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16 December 2016
Issue Fourteen
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Principal's News

From Mrs Stathatos


Planning for 2017 has been occurring in earnest and it is a much anticipated year for the College with new staff, new programs, the emergence of new capital works, 263 new Year 7 students and a positive outlook.


At the end of the year we are fare-welling the following staff who have made significant contributions to the college over their period of time here:

Staff EXITS 2016


Naomi DYER



Gordon TONG




Lachlan MACKAY

Benjamin MOODY



We wish everyone the very best in their new positions, whether it is to a new school or on leave. We wish Nicole Solomon a healthy and happy end to her pregnancy as she awaits for the arrival of her baby in early February.


In addition we are saying goodbye to staff who are retiring. We hope the next chapter in their lives is even more exciting.






We welcome back the following staff returning from leave and wish them all the very best at the college:


Nancy  Davies

Kati  Recinos

Kate Tanner

Virginia Watson

Matt  Tucker


We extend a warm welcome to new staff who will join us in 2017. We are excited to have such a talented and diverse range of practitioners who will work within the Vision and Values of the college and provide the Culture and Service we are known for.


New staff

Lara King                             

English/English Literature

Karl McNamara                  

Director of Performing Arts

Karly Horton                       

Director of Houses & Community Engagement

Beatrice Dauguet                 French/Humanities

Haris Boyd-Gerny              


Prue Bon                              


Gemma Bishop                   


Monica Ho Hawker           


Dane Sorensen                    



Presentation night was a wonderful occasion celebrating our high achievers in diverse fields. Thank you to the efforts of staff and supporters who made it a memorable conclusion to the school year.


Congratulations to all our award winners and we look forward to seeing you continue your excellence in the future.


The VCE results of 2016 are worthy of celebration.


The breakdown of results is:

23 students received 90 and above                     38 students received  80 to 89


The college extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Dux of the college Lachlan Blain who gained  a study score of 98.85.  The number of students who gained a study score of 40 is 7.9% with Justin Thomas and Lachlan Blain receiving a perfect score of 50 for Music Investigations and History Revolutions respectively. Well done to these fine young men and well done to all students.


The holidays are upon us and the reports are published, productions are finished, transitions are concluded, our overseas tour group is returning home and we are ready to spend some festive time with family and friends recharging ourselves and making the most of the holiday season. To the whole college community we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy start to the new year.


Eleni Stathatos

Acting Principal









Assistant Principals

Senior School


Our Year 12 students received their results earlier in the week and there were some excellent outcomes amongst this year’s class of 2016. In the rawness of data and statistics, 12.3% of our students received an ATAR of 90 or above. 32% of students received an ATAR of 80 or above. Moreover, study scores over 40 sat at just under 8% - great news for all involved!


Sprinkled amongst these results were two perfect study scores of 50 – Lachlan Blain (History – Revolutions) and Justin Thomas (Music Investigations – first 50 in Music at RSC ever!!)


Congratulations to Lachlan Blain, who was the College dux with a score of 98.85! Other fantastic news includes the 98.2 that was attained by Molly D’Arcy and 97.55 from Kefan Tang, one of our international students.


The College would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who put in their personal best. Pathways and a new horizons will open up for all of them. For all our students it was always about the journey. The class of 2016 will be remembered fondly for their warmth, good humour and service to others. The ‘soft’ skills of emotional intelligence, positive relationships, teamwork and connectedness was a highlight of their character.


We would also like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of all our teachers for their input in guiding our Year 12s over their secondary schooling.


To our Year 12 cohort of 2017, the journey awaits……


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


James Barut

Assistant Principal 

Middle School

Celebrating achievement

Our Middle School students have certainly finished the year on a high note. Many Year 10 students enjoyed the thrill of attending the final camp in Queensland, whilst a number of our Year 9 students took on the challenge of Bike Tour. Others participated in the Junior Production of High School Musical, and displayed their wonderful array of talents in this area.


Alongside each of these exciting curriculum programs, students were also completing final assessments and sitting exams prior to their final Semester Two reports being written.


At the College Presentation Evening held last night, our Middle School students excelled, and it was exciting to see such an amazing group of talented and committed students during the presentation of their awards. A large number of Year 9 students, in particular, received Achievement Awards, which was very pleasing. Congratulations to Alice D’Arcy who was awarded Dux of Year 9 for 2016, and to Kevin Hong who was awarded Dux of Year 10 for 2016, and who also received the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship from the University of Melbourne.


The celebration of our high achievers last night should encourage each of us to take the time to consider the goals we have met and the milestones we have reached. It is on this positive note that we farewell 2016.

Congratulations to all students in the Middle School for your achievements in 2016.  I would like to thank the students and families, and the Middle School coordination team for the opportunity to work with them this term as Assistant Principal.


I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe, and restful holiday period.


Annette Niven

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs Elizabeth Keenan, who has led the Junior School in exemplary fashion for over the past twelve years. Her compassion and genuine love of students has paved the way for a streamlined transition from primary school for every student as well as providing a solid foundation for their future. Her hard work, generosity and support for the College is appreciated.


Thank you to our students, staff and parents for making 2016 another positive year. It is a real team effort that creates the wonderful opportunities and bright futures for our students, evidenced in collaborative events, such as the successful Junior Musical Production ‘High School Musical’.


A special thank you to the Junior School Community Coordinators Ms Samantha Asbury, Mr Andrew Scott, Mr Peter Anderson, Ms Faith Stepniewski and Ms Annie Vaneeden for their enthusiastic, compassionate support over the year, which has enabled students’ personal growth and provided a solid start for their educational futures. 


2017 will be an interesting year with notable changes in Junior School. 
•    Four House Leaders for Year 7 and 8- Ms Samantha Asbury (Frazer), Ms Jessica Friend (Freeman), Mrs Kim Watson (Mabo) and Ms Faith Stepniewski (Jackman). 
•    Mr Jonathon Rogers as the Junior School Leader.
•    Completion of the Junior School building in July.
•    New lockers for Year 7 and 8 students in Semester 2.

Enjoy a wonderful safe festive season full of love, fun and joy. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mrs Maria Allison
Assistant Principal


Successful Evening

Please take the time to read the Program from the Presentation Evening. 


The program showcases the fantastic achievements of our students for 2016.


Congratulations to them all for their efforts this year.





From the Office

Commencement Dates 2017


The College program commences for staff on Monday January 30, 2017.


Commencement dates and arrival times for each Year Level are:


Tuesday  January 31, 2017

Year 7 - 8:45 am start at the Hall.  Dismissal at 1:05pm

Year 11 - 12 - 9:30 am start with extended assemblies followed by normal VCE classes periods 2 to 4.


Wednesday  February 1, 2017

Year 7  - 10:05 am start period 

Year 8 - 12 - 8:50 am start with extended Year Level Assemblies for Years 8, 9 & 10, followed by normal classes.

Metro Lines


Buses replacing trains

on the Belgrave/Lilydale Line from 27 December 2016 – 5 February 2017
The Victorian Government is removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne including Blackburn Road in Blackburn and Heatherdale Road in Mitcham.
To facilitate major construction works, buses will replace trains on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines between Box Hill/Blackburn and Ringwood from Tuesday 27 December 2016 until Sunday 5 February 2017. Normal train services will resume on Monday 6 February.
As this impacts the first week of term one 2017, your school has been identified as one with staff or students that may be impacted by the planned disruption. Attached is a copy of our detailed customer brochure for you to distribute to assist with any journey planning during the disruption. Hard copy’s can be made available upon request. I have also attached an image for use on your websites and/or newsletters if you wish.
Customer service staff will be available to help any customers with additional needs.

We are here to help you travel during major construction and get you to and from your destination as quickly and easily as possible.  If anyone within your school  wants to speak directly to a project representative about the upcoming rail disruption they can contact us on 1800 762 667 or email [email protected]
Kate Horan
Rail Communications Advisor
Blackburn Level Crossing Removal Project


As the year draws to an end I would like to thank the facilities team, committee and staff for all their support throughout 2016. It has proven to be an exciting year and 2017 promises to be even more exciting as major building projects hit completion. 

Building update

Library - renovations are proceeding well with the new ceiling already taking shape. Asbestos was removed some weeks ago and we look forward to completion late March. 


Junior School - The roof purlins are currently being installed on the upper storey. Recently the upper storey slab was poured, including internal concrete steps and we look forward to the building being roofed over the next few weeks.


Upcoming - Over the christmas break, painting of doors, replacing outdoor carpets,  coating of decks and cleaning of rooms will be the main focus. 


Other projects:

  • Oval Concrete sleepers-recently we installed the second set of concrete sleepers and the area is already starting to look fantastic
  • VCE Locker bay-over the past few weeks gardens are being improved to beautify one of our older unattractive areas
  • Entrance garden-The team has put a great deal of effort into improving the front entrance garden in the middle of the school. The East side is almost complete and looks fantastic
  • Lockers-Currently all lockers are being serviced across the school in preparation for 2017
  • Oval-Recently the oval was sprayed to eliminate weeds and over the next couple of weeks it will be fertilised. In January, it is verti-drilled and hopefully will be at its best for the start of school, 2017.

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager 

From the Chaplain

It Christmas time again and I still cannot believe that it is here.  Every year it feels like it sneaks up on us again. Every year I have the intention of reflecting on Christmas and the spirit of Christmas but often get caught up in the all the parties and end of year celebrations that I forget to slow down and focus on my family and friends.  

I love this quote I found recently which may resonate with some of you about Christmas. 


"Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first.’

-- George Matthew Adams (The Christmas Heart)


If nothing else this Christmas my focus will be one of pushing oneself to give more love to those around me through acts of kindness, time spent listening and being aware of those around me.  It may even mean giving up the car parking space at Eastland even though it was really mine in the first place.  Have a safe and happy Christmas see you all next year.


Don’t forget that if you need support over the Summer we have some great resources on our Wellbeing website


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

PSW Extra Opening Hours for Christmas

Croydon PSW Store is open next Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th December for families to purchase uniforms pre Christmas or  place a lay-by to secure there uniform before the January rush.


You can find us at  8A/51 Lusher Rd, Croydon 3136 

We have had a steady flow of all your families coming through our Retail Stores and our intent is to offer all your families the opportunity to be fitted with plenty of time and flexibility.

We re-open our Stores Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Many thanks for the continued Partnership, your support and wish you a Fantastic Festive Break.

Graeme & Team @ PSW

School Council Newsletter Report

The College Council meeting on Wednesday 14 December was the final meeting for 2016, and focussed on a number of discussions concerning the end of 2016 and planning for 2017 and beyond. A motion was moved to approve an exciting list of overnight camps and excursions for 2017 – including recent additions including a Year 8 Literacy Support Camp, LOTE trips to Indonesia (Indonesian) and New Caledonia (French), as well as discussion about transitioning the Central Australia trip from Year 11 to Year 10, among many other established and new excursions and camps.


Council was updated on the College’s Annual Implementation Plan for 2017, which is a one-year ‘action plan’ to track the College’s progress toward various goals and targets set out in the Strategic Plan. This will be finalised early next year, and used to gather key data and assess the College’s progress.


Student enrolment at RSC is at full capacity, and there is a phenomenal interest in the College, so council discussed how to maintain this kind of enthusiasm and interest into the future. The building project including the Junior School and library façade upgrade will assist with this, as will the addition of some excellent and talented new staff to begin in 2017.


Council also heard of the appointment of the year 12 prefects for 2017, including Ariel Parker and Didier Iriarte Fattel as head prefects, and wish them all well for the coming year.


The Policy and Education subcommittee reported that the PCTA will seek to transition the Debutante Ball to become a Year 11 event, and will therefore hold 2 Balls in 2017, and outlined some changes in College policy regarding homestays, fee paying students, investment and internet banking.


Ringwood Training reported on its own Strategic plan, which includes its vision, mission, challenges and goals in order to sustain and grow it’s current range of training and resources, and the facilities subcommittee outlined some ongoing maintenance of lockers and the football oval, in addition to major works around the College.


It has been an interesting, exciting, successful and productive year for RSC, and by extension the College Council. We eagerly await 2017, thank everyone in the extended RSC community for a fantastic year, and wish you all a safe and happy holidays.


Andrew Amos

Careers News

Please read through the PDF attached for all Careers News

Helen Doherty


Around the School


Thank you/Merci/Terima Kasih from the LOTE team!

Well done to all LOTE students for a very successful year in 2016. We have had excursions, incursions and other exciting opportunities galore! A highlight for the year was definitely the Language Perfect World Championships which students participated in across both French and Indonesian.

Many thanks to all of the LOTE staff for their hard efforts in 2016. Their ability to inspire our students to enjoy second language learning and apply intercultural knowledge and understanding has been admirable.


As the year draws to a close, we unfortunately say goodbye to three very valued staff members from our wonderful faculty. We wish Julie Gleeson all the best in her retirement, Annie Van Eeden success in her new job teaching French at Camberwell and to Pak Ery Primaskara we say ‘Selamat Jalan’ as he embarks on his journey back home to Indonesia!

In saying that, we welcome four new staff members to the LOTE faculty in 2017. I am excited to announce that Eleni Stathatos and Sjnelle Jordan will return to LOTE after a few years out of the French classroom. We are also thrilled to welcome Marissa Lee and Beatrice Daugeut to the faculty. We are excited to have these new, young and enthusiastic teachers in our team and wish them all the best teaching French here at RSC!


On behalf of the whole faculty I would like to wish both parents and students a safe and relaxing holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


A message from our Indonesian Language Assistant!

Spending almost a year at Ringwood Secondary College has been full of excitement and a memorable experience for me.


I was hired by the Department of Education and Training Victoria as Indonesian Language Assistant to work at RSC with 2 amazing Indonesian teachers, Jessica Lundie and Virginia Martin. Both of them have great character and extraordinary passion in teaching Indonesian to the students at RSC which makes me, as Indonesian, feel honored to see how well my national language has been being taught at this school. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the RSC students to learn Indonesian is also remarkable.


The collaboration of teacher and students in every learning activity always give me new things to learn. In addition, the existence of ‘Indo club’ at RSC is a wonderful place for students who want to gain more opportunity in getting to know about the target language.


I would not be surprised if in the future RSC became one of the schools in Victoria with the most decent Indonesian language program.


I wish the school, the teachers and the students the best of luck in the future.


Pak Ery Adam Primaskara


Year 7 Indonesian – The Final Chapter

For those of you who have been following the journeys of our Year 7 Indonesian students over the course of 2016, we say thank you!


The end of the year saw our students participating in an authentic learning experience whereby students learned about Sustainable Palm Oil and the Indonesian environment and then shared their findings with a junior primary school audience at Ringwood North Primary School. The staff and students at RNPS were blown away by the high quality of our student work. Students were inspired by the documentary ‘Rise of the Eco Warriors’ where 15 young people from across the world spent 100 days in the Indonesian rainforest to tackle this issue firsthand. Whilst we couldn’t take students to Indonesia for 100 days, instead they voluntarily became the ‘RSC Eco Warriors’ who wanted to spread the message. By creating a YouTube channel and sharing their videos with the world, we hope that more people can become aware of the dangers of unsustainable palm oil and the importance of mandatory palm oil labelling in Australia to save the Indonesian environment.


If you wish to view the student work you can do so through our YouTube channel:

Or by searching: RSC Indonesian on YouTube!


Indonesian Excursion to Melbourne Zoo!

On Wednesday the 7th of December, twenty students from both 7B and 7H went on an excursion with Bu Lundie to Melbourne Zoo to extend our knowledge about Sustainable Palm Oil and the Indonesian environment.


We had lots of fun further finding out facts about palm oil and oranghutans and how cutting down palm oil trees affects Asian elephants, Sumateran tigers and oranghutans. We learnt about how we can save these species and make a difference!


We even got to share our project and our findings with Zoo educators and Zoo volunteers who were all very impressed with the videos we had created and the difference we were making as young and active citizens. The students who went to the zoo well and truly became the RSC Eco Warriors and were very determined to spread the message and save the oranghutans when we got back to school!

Sam Kirchner 7H


Queensland Camp

Our final ever Queensland trip started bright and early last Monday as we departed for the airport at 6:30am.


After a slight delay in flight, we made it to Wet ‘n’ Wild and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine with plenty of fun in the water to cool us down.

Tuesday the kids had an amazing time at Seaworld where they got a healthy balance of education about preserving the ocean and its inhabitants as well as some fun on the rides. ‘The Storm’ was a particular favourite ride. Coincidentally we had record-breaking thunderstorm that evening upon returning home from a viewing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

Wednesday brought more warm weather as the tour made its way to ‘Movieworld’ where the kids and teachers shared many thrill-seeking experiences. Unfortunately, the ‘Scooby Doo’ rollercoaster was closed for its annual maintenance which left a lot of us feeling deflated. On Wednesday evening we made our way to the night markets which were closed due to the weather. The group split between shopping and explored Cavill Avenue and a raucous karaoke session.

Thursday morning the kids enjoyed some tenpin bowling, a shop at ‘Harbortown’ and then we made our way back to the airport for the trip home.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, shared many laughs and thrills and learnt a great deal about the environment and tourism along the way.


Michael Kent

Year 10 Community Coordinator

7 F and 7 J Purchase a Fish Farm!

The Geography Unit this semester has been on Water and Liveability. We have learnt that there are children living around the world that don’t have access to clean water and who often go hungry.

Instead of a class party we made a donation to World Vision.

A pond stocked with fish means parents can feed growing children an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It also provides struggling families with an extra source of income.

Donna Harris

English News!

Earlier this term in English Year 7 students were required to interview somebody who they considered to be a good leader. Somebody who they valued as making a difference in the world. All of the Year 7 English teachers were impressed with the high quality of student work. Each teacher however, was required to submit their top two submissions from each class. From there, all of the Year 7 English teachers met together, read through all of the work and voted for the top three across the year level. It was a very hard task. The criteria we used to measure work against was the following:


·         Interesting to read – submission showed evidence of human appeal

·         Visual appeal – submission included photos, colour, headings and a magazine style layout

·         Quality and control of writing

·         Flow of narrative

·         Selection of interviewee – the selected person is an impressive leader and contributor to society


It is with great excitement that we announce the top 3 winners. Winning students were presented with a certificate and an iTunes voucher at Common assembly last Tuesday.


·         First place – Hannah Peake 7A

Hannah interviewed her youth pastor Bre. Hannah’s submission caught our eye as it was very well presented and looked as if it had come straight from a magazine!


·         Second place – K’Baw Lwe 7E

K’Baw interviewed Timothy La who tirelessly organises events for the local Karen community so that they feel at home in Australia. We were impressed by K’Baw’s ability to integrate into her presentation the character strengths learned in Bounce this year!


·         Third place – Lucy Philip 7J

Lucy interviewed her primary school teacher Mrs Frigo. The Year 7 English teachers were blown away by Lucy’s level of detail included in her presentation and the sophisticated vocabulary that she used!


Congratulations to our winners! We would like to also acknowledge the hard work that each and every one of you put towards this task. Well done!


Jessica Lundie

Year 7 English Teacher

Middle School

What a fantastic year we have had in Middle School. Year 9 and 10 students have been challenged academically while upholding the high expectations placed upon them. We have had numerous guest speakers, multiple camps and excursions, all with a focus to improve our student’s health and wellbeing whilst also providing a valuable learning experience away from the classroom. I have been extremely impressed by the number of students who have achieved academic awards this year, a record since I have taken over as the Head of Middle School. But these are not the only success stories for our students. We have overcome difficulties in their many forms and achieve our own personal best in many areas.


I am extremely thankful to the staff, who have taught all students in Middle School this year. They have worked hard in providing a safe learning environment where your young people have the opportunity to feel success. They have helped to shape our students for the many challenges that still await them in the later years of study.


Thank you also to all the parents who have made our job easy and enjoyable. Whilst some of our contact has been to discuss various errors of judgment, we have always felt the support and understood that we all want the very best for the students.


To the wonderful students of Year 9 and 10, thank you for your hard work both inside and outside of the classroom. Without your contribution to the College, our jobs are made all the more difficult. Thank you for the many laughs, conversations and ability to see things from other people’s perspectives. The groups we have will continue to grow and I am sure be successful in their chosen pathway moving forwards.


There are a few changes for next year in the structure of the coordination team. Matthew Tucker will be retuning to the College in the role of Head of Middle School and students will be coordinated by a House Coordinator who oversees a specific house in Middle School. I am shifting from Middle School to the Head of Junior School and I am really excited to be working in a new environment with a slightly different focus. The one thing I am sure of is that it does not matter where I am based, the relationships I have built with students and parents in Middle School will continue.


Thank you all for your support this year and for the previous three years as the Head of Middle School.


Jonathon Rogers

Head of Middle School


End of a Great Year 

As we reach the end of the year, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the successes that many of our teams and individuals have achieved over the course of the year.


It was fantastic to see so many students representing the school, with 144 teams competing at the Division level and 44 out of a possible 85 teams progressing to Region finals. Of these 44 teams, three were able to qualify for state finals. Congratulations to the Year 8 Boys Table Tennis, Year 8 Girls Netball and the Year 8 Girls Softball team. A special mention to the Year 8 Softball team that won the State title, an incredible effort, when you consider there are over 300 government secondary schools in the state. A full report of their State finals is included below.


There were also some fantastic performances within the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams. The Athletics team won the Division title for the 25th time from the past 28 years, the Cross Country team won for the 27th time in a row and Swimming claimed the Division crown for the 24th consecutive year.


We hope to see many students involved again in 2017, with the key dates for Term 1 shown below.



Friday 10th - RSC Swimming

Monday 21st - Senior Round Robin; Summer



Wednesday 8th – Year 8 Round Robin; Summer

Wednesday 15th - Intermediate Round Robin; Summer

Monday 20th - Maroondah Division Swimming

Thursday 23rd - Year 7 Round Robin; Summer

Tuesday 28th – Eastern Region Swimming

Friday 31st – RSC Cross Country




After easily winning through the first round against our Division Schools at the start of the year, it was a long wait for the second round in Term 4. The games were closer, but our girls still won through convincingly. A very excited team was now going to contest the State Finals. The team was made up of Eliza Bently ( a State level Catcher – handy ), Tarni Cavanagh as our pitcher, Felicity Watts, Caitlin Dellow, Skylar Browne, Maddison Chipperfield, Estee Fifita, Eve Fletcher, Eloise Futiere, Rose Lawnsang, Rhiannon Ockwell, Emma Smith and Matilda Wilson.


The Finals were held at Jells Park Sports Complex on Monday 21st November in searing heat and blustery wind. 38 degrees was not going to deter these girls from giving it their all. Our first game against Epping SC was super close, we only won by 1 run, 3/2, with runs scored by Caitlin, Tarni and Eliza.  The next game was against Sunbury SC and was also very close, but we won by 2 runs, 9/7.  Runs scored were a home run from Caitlin, 1 for Tarni, Emma, Rhiannon and Eve, and 2 runs each for Eliza and Eloise. Eliza was sliding in her runs under pressure and making sure we won our games with her brilliant catching as well.


The third game had us all very excited as we knew the chances of making the Final were now looking likely. Thanks to both Eliza’s and Tarni’s mums for getting us icy poles to keep us cool and energised. I was glad that I had packed the Staminade powder as well. The heat was intense, and so was the competition. We played Alkira SC and it was a pressure game. We scored 3 runs in the first innings, thanks to Caitlin, Tarni and Eliza, but our first fielding innings was shaky, and the girls allowed Alkira to score 6. They steadied to come back with a second innings score of 6 (well done to all of you), and then held the opposition to a nil score in their second batting innings. We won 6/9 and were in the final against Viewbank SC.


Viewbank were last year’s champions, and they had played one less game in their pool to make the final as Mildura had not attended. Viewbank’s first innings was 0, ours was 2 runs, go Caitlin and Eliza! The second innings was 1 run for Viewbank and 0 for us. The fielding standard from both teams was very tight. The third innings allowed one more run for Viewbank, and our girls made another 3. Awesome work Caitlin, Tarni and Eliza, you totally rock! That was that, Ringwood Secondary won 5/2. We are now Yr8 Girls State Softball Champs! After 20 years at Ringwood I have finally had the absolute pleasure of coaching a team to a State win. I am one very excited coach. Thanks to all the girls for all the fun and fantastic softball that they played. We will have to have Intermediate trials very early in 2017, as there is now a title to defend. So proud of you all.


Mrs Claudia Aveling




Congratulations to Joel Burleigh of Year 10, who represented the Victoria Metropolitan area in the Under 16 National AFL championships earlier this year. Joel played against the Victorian Country team at Simmonds stadium in Geelong and then played two further games against South Australia and Western Australia on the Gold Coast. Joel’s performance in these games and good form during the year, resulted in him being selected to play three games with the Eastern Ranges Under 18 team in the TAC cup, an outstanding effort as a 16 year old. Congratulations on these achievements Joel and good luck for the 2017 season.




In the recent AFL rookie draft, ex-students Oscar McInerney (2012) and Nathan Mullenger-McHugh (2015), were selected by Brisbane and the Western Bulldogs respectively. Congratulations and good luck to Oscar and Nathan as they begin their AFL journey.


Performing Arts and Music



Congratulations to everyone involved with the recent production of Disney’s High School Musical Jr, the latest in a string of annual junior shows that have continued to foster excellence in theatre performance and provide opportunities for meaningful student engagement right through to the end of the year.

With a cast of 78 students from Year 7-9 and another 40 junior and senior students behind the scenes, the show was slick, fun and thoroughly enjoyed by the 1500 people who came to see it, including the incoming Year 7s of 2017. As always, the support of extra pArts in costuming and front of house management was outstanding, and a great testament to the strength of the performing arts community at Ringwood.

The period from first rehearsal to first performance measured less than one month. Making it all happen at a frenetic time of the year was a dedicated team of teachers who, once again, proved what can be achieved with belief, effort and commitment.

In the words of the hit song from the show, “We’re All in This Together.”

Introducing the Senior  College Production for 2017 - 'Chicago' with the new Director of Performing Arts Karl McNamara .

Benjamin Moody

Director of Performing Arts


Maroondah Youth Services Summer activities

Connect – Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Ringwood Train Station

Friday 16th December

4:30 – 8pm

All Ages

Free event – craft markets from young creators, live music, workshops, food stalls


Pool Party

Aquanation, Ringwood

Tuesday 10th January


Ages 12-25

Half Price Entry and discounted water slides


Dive In Movie (Jaws)

Aquahub, Croydon

Friday 13th January


Ages 12-18

$5 Entry (includes popcorn and drink)


Pool Party

Croydon Memorial Pool

Thursday 19th January 11-2pm

Ages 12-18

$3 Entry


Freeza Event – Metal live music

EV’s Youth Centre, Croydon

Friday 27th January

6 – 11pm

All Ages

Gold coin (or more) donation to enter

Headliner – Void of Vision

Fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoking free event.

Kindness Calendar

There are so many opportunities in our everyday lives to show kindness and Christmas is a beautiful time to refresh our
kindness repertoire. Each day choose something from the calendar below with your family and cross it off. Post your
random acts of kindness on social media (#kindnesscalendar) to inspire others to join in.


Soccer Enrolments

Croydon City Arrows are looking for players aged 12 to 18 for both boys and girls teams.


Second Hand Book Supplies


Jump Deck Christmas Fun

It the time of the year again!


RSC News
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Second Hand School Supplies- Transition Information (2)1 copy.pdf
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