.        


Phone: 1300 00 3224


Child First

Some families need family services support when they are experiencing difficulties that impact on their parenting and family life.


Child First offers a range of supports for families. You can self-refer by calling 1300 369 146


You can self-refer by calling 1300 369 146.

Discussing COVID-19 with your children

Sometimes a family chat around the dinner table can allay your children’s fears and clear up any misunderstandings or misinformation they may have about COVID-19.


Nicolas Kipris is a SSSO (School Support Services Officer) who comes into school on Wednesdays to speak to students. He’s passed on some resources about coronavirus.


Please read through the following articles and watch the video so that you and your family are as well-informed as you can be.



Dr Zand and Dr Chris from Operation Ouch went with Newsround, to a school in London to answer as many of their viewers’ questions about the virus as possible. Very child-friendly.


More information regarding coronavirus and schools is available on the Department of Education and Training website, which will continue to be updated as the situation evolves.


Wendy Powson



2021 Year 7
SEALP Registration

This year SEAL applicants will complete the testing component of the application at home. 


Test packs will be posted directly to families for students to complete in timed exam conditions.  Instructions for the administration of the tests will be included in the packs.


Invitations for an interview will be posted to families.  This will include information regarding the details of how interviews will be conducted in 2020.


A personal interview with the student is one of the selection criteria and is required for final acceptance into the program.


PLEASE NOTE: To guarantee your child’s place in the test, all application forms, payment and supporting material must be received at the School Office by 3.30 pm Tuesday 19  May, 2020.  The cost for the test is $30.


To REGISTER for the Testing Day, please visit the school website homepage.

Melissa McMillan

Assistant Principal

Zoo Education Online

During the school holidays we encourage students to visit Zoos Victoria Education Online website below:



Lilydale RSL
ANZAC Day Service
Saturday 25 April

The Lilydale RSL will be conducting their Dawn Service on Facebook this year.


Please like the Lilydale RSL and Yarra Ranges Life TV pages on Facebook to see more details. Lest we forget.




COMPASS Parent Account Password Expiry

Compass have implemented a new password policy for parent accounts.


Passwords will expire every 12 months and you will be notified by email when you must reset this password.


Social Distancing

THIS ⬇️ is why social distancing is so important. Please listen and act so we can save lives and livelihoods.

⚠️Staying home as much as possible.
⚠️Keeping 1.5 metres away from other people, wherever possible.
⚠️Practising good hygiene, like washing your hands properly and frequently.

Wash your hands



Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning

All Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning has been cancelled until further notice. If you have put in Work Experience forms recently they will be held until the program resumes.

If you would like to have a look at a few virtual workplaces have a look at this Skills Road website;


VET Courses

VET courses at the following locations were cancelled last week and throughout the school holidays; 

  • Lilydale High School
  • Box Hill Institute (Box Hill and Lilydale Campuses)
  • Mt Lilydale Mercy College
  • RangesTec
  • Ringwood Training
  • Healesville High School

At this stage VET classes will resume on Wednesday 15 April. In the event that classes do not run on this date, you will be notified and students will be able to access and complete online training modules until classes can recommence. 

VET Salon Assistance at ITS Academy was held on Wednesday 25 March, but will close during the school holidays.


Event Cancellations

All advertised University, TAFE and private provider expos that were scheduled for these school holidays through to mid-May, have been cancelled. This includes the 2020 VCE and Careers Expo and the 2020 Victorian Careers Show.


UCAT - Entry to Medicine 2021

Year 12 students planning to apply for direct Medical and Dentistry courses are reminded that registrations for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) open on 2 March 2020 and close 11 May 2020. 


The testing dates will be in the month of July, 2020.   


Please click the link to find out information about changes to testing arrangements due to COVID-19.



ADF GAP Year 2021

The ADF Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians who have finished Year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24, to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year. 


The life skills and job training that students acquire during their Gap Year experience will be valuable regardless of what career you ultimately undertake. 

Gap Year opportunities are available in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Applications for the 2021 program are now open.   To find out more information about the ADF Gap Year program please visit:


Career in Focus: Cosmetic Nurse

According to the HealthTimes website, cosmetic nurses perform a range of non-surgical procedures including but not limited to laser treatments, cosmetic injectables, chemical peels and other dermal procedures. 


The beauty industry has seen incredible growth in recent years and cosmetic nurses are in ever-increasing demand.


Nurses performing injectable procedures must work under the supervision of a doctor and as such many are employed by private cosmetic clinics. Cosmetic nurses may also work for themselves, either running their own practice or freelancing with spas and cosmetic clinics.


To become a cosmetic nurse in Australia, students must first be qualified as a Registered Nurse (RN). An RN qualification is usually gained through the completion of a Bachelor of Nursing course, which is offered at numerous universities in Victoria.


Once an RN, a graduate diploma of cosmetic nursing course can be studied which takes approximately 10 months’ full time to complete.  Students will be provided with the skills to perform cosmetic procedures, dermal treatments and injectable procedures including: dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. 


Students are also required to complete around 76 hours of clinical placement.  Salaries for a cosmetic nurse vary depending on their experience, location, and employer.  However, salaries in excess of $80,000 are quite common. 


Find out more at:


I want to be a.... Park Ranger

Park Rangers’ control, supervise and manage national parks, scenic areas, historic sites, nature reserves and other recreational areas.


Park rangers may perform the following tasks:

  • assist with guided tours and promote an understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural features of the park
  • supervise public visits and inform visitors about park facilities, advising of park rules and regulations, and enforcing these when necessary
  • patrol waterways, roads and tracks to observe and report on the park environment, including the condition of animals and plants
  • ensure endangered animals and plants are protected, and assist with related research projects
  • ensure parks, park facilities and equipment are clean and properly maintained
  • assist with wildlife management projects, including surveys and monitoring of wildlife
  • participate in search and rescue operations
  • supervise and coordinate fire management, weed eradication and pest-control programs
  • support local communities in protecting their cultural heritage and in developing sustainable land management practices
  • conduct research into the protection and recording of Indigenous and historical sites
  • supervise and train park staff and volunteers, and oversee crews of general maintenance workers and contractors
  • undertake administrative and clerical duties             


There are several professional associations park rangers can be part of, and in Victoria it is Parks Victoria

There are a number of courses in Victoria that prepare students for a career as a park ranger.  Some of these include:


For a comprehensive list of all similar courses, visit VTAC


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris


New Zoology Centre & Administration Building Works

Construction of the new facilities is set to be complete in 2020 and will be greatly beneficial to our students and their education journey.


Already so much has changed as you enter the school from the Melba Car Park.



Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh 

Last week, the Duke of Edinburgh students completed their practice and adventurous journeys at Wilson’s Promontory. The students participated in a surf lesson on Monday at Sandy Point, where many students experienced the thrill of standing up on a surf board for the first time.


Over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the students completed a 37 kilometre hike around the picturesque South East side of Wilson’s Promontory. This hike tested students physically and mentally and all students demonstrated terrific resilience and determination throughout the 3 days.


Thank you to Sam Weavell and Jo Mogilewska for their support on this program and congratulations to the students for completing the journey section of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Jye Cuff



Monday 23 March

End of Term 1 - revised date


Monday 13 April

Easter Monday


Wednesday 15 April



2020 Year 7 Captain Applications

Thank you to the large number of students who applied for a Year 7 Captain position.


Following a difficult selection process, the Year 7 Coordination team is very pleased to announce the Year 7 Leadership Team for 2020.


These students will have a range of responsibilities throughout the year and we are very lucky to have them representing the Year 7 cohort in 2020.


Congratulations to Taylah Mae Gundry (7A) and Lachlan Haynes (7A), our Captains for 2020.


They will be assisted and supported by Sophie Haydon (7F) and Slater Brewer (7C), our Vice Captains for 2020. 


Year 8 Careers

Year 7 and 8 students at Lilydale High School were busy last week completing numerous career activities.

Year 7 students completed their Career Action Plan in Community Time.


Career Action Plans are a planning document whereby, students set goals and identify actions to achieve them. A Career Action Plan uses decision-making skills to plan future education and career pathways.  Students accessed their accounts on the Lilydale High School website to create these documents.


Year 8 students completed their Career Action Plans and began to make a Resume, on the Lilydale High School Careers website.


Learning at Lilydale

Year 8 Science Experiments


Term 1
Unexplained Absences

Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations by parent approving Term 1 student absences on COMPASS or by calling the School Absence Line on 9735 5644.


It is DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) policy that all student absences are accounted for.

Junior School Coordinators

Photo: Friends!


Photo: Friends!


Monday 23 March

End of Term 1 - revised date


Monday 13 April

Easter Monday


Wednesday 15 April



Careers News

Last week in  Careers, Year 9 students completed their Morrisby Online Assessment and their Career Action Plans. 


Students will now be followed up later in the year by an external Career Practitioner who will go through their assessment results with them.


Year 10 students attended Careers sessions where they discussed Work Experience, completed their Career Action Plan and completed Skills and Interest tests, on the Lilydale High School Careers Website.




2020 Year 10
Central Australia Camp

Unfortunately the Year 10 Central Australia Camp planned for April/May has been cancelled.


The school investigated a number of different possibilities with regards to cancelling, rescheduling or postponing, however given the current travel advice from the Department of Education, is has become clear that this is the best option at this time.

All parents and guardians received an email on Monday 23 March regarding the camp.


Parents and Guardians can contact Middle School if you have further questions relating to this update.

Middle School Coordinators

Photo: VCE Colouring Competition


Photo: VCE Colouring Competition


Monday 23 March

End of Term 2 - revised date


Monday 13 April

Easter Monday


Wednesday 15 April



Coordinators Message

To all our VCE students, with the holidays beginning this week for you all, please ensure that you follow the advice of your teachers, stay in touch, and ensure that you are available to be contacted over Compass.


Have a great break!

VCE Coordinators

Colouring Competition

Below are just a small number of our entries for the annual VCE Colouring Competition.


Thank you to all of our entrants, and a big congratulations to Hannah Slattery (12G) for taking out the grand prize. Well done Hannah!


Learning at Lilydale

Kangaroo Chili Con Carne!

Year 11 Bacon and Cheese Frittata


Funky Sock Friday and Year 12 Breakfast

We are looking forward to Funky Sock Friday  continuing again next term, for all Year 12 students. 


All gold coin proceeds from Term 1 will be donated to the Victorian Wildlife Bushfire Appeal.


Term 1
Student Absences

We ask parents and guardians to please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations by parent approving  outstanding Term 1 absences on COMPASS.


A reminder, it is DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) policy that all student absences are accounted for. 

VCE Coordinators

Lilydale High School News
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