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22 November 2016
Issue Eighteen
What's Coming Up Summary
 Art & Design Show
Coming Up - New Cal 2017 Info Night
Music Report
Yr 7 Enrolment Update
Coming up -Lock Down Drill
New Netball Courts @ NHS
PE & Sports 
Cambodia volunteers
7F & Yr 10 Drama Performances
Top Screen/Design finalists
Final VYLC Program Report
Ongoing Student Assessment Feedback – check it out now!
Northcote visits BIARRI
Art makes a splash at the local pool.
Ben's Long Journey
Project Refresh-Consultation
End of Year Program
Community News 
Pathways and Careers
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What's Coming Up Summary

Tues 22 Nov - Yr 7 Girls Futsal


Wed 23 Nov - Yr 12 Formal


Thurs 24 Nov - Yr 7 Boys Futsal


Frid 25 Nov -  Lit trip to Sydney


Frid 25 Nov - GVBR (to 4/12)


Mon 28 Nov - Yr 9 Maths Exam


Mon 28 Nov - Yr 11-12 course Confirmation


Tues 29 Nov - 6 pm New Cal Info Night


Wed 30 Nov - 6-7 pm, Community Consultation, Project Refresh, Library


Mon 5 Dec - VCE Orientation Program commences


Tues 6 Dec - Transition Day for Confirmed Grade 6

Wed 14 Dec - Activities Program commences

Kwong Lee Dow Scholars 2017

Successful Class of 2017 Melbourne University's Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars - Marlon Bargh and Eva Jordens


Help us develop a comms strategy


 Art & Design Show

Another hugely successful Art and Design show was held at Northcote High last night. The exhibition showcased VCE folios and student work from Studio Art, Visual Communication and Design Media and Product Design – wood, metal, plastics, textiles and food. On the same night, our Year 9s showcased their City School projects  while Year 7 and 8 students outlined their experiences and the events of the year!


A further highlight of the Art and Design show was the annual Northcote High Archibald Prize exhibition, featuring a diverse range of portraits created by our talented Year 7 artists. Food, drinks and live music were a feature of the night along with an official opening!



Coming Up - New Cal 2017 Info Night

New Caledonia French Study Tour
3 -10 July 2017

Information evening: Tuesday 29 November,
6pm in Room M1

If you will be studying French in 2017 and would to immerse yourself in French language and culture, please come along to an information evening on Tuesday 29 November in Room M1 to hear about our upcoming study tour to New Caledonia.

The study tour will include:

  • 5 nights in homestay accommodation, 2 nights at Le Pacifique Hotel
  • 12 hours of immersion based French language lessons
  • A full day excursion to Amédee lighthouse
  • A visit to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre
  • A guided tour of Noumea on the Tchou Tchou train
  • A visit to the Noumea Aquarium
  • Approx cost: $ 3100 (based on 10 students)

Music Report

Final Junior Concert

Hosted by Josh Dulfer, Rizzie Rotunno and Jaimee Doyle, the final Music concert for 2016 was another triumph!

If you didn't get one, the Concert program can be found below. Thank you to our wonderful students, super supportive parents and all our staff!


Concert Band Tour

From Monday the 7th of October to Wednesday the 9th the Intermediate Concert Band was lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Philip Island. The trip was an awesome experience and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to play at two primary schools, a retirement village and at the penguin parade. At all the venues we performed well and had a great audience which only made the trip more enjoyable. Some of the highlights were, after performing outside the penguin parade we also got to sit along the beach and watch the fairy penguins come a shore, which was an amazing and first-time experience. The entire band enjoyed our trips to A Maze 'n' Things and especially the go-karting tracks where we all competed to see who could get the fastest time. It was an amazing experience for all of us and a highlight of the NHS music program.

From Noah Sutherland, Northcote High School.

Yr 7 Enrolment Update

To November 2016, Northcote High School has received over 500 applications for placement for Year 7 in 2017, well beyond the school’s capacity to accommodate. This phenomenon of increased demand has been the subject of several articles in the press and in our newsletters, and in Compass announcements to families over the last few years. Higher density housing in inner Melbourne and a "population bubble" moving through our local primaries all feed into this problem. A significant new trend includes families purchasing or leasing in the neighbourhood area to access the school.


As outlined in the Department of Education and Training’s (DET’s) Placement Policy guidelines, where there are insufficient places at a school for all students who seek entry, students are enrolled in the following priority order:


1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.

2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time. (This means, non-local siblings)

3. Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school. (This is not relevant to Northcote High School, as the school does not have a officially designated and restricted zone yet)

4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.

5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.


As many families would be aware, for enrolment in 2017 we have not been able to accomodate all (category 2) non-local sibling claims, and have not taken any curriculum claims.


The exact breakdown of Year 7 enrolment for next year is

- 90%  children who are local to the school

- 9%  non-local siblings (taken in order of closeness to the school)

- 1%  students placed after appeal to DET


There are about 30 non-local siblings who have not been placed. The likelyhood we would find ourselves in this very difficult situation was forshadowed several years ago. It has also been the subject of discussion with DET for some time.


Coming up -Lock Down Drill

Notification for Years 7 to 9


All government schools are required to develop and implement safety procedures and practice a range of drills throughout the year. The goals of these drills are to improve our ability to respond to events to protect students. These practice drills allow us to evaluate our emergency operation plans and improve our response skills.

On Tuesday December 9th Students will practice the Codes Yellow and Orange aspects of our Lock Down Drill. The following week Code Red will be practiced at a non nominated time. Our Lock Down drill has three levels of response that escalate in line with the posed threat – Code Yellow requires students to be inside the school grounds, Code Orange requires students to be inside a building and Code Red to inside a classroom and out of sight as much as practicable.




If you would like further information please contact Kevin Hoole, Assistant Principal 94882328


New Netball Courts @ NHS

Photo: Sport Minister John Erens, Minister for Women Fiona Richardson, with Kate Morris and NHS students


Northcote High is one of three  schools in the Darebin area getting new netball courts thanks to the new Inner City Netball Program.


With more than 145,000 players across the State, the Victorian Government knows how important it is to secure new netball courts for players of all ages in inner city Melbourne. The inner city Netball program is targeted at supporting young women and night competitions.


Two courts will be built at Northcote High (a x new and one replacing the current court) with lighting, three new acrylic netball courts with lighting at Thornbury High School, one new acrylic netball court with lighting at Fairfield Primary School and a feasibility for a netball complex at Yarra Bend Park. This court provision will assist groups like the Parkside Netball Club cater for growing demand.


The courts will come complete with floodlighting, paving the way for more midweek evening action, and competition-standard acrylic surface will give budding players a space they can be proud of. It’s a big win for students too, who will soon be able to hone their skills in the school grounds.


The Victorian Government’s new $9.6 million Inner City Netball Program is building 64 new courts in inner-Melbourne, ensuring nobody is turned away from playing the game they love.



PE & Sports 

The last few weeks have been busy with a lot of teams representing NHS.  Our Futsal Competitions are in full swing starting off with our Intermediate Teams Competing earlier in the term, then our Year 8’s competing this week, and finishing off with our Year 7’s next week.  The competition has been fast and competitive and the days have been enjoyed by all.




Congratulations to our Intermediate and Yr 7  Boys Hockey teams who qualified to compete in the State Finals at Footscray Hockey Centre.  Both teams played some fantastic matches, and were very competitive, but just couldn’t finish it off to make it to the top of their pool.  All members from both teams should be proud of themselves for making it through to State.  Who knows ? Next year we might take out the title.  Thank you to Ms Archibald for coaching all of our hockey teams through many training sessions at school and then coaching the Yr 7’s on the day.  Thanks to  our Intermediate Student coaches, Molly McKenzie and Max McConville.


Congratulations to our Yr 7 and 8 Boys Cricket teams who travelled to Bendigo on Thursday 18 November to compete in the State Quarter Final. In warm conditions  both teams were defeated by the very Strong Sporting School, Bendigo South East Secondary College.  Thank you to the players, parents and staff who have supported both teams throughout the many games and finals that they have competed in.  Thank you to Mr Price, Mrs Lester and Mr Thompson who have been coaching the boys along the way.


On Thursday 10 of November our Sports Awards Breakfast that was held in the GMR. It was a fantastic morning and feedback from Parents, Staff and Students was that it was enjoyed by all .  It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our  students Sporting Achievements, and to give thanks to the many students and staff who coached and participated in sport for our School.


Thank you to our guest speakers, and former students, Annabelle Stray and Lizzie Williams.  Annabelle and Lizzie, who are now successful athletes, spoke about how Sport at School was an important beginning to their journey to their success today.  Hopefully they have inspired some of our students to follow their dreams.


NHS Sporting Blue Awards –


Athletics – Douglas Buckeridge

Badminton- Daniel Gregory

Basketball – Joe Furphy

Baseball – Stanley Goodwin

Cricket – Ted Wearn-Jarvis

Cross Country – Tom Hall

Football – Ben Levens

Futsal – Nicholas Owcsarek

Hockey – Max McConville

Netball – Louisa Nikolajuk

Soccer – John Pappas

Swimming – Katie Gevaux

Tennis – Alfred Walker

Table Tennis – Jordan O’Connor

Volleyball – Noey Lum


NHS Staff Coach of the Year – Heath Thompson

NHS Student Coach of the Year- Luke Williams

NHS Junior Female Sport Person of the Year – Molly Uwland

NHS Junior Male Sport Person of the Year – Connor Lester

NHS Middle School Female Sport Person of the Year – Georgia McErlain

NHS Middle School Male Sport Person of the Year – Donvan Toohey

NHS Service to  Student Sport Award of the Year – Munni Milton-Moon

NHS Service to Staff Sport Award of the Year – Craig Price


Swimming Age Champions

16 yrs – Julien Krieger, Georgia Gilbert

15 Yrs – Katie Gevaux, Timothy Ingram

14 Yrs – Hannah Proctor-Parkin, Thomas Noonan

13 Yrs - Grace Young, Hayden Nunn

12 Yrs – Georgia Proctor-Parkin



16 Yrs – Alexander Phokos, Sophie Uwland

15 Yrs – Arlo Sutcliffe, Nadine Robinson-Danckert

14 Yrs- Alex Johston, Molly Uwland

13 Yrs – Sara Vaelaa, Charlie Turnbull-Jones


As we wrap up the Sporting Year, we would like to thank all of the Staff and Students who have made our sporting days so successful.  It really is about Students being healthy and active, developing their skills and learning about teamwork and leadership. We certainly have achieved all of those many times over.  Well done NHS, we are looking forward to 2017.


Mrs Blanchard and Pauline Dridan


Speech by Lizzie Williams attached


Cambodia volunteers


Three Year 11 students, Hugh Nikolovski, Joe Furphy and Jack Bentley,  as some of 15 representatives from a local community group of families, are soon to visit Cambodia to volunteer in a sustainable education initiative founded by the Cambodian Kids Foundation ( They will be working for two full weeks in the Soksan Village International School assisting local teachers with their morning and afternoon/evening classes, and attending to other building and development tasks as requested by the school and the village it supports.

Each participant in the group is required to fundraise at least $1200 as a donation to CKF for their ongoing projects, (and pay for airfares, accommodation, food etc on top of this). Over the past 12 months the boys have participated in numerous fundraising activities including wood-fire pizza nights (responsible for making the pizzas and promoting the cause), selling ice-creams, volunteering at FoodBank in Port Melbourne (stacking shelves and packing boxes of food for disadvantaged groups), speaking at and supporting a David Bowie Trivia/Dance night, running a half-marathon, and other individual tasks to raise their money.


Here is a link to one of our fundraising sites


Mr Colm Reale

(This is quite separate to the school's Cambodian community project that departed last weekend)

7F & Yr 10 Drama Performances

This is a report written by James Burrage of 7F. 


It was a beautiful Friday night full of banter and laughs. This is a summary of the night. As Mr Hefford introduces the play to the crowd you can feel the buzz of excitement bouncing around the crowd. Then it began. As the king and queen drifted onto the stage it started what turned to be quite the night. There were laughs throughout the night with the messenger twins making up a lot of them. The performers had a great stage to act with the people who set it up doing a great job.


Half the stage was the forest and half of it was a normal stage. The music made what was already a fantastic performance even better. There was a wide range of musical instruments which made the performance especially impressive. Overall Year 7F's take on A Midsummer Nights Dream turned out to be a success. This was followed by the Year 10 Drama Class presenting an original work titled
The Creatures about a robot teacher taking over the school. A great night of theatre. 



Top Screen/Design finalists

Media and VCD students Shortlisted for awards 2017 


Congratulations to Tom Hughes and Oliver Bailey who have been shortlisted for Top Screen 2017 with the short films they made in Media. Congratulations are also due to Ben Afif who was shortlisted for a Top Designs award for work in Visual Communication and Design. Students from all around Victoria entered their work and only a few were shortlisted and even fewer will make it to the final. The finalists of Top Screens and Top Designs will have their work presenting in the Top Designs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum in 2017. We congratulate Oliver and Tom and Ben again for their successful application and wish them good luck for their future!


If you would like to see their work then come along to our Art show on 21st November from 6 to 8pm. You can RSVP by following this link-




Final VYLC Program Report

China has been a great experience so far. Our mindsets have definately had to change in order for this experience to be enjoyable! This trip has also been a massive learning curve for all of us. 

Shanghai is an amazing city. It definately exceeded my expectations of what China would be like. 

I'm sure just like myself all my peers are excited to return home but we are sad to leave shanghai. We have learned so many lessons , good and bad and we will be able to take them back to Australia and use them.
(The NHS group returned on 21/11, after this was written)


Grace Evans

Ongoing Student Assessment Feedback – check it out now!


Log in to the website and hit the myNorthcote High button


We know that families have an important role to play in supporting student learning. Research studies confirm that students perform better in school if their parents and carers are involved in their education.


We also know that you want clear, meaningful and understandable information about how your child is doing at school. “Online Assessment Feedback” on myNorthcoteHigh is timely and targeted.


Below is the easy way to access your child’s feedback. 


Northcote visits BIARRI


NHS has connected with BIARRI business to provide an engaging and different view of how mathematics can be applied to solve real world problems. The ‘Mathematics is EVERYWHERE’ outlook of BIARRI captures the importance and relevance of Mathematics to all our lives across industries.


At Northcote High, we are dedicated to instilling a passion for mathematics and developing students who are capable of clear thinking and reasoning capabilities, intelligent decision makers, and adept problem solvers. We emphasise key 21st century workplace skills in which students can work collaboratively and develop a disposition that enables them to be resilient, flexible and creative thinkers when modelling and solving complex problems.


Why Mathematical Modelling?

Mathematical modelling promotes a high level of Mathematical thinking and reasoning capabilities. Allowing students to formulate, test, prove, validate and refine conjectures to deepen their conceptual knowledge. Students develop their problem-solving techniques and communication skills to effectively collaborate whilst formulating models and solving problems as part of a team. They develop an understanding of the mindset and disposition required to navigate challenges successfully as well as an appreciation for the applications of Mathematics.


Figure 1: Laura Smith demonstrates the Modelling processes - Developing an understanding of a problem, specifying the mathematical problem and formulating a model.


Figure 2: Mathematical modelling students: Kathleen Xiao, Maggie Nguyen, Marlon Bargh, Jordan Du, and Paul Tran


Student experience

BIARRI has helped support the development of learning experiences which are embedded in our Mathematical modelling curriculum. Students utilise their experience to work in a group project, explore an area of interest, and demonstrate how they can be expert Mathematicians.


Students were involved in a deep discussion of mathematical ideas and processes related to mathematising and solving a unique problem. They were captivated by the way Mathematics can be used to develop programs based on a probability model to choose our lunch venue, predicting chance of winning a football matches and encrypting data!

Community and School partnerships

The partnership with BIARRI has helped develop an engaging program that stimulates and challenges students learning and love of Mathematics. This has exposed students to content and techniques beyond the scope of traditional curriculum and has been a productive step forward in working with industry to enhance the knowledge capital among our school community.


I’d like to thank the staff at BIARRI, Suzanne Hutchinson, Laura Smith, and Joe Forbes for enabling such experiences for our students.


Mr George Georgiadis



Art makes a splash at the local pool.


As part of its Community Arts program, Northcote Aquatic and Recreational Centre has approached NHS about creating a piece of public art at the Northcote swimming pool. NHS Art Club students commenced planning work last week. By working on site for 1-2 days a week we hope to complete the project by the end of the year.

So if you are visiting the pool, look out for our work, which is located just outside the café.

This is an exciting opportunity for NHS to be part of a local community project and it is envisioned that this could be an ongoing arrangement.


Students involved in the project include:

Hannah Bayston

Marco Bellemo

Asha Beveridge

Pippa Hayman

Hannah Kelly

Charlie O Brien

Ella Richard

Kisha Williams


Ben's Long Journey

Ben Le Mesurier was a student at Northcote High School, graduating in 2015 and contributing to the school’s community along the way – particularly in regards to arts and design.


This year Ben has embarked on the daunting challenge of cycling from Perth to Melbourne, a solo ride spanning over 3,600 kilometres, so as to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. As a past patient of the Hospital, with a heart condition requiring a pacemaker, Ben has been inspired by their hard work and has taken on this ride as a show of appreciation to the hard work of the staff and medical personnel at the RCH, as a thank you for the years of care and comfort the hospital has provided to him and many other children.


Ben is currently undertaking the solo ride, making fast progress along the route. You can keep up to date with him on his Facebook page, Instagram, and Blog as listed below, and can donate to support his fundraising at:




Project Refresh-Consultation

Progress Report & Community Consultation

The redesign process for the way we organise teaching and learning at Northcote High School is now at the stage where we are developing possible models for putting our ideas into practice. Research and consultation with staff, students and community members has led to guiding ideas, but these ideas now need to be implemented, and this is where things get interesting!


We invite our parents, guardians and community to:

A Community Consultation

Wednesday 30 November, 6.00-7.30pm in the School Library

  • How do we really put our students at the centre of what we do?
  • How can we prepare our young people for the future?
  • How could school be different?
  • How can we make learning more personal?

RSVP [email protected]

End of Year Program

End of Year Activities Summary 


Wednesday 14th Dec

Thursday 15th Dec

Friday 16th Dec

Year 7 Big Day out!  

Luna Park

Year 7 Big Day in!

In School Activities

Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games

Year 8 Big Day in!

Dodge ball Tournament

In School activities

Celebration Assembly

Year 8 Big Day out!


Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games

Year 9 Big Day in!

In School activities

Year 9 Big Day out!


Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games



Northcote High School's End of Year Activities program is running in Week 11 of this term, Wednesday14th until Friday 16th of December. It is a great opportunity for staff and students alike to celebrate the hard work and successes of 2016 by having a little fun together.


Above is the summary outline of what is happening during the activity week and all year 7-9 parents will receive this in a Compass newsfeed. Information regarding student selection and payment for their Big Day Out and their fantastic In-school activities will be sent to you next week in a Compass newsfeed and a letter home - so please look out for it. Please take the time to go through the information with your child and fill out as appropriate for you and your child's needs. We are really looking forward to the program this year and have lots of great activities on offer for the students.

Mr Josh McDonald

Assistant Principal

Community News 

Photo: 8A wishes everyone a Merry Christmas



Pathways and Careers

Year 12 Reminders


Year 12 students and their families are reminded that they can still seek assistance from NHS throughout the Change of Preference period. Please use email in the first instance, as Kylie Witt will be away on a school trip for much of this time. Bear in mind that responses to these emails may not be immediate, so direct any urgent queries to VTAC or specific institutions. The Senior School team can also help with many queries.


Many of the universities are still making changes to their course offerings and adding new courses. Keep an eye on their websites and VTAC’s social media sites to see if any of these are suitable for you.


You can get help from Kylie Witt at school from December 12-19. She’ll be back at school on January 18, 2017 for students who need assistance dealing with the offer process.  

Download a useful handout for Year 12 students here that outlines what still needs to be done between now and January.




Students in Year 9 this year should already be thinking about their work experience placement. New rules come into effect from January 1, 2017.


If you are organised enough to secure a placement this year for next year, we can use the existing forms, as long as the arrangement is fully arranged in 2016.


HOWEVER, if it is possible for you to secure a commitment from an employer, and they are willing to wait until next year to formalise the process, this will be the preferred option. In that situation, please download the NEW forms, and bring them to Kylie Witt early next year for processing.


Our preferred dates are November 20-24, 2017, but we can work around amazing opportunities flexibly. Black-out dates apply during exam  and course counselling periods.


Summer School at the VCA & MCM


Working with industry professionals in state of the art facilities, the summer programs are immersive learning experiences. Share your summer with like-minded, passionate performers and artists while developing your fundamental skills and building your confidence in a relaxed and stimulating environment

2017 Summer school intensives available in: 

·         Acting
·         Film and Television
·         Pop Song Writing
·         Music Theatre
·         Composition for Animation
·         Visual Art: Drawing & Painting
·         Dance
·         Music

Find out more and register here:

Free Creative Workshops


Wednesday 30 November

7/20 Otter Street Collingwood

The Academy of Design Australia is offering free workshops for students on Wednesday 30 November.  Both individuals and class groups are welcome.

These workshops will provide an overview of the major-studies offered by the Academy.  Students can choose one workshop from:

  • Communication Design
  • Fashion & Costume Design
  • Filmmaking & Photography
  • Graphic & Digital Design
  • Interior Design
  • or Visual Arts.    

These sessions give students the opportunity to meet with current tutors, who are all are practising artists and designers, as well as ask questions about working in a creative field.   

 To find out more and register:


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