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21 November 2016
Issue Eighteen
College Principal's Report
Junior Campus Principal's Report
Senior Campus Principal's Report
CreatIF Program
China Study Tour April 2017
Boot Camp Class - Summit Survivor Trip
School Uniform Reminder
College & Community Updates
End of Year Activity Programs
College Calendar
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College Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
College Principal

How quickly the time flies, we are nearing the end of November and our Year 9 students who have been involved in the Victorian Young Leaders to China program are returning this week.  I look forward to hearing their stories and hope that they all get some rest before returning to school. A program like this is incredibly draining and certainly not a holiday. The students have been learning as much as possible during the six weeks and our teacher Sharon Taylor has been on duty 24/7. The challenges are many when visiting a country with a limited amount of spoken English, where the food and the culture is so different. I am sure everyone will be excited about getting home to their families, friends and their own beds!


A reminder that the Movie “Most Likely to Succeed” is being shown as a fund raiser for our school on Wednesday the 30th of November. This movie challenges the current education system and its lack of progress in 120 years. At the conclusion of the movie there will be a short discussion panel which comprises Loretta Willaton, Gippsland Area Manager for Telstra, Paul Ford Chairman of Agribusiness Gippsland,  Lisa Price from the BBLLLEN and Aden Wyers from Traralgon College.  Tickets can be purchased on EventBrite for $15 per ticket, tea and coffee will be provided and all other drinks will be available at bar prices.


The Year 11 and 12 students have finished their exams and the 11’s are beginning Head Start as Year 12’s this week. This is a really important time for the 12’s as it sets them up for next year. Teachers will explain outcomes and begin work for next year. All students are required to attend otherwise they will be behind their peers and won’t know what they need to do over the holidays. Year 12 is a short year and students need to be aware that keeping up with the work load is crucial. 


Year 10 students have exams this week and will begin Head Start on the 28th with years 7, 8, and 9.

If you have any questions about head start please check with your year level coordinator or your Advisory/TLC teacher.


Students with Premier Andrews at the Gippsland Assembly on Thursday evening.

Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mr Michael Shone Junior Campus Principal

Transition and Opportunity:

In one week’s time all Year 7, 8 and 9 students will begin the ‘Headstart’ program where they will move into their 2017 classes and begin their 2017 studies. For many students this is an exciting time and also a time of great opportunity. Any significant milestone – whether it is a birthday, New Year’s Eve or the start of a new term – is an opportunity to stop, reflect and start again. A message that I have been consistently reinforcing to students, and one that I encourage all parents to talk about with their children, is – “what do you want 2017 to be like and what will you do to make this happen?” I wish all students and parents the best as we move into the first week of our 2017 classes.


Successful School-Based Programs during Year 8 and 9 Camp Weeks:

At the last set of Year Level Assemblies it was my pleasure to recognise the mature and respectful behaviour of students that attended the Year 8 and 9 Year Level Camps, and also acknowledge the great work of teachers in planning and running these significant events. I would also like to comment on the brilliant programs that were organised and ran back at school for the students that did not attend camp. At both year levels, programs were run that engaged and interested students while developing their knowledge and skills in subject areas. Of particular note was the reward system that ran through each program – throughout each week students were awarded ‘TC Dollars’ for demonstrating Traralgon College’s expected behaviours and at the end of the week, students used this money to participate in an auction and bid for prizes on offer. Overall attendance was very high, students learnt a lot and both enjoyed and were engaged in all activities.

Year 7 Science – Victorian Space Science Education Centre:

On Wednesday November 9th and Thursday November 10th, all Year 7 students participated in a 2-period incursion run by the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. Throughout Term 4 all Year 7 students have been studying the topic of ‘Earth, Space and Energy’ and the incursion was an opportunity to experience some hands on activities related to the topic. IN the lead up to the incursion, all students made a water rocket and on the day, students were able to launch their rockets and attempt to land them on Mars! The purpose of this activity was to teach students about the transfer of energy as a rocket flies through the air while also having fun. Students also participated in second program where they learnt about solar systems, causes of eclipses using a range of internet and software resources

SRC Fundraiser:

On Thursday 17th November the Junior Campus SRC organised and ran a fundraising day to raise money for a group of Traralgon College students who are volunteering in Cambodia in Term 4 2017. Student leaders organised and ran a BBQ lunch in the courtyard as well as live music for all to enjoy. Students also wore casual clothes for the day and gave a gold coin donation for this privilege. It was a very positive day with over $1000 raised and all students behaving respectfully at all times. The 2017 Junior Campus Leaders will present a cheque to the team of Senior Campus students travelling to Cambodia at a Senior Campus assembly at the beginning of next year.


End of Year Activities:

In 2015 Traralgon College introduced an End of Year Activities program that runs after the last week of Headstart. The purpose of this program is to provide a range of opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities and events that they may not otherwise get the chance to do. Whole day, half day and single period sessions have been offered – some incurring a cost and many offered free of charge - and students were able to select the activities of their choice based on their areas of interest. The purpose of this program is to also support students and staff to build positive relationships and to celebrate the end of the year. Regular information has been provided in the newsletter and parents are welcome to contact the school if they have questions. Reminder - payment for all End of Year Activities that incur a cost, must be paid before the end of the day on Friday 25th November.


Senior Campus Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Campus Principal

As we wrap our 2016 curriculum year with year 11 and year 10 exams it is nearly time for Headstart. Firstly, I wish the year 10s well with their exams and note the importance the learning opportunity this presents to students to help prepare them for the rigors of VCE. All students must sit their exams and parents will be contacted if they do not attend. Secondly, Headstart begins next week for year 11s going into year 12 and for everyone else on the 28th November. There are some key basic areas we want to focus on in Headstart to help set the learning conditions for 2017.

  •  Uniform- everyone needs to be attending school in the correct uniform (please see the information in the newsletter). Our uniform is part of our identity and pride in our learning community.
  •   Attendance- we should be at school 100% of the time to maximise our learning opportunity.
  •   Late to class- we disrupt other people’s learning and our own if we are late to class. We need to be on time and ready to learn, this means we attend with all our equipment.
  •    Work ethic- we need to complete our tasks in the classroom and those set for homework. Classwork is designed to develop our skills for Assessments we undertake, without these practise tasks we cannot live up to our potential, progress is made often slowly and with repeated efforts.

I look forward to seeing the students’ progress to their next stage of schooling and the learning challenges we will all face together.


Learning Opportunities


VET orientation

On Thursday 16th November all of our VETis (TAFE) students had the opportunity to attend orientation at either Federation Training or AGA. Students were keen to find out their course selections and requirements. Most students are excited to gain qualifications in a certificate at Traralgon College through this program while still completeing either their VCAL or VCE certificate. 


Summit Survivor


Congratulations to the 19 year 10 students who n Saturday 12th took on the 5km Summit Survivor obstacle course in Trafalgar. Students from the two Boot Camp classes have spent the Semester preparing for this trip and they had to use all their skills and teamwork to make it through the course.


Year 11 Exams and Year 12 Headstart


Congratulations to the year 11s for finishing their exams this week, and from all staff we were very proud of the way students conducted themselves during the week. Now our year 11s begin year 12 next week with two weeks of Headstart. It is important to remember they will have homework during this time and over the summer to prepare them for the year and the course materials will not be repeated. Year 12 is demanding and students need good routines, healthy eating, exercise, fresh air and a quiet place to study. During the year students will be provided with supports at school but please contact us if you have any concerns about your child coping with year 12.


VCAL T20 Cricket


Our VCAL students had the opportunity to participate in T20 cricket event run by Cricket Australia. About 20 Year 10 students who are participating in VCAL next year, welcomed the opportunity to volunteer and help teach and mentor students from various primary schools in the area. Armed with their hats and sunscreen; our students spent their time teaching primary kids basic functions of batting and bowling. Some of our students enjoyed the thrill of competition with a number of the boys’ team taking the T20 bash quite seriously. Overall it was a great day had by all. 



CreatIF Program

Year 10 CreatIF Expo

This coming Wednesday 23/11 Traralgon College is hosting its inaugural public expo for our CreatIF program. Running for semester 2, this program aims to to help students deepen skills and understanding in a chosen area and develop an entrepreneurial mindset by applying these skills  to real  projects.


The expo will consist of a short presentation from the program leader, Aden Wyers, and an interactive display from each current student.


All members of the school community, as well as the broader comminity are welcome, particularly if you are the parent of a current Year 9 student.


You can get more information about our program, as well as the stories of some of our students, from our program's website, which is being developed by one of our students, Logan Alexander, as his project. 


China Study Tour April 2017

Expressions of Interest

We would like to know if any students in years 9,10 and 11 (in 2017) are interested in going to China in April 2017 (the last week of term 1 and part of the school holidays). In the past the cost has been approximately $2800 per student.

A Parent and Student Information night will be held on Thursday 1st December at 6.30pm at the Senior Campus Hall.


For further information please contact Ms Nicole Pryor, Senior Campus Principal.

Boot Camp Class - Summit Survivor Trip

Boot Camp Class - Summit Survivor Trip

On Saturday 12 November 19 year 10 students took on the Summit Survivor in Trafalgar. Students from the two Boot Camp classes have spent the Semester preparing for this trip. They have participated in two training sessions every week, including a fitness circuit and a run, and designed their own training programs to help prepare themselves.

The Summit involved a 5km run up and down hills through fields and bush, with 36 obstacles to get through before the finish line – most of which involved mud! Highlights for the day included the mud wall rope climb, which left quite a few students sliding on their guts back into the muddy puddle they started from, the tyre climb, where we had to squash ourselves between two sets of tyres, and the uphill mud tunnels, which seemed to go a lot further than they looked from the outside.

The biggest challenge for some students was the final obstacle – a vertical waterslide into the lake before a mad dash across the water to the finish line. For this, each participant had to dangle from a metal bar, then let go and drop into the slide. This was pretty scary for quite a few people, but as you can see from the photo of Abbi it is a big rush once you let go and well worth it!

Many of the obstacles we faced required help and working as a team to get through them. Our students did a great job of working as a team to help everybody get over the line and to keep going when things got tough. They all gave it their best shot and represented Traralgon College well.


School Uniform Reminder

College Uniform

Traralgon College is a uniform school, we wear our uniform with pride to identify us as part of the Traralgon College community.

A reminder to all parents/ guardians and students that as the weather warms up we should be wearing correct summer uniform. Students NOT in uniform are required to bring a note and are required to change. We are encouraging families to check they have the correct uniform items and restock ready for the summer period.


The College Uniform policy is set out by the College Council.  Staff, parents and students are responsible for ensuring the policy is adhered to. The Traralgon College uniform instils in students and the College Community a sense of pride and belonging.  It is designed to be comfortable and have enough variety to cater for individual student preference. 

It assists to minimise unhelpful fashion comparisons amongst students and foster an environment focused on learning rather than fashion choices.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times and to keep their uniform in good condition.


Uniform Exchange Program


If students are unable to wear full uniform for a valid reason they are asked to:


  1. Go to the student manager’s/sub-school office before Form Assembly/TLC.
  2. Ask for the uniform item(s) you require, in your size.
  3. Hand over your own clothes
  4. Treat the school uniform items with respect throughout the day
  5. At the end of the day (before you leave school) return the school uniform items and collect your own clothes/shoes.  We will keep your clothes until the uniform is returned. 

We guarantee that the school uniform items are washed and dried before they are worn again by another student.


If students do not follow the process outlined above before TLC/Form Assembly and/or they are found to be out of uniform throughout the day, they will be given the usual consequence of a detention and still have to exchange non-uniform items.



Summer Uniform


  • Summer Dress - To be worn with knee high or short white socks



  • Navy Logo Shorts and College monogrammed polo shirt - 
  • To be worn with knee high or short white socks
  • Navy V Neck Woollen Jumper (monogrammed)


  • Fully enclosed shoes 
  • There must be a mechanism for securing the shoe to the foot eg. strap, buckle, laces


  • Micofibre or weather proof jacket
  • It is to be worn over the regularly school day uniform when it is cold or wet or windy or any combination of these.

Sports Uniform

Compulsory for all students undertaking PE classes

  • Plain Black Basketball Shorts
  • White or Navy Polo Shirt (monogrammed)
  • Sneakers of student choice.
  • Navy Bucket Hat or Cap.(monogrammed)

To be carried to school and changed into for PE classes and subsequently changed out of after PE classes.

Approved Accessories

  • Wrist watch
  • Discrete and plain studs or sleepers for ear piercings
  • Studs only for facial piercings
  • Discrete chains or necklaces worn inside shirts or dresses so that they are not overtly visible.
  • Hair ties and head bands – must be worn in one of the school colours – plain navy, light blue or white.
  • Plain navy or cream scarf.
  • For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back in some practical classes.

College & Community Updates

Saver Plus


Gippsland Foster Care


Traralgon College
Public Expo & Fundraiser Movie - Most Likely to Succeed


End of Year Activity Programs

End of Year Activity Progrms

Monday 5th December to Tuesday 13th December.


Activities will be offered for students that include; whole day excursions, half day trips and in-school activities.


All excursions have a cost as do some of the in-house activities. These will be on COMPASS and on the selection sheet.


All activities are Junior Campus based except for those running on Tuesday 6th December - this is Senior Campus based.


Paid activities and Jewellery Making have capped numbers.


Selection Sheets were due back to Form teachers by Friday 11th November.


Payment is required by Friday 25th November - if payment is not made by the due date and numbers do not reach the minimum required, the activity will be cancelled and students will be able to participate in another activity.


College Calendar

November 2016

21-25 Year 10 Exams

21-2 Dec Year 12 Headstart (two weeks)

21 - Year 9 Formal

28-2 Dec Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 Headstart

December 2016

2 - Presentation Assembly 1.30pm-3.00pm Senior Campus Hall

15 - Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

20 - Last day Term  4

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