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28 November 2018
Issue Nineteen
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Message from the Principal

Showcase Events

We have recently staged two outstanding Showcase evenings that have featured presentations and exhibitions of some remarkable Year 10 iSTEM major works and projects undertaken in the TREE program.

iSTEM Exhibition

The exhibition of our Year 10 iSTEM projects displayed the work of our inaugural class in the subject, one that is seen as highly relevant for our students in the 21st Century. iSTEM (Innovation, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is seen as an excellent vehicle to develop skills our students will need as they embark upon their careers in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

As national and global economies experience change and significant digital disruption, as technology and automation reshape industry and employment, our students must be equipped with the skills for this Brave New World that they will encounter. Research from Oxford University and Price Waterhouse Coopers shows that 44 percent (5.1 million) of current Australian jobs are at high risk of being affected by computerization and technology over the next 20 years. For our national economy to be productive and meet the needs of Australians, we need a skilled and innovative workforce fit for the future.

 iSTEM fosters the broad skills to equip our students for this challenge. Critical thinking and problem solving, analytical capabilities, curiosity and imagination, all of which have identified as critical survival skills for the future were amply evidenced in our student projects.

The evening was a marvellous success and the quality of design, creativity and skill demonstrated by our students was outstanding. Many staff, students and parents attended and all were greatly impressed by the quality and diversity of the projects on display. Well done Year 10 and a special thank you to their teachers Mr David de Bruyn and Mr Tony Zola for what was a superb exhibition.

TREE Celebration of Learning

A fabulous event was recently held in the DPA to show-case the myriad of TREE projects that have been undertaken in every subject in the School over 2018. Our ‘student interns’ also presented their learning and engagement to the gathering of over 180 members of our community, who enjoyed some or our school grown fare – including ham, sausages, omelettes and salads. Our Show teams were on deck speaking about their experiences with the Cattle and Sheep teams and it was tremendous to see their enthusiasm and hear of the great understanding and knowledge they possess in their chosen field. I for one learned a great deal from our students during the evening. TREE had a project in every year and subject for K-Yr 11 and there were only five school calendar days in 2018 that did not have a project running.

The passion and joy of our students explaining and showcasing their work highlighted what a marvellous success this program has been. It is quite remarkable what has been achieved in the first 18 months and testament to the outstanding leadership of the program Director, Tom Riley and his team. I congratulate our students and staff for so enthusiastically embracing this nation leading educational initiative and to the TREE team of Mr Tom Riley, Mrs Jody Haydon, Mrs Mel Meek, Mrs Robyn Youll and Mrs Toni Bilton thank you for your marvelous enthusiasm hard work and passion for the project. The manner in which TREE has been embraced by the teaching staff reveals their drive for innovation, creativity and strong desire to assist our students in their learning. It is a great credit to them.

Parents’ and Friends’ Association

There are opportunities for our parents and caregivers to be involved in many of the rich and varied experiences we offer at Kinross Wolaroi. One of these opportunities exists through serving our P and F Association.

This association enables parents and caregivers to be involved with school events and initiatives, whilst providing a platform for involvement within the Kinross Wolaroi community. Our families of Kinross Wolaroi are an essential part of our School community and I would encourage anyone, if they are able, to take part in the rich life of the School.

At present, the P and F team are working on our very own ‘Kinross Wolaroi School Cookbook’. This is a fantastic social and community enterprise bringing our entire school community, both past and present together. If you would like to be involved, whether that may be by submitting a recipe, offering your professional or personal skill set, or even assisting with recipe testing, please copy the following link into your web browser for more information:


2018 has been a highly productive, busy and successful year for KWS, one that has seen considerable review and implementation of new programs.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you are able to spend some special time with family and friends. Christmas affords a special opportunity to remember the Christmas story, the story about the birth of Christ and the hope he brings to the millions who follow him. St John tells us that in this man was life. And that his life was the light for all mankind, and that he came with grace, truth and love.

Have a wonderful holiday.
Merry Christmas.


Dr Andrew Parry 

Message from the
Head of Senior School

It is a very strange feeling to be writing to you all for the last time!

It is a very strange feeling to be writing to you all for the last time! I have really enjoyed my ten years as Head of Senior School and my forty years at KWS – it is a wonderful school, and what makes it wonderful is the students and their families. I will miss my direct connections with you all and hope that I will see many of you in my post-KWS life and travels! I hope to go back to my roots a little by visiting the country areas of NSW where I grew up and where so many of our school families come from.

The students are either finishing or part-way through exams. These have gone smoothly, thanks to the good work of many staff behind the scenes (in organising) and in the exam rooms (supervising). Reports will be sent early in the holidays, so please keep an eye out for those.

Speech Day is Wednesday 5 December, as you all no doubt know. It will finish by midday and students are free to go home after the ceremony. They must be in full and immaculate uniform, including blazers, and with their shoes polished. Speech Day is always a very significant occasion so it is compulsory for students and I encourage parents to attend too. We round off the school year, and mark the achievements and efforts of so many people, so please do feel warmly invited. Please see the Speech Day page of this Bulletin for more detailed information about Speech Day itself (including parking arrangements) and the days leading up to it.

Finally, I would like to thank the whole school community for its strong and encouraging support over very many years. My time here has been marked by some very large personal challenges, not least the death of my husband, Russell, in 1991. At that time Kinross Wolaroi supported me and my children in both practical and emotional terms – I will never forget everyone’s kindness. I hope I have been able to repay that generosity of spirit with good humour, loyalty, hard work and a commitment to your children and all that is best for them. I know you will all extend a very warm welcome to James Boyd, who will take over my role as Head of Senior School as well as taking on the new Deputy Principal position.

I wish you all a relaxing holiday period, a great festive season and all the very best for the future.


Bev West

Head of Senior School

Speech Day

Speech Day Information for Parents

I will outline some information about our final few days below, but meanwhile, please remember that Speech Day is a compulsory event for students and no leave will be granted for an early departure.


On Monday and Tuesday students in the Senior School may wear their sports uniform to school. This is to allow for the cleaning of all formal uniform items so that everything is in perfect order for the Carol Service and Speech Day. There will be normal lessons for Years 7, 9 and 11 on these two days; Year 8 are continuing their Orange 2050 program and Year 10 are doing Living Skills.


On Tuesday evening there is a Carol Service in the DPA, starting at 6:30pm. Students are to wear uniform to this event.


Speech Day itself is Wednesday 5 December, starting at 10:00am sharp.


For students:

  • They must be at school at 9:00 in full and immaculate uniform, including blazer
  • They should go directly to their Tutor area for a roll mark and further information
  • They enter the DPA via the side doors to allow easy access for guests via the main doors
  • They must be seated in House areas within the DPA by 9:35. Prize-winners and musicians will have allocated seating

For parents:

  • There is no parking on the Wolaroi site on Wednesday until the ceremony is over and guests have departed
  • The normal drop-off zone near the DPA will be in operation
  • Parking/traffic attendants will be in place to ensure that only those with reserved places use on-site parking areas
  • The Orange Function Centre will have parking spaces available and the school will run a shuttle bus to and from the Wolaroi site
  • Please be very punctual to the ceremony
  • The music for the ceremony will be sensational, so do come along to share our final whole-school formal occasion of 2018

Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

Christ the King

This liturgical feast day is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Church calendar. Next Sunday is the start of Advent, a time of preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Christ the King has never really done much for me. I’ve never been a monarchist so that could explain it. Nevertheless, Christ the King was instituted in 1925 when post-WWI Europe was becoming powerfully secular and atheist. The feast day was to remind people that their loyalty was owed in the first place to God.

The Book of Revelation is not an easy book of the Bible to understand on account of its cosmic, apocalyptic visions. It begins as a letter addressed from “him who is and who was and who is to come” and from “Jesus Christ… the rulers of the kings of the earth.” It then launches into a prediction of the second coming at which time all people will recognise the true God. “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” If my students wrote an opening paragraph as engaging I’d be stoked.

The other reading for Christ the King is from the Gospel of John. It is the exchange between Pilate and Jesus. Jesus claims that his kingdom is not of this world. If it were, he says, “my followers would be fighting to keep me from being handed over.” On the surface, Jesus’ kingdom present no threat to Pilate or Roman governance. The truth was, however, that the kingdom was, in part, already in existence. That is why in the same conversation Jesus states “You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I came into the world.”

The passages of scripture were selected in 1925 for a particular reason. For the post-WWI people, they are reminders of loyalty to God rather than to earthly powers and the oppression of nihilistic philosophy. For the early Church in the opening centuries of Christian living, they convey encouragement, strength and certainty in God in a time of persecution by the Romans authorities. For us, it is a reminder that we belong to the Truth and to listen to His voice over the din of media sensationalism and deceit. In our multicultural, multi-faith, global nation, we are encouraged to answer the call of the one God “who was, is and will be” to restore humanity and heal our environment. The kingdom is subversive and it grows through our individual efforts.

Although the feast of Christ the King concludes the liturgical year, may the message of these readings provide for you a context for Christmas. The birth of Jesus is the beginning of the narrative, not the narrative in itself. May the celebration of God’s Word being incarnate in order to enter our history, be a celebration of all that God has called us to be.  


CamKids is the name given to the School’s major social justice fundraising initiative. Raised funds are given to The Cambodian Children’s Charity (CamKids). Camkids works with local communities in Cambodia offering support to families through the provision of nutritional, medical and educational support. Each year, students of Kinross Wolaroi aim to raise US$10,000 for CamKids to ensure the ongoing education of 96 children who attend school in the impoverished province of Kampong Speu. For further information about the charity and the work they do, view their website:

Earlier in the Term, Sally Uttley and her friends (Yr11) saw the opportunity to run a Fundraising BBQ in a family’s garden during the Millthorpe Garden Ramble. The beautiful sunny days meant lots of people were out and about and the students did a fantastic job feeding the many garden ramblers. By the end of the second day $1270.00 was raised for Camkids.

This tremendous outcome would not have been possible without the assistance of the Uttley family, Sally, and her host of volunteers: Bella Adams, Declan Kelly, Ethan Rutherford, Felix Mitchell on the Saturday and Georgie Haigh, Gidget Hall and Lew Connick on the Sunday. Paul Tierney (KWS Head of McLachlan) and Steve Harris (KWS parent) were also generous with their time at the bbqs. 

The appreciation of CamKids for the efforts of the School community is not insignificant. The BBQ has enabled the School to meet its target despite the drought and the low currency exchange rate against the US dollar. The funds raised go directly to CamKids. There is no middle-man or administration costs. Money will purchase for students, uniforms, shoes, bags, resources (such as they are!), teachers’ salaries, bicycles for students who need them, spare parts and repairs for the next school year.

At the end of this Term, twelve students of the new Year 12 cohort and two staff (Ms Cole and Mr Whitehead) will visit Cambodia. They will spend a week at the CamKids school in Kampong Speu teaching English, Art and Sporting Activities. They will tend the School garden and contribute to work around the School as required. Due to changes in the climate, the rice crop that supplies the staff’s annual staple is late in maturing, so it appears that our students will be spared of harvesting the rice this year.

On behalf of CamKids, I extend my thanks to all who have contributed to the raising of funds over the course of 2018 for this worthy act of mission, charity and service.


Pastor Phil Worrad

Student Wellbeing

Managing grief in the Festive Season

For many families the festive season is a time when we traditionally come together with family and loved ones, but for some this time emphasises the people missing, as much as those who are present. Managing grief in young children and/or adolescents during this period can be challenging, particularly as the prevailing mood all around is one of festivity and joy. While every child/adolescent reacts differently, a lot of children find this time difficult. This may have been a time they usually spent with the person they have lost, so it’s completely normal for them to feel sad.

There are things that you as an adult can do that might help:

  • Allow your child some time out to feel sad and think about the person they loved.
  • Spend some time thinking about all the things you both liked about the person and perhaps write a list.
  • Do something that you used to do all together.
  • Help your child to write a letter to that person.
  • Revisit a favourite spot where you all spent time together.
  • Share some of the family’s memories. Good memories of someone can give everyone strength at this difficult time.
  • Finally Seek help – if your child’s or adolescents feelings impact on their day-to-day life, their ability to ability to carry out normal tasks, you may want to consider seeking professional support.

The year has gone unbelievable fast and this will be the last Family Bulletin for 2018. I wish you all a safe and happy festive season and am really looking forward to working together with everyone in 2019.


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Orange 360 to Orange 2050

30 years ago, I was a teenager living in a ‘not so nice’ part of Kent in the UK. I attended a very large Comprehensive School and was studying really hard. I wanted to be an English Teacher. I assumed that I would finish school, go to University and come back to Kent – maybe even teach at the school in which I was enrolled as a student.

Fast forward 30 years, I am teaching English – but I’m not in Kent – I’m not even in England. I am in Australia – Orange to be precise – a beautiful city – but one I had never even heard of 30 years ago.

My point? A lot can happen and change in 30 years. 30 years ago, I had to use the family telephone if I wanted to chat to a friend – given that it was situated in the middle of the house there was no such thing as a private conversation! We had two televisions in the house and there was a total of 4 TV channels! This was pre the internet so there was no email; no social media; no Google; no YouTube. Where am I going with this – is it just nostalgia?

As part of the Regional Engagement Enterprise, (TREE), at the end of this year, our Year 8 Students will be embarking on a 4 day cross-curricular and soft-skill-building learning opportunity – Orange 2050. Working in their Tutor Groups, the students will be tasked with presenting a Showcase of their vision of what Orange will look like in 2050. What will it be known for? What will it look like in terms of population, business, leisure, recreation, residential? Will it still be a tourist destination? Of course, in order to really envisage what it might look like in 30 years’ time, our students will have to research where we have come over the last 30 years. What has changed in and about Orange since 1988? The students will need to engage in developing a range of really important skills – soft skills that will be very important in setting themselves up for their next 30 years!

They will need to work as a team and delegate responsibilities according to individuals’ and groups’ skill-sets; they will need to engage in some critical and creative thinking in both the nature of their research and the way in which they decide to present their ideas; they will need to organise their time and work their way through tasks sequentially and efficiently. This is going to be a real challenge for them, and their success will rely on their perseverance and persistence – their ‘grit’ as a Tutor Group. Did I mention that this was also a competition? House Dignity will be at stake!

In addition to these important life skills, the students will need to revise their curriculum skills and knowledge and ascertain how best to apply them as part of the problem solving. The most successful Tutor Groups will be those who most effectively utilise all of the skills amongst their teams. Creative Arts, Performing Arts. English, Maths, Science and Technology, Geography and History and even French, will all be part of the rich educational mix.

So, if you are the parent of a Year 8 student this year and you have some history with Orange, be prepared – be very prepared – you may be asked a few questions.


Mrs Serena Lewis
Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 4 Week 7

As the final week of the year looms, it is timely to reflect on all that has come before; the achievements, the changes and the direction we are taking for the future. This final family bulletin is a great opportunity to reflect on all that is good about KWS Boarding.

When I think about Boarding at KWS and all that has happened this year I think about the people. The people are what makes this community special. My very first impression was in the lunch queue; two boys came up to me and asked me where I was from and what was my story. Their facial expression said it all when I told them I had just travelled from England after living there for 11 years. They must have thought it equivalent to a life sentence! Their curiosity was genuine; the same reaction I received from many of the boarders I first met at KWS. They were genuinely interested in where I was from and how I had come to be here. I found myself quite curious in return. Where they were from? Why they had chosen KWS? Were they from the land? An acknowledgement that life was tough for farmers and all those in associated industry. The only issue was that my geography was poor. All these towns and places I had heard of and then expected to know! In those first few weeks and months I was constantly on google maps!

The secret to an enjoyable boarding experience is having good (no, make that great!) staff in key roles. It was exciting to observe the staff in their element; especially the Heads of House. They came across as a close-knit team with a sound working knowledge of KWS and the highs and lows that come with the role. They are also a committed bunch and it was enjoyable to get to know them over the course of a year. It is certainly true that the personality of a Housemistress or Housemaster adds a unique flavour to the culture and ethos of a House and it was interesting to view different Houses through this lens.

The weekend activities and socials were a big hit with our boarders this year. Each term, we, the House staff sit down and map out the activities for the following term. The motivation is to keep our boys and girls engaged and active across weekends, to offer them a choice and ensure there is enough variety to keep things interesting! I am fortunate to have staff who are fully engaged in the weekend program and who have taken the initiative to try some different things this year (namely boxing at PCYC, LazerTag, arts and crafts). Both Wolaroi and PLC campuses have their own firepits, we have recently purchased bubble soccer zorbs and next year we will look to further enhance the weekend program with some exciting initiatives out at the school farm, Windermere.

I’d like to dedicate the final paragraph of the year to two outstanding staff who will step aside from their role as Head of House at the end of this year. Trent Chapman (Head of Weymouth) and Di Chapple (Head of Loader) have been outstanding contributors to the boarding community for many years and will be sorely missed by the community. Their commitment to the boys and girls in their care and their passion for boarding has been demonstrated consistently over a long period of time. Trent and Di will depart knowing that they have created wonderfully supportive and inclusive boarding communities. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them both for their service and contribution and wish them all the best for future endeavours.

Mr Matt Curran

Director of Boarding

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

It was great to see so many members of the community at our Celebration of Learning last week.

To find out more about the goings on in TREE please visit our blog or our Instagram page.

Instagram: Follow us @tree_kws

Year 4 Plastics and Sustainability

Year 4 have been studying plastics and sustainability for the past term. They have learned about the different types of plastics, what can be recycled and the danger of microplastics in our environment. Guest speaker from Envirocom, Chris Dart, provided a fun, interactive way for students to learn about reusing and recycling. The students then used this information to make models out of plastic and other rubbish to depict the problem of them on our marine wildlife and landfill issues in our world.


Year 5 Water Reticulation Project

Year 5 have spent the year learning about water. This recently ended in project-based learning activity where they had to design a reticulated water system that included a water catchment operation, filtration column and solar purifier for the plastic bottle greenhouse. Head down to the Prep School to see it in action!


Year 6 Managed Systems, Vertical Farming and Digital Technologies

Year 6 have spent Term 4 learning about managed systems, vertical farming (mealworm and cricket farming – protein for human consumption) and digital technologies. They have designed a managed system, tasted mealworms and crickets, and looked at the merits of water and resource management in integrated farming systems. Their unit finished with them coding soil moisture sensors with Year 9 IST students as an example of monitoring a controlled/managed system.

Mr Tom Riley 
Director of TREE

Message from the
Director of Co-curricular

Regional Youth Orchestra Representation

Over the weekend, 3 of our KWS students were involved in a Regional Youth Orchestra camp which culminated in a performance at the Sydney Opera House on Monday. Thomas Karboviak (Year 11), Owen Bloomfield (Year 10) and Sophie Hoskins-Murphy (graduate, Year 12 2018) were selected as members of the Regional Youth Orchestra earlier in the year. This group is made up of students from around NSW who are involved in their local conservatorium orchestras. As part of this camp, our students had the wonderful opportunity to work with members of the Staatskapelle Berlin. They also worked with renowned conductor Victorien Vanoosten from France. The orchestra performed the 3rd movement of the Brahms 3rd and 4th Symphonies. They felt very honoured and excited about the opportunity to perform on the stage of the Sydney Opera House.


Polocrosse Champion

Throughout the year, Year 10 student Julia Stuart has been strutting her stuff on the Polocrosse field in both National and International representation. Julia was chosen to represent Australia as part of a Barbarians Team which comprised of players from the UK, New Zealand and Zimbabwe in South Africa earlier this year. They beat the home side and won the test. This is an impressive feat considering that the Barbarians team were playing on horses that were leant to them for the series, and were playing with unfamiliar teammates.

Julia was also selected to represent NSW at the Australian Polocrosse Championships in Swan Valley, WA during the last holiday break. The NSW Under 16 girls team went through the carnival undefeated and took away the championship. NSW dominated at the National carnival, with a team in most divisions in the finals. Congratulations to Julia on these wonderful achievements throughout the year. It is a real honour and privilege to have represented your state, and country and to have experienced such great success on the polocrosse field.

Ms Heidi Anthony
Director of Co-Curricular

Performing Arts Updates

Open Mic Night

Thursday 29th November - Performance Theatre

The Open Mic Night will be held this Thursday 29th November at 5:30pm. Students who learn an instrument are welcome to put their name down to perform an item. It is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all musicians and we encourage students to have a go and show us your talents!

Sign up sheets are on Mrs McRae’s office door.

Carol Service

Tuesday 4th December 6:30pm - DPA

A reminder that the Chamber Choir, Koristers and KWS Orchestra will all be performing at the Carol Service on Tuesday 4th December. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening celebrating the festive season. Students involved in the performances must wear full school uniform and arrive promptly at 5pm.

Please bring family and friends!


Speech Day

Wednesday 5th December

Orchestra, Chamber Strings and Chamber Choir will be performing at Speech day. Students will be required to be at the DPA by 8am in their full school uniform with instruments and music.

Camerata Competition

Friday 15th March 2019

Please see the below update in regard to the criteria for the previously known ‘Concerto Competition’ which will now be named ‘Camerata Competition’. We hope to encourage more students to enter the competition in 2019. Students no longer have to perform a movement from a concerto, but can perform a piece of their choice so long as it is a minimum standard of Grade 4 AMEB or equivalent in difficulty. If you have any queries, please speak to Mrs McRae.


Camerata Competition Criteria 2019

  • Students may choose a piece of music which highlights their skill on their instrument. The piece does not have to be a movement from a concerto. The piece must be a minimum standard equivalent to Grade 4 AMEB.
  • The performance can be either a solo or with piano accompaniment
  • There are two divisions in the competition: Junior Division (Years 7-10) and Senior Division (Years 11-12)
  • The competition will be adjudicated by 2 adjudicators who will be selected by the Co-ordinator of Instrumental Music.
  • Two trophies will be awarded: one for the winner of the Junior Division (Years 7-10) and another for the winner of the Senior Division (Year 11 or 12). Runners up for each division will receive a certificate. Students will be awarded at the Summer co-curricular assembly in Term 2.
  • All competitors will be invited to perform at the Camerata concert, held in the KWS Chapel in Term 2 on Friday 31st May 6:30pm.

Inaugural Band Concert 2018

As a celebration of all things woodwind, brass and percussion, we hosted our inaugural Band Concert on Tuesday 13th November. The concert took place in the area outside the back of the music centre which, given the beautiful evening, was the perfect setting to sit back and relax on a picnic rug, listening to some fantastic music. The concert involved students in Junior Band, Prep Band, Intermediate Woodwind Ensemble, Senior Woodwind Ensemble, Stage Band, Sax ensemble and Symphonic Wind Ensemble and included a wide range of band repertoire. It was a wonderful way to see the progression of playing from our junior ensembles through to our most experienced senior school players. Thank you to all the directors of our bands and the students involved for an entertaining evening of band music!

Mrs Annie McRae
Acting Head of Performing Arts 

2019 draft timetable for Prep and Secondary Performing Arts ensemble rehearsals

For selective ensembles: Students must attend the sign-up afternoon on Monday 4th February 2019 at 3.30-5pm in order to be placed in their relevant ensembles (senior musical auditions are in the weeks following).

Mrs Rebecca Choi
Performing Arts Administration

Information and Communications Technology

Frog Tip

What can I do when Frog says “You cannot run more than 4 applications concurrently”?

When you see this message (below) on your iPad/iPhone, click the quick launch icon (9 dots in the top RH corner of the screen), this will display all open Frog Windows plus some other features):

After clicking on the Quick Launch you will see at the bottom of the group of icons your open Frog Windows.  Click and hold the window you want to close, after about 1-2 seconds it will give you an option to close it.

Mr Darryn Marjoram
Director of Information Services, ICT

Sports Updates

Swimming News

The swim team has been busy getting ready for a big summer of competition by visiting some country carnivals and travelling to the ACT.

One of our favourite country carnivals to attend is the annual Cowra carnival. We always end up with a big team due to it being reasonably local with plenty of swims for all levels of swimmer. It is an opportunity for the younger members of the team to attend the same carnival as the performance group and to take some inspiration from hanging out with the ‘big kids’ for a weekend.

While the performance group got some much needed race practice and collected some great cash prizes it was the younger members of the team who stole the show with many picking up big PB’s and their first ever medals at a competitive carnival. We also had a number of our younger swimmers qualify to attend both state and country championships.

This past weekend the team attended the Canberra Classic carnival to chase some qualifying times for state, country and nationals. There were some fantastic swims over the weekend with our younger swimmers posting some amazing PB’s, Lottie took 26 seconds off her 200 free and 39 seconds off her 200 breast as well as swimming PB’s in all of her other events. Zac Lewis, Ethan Crisp and Gabby Shilling swam national age times while Brandon Fraser achieved the open national qualifying time in the 200 free.

The team is preparing for the NSW State Age championships to be held in Sydney late December, we wish them all the best. As always thanks to the parents and coaching team who make these results possible.

Jo Keown

Swim Club Coordinator

Swimming during the Holidays

KWS Squad Swimming for 2018 will cease on the 6th of December 2018, except the Performance Squad and the Challenge Squad, who have representative duties.  On December the 6th there will be only one squad session that will be in the morning. The Performance and Challenge programs will continue as normal until the 14th December – State Champs.

Following State Champs, all squads will break until the 8th of January 2019.  From the 8th to the 12th squads will be at 5:45am in the mornings and 4pm in the afternoon. There will be NO Transition or Pathways during this week. From the 14th January 2019 Performance and Challenge squad will be as normal, i.e.: 5:45am and 4:45pm.

From Monday the 14th January the Pathways squad will be swimming at 3.30pm on Monday to Thursday afternoons only. 

From Monday the 21st January, both Transition and Pathways will be swimming at 3:30pm, only.

Jo Keown
KWS Swimming Co-ordinator

Rowing News

Kinross Wolaroi School was out in force at the Independent Schools Rowing Championships on the 18th of November. With near perfect conditions for the start of racing, KWS started strongly and as the wind picked up, so too did the results, with a stack of 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze medals.

Our Championship winning crews included:

  • Schoolboy Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull of Carter Kirby, Lachlan Coleman, Archie Dowling, Harry Maslin, c. Lochlann Jacobs
  • Schoolgirl Year 8 Double Scull of Lily Robson, Lucy Searle
  • Schoolgirl Year 10 Double Scull of Isabella Scammell, Freya Neville
  • Schoolgirls Year 10 Coxed Quad Scull of Georgie Poole, Alanah Tompkins, Isabella Scammell, Freya Neville, c. Taylor Hobbs
  • Schoolboy Year 11 Double Scull of Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso
  • Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull of Olivia Hilder, Katie Coleman, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, c. Xanthe St Clair.

In addition to these, the Schoolboy Year 7 Coxed Quad Scull of Harry Nuthall, Hugo Jansen, Max Bloomfield, Nicholas De Bruyn, c. Taylah Hobbs won the B Final to receive a Gold medal.

While there were multiple silver medals, two highlights included an extremely close race whereby the Schoolboy Coxed Quad of Richard King, Cody Kelso, Tom Richardson, Henry Ponder, c. Harrison Straw were pipped by on the line by Newcastle Grammar for the Gold medal, and the Schoolgirl Year 10 Eight of Ella Kirby, Meyhar Chawla, Mackenzie Jones, Claudia St Clair, Georgie Poole, Alanah Tompkins, Isabella Scammell, Freya Neville, c. Jasmine Ramsay, who lead Loreto Kirribilli through the 500 metre mark before relinquishing the lead, yet still finished a valiant second.

For the Year 8 crews (Year 7 in 2018, Year 8 in 2019), this was their first regatta at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, on the 2000 Sydney Olympic rowing course, which is considered to be one of the best rowing courses worldwide. They performed remarkably well against the top NSW Schools, and we are excited to see how they develop over the coming months.

For the Year 9 crews (Year 8 in 2018, Year 9 in 2019), they have stepped up from the last regatta to achieve solid results on which to mount a campaign for NSW Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Head of the River success.

Our senior crews showcased some outstanding rowing, and were exemplary leaders at the regatta, displaying courage, respect and resilience. After the regatta Rowing NSW staff and regatta officials commented on the politeness and respectfulness of our school’s rowers.

Tobias Wehr-Candler
MIC Rowing

Basketball Reports

KWS v CHS Raptors
Result: KWS lost 15-48

Given our surprise promotion into the first division it was expected that we would struggle against this experienced side. Our opposition played two men at the back and two up front, with one player oscillating from end to end. This was sufficient for us to struggle to find space in attack and to counter their fast, incisive breaks. Despite the lop-sided play I was impressed with the efforts of Mitch and Lochlan to find chinks in their armour and use momentary lapses to promote scoring from our team. The arrival of Max to our team was a refreshing tonic, given his movement off the ball.
Mr Matthew Healey


Result: KWS won 28-18

Having been moved back into the second division it was pleasing to see the competitive nature of this contest. Both teams worked frenetically to turnover possession and to find space in the attacking key. Mitch, Pete and Lewis made some stunning intercepts and rejects and injected momentum going forward. Max probed in behind their defence and he found good scoring opportunities. Lochlan provided strategic defensive strength. Alex is starting to show signs of understanding the play and is more able to complete some deft passing. At times we played at our opponents tempo, forcing our passes and we also struggled to convert numerous shots. However, the signs are there for some sophisticated team play.
Mr Matthew Healey

Waterpolo Reports

Piranhas vs Barracudas

The Piranhas were tested with a very tough game thanks to the significant skills of Mrs Suthers’ Barracudas. Keeping Digby Cooper away from their goal end was hard, but Catie Crisp’s tenacious swimming and passing to Sam Houghton, Callum Ward, Lachie Smith just pipped his efforts, as well as those of his team members. Issy Fox performed really well in her debut as goalie while younger brother Matt scored his first goal of the season  - a great triumph. Fergus was incredible in the deep end as goalie, and was an absolute weapon against the Barracudas, giving Lachie a well-earned break from his usual position.  Lara and Toby also attacked and defended very well and the Piranhas just pipped the Barracudas with a five to four result. Special mention to Gordon Suthers in the Barracudas, for his incredible goal-keeping skills, which prevented the Piranhas from scoring several times.

Mrs Emma Le Couteur


Piranhas vs James Sheahan 

Students braved the howling winds to play James Sheahan High School’s new team in the competition. The fairly unseasonable conditions did not prevent the Piranhas from playing a brilliant game. Our resident super-fish, Catie, growing in confidence every week, scored an outstanding number of goals – at least half of the Piranhas’, with which we defeated a very committed, but far less experienced James Sheahan. Matt, Issy, Toby and Lara were excellent in both attack and defence. Callum, Lachie and Sam scored  some great goals and Fergus, our newly-uncovered defensive weapon, defended in goal with his usual skill and determination. This was no mean feat given his position in the deep end! We congratulate James Sheahan on their great effort and game.
Mrs Emma Le Couteur


Sharnadoes vs Jaws

The Sharknadoes had the unenviable task of playing Ms Gomes’ team, the highly-experienced Jaws, in the hideously-windy conditions on Thursday evening. Dom was outstanding in his efforts in goal in both ends, to thwart the goals of Jaws’ super-fishes Jonty, Billy, Paige and Lydia and their skilled team mates. While Molly and Mem, Prayas, Dougie, Nic and Charlie pushed themselves through their exhaustion facing strong opposition, they were unfortunately beaten convincingly this week. Nic and Callum (the latter donating his time immediately after playing for his Piranhas’ team mates just prior to this game) deserve special mention for their goals, but these were scored as a result of great team support.

Mrs Emma Le Couteur

Cricket Reports

All results and scores are available at


Special Report: Dale McIntosh Trophy

KWS Year 7 and 8 cricketers have won the Dale McIntosh Trophy. The side, led by Jono Rasmussen, defeated James Sheahan and Orange High over two days in T20 fixtures. The round robin competition has been run since 1984 and Kinross has won it now 12 times.

The team included Jono, Arnie Tancred, Harry Gutterson, Sam Gee, Jock Stuart, Luke Hunter, Saxon Buckley, Harry Priest, Charlie Tink, Hugh Thompson, Dudley Shepherd and Ollie Wong.

Highlights included:

v JSHS (S Gee 30no, L Hunter 18, H Thompson 2/5)

v OHS (H Thompson 31no, S Gee 30no, C Tink 20no, D Shepherd 4/12)


1st XI

Round 5 v Cavaliers

KWS 6/34 drew with Cavaliers 7/259

Day 1: KWS lost an important toss with Main looking like the Mitchell Highway. Cavaliers duly carved KWS to declare at 7/259. KWS despite the unfriendly bowling conditions remained positive, and if it were not for some dropped catches the game could have been a different story. Charlie Greer (1/16) was the pick of the bowlers, creating chances despite bowling on the equivalent of concrete.

Cavaliers made the most of the 45 minutes they had at Kinross’s line-up, with KWS bleeding 6 wickets for 34 at stumps. The best KWS can hope for will be to salvage a draw from this position, or look to be positive and seek an outright win on Day 2.

Day 2: As it turned out, the weeks weather worked in KWS’ favour and put KWS Main in a water-logged state, rendering Day 2 abandoned. This resulted in a draw. By Mr B Ronald


Douglas Shield Round 2 v Moriah College

KWS 6/271 (W Luelf 61, P Litchfield 56no, T Madigan 46no, M Powell 36, L Buckely 33) defeated Moriah College 115 (S Ridley 4/9, E Taylor 2/16, G Cumming 2/24)

KWS were fortunate enough to travel to Coogee Oval and play hosts Moriah College in Round 2 of the Douglas Shield. KWS missed Round 1 after receiving a BYE, credit for winning last year’s competition. KWS could not have started better, winning the toss and making the most of the batting conditions, posting 6/271 off 50 overs. The innings saw many highlights, including a great opening stand between Max Powell (36) and Will Luelf (61), and a final partnership adding 95 in the last 10 overs between Phoebe Litchfield (56no) and debutant Tom Madigan (46no).

KWS defended their total comfortably, bowling Moriah out for 115, with Sam Ridley (4/9) being the pick.

KWS have since qualified for the semi-finals after Broughton Anglican College forfeited the quarter final. This will be played in the new year. By Mr B Ronald


Bonnor Cup Round 2 v St Pats Bathurst

Match abandoned due to weather.


2nd XI

Round 5 v Cavaliers

KWS 122 (L Buckley 27, N Rasmussen 27, B O’Brien 27) & 101 (L Buckley 25, F Doyle 22, W Prowse 21) lost outright to Cavaliers 8/333 (S Hope 3/53, T Madigan 2/44, G Cumming 2/84)

Day 1: KWS faced Cavaliers at Riawena Oval. KWS lost the toss and were bowling first up. KWS got off to a flyer in the first session with the score at 4/40. The second session was a very impressive batting display, with just the fall of one wicket for 160 runs. Cavaliers finished their innings declared for 333 runs. Sam Hope topped the wicket takers with 3 scalps. The day finished up with KWS 3/49, with Logan Buckley 17 n.o.. It’s going to a tough day of batting for KWS to salvage a draw next week.

Day 2: The KWS 2nd team continued their game against a competitive Cavaliers. Kinross started the day already 3 down, and wickets quickly continued to fall throughout the day due to a disciplined bowling attack from Cavs. Kinross were quickly bowled out after 20 overs, with the solid Brad O’Brien proving the most challenging batsmen to remove. Kinross were sent back into bat as Cavaliers pushed for the outright win. Kinross’ second innings started poor with 2 early wickets. A long partnership between Walter Prowse and Logan Buckley proved challenging to break, but an impressive runout broke the partnership. Kinross were eventually bowled out again for 101 runs, and Cavaliers earned the outright win. By Mr W Prowse (Coach/Player)


3rd XI

Round 6: KWS 9/157 lost to Spring Hill 4/163

Round 7: KWS 155 (N Keirle 33, S Taylor 31, W Smith 26) lost to Cavaliers 9/171 (J Rich 2/13, B Ronald 2/16, S Taylor 2/19, N Keirle 2/46)


Centenary Cup

KWS Super Kings

Round 5: KWS Super Kings 66 lost to Orange City 9/141 (T Goodlet 3/11)

The toss was won by new skipper Hugo Goodlet and sent City into bat. James Kidley and Hugo Skene opened the bowling with little runs being hit from them in their first spell. By the 10th over KWS managed to get their first wicket with a stumping being claimed, bowled by the skipper. Angus Blyde, Hugo Skene and James Kidley all claimed a wicket and a brilliant runout by Franco Marais and assisted by Cam Rasmussen. The skippers old man Tim came to assist the boys in the game on the day and did significantly with the ball, claiming a wicket on his first ball. Tim claimed a 3 wicket haul in his 4 overs. The batting did not go to as planned unfortunately but all were in high spirits on the day. Dan Blyde top scored with 17 and Lachie Ferguson being caught for 15. By Cam Rasmussen (Coach)

Round 6: KWS Super Kings 148 lost to KWS Blue 5/174

A fantastic day for cricket for a KWS grudge match. With a win to the KWS Blue in their last outing, the Super Kings knew they had to put in the hard yards. Skipper Hugo Goodlet won the and elected to bowl first.

It was a hard first session with the opening pair still in at drinks to the 25th over where the Super Kings new recruit Oscar Nuthall claimed his first wicket. From then on the Super Kings continued to mass wickets and continue the pressure. KWS Blue were in fact a dominant batting side hitting the bad balls to maximise their total. Angus Blyde took the keeping gloves off in exchange for the ball and claimed 2 wickets in his second over. James Kildey and Nelson Shepherd opened with the new ball with 4 maidens between them and 1 wicket for 17 runs each, an outstanding opening bowling partnership. KWS Blue finished the innings with 5-174 off the 35 overs.

In response the Super Kings started unfortunately with 2 quick wickets. For revenge, Nuthall the prestigious opening batsmen, turned back time and delivered a masterclass that Chris Lynn should have done on Sunday against India. Oscar was caught on 26 with half of his runs going to the boundary. A vital 50 run partnership was made by Shepherd and Ferguson with boundaries being hit every over to keep the Super Kings morale going. Shepherd was caught for 25  runs being bowled out by his brother. The skipper was in and was developing very well playing into the innings. With the pressure being on he nicked the ball and was caught behind for 28. Lachlan Ferguson was batting at 4 and lasted over 25 overs. He top scored with 30 runs despite a sore shoulder. Archie Haling is to be commended for T20 playstyle, hitting the ball straight down the ground for a 6 on the first ball he faced. No one has achieved that milestone in KWS cricket since Fletcher Rose swept the ball for 6 in 2nd grade on Riawena Oval. Archie continued the mass hitting until he was caught for 14 runs. The Super Kings were all out for 148 but should be proud of how far they got to be close to the score they were chasing. With some star power next week, the Super Kings will be ready to strike back. By Cam Rasmussen (Coach)


KWS Blue

Round 5: KWS Blue 5/208 (L Hunter 104, H Gutterson 28, D Marjoram 21, S Gee 20) defeated CYMS 122 (E Smith 3/8, W Fuller 2/14, H Priest 2/19)

The Blues managed 5 from 5 against CYMS at Sharpe Oval, last Saturday, some Highlights included:

  • Luke Hunter scored his first ever century and was a bit unlucky to be run out on 104.  It was nice that his Dad could be part of this with Luke.
  • Sam Gee took 4 screaming catches, Dylan Tucker and Dave Hunter took a good grab each too… it’s true “catches win matches”
  • Ethan Smith took his 1st ever Centenary Cup wicket, then went on to grab a 3-fa and iced-out the game a couple of overs after drinks
  • The key to our successes were the bowling and fielding. All bowlers did a great job building pressure on the batters and all taking wickets. The bowlers were well supported in the field with panther-like efforts from everyone.  I think this is why the Blues have got away with so many, the bowling and fielding is sharp.  It is particularly noteworthy when considering (excepting Dave and myself) the Blues are the youngest team in the Centenary cup. Mr D Marjoram (Parent/Player)

Round 6: see result above v KWS Super Kings



KWS Scorches

Round 5: KWS Scorches 7/74 (A Tancred 24no) defeated Cavaliers 73 (A Tancred 3/3, N Shepherd 3/5)

The Scorchers defeated Cavaliers in a hard fought contest on Saturday. Cavaliers batted first and were dismissed for 73. This was largely thanks to some good bowling from Nelson Shepherd who took 3 for 5 from 5 overs and Arnie Tancred who took 3 for 3 from 3 overs. However, they well supported by Jed O’Neill (1 for 1 from 1 over), Henry Forsyth (1 for 2 from three overs), Will Englund (1 for 10 from 3 overs) and Archie Haling (1 for 12 from 2 overs). Archie also took a sharp catch in slips to give Jed his wicket and finish off the Cavaliers innings.

In reply the Scorchers at one point reached the depths of 38 for 7 but victory was attained thanks to a controlled innings from opener Arnie Tancred who batted with a great deal of maturity and finished with 24 not out. He was well supported by Jed O’Neill who played some nice shots in his knock of 12 (half of his runs came from a powerful shot over midwicket) and Will Englund who made 16 not out.

Thanks to Jono Rasmussen and Tom Madigan for their help with scoring and to all parents and supporters for turning out to watch.

Round 6: KWS Scorches 7/96 (N Shepherd 23no) defeated KWS Heat 68 (N Shepherd (N Shepherd 3/3, A Tancred 2/8, J Rasmussen 2/16)

The Scorchers secured a win at the expense of the Heat on Saturday. Batting first the Scorchers managed 96 for 7 from their 28 overs. Several players made starts but the innings was built around Will Englund’s 12, Arnie Tancred’s 18 and Nelson Shepherd’s 23 not out. Arnie got the innings off to a solid start and was in the process of raising the scoring rate when he fell. Will and Nelson then combined for a vital 52 run partnership that enabled the Scorchers to post a competitive total.

In reply the Heat were dismissed for 68. At one stage they were 37 for 8 but fought back thanks to some doughty batting by Jock Stuart and Saxon Buckley and lapses in concentration from the Scorchers that threatened to undo the fine work that had gone before. Highlights with the ball came from Nelson Shepherd who seemed unplayable at times in taking 3 for 3 from 5.2 overs, Jono Rasmussen who took 2 for 16 from 5 overs and Arnie Tancred who took 2 for 8 from 3 overs. The bowling unit was well supported in the field. Ethan Smith took a very sharp catch at point to help Jono dismiss the dangerous Sam Gee for 14 and Oscar Nuthall took one of the best catches of the season so far to help Nelson to one of his three wickets.

While it was good to record a win it is hoped that the Scorchers realise that they came close to losing this game because of lack of focus in the field. Thanks to Mr Hannelly for umpiring and Mrs Charlton and Mr Englund for their help with scoring. By Mr B Kerridge


KWS Heat

Round 5: KWS 94 lost to Orange City Warriors 127

Our round five clash with the Orange City Warriors at Max Stewart saw City opt to bat first and they started strongly, scoring 50 off the first six overs. However, wickets and some tight bowling restricted City to 79 after 14. We continued strongly, picking up wickets along the way with City ending up all out for 127 after 27.5 overs. Sam Gee, Saxon Buckley and Luke Hunter all picking up 2 wickets. Angus Staniforth and Dylan Tucker got one scalp each with Jock Stuart and Angus also each picking up a runout. We batted assertively but being 4-15 after 8 overs left us with a lot of ground to make up. Our 4th wicket partnership of 32 gave us some hope but once again wickets were the key and we ended up all out for 94. Angus (20) provided stability in the middle order. While Luke Hunter (18) and Sam Gee (15*) gave us some hope at the end with some hitting but it was too little too late. Ultimately it was the first quarter of each innings which cost us the game as it left us playing catch-up for the rest of the innings. By Luke Hunter (Year 8)

Round 6: see result above v KWS Scorches


KWS Royals

Round 5: BYE

Round 6: KWS 9/79 (D Hunter 36no) lost to CYMS 9/231 (A Baldwinson 4/41, H Thompson 2/18)

It was a cold start to the game and captain Dudley Shepard won the toss and choose to field. The first ball of the game was bowled and went for four, so we knew this was going to be a hard game. We gave them our best bowlers but they had better batters with one player scoring 100 of 43 balls! Our wicket takers were Tom Storer with 1 wicket, Hugh Thompson with 2, Archie Baldwinson with 4, Will Pearce with 1 and Ollie Wong with 1. Our batting was not great but Dan Hunter, who was the opener, stayed in the whole innings and got 36. CYMS maintained pressure making it difficult to score, with KWS running out of overs to chase. By Archie Baldwinson (Year 7)



KWS Strikers

Round 5KWS Sixers 62 (W Fuller 23no) lost to CYMS Gold 98 (W Fuller 2/3, C Hansen 2/14)

Round 6: BYE


KWS Fever (Girls)

Round 5: BYE

Round 6: KWS Fever 68 (S Mahlo 32) lost to CYMS Green 2/148

The Fever took on CYMS at Sally Kennett in freezing conditions. The temperature barely got above 8 degrees, making bowling or batting a popular past-time to keep warm. The girls played with typical spirit and fun. A beautiful knock from Sophie Mahlo was a highlight and Meg Murray stumping a batsman on the final ball of the CYMS innings was a cherry on top. The girls continue to improve in all areas and are a great example of KWS school spirit on the cricket field. By Mr B Ronald


U17 Colts T20 Challenge Cup

Round 1: KWS 7/122 ( N Rasmussen 25no, J Thompson 21) defeated Cavaliers 7/118 (G Cumming 2/16)

The KWS Colts started off their T20 campaign with a marvelous victory over Cavs. George Cumming continues his fine bowling with figures of 2-16 off his 4 overs. Tom Madigan shocked the audience in his second spell bowling off spin and claiming his first wicket with a short of a length ball caught behind. Tom claimed another wicket with a brilliant ball bowled.

The Colts realised at the end of the innings that retiring would be the best option to have more batters at their disposal in the later part of the innings. With cheap wickets being costly to the team, Nic Rasmussen and skipper Fletcher Doyle continued to rotate the strike very quickly and scoring vital runs. Nic then proceeded to retire, Fletcher continued to bat until he was bowled for 14. A quick cameo from James Thompson with a stunning 21 runs smashing the ball to all over the field. Jono Rasmussen came in and Nic Rasmussen came back out in which the two brothers finished the game with a 20 run partnership only in about 2 overs. Nic finished on 25 and Jono 8 not out getting the Colts home. By Cam Rasmussen (Coach)

Round 2: KWS 2/147 (F Doyle 34no, A Blyde 23no) lost to CYMS 7/150

Entertainment and heartbreaking are the two words to describe this T20 game. All the Colts were in high spirits learning from the game. All must be commended on their commitment until the last over. Tom Kiss retired early in the game on 18, smashing three straight drives to the boundary. Angus Blyde used the pitches bounce to his advantage cutting balls nonstop, retiring on 23. Nic Rasmussen again retired very quickly on 19. George Cumming was unfortunately caught behind after hitting nothing but boundaries for 16. Fletch Doyle decided to go berserk, hitting to the ball straight as well on the on side and off side. The skipper led from the front top scoring 34 retired. The highlight of the day was watching Franco Marais dismiss the ball to many different areas and playing the shot of the day with a back foot pull drive going to the boundary. Franco then continued Fletcher’s form and hit 7 runs in the last over.

The bowlers had a difficult time on the field, with CYMS taking advantage of the bad balls to maximise runs. Sundries were a disadvantage to the team in particular. KWS got off to a great start having CYMS on the backfoot at 4/33, George Cumming with a brilliant direct hit runout from the inner circle. Fletch Doyle inspired the team with the ball, 4 overs 1-20.  James Thompson gave the Colts a gleam of light bowling his 4 overs 1-19. The end of the game all the boys had their heads up and in laughter after the game which is all that was wanted. By Cam Rasmussen (Coach)


Mr Ben Ronald

MIC Cricket

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Thoroughbred Industry Careers Explorer Cadetship

Launch of Thoroughbred Industry Explorer Cadetship Program

Thoroughbred Industry Careers is inviting those who have a passion for horses or racing to apply for the ‘Explorer Cadetship’ Program - a thoroughbred industry designed and managed 12-month stud/stable horsemanship program. For the first time in Australia, the country’s leading stables and stud farms are working together to offer an educational pathway -

William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute has been a leading hospitality institution in Victoria for over 75 years, and since opening their Sydney campus in 2011, has been expanding the range of vocational courses.

At William Angliss Institute, they want to help you love what you do!

2018 has so far been an exciting year for William Angliss Sydney as they settle into a brand new campus in Alexandria. The new space includes an onsite training restaurant, bar and cafe, large scale super-kitchen and a spacious, open plan layout. 

Speak with thems and let them help you with information on courses, career opportunities and chances to win scholarships!

UNSW Information Day 2018

15th December 2018 from 9am-4pm

Info Day is the perfect opportunity to get your students last minute questions answered. 
Academics, current staff and students will be available to chat with students in the Advisory Centre about degree options, entry pathways, the day after HSC students receive their results!


UNSW Engineering

Did you know that even without Guaranteed Entry, you could still get an offer? If you are close to the GE score and have done well in maths or science you could still get into UNSW Engineering through the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme. Bolster your students chances by applying for FEAS - applications close Friday, 30 November!

ANU Advisory Days

The ANU is hosting Advisory Days at the end of this year to support students as they get their results and finalise their preferences for 2019.

These optional sessions are for any students who are considering study at the ANU in 2019. Although these events are primarily aimed at year 12 students and their families, younger students (years 11 and below) would also be welcome to come along and ask questions about their preferred degree programs, particularly with the changes coming to the university next year.

There are sessions being held in both Canberra and Sydney on Friday December 14th in the following locations:

Students may attend whichever session is most convenient; at both locations there will be staff from academic colleges, accommodation and admissions offices, as well as central staff to answer any general questions.

Course Seeker

The Department of Education and Training in partnership with the Tertiary Admissions Centres across Australia, have developed a new national higher education admissions information platform. The new website ‘Course Seeker’ contains a national course comparison tool which allows students to search, select and compare up to four higher education courses nationally across different institutions and/or study areas. The website also allows students to filter course search results by ATAR, mode of study, study area and location. ‘Course Seeker’ will provide prospective students with transparent information about Australian higher education admissions. This information will assist students in making choices regarding their tertiary education study. Visit the website at

Education USA

School Holiday General Information Sessions dates for January.



The sessions are identical so those interested only need to attend one.

Further information on studying in the U.S:


Crimson Education

As a brief summary, Crimson Education tutors and mentors students through the US and UK application process for universities. They work with families to help them understand the challenges of gaining admission, identify their best possible universities and help manage their application. They are members of international counselling bodies, IACAC and NACAC.

For free resources, please visit their YouTube channel or head to their blog on the Crimson website.

HSC Summer Schools

TSFX offer a variety of programs to help students maximise their Year 12 HSC scores. These courses include revision lectures before examinations, study skills/exam strategy lectures, as well as specialised courses that prepare students in advance of each school term.

January Holidays (Monday 14th – Friday 25th January) - University of NSW

More info:


Mrs Kimberley Jones
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Support for families during the Holiday break


ParentWorks is a free online program for Australian parents and caregivers of children 2 to 16.

It provides evidence-based parenting strategies to improve parenting skills, confidence and child behaviour. This means that the strategies in the program have been tested and found to work.

Parents and caregivers may find this program helpful for:

  • Managing challenging child behaviours such as tantrums, aggression, noncompliance, inattentive or hyperactive behaviour, sibling conflict, getting ready for school and/or bed, and behaviours outside the home, such as problems in the supermarket
  • Increasing their confidence in parenting
  • Working as a team with their partner

ParentWorks has been developed by a team of psychologists and researchers at the University of Sydney. For more information, visit website:


10 Tips to Stress Less during the holidays

Holidays are a time of festivities and good cheer. Many people look forward to spending time with loved ones and friends and sharing celebrations. For others this can be a time of stress, unhappiness and loneliness. The attached resource from Way Ahead, the Mental Health Information Service covers topics including managing relationships and stress.

Bec Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

P&F News

The last P&F meeting for 2018 will be held tonight at 7pm in Wolaroi Mansion; please feel free to bring along something to celebrate!

For those unable to attend in person, you are welcome to dial in via our teleconferencing service; dial 1800 857 029 and use guest code 19137159#. 

Donna McIntyre

P&F Secretary

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KWS Cookbook - Submit your recipes now!

We are so excited to be creating our very own cookbook and thank those who have already submitted their recipes and offered their support to the project! 

You can get involved with the project by submitting a recipe, joining the team to help with recipe testing and editing or by supporting the project through donations (in kind ingredients or skills).
With the festive season fast approaching, many of us have meal planning at the forefront of our minds - we encourage you to submit a recipe of your own via our website: 

If you have any queries or questions about the Cookbook please don’t hesitate to contact the Cookbook Team via email: [email protected]

Alison Karbowiak 

Canteen Sale

Please be advised that on Friday 30th November, Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th December the Canteen is having an end of year sale on selected  food to run down the canteen stock items, as the 2018 school year is coming to a close.

Stephanie Griffiths

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We would like to encourage families to make their uniform appointments as soon as possible.

We would also like to wish our Students, Parents and Guardians a safe and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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