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25 March 2020
Issue Three
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Principal News

Principal News

Dear Brookside Community,

Firstly I would like to say thank you to our whole community for your support over the past couple of weeks - thank you to the staff who have worked tirelessly to maintain a calm and effective learning environment for all students during this time of upheaval; thank you to the students for their amazing positive attitudes and for caring for each other; thank you to the parents and guardians who have shown understanding and patience while we navigate through these difficult times.


As advised by the Premier of Victoria, the holiday break this term will begin on Tuesday 24th March for all students. At this stage we are still intending to return to school on the 15th of April, unless advised otherwise by the Department of Education.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe break. I will continue to provide all available updates to our community during the school break, and will endeavour to keep you informed about our plans moving forward.


2020 School Council Results

All positoins on the Brookside College School Council have now been filled. I would like to congratulate and welcome all new parents and staff to our council, as well as welcome all returning members:


Parent Representatives

  • Rachel Morgan (President)
  • Melanie Kelty (Vice President)
  • Muhammad Kamran (Treasurer)
  • Peter Auld
  • Carly Marriner
  • Lucia Storrar
  • Manika Sirohi
  • Christian Anderson
  • Harpreet Singh
  • Aneta Kimoska

DET Representatives

  • Violeta Dellidis (Principal)
  • Renee De Bono
  • Karen Jackson
  • Monika Hackworthy
  • Crystal Ambelas


Student Representatives

  • Kaelan Marriner
  • Jayden D’Souza


Thank you to all parents and guardians who voted in the 2020 Brookside College School Council election.


Hands On Learning

The Hands on Learning Cafe has gotten off to a roaring start in 2020, with approximately 18 students participating in the program weekly. Throughout the course of the first term our students have been immersed in a range of experiences, each designed to equip them with new skills and understandings, or provide them with the opportunity to make new friends.

I have no doubt that one of their favourite parts would have been having the chance to harvest fresh produce from the veggie garden to utilise in the  kitchen, alongside our talented Artisan teachers Sonia and Sarah.


In addition to the HoL café, in 2020 we also have our well established junior and senior trade programs and our new addition; Brookside Landscaping. Rob and Roel lead both of these areas flawlessly, with invaluable volunteers Hector and Bob at their sides.


Landscape, Trade and Café interact in a productive, fluid and complimentary way. The relationship between the three programs are evidenced by examples such as the garden beds - the initial build of the garden beds undertaken by the Trade crew, prepared and planted by the Landscape crew, providing the Café crew the opportunity to harvest the vegetables for cooking.


We cannot wait to see where the remainder of the year will take us in these programs when we return!


The Principal Class Team

Brookside College


Prep-2 Sector

Year 2 News


Our initial Lit classes are continuing and we are all enjoying the learning that is taking place.


In spelling we have revised the sounds of…

We have also looked at spelling ‘tricky’ words such as...
ai as in train, ay as in clay Different
ee as in free, ea as in team Family
Bossy e as in tape and cube Why


In Comprehension and fluency we have read a range of imaginative and informative texts. We have been looking at different features and aspects of texts and their purposes. We have also consolidated our use of punctuation such as full stops, question and exclamation marks, commas, talking marks and ellipsis to assist our reading fluency. In grammar we have been focusing on new pronouns such as him her them me and us as well as looking at adjectives and how they improve our sentences.


Home Reading

Please continue to read with your child each night and record the book title in the home reading diary next to the date the book was completed. Diaries will be checked and the nights read recorded. Home reading books should be returned to school the following day. If your child has a chapter book the expectation is that the students should read 10-15 minutes are night. We do not expect them to finish the book in one night.



The students have now completed the writing memoirs unit and will begin to work on functional writing (Letters and postcards) at the start of Term.



We have completed our counting and place value unit of work. Next term we will begin to focus on shape, fractions and time.


Digital Technology

In Digital Technology students have been learning about the importance of keeping personal information safe and how to navigate the internet  In term 2 students will start to learn about coding through the use of robotics.


The Year 2 Team

Year 7-9 Sector

Year 7 News


Congratulations to all Year 7 students on their commitment and persistence during Term 1.

Students have been successful in many areas within the College. A special mention to our HOL students whom have been working hard to develop their skills in café and trade.

I’d like to praise all students on their resilience and maturity during this difficult time. Students have carried themselves in a respectable manner and have shown concern for their peers and staff; well done.

Our Home Groups and their teachers have been working hard to compete against one another the Best Classroom Displays, Best Attendance, Cleanest Classroom, Least Lunchtime Detentions and more. During our first Year 7 Student Assembly in Term 2, I will announce the winners of each award.

Interschool Sport

Students put a great amount of effort in trialling and training for the Summer Interschool Sports Competition. Unfortunately, due to the early completion and group restrictions, students were unable to compete in Interschool Sports this term. We will find out more information early next term whether the summer competition will still take place, or if the winter competition will take place only. 

The Amazing Race

On Friday the 20th of March, the Year 7 cohort participated in our own version of The Amazing Race. Students completed some engaging challenges, such as; Shooting Hoops, Ice-cream Challenge, Blindfolded Obstacle Course, Trivia and more. Students and staff had an absolute blast! It was a great way to end Term 1.

Have a safe holiday.

Ms Casha

Year 7 Coordinator                       


Chookside News

As the weather starts to cool, so is the production of eggs. However, our girls are enjoying being let out to scratch in the newly landscaped vegetable patch. Over the break, they will be taken care of by our school community who will feed them kitchen scraps from their home cooking.


Kitchen and Garden News

We have been busy in the garden, working hard to complete the long awaited garden beds. A huge pile of soil and mulch was wheelbarrowed and bucketed into the raised beds. Thanks goes out to the HOL team for their muscles when needed. The HOL boys were amazing when working with our young gardeners.

The team got creative and put up climbing frames to increase our growing capacity. These beds are now thriving with plenty of Autumn veggies. The rest of the existing beds are doing great, there are still zucchini, capsicum, silverbeet and cherry tomatoes waiting for harvesting.

In the kitchen, we explored the different parts of a plant we can eat and identified these in our cooking. The students had fun sharing facts with each other as we discovered why the veggies we cook with are actually fruit! Before the term wrapped up, we cooked veggie rolls, scrolls and pizza. With the abundant zucchini, we made a delicious ribbon salad.


If you are looking for these recipes, please go to the Brookside College website/families & community/SAKG recipes.


Until next time, please continue to cook at home over the break, stay safe and see you in the kitchen and garden.


The SAKG Team


Here are some recipes for you to try at home.




Visual Arts

Visual Arts


About ‘Lunch Break Art Club’-


 A time of ‘learning at leisure’ by students of various age groups to come together and mingle in a meaningful manner.



Students are encouraged to share ideas in art/ craft and learn from each other or be creative and productive in their own special ways.

This get together also allows us to casually discuss the philosophy of Brookside College and how to implement and carry out our schools values.


It’s very interesting to watch our students buddy up, take responsibilities and interact socially thus create a gleeful ambience.


Art this term

This term we are focusing on, facial features, colour, tints and tones, shading and highlight. A main component is symmetry, proportion and placement in their drawings of a self-portrait.


Our students have also completed making their own Visual diaries which will showcase various techniques and skills of draft work prior to completion of their main task/activity.



Until next time,

 Lots of cheers, from the art desk,

Mrs Cynthia Jose

Student Wellbeing 

Wellbeing News


Lunch Time Activities Program

The lunch time activities program was created by the Brookside Wellbeing Team for young people to enjoy a range of different games and activities whilst meeting other students and building new friendships.



These activities are facilitated by our Youth Work students who are currently undergoing their placement at Brookside College. As part of their learning experience, this provides them with a great opportunity to build relationships with the students at the school within an informal setting.


The program is held at the Brookside Library from 11:00am – 11:30am every Monday and Wednesday lunch times. These activities include colouring pages and playing board games.


There is often a large amount of students who come and enjoy the activities provided. All students are welcome to join and a yard duty teacher is always present during this time for supervision. The youth workers are always present to assist the students and will endeavour to continue this program until the end of term 1.


Overall, the lunch time activities program at Brookside College has continued to be a great success with providing students the opportunity to take part in various fun activities whilst fostering new relationships with their peers.

New Youth Work Student


My name is Mary Rajabu - I am a student currently in my last year of studying Bachelor of Youth Work at Victoria University. In my early years of high school, I always had the passion to work alongside young people. Throughout this course my passion has grown stronger, picking up new skills and gaining a better understanding of what is expected from a youth worker. Last placement, I worked with students but in a non-school-related environment.



I ran a dance workshop and was a mentor to students that find it difficult to engage in school. This year I have been given the wonderful opportunity to work at Brookside College; working in a school gives me the chance to open my mind to a different feeling of what it means to work with all young people. I am excited to go on this journey with the students and each and every one of you.


The Brookside Wellbeing Team

Health Centre

Health Centre News

Fact Sheets


Kind regards

Health centre Team

Administration News

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Community Partnerships



iHop Program

iHop Program - We offer basketball, footy, soccer, and dodgeball.  Refreshments provided. Tuesday: 3:30 pm - 4.30pm at Brookside College, Caroline Springs. Ages 12 - 17 years Permission forms needs to be completed. For more information contact Jaime on 9747 5382 or email:


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October 5 2020 - December 18 2020

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